Feb 04 08:43

Manchester Art Gallery Removes Nymphs Painting In Bid To Erase History, Say It's To 'Prompt Conversation'

The Manchester Art Gallery removed John William Waterhouse's famous "Hylas and the Nymphs" painting to allow a British Afro-Caribbean artist to "takeover" the public space with naked drag queens.

Feb 03 11:43

PEOPLE POWER: 1000s sign petition to force Government NOT to cave in to EU Brexit demands

THOUSANDS of frustrated Leave voters have signed a petition calling for the UK to exit the EU without a transition deal after the bloc set out its terms this week, demanding the country is subject to Brussels laws for the two-year period.

Feb 02 10:26

EU to veto Brexit if Theresa May fails to protect citizens’ rights, Brussels sources say

EU diplomats are threatening to veto any Brexit deal if Theresa May doesn’t backtrack on her “shameful” plans to deprive EU citizens of free movement rights during a transition period, it has been claimed.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday during a three-day trip to China, the prime minister left audiences baffled when she seemed to suddenly toughen her stance on EU migrants. May said she wanted to make it “clear” that EU citizens arriving after the UK effectively drops out of the EU – set for March 2019 – will be treated differently from those who are already settled.

Resisting the much-spread idea that nothing would change post-Brexit, May said: “What we’re doing now is doing the job that the British people asked the government to do, which is to deliver on Brexit.” She added: “In doing that they did not vote for nothing to change when we come out of the EU.”

Feb 02 10:03

Terror law expert to Why backdoors when there's so much other data to slurp?

Secure end-to-end encrypted comms is a desirable technology that governments should stop trying to break, especially as there's other information to slurp up on crims, UK politicians were told this week.

Blighty's former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, David Anderson, told the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday that there are plenty of sources of intelligence for law enforcement to get their hands on, rather than banging the drum for backdoors in communications.

In what has now become a frustratingly standard question from politicians about tech companies' role in the war on terror, Anderson was asked if he thought the state would ever get access to encrypted messages for security purposes.

"No," he replied. "Because end-to-end encryption is not only a fact of life, it is, on balance, a desirable fact of life. Any of us who do our banking online, for example, are very grateful for end-to-end encryption."

Feb 02 09:14

UK: Rough Sleeping Reaches Record Levels While ‘Refugees Welcome’

Rough sleeping has soared to record levels, with nearly 5,000 people — including a large number of veterans — estimated sleeping rough last year in England, while local authorities rolled out the red carpet for refugees.

Local authorities recorded 4,751 people bedded down outside in a single night in autumn, marking a 15 per cent increase on the figure for 2016, according to the latest government figures.

The rise to autumn 2017 is the seventh consecutive increase in rough sleeping, with the number of people affected having more than doubled since comparative records began in 2010.

With 217 people sleeping rough, Westminster was the worst affected by the phenomena, while in second place with 178 rough sleepers recorded was Brighton and Hove, which styles itself a “city of sanctuary” for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

Feb 02 08:51

Foreign Meddling Into Brexit Revealed

The British Broadcasting Corporation has been branded a “supporter of a foreign organization” working against British interests after new allegations of heavy pro-EU bias in selecting guests for BBC’s TV and radio shows discussing Brexit.

The accusation has been levelled by the former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit in the House of Lords in response to reports by the Institute of Economic Affairs and the think tank Civitas which claim that the ratio of guests on BBC flagship discussion shows over the past years has been heavily skewed towards pro-EU advocates.

Jan 31 15:48

Video: ‘BBC Not Fulfilling Obligation To Public’: Chief Of Think-Tank Behind Channel’s Brexit Bias Claim

The Institute of Economic Affairs has published an analysis claiming bias against Brexit on BBC flagship programmes.

Jan 31 11:07

British instructors take pride in training 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers to commit crimes

Instructors from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have trained almost 7 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the training exercise "Orbital". This was announced by the British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough. She noted that she was pleased to meet with the British military, who, within the framework of Operation Orbital, "improve the defensive skills of the Ukrainian military": "It was very pleasant to meet with the British military, who conduct training on defense skills for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. " she wrote. 01/29/2018 Petro Poroshenko signed a law authorizing the admission of units of the armed forces of other states, including the USA, to the territory of Ukraine in 2018 to participate in multinational exercises.

Jan 31 08:24

BBC Brexit BIAS row: Fury over 'two THIRDS of guests on flagship shows being anti-Leave'

THE BBC has been branded a “supporter of a foreign organisation” against British interests after new evidence emerged of its supposed heavy pro-Remain bias in selecting guests.

The accusation by former Tory chairman Lord Tebbit came during question in the House of Lords ahead of a new damning report which shows that two thirds of guests on BBC Question Time and Any Questions over the last two years have been anti-Brexit.

The analysis by the Institute for Economic Affairs follows another report by the thinktank Civitas last week which revealed that between 2005 and 2015 only 132 of the 4,275 guests asked to speak on the Today programme about the EU supported Leaving.

Raising concerns about the whether the BBC is producing EU propaganda rather than balanced coverage, Ukip peer Lord Pearson urged ministers to intervene.

Jan 31 08:22

Corbynite Labour Group Marks Anniversary of Beheading of Charles I by Calling for Execution of the Queen

A British left-wing group made a public call Tuesday for the execution of Queen Elizabeth II, the British head of state, in remarks that have been called “deeply offensive” even by members of their own Labour Party.

Jan 31 08:21

The big Corbyn MYTH: There was no election YOUTHQUAKE, says startling research

Analysis of voter turnout released today shows Jeremy Corbyn’s party did not mobilise the youth vote as previously thought.

New research from the British Election Study (BES) concludes the so-called “youthquake” was a “myth” and people aged 18 to 24 had not flocked to the polls to vote Labour.

The report says high-profile appearances by Mr Corbyn - notably at the Glastonbury Festival where tens of thousands of revellers chanted his name - combined with the party’s social media strategy had wrongly been credited with energising young people who felt disenfranchised.

Jan 30 13:01

Stephen Hawking Challenges Jeremy Hunt At High Court Over NHS ‘Privatization’

Stephen Hawking is backing a group of campaigners in bringing Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to the High Court over a new policy which they claim will lead to the privatization of the NHS.

The acclaimed physicist is joining campaigners in challenging the health secretary over his introduction of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), partnership organizations between hospitals, care organizations and councils.

Jan 30 12:32

UK NHS Faces Further Attacks With Introduction Of “Accountable Care Organisations”

As the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS) approaches, Theresa May’s Conservative government is starving the NHS of cash, while its plans for the dismantling and wholesale looting of the NHS are gathering speed.

The government has accepted the recommendations of the Naylor Review, published in March last year, calling for the sale of NHS land and property to property developers to fund “reforms.” The Review claims that this would release billions of pounds to fund investment in the NHS.

Jan 30 11:45

May Flies To China Seeking Stronger Post-Brexit Ties

British Prime Minister Theresa May is flying to China looking to strengthen relations with the key economic partner for post-Brexit Britain.

May left Tuesday for a three-day trip, with stops in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan and meetings with Chinese premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping.

Jan 29 16:14

Tory MPs Call On Theresa May To Grow Brexit Backbone Or Face Leadership Spill

Prime Minister Theresa May could face a vote of no confidence if she doesn’t offer more clarity on leaving the EU, senior Tories have warned. MPs are growing restless over the future of a Brexit deal.

Jan 29 14:06

Theresa May Faces The Boot – And Here’s What Insiders Are Saying

Theresa May’s Tory party is in turmoil. Britain voted for a split from the European Union which Downing Street is now being accused of failing to deliver – by those both outside and inside Number 10.

Political infighting is tearing a hole in the “strong and stable” facade, and now, May is facing a potential vote of no confidence.

Jan 29 13:28

British instructors take pride in training 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers to commit crimes

Instructors from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have trained almost 7 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the training exercise "Orbital".

This was announced by the British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough. She noted that she was pleased to meet with the British military, who, within the framework of Operation Orbital, "improve the defensive skills of the Ukrainian military":

"It was very pleasant to meet with the British military, who conduct training on defense skills for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. " she wrote.

Today Petro Poroshenko signed a law authorizing the admission of units of the armed forces of other states, including the USA, to the territory of Ukraine in 2018 to participate in multinational exercises.


Jan 29 12:00

Warning Over ‘Return To Dark Ages’ As Patients Make Demands On Doctors

Antibiotics are becoming resistant to fatal diseases in a frightening trend which could spark a post-antibiotic apocalypse, top scientists are warning.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, has urged UK patients to stop demanding treatment with antibiotics, or risk condemning the planet to an age of death by preventable disease.

Jan 29 11:57

EU Warns UK It Can Have No Say After Brexit

The European Union has warned Britain that it cannot expect to have a say in EU decision-making once it departs from the bloc, including during a two-year transition period starting from 2019 meant to help smooth the exit.

Jan 29 11:38

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel

Americans are so totally brainwashed by Israeli propaganda that there is no public restraint on Washington serving Israel’s interest.

Peter Jenkins, a former British ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, expresses concerns about the decisions of France, Germany, and the UK to appease President Trump on fixing “flaws” in the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Jan 29 08:05

Labour MP RUTHLESSLY tears into Jeremy Corbyn with BRUTAL reason why he can't be PM

John Mann, who sits on the influential Treasury Select Committee, has hit out at his Party leader, arguing Mr Corbyn's age means he cannot be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

The Bassetlaw MP and staunch Brexiteer has been on a collision course with the Labour leadership since Mr Corbyn took control of the party.

He previously had a high profile run-in with Ken Livingston, an ally of Mr Corbyn, calling the former London Mayor a “Nazi sympathiser”.

Jan 29 08:05

'This is VERY BAD for Macron' Blair reveals how Brexit could HURT French president

TONY BLAIR has said that Emmanuel Macron's presidency will suffer if Europe allows Britain to leave the European Union - as the arch-Remainer used his time in Davos to encourage European leaders to scupper Brexit.

Jan 29 08:04

Sound familiar? Verhofstadt accuses UK of TAKING AWAY EU's power to make their own laws

The strident support of the European Union has complained that the UK was trying to take away the EU's ability to make their own laws.

Speaking at the European Parliament's Environment Committee earlier this week, Mr Verhofstadt warned Britain against meddling in EU laws and standards after Brexit.

Jan 29 07:23

Did Gavin Williamson make alarmist Russia accusations to deflect attention from his affair?

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson has been busy. In the space of one day he has saturated the media, accusing Russia of spying on the UK’s power grids to distract us all from another juicy tidbit: he’d been cheating on his wife.

On Friday it was Williamson’s name on everyone’s lips. Did he really just say that Russia is coming to get us? Are they spying on us all? Is the sky about to fall in? Such questions made the story of a sneaky kiss with a woman that wasn’t his wife seem insignificant – but that didn’t stop some from connecting the dots.

Deputy editor of the Guardian Paul Johnson’s eyebrows shot up at the news.

Jan 29 07:22

UK Intelligence Furious After Williamson's Remark About Russian Threat - Reports

UK intelligence community was "furious" due to recent statements of Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson, who assumed that a Russian attack on the nation’s critical infrastructure could kill thousands, The Times reported Sunday, citing its sources.

"People­ at GCHQ [Government Communications Headquarters] were furious," a source told the media outlet, adding that Williamson could use some classified data partially received from UK allies.

The comment follows Thursday's Defense Secretary's statement during an interview with The Telegraph, claiming that Moscow was researching UK infrastructure connections to energy supplies for opportunities to create "chaos." According to Williamson, these alleged possible cyberattacks could kill thousands of people.

Jan 29 07:00

The swamp are stumped by Trump!

This once again proves the Liberal Media’s distortion of reality.

It turns out America’s most “hated” and “racist” President attracts the crowd at DAVOS and get close to a Hero’s welcome at the World Economic Forum, while moving his # America First, # MAGA agenda forward.

It turned out in Saudi Arabia President Trump received the grandest red carpet treatment ever accorded to an American President by the leaders of the Arab and Muslim world.

So, is it President Trump’s leadership or is it America’s role in the world?

Jan 29 06:59

Brexit BOMBSHELL: Lords tell Theresa May her vision is ‘UNACCEPTABLE’

In a blow to the Prime Minister, two groups of peers hit out at Theresa May’s Brexit plan, which aimed to bringing UK laws, regulations and borders back under British control.

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, which will be debated by peers for the first time on Tuesday, has been heavily criticised in a damning report by the Lords Constitution Committee.

The peers said the Bill was "fundamentally flawed" in multiple ways and risked "undermining legal certainty" - a damning assessment of Mrs May’s Brexit vision.

Meanwhile, a second cross-party panel of peers said the Government's plans to leave the single market could cause energy prices to rise for households across the country

Jan 29 06:58

How Motorways Have Replaced French Calais as Migrant Transit Centers in Belgium

The president of the Belgian trade union Federation of Transport and Logistics (SECOP-ITSRE) Alain Durant told Sputnik France that Belgian truck stops have become a magnet for migrants and refugees seeking to cross La Manche (the English Channel).

Durant’s remark follows a statement made by Theo Francken, Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum, Migration and Administrative Simplification, who has recently called on the European Union to tackle the pressing issue of the transit of migrants via the country’s motorways. Francken has also urged Great Britain to allocate resources to reinforce the security measures at parking spots along the roads.

Jan 29 06:56

Donald Trump Urges British PM to Take a 'Tougher' Stance on Brexit

The US president says the British Prime Minister Theresa May should employ a more decisive approach in handling the ongoing Brexit talks with the EU.

Kristian Rouz — President Trump said he would take a more hardline approach to handling the Brexit process if he were the British prime minister, adding the current pace of talks between the UK and EU is insufficiently productive.

"Would it be the way I'd negotiate? No, I wouldn't negotiate it the way it's negotiated," President Trump said. "I would have said that the European Union is not cracked up to what it's supposed to be and I would have taken a tougher stand in getting out."

Jan 29 06:33

Theresa May suggests UK health services could be part of US trade deal:

Theresa May has left the door open for the greater involvement of US corporations in British healthcare as she arrives in America to lay the groundwork for a future trade deal.


(*"... , take our Health Care System .



Jan 27 03:02

Russsia-Gate Implodes – Justin Raimondo

We have become a prisoner of our own empire. The finale is upon us: the Russia-gate fraud is about to be exploded, at long last.

Although the vaunted memo – and the underlying intelligence – compiled by the leadership of the House Intelligence Committee under chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has yet to be released, there has been enough chatter by those House members who have read it to give us the basic elements of what it contains. Although prepare to be shocked by what I consider to be the most outrageous aspect of this affair.

Jan 27 02:57

Mike Pence’s Middle East Tour: Outright Pressure and Threats as Foreign Policy Tools

Washington is pushing a plan pretty vague about details and is doing it without its Middle East strategy defined.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II wants Washington to “rebuild trust “after US President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The king believes that East Jerusalem must be the capital of Palestine. According to him, from now on the US has a “major challenge to overcome”.

“Friends occasionally have disagreements,” Mike Pence said ruefully in his comments on the outcome of the talks. The disagreement came into the open.

Jan 26 11:06

Russia mocks Gavin Williamson's attack warning

Russia has ridiculed a UK minister for suggesting it could cause "thousands and thousands and thousands" of deaths by crippling British infrastructure.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson told the Daily Telegraph Moscow was spying on energy supplies which, if cut, could cause "total chaos" in the country.

But Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Mr Williamson had "lost his grasp on reason".

The comments were worthy of a Monty Python sketch, Mr Konashenkov added.

Jan 26 07:27

'That was GHASTLY!' Nigel Farage tears into Theresa May over Prime Minister's Davos speech

NIGEL FARAGE ripped into the Prime Minster’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, calling the speech “awful”.

Jan 26 07:11

Jacob Rees-Mogg declares WAR on Davis: Tory lambasts 'damage limitation' of Brexit policy

TOP Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has turned on the government in a blistering attack as he accused them of failing to seize the opportunities presented by Brexit.

Jan 26 07:10

Bojo’s Brexit coup: Boris Johnson 'preparing to OUST May' over fears UK will be tied to EU

BORIS Johnson is preparing to launch a bid to replace Theresa May as Tory leader and Prime Minister, a cabinet minister has told the Express.

Jan 25 12:17

NHS deploys Microsoft threat detection service on just 30,000 devices

That's only 2% of Blighty's health service PCs

Jan 25 08:50

Declassified Files Expose UK's Secret Support of Murderous Dictator Pinochet

On September 11 1973, the democratically-elected Chilean government, led by President Salvador Allende, was overthrown in a brutal coup organized and backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency, and executed by the Chilean military. General Augusto Pinochet assumed leadership of the country, killing and torturing thousands of opposition figures.

The role of US government and intelligence services in supporting Pinochet before and after the coup is well-documented — the UK government doing much the same significantly less so. However, newly published declassified files have exposed Britain's secret collusion with his repressive junta from the day it seized power.

Jan 25 08:36

Rough sleeping hits hard on local high streets

Rough sleeping in England has reached record levels - with figures published on Thursday showing an annual rise of 15%, representing a 169% increase since 2010.

It's no longer confined to London and the big cities - three quarters are outside the capital - and rough sleepers have been appearing in tents and shop doorways in towns where it seems unexpected and out of place.

Jan 25 00:18

British army chief says Russia can destroy UK sooner than expected

The head of the British army, Nick Carter, said that Moscow was capable of taking "hostile actions" against the United Kingdom and NATO much earlier than expected. According to him, this conflict may begin unexpectedly. "The threats we face are not thousands of miles away but are now on Europe's doorstep - we have seen how cyber warfare can be both waged on the battlefield and to disrupt normal people's lives - we in - the UK are not immune from that," Carter said during a speech at the Royal United Services Institute on Monday. According to him, the UK and the West should understand that there is no clear distinction between war and peace - there are intermediate stages instead. "Speed of decision making, speed of deployment and modern capability are essential if we wish to provide realistic deterrence," he added. The new war will not be limited to conventional weapons that explode and shoot.

Jan 24 16:49

Release the Memo

Now why is this not the prime news story across the nation?

Swamp is in Full Force – Maintain the Cover-up

The utter farce of the Mueller investigation into Trump collusion with Russia demonstrates the most obscene and overwhelming pattern of government deceit and deflection in decades.

Jan 24 16:46

Turkey re-enters Syrian endgame with ‘smart power’

“Our operations will continue until the separatist terror organization is fully cleared from the region and around 3.5 million Syrians who are now sheltered in Turkey are able to securely return to their homeland.”

The UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday regarding Turkey’s military operations in Syria turned out to be like the dog that didn’t bark in the night in the Sherlock Holmes short story. There was no bark – no statement by the Security Council – condemning Turkey.

Jan 24 16:41

When it comes to Davos, it’s inequality, stupid

This is what ‘the great and the good’ in the business world will not be discussing during the annual talk-fest at the Swiss luxury resort.
This is the exclusive club, which meets in the luxury Swiss resort each year to discuss the global business environment.

Davos is essentially double-dip land. On one side, we have ‘Bad for Labor’, with millions in the West thrown into an unemployment hell or suffering from a wages freeze. On the other side, we have ‘Good for Capital’, with companies flush with cash. Yet the result is uncertainty, all over again.

Jan 24 15:50

Western Europe Must Return and Rediscover Their Christian Roots to Counter the Muslim Invasion and the New World Order

Once a long time ago in western European countries of Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and France had strong Christian roots. The people were very strong in biblical principles that promoted high moral standards being the salt of the earth. Now it seems the Church has become very ineffective no longer the moral compass of Western Europe. Christianity was a very strong influence in Western European societies long ago, now the church is just a structure and no longer an institution as a strong moral anchor to preserve stability their societies.

Jan 24 14:06

Western Europe Must Return and Rediscover Their Christian Roots to Counter the Muslim Invasion and the New World Order

Once a long time ago in western European countries of Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and France had strong Christian roots. The people were very strong in biblical principles that promoted high moral standard being the salt of the earth. Now it seems the Church has become very ineffective no longer the moral compass of Western Europe. Christianity was a very strong influence in Western European societies, now the church is just a structure and no longer an institution as a strong moral anchor to preserve their society.

Jan 24 12:41

People Are ‘Dying In Hospital Corridors’ Under Britain’s Socialized Healthcare System

There’s new outrage overseas, as people are literally dying in the corridors of hospitals because of Britain’s overrun socialized medicine scam. In case Venezuela didn’t do enough to prove that socialism is a deadly joke on humanity, Britain’s healthcare system should be the last nail in its coffin.

The patients are dying in hospital corridors as safety is jeopardized by intolerable conditions say doctors in Britain, according to the BBC last week. More details continue to emerge surrounding the newest outrages which have sprung up from Britain’s crisis-beset healthcare system. This most recent revelation came as a result of an open letter sent to the Prime Minister by 68 senior doctors, offering details of the inhuman conditions which have become common in the socialized National Health Service’s hospitals.

Jan 24 11:24

'That's not what people voted for!' Jacob Rees-Mogg tears into Remainers' soft-Brexit bid

JACOB REES-MOGG has ripped into a recent bid by the CBI to try to get the UK to remain in the EU’s internal markets after Brexit.

Jan 24 11:23

WAR in the House of Lords: Peers threatened with ABOLITION if they vote against Brexit

FEARS of a ferocious war in the House of Lords began to build yesterday after one peer suggested his colleagues could undermine Brexit and bind the UK to decisions made by EU courts.

Jan 24 11:23

'Playing with fire' Brexiteer SHREDS Blair & Clegg setting Parliament 'against the people'

A CONSERVATIVE MP has ripped into leading Remainers for trying to set “Parliament against the people” and block Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Jan 23 18:58

We must celebrate heterosexuality: Top girls' school head warns of danger of focus on gay and transgender issues

A deputy head at a top girls’ school has warned of the ‘real danger’ of heterosexuality being ignored in favour of lessons on gay and transgender issues.

Cathy Ellott, pastoral deputy of St Mary’s Ascot, said it is important to continue to discuss relationships between men and women because this is the ‘majority experience’.

She added that such partnerships should be ‘learned about and celebrated’ in schools so that children are prepared for adult life.

She also said her all-girls Catholic boarding school in Berkshire is rejecting a wider trend of using gender-neutral language.

Jan 23 18:56

Sugar tax on soft drinks may increase alcohol consumption, study reveals

A sugar tax on soft drinks may increase alcohol consumption, new research reveals.

Raising the price of sugary drinks causes people to purchase greater amounts of lager, a UK study found today.

Although unclear why, the researchers believe increasing soft drinks' prices alters people's spending habits across all beverages.

Jan 23 08:30

Putin is a 'clear and present danger' to Britain: Head of the Army warns of Russia's 'eye-watering' military power and how it is using the war in Syria to test its frightening arsenal

Vladimir Putin could start hostilities against the West ‘sooner than we expect’, the head of the Army has said.

Warning of Russia’s ‘eye-watering’ military capabilities, Sir Nick Carter laid bare the scale of the threat.

The Chief of the General Staff said the Kremlin was a ‘clear and present danger’ and predicted a conflict would start with something we did not expect.

‘They are not thousands of miles away, they are on Europe’s doorstep,’ he said in a speech at the Royal United Services Institute.

Britain’s ability to pre-empt or respond to the threat ‘will be eroded if we don’t match up to them now,’ he said, adding: ‘Russia could initiate hostilities sooner than we expect.’

Jan 23 08:25

Thousands of jobs at risk at Sainsbury's

Thousands of shop floor jobs are at risk as part of a major shake-up at Sainsbury's.

The supermarket chain is changing the way it manages its stores across the UK and scrapping some management posts.

Sainsbury's would not confirm the number of employees affected by the move but said it was "in the thousands".

On Monday, the UK's biggest supermarket chain, Tesco, announced it was cutting 1,700 shop floor management jobs.

Jan 23 05:14

UK government borrowing narrows after EU credit

UK government borrowing nearly halved in December from a year earlier, helped by a rebate from the European Union.

Public sector borrowing, excluding state-owned banks, fell to a lower-than-expected £2.6bn last month, a £2.5bn fall from December 2016.

The UK received a £1.2bn rebate from the EU due to a reduction in the bloc's budget and changes to contributions.

Jan 22 15:45

War Hero of embassy seige HOMELESS, while terrorist lives taxpayers’ expense in a London home, enjoys a ‘playboy’ life on benefits

Winston Churchill is throwing up in his grave.

The word “hero” is misused in the media on a daily basis. Football players, however good they may be, are not heroes; actors, however dashing, are not heroes; politicians, however bold they may be, are not heroes. Bob Curry, 64, known as “Backdoor Bob” after being first to storm the Iranian Embassy in London during the 1980 siege, put his life on the line to save others — he is a hero.

Jan 22 14:55

Britain’s First Cyborg Shop Assistant Fired For Incompetence After 1st Week

The UK’s first cyborg shop assistant was fired after a week due to “incompetence,” suggesting the much-feared AI takeover may still be some way off.

Fabio, the Pepper robot, produced by Japanese company Softbank, was hired as a retail assistant at a Margiotta supermarket in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of an experiment run by Heriot-Watt University for the BBC documentary Six Robots & Us.

Jan 22 08:10

NHS OKs offshoring patient data to cloud providers stateside

The NHS has said that patient data can be stored in the cloud – and has given US data centres party to Privacy Shield the thumbs-up.

In a major policy shift, NHS Digital has given care providers the go-ahead to store patient information outside the UK in a bid to hurry them into the cloud to save cash.

Jan 21 17:58

Migrant CRISIS in the heart of the capital: Hundreds found living in London shanty towns

HUNDREDS of migrants are sleeping rough in makeshift shanty towns dotted around the outskirts of London, it has been revealed.

Eastern europeans from Romania, Bulgaria and Albania are said to be sleeping in cars and under flyovers close to the M25, offering to work for as little as £40 a day as labourers, painters, plumbers and handy men.

A huge ramshackle settlement has been discovered in woodland in Edmonton, north east London, housing up to 30 migrants, who wait outside a nearby builders merchant waiting to get picked up for work.

At least 10 sites have been located on the edges of the capital, from Wembley in the west to east London's Olympic stadium, an investigation by the Sun has discovered.

Jan 21 06:23

Protesters Urge UK PM to Cancel Meeting with Trump

Anti-Trump protesters descended on the new site of the United States embassy on Saturday afternoon, declaring the US President Donald Trump a “racist bigot” and calling for UK Prim Minister Theresa May to cancel her meeting with him at the World Economic Forum in
Davos next week.

a demonstration held to mark the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration as US President, around 20 activists from the campaign group Stand up to Racism pushed over a mock wall they had built in front of the embassy’s recently opened site in Vauxhall, South London, Daily Mail reported.

Battling heavy rain, protesters chanted “Donald Trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay”, and “from Calais to Mexico, all the walls have got to go.”

Many activists discussed Trump’s recent controversial remarks on immigration, when he was reported to have branded Haiti and some African states “s***hole” countries in a White House meeting.


Jan 19 15:22

Asda and Aldi stop energy drink sales to under-16s

Asda and Aldi are to ban the sale of energy drinks to children under 16 from early March.

The move comes after Waitrose announced that customers buying drinks after 5 March could be asked to show ID.

Asda has become the first of the "big four" supermarkets to announce an age limit, which will apply to 84 high-caffeine drinks, also from 5 March.

Aldi will apply it to soft drinks containing 150mg of caffeine per litre from 1 March.

The move follows calls by campaigners for a complete ban on energy drinks, and it comes weeks after MP Maria Caulfield asked Prime Minister Theresa May to consider a UK-wide ban.

Jan 19 15:21

UK retail sales slide in tough December

UK retail sales fell by 1.5% in December compared with November, the biggest monthly fall since the EU referendum, official figures show.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said many shoppers had shifted spending to November to take advantage of Black Friday offers.

It comes as Carpetright and clothing chain Bonmarche were the latest retailers to report a tough Christmas.

A squeeze on consumer spending also led to a difficult December for UK shops.

Jan 19 09:47

WATCH: London’s Khan Doubles Down: ‘Trump Amplifies Racism and Fascism’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has “refus[ed] to apologise” for his attacks on Donald J. Trump, doubling down and accusing the U.S. president of “amplifying” racism and fascism.

Jan 19 09:45

‘Branson bailout’ protests erupt as anger grows with East Coast rail

Angry protestors have descended upon London’s Kings Cross Station to share their rage over the proposed £2 billion bailout for Virgin Trains East Coast rail service, owned by one of the world’s richest men, Richard Branson.
The train service, which is a joint venture between Stagecoach and Branson’s Virgin Group, pledged to pay more than £3 billion (US$4.1 billion) to run the rail service until 2023. In November, the rail line announced that the deal will be terminated with the government three years early.

Simultaneous protests kicked off on Thursday morning, with campaigners shaking money tins at commuters in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Surrey, and Bristol to demonstrate their anger over the botched rail re-privatization.

Jan 19 09:14

British Police Celebrate Taking Cutlery Off The Streets

There was a time not so long ago when the British ruled the world.

Jan 19 08:40

“You Are Now Entering the American Sector” (Will Syria Be Partitioned?)

Do not take your eyes off the ball, remember that all this delicate pussyfooting is about power.

Russia avoided the Syrian quagmire despite dire predictions. Putin minimised his footprint, his war is almost over, ISIL has been defeated. Trump could also exclaim “Mission is completed!” – and fly home.

But, it seems he is eager to rush in where angels fear to tread. Trump does not mind doing for the Israeli Prime Minister what his predecessors, whether Democrats or Republicans, refused, namely, fighting Israel’s war by indefinitely extending the hostile and illegal occupation of Syria.

Jan 19 08:30

Why Is Putin “Allowing” Israel to Bomb Syria? The Saker

The truth is that “the Russians are *not* coming”. The key for Putin is to do what needs to be done to advance Russian interests but without triggering an internal or external political crisis.

Trying to reason with the Israelis or get them to listen to the UN has been tried by many countries for decades and if there is one thing which is beyond doubt is that the Israelis don’t give a damn about what anybody has to say. So talking to them is just a waste of oxygen. What about threatening them? Actually, I think that this could work, but at what risk and price?