Jun 15 10:08

FLASHBACK - 'Doctors gave me depression pills I DIDN'T need for 20 years': Coming off his antidepressants drove Viscount Hinchingbrooke to the brink - but his story is alarmingly common

Six years after taking my last dose of antidepressants, I am still suffering from their effects.

I have constant nerve pain all over my body, like a burning pins and needles sensation.

I'm agitated much of the time and I lose my temper quickly — perhaps understandable for someone always in pain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still trying to find out if James T. Hodgkinson was either on or (worse) withdrawing from prescription antidepressants.

Jun 15 10:08

FLASHBACK - Antidepressants can save lives but they made me want to kill. Now I wonder if some murderers may have suffered the same side-effects as me

Almost three years ago, I woke up and found myself in a mental hospital in West London. I looked down and saw wealds on my arms where I had torn my skin apart.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still trying to find out if James T. Hodgkinson was either on or (worse) withdrawing from prescription antidepressants.

Jun 15 10:08

FLASHBACK - Doctors are over diagnosing depression 'because of a basic quiz by a drugs firm making antidepressants'

Doctors are over diagnosing depression because they rely on a ‘basic’ questionnaire designed by a drugs company that also manufactures antidepressants, campaigners have warned.

GPs use a nine-question Patient Health Questionnaire, developed through funding from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, to diagnose people with the illness.

But critics told the Telegraph that the questionnaire, which has been used by GPs for 20 years, sets the ‘bar too low’ for depression.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still trying to find out if James T. Hodgkinson was either on or (worse) withdrawing from prescription antidepressants.

Jun 15 10:08

FLASHBACK - Antidepressants in young people may do more harm than good, warn scientists 

A review of clinical trial evidence found that of 14 antidepressant drugs only one, fluoxetine - marketed as Prozac - was better than placebo at relieving the symptoms of young people with major depression.

Another drug, venlafaxine, was associated with an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still trying to find out if James T. Hodgkinson was either on or (worse) withdrawing from prescription antidepressants.

Jun 15 09:40

Horrifying video shows how opioid addiction has transformed the city of Baltimore into a Third World city

If you want to see just how quickly drugs can plunge a beautiful and thriving city into desolation, look no further than Baltimore. On the surface, the city has plenty to offer, with lots of history, a lovely harbor, diverse entertainment options, and top research and medical facilities. However as opiate addiction has spread throughout the city over the past several years, it has turned it into a place that is no longer befitting of its nickname, Charm City.

In fact, a more suitable nickname would be The Heroin Capital of the United States as the city now has the dubious honor of having the highest per-capita rate of heroin addiction in the nation. Of the city’s 645,000 residents, it is estimated that around 60,000 are drug addicts and 48,000 of these people are hooked on heroin.

Jun 15 09:39

HONEY found to reduce arterial plaque by an astonishing 30%… could it prevent heart attacks?

Could honey be a natural way to prevent heart disease? That may just be the case. New research has found that a natural sugar found in honey, known as trehalose, can help to reduce the presence of arterial plaque by up to 30 percent. This natural sugar is also found in some other foods, such as mushrooms, lobsters and shrimp.

Jun 15 09:27

"Everybody Has To Die Of Something" Top Mich. Health Official Charged With Manslaughter In Flint Probe

While Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder remains comfortably ensconced in the governor’s mansion, Mich. Attorney General Bill Schuette charged two more state health officials for misconduct related to the poisoning of Flint, Mich.'s watere supply, adding to the list of lower-level officials who've been held accountable for their actions while top decision makers go free.

Now, Nick Lyon, the director of the state's Department of Health and Human Services, whose office was tasked with formulating a response to an outbreak of Legionnaires disease that killed 12 people in Flint in 2014 and 2015, is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for his alleged role in those deaths.

Jun 15 09:09

New Study Shows Cannabis Kills Leukemia Cells

A new study has confirmed yet another positive use for cannabis. A new study has revealed that cannabinoids can successfully kill leukemia cells. Cannabis has long been known as having the ability to kill cancer, but the new revelation regarding leukemia is important because...

Jun 15 08:50

Powerful eruption of Sheveluch volcano sends ash to 12 km (39 360 feet) a.s.l.

A major eruption started at Russia's Sheveluch volcano at 16:20 UTC on June 14, 2017. KVERT reports a plume of ash reached a height of 12 km (39 360 feet) above sea level and warned explosions up to 15 km (49 200 feet) could occur at any time. The Aviation Color Code was raised from Orange to Red.

Jun 15 08:27

Two-headed porpoise caught in fishing net is first ever found

Fishers off the coast of the Netherlands got quite a shock when they caught what has now been confirmed as the first case of conjoined twin harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena).

With a single body and two fully grown heads, this is a case of partial twinning, or parapagus dicephalus. The sighting is extremely rare: these male porpoises are only the 10th known case of conjoined twins in cetaceans, a group of animals that also includes whales and dolphins.

Jun 15 08:00

Wendy's And Pure Water Got Into A Sign Fight And Their Town Can't Get Enough (9 Pics)

Everyone loves a good rivalry. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Batman vs. Superman. A Wendy's in Lubbock, TX vs. a small independent tea house across the street. You might be unfamiliar with that last one. I'll explain.
It started out innocently enough, with Wendy's talking about their fresh beef. Pure Water apparently took that as a threat.

Jun 14 17:49

Flashback: Antidepressants in young people may do more harm than good, warn scientists

The majority of antidepressants do not work on children and teenagers and prescribing them could do more harm than good, a major study in The Lancet has warned.

A review of clinical trial evidence found that of 14 antidepressant drugs only one, fluoxetine - marketed as Prozac - was better than placebo at relieving the symptoms of young people with major depression.

Another drug, venlafaxine, was associated with an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

Jun 14 17:47

Flashback: Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds

Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, the biggest ever review has found, as pharmaceutical companies were accused of failing to report side-effects and even deaths linked to the drugs.

An analysis of 70 trials of the most common antidepressants - involving more than 18,000 people - found they doubled the risk of suicide and aggressive behaviour in under 18s.

Although a similarly stark link was not seen in adults, the authors said misreporting of trial data could have led to a ‘serious under-estimation of the harms.’

Jun 14 17:45

Are antidepressants messing with your sex life?

So, what do we mean when we talk about sexual side effects? Erectile dysfunction – difficulty getting or maintaining an erection – is the one that tends to get the most attention. However, some men find they can achieve an erection, but it takes a very long time to ejaculate. This can be very distressing and frustrating, not just for them but also their partner. But it's not just men that are affected. Women taking antidepressants also report problems achieving orgasm. And for both sexes, antidepressants can cause a loss of libido.

"Very handy for population reduction!" - Gill Bates

Jun 14 17:39

Woman Claims Her Skin "Melted Off" After She Was Given the Wrong Dosage of Medication

Back in 2014, Khaliah Shaw of Snellville, Georgia, began experiencing symptoms of depression. So she went to see a doctor who prescribed her a medication called Lamotrigine, which she promptly filled at her local pharmacy. Little did she know, however, that that prescription would change her life forever.

For the first two weeks, Shaw took the medication and everything seemed to be just fine. But then, one day, she claims it wasn't: Blisters began appearing all over her body, and she was suddenly in "excruciating pain."

"It felt like I was on fire," Shaw told local news station 11Alive.

Shaw was quickly diagnosed with a rare but serious skin disorder called Stevens Johnson Syndrome, in which a person's skin dies, sheds and heals itself again rapidly. She says she was kept in the hospital under a medically induced coma for five weeks after the diagnosis to allow her skin to go through the peeling process.

Jun 14 17:37

'Doctors gave me depression pills I DIDN'T need for 20 years': Coming off his antidepressants drove Viscount Hinchingbrooke to the brink - but his story is alarmingly common

My story illustrates how an entirely normal person can suddenly find themselves on the wrong end of a diagnosis and, as a result, spend the next 20 years on a medication merry-go-round of antidepressants and sleeping pills that weren't needed in the first place.

But this isn't just my story — as I've discovered, a large number of people across the globe have been similarly afflicted.

Thanks to the internet, a once-invisible group of patients is now able to share experiences — confronting together the double injustice of being harmed, and then having that harm denied by the doctors and institutions that are supposed to help them.

Jun 14 17:21

Antidepressants can save lives but they made me want to kill. Now I wonder if some murderers may have suffered the same side-effects as me

I had a vague recollection of the last year. It had started when I had hit a wall of despair while going through a divorce. Sleepless nights took me to a psychiatrist, who prescribed escitalopram, a common antidepressant. Within hours I was hallucinating, believed I had attacked my children, and stabbing myself with a knife, an event which I still have no recollection of.

I ended up in a private hospital where doctors clearly thought I had a screw loose when I told them I was being filmed and that I had a suicide pact with God. My psychosis ended when I said I wanted to stop taking the antidepressant, but doctors insisted I take more pills to treat stabilise my mental health. This began a terrible decline during I couldn’t leave the house, dress myself, finish a sentence. Worst of all, I couldn’t feel love for my children, Lily and Oscar, aged 10 and 11 at the time.

Jun 14 17:16

One in 6 Americans Take Antidepressants, Other Psychiatric Drugs: Study

One in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drugs — mostly antidepressants, researchers reported Monday.

They also found that twice as many white people take those drugs as do African-Americans or other minorities, and fewer than 5 percent of Asian-Americans do. And most people who take them are taking them long-term, Thomas Moore of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Alexandria, Virginia and colleagues found.

"Overall, 16.7 percent of 242 million U.S. adults reported filling one or more prescriptions for psychiatric drugs in 2013,” they wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine.

Jun 14 16:01

Map shows areas of England where the most antidepressants are prescribed

The number of antidepressants prescribed in England has risen sevenfold in the last 25 years, new analysis of NHS data has revealed.

Researchers looked at prescription data for different regions in the country and found twice as many antidepressants are prescribed per person in the North East as in the South East and London.

Doctors made more than 64 million prescriptions of antidepressants in 2016, according to database company Exasol, which conducted the research.

Jun 14 15:56

Nearly 15,000 young people on antidepressants

The number of children and teenagers on Prozac-style antidepressants has soared 98% in the last 10 years to a total of nearly 15,000 young people last year.

Ministry of Health figures released to the New Zealand Herald under the Official Information Act (OIA) showed 2163 children aged 13 or under collected a prescription of antidepressants known as Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) last year - an increase of 79.4% since 2006.

The number of 14 to 18-year-olds who collected a prescription of SSRIs increased 101.9% in the same timeframe to a total of 12,617 people last year.

Overall, 299,958 people were prescribed and collected the drugs last year - an increase of 64.9% over the last 10 years.

Jun 14 15:55

Doctors are over diagnosing depression 'because of a basic quiz by a drugs firm making antidepressants'

Doctors are over diagnosing depression because they rely on a ‘basic’ questionnaire designed by a drugs company that also manufactures antidepressants, campaigners have warned.

GPs use a nine-question Patient Health Questionnaire, developed through funding from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, to diagnose people with the illness.

But critics told the Telegraph that the questionnaire, which has been used by GPs for 20 years, sets the ‘bar too low’ for depression.

They say doctors do not have the time to conduct proper psychiatric interviews and are over reliant on the questionnaire, meaning patients whose symptoms may be the result of unusually stressful episodes in their lives are being labelled clinically depressed.

Jun 14 15:53

Fatal Outcome for Patient after Nasal Insufflation of Antidepressant

Bupropion, an aminoketone antidepressant, is a relatively weak inhibitor of the neuronal uptake of norephinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine and is indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Recent reports have indicated that the drug may be abused via insufflation due to its dopamine agonist effects.

Jun 14 15:49

Antidepressant Linked to Accelerated Bone Loss

Depression treatment with venlafaxine is associated with increased levels of the bone resorption marker C-terminal cross-linking telopeptide of type 1 collagen (CTX), as well as decreased levels of the bone formation marker procollagen type 1 N-propeptide (P1NP), according to a study published online May 26 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Jun 14 15:47

Could antidepressant medication cause birth defects? New research suggests pregnant women taking drugs such as Prozac in their first trimester raise risks of abnormalities

Appearing on the Today show on Thursday morning, Dr Adams weighed in on the latest study after researchers found mothers who have taken the commonly prescribed drugs such as Lovan or Prozac had an 18 per cent risk of abnormalities.

'There is, statistically, significantly increased incidents of birth defects for women who have taken this drug in the first trimester of their pregnancy,' Dr Adams said.

Jun 14 15:40

New West Virginia Law Expands Health Freedom

By Michael Maharrey

Today, a new West Virginia law goes into effect that will help facilitate healthcare freedom without government regulation.

Del. Joel Ellington (R-Princeton) and Del. Amy Summers (R-Flemington) sponsored House Bill 2301 (HB2301). The new law specifies that direct primary care agreements (sometimes called medical retainer agreements) do not constitute insurance, thereby freeing doctors and patients from the onerous requirements and regulations under the state insurance code...

Jun 14 13:34

Global Warming Study Canceled… Because of unprecedented summer ice…

A global warming research study in Canada has been canceled because of “unprecedented” thick summer ice. Naturally, the scientist in charge has blamed it on ‘climate change.’ Why, if you didn’t know better you’d almost think unseasonal bouts of snow and ice were nothing to do with “global warming” but were a natural phenomenon which had been with us since time immemorial….

Jun 14 09:22

‘Staggering loss of civilian life’ during US-backed siege of Raqqa – UN

The ongoing siege by Syrian Kurdish militia, supported by airstrikes of the US-led coalition, on terrorist stronghold Raqqa has been marred by at least 300 civilian fatalities and the displacement of some 160,000 people, a UN commission says.

Jun 14 09:15

Texting suicide trial: Michelle Carter's fate in judge's hands

The defense rested its case Tuesday after testimony from Dr. Peter Breggin, who said Carter was "involuntarily intoxicated" and "unable to form intent" after switching to a new prescription antidepressant only weeks before her boyfriend committed suicide. She even texted his phone for weeks after he died, Breggin said.

Jun 14 09:15

Combination of antibiotic plus vitamin C found 100x more effective at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy

Conventional wisdom says that increasing your vitamin C intake can help ward off colds, but now scientists believe it could be a powerful tool in a much bigger battle: The fight against cancer.

A study that was recently published in Oncotarget found that a combination of antibiotics and Vitamin C could be as much as 100 times more effective than chemotherapy when it comes to killing cancer cells in a mechanism that is essentially a “one-two punch.”

Jun 14 09:12

Skincare set that claimed to be 100% mercury-free found to have 20,000x more mercury than acceptable limits

The Tati Skin Care 5-in-1 skincare set has been discovered to contain toxic ingredients by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The set contains a day cream, night cream, treatment cream, sunblock, and cleanser. HSA has alerted the public to stop buying and using this product because of its harmful ingredients. The agency say that the night cream contains “very high levels of mercury” that exceed the acceptable limits by 20,000 times. This can pose serious health risks to users. The treatment cream, on the other hand, contains prohibited ingredients like tretinoin and hydroquinone.

“Consumers who have purchased or are using this product are advised to stop using and discard them immediately as their use can lead to serious health consequences,” the HSA said in a statement released on June 7. The 5-in-1 skincare set is marketed as “100% free of harmful chemicals” and claims that it has no mercury on the packaging.

Jun 14 07:05

Voyager 1 passes another milestone: is now 138AU from home

Voyager 1 has just ticked off another milestone: on Tuesday it reached 138 astronomical units from Earth, or about 20,600,000,000km from the planet on which you're (presumably!) reading this story.

It's not an achievement that will be widely noticed or celebrated, because every kilometre it travels sets a new record for the most-travelled artefact humans have ever created. Passing an entirely notional milestone makes little difference, but we noticed the “Miles Since Left Planet” counter tick over and so here we are!

It now takes 38 hours and 15minutes for a radio signal to make it to Voyager and back to Earth, a period of time that is both remarkable and terrifying: we think that the Universe is about 27 billion light years across, but we're just 19 light hours into it.

Jun 13 13:30

Scientists discover nearly-extinct ancient tribe that ritually poisons its own food and trashes its ecosystems (but there’s a catch)

The tribe has a rudimentary monetary exchange system based on clam shells which are used in barter.

The elders of the tribe have created revenue streams where they collect clam shells in exchange for toxic chemicals harvested from poison plants.

These chemicals are required to be sprayed on all foods consumed by the tribe and are said to “ward off evil pests.”

The tribe suffers from very high rates of cancer, liver disorders and brain disorders due to the routine consumption of poisons that are added to the foods (in order to make the elders wealthy with clam shells).

The poisons added to the food supply survive human digestion and are urinated out of the body where they poison the local ecosystems, causing widespread ecological toxicity and mass animal die-offs.

Jun 13 13:01

McBullshit: McDonald’s lied about antibiotics in food

You’ve probably seen the headlines about McDonald’s forgoing the long-held practice of feeding their chickens a never-ending stream of antibiotics. In fact, the massive food corporation has even been praised for dumping antibiotics from their chicken.

While even the smallest steps forward should always be appreciated, the fact of the matter is that McDonald’s new “antibiotic ban” has been grossly blown out of proportion: McDonald’s will still be using some antibiotics in their food, just not the ones that are important to humans. The company even made a statement on their own website, which reads:

Jun 13 13:00

Blood pressure medication is being over-prescribed to millions

Often touted as a “silent killer,” hypertension or high blood pressure affects some 1.13 billion people worldwide — that’s around one in three adults in the United States. If you are on blood pressure medication, then chances are you are being overdosed. A new first-of-its-kind study showed that smaller doses are just as effective as a standard dose, but with fewer side effects.

Jun 13 12:56

Almost extinct ancient tribe discovered

Scientists have stumbled upon an astonishing discovery of an ancient tribe living on a remote Pacific island that ritually poisons its own food and trashes its food-producing ecosystems.

According to Dr. Eugene Navaroski from the Technical Institute of Ancient People, this nearly extinct tribe was discovered to engage in the most astonishing self-destructive behaviors:

Jun 13 12:07

‘Chemical Straightjackets’: Missouri Sued For Overmedicating Foster Kids

Administrators in Missouri’s foster care system failed to monitor and oversee the use of psychotropic drugs on foster children, according to a lawsuit filed by two children’s watchdog groups.

The complaint argues the drugs were used often to sedate children to control behavior and left them exposed to risk of side effects, from diabetes to seizures.

Jun 13 11:22

Sessions Asks Congress To Undo Medical Marijuana Protections

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking Congressional leaders not to renew a current federal law that prevents the Department of Justice from spending money to interfere with state medical marijuana laws.
“I believe it would be unwise for Congress to restrict the discretion of the Department to fund particular prosecutions, particularly in the midst of an historic drug epidemic and potentially long-term uptick in violent crime,” Sessions wrote in a letter to Republican and Democratic House and Senate leadership. “The Department must be in a position to use all laws available to combat the transnational drug organizations and dangerous drug traffickers who threaten American lives.”

The letter, sent to Capitol Hill last month, was shared with MassRoots by a Congressional staffer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember what Deep Throat said, during the Watergate debacle?!?

"Follow the money!!"

This does make me wonder what a forensic accounting analysis of Session's financial statements would reveal about support from the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries has been for him, over the years, that he is making these bone-headed pronouncements about marijuana.

He is also doing an horrific disservice to our Vets, struggling with PTSD, where at has been shown that marijuana alleviates their symptoms far better, and with far less complications, than do prescription drugs.

There is absolutely no research I have read, indicating that marijuana, in any way, makes people violent.

Jun 13 10:56


It would be naive to think that the FDA endeavors to protect the public’s health as its primary focus. Indeed, that would be a conflict o...

It would be naive to think that the FDA endeavors to protect the public’s health as its primary focus. Indeed, that would be a conflict of interest, as it serves its master, the pharmaceutical industry. Has the Food and Drug Administration engineered a shortage of intravenous vitamin C as part of an overall attack on natural and non-toxic approaches to healing that compete with prescription drugs? An analysis by Natural Blaze would suggest that the answer is yes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable, courtesy of the FDA.

The FDA has long since abandoned any pretense of existing to promote wellness on the part of US citizens, but only pharmaceutical corporate profit; and at this point, it's unrestrained "profit uber alles!!" for the big pharmaceutical companies it protects.

Jun 13 09:42

Millions of patients are being OVERDOSED with blood pressure medication, study reveals

Often touted as a “silent killer,” hypertension or high blood pressure affects some 1.13 billion people worldwide — that’s around one in three adults in the United States. If you are on blood pressure medication, then chances are you are being overdosed. A new first-of-its-kind study showed that smaller doses are just as effective as a standard dose, but with fewer side effects.

Jun 13 09:37

‘Chemical straightjackets’: Missouri sued for overmedicating foster kids

Administrators in Missouri’s foster care system failed to monitor and oversee the use of psychotropic drugs on foster children, according to a lawsuit filed by two children’s watchdog groups.

The complaint argues the drugs were used often to sedate children to control behavior and left them exposed to risk of side effects, from diabetes to seizures.

Jun 13 09:03

Genius approach to solve food woes of astronauts – Bake in Space to bring crumb-free bread in ISS!

A proper square meal is hard to come by and relish for astronauts who spend months of their time in space, aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
While their dining experience is something that many of us would like to indulge in, it goes without saying that it is not even close to normal and is just a part of the numerous list of challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

Jun 13 08:14

Holistic doctor gunned down outside organic restaurant in Colorado as war on natural health continues

The pharmaceutical world will do everything in its power to protect its cash cow. Anything that stands in its way will be eliminated. In just over one year, more than 60 holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead, most of them in suspicious circumstances.

Christopher Bayley King, 49, is the latest holistic doctor to be murdered in cold blood. He was eating at the Farm to Table Restaurant, Bramble & Hare, when he was approached by a man named Louis Joseph Sebastian, 32, and shot dead on Memorial Day, reported Your News Wire. Just before he got murdered, Dr. King was arguing with his killer. Then they went outside and Dr. King got shot.

According to the police, more shots were fired when they went back into the restaurant. Though the investigators have not said what the killer’s motive was, it is more than obvious in which direction we should look.

Jun 13 07:28

Future Dad Seeks Help Because Wife Wants to Raise Gay, Genderless Children

Have you ever been so woke that you’d look for ways to turn your kids gay? Posting on StackExchange’s parenting forums, one hapless dad-to-be says that his wife has plans to raise the children in a “genderless” way, and to make at least one of them gay.
In a post titled “My wife wants a homosexual child,” the dad, “Kevin,” wrote:

Jun 12 20:44

Two massive planets discovered 138 light years away

Astronomers have discovered two new gas giant planets, orbiting a star located about 138 light years away from the Earth.
One of the two worlds is a Saturn-mass planet, while the other one is a cold exoplanet several times more massive than Jupiter, researchers said.
The two planets orbit a star HD 27894, which was first detected in 2005 and is about 20 per cent less massive than the Sun.

Jun 12 17:53

BOMBSHELL: Anti-Zika pesticides found to cause neurological damage

For their study, researchers took cord blood samples from 237 healthy babies in southeast China between 2008 and 2011, and tested these for the presence of 30 different organophosphate insecticides, including naled. The babies had been exposed to varying amounts of pesticides while in the womb. The researchers then tracked the development of these children over a nine-month period. The study focused on China, since it is the world’s largest user of pesticides, and uses naled extensively.

The researchers discovered that five of these pesticides – one of which was naled – were present in at least 10 percent of the samples.

The babies’ gross, fine and total motor abilities were tested using the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales at both 6 weeks and 9 months. While all the babies were fine at 6 weeks, by 9 months, those with the highest prenatal exposure to naled were beginning to exhibit motor skills issues.

Jun 12 17:47

‘Chemical straightjackets’: Missouri sued for overmedicating foster kids

Administrators in Missouri’s foster care system failed to monitor and oversee the use of psychotropic drugs on foster children, according to a lawsuit filed by two children’s watchdog groups.

The complaint argues the drugs were used often to sedate children to control behavior and left them exposed to risk of side effects, from diabetes to seizures.

Jun 12 14:58

Human brain creates ‘multiverse’ structures

Scientists have discovered that the human brain creates ‘multiverse-like structures’ when it has to process information.

Jun 12 14:24

25% Drop in Wheat Output USA 2017

The USDA just released new numbers for losses after the out of season blizzard and unseasonable cold rolled across the main wheat growing region of the USA., the numbers of now are at least 25% loss of the winter and red wheat crops.

Jun 12 13:08

The Chemical Used to Suppress Zika Is Having Terrible Effects on Infants

The mosquito-borne Zika virus has largely disappeared from news headlines, and probably for good reason. The epidemic that started in South American in 2015, and threatened to spread to the United States, turned out to be a non-crisis for Americans. Zika, which is believed to cause microcephaly in babies, never gained a foothold in the United States.

Jun 12 09:46

Founder of Weather Channel Schools Stuttering CNN Anchor on Global Warming

I thought Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson were the masters of shutting down liberals and their irrational thinking…but I see now that I just hadn’t heard founder of the Weather Channel John Coleman speak.

I watched the clip below of Coleman spoke to a CNN anchor and it made my day so much that I had to watch it twice! The man brings out some GREAT points about the hoax of global warming.

According to Coleman, who is a scientist himself, the scientists who are coming out and agreeing with climate change are basically paid (or should I say bribed) to say they agree with global warming. This in return gives the Democrats fuel for their fire, and they continue to profit off the ignorance of the people.

“Science is about facts and if you get down to the cold hard facts, there’s no question about it. Climate change is not happening,” he continued, “It has become political, not scientific, [but] science is on my side.”

Jun 12 09:30

World's obesity crisis: One THIRD of the global population are now deemed overweight or obese, major study reveals

The startling paper, based on a compilation of figures from 195 countries around the globe in 2015, found 2.2billion people - 30 per cent of the world's 7.5billion population- were overweight.

Of these, 711million are classed as obese - nearly 10 per cent of the global population.

Obesity is defined as having a 'body mass index' or BMI score over 30, whereas being overweight is having a BMI of more than 25.

Jun 12 09:25

Human brain creates 'multiverse' structures

Scientists have discovered that the human brain creates 'multiverse-like structures' when it has to process inform

Jun 12 09:14

The Big Pharma death machine

The drug epidemic plaguing the United States seems to only get worse as time trudges on. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced recently that drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for American adults under the age of 50.

Jun 12 09:01

Psychiatric Hospital Chain Under Department of Defense & FBI Investigation

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have joined the multi-Federal agency investigations into the largest psychiatric hospital chain owned by Universal Health Services (UHS). The agencies are “scrutinizing UHS’s billings to Tricare, the insurance plan for active military and their families,” according to the latest BuzzFeed News expose.[1] Rosalind Adams, an award-winning journalist with BuzzFeedNews, conducted an independent investigation into UHS saying that investigators have cited “troubling reports suggesting a pattern of quality of care issues” or “harm to patients” in some UHS facilities operating in a dozen states.

Jun 12 08:04

Food critic says ‘you shouldn’t eat Chick-fil-A’ for political reasons — and it instantly backfires

“Stick to food and get off the soapbox.”
That was the general reaction to a food critic’s recent review of fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, who declared that “you probably shouldn’t eat” at Chick-fil-A not because the food is bad, but because of the restaurant’s lack of politically progressive values

Jun 12 07:41

NASA launching sounding rocket to create artificial clouds tonight

NASA halted another launch attempt of a Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket scheduled for Sunday night, June 11, from the agency's Wallops Flight Facility.
The next liftoff attempt has been rescheduled for Monday, June 12, with a launch window from 9:04 to 9:19 p.m. EDT, says NASA.

Jun 12 07:18

M 6.3 - 4km S of Plomarion, Greece

Jun 12 05:52

Carrots are the highest natural source of carotenoid phytochemicals that fight and prevent cancer

Carrots are one of the earths most popular vegetables. You can find them in cuisine from almost every corner of the globe. Here in North America, they are one of the most common household vegetables and can be eaten and prepared in a variety of ways. However, many people don’t realize how nutritionally rich these seemingly ordinary, everyday vegetables are. One of the most interesting and beneficial properties of carrots are their high content of beta carotene (which our body converts into vitamin A).

Jun 11 19:10

Tropical regions to witness more rainfall due to climate change: NASA

A new study conducted by NASA scientists warns that the amount of rainfall in the tropical regions will increase as our planet continues to get warmer.
According to the new study published in the journal Nature Communications, most global climate models may underestimate the decreases in high clouds over the tropics seen in NASA observations, reports Xinhua news agency.

Jun 11 10:31

June Snow Again as Inter-tropical Convergence Zone Shifts

More June snows across the western states of the USA and a Nor'easter travels up the east coast of the USA and Canada this week with snow possible.

Jun 11 08:48

Israel bans Heinz Ketchup because it’s linked to liver, pancreas, immune system, and brain issues

The food industry only allows it to be sold as “tomato seasoning”, not “tomato ketchup”. Triggered by a series of tests conducted by an Israeli food company also selling ketchup. The tests revealed that, although Heinz boasts over 60% tomato as an ingredient, there was only 21% tomato concentrate in each bottle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Credit where credit is due; so this is one time in my life that I can thank the Israeli government for noticing the disconnect between the advertising... and the reality in a food product.

Staying away from unnecessary sugars is key for health and longevity.

Jun 11 08:41

70 Percent of Home Blood Pressure Monitors Are Inaccurate

By April McCarthy

Ringrose and her team tested dozens of home monitors and found they weren’t accurate within five mmHg about 70 per cent of the time. The devices were off the mark by 10 mmHg about 30 per cent of the time...

Jun 11 08:40

Cool Qatar: Riyadh plan backfires after Trump flip-flop & Turkey ruse

Saudi Arabia’s standoff against Qatar was fraught with miscalculations and comically ill-conceived notions from the start. But now the crisis is becoming a threat to Riyadh’s own prominence and security in the Middle East.

Jun 10 19:24

NASA deep sea expedition to prepare astronauts for Mars journey

A team of 22 persons including a university professor is set for a deep sea expedition by NASA to test simulated spacewalks, time delays in space communication and the effect of ketogenic (high-fat, low-carb) diet on astronauts who will be part of future space missions, including to Mars.

Jun 10 16:13

The Tyranny of Government Science

We have reached a dangerous state of scientific tyranny. People are ridiculed and even vilified for questioning the prevailing narratives about the nature of our world, but this counters the true meaning of science. At its core, science is about questioning what we think we know.

Jun 10 10:11


A Florida lawmaker caught driving drunk just a few months ago voted today to keep smoked medical cannabis illegal in the state. Cary Pigman, a Republican congressman representing the 55th District in Florida came out strongly against allowing smokable marijuana in the bill that passed today in response to voters’ decision last year to allow for medical marijuana.

Amendment 2 was a restrictive medical marijuana proposition that “supported legalizing medical marijuana for individuals with specific debilitating diseases or comparable debilitating conditions as determined by a licensed state physician,” Ballotpedia notes.

The measure passed overwhelmingly in the election, and now lawmakers have hammered out the details. Among them is reportedly the prohibition on smoking marijuana, a form of treatment has been documented to help provide relief a wide range of illnesses and symptoms, including HIV-related complications, neuropathic pain, and chronic pain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would be reasonably certain that some of this legislator's campaign funds came from both corporations producing liquor, and pharmaceuticals, because unless they are able to get out in front, and quickly, and produce marijuana themselves, they are terrified of how the production of this plant will cut into their businesses.

Jun 10 10:05

New York Attorney General 'looking into' Eric Trump foundation practices

They can't get Trump for the BEX Russia Gate,so now they go after Trump's children.
Despicable these people are. Trump needs to get some Jack Dempsey killer instinct going and get some Federal Grand Juries going on these bums!

June 10 (UPI) -- The office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is "looking into" the Eric Trump Foundation.

Eric Soufer, a spokesman for Schneiderman's office, said it began examining the charitable foundation founded by President Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump, after a report in Forbes that raised questions about practices by the foundation which seemed to violate state laws.

Jun 10 09:31

Israel bans Heinz Ketchup because it’s linked to liver, pancreas, immune system, and brain issues

The food industry only allows it to be sold as “tomato seasoning”, not “tomato ketchup”. Triggered by a series of tests conducted by an Israeli food company also selling ketchup. The tests revealed that, although Heinz boasts over 60% tomato as an ingredient, there was only 21% tomato concentrate in each bottle.

Jun 10 07:32

Fed-up conservative commentator lets his fists do the talking when antifa thugs attack him on street

Physical attacks on conservatives by masked, clad-in-black antifa thugs aren’t happening only in Berkeley, California, and Portland, Oregon — the violent movement also is alive and well overseas.

Jun 09 16:34

Tea Creates Gene Changes in Women

By Jacob Levine, Natural Blaze

Recent Study Links Tea to Epigenetic Changes in Women

Uppsala University recently published the results of a new study in the Human Molecular Genetics journal in which researchers were able to link women’s consumption of tea with alterations, or epigenetic changes, in the genes that have been determined as interactive with estrogen metabolism and cancer...

Jun 09 16:28

More Reasons Why Big Pharma’s Multinational Vaccine Manufacturers are not to be Trusted

By Gary G. Kohls, MD, guest to Natural Blaze

Although I have just been doing my scholarly, unbiased, science-based duty to warn (that is in direct opposition to the highly biased, indeed perverted, corporate “science” of Big Pharma that we all know is really in the game just because of the money), I have just received my first “death threat”. It came in the form of a blog post at Transcend Media Services, a European peace and justice website that regularly publishes my Duty to Warn articles.

Knowing the truth of the old phrase “You Know You’re Over the Target, When You’re Catching Flak”, when I receive attacks about something I wrote that is firmly backed up by irrefutable science, I feel motivated to continue doing my part to bring some truth to the seriously compromised healthcare non-system of America, which has been usurped by corporate entities such as Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Finance that meet the definition of sociopathic personalities...

Jun 09 15:40

Polio Immunization Campaign Planned for IS-controlled Area in Syria

The World Health Organization hopes to get a polio immunization campaign under way in the next week or two in the IS-controlled area of Deir Ezzor, Syria, where two new cases of the crippling disease were discovered this week.

The WHO reports two children in Deir Ezzor have been paralyzed by a vaccine-derived polio virus. Unlike the wild polio virus, vaccine-derived polio viruses are very rare; but, they can emerge in populations that have low immunity against the disease.

Jun 09 11:10

Vaccination Fails To Prevent The Flu

Immunologists and public health authorities are going to have to re-think the idea of mass flu vaccination in a growing population of obese Americans. A striking study shows flu vaccination did increase antibody titers (concentration) among healthy and obese individuals, but that failed to protect obese individuals from the flu.

Jun 09 10:39

The Evil of Killing Children

What type of person could ever knowingly kill innocent children? If a private individual were to intentionally kill innocent children, my hunch is that most everyone would recognize that as the epitome of evil. Yet, strangely, I hardly ever come across an U.S. op-ed or an editorial commenting on the evil of killing Iraqi children with the sanctions that the U.S. government enforced for more than 10 years.

Jun 09 10:35

Trump faces growing Senate resistance on Saudi arms deal

As President Donald Trump aligns with Saudi Arabia amid a fresh dispute among Gulf nations, senators in both parties as soon as Thursday will try to block him from selling more than $500 million in offensive weapons to Riyadh.

The Senate bid to stop the Saudi arms sales — a small portion of what the White House claims will be a $110 billion package — is likely to fail. But the push to tie Trump's hands will probably find more support than a similar brushback pitch directed at President Barack Obama last year, as Democrats are far more united behind the proposal. Not only do Democrats have little reason to give Trump a win on any front, they're also stepping up their outcry over Saudi involvement in Yemen’s worsening civil war.

Jun 09 09:25

15 innocent victims dead after botched vaccine campaign, children as young as 12 years old caught administering vaccines

A botched measles vaccination campaign has left 15 young children dead and dozens more sickened in the rural town of Kapoeta in South Sudan early last month. Government inquiry found that unsanitary and unsafe vaccination practice, which saw children as young as 12 years old administering the vaccines, caused the deaths of children under the age of five. Another 32 children were sickened with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting following the vaccination. The campaign, which vaccinated about 300 people, was carried out by the country’s Ministry of Health. The vaccines were provided by UNICEF, while funding and technical advice came from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Jun 09 09:00

99 million yo toothed bird found near-perfectly preserved in amber

Researchers in Myanmar have found a 99 million year old bird encased in amber – but don’t expect the discovery to be the beginnings of a Jurassic Park-style resort.

Scientists from China’s University of Geoscience mined the three-inch specimen – the most complete ever found from the Cretaceous period – in the Hukawng Valley in the north of the country.

Jun 09 08:50

15 aftershocks follow 5.3-magnitude quake that rattled Big Island

The quake struck about 7 a.m. near the south flank of the Kilauea volcano, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The agency received 900 reports from residents saying they had felt the earthquake, some as far away as Oahu and Maui.

Residents reported a lot of shaking.

Jun 09 08:50

Mars recalling Galaxy products over 'potential presence of Salmonella'

Mars Chocolate UK and Mars Ireland are recalling some Galaxy and Teaser bars along with Minstrels packets over a salmonella risk, Sky News reported today.

There are concerns that some of the ingredients in the chocolate bars may carry the potentially deadly bacteria.

The company has urged anyone in possession of the products not to eat them.

Instead, customers should keep the product and contact the Consumer Care team to arrange returns and refunds.

Jun 09 07:27

Infant stars surrounded by life enabling chemicals, say astronomers

Astronomers claim to have detected a life enabling chemical around an infant star system located some 400 light-years away.
The chemical is know to be methyl isocyanate.
The IRAS 16293-2422 is a multiple protostar system, in a large star-forming region called Rho Ophiuchi in the Serpent Bearer constellation.

Jun 09 06:34

The Vitamin That Targets and Kills Cancer Stem Cells

While the search for possible cures for cancer continue in laboratories around the world, exciting new research turns our attention to a commonly available, inexpensive vitamin. That’s because a humble vitamin has been found to seek out and destroy cancer stem cells, which are cells that are believed to drive the creation of new cancer cells and cancer tumors.

Jun 08 20:11

Astronomers use Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity to measure mass of star

Researchers at NASA'a Space Telescope Science Institute (STSCI) in Baltimore, Maryland, have measured the mass of a white dwarf star by analysing how much it bent the light of a more distant star, just as Einstein asserted could be done more than a century ago, as per Efe news report.

Jun 08 20:09

NASA picks 12 new astronauts, including an Indian-American, for Earth orbit and deep space missions

The 12 new astronaut candidates - seven men and five women - were chosen from more than 18,300 people who submitted applications from December 2015 to February 2016. This is the largest group NASA has selected in almost two decades - more than double the previous record of 8,000 set in 1978.

Jun 08 13:32

No tsunami threat after 5.3 earthquake shakes Big Island

A 5.3-magnitude temblor rattled the Big Island early Thursday, shaking residents from Volcano to Waikoloa and causing at least 15 aftershocks.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, and no tsunami was generated from the earthquake.

The quake struck about 7 a.m. near the south flank of the Kilauea volcano, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Jun 08 13:31

Deaths From Drug Overdoses See Largest Increase In US History

Deaths from drug overdoses jumped by the largest margin ever recorded in US history in 2016, according to preliminary data compiled by the New York Times. While the precise number will not be available until December due to the months it takes to certify an overdose death, the Times estimates that in 2016 more than 59,000 people died from drug overdoses, a 19 percent increase from 2015.

Jun 08 11:48

CBD Can Improve Schizophrenia Symptoms, Study Finds

As the DEA continues to label marijuana and even the non-psychoactive cannabidiol oil (CBD) as being the same as heroin in terms of its health effects, addictive qualities and side effects, the real world also continues to exist outside of the walls of Washington, D.C. and mindless drug war proponents. As jackboots…

Jun 08 11:34

A Flint official blamed the city's water crisis on blacks who 'don't pay their bills'

A public official in Flint, Michigan, blamed the city's ongoing water crisis on black residents who "don't pay their bills" in a recorded conversation with an advocacy journalist last month, The Washington Post reported.

Phil Stair is the sales manager for a county agency that manages tax-foreclosed homes. Stair, who is white, used the N-word, according to the recordings.

The day after the recording was published in an online blog, Stair resigned from the Genesee County Land Bank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Phil Stair is the kind of serial political criminal who is pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for his own actions, like joining the other city fathers in Flint, in deciding to move from a clean water source to a polluted one to save money, which poisoned Flint's citizens, and primarily its children.

And to the people of Flint, when the next election comes, please throw out all the b*stards who signed off on creating this health nightmare for you and your families.

Jun 08 10:52

Fake Food: GMO crops have been a massive failure on every level

Genetically modified crops were once hailed as the solution to all manner of problems facing our planet. Proponents insisted they would reduce the need for pesticides, increase yields and help create plenty of nutritious food to feed our world.

Two decades later, however, it’s becoming increasingly clear that GMO crops are far from a dream come true for a hungry population. On the contrary, they have proven to be a nightmare that just keeps getting worse. Not only have GMO crops failed to deliver on every one of their earlier promises, but they are also slowly killing our world and its inhabitants.

Jun 08 09:42

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you - The Oatmeal

Webmaster's Commentary: 

An illustrated explanation for why people are slaves to their beliefs.

Jun 08 09:16

Another Reason For Brexodus? English Syphilis Cases Soar To Highest In 80 Years

It's not just bankers that are leaving the UK, broad-based Brexodus continues as EU citizens flee the apparently sinking-ship and now, courtesy of the latest report from Public Health England, they have another good reason to leave 'Ol Blighty - cases of syphilis have reached their highest level since 1949, new figures have shown.

After the Brexit referendum, more EU citizens are leaving Britain, while less Europeans are coming in. As the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show, 2016 brought 84,000 less migrants, compared to the previous year. Statista's Fabian Moebus points out that the net migration of 248,000 people is the lowest number of yearly newcomers in over three years. Immigration from EU countries decreased by 43,000 people while emigration increased by 31,000, which makes Europeans the main factor behind the trend with a net change of minus 74,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yikes! This is officially horrible!!

Jun 08 08:48

The fossils that rewrite human history: 300,000-year-old bones found in Morocco reveal Homo Sapiens evolved across Africa 100,000 years EARLIER than thought

Archaeologists have discovered the world's oldest Homo sapiens fossils, alongside stone tools and animal bones at Jebel Irhoud, Morocco.

The fossils date back to 300,000 years ago, and are 100,000 years older than any other Homo sapiens fossil discovered.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder how many human civilizations flourished in the period before the last ice age, that were erased completely by the glaciers, asteroids, super-volcanoes, and erosion. It strikes me as arrogant to think that humans as we are now have lived on this planet for 300,000 years and only developed writing and technology in the last 10,000 years.

Jun 08 08:28

Ohio shocker: 793 million opioid drug doses prescribed in one year

The state government of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against five drug companies: Teva, Allergen, Johnson & Johnson, Purdue, and Endo.

The suit accuses these companies of unlawful marketing practices that have led to Ohio’s opioid addiction “problem.”

Here’s the big one: the suit states that, in 2012, a staggering 793 million doses of opioid drugs were prescribed to Ohio citizens. That translates to an average of 68 pills for each person in Ohio.

The suit accuses the drug makers of conspiring to influence opinion leaders and various medical groups. This marketing blitz resulted in deceptive treatment guidelines, false information delivered at medical conferences, and misleading “science” articles—all designed to minimize the dire effects of opioids.

Well, yes, these painkillers (e.g., OxyContin) do kill pain. In the process, they also creation addiction and turn minds to mush.

Jun 08 08:00

Massachusetts woman faces criminal charges for allowing her pig to get too fat

A Massachusetts woman now faces animal cruelty charges because she allegedly allowed her pig to become morbidly obese.
Megan Caterino of Billerica, Massachusetts, had her potbellied pig Maybelle removed from her care after authorities discovered the pig weighed 196 pounds, which is roughly double what she should weigh, according to animal experts.

Jun 07 19:26

Declassified Docs Prove US Gov’t Knowingly Armed ISIS, Claimed Weapons Were ‘Lost’

After an audit from the Department of Defense revealed that the Pentagon couldn’t account for over $1 billion in weapons and equipment that was meant for fighters in Iraq, the question remains: Did ISIS gain $1 BILLION in weapons and equipment as a result?

The September 2016 audit was declassified after the human rights organization Amnesty International filed a Freedom of Information Act request. It revealed that the Pentagon “did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location” of the majority of the equipment that was meant for the Iraqi Train & Equip Program.

Jun 07 15:40

Parasite makes mice lose fear of cats permanently

A parasite that infects up to one-third of people around the world may have the ability to permanently alter a specific brain function in mice, according to a study published in PLoS ONE today1.

Toxoplasma gondii is known to remove rodents’ innate fear of cats. The new research shows that even months after infection, when parasites are no longer detectable, the effect remains. This raises the possibility that the microbe causes a permanent structural change in the brain.

The microbe is a single-celled pathogen that infects most types of mammal and bird, causing a disease called toxoplasmosis. But its effects on rodents are unique; most flee cat odour, but infected ones are mildly attracted to it.

Jun 07 14:30

Why medical costs are out of control

Jun 07 12:10


In news sure to rock the launch industry, the mighty United Launch Alliance today failed to be named as the company launching the X-37B spaceplane. Instead, Elon Musk’s SpaceX will carry it for the first time, marking what is believed to be the company’s heaviest national security launch to date.

Jun 07 11:40

Starving Indian Farmers Eat Rats as Protest in Delhi

The Rats weren't skinned or cooked.They were eaten whole and live,no curry!

Nita Bhalla |

(Reuters) Indian farmers hit by drought and debt displayed the skulls of fellow farmers, believed to have committed suicide, and placed live rats in their mouths at a protest on Monday calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save them from starvation.

The farmers, who traveled to the Indian capital from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, say lack of rains over the last year have led to crop failure, forcing many to take loans from banks and moneylenders to survive.

Jun 07 10:59

ISIS Was Allegedly Behind the London Bridge Attacks, Who Is Behind ISIS?

The Islamic State (ISIS) was originally an Al Qaeda affiliated entity created by US intelligence with the support of Britain's MI6, Israel's Mossad, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia's General Intelligence Presidency (GIP).

The origins of Al Qaeda date back to the Soviet-Afghan war. The Koranic schools in Afghanistan used to train Al Qaeda recruits were financed by the CIA, using textbooks published by the University of Nebraska. That's where the evil ideology of Islamist extremism referred to by PM May originated: The Global War on Terrorism is a lie, Islamic terrorism is a product of US foreign policy which claims to be spreading Western civilization.

Jun 07 09:22

More Americans died of drug overdoses in 2016 than were casualties in the Vietnam or Korea wars

More Americans died from an overdose in 2016 than there were US military casualties in either the Vietnam or Korean wars, according to new data. Drug overdose deaths are at a record high in the US.

Jun 07 08:45

Meteor swarm spawns new and dangerous branch

The regular and often-unspectacular Taurid meteor shower has a dangerous side, with Czech boffins warning it's a likely source of dangerous debris.

Working at the Czech Academy of Sciences, the authors of this paper at Astronomy and Astrophysics (here at arXiv) analysed 144 fireballs observed in the 2015 Taurid shower, and say there's a previously undiscovered branch of the swarm that needs to be watched.

Jun 07 08:21

GM foods kept off the menu at Westminster

The House of Commons is continuing to bar genetically modified food from its restaurants and cafés, despite a drive by ministers for the technology to be more widely accepted.

Jun 07 08:19

Iran’s parliament, Imam Khomeini's Mausoleum come under attack

They are blaming Saudi and Trump for this terrorist act.

The attack on the parliament happened when at least four gunmen, disguised as women, entered the visitors' hall of the building, opening fire on the security guards there. According to an Interior Ministry statement, the terrorists were all killed before they could make it to the administrative building of the parliament.

The assault has forced a lockdown on the legislature.

Jun 07 08:16

Saudi Arabia Behind Deadly Attacks in Tehran - Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Iran's Revolutionary Guards accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the twin terrorist attacks in Tehran.

"This terrorist attack happened only a week after the meeting between the US president [Donald Trump] and the [Saudi] backward leaders who support terrorists. The fact that Daesh has claimed responsibility proves that they were involved in the brutal attack," a statement read as quoted by Reuters.

Earlier in the day, a group of four people in women's clothes opened fire in the building of the Iranian Parliament, with a subsequent explosion. Another attack involving an explosion took place near the Imam Khomeini shrine.

Jun 07 08:10


Her motivation? Her, and her son Barron's, health:

While public debate rages about the safety of genetically modified food, Melania Trump says that as far as she is concerned, GM products are best avoided.

“Barron’s health has improved out of sight since we started eating organic, non genetically modified food,” the First Lady said.

After researching exactly where Monsanto’s genetically modified corn appeared in her family’s diet and becoming concerned about potential negative health effects, Melania Trump said she was “amazed at the place this company has in the food chain“.

Jun 07 07:59

America’s Reign of Terror: A Nation Reaps What It Sows

The shadow government’s tyranny has made the U.S. the biggest purveyor of terrorism on the planet. And it’s the American people suffering the consequences.

By John Whitehead

“The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.” ? James Madison

Who designed the malware worm that is now wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers internationally by hackers demanding a king’s ransom? The U.S. government.

Who is the biggest black market buyer and stockpiler of cyberweapons (weaponized malware that can be used to hack into computer systems, spy on citizens, and destabilize vast computer networks)? The U.S. government.

What country has one the deadliest arsenals of weapons of mass destruction? The U.S. government.

Who is the largest weapons manufacturer and exporter in the world, such that they are literally arming the world? The U.S. government.

Jun 07 07:25

Human farmers obsolete? Drones and driverless tractors now being used to harvest crops autonomously

We may soon be living in a world where farms are run by robots, as new farming technology threatens to phase out human involvement in farming processes. Agricultural engineers from the Harper Adams University in Shropshire, England, are exploring new ways of farming crops, aiming to be able to grow and harvest a field of cereal crop without humans setting foot on the farmland.

The researchers have already created a driverless tractor that can be steered remotely, the reported. The tractor will be able to drill, seed, and spray the land, after which an automated combine harvester will harvest the field. At the same time, drones will be used to monitor crops — eliminating the need for farmers to go into the field and examine the produce themselves.

Jun 07 07:21


The middle class in America has been shrinking for decades, and our leaders seem powerless to do anything about it.

Two years ago, the middle class became a minority in this country for the first time ever. In other words, the middle class now accounts for less than 50 percent of the population. But back in the early 1970s, the middle class made up more than 60 percent of the population. I have often compared being in the middle class to playing a really bizarre game of musical chairs. When the music stops playing each month, more chairs are being pulled out of the middle class, and most of us are just hoping that we will still have a chair for the next go around.

Jun 06 20:34

A world first - This giant machine sucks CO2 directly from air

For the first time in the world, Climeworks, a Swiss company, has developed a commercial plant that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air and then uses it to grow vegetables.

Grow the vegetables. They suck CO2 directly from the air!

Jun 06 15:19

Scientists hoping to bring brain dead patients back from the brink in controversial trials

A US start-up is hoping to bring brain dead patients back from the brink by using controversial measures.

Bioquark has announced plans to begin tests on the best way to revive patients.

The Philadelphia-based firm is expecting to start tests next year which, if previous tests are anything to go by, will see them inject stem cells into the patient’s blood or fat.

A protein blend is also then injected into the spinal chord, which the scientists at the company believe will speed up the growth of new neurons in clinically brain dead patients.

This is followed by 15 days of laser therapy and nerve stimulation which, combined with the other two methods, will hopefully revive the brain.

Jun 06 14:24

With Attention Elsewhere, Healthcare For Millions Still At Risk

Wendy and Rich, a white working-class couple from Crystal River, Florida, signed up for Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”) coverage last year primarily because they wanted to avoid paying the penalty. “We weren’t against it,” Wendy recalls. “We just thought we were healthy.”

Circumstances changed.

Jun 06 12:26

JUST IN:  Death toll rises in mass overdose in middle Georgia

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported earlier Tuesday that dozens of overdoses have been reported in Macon, Centerville, Perry, Warner Robins and Albany. Some people were found unconscious and not breathing and had to be put on ventilators.

More reports are coming in and the number of deaths could rise, said GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles.

“There is a new drug that’s surfaced in our community,” Hendry with Navicent said during a press conference Tuesday.

The drug, which is being sold on the streets as Percocet, can cause severe levels of unconsciousness and respiratory failure, Hendry said.

He warned residents not to take any medications other than those prescribed by a physician or obtained at a pharmacy.

Jun 06 12:24

World’s First All-Electric VTOL Jet Tested – Are Flying Cars Here?

Jun 06 10:32

Renee Dufault

In 2004, Dufault began researching the mercury cycle from an environmental management perspective for the FDA. With an extramural colleague, she analyzed a number of food products listing HFCS as either the first or second ingredient on the label and organic food products for mercury. Shockingly, results pointed to low levels of mercury in all of the products they analyzed containing HFCS while the organic foods did not contain any detectable levels of mercury. To confirm that HFCS was the source of mercury, Dufault sent virgin HFCS samples to two different extramural laboratories, one federal and one academic, for mercury analyses. Acting as third parties, both laboratories independently and conclusively found in 2005 low levels of mercury in the HFCS samples.

Jun 06 09:49

Mumps outbreak declared among GAY men in Los Angeles; many already “fully vaccinated”

On 30 June 2015, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed the most restrictive vaccine mandate in the country. That law – Senate Bill 277 – went into effect on 1 July 2016, forcing every child in California to receive 40 doses of 10 different vaccines. Those who did not comply would forfeit their right to a free education in both public and private schools, and would have to be home schooled. As punishment for not toeing the government line, they would also be refused admittance to daycare facilities, preschools and after school programs. The bill is open-ended, meaning the state can add additional vaccinations to the schedule as and when they see fit.

The absolute ridiculousness of this law has been made evident by a recent outbreak of mumps in Los Angeles County, California. Over 40 people in the area – mostly gay men, or women who have social links to gay men – have been diagnosed with the disease, forcing public health officials to declare an outbreak on the first day of June.

Jun 06 09:47

Tiger Woods’ alcohol breath test was ZERO! Prescription drugs really did make him drive like a lunatic

According to reports, police found Woods asleep at the steering wheel of his car. When he failed the roadside sobriety tasks and spoke in very slow and slurred speech, he was arrested for driving under the influence. The results of a urine test for drugs have not been released, but his two breath samples registered an alcohol level of 0.000.

Woods told police that he was taking several prescriptions at the time, one of which was Vicodin. In addition to having side effects like mental clouding and drowsiness, the product website warns those taking the drug to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until they know how it will affect them.

It’s not known exactly what other medication Woods was taking at the time, but a recent back operation he underwent means it could be anything from muscle relaxants and other painkillers to sleep aids.

Jun 06 09:26

Solved: Mysterious 'Wow! signal' in 1977 was not a message from aliens but triggered by gas from passing COMETS

In 1977, an astronomer looking for alien life in the nigh sky above Ohio spotted a powerful radio signal so strong that he excitedly wrote 'Wow!' next to his data.

The 72-second blast, spotted by Dr Jerry Ehman through a radio telescope, came from Sagittarius but matched no known celestial object.

Conspiracy theorists have since claimed that the 'Wow! signal', which was 30 times stronger than background radiation, was a message from intelligent extraterrestrials.

But a researcher has now found that the signal, which has perplexed scientists for 40 years, was in fact just the trace of two comets as they shot past Earth.

Jun 06 07:59

A compound in cannabis is 'significantly' effective in destroying cancerous tumours in leukaemia, study reveals

A compound in cannabis is 'significantly' effective in destroying cancerous tumours in leukaemia, research suggests.

A new study found that combining existing chemotherapy treatments with cannabinoids – the active chemicals in cannabis – had better results than chemotherapy alone.

The findings suggest that a lower dose of chemotherapy can be used on patients, minimising side effects of the treatment, say researchers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The part left out; trying cannabis alone.

Jun 05 21:08

SpaceX's first-ever reused Dragon Capsule arrives at space station!

SpaceX's first reused spaceship Dragon cargo capsule has arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday, June 5, 2017.
The refurbished spaceship was launched into the space aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on June 3, 2017 at 5:07 pm (2107 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Jun 05 17:29

Spot the moon! NASA releases incredible Cassini image of Saturn's giant hexagonal storm with its mini moon Mimas in the background

Compared to some of Saturn’s other moons, Mimas is by no means tiny.

But, in a breathtaking new image from the Cassini spacecraft, the 246-mile-wide moon appears just a barely-detectable speck in an endless black sky.

The stunning photo shows a look over Saturn’s northern hemisphere, revealing the mysterious hexagon-shaped vortex at its north pole – and Mimas can be seen lurking far in the distance.

Jun 05 16:08

Ten alarming, REAL threats to the environment that are widely ignored by “climate change” advocates

Ten alarming, REAL threats to the environment that are widely ignored by “climate change” advocates
Monday, June 05, 2017 by: Mike Adams
(Natural News) The art of climate fear mongering is rooted in the ability to terrorize the population over threats that hardly matter at all while completely ignoring the REAL threats to our global ecosystem.

Isn’t it interesting how people who shudder in fear over President Trump pulling out of the Paris climate treaty say nothing about Fukushima radiation and the mass pollution of the Pacific Ocean with radionuclides?

Jun 05 15:45

UK Police Release All Detained Over London Terror Act Without Charges

The UK Police have released without charges all those detained over the deadly terrorist attack in London that claimed lives of five people and injured dozens more on Saturday.

Jun 05 15:03

Overdoses skyrocket, Big Pharma scrambles for profits

Recent headlines concerning pharmaceutical profits, how drug companies feel about the customers they serve and the ongoing overdose crisis provide evidence that U.S. patients are playing roulette by placing faith in drug makers.

Jun 05 14:59

NASA Hit Piece on Industrial Age Warming & Volcanic Cooling

A new article by NASA to answer the question if a Warming Earth is natural, they focus on CO2 emmissions, and talk about the pre-industrial age, but never show charts of pre-industrial age, but tell you how natural change occur too slowly through history and that its all "human caused" quick rises in temperatures.

Jun 05 14:29

Did Trump cause the end of the world?

No, Trump did not cause the end of world with his decision to remove America from the Paris hoax. He saved America, her jobs and her energy sector. But he did destroy one of the biggest anti-liberty scams in world history.