Jan 12 11:38

Russia responds to US troop deployment in Eastern Europe [Video]

What "freedom and democracy" is the US defending in Europe, when it is the single most armed and unruly army on earth? How many cases in point will it take - Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya? Nevertheless, Mr Obama goes out with a bang.

Jan 12 11:38

Russia Deploys S-400 Missile Regiment Near Moscow On Combat Duty

While the stated reason behind its deployment has not been disclosed, Russia has put on duty a surface-to-air missile regiment equipped with the brand-new S-400 air defense system, Russia’s most advanced, in Moscow’s suburbs on combat alert.

“The SAM combat squads of the Moscow Region aerospace forces have put the new S-400 Triumph air defense missile system into service, and have gone on combat duty for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia,” the Defense Ministry’s Department of Information and Mass Communication told Interfax. The new SAM battery arrived at its destination in the Moscow Region from Kapustin Yar in the south Russia last December, the Defense Ministry noted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The troubling question here is that of timing; why now?!?

Is the Russian government expecting some kind of blitzkrieg false flag, to be blamed on them, right before Trump is inaugurated, against which they will be forced to retaliate?!?!?

Jan 12 11:34

Kremlin sees deployment of US armor in Poland as threat

"Any country can regard a buildup of foreign military presence near its borders negatively and it will do so. This is precisely the way we see it," Peskov said...
The deployment by the Obama team of additional forces in Europe lately is a destabilizing factor for European security, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov said on the sidelines of the Gaidar Forum...
"I want to stress that we have no plans of being drawn into a new arms race," Shoigu said giving a lecture for the top officials of the ministry and representatives of the public...

Jan 12 11:20

Russian Foreign Ministry promises to take into account US activity in Baltic states

"We noted the deployment to the Baltic states of US special operations’ servicemen, this issue could not have remained unnoticed," the diplomat said. "We view these actions as another example of provocative military activity close to Russia’s borders in the framework of a notorious line towards containing Russia." The diplomat said it is clear that the goal of these efforts is the attempt of the outgoing Barack Obama administration to "complicate as much as possible the situation in bilateral relations and make the new US authorities a hostage of its systematic and rather unfriendly policy towards Russia. We will be forced to further take into consideration in our defense planning the US military preparations aimed against Russia, including in the Baltic states," Zakharova stressed. "We hope that the new US government will not toe the mark of this apparently deadlock line that provokes confrontation between our countries," she said.

Jan 12 11:20

Gen. Mattis: "Russia Is The Principal Threat To US Security"

“Our Armed Forces must remain the best led, best equipped, and most ready force in the world,” Mattis told the Senate. “We must also embrace our international alliances and security partnerships. History is clear: nations with strong allies thrive and those without them wither.”

“My watchwords will be solvency and security in providing for the protection of our people and the survival of our freedoms,” Mattis said. “America has two fundamental powers. One is intimidation,” Mattis told Senator Gary Peters (D-Michigan). “The other power, which we’ve used less in the last 20 years, is the power of inspiration.” The US should not be turning to military power as the answer to all of its concerns around the world, the retired Marine general added.

Here are some of the key highlights so far:

Russia Is "Principal Threat" To US Security

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would be curious as to understand in what context Mattis believes Russia is our "principal threat"?!?

Because in looking at Putin's behaviour, I just don't see it. What I see is a master chess player, who has generally been one hundred moves ahead of his American and European counterparts.

Jan 12 11:17

Economic policy of Russian authorities saved country from disruptive instability — IMF

"I think that policy that had been set have been appropriate over the past 2 years and have saved Russia from the kind of instability Russia has experienced in the past and that had been very disruptive. Policy always has to react to events in the world and events in the world are uncertain at this point. So if things change in the global economy they will have to react," Lipton said. "I think that setting of policies right now, meaning an inflation targeting regime that the Central Bank aimed at getting at 4% and the use of fiscal rule to try to keep the public finances of the country on track, these are the right policies"...

Jan 12 11:07

Russian financial authorities don’t see threat from use of crypto-currencies

Russia’s Central Bank and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service do not see any threats from use of crypto-currencies, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev told reporters on Thursday. "So far we decided just to watch carefully how it is developing. We decided that the Central Bank and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service should monitor cryptocurrency for Russia's economic security. So far these agencies believe that there is nothing critical in it. That means they understand that they (threats) may appear in the future, but now they do not exist," he said. Bitcoin that was launched in January 2009 remains the best-known cryptocurrency in the world. Recently, however, its position started to deteriorate after legal restrictions were imposed on its use in a number of countries. Bitcoin as a virtual currency is an online software code that is not regulated by any country or a bank supervision authority across the world.

Jan 12 10:30

US troops enter Poland, 1st deployment at Russia's doorstep

American soldiers rolled into Poland on Thursday, fulfilling a dream some Poles have had since the fall of communism in 1989 to have U.S. troops on their soil as a deterrent against Russia.

Some people waved and held up American flags as U.S. troops in tanks and other vehicles crossed into southwestern Poland from Germany and headed toward the town of Zagan, where they will be based. Poland's prime minister and defense minister will welcome them in an official ceremony Saturday.

"This is the fulfillment of a dream," said Michal Baranowski, director of the German Marshall Fund think tank in Warsaw. "And this is not just a symbolic presence but one with a real capability."

U.S. and other Western nations have carried out exercises on NATO's eastern flank in past years, but the new deployment — which includes some 3,500 U.S. troops — marks the first-ever continuous deployment to the region by a NATO ally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh yes, i am SURE the Poles go to sleep at night dreaming of the return of US occupation forces!

Russia never annexed Crimea; it was the the US/IMF/NATO putsch which threw the duly elected President of Ukraine under the proverbial bus in 2014 which made the Crimeans "deeply nervous", because there was no representative government in Kiev after the western-centric thug* Poroshenko was "anointed" as President in a election more crooked than a dog's hind leg.

*Weapons, Prostitutes and Drugs –These are Things Petro Poroshenko is Associated With

Jan 12 08:49

Tillerson: China Should Be Denied Access to South China Sea Islands

Setting a hawkish tone in testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations committee, nominee for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, laid out calls for the US to take aggressive action, arguing that the US ought to deny China access to the islands that China has built.

US officials have been railing against China for building islands in the South China Sea for years, arguing that such construction does not increase their maritime territorial claims. This is true, but there is no strict ban on building islands, despite US “outrage” at them doing so.

Tillerson took the claims much farther, arguing that building islands was “akin to Russia taking Crimea” and that the US needed to take a more aggressive position, to “send China a clear signal” that they not only can’t build more islands, but that they also won’t be allowed access to the islands they’ve already built.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tillerson had two, industrial-strength "stepped in it moments", during his testimony to Congress, upon which I feel compelled to call him out.

First, a little history: China was awarded the islands in the South China Sea right after World War II, via the Cairo treaty, to "punish Japan" for its aggression. China awarded the islands in the South China Sea by the Cairo Treaty

I would certainly like to believe that our potential Secretary of State doesn't believe that treaties are simply made to be broken.

Secondly, Russia never annexed Crimea:

"Russia never Annexed Crimea, no Plans to intervene in Ukraine, it’s a Western Delusion" – Putin

If he were remembering correctly, he would recall that the duly elected President of Ukraine, President Yanukovich, was thrown under the proverbial bus by an EU/US/IMF/NATO "putsch in 2014, and the western-centric Petro Poroshenko was "anointed" as Ukraine's president in an election which was more crooked than a dog's hind leg. In fact, in February of 2014, the US's Undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland, was openly bragging about how much money the US had spent to destabilize Ukraine, and this was caught on video:

Victoria Nuland's Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to "Subvert Ukraine"

A little more history; Crimea had been a province of Russia until the mid-50s, when Ukrainian-native Nikita Khrushchev annexed it to Ukraine.

When the putsch happened in 2014, Crimean officials understood that there was no truly representational government in Kiev.

So what they did, in an open and vetted public referendum, Crimean officials asked its people whether they wanted to stay as part of the Ukraine, or become a member of the Russian Federation. The Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join the Russian Federation, and leave Ukraine. The Russian Federation accepted their request, and Crimea then became a member of the Russia Federation.

Call me silly, but this looks suspiciously like "peaceful self-determination", and NOT an act of "annexation by Russia".

So even though the US had a huge hand in destabilizing Ukraine and installing their western-centric puppet, Poroshenko, the US and Ukraine got very annoyed when Crimea chose to become a member of the Russia Federation, and slapped sanctions on them for something Russia never did; the "alleged annexation of Crimea".

Jan 12 06:58

Russian tech expert named in Trump report says US intelligence never contacted him

A Russian venture capitalist and tech expert whose name and company are mentioned in the now-notorious document alleging connections between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian hackers says no intelligence officers have ever contacted him about the accusations, which he says are false.

Jan 12 06:54

Russians Want Tillerson To Return His Medal

Russian social media exploded on Wednesday after listening to former Exxon CEO and chairman Rex Tillerson speak at his confirmation hearing to be the next Secretary of State in not-so-flattering terms regarding the Kremlin and Russia’s international ambitions.

As Tillerson, whom many in Russia had believed to be pro-Kremlin, declared that Moscow and Washington were “unlikely to ever be friends,” Russians online demanded Tillerson return the Order of Friendship he was awarded by President Vladimir Putin in 2013.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tillerson may have simply been saying what he knew the Senators wanted to hear in order to be confirmed.

Jan 12 04:15

The biggest moments from Donald Trump’s fiery press conference

“It’s all fake news. It’s phony stuff. It didn’t happen, and it was gotten by opponents of ours, as you know..."

President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference Wednesday since winning the election and answered questions about his relationship with Russia, arrangements for the future of his business, and some of his plans for the first days of his administration. Trump vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare within the “same hour,”. He also promised to name a Supreme Court nominee within the first two weeks after he takes office. The event was marked by tense exchanges...

Jan 12 03:36

New Russia Sanctions Unveiled By US Senators

A bipartisan group of US senators have introduced legislation to impose sweeping new sanctions against Russia over its alleged attempts to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election.

Jan 11 23:19

Shadow play: the New Great Game in Eurasia

There you have it, over and over again: Divide and Rule, to counteract the unruly “threats”.

That will be the key story to follow further on down the (New Silk) roads.

Yeats memorably wrote that, “mirror on mirror mirrored is all the show.” Yet the show always must go on — dalangs East and West let loose in deep niskala.

Welcome to the 21st century Tournament of Shadows.

Jan 11 17:41

If Putin Likes Donald Trump I Consider That An Asset: Trump

For the first time in six months, President-elect Donald Trump held a press conference today answering questions ranging from his relations with Putin to the latest report that Moscow may be blackmailing him.

Jan 11 16:46

Fake News: BuzzFeed Runs ‘Unverifiable’ Trump-Russia Claims

The online news site BuzzFeed on Tuesday published a letter containing salacious allegations — which even the left-leaning outlet acknowledged are unverified — against President-Elect Donald Trump.

The letter, purporting to come from a retired British intelligence agent, details Trump’s alleged relationship with Russia and contends that the Kremlin has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for at least five years.

Jan 11 16:23

Intel. Services Seek To Cause 'Friction Between US And Russia'

The American intelligence community is seeking to cause “friction” between the United States and Russia as President-elect Donald Trump has signaled willingness to improve relations with Moscow, says a political analyst.

Keith Preston, the chief editor of, made the remarks on Wednesday in an interview with Press TV when asked about new legislation introduced in the Senate to impose sweeping new sanctions on Russia.

Jan 11 16:23

CNN Challenges Trump Over Buzz Feed Fake News Coverage

As previously reported, Donald Trump blasted a CNN anchor as Fake News during his first press conference since the election for their coverage of the Buzz Feed Russia memos, which CNN has had for months without being able to corroborate, outrageously claimed Russia has been cultivating Trump for years and they were blackmailing him with a "Golden Showers" sex tape.

CNN has since responded to Trump, challenging Trump to point out inaccuracies claiming their reporting was matched by other news organizations and noted that claiming they only published “carefully sourced reporting about the operations of our government” which in fact, as shown below in CNN's own reporting is entirely false.

Jan 11 16:04

Video: ‘They Are The Most Scared Of Real Reporting’: Abby Martin Blasts US Intel Hacking Report

Almost one-third of the US intelligence report is dedicated to describing RT’s alleged efforts to “fuel discontent in the US.”

Jan 11 13:39

On the 1000th day of the war in Donetsk, Ukraine kidnaps civilians

Sunday, Jan. 8 marked the thousandth day of the Donbass War, and the Ukrainian Army found nothing better to do to mark this sinister anniversary than to kidnap about 20 civilians in the village of Kurakhovo by night, and bring them in handcuffs to the front, near the town of Maryinka. An ignoble war crime committed by the 10th Ukrainian Armed Forces Mountain Assault Brigade (FAU) and the Alfa unit of the Ukrainian Security Services (SBU). Apprised of these deeds, the authorities of the People's Republic of Donetsk (DPR) called on the Ukrainian authorities to stop such crimes against humanity and urged the OSCE and UN representatives to take cognizance of the facts and to take action so that such provocations of the FAU can no longer take place. One can only speculate on what motivated this new crime - and what could have happened to these innocent people had the DPR army not been respecting the ceasefire.

Jan 11 13:37

EXCLUSIVE Tell-All from behind Ukrainian Lines - Part 2: Kiev's Wasted Cannon Fodder

In December 2016, by way of work affairs, for a lengthy period of time I was in close contact with a large group of servicemen, sergeants and soldiers, from the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone, as the punitive operation against the Donbass republics is called in Ukraine. Since Kharkov is a border town, I’ve also had many opportunities to observe the lives of Ukrainian soldiers up close. What I heard and saw in December only enriched my familiarity. I've repeatedly visited my relatives who live in Ukrainian Donbass immediately adjacent to the ATO zone. There I managed to observe the lives of UAF soldiers, officers and National Guardsmen in units that are deployed literally an arm’s length from the city. The majority of Kharkovians’ attitude towards Ukrainian troops is sharply negative. What I saw in Donbass is something very particular. In Kharkov, they are treated like people serving a criminal regime. There is also some kind of pity or sympathy in this attitude.

Jan 11 13:33

John McCain: I Gave Russia Blackmail File about Trump to FBI!

Senator John McCain confessed today that he gave the FBI a file detailing claims of a Russian blackmail plot against President-elect Donald Trump.

Jan 11 13:33

EXCLUSIVE Tell-All from behind Ukrainian Lines - Part 1: Poroshenko's Blood Money

I am a resident of Kharkov, the first capital of Soviet Ukraine. Although this city has lost the status of the political capital of Ukraine, it is still considered the scientific and industrial capital of the country. Kharkov was founded and settled in the 17th century and belonged to the Russian (Muscovite) Tsars. It was the administrative center of the vast region of Slobozhanshchina (“Sloboda Ukraine”) where the Cossacks from Ukraine fled after being defeated by Polish troops during the Khmelnitsky uprising (the rebellion of Ukrainian cossacks and peasants in the mid-17th century). The descendants of the Cossack families of Sloboda Ukraine served the Russian Tsars, while the Cossack leaders became part of the Russian nobility. This brief historical digression will allow the reader to understand that Kharkov, by virtue of its origin and identity, is a Russian city, not a Ukrainian one.

Jan 11 13:31

Boiling Point: Transcarpathia threatens Kiev with 'Donbass scenario'

Over the past year, the regional councils of a number of regions of Ukraine (Poltava and Ivano-Frankivsk) have adopted laws demanding that President Poroshenko empower regions’ rights. Kiev has regarded these as manifestations of separatism. Now the baton has been taken by social organizations not only in Lvov, but also Transcarpathia. Indeed, it appears that Transcarpathis is gradually regaining the status of the main “separatist region” in Western Ukraine...

Jan 11 11:58

Kremlin: Trump Does Not Need to Lift Sanctions for Us to Talk to Him

Unlike Washington Moscow does not require the other party to capitulate before it will sit down with it. Putin's spokesman just explained yesterday Russia is willing to sit down with the US after Trump takes office whether he rolls back the recent sanctions that were instituted by Obama on his way out or not: "Certainly, sanctions are an element that very negatively affect bilateral relations, but still even under the backdrop of sanctions, Moscow would, undoubtedly, welcome any prospect for dialogue and it is ready for that."

Jan 11 11:55

Kremlin: Trump Does Not Need to Lift Sanctions for Us to Talk to Him

Unlike Washington Moscow does not require the other party to capitulate before it will sit down with it. Putin's spokesman just explained yesterday Russia is willing to sit down with the US after Trump takes office whether he rolls back the recent sanctions that were instituted by Obama on his way out or not: "Certainly, sanctions are an element that very negatively affect bilateral relations, but still even under the backdrop of sanctions, Moscow would, undoubtedly, welcome any prospect for dialogue and it is ready for that."

Jan 11 11:42

‘Stirring Up Trouble’: US Intelligence Has No Proof Of Anything – Ron Paul On ‘Russian Hacking’

The US intelligence community has released the unclassified findings of its investigation into what it says was Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, hours after President-elect Donald Trump received a briefing on the probe.

Jan 11 11:17

Official: Russia has one of five world's most powerful cyber armies

Russia was included on the top five countries with most advanced specialized cyber security units for military or intelligence purposes, a report by Zecurion Analytics said. The report from Zecurion Analytics said that Russian cyber troops resort to various methods to show influence on public sentiment and behavior in foreign countries. According to the company, Russia has 1,000-strong cyber troops that receive the funding worth as much as $300 million annually. According to marketing director of Solar Security, Valentin Krokhin, Russia has cyber command in its state military structures. Yet, those people are not just military hackers - they are involved in the protection of infrastructure of military cyber systems. Cyber ??attacks, espionage and information warfare belong to the sphere of technological intelligence activities and therefore they can not use military budgets, the report says. According to Zecurion Analytics, the USA has the most powerful army in cyberspace.

Jan 11 11:15

The scourge of banks and politicians: 4 famous Russian hackers

Levin was the first hacker to make global headlines... Klopov spent time in prison and now works as a top security expert at New York-based cyber security firm CyberSe... "Shaltai-Boltai" gathers information, including compromising evidence, on demand and publishes everything that cannot be sold for a good price... In December 2016 Yevgeny Bogachev was added to the new U.S. sanctions list, accused of intervening in the American presidential elections. Bogachev is already accustomed to being the subject of attention by the U.S. government and special services. In February 2015, long before the elections, the FBI offered a $3 million bounty for information on his whereabouts. The incident that prompted the FBI to put so much money on Bogachev's head, was the creation of a completely new virus called GameOver Zeus, or GOZ.

Jan 11 10:59

RT Responds To US Intel Report It Helped Trump Defeat Hillary

Russia Today responds to the U.S Intel report on Russia hacking report claim pointing out most of the “Intel” in the report is from 2012 and in no way influenced the election.

Jan 11 10:22

Report: “Distinct Possibility Obama Will Initiate Measures To Place Us Into A War With Russia”

The U.S. intelligence agencies, spearheaded by James Clapper have been preparing to release declassified reports that allegedly prove Russian culpability in influencing the U.S. presidential election. This has been going on back and forth since before the election; however, it is starting to take on a new complexion. Obama has quietly been deploying more troops and shifting around assets. There is a distinct possibility that before he departs, Obama will initiate measures to place us into a war with Russia, and at the bare minimum attempt to sour relations even further prior to Trump taking office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 11 10:18

Obama Stutters and Stammers Accusations Against Russia During His Final Push For War

By Brandon Turbeville

As Obama’s days as U.S. President draw to a close, both the Obama administration and the mainstream corporate media are attempting to provoke a greater conflict with nuclear-armed Russia on the basis of something that never actually happened; at least on the basis of something that they have yet to prove has actually happened. Still, the hype and hysteria being piped from the halls of the White House, intelligence community, and the mouthpiece of the establishment, the corporate media, is incessant. According to the media and the President, the Russians hacked the DNC (never mind the fact that the DNC was acting inappropriately and rigging the elections themselves) and put American democracy at risk...

Jan 11 10:10

Kremlin says Savchenko’s remark about 102 Russians held prisoner by Kiev will be studied

Ukrainian legislator Nadezhda Savchenko’s statement about 102 Russian citizens allegedly detained in Donbass will be analyzed, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has told the media.

Jan 11 09:58

US to assume more measures in response to Russia’s alleged cyberattacks — Carter

"Some responses have been made. I think you should regard that as a start and not the end," he said, adding that the response of the United States will not necessarily involve counter cyberattacks.

Jan 11 09:52

International anti-doping agencies urge banning Russia from all sports competitions

The National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO) urged in its statement late on Tuesday to ban Russian athletes from all international sports competitions as well as to strip the country of the right of hosting global tournaments...

Jan 11 09:07

‘Carter got wrong country when he said Russia had done zero in Syria’ – Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu slammed Pentagon chief Ashton Carter for confusing the facts, after the US official said Russia’s contribution to fighting terrorism in Syria was “virtually zero.” Shoigu advised Carter to be more careful with his assessments.

Jan 11 08:15

Kremlin Denies Having Explicit Information on Trump, President-Elect Reacts on Twitter

After the news broke out that Kremlin is in possession of “dirt” on Donald Trump including his sex life info, Russians are forced, again, to deny having any involvement in such claims.

Jan 11 08:02

US Troops Deployment 'Turning Europe Into a Tinderbox Ready to Ignite'

US troops and military equipment have arrived in Poland. Military expert Vladimir Kozin described the eastward deployment by NATO as unprecedented since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not like the look of this!

Jan 11 08:01

US troops begin arriving in southeast Poland

Thousands of US troops are massing in Poland as part of a planned NATO operation in what has been touted by Washington as “defense against Russian aggression," a provocative move that recalls the hay days of the Cold War era.

Jan 11 08:00

EERY: Watch Scores of US Tanks Roll Into Germany on Way to Russian Border

An armored brigade with 3,500 men 87 Abrams heavy tanks and 144 Bradley armored fighting vehicles is on its way. The first transport ship arrived over the weekend to the German harbour of Bremerhaven bringing hundreds of vehicles including scores of the 60-ton Abrams tanks.

There they were loaded up on trains and sent rumbling eastward. Madness.

Jan 11 08:00

Thousands Of US Troops Arrive In Europe In "One Of Largest Deployments Since The Cold War"

Just days after we reported that the US had begun deploying some 2,800 tanks, trucks and other military equipment to Germany, from where they would be transported by rail and road to Eastern Europe as part of a buildup of NATO reinforcements against "Russian expansion", the next US deployment has made its way to Europe over the weekend, when some 4,000 US troops arrived in the German port of Bremerheven, on their way to Wroclaw, Poland under a planned NATO operation to "reassure the alliance’s Eastern European allies" in the face of what NATO has dubbed mounting Russian aggression.

Jan 10 16:29

US Hacking Accusations Against Russia Hard To Verify: Analyst

The US accusation that Russia used cyber attacks to influence the 2016 US presidential election is difficult to verify, especially after the faulty US intelligence on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, says an American political analyst.

“It’s very difficult to ascertain how seriously to take the US intelligence,” said Alan Bean, the executive director of Friends of Justice, a civil rights group in Arlington, Texas.

Jan 10 15:40

‘Insane, Ridiculous, Embarrassing’: Abby Martin Blasts RT ‘Bashing’ By ODNI Report And NYT

Former RT journalist Abby Martin has blasted the US intelligence agencies’ ODNI report along with the New York Times for publishing “egregious lies” about her and RT.

The NYT article, titled: “Russia’s RT, The Network Implicated in US Election Meddling,” claimed that two RT anchors “quit during live broadcasts” as a result of RT’s propaganda, including Martin. The NYT also claimed that Martin said “the network [RT] is a propaganda outlet.”

Jan 10 15:31

US Senators Push For More Sanctions On Russia Over "Election Hack"

Three US senators plan to introduce new legislation that calls for “comprehensive” sanctions on Russia over its alleged attempts to influence the 2016 US presidential election.

Republican Senator John McCain said Monday he would join Democratic Senators Ben Cardin and Robert Menendez in introducing the legislation.

Jan 10 15:23

Trump Might Roll Back Russia Sanctions: Conway

President Barack Obama’s response to alleged Russia hacking attacks was “disproportionate,” says a top aide to Donald Trump, noting that the Republican president-elect is likely to roll back some of his predecessor’s actions against Moscow once he takes office.

Jan 10 15:16

Kremlin Claims Hacking Accusations Are Amateurish

Throughout the presidential campaign, Russia was accused of conducting cyber attacks aimed at Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party.

Jan 10 14:42

Russian Defense Ministry is creating new space system Liana

The Russian Defense Ministry is creating a space system codenamed Liana, consisting of Lotos-S and Pion-NKS satellites, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at a meeting of the Defense Ministry’s senior officials on Tuesday. He pointed out that creation and operation of an orbital cluster of military satellites was a task of major importance. "Its success depends directly on how well the industrial enterprises concerned - both designers and manufactures of space technologies - will do their job," Shoigu said.

Jan 10 14:20

The Utter Stupidity Of The New Cold War

It seems so strange, twenty-seven years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to be living through a new Cold War with (as it happens, capitalist) Russia.

The Russian president is attacked by the U.S. political class and media as they never attacked Soviet leaders; he is personally vilified as a corrupt, venal dictator, who arrests or assassinates political opponents and dissident journalists, and is hell-bent on the restoration of the USSR.

Jan 10 13:25

Hillary Clinton Admits US Created ISIS To ‘Defeat Russia’

Hillary Clinton had admitted that the US government and intelligence agencies created ISIS in order to attempt to defeat Russia.

Jan 10 12:33


Basharin said that thanks to the special shape and configuration of these cells the scientists managed to obtain metamaterial with absolutely unique properties. This metamaterial can be used to make supersensitive sensors to detect explosives and chemical weapons.

“An addition of a nonlinear semiconductor will turn the metamaterial into an adjustable screen for stealth technologies, which make fighting vehicles less visible in radio, infrared and other bands,” the NUST MISIS press service said in a statement.

Jan 10 12:11

WikiLeaks Founder Dismisses US Intel. Report On Russian Hacking Claims As ‘Press Release’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has denounced the US intelligence community’s recent report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election as a “press release”.

American officials, including outgoing President Barack Obama, have accused the Kremlin of carrying out cyberattacks against US political organizations to help Republican candidate Donald Trump win the White House.

Jan 10 10:18

US Sanctions Five Prominent Russians Citing Rights Abuses

The United States has imposed new sanctions on five prominent Russians, including a close aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The US Treasury Department announced on Monday that the sanctions were meant to punish Russia over what it called human rights abuses.

Jan 10 09:48

Ukrainian fugitive Prime Minister wants to form a ‘government in exile’

The fugitive prime minister of Ukraine, Mykola Azarov, intends to submit a lawsuit to international courts to recognize the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 (Revolution of Dignity) as a coup. He also hopes to become a prime minister of Ukraine forming a so-called “government in exile”. This was stated by Azarov in his interview with Russia’s Izvestia daily.

Jan 10 09:48

'Clueless' US Intel Report on 'Russian Hack' Becomes a 'Laughingstock'

The report put certain US officials in a "trap of their own promises" because initially they promised to provide evidence to the allegations, in order to convince the establishment and public, according to Oleg Demidov, a cybersecurity specialist and expert at the PIR-Center think-tank.

"This goal was not achieved. Without the data from the classified version, the report is clueless. Of course, it quickly became a laughingstock. The gauntlet of criticism was run on this document," Demidov told RIA Novosti.

Jan 10 09:33

NATO Report Blames Russia for Populism Worldwide

A new report from NATO is following a narrative trend which began in the US and has since spread across Western Europe, accusing Russia of being to blame for the rise of populism worldwide, as an effort to undermine NATO and the European Union.

This fits into the hysteria surrounding “fake news” in recent months, with the idea that Russia is to blame for the rise in alternative media outlets which are not as supportive of the idea of globalism. The “anti-globalism” idea positioned the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the US election as the fall of Western liberalism, putative a long-standing Russian priority.

Experts, of course, will note the rise of Euroskepticism across EU nations is largely concurrent with serious policy disputes within the EU itself, and that a simpler explanation than a far-reaching Russian plot is simply that many EU citizens don’t see the union as the panacea it was initially sold to them as.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"When in doubt, and pathologically incapable of taking any responsibility whatsoever for our fault in the public perception of NATO and the EU, BLAME RUSSIA, DAMMIT!!" - Official NATO souse.

Jan 10 09:29

US Imposes New Sanctions on Russia

Continuing what may ultimately be a very brief flurry of anti-Russia sanctions, the Obama Administration today announced a new round of sanctions against 5 Russian officials. Administration officials say that technically these are unrelated to allegations of Russian “hacking” of the election, though the timing makes it clear this is part of ongoing “retaliation.”

With President-elect Donald Trump taking office in a week and a half, these moves may not last long, with Trump aide Kellyanne Conway saying that Trump could well “reconsider” any sanctions imposed by the administration in the name of proportionality.

Trump has also suggested he’d be looking to roll back some of these moves, and that was a big reason why Russia did not launch any retaliatory diplomatic action after the Obama Administration expelled 35 of their diplomats and seized a pair of their compounds, with Russian officials saying they expect Trump to change course when he gets into office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have several words with which to characterise these sanctions; churlish, childish, petulant, and completely fact-devoid, much as was the US accusing Russia of "annexing Crimea", while the US government blithely played the regime-change game in Kiev.

I have a very strong sense that after Trump is inaugurated, things will change for the better, in terms of US relations with Russia, and better US/Russian relations is not a bad thing at all.

Jan 10 09:21


There are doubts that the U.S. was only watching from afar. The beginning and growth of ISIS was financed by U.S. Gulf "allies" which are subordinated to U.S. wishes. When the Obama administration had to start bombing ISIS after it killed a U.S. journalist the few bombs its airforce dropped were hitting an "ISIS fighting position" or an "ISIS excavator". That wasn't a serious campaign. Meanwhile thousands of Turkish tanker trucks were waiting in the deserts to load oil from ISIS controlled wells to sell it to Turkey. Only after the Russian President Putin showed satellite pictures of those huge truck columns to his colleagues at a G20 meeting did the U.S. start to attack this major source of ISIS finances.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported by in January of last year:

ISIS: The 'Enemy' The US Created, Armed, & Funded

And as for the Takfiri forces; as reported at in 2014:

Throughout the crisis in Syria, the terrorist Takfiri groups enjoyed full political support of the United States as well as direct military, financial and logistical support from countries that are considered as US allies in the region. In addition, the Zionist regime of Israel provided Takfiri forces with direct training, consultation, and medical services, in such areas as the occupied Golan Heights, Quneitra, Utaiba, and other regions along its border with Syria and even inside Israel.

This is not just a US-sponsored fight to regime change Damascus; it is a fight against the Syrian people themselves, and their ability to control their own destiny.

The government of this country I care deeply about, my United States of America, has mutated into a war-crimes centric monster; and the hideous irony here is that it has accelerated rapidly on this path under the leadership of our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President, President Barak Obama.

And as long as I have breath, as a Christian pacifist activist, I have the moral obligation to bear peaceful, logical witness to the great evils my government continues to perpetrate, with utter impunity, and zero regard for the lives of the people against whom these war crimes have been committed.

Jan 09 21:40

Does Trump Now Accept The Phony Russian Hacking Claim?

By Stephen Lendman
Since his Friday intelligence briefing, he hasn’t refuted his earlier assessment, debunking the notion. I check his tweets daily to see what he’s saying.

No Russian hacking occurred. No evidence proves it. Yet on Fox News Sunday, his incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said otherwise, accepting the fake news report as factual.

Was he speaking for himself alone? Or was he also stating what Trump now believes? The president-elect hasn’t said either way since Friday so it’s unknown.

I tweeted him a number of times, this morning, saying: Hopefully you don't now buy the Russian hacking fake news story. Information was leaked, not hacked, Russia uninvolved.

Jan 09 18:14

Russian Consul In Athens Found Dead

According to reports in the Greek press, on Monday the head of the Russian Consular service in Athens was found dead in his apartment in downtown Athens.

Jan 09 18:13

Kellyanne Conway Says Trump May Roll-Back Russian Sanctions

President-elect Trump's senior advisor Kellyanne Conway questioned whether additional investigations are needed into reports of Russian hacking during the campaign and, during an interview with USA Today, indicated the incoming president would consider rolling back some of the punitive actions President Obama had ordered in response.

Jan 09 16:07


On the campaign trail, first lady Michelle Obama tried (to hilarious effect) to portray presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as a party of morals and dignity.

Jan 09 14:54

US Vows More ‘Complex’ European Training ‘To Deter Russia’

The US military is planning to expand the training of its European allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in order to “deter Russian aggression,” says a senior US commander.

Tim Ray, deputy commander of US European Command, made the remarks on Sunday, as he marked the arrival of more American tanks and armored vehicles in the northern German port of Bremerhaven.

Jan 09 12:51

War with Russia before the inauguration of the President of the United States 

This is filmed directly from the Polish news TVP. You can see how much military equipment is coming from ONE boat! This was the last boat of 3. In total they had to use 36 trains to transport the whole shit to Poland. More than 1000 train carriages in total!! Thank you tax payer... (My wife is polish.) Anyway Vote if you think War is coming. I will see this as a sort of poll. Because we all know Obama will not give Trump the Presidency.

Jan 09 12:32

Why Did the Famous Trouble-Stirrer John McCain Spend His Holidays Touring Frozen Conflicts on Russia's Borders?

Most people want to spend the New Year's eve with their families. John McCain spent it holed up in a forward combat outpost with Ukrainian marines on the frontlines against Ukraine's pro-Russian rebels. On the New Year he then travelled to Georgia where he preached about the need to "stand up to Vladimir Putin". Before Ukraine McCain was visiting the Baltic states where NATO has been steadily increasing its troop presence citing a Russian threat. McCain had once famously spent the night holed up with Syrian rebels who later turned out to be hard-core jihadists. Likewise he joined the anti-government protestors in Ukraine in 2013 who spearheaded by far-right street fighters (and snipers) would go on to overthrow the Ukrainian president Yanukovich. In other words McCain has a history of reckless photo ops which A.) end up an embarrassment for him and B.) end up encouraging radicals and promoting chaos.

Jan 09 12:20

Poland Will Do it for Us? Poland Acquires First Strike Capability to Pose Threat to Russia

It should be noted that quite often the most interesting arms contracts escape media attention. That’s how it was in 2016. Signing a multi-billion-dollar military aid package between the United States and Israel and the subsequent White House approval for long-awaited fighter sales to the Middle East hit the radar screen.

In late September, the US approved the sales of Boeing fighters worth a total of around $7 billion to Kuwait and Qatar. First mooted around two years ago, the deals had been held up by the US government due to Israeli concerns and in order to smooth the way for nuclear talks with Iran.

The same month, a $38-billion Israeli arms package over the next 10 years – the largest of its kind ever – was finalized and signed.

Jan 09 12:19

Dutch Journalists Ordered to Shut their Mouths on MH17 Disaster

The police of the Netherlands detained two Dutch journalists Stephen Beck and Michel Spekkers in Amsterdam, upon their return from the Donbas. The police confiscated all the materials that the journalists collected in the south-east of Ukraine.

Jan 09 12:19

McCain’s Largely Unreported Treachery Against the US

Arizona’s recently re-elected Republican senator John McCain, along with his faithful «drama queen» accomplice South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, recently met with a contingent of Ukrainian troops at a «forward combat zone» in Shyrokyne in eastern Ukraine and publicly questioned president-elect Donald Trump’s plans to defrost America’s chilly relations with Russia. For McCain, his return to his personal war front in Ukraine came three years after he stood with Ukrainian neo-Nazis and fascists on Kiev’s Maidan Square calling for the ouster of president Viktor Yanukovych.

Jan 09 11:56

Peskov on US hacking hysteria: "Russia is seriously tired of amateur American witch hunts"

The Russian president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has stated that the report prepared by the CIA, NSA, and FBI contains unsubstantiated accusations of an “amateur level.” Peskov remarked that such “witch hunts” have happened more than once in American history. “We know that they will later be replaced by more sober experts, more sober approaches, but we are still focused on dialogue and not such emotional seizures,” Peskov added. However, Peskov stressed that Moscow is already “seriously tired” of these accusations. According to the head of state’s press secretary, the published part of the report has caused nothing but frustration. “To put this amount of emotion into such meager material is, of course, puzzling,” he concluded. Peskov also suggested that it is too early to judge Trump’s position on the report. “This cannot be known for certain, because so far we do not know Mr. Trump’s reaction.

Jan 09 11:48

“Putin’s Not On Our Team”: Obama Worried Americans Trust Putin More Than U.S. Gov

The people are no longer buying the lies. Period, end of sentence.

And it has outgoing-president Obama all worked up.

Vladimir Putin is an “adversary” who should never be trusted over the US intelligence community.

“If we get to a point where people in this country feel more affinity with a leader who is an adversary ... then we’re gonna have bigger problems.”

Read more at SHTF

Jan 09 11:33

Former PM says Ukrainian government in exile could be formed

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Nikolai Azarov, has said that the Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine he heads will apply to international courts after the ruling by a Moscow court, which has recognized the 2014 events in Ukraine as a coup. "We will definitely take further steps," he said in an interview with Izvestia. "Currently, we are planning to apply to international courts and submit all the data reviewed in Moscow as basic materials. This is eyewitness testimony, a huge layer of documents." The politician also expressed the hope that, considering the available evidence, the Ukrainian courts will have to consider his lawsuits. According to Azarov, the formation of the Ukrainian government in exile is quite feasible, if there are the necessary conditions in the country for that. "The circumstances and conditions should be ripe for forming the government in exile. These conditions need to be ripe in Ukraine itself in the first place.

Jan 09 09:49

Pentagon Vows More European Wargames to ‘Deter Russia’

Despite the incoming president-elect making a normalization of diplomatic ties with Russia a top priority, the Pentagon continues to move forward with bigger and more complicated wargames, vowing to continue coming up with ever more such operations to “deter Russian aggression.”

Lt. Gen. Tim Ray, the deputy commander of Eurocom, insisted that the ongoing wargames, which involve the US deploying large numbers of tanks into Germany to practice massing large numbers of tanks in a single place, was vital to “ensure the territorial integrity of our allies and maintain a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous, and at peace.”

Since regime change in Ukraine saw a Russian ally replaced with a Western-backed president, tensions have been on the rise between NATO and Russia, with US officials hyping the idea that Russia could invade Eastern Europe at any moment, and throwing large numbers of troops into the area to fight in that war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The one question I would like to ask of Lt. Gen. Tim Ray is, why would Russia do something that stupid?!?

Because the short answer is, President Putin wouldn't!!

The anti-Russian hysteria coming out of DC is falling on deaf ears, as every accusation made by the residents of "Foggy Bottom" continues to not be borne out by incontrovertible proof, or proof of any kind whatsoever.

Russia is not going to invade Eastern Europe, and, if anything, militarily, is responding to the NATO build-up of troops around its borders.

Jan 09 09:25

Rodrigo Duterte welcomes Russian warships in the Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte toured a Russian warship in Manila and asked for the Russian Navy to visit more often.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama destroyed US relations with the Philippines for daring to tell Duterte to go easy on drug criminals, and now Russia is stepping into the gap!

Jan 09 09:07

Lou Dobbs poll - Who do you believe on the Russian hacking allegations?

Jan 09 09:05

Intelligence Report On Russian Election Influence Is A Flop

Yesterday the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, the CIA, the NSA and the FBI released a report about alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic National Council and on Russian influence operation on the U.S. presidential election. The report failed to convince anyone. It is indeed a public relation disaster for the Intelligence Community.

John Harwood covers "the economy and national politics for CNBC and the New York Times." More then 100,000 people follow him on Twitter. He is known as Hillary Clinton supporter and chummy with John Podesta who ran Clinton's election campaign.

Harwood set up a simple poll. It is not statistically representative but gives a picture of a general sentiment.

Jan 09 08:01

CIA Bases Congressional Russian Hacking Report on Possibilities, Not Truth

Intelligence in the US is becoming even more emphatic about the Russian threat to elections, claiming that Russians will start to disrupt the elections of other countries like they are disrupting American ones.

The trouble with this is that intel agencies, specifically the CIA, have not yet proven that Russia has done what the CIA claims it has done.

On Friday, it claimed that Russia had attacked the US with specific hacks. But at least one top official knowledegable about hacking pointed out that using such eminently traceable hacks was unlike the Russians. The entire report was false, he claimed. The Russians wouldn’t have use such easily detected means to accomplish a hacking. If they’d actually done it, they be subtle not obvious.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 09 07:54

Trump: Only "Stupid People Or Fools" Want War With Russia

Having been fully briefed on the "intelligence" proving Russians 'hacked' the election - because how else could Hillary Clinton have lost? - president-elect Trump is starting to shift the narrative this morning to expose the establishment's blinkered warmongery for missing the bigger picture that could be possible...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Paging Senator John McCain. Senator John McCain, pick up white courtesy telephone!"

Jan 09 07:29

Hysterical Dem Tells Congress 'It's Time Mr. Trump's Twitter Sideshow Comes To An End,' Trump 'Unfit To Be President'

57-year-old Jim McGovern was first elected to Congress in 1996, and represents Massachusetts 2nd District. McGovern is a far-far-lefty who supports all the nasty garbage which has infested this country. He went on a hysterical, breathless rant last Thursday, outraged that Trump didn't believe the fictional and completely made up "sixteen intelligence agencies" claims that Russia hacked the presidential election. At this time McGovern's manic speech has only 47 views on YouTube, so in a way I'm getting him much more attention than he deserves, but I thought he deserved to be mocked.

Jan 09 06:49


Recently, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces made a major advance in Wadi Barada capturing Dahret al-Nhaylah which overlooks Kafr al-Awamid.

That advance, and the participation of the Russian military delegation in the negotiations, pushed the so-called “opposition” into accepting the terms of the agreement.

Jan 08 23:51

‘Not buying it’: Social media slams ‘ludicrous’ Fox News interview with Trump’s chief of staff

Priebus is sabotaging Trump?

Fox News and host Chris Wallace have been blasted for an interview with incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, with viewers describing it as “disappointing” and “ludicrous.”
Speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Trump’s chief of staff Priebus said that the president elect "accepts the fact that in this particular case it was entities in Russia.”

Jan 08 23:45

Donald Trump Accepts Russia’s Role in DNC Hacking - Aide

If Trump really believes this he has jumped the shark. If Priebus made it up he should be fired.

President-elect Donald Trump acknowledges that Russia was to blame for hacking the Democratic National Committee and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on Sunday.

According to Priebus, "no one is disputing" that Russia is responsible for the leaking of internal emails from the DNC and Clinton campaign officials.

"[Trump] accepts the fact that this particular case was entities in Russia," he said during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," adding that it is possible that Trump will consider sanctions against Russia after taking into account the US intelligence community's recommendations as to what should be done.

Jan 08 19:21

Democrats Don’t Seem to Mind One Person Influencing U.S. Elections… (Video)

Other than people who tend to have incredibly high tolerances for pain, most Americans are sick to death of hearing about the alleged Russian hack of the 2016 election from the Democrats, the lack of any such attack from most Republicans, or if there was in fact a hack, the effect that said hack may or may not have had on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election…
The Craziest Stories in Obama’s America (Weekly)!

At this point, most Americans are either politely saying “uncle” under their breath, or they’re screaming “ENOUGH ALREADY!!!” It’s like democrats are stuck on one of two audio recordings on any given day. When they’re not chanting in unison, “Make America Sick Again,” they’re mumbling something about the “integrity of our election system.”

Jan 08 16:47

The CIA In Ukraine

Following is a slightly edited excerpt from The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and The World (Clarity Press, 2016). Ryan Dawson is Webmaster and host for ANCreport which features podcasts on politics and economics with professionals from around the world. He interviewed Mr. Valentine in May 2014.

Jan 08 15:30

The Utter Stupidity Of The New Cold War

It seems so strange, twenty-seven years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to be living through a new Cold War with (as it happens, capitalist) Russia.

The Russian president is attacked by the U.S. political class and media as they never attacked Soviet leaders; he is personally vilified as a corrupt, venal dictator, who arrests or assassinates political opponents and dissident journalists, and is hell-bent on the restoration of the USSR.

Jan 08 11:54


Petro Poroshenko will not attend the traditional “Ukrainian lunch” in Davos, Switzerland, although this is the main event on behalf of Kiev at the World Economic Forum, which will take place on January 17-20 of this year. The lunch is sponsored by Victor Pinchuk’s foundation. Every winter the leading figures of Ukraine have been sure to make their appearance here. Why is Poroshenko now going into “denial”? According to sources from the Kiev Foreign Ministry, the decision was made after an article by Pinchuk was published in the Wall Street Journal about “painful compromises” for the sake of settling the conflict in the Donbas. “The President will have his program in Davos; however, after the Pinchuk article, that is one event he simply will not attend,” said the diplomats. Exactly a year ago at Davos, Petro Aleckseievich had already offended the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnyev. At a breakfast for the heads of delegations, an unprecedented incident took place.

Jan 08 11:42

An Open Letter to the CIA from the Head of RT, Margarita Simonyan

This is a translation from the Russian original, which appeared yesterday, Christmas day, (Russian calendar) on Ms. Simonyan's personal blog. The author is the head of the Russian global news network, sometimes referred to by its old name, 'Russia Today', and of the Russian global news agency, 'Sputnik'.
"Dear CIA,
You get a total F for this thing you wrote..."

Jan 08 11:35

Ukraine dumped civilians on front lines

Ukrainian security forces forcibly evacuated a group of residents of the occupied city Kurakhovo in the area near the front, to accuse the military of the DPR of civilian deaths. This was stated by deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR, Eduard Basurin. "Our intelligence revealed the preparation of a provocation from the Ukrainian security officials with possible victims among the civilian population in the city district of Marinka. In particular, more than 20 civilians from the captured city Kurakhovo were forcefully taken by "Ural"and transported by car to the frontline, in the area of ??Marinka ", he said. Eduard Basurin said that the transportation of civilians in handcuffs was carried out, escorted by two cars from "Ural" with the personnel of the 10th Mining and assault brigade of the APU, as well as 25 US-made car "Hummers" with the personnel of the special unit "Alfa" of the Ukraine Security Service.

Jan 08 11:33

In Kiev, McCain promises war on Putin and Russia

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham went to Kiev to bring support to the Ukrainian coup, promising that 2017 will be the year in which America will regulate accounts with Putin, who will be, in their terms, defeated on the fields of battle of Eastern Europe. "If Putin wins in Ukraine, then he can invade the rest of the world," said McCain. "Your struggle is our struggle," he added, pointing to the putschists. "Back home, we will push for measures to be taken on the issue. It is time for them to pay a heavy price." Graham, first asserts that "the Russians will have to pay a high price: it's time that they stop attacking other countries," then poses as a moderate, saying that "our struggle is not against the Russian people, but against Putin." McCain, for his part, reiterated: "I believe we will win. We will do everything we can to provide what is needed for victory. On the other hand, the successes we have achieved, we owe not to the equipment, but to your courage.

Jan 08 10:41

MSM biased in favor of Clinton, now blindly supports ‘Russian hack’ reports – WikiLeaks envoy

The US intelligence report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election is uncritically supported by the same media* which was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton during the campaign, WikiLeaks associate Craig Murray told RT.

Jan 08 09:50

Allegations Against Russia Less Credible Every Day

The U.S. government has now generated numerous news stories and released multiple "reports" aimed at persuading us that Vladimir Putin is to blame for Donald Trump becoming president. U.S. media has dutifully informed us that the case has been made. What has been made is the case for writing your own news coverage. The "reports" from the "intelligence community" are no lengthier than the New York Times and Washington Post articles about them. Why not just read the reports and cut out the middle-person?

Jan 08 09:07

Russian Responds To US Intel Report It Helped Trump Defeat Hillary

The US intelligence community has released the unclassified findings of its investigation into what it says was Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and Russia's apparently takes a significant chunk of the blame, "by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and international audiences." Or does it?

RT responds to these 'charges' below with some 'facts'...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 08 07:36

The Intelligence Community's Report Is Lost In The "Wilderness Of Mirrors" - A Mystery That Contains No Evidence.

In the world of the US Intelligence Community, puzzles and mysteries are two different things. Puzzles can be solved by finding the pieces and connecting them together in their right places. However, in mysteries there is no puzzle…no map, and may never be solved.

Jan 08 07:24

Ukrainian military shell Donetsk Republic

Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces over the past 24 hours almost 500 times opened fire on settlements of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), spokesman of the republic’s military authority Eduard Basurin said on Sunday. "Ukraine’s criminal forces over the past 24 hours, 491 times violated the ceasefire regime," he said. "The enemy launched on the republic 69 artillery shells of 122 and 152mm calibers, 24 tank shells, 57 mines of 82 and 120mm calibers, as well as 281 shells from various types of grenade launchers." "Besides, they used weapon of infantry fighting vehicles and small arms," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him. The defense authority said, the Ukrainian military had relocated to the Novgorodskoye settlement three IFVs and one armored vehicle. Near Luganskoye, they have five mortars, and two howitzers and four mortars are west of Donetsk - near Nevelskoye.

Jan 08 07:21

Russian cyber experts: Hackers state origin nearly impossible to trace

As for the technical side of the question, the specialist in competitive intelligence and information technology Elena Larina, says today, no country in the world has tools for digital investigation, which will allow to establish the identity of a particular country of international hacker groups shortly after the attack. Larina cites the example of the investigation by "Kaspersky Lab" (top Russian cyber-security firm), which detected dangerous viruses in Iranian industrial sites . It was able to identify them only several years after the attack. As it turned out, they were designed and implemented by the Americans, but the virus was not originally traced to American hackers, this became known only after the recognition by the United States. The most successful operations on tracing the hacking groups are those using embedded informants, and not tracking the digital footprints of the criminals. Eugene Kaspersky, Tageseinzeiger: Unsophisticated criminals can be found.

Jan 07 17:17

CNN & NBC Issue Fake News Retractions For Two Different Stories

As the corporate media pounds away at online Fake News stories NBC and CNN join the Washington Post in issuing retractions for their own Fake News.

Jan 07 16:46

CBS: Why WaPo’s Russia Hacking Story is Epitome of “Fake News”

CBS News Atlanta Reality Check explains Why the Washington Posts story about Russia hacking the U.S. power grid is the epitome of “Fake News”

Jan 07 16:43

Kerry Admits US Let ISIS Grow To Force Assad To Negotiate Over Syria

John Kerry admits Russia went into Syria to fight ISIS and the U.S. allowed ISIS to grow because it threatened Assad and would force him to negotiate in an allegedly leaked audio tape.

Jan 07 15:58

How Can Anyone BELIEVE And Have FAITH In An Intelligence Agency Report Of Hacking A Server If The Server Was Never Examined? PLUS, New Emails Revealed Which Prove Clinton's Criminal Intent.

I think we all try to have faith and believe in our Intelligence Agencies, as we want to trust those whom we pay to protect our Country. Further, we want to believe they take their responsibilities seriously and would never intentionally hurt this Country. However, sadly and shockingly, these things cannot be believed in nor trusted by We The People.

Jan 07 15:03

Fear And Misunderstanding Of Russia

Given the recent near-hysteria over Russia’s alleged hacking of U.S. political email traffic, it is difficult to imagine a U.S.-Russia relationship established upon a peaceful footing — or, to put it another way, a relationship so stable and constructive that it no longer would depend on the vagaries of changing political personalities.

Jan 07 12:26

Leaked Tapes Reveal John Kerry Admission That U.S. Was Pulling For ISIS In Syria, Russia Fighting Terror

By Brandon Turbeville

A WikiLeaks release of John Kerry’s statements has yet again blown the lid off the public claims of the U.S. government, Obama administration, and the corporate mainstream media in regards to ISIS and the war in Syria. The tapes of a conversation between John Kerry and the so-called “Syrian Opposition” at the Dutch Mission of the United Nations on September 22 were released on Wednesday. While mainstream media either refused to report on the leaks at all or eliminated the most incriminating parts of the tapes, Kerry openly states that the United States sat idly by while ISIS grew and grew in order to force Bashar al-Assad to “negotiate.”...

Jan 07 12:09

CNBC reporter Asks Twitter "Who Do You Believe America?" - Gets Surprising Answer

CNBC Political reporter John Harwood took to Twitter last night to ask Americans if they believe U.S Intelligence Officials or Wikileaks and received surprising answer.

Jan 07 11:12

Political Insanity: Outgoing President Obama’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” against Russia: US Sends 3,600 Tanks Against Russia – Massive NATO Deployment Underway

Obama's last treasonous act! Destroy America!

The NATO war preparation against Russia, ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’, is in full swing. 2,000 US tanks will be sent in coming days from Germany to Eastern Europe, and 1,600 US tanks is deployed to storage facilities in the Netherlands. At the same time, NATO countries are sending thousands of soldiers in to Russian borders.

According to US Army Europe, 4,000 troops and 2,000 tanks will arrive in three US transport ships to Germany next weekend. From Bremerhaven, US troops and huge amount of military material, will be transported to Poland and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

USA is sending to Russian borders 3rd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division. Overall, more than 2,500 pieces of cargo are shipped to Germany, where those will be unloaded in the period January 6-8. US military material and troops will continue to Poland by rail and military convoy’s. Massive US military deployment should be ready by January 20.

Jan 07 11:06

'Russia will respect us' Trump pledges strong relationship with Putin when he's President

He later said anyone who thought America having a good relationship with Russia was a bad thing was “stupid”.

Mr Trump tweeted: “Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only "stupid" people, or fools, would think that it is bad!

“We have enough problems around the world without yet another one. When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now and both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the WORLD!”

Jan 07 11:01

‘Clinton quite effective at discrediting herself, doesn’t need Putin’s help’ - ex CIA analyst

The main goal of the whole “Russian hacking” US election narrative is a propaganda stunt aimed discrediting Trump by claiming that Russia’s Vladimir Putin personally intervened to discredit Hillary Clinton, retired CIA analyst has told RT.

“It’s designed to smear Trump. Because even the language that developed the notion that Vladimir Putin took it upon himself and instructed the intelligence organs in Russia to go out and discredit Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton didn’t need any help being discredited, she was quite effective at it herself,” Larry Johnson said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to think I had some small role in discrediting Hillary! But then as Johnson says, she provided a lot of material for us to work with!

Jan 07 10:43

2016: A year of Russian bear-baiting

Lock up your daughters! Batten down the hatches! The Russians are coming! ‘New Hitler’ Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine, is threatening the Baltics, and is behind Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election!
When he’s not bombing hospitals for fun, propping up the ‘evil Assad,’ hacking into Democratic Party emails, or ordering the doping of Russian athletes, the sinister Russian President is orchestrating hooligan attacks on England football fans at the European Football Championships!

Does the blighter ever take a break from acts of villainy?

Well, that was the news in brief for 2016, as brought to you by ‘liberal’ and neocon media outlets in the West.

Jan 07 09:55

‘Propaganda Intended To Incite Americans’: John McAfee To RT On ‘Russian Hacking’ Claims

The sloppiness of the alleged DNC hack by itself proves it was not organized by a nation state, and the “utter nonsense” presented as proof of Moscow’s involvement is rather evidence of intelligence agencies being “ignorant and naïve,” John McAfee told RT.

Cybersecurity legend McAfee is one of the modern computer tech pioneers and the developer of the first commercial antivirus program, who has been in the business for the past 50 years. He is also the CEO of MGT Capital Investments, and a former presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.

Jan 07 09:12

On Whitewashing Russia: Power-Worshippers Only See Black-And-White

In Christopher Buckley’s book, They Eat Puppies, Don’t They?, an executive of a defense contractor describes his vision of the general population in the Middle East:


Buckley’s book is satirical, but the reality we currently inhabit is no less hysterical than the profiteering CEO cranking up his Congressional hype machine.

Jan 07 07:46

UPDATE ON INTELLIGENCE REPORT: Cyber Attacks Are Rampant, BUT The Reaction To The DNC, Podesta, And Clinton Data Breach WAS Unusual For The Government. It WAS And IS All About Trump.

I have been researching the WIKILEAKS files on cyber attacks and hacking of the United States. I wanted to know who was hacking who. I found some very interesting WIKILEAKS files on the subject.

Jan 06 17:29

Declassified Report on Russia Hacking Released, Admits No Proof of Hacking

The much anticipated declassified report on Russia election hacking is released admitting there is not proof to show any of the judgements in the report are factual.

Jan 06 15:27

President-elect TRUMP'S STATEMENT AFTER BRIEFING With Intelligence Offcials.

Today President-elect Trump was briefed by the Intelligence Community on their official findings into the “Russian hacking” story.

Jan 06 15:17

Media Walks Back Secret Russia Hacking Report

Media walks back Washington Post’s claims that a leaked 50 page secret report showed Russian celebrating hacking efforts aimed at influencing the election.

Jan 06 14:02

Hundreds Of US Tanks Arrive In Europe To Support NATO Anti-Russian Buildup

As we reported yesterday, Lithuania confirmed the presence of U.S. special forces inside its territory, stating the deployment’s purpose is to train local forces and act as a deterrent against Russian aggression. Supposedly, the move is in response to a "escalation" by Vladimir Putin, who has been deploying nuke-ready missiles in the Russian province of Kaliningrad located in the heart of central Europe. This move has prompted the neighboring Baltic states to become “highly concerned” about Russian military activity.

Furthermore, sometime during the spring of 2017, NATO is expected to send battalions of 800 to 1,200 troops to each of the Baltic States and Poland. The mainstream media has even dubbed NATO’s recent buildup the alliance’s “biggest military buildup on Russia’s borders since the Cold War.” Even Great Britain will be sending fighter jets, as well as troops to Romania in order to counter Russia in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This buildup is insane, and doesn't augur well for peace in the region, or the for the world.

Jan 06 13:51

Anti-Russia “Fake News” Campaign Rolled out Across Europe. Moscow Tagged as a Sponsor of ISIS-Daesh

This is the content of the resolution passed by the European Parliament on November 23, on “EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against it by third parties.” The declared aim of the extensive resolution is to combat “third-party actors aiming to discredit” the European Union (EU) that “do not share the same [European] values.”

The resolution then defines as the main “actors” Russia and Daesh (or ISIL) and it is Russia that occupies most of the resolution.

It equates Russia with “transnational terrorist and criminal organisations…” that have “repeatedly engaged in a strategy of deliberate deception and disinformation, especially in the ‘new media’, social networks and the digital sphere…”

Accusing Russia of “information warfare”, the resolution asserts that it “is employing a wide range of tools and instruments” to “challenge democratic values, divide Europe, gather domestic support and create the perception of failed states in the EU’s eastern neighbourhood…”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to the EU: with these accusations regarding Russia, you have REALLY "jumped the shark", and have become totally irrelevant and useless to the futures of the countries you allegedly represent.

And to conflate Russia with ISIS?!?

Please, have you all gone absolutely barking mad, to use this analogy?!?

Kindly get your collective heads out of a very dark, unpleasant place, and sniff some sunshine, for heaven's sake!!

Russia is not the problem here; it is the dissatisfaction of Europeans having to live with the regulations of the out-of-touch, tone-deaf and blind EU Eurocrats in Brussels which has caused a populist uprising, and a very strong desire to break free of an economic and financial system which is great for large corporate banking and taxing entities, but lousy for the people living in the countries which comprise the EU.

I do not know how much longer the EU, or the Euro, will actually survive; but my sense is, without a major war, fronted by NATO and the US against Russia, it will ultimately have to collapse of its own weight, as the basic international understandings which created it were based on false assumptions.

It is the "fake news", regurgitated by corporate presstitutes to further government agendas, worldwide, which get people killed.

Do any of you Eurocrats remember what happened after the US government accused Saddam Hussein of "having weapons of mass destruction"?!?

I rest my case.

Jan 06 13:36

Obama's "mine" Trump: Sends to Europe launchers "Vulkan" sowing mines from helicopters

BY spokesperson for the Pentagon, leaving the Obama administration has expressed its readiness to deploy the system in Europe "Volcano", which the armed forces of the United States used since 1995 to quickly set up mines through their throws from a specially equipped helicopter, as well as from vehicle wheels and tracks .

In accordance with the concept of the system, and anti-anti-personnel mines are placed in a special multi-barrel rocket launchers mounted on the aforementioned carriers: by 960 per helicopter mines and 160 mines per vehicle, and then throw on different sides during the ride.

Such a quantity of mines to be in a fairly short period of time forming large areas of mine fields, which prevent access to potential opponents a large military facilities, and large concentrations of troops and military equipment.

The emergence of 'Volcano' in Europe can hardly lead to a radical change in the balance of power on the European continent.

Jan 06 12:26

US Spy Chief Claims ‘Unprecedented’ Russian Involvement in US Vote

Speaking to the Senate today, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper openly disagreed with President-elect Donald Trump on the narrative of the 2016 presidential election, insisting he was “even more resolute” that the Russians had hacked the election, and promising some evidence would be made public next week.

Clapper claimed Russia had meddled in the US election not just through alleged hacking of the Clinton campaign, but by “spreading of propaganda,” saying that the existence of state-run television station RT played a role in the election by “disparaging our system.”

Clapper then went on to lash Trump for being so vocal in questioning the allegations, saying that there was a difference between “healthy skepticism” by lawmakers and open disparagement of the intelligence community by not accepting their findings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to soon-to-be-retired Director of National Intelligence James Clapper:

About your complaint that "disparages our system"; what I find, when I go there to read their Enlish language version, are articles which the US Presstitutes won't touch, because they are "geopolitical kryptonite" in this country. For example:

Radioactive contamination spreading in shuttered Hanford Site nuclear plant

Do Americans, particularly those in proximity to this closed plant, not have the right to be informed as to what is going on here, and that it might well be a threat to the water and soil in adjacent areas?!?

Now, I have checked;;; and I have found not one word on this unfolding catastrophe.

And DNI Clapper, the reality is, if you, in fact, had hard evidence about Russian hacking, you would have been shouting it, from the rooftops, months ago.But you don't really have compelling, incontrovertible evidence; just assertions which, to date, have been, embarrassingly, and noticeably, "fact-free".

I am experiencing more than a little concern about the timing of the release of this alleged "evidence" to the US public "next week".

Is the "deep state" in this country planning a false flag action, at home or abroad, that will be so shocking, (and of course, be blamed on Russia) that this "alleged evidence" will become a moot point, because the American people have had their attention misdirected by the alleged "crimes" of Russia to the point where logic becomes lost in their collective "flight or fight" response to this incident?!?

For Russia (and Putin) to do something that bone-headedly stupid as some kind of attack against the US, or US assets abroad, on the eve of the presidential transition in this country, just boggles the mind.

Cui bono?!?

Who benefits?!?

Certainly not Russia, or Putin.

But the ever war-centric US "deep state" would love to see nothing more than a hot war against Russia, just a week before Trump has taken his Oath of Office, as their "revenge" against a Trump Presidency.

But a caveat here to those who may be planning such an outrage against this country; this is not 2001 America, where the corporate presstitutes could regurgitate anything the Administration said to forward its agenda, and expect that to be believed, such as "Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction."

The independent media has caused a war-sceptical and war-weary population to seek its information from other sources than those who consistently carry the government's water, because the American people understand that the corporate presstitutes lied us into wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan.

The real fake news, spewed out by the corporate presstitutes on the justifications for those wars, got people killed, in wars ultimately for private profit.

The American people will not be fooled again.

Jan 06 11:33

US Officials Say Russia Approval of Trump Win Is ‘Evidence’ of Hacking

The “evidence” that Russia was behind the hacking of Democratic Party targets ahead of the 2016 US election appears as flimsy as ever, as officials start to let out what appears to have been the cornerstone of their entire narrative, that Russia was happy Trump won the election.

Officials conceded today that the important evidence that let to their “conclusion” only came after the election was already finished, by way of explaining why they didn’t make such accusations before the vote, and the Washington Post report quotes senior officials as saying a major part of that conclusion was intercepted communications showing Russia was happy with the outcome.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to the editorial board of the Washington Compost: you cannot "double down" on nothing, and pretend that you actually have something, which is just what you have done with this faux "justification" of blaming Russian hackers for breaches of the DNC computers, when the FBI was refused access to the DNC's computers in the first place, after the claim of hacking went public.

FBI refused access to DNC computers "allegedly" hacked by the Russians

I think, rather than "happy" at the outcome from the Russia side, the more correct word would be "relief". They knew what was in store, should Clinton have gotten elected, and that is a three letter word, called "war".

Clinton is a card-carrying warmonger, and darling of the military industrial complex. During her campaign, look at the CVs of her advisors, and will someone tell me that ANY of them were willing to "give peace a chance"?!?

Not until pigs fly, most probably.

Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisers Are a “Who’s Who” of the Warfare State

Clinton's Syria policy would require war with Russia

How Hillary Clinton Became a War Hawk

The warhawks and warmongers wanted her as their president, big-time, because she was in lock-step with their agenda; We the People were not.

And as a peace activist myself, I was relieved when Trump won the election; because although I don't believe he will be averse to using military action where there is no other way to get something done, I sincerely believe that he will explore all possible peaceful options before his military are directed to put our young men and women who serve in harm's way.

Clinton, on the other hand, wouldn't have given a rat's anus about those Americans killed and maimed for life, because for her, and her inner circle, it's all about the money, and wars of conquest becoming wars of personal enrichment.

Jan 06 11:30

UPDATE On ALLEGED "Russian Hacking" Story. The TRUTH Is Being Eaten Alive, And I Just Can't See It Being Whole Again.

I have to admit to you guys, I am in the dark groping around trying to see my way to begin this report. It is as if the Intelligence Community is very educated in creative writing. They know how to blah, blah, and blah, but they don't know how to be straight shooters with the truth. So, sometimes one can have an education, but not know how to put it to good use. In this NSA/CIA/FBI/Intelligence report on the alleged "Russian hacking" story, let me tell you first of all what Senator Lindsey Graham is saying, then you will know how much trouble we are really in.

Jan 06 11:25

The Same Officials Who Pushed the Iraq War Are Now Stirring Up Anti-Russia Hysteria

The main U.S. intelligence official pushing claims that Russia hacked the Democratic party is James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence.

But Clapper was responsible for a lot of the bogus intelligence which led to the Iraq war. Newsweek reported in 2010:

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jan 06 11:18

John McAfee: "The Most Deceptive Propaganda To Date Was Perpetrated On The American Public"

The nuts and bolts of McAfee’s argument is that Russia, with it’s high level of sophistication in cyber-warfare, would never be stupid enough to leave the very obvious fingerprints that US Intelligence cites as the foundation of their case for Russian involvement in the DNC hacks. In other words, this isn’t how state actors penetrate networks and perform espionage.

Jan 06 11:07

From Official Policy To Mainstream Discourse: Propaganda In The Making

By Daniel Espinosa Winder

The Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act (CDPA), passed last December 8th by Barack Obama, was first presented to the US Congress on March 16th. This effort in information warfare was in the making long before the mainstream media campaign against ‘fake news’ – or serious allegations of Russian meddling in US elections – started. This is an analysis of how foreign and domestic policy becomes ‘popular demand’ through mainstream media...

Jan 06 10:24

Mossad chief and security delegation meet with Trump team

Meanwhile, Washington, the US, the MSM is in an uproar over CIA lies, CIA #Fakenews, CIA Russian hacking allegations, with people calling for a purge of the CIA.

Jan 06 09:40

DNI Chief Clapper Takes Swipe at Trump, Assange as He Defends Russia Hack Intel

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also took a swipe at the president-elect for "disparaging" the intelligence community.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"John F. Kennedy disparaged us, kapische?" -- Cocaine Importation Agency

Jan 06 09:26

U.S. intercepts capture senior Russian officials celebrating Trump win

The ebullient reaction among high-ranking Russian officials — including some who U.S. officials believe had knowledge of the country’s cyber campaign to interfere in the U.S. election — contributed to the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Moscow’s efforts were aimed at least in part at helping Trump win the White House.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's it? THAT is the "proof" Russia hacked the election? That they were happy with the outcome of the election?!?

Half of America was happy with the outcome of the election. I was happy with the outcome of the election! That doesn't mean we all hacked the DNC!

I think this is strike three on the Washington Compost's credibility after those whoppers about how Independent media are all working for Russia, then the one about Russia hacking the power station in Vermont!

Jan 06 09:21

Political Insanity: Outgoing President Obama’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” against Russia: US Sends 3,600 Tanks Against Russia – Massive NATO Deployment Underway

Dangerous crossroads: Is Obama intent upon waging a military operation on Russia’s border prior to the end of his presidential mandate?

This military onslaught could potentially create a fait accompli.

Jan 06 09:11


The rising hysteria about Russia is best understood as fulfilling two needs for Official Washington: the Military Industrial Complex’s transitioning from the “war on terror” to a more lucrative “new cold war” – and blunting the threat that a President Trump poses to the neoconservative/liberal-interventionist foreign-policy establishment.

By hyping the Russian “threat,” the neocons and their liberal-hawk sidekicks, who include much of the mainstream U.S. news media, can guarantee bigger military budgets from Congress. The hype also sets in motion a blocking maneuver to impinge on any significant change in direction for U.S. foreign policy under Trump.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to both the American and Russian governments: the American people, adamantly, do not want a war with Russia.

And to the American government; I have been unable to believe a single thing you have said to the American people since 9/11, which was a notorious pack of lies you used to sell the American people on the other lies upon which you predicated the invasion - and occupation - of both Afghanistan, and Iraq.

As a Christian pacifist activist with a voice on this blog, who constantly entreats her government to resolve its geopolitical issues through patient, moral, and hard-won negotiations, rather than through war, I must warn our readers the US government is making an horrific mistake by pushing a war against Russia (and/or China) right now.

Because pulling back, and looking at the "big picture", I understand, without question, that we do not have the weaponry, the money, the troop strength, or the manufacturing to insure a positive result from a conventional war against Russia.

Right now, when US weapons are field deployed, they are, many times, so late as to be obsolete relative to their original mission; absolutely do not work as advertised (need I remind you of the continuous fluster-cluck which has been the saga of the F-35?!?); and are hideously over-budget.

Russia and China are getting a lot more bang for their weaponry buck right now, without paying anywhere near what the US government is paying for substandard, and failing, equipment: here are some examples, from readily accessible web sources:

Army 2016 forum: Top 8 newest Russian weapons

Russia successfully tests its first-ever hypersonic weapon

Top 10 Most Powerful Weapons of The Russian Military 2016 -2020

Russia's Hybrid Atomic Weapons

To put the US military, and its people, into a war the US military most probably cannot win, for the reasons I have enumerated above, is the ultimate betrayal of the American people by elements of the "deep state" in this country, and it must - peacefully and logically - be stopped in its tracks, and now.

Jan 06 09:02

FBI: DNC rebuffed request to examine computer servers

The Democratic National Committee "rebuffed" a request from the FBI to examine its computer services after it was allegedly hacked by Russia during the 2016 election, a senior law enforcement official told CNN Thursday.

"The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated," a senior law enforcement official told CNN. "This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information. These actions caused significant delays and inhibited the FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The third party was a contractor who worked for the DNC.

Jan 06 08:52

US propaganda Chiefs Instigate Full Frontal CYA Mode - Perpetuating the BIG LIE for War Against Russia

US intelligence chiefs have called Russia a 'full-scope cyber actor' which poses a "major threat" to America.

The intelligence officials were speaking during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on foreign cyber threats to the U-S.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 06 08:48


The Russian Navy is returning Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser and its battlegroup from the Mediterranean to its home base in Russia’s Severomorsk.

Admiral Kuznetsov, accompanied by Pyotr Veliky battle cruiser, Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov anti-submarine destroyers, Admiral Grigorovich frigate and support vessels, has been involved in a counterterrorism operation in Syria since November 8.

Warplanes Admiral Kuznetsov’s deck carried out 420 sorties, destroying 1,252 terrorist targets in Syria.

Jan 06 03:17

With whom did Russia fight most often?

Sweden. Wars: 10 wars from the mid-16th to early 19th centuries... Turkey. Wars: 12 wars in 241 years. On average, there were Russo-Turkish wars every 19 years... Poland. Wars: 10 wars from 1018 to 1939... Among other countries with a history of fighting wars with Russia is Germany. The two countries have fought three major wars, two of them being World Wars. The Russian Empire fought wars against France numerous times, including the War of the Third Coalition (1805), the War of the Fourth Coalition (1806-1807), the War of 1812, and the Crimean War (1854-1856). Russia and the Soviet Union also fought four wars against Japan, and three times participated in military conflicts with China. In general, the history of Russia is a history of persistent war. Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin wrote, “Soloviev has counted 200 wars and invasions from 1240 to 1462 (222 years). From the 14th to the 20th centuries (525 years), Sukhotin has counted 329 years of war.

Jan 06 02:50

Joe Biden: Obama administration secretly 'retaliated' against supposed Russian hacking

According to the vice-president, some of the steps taken by Washington are public, while others will remain secret. The outgoing American administration 'retaliated' against our country for fictitious hacker attacks not only with new sanctions and the expulsion of diplomats, but also some 'secret operations' by security services. This was reported in an extensive interview with PBS by US vice-president Joseph Biden. "When the question over a month ago was whether we will respond to hacker attacks, I said we'll do it when (and how) we want to. Some things that we had done, you already know - other things you will never know," - he said, stressing that Washington had two options to respond to Russia for alleged interference in the presidential election, overt and covert. "We did both," - said Biden.

Jan 06 02:39

Disagreements regarding sanctions against parliament members growing in PACE

"Two mutually exclusive points of view are gradually consolidating there [in the PACE - TASS]," Kosachev said. One of them is that Russia should adhere to all prior resolutions passed by the Assembly, regarding "de-occupation of Crimea," and so on, he said. "The opposite point of view is that sanctions against national delegations and in respect of parliament members are inappropriate in principle". Supporters of the second viewpoint are confident if a state is a full-fledged member of the Council of Europe, it must have an opportunity to participate in all organizations of the Council of Europe in full scope, including the PACE, the Russian senator said. "We will see from discussions at the January session and the following sessions what of these two points of view will prevail". The PACE will decide itself on the issue regarding amendments to its regulations, the Russian parliament member said.

Jan 05 16:30

China vs Russia Why Trump Prefers the Latter?

Lately, the relationship between China and the United States made it to the center of the media attention, particularly when the President-elect Donald J. Trump accused China of not being helpful regarding North Korea. This statement didn’t go too well in China, but it would be stupid to claim that Trump is to blame for the complicated situation we’re witnessing now.

Jan 05 14:50

US Senators Vow To Defeat Putin This Year

President Vladimir Putin has been warned he is doomed to failure in Ukraine and that 2017 will be a year of aggression against Russia.

Jan 05 14:41

The Plot THICKENS! Obama Administration Caught Lying About Something HUGE!!! Catalyst FOR WORLD WAR?

Are All These Lies Deliberately Pushed FOR WORLD WAR?!?!

First, The Washington Post released a report in which Russian hackers supposedly penetrated the U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont— as of Friday, December 30th, 2016. Although there is no evidence of Russian hacking when it comes to the U.S. power grid, the 2016 "elections," or anywhere, this is the narrative mainstream media heavily pushes...

Jan 05 14:39

Ukraine Army preparing large-scale mobilization of reserve officers

Deputy Chief of Staff of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel Mark Andrusyak reported that this year they have planned a large-scale mobilization of reserve officers. "We are planning this year to hold a call. The number of about four thousand ", Andrusyak said. Covered under the call are those who have completed military departments, but did not serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. "According to the guidance documents, the call covers persons up to 43 years of age who did not serve in the armed forces.", said the Colonel General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.