Dec 04 09:34

Iran deploys massive naval force to Persian Gulf after Rouhani threatens to block Strait of Hormuz

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:00 P.M.) – The Islamic Republic of Iran has allegedly deployed a massive naval contingent to the Persian Gulf, today, after the nation’s president, Hassan Rouhani, threatened to block the vital Strait of Hormuz.

Dec 04 08:36

Chinese scientist who claims he created world's first gene-edited babies is missing amid rumours of arrest

The whereabouts of Chinese scientist He Jiankui, who claims to have created the world's first gene-edited babies, remain unknown amid rumours that he has been arrested.

Reports claimed He was placed under effective house arrest in Shenzhen after making an appearance at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong last Wednesday.

However, claims of He's detention were dismissed by his former-employer, Southern University of Science and Technology, according to South China Morning Post. The university declined to elaborate further.

Dec 04 08:12

Harvard Students Say The School's Anti-Sexism Policy Is Sexist

Several fraternities and sororities sued Harvard University on Monday over its restrictions on students joining off-campus single-sex social groups, saying the rule aimed at combating sexism is itself sexist.
Harvard created a rule in spring 2016 that punishes students if they are members of fraternities, sororities, and final clubs — a type of social group unique to Harvard — unless the organizations go coed.

Dec 03 18:19

NASA's InSight lander shares new images from Mars as it flexes its robotic arm on the red planet

NASA’s InSight lander is now settling into its new home on Mars, and sending pictures back to Earth all the while.

The latest snapshots show our clearest look yet at the site where the new lander has planted its feet.

While it might not look like much, the desolate landscape is exactly what the team was hoping for; with minimal rocky debris around, InSight will have a better shot at digging into the surface.

Dec 03 18:15

US Military reveals plan to breed 'living tripwire' GM life forms to warn of enemy submarines

The Pentagon is developing a radical plan to breed gentically modified life forms to hunt for enemy subs.

Dec 03 15:57

Bayer to cut 12,000 jobs worldwide as company faces 10,000 lawsuits over Monsanto’s Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide causing cancer

German chemical giant Bayer has become the new Monsanto, having acquired the world’s most evil corporation earlier this year for $62.5 billion. But with this acquisition has come a litany of pending lawsuits so costly that Bayer is now having to fire some 12,000 of its employees worldwide.

Dec 03 15:00

Michigan Becomes First Midwest State To Legalize Recreational Use Of Marijuana

By Aaron Kesel

Michigan has become the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational use of marijuana, allowing citizens at least 21 years of age to light up and toke. The law is set to take effect on December 6th this week.

In the Nov. 6th election, voters endorsed legalizing the use of recreational cannabis (Proposal One) by adults who are at least 21 years old, similar to current alcohol laws.

So far, eleven states including California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

Although marijuana has been legalized, there are still restrictions and stipulations that smokers must adhere to. Marijuana can only be consumed on private property, although landlords and employers can prohibit its use ...

Dec 03 11:33

New Study Calls For Global "Stratospheric Aerosol Injection" By 2030s

in case you all missed this one

A fleet of 100 planes making 4,000 worldwide missions per year ... spraying tiny sulphate particulates into the lower stratosphere

Dec 03 10:57

British Government ‘Pledges’ Cheaper, Unlabelled, Gene-edited Food. “An Agricultural Revolution” Predicated on Genetic Engineering!

At a time when apprehensions about low-quality food entering the country post Brexit are rising, the Times reports that Michael Gove, the environment secretary has announced that “Britain will lead an agricultural revolution with the use of gene editing”.

In July, after hearing scientific evidence that gene editing “causes many profound mutations and DNA damage”, the European Court of Justice ruled that food resulting from genome editing would be regarded as genetically modified, which is outlawed in Europe.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is underwhelmed

Disregarding this science-based evidence, Gove pledged, at yesterday’s CLA meeting in Westminster, that scientists and farmers would be freed from this European court ruling. The first report seen however, makes no reference to this exciting prospect, whatsoever.

Dec 03 10:45

Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

“The potential to deliver ‘one shot cures’ is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy and gene editing. However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies,” analyst Salveen Richter wrote in the note to clients Tuesday. “While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow.”

Dec 03 10:36

Anchorage schools closed all week after earthquake damage

Anchorage Schools will be closed all week in the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake that struck Southcentral Alaska on Friday. All after-school activities are canceled as well. The first day back in class will be Monday, Dec. 10.

Superintendent Deena Bishop made the decision to close schools to allow staff and maintenance crews to continue recovery operations. “We absolutely want our kids back in safe and functional classrooms, but I am going to do this in a safe and deliberate way,” a statement from Bishop said.

Monday morning, principals will be told if school staff may report to schools to perform individual classroom material and clean-up assessments. The district will give teachers and staff a checklist.

School staff will work with parents to allow students back into schools to recover personal property if and when it is determined safe to do so. Bishop says to contact your school's principal if important items need to be retrieved.

Dec 03 10:17

Bizarre Seismic Waves Rippled Around the World – and Nobody Knows Why

Something very unusual rumbled across planet Earth on November 11th, and scientists say they’ve never seen anything like it. For 20 minutes, instruments measured unusual seismic activity over 10,000 miles away from where it originated, yet not a single human felt them.

Dec 03 10:16

Study Links HPV Vaccine to Historically High Infertility Rates

A plague is spreading silently across the globe. The young generation in America, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, Australia – in virtually every western country – is afflicted by rapidly increasing rates of infertility.

Dec 03 07:13

This common food preservative deprives your cells of oxygen and causes cellular damage

The chemical in question is sodium benzoate, and it can be found in many packaged foods. It lengthens the shelf life of these foods, but it actually shortens the lives of people who consume it regularly. Sometimes you’ll see sodium benzoate on an ingredients list accompanied by a phrase like “to preserve freshness.” While it’s certainly good at staving off fungus, yeast, bacteria and mold in food, it’s also quite good at starving your cells of oxygen.

As sodium benzoate deprives the cells in your body of oxygen, it compromises your immune system and potentially leads to blood cancer. It also leaches essential nutrients from your body, leading to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Sodium benzoate has been banned in the rubber production industry because so many workers who were exposed to it developed leukemia.

Dec 03 07:10

Take this FDA-approved diabetes drug, and you might have to amputate your leg, warns the FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently issued a black box warning against Johnson & Johnson’s Type 2 diabetes drug Invokana as the medication was found to increase the risk of amputation in patients. Data from two clinical trials showed that patients taking canagliflozin, the drug’s generic name, had higher incidence of amputations than those who did not. According to the FDA, amputations of the toe and middle of the foot were the most common effects seen in patients. However, some patients also experienced amputations of the leg, below and above the knee. In addition, the FDA noted that some patients even had more than one amputation, with certain cases involving both limbs.

Dec 03 07:09

The migrant caravan trying to invade the USA is actually a DISEASE caravan that’s infested with HIV, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases

Thousands of migrant invaders trying to rush the United States border via Mexico are reportedly now having to undergo medical treatment because they’re infected with life-threatening diseases, reveal figures just released from Tijuana’s Health Department.

Officials in Mexico say that at least one third of the illegal caravan’s 6,000 members are suffering from HIV, tuberculosis, or one or more of a number of other serious illnesses that are putting local populations at risk of infection.

Dec 02 11:51

Scott Adams: Huge News on #FentanylChina, Trade, Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Has CNN decided to just stop covering news?
President Xi agrees to close their Fentanyl legal loophole
President Trump negotiated Fentanyl masterfully
Negotiating strategy: “set the table”
The importance of President Trump’s gracious comments about Xi
This Presidency is “audience participation” more than any other
They expertly watch feedback and options
Neil DeGrasse Tyson accused of sexual harassment
His defense, is objectively pretty solid, detailed, persuasive
Mexico’s new President and U.S. are becoming closer
There’s going to be some kind of wall, eventually
Observed results will determine what it becomes

Dec 02 00:03

U.S. Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in apparent suicide

Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, who oversaw U.S. Navy forces in the Middle East, was found dead Saturday in his residence in Bahrain, officials said. Defense officials told CBS News they are calling it an "apparent suicide."

Stearney was the commander of the U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based 5th Fleet. Rear Adm. Paul Schlise, the deputy commander of Fifth Fleet, has assumed command, the Navy said in a statement.

"Scott Stearney was a decorated Naval warrior. He was a devoted husband and father, and he was a good friend to all," the statement said.

Dec 01 19:08

"One Problem We'll Bring up Is the Fentanyl Problem"

President Trump addressing the President of the People's Republic of China at the working dinner in Buenos Aires.

Dec 01 11:54

Harvard Study Shows the Dangers of Early School Enrollment

By Kerry McDonald

Every parent knows the difference a year makes in the development and maturity of a young child. A one-year-old is barely walking while a two-year-old gleefully sprints away from you. A four-year-old is always moving, always imagining, always asking why, while a five-year-old may start to sit and listen for longer stretches.

Growing Expectations vs. Human Behavior

Children haven’t changed, but our expectations of their behavior have. In just one generation, children are going to school at younger and younger ages, and are spending more time in school than ever before. They are increasingly required to learn academic content at an early age that may be well above their developmental capability...

Dec 01 10:07

20 Million Schoolchildren Have Been Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs Known to Cause Suicidal Thoughts

“For many, antidepressants have been a long-term course of medication: 68 percent of people in the most recent survey said they’d been taking them for two or more years, and 25 percent had been taking them for more than a decade.” (source)

In reality, more children are being prescribed these drugs than the public are aware of. This fact was highlighted by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) in their film, Psychiatry: an Industry of Death. They stated that currently around 20 million school children are being prescribed stimulants and psychotropic drugs.

Dec 01 09:48


During a year when drug overdose deaths jumped to a record high 72,000 - roughly one every seven minutes - it's probably not surprising that overall life expectancy for Americans declined for the third straight year in 2017. But according to data from the CDC, drugs weren't the only factor at play: Deaths from suicide, the flu, diabetes and many other causes also increased.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would suggest that all of us are under enormous pressures, financially, and socially, to "win" at any cost, no matter the morals involved, and with ever-increasing work tasks.

That, coupled with medications, and a lousy, unsupplemented diet, will always steal the health away from people, if they are not careful about understanding the stresses involved in their lives, and how to manage them.

Prayer, meditation, grounding,and exercise can really come in handy, depending upon what your natural orientation might be, to these activities.

Toxic corporations are now working managers to the bone, to improve that all important bottom line, which usually translates into those managers not having the kind of smart, intellectually lithe people, who can handle whatever comes their way, in a calm, client-centric manner.

There are many online resources which can be helpful, if you are applying for a job with a large corporation, so that you can determine in advance, what companies you would like to work for, and engineer your resume to well match the needs of those companies.

One resource I have found as follows: This will give you an overview of management style, salaries, and work/life balance.

As most of you know, I do marketing for a living; and I cannot tell you the number of times when I have connected with a receptionist, who has somehow gotten it into their heads, that rudeness is a form of personal empowerment.

In my world, it is education, compassion,and understanding which are the fundamentals which create the basis for personal empowerment.

I always try to remember, if I get a really negative response from someone, I must understand that I have no clue what has happened to that person right before they took my phone call.

Perhaps they have just learned that one of their parents is slipping into dementia, and care arrangements are going to have to be quickly made; perhaps it is a child who is ill, or having bad experiences at school with bullies; you never know.

Just bless them, and let them go; the next time around may be far more productive a phone encounter.

Dec 01 09:44

Vaccine Realities That Big Pharma Doesn’t Teach Us Doctors (or Our Patients). The Plight of “Vaccine Damaged Children”

Over the several decades since I really started studying vaccine issues in some depth – much too late for many of my vulnerable patients – I have come to see through the pervasive Big Pharma/Big Vaccine/Big Medicine propaganda that falsely and repeatedly asserted that all vaccines are safe, effective and necessary for the public health.

I have come to understand that my academic professors at the University of Minnesota Medical School that taught us naïve students about the alleged safety and alleged efficacy of mass vaccination campaigns had also been mis-taught by their own professors who probably only knew the historical myths about Jenner, cowpox and smallpox and the early myths about Salk and Sabin and their often failed, even disastrous experiments with polio vaccines

Dec 01 09:42

Transgender drugs for sale online at just £25: British children can secretly buy sex hormone medication from foreign sites - with no questions asked

Children who believe they are transgender are secretly beginning the process of changing sex behind their parents’ backs by buying drugs on the internet, the Mail can reveal today.

As part of our investigation, we were offered a range of transgender medications online, with no questions asked, for as little as £25.

One mother, whose identity is known by the Mail but who wishes to remain anonymous, told yesterday how she discovered her teenage son developing breasts after ordering pills containing the female hormone oestrogen from an online pharmacy based in the US.

Nov 30 16:43

Curiosity finds a golden rock on Mars: NASA reveals image of 'super shiny' object on the red planet's surface - and says it is sending its rover back for a closer look

Operators will use the six-wheeled NASA rover's ChemCam to study the rock.

Looking at rocks and soils from a distance, ChemCam fires a laser and analyzes the elemental composition of vaporized materials from areas smaller than 0.04 inch (1 millimeter) on the surface of Martian rocks and soils.

An on-board spectrograph provides detail about minerals and microstructures in rocks by measuring the composition of the resulting plasma - an extremely hot gas made of free-floating ions and electrons.

Nov 30 15:25

11/30/2018 Wasilla, Alaska 7.2 Earthquake Damage

Nov 30 15:21

LIST: Sink holes, destroyed roads, and closures in wake of massive earthquake

Following a massive earthquake Friday morning near Anchorage, several buildings and roads in the surrounding area were damaged or, in some cases, completely destroyed.

Nov 30 13:58

The Latest: Trans-Alaska pipeline shut down after quake

The operators of the 800-mile (1,290-kilometer) long trans-Alaska pipeline said they shut the system down as a precaution following the earthquake in southcentral Alaska.

Michelle Egan is a spokeswoman with Alyeska (Al-ee-es-kuh) Pipeline Service Company.

She says there is no known damage to the pipeline.

She says data will be assessed at an operations center and a physical inspection of the line will be performed.

Nov 30 13:21

Another video of the earthquake in Alaska

Nov 30 12:10

Tsunami Warning for Alaska

A TSUNAMI WARNING IS IN EFFECT FOR THE COOK INLET AREA AND SOUTHERN KENAI PENINSULA IN ALASKA - Event details: Preliminary magnitude 7.0 (Mwp) earthquake / Lat: 61.300, Lon: -149.900 at 2018-11-30T17:29:28 UTC Tsunami warnings mean that a tsunami with significant inundation is expected or occurring. Warnings indicate that widespread dangerous coastal flooding accompanied by powerful currents are possible and may continue for several hours after the initial wave arrival.

Nov 30 12:02

Preliminary 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocks Southcentral - PHOTOS

The Department of Transportation has said there are multiple reports of damage in Seward, as well as on the Glenn Highway, Minnesota Drive and International Airport Road, 36th Avenue and New Seward.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

USGS is saying it was a 7.0

Nov 30 11:57

Massive earthquake shakes Alaska

Alaskans felt a large earthquake that shook South Central at around 8:30 a.m. this morning.

According to officials with the USGS, the earthquake was a 6.6 magnitude and was centered north of Anchorage. Several after schocks of diminishing strength, but still significant, were felt.

UPDATE: Magnitude upgraded to 7.0. Tsunami warnings issued for Alaskan and Canadian coastlines.

Nov 30 11:40

Commercial almond milk exposed as fake beverage thickened with carrageenan instead of almonds

Commercial almond milk has been exposed as a fake beverage that is thickened with carrageenan instead of almonds

Almond milk is a healthy beverage that is touted by many health advisers for its nutritional benefits. Known since the Middle Ages, almond milk has enjoyed increased popularity in recent years as it has become more widely available. Almond milk is traditionally made from almonds and water. However, many commercially available forms of almond milk contain a substance called carrageenan. Carrageenan is made from red seaweed and is added to the almond milk to thicken and to stabilize the liquid.

Nov 30 11:37

LIVE FEED Alaska Earthquake Tsunami Watch

Nov 30 09:07

1 In 3 'Caravan' Migrants Are Sick, Some With Deadly Diseases

Authored by Mac Slavo via

Tijuana health officials have said that of those migrants in the caravan at the United States’ border with Mexico, about one third is being treated for health concerns. Migrants who came with the caravan are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox, and some other serious health issues, Tijuana’s Health Department warned on Thursday morning.
A spokesman for the Tijuana Health Department told Fox News that out of 6,000 migrants currently residing in the city, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If even ONE of these diseases starts to strike US citizens, there will be a catastrophic epidemic, because the entire US medical system, both at State and Federal Levels, don't have the resources at all, for dealing with this kind of pandemic.

Nov 30 08:54

Only 12 Percent of Adults Are Metabolically Healthy

The prevalence of metabolic health in adults is ‘alarmingly low,’ in the U.S. even among people who are normal weight, a new study finds.

Knowledge about metabolism has been increasing yet something is missing. Perhaps indirect advice on metabolism through old wisdom that kept hundreds of generations of people slender and strong...

Nov 30 07:05


German pharmaceuticals and chemicals giant, Bayer, announced plans to cut 12,000 out of 118,200 jobs worldwide, or roughly 1 in 10 jobs, in hopes of cutting costs and regaining investor favor after a series of legal setbacks over its purchase of Monsanto earlier this year.

As the FT reports, the proposed reorganization include a plan to exit the market for animal health products, as well the company's Coppertone sun care and Dr. Scholl’s foot care product lines; Bayer also plans to sell the group’s 60% stake in service provider Currenta.

"Including the synergies expected from the acquisition of Monsanto, Bayer anticipates annual contributions of €2.6bn from 2022 on as a result of its planned efficiency and structural measures," the group said in a statement.

Werner Baumann, the Bayer chief executive, said: “With these measures, we are positioning Bayer optimally for the future as a life sciences company.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bayer has every right to be concerned.

When one merges with a corporation which consistently puts profit first; the heath of the end user is not even in the picture; and lies, blatantly about the product's safety when it knows better, there will be intense financial, and moral, implications surrounding that merger.

Nov 29 17:43

The Coldest And Snowiest November Ever? Here Is Why America’s Freakish Weather Is Only Going To Get Worse…

Considering the fact that we have been struggling to feed the planet while the weather has been good, what are things going to look like if the climate suddenly makes it much more difficult to grow crops during the years ahead?

Nov 29 12:03

‘Temples to colonial theft’: Western museums should return looted artifacts to where they belong

Is it possible to ‘loan’ something back to the person or place you stole it from? The British Museum in London, which houses one of the biggest permanent collections of world art and artifacts, certainly seems to think so.
Last week, responding to an emotional plea from the governor of Easter Island, the museum generously announced that it would consider “loaning” an 800-year-old statue back to the territory, which is now part of Chile.

The Hoa Hakananai’a was stolen — or “taken without permission” as The Guardian more delicately put it — in 1868 by the British HMS ‘Topaze’ and delivered to Queen Victoria. The museum itself uses even more sanitized language. Its online information page about the statue explains that it was “collected” during the frigate’s expedition to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and was “gifted” by the Queen to the museum a year later.

Nov 29 11:27

NASA Will Announce Its 1st Commercial Partners for the Return to the Moon Thursday

NASA has its sights set on the moon, and the agency has selected the first batch of commercial project proposals it will include on its journey back to our nearest neighbor, and then on to Mars.

The selected companies will be revealed Thursday (Nov. 29) during a news conference held at NASA's headquarters in Washington, D.C. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will lead the news conference. The event will begin at 2 p.m. EST (1900 GMT); you can watch it live on, courtesy of NASA TV, or directly at the agency's website.

"Working with U.S. companies is the next step to achieving long-term scientific study and human exploration of the Moon and Mars," NASA officials wrote in a media alert.

Nov 29 10:01

Exclusive: Oxford University study links pregnancy drug Primodos to birth defects

Nov 29 09:51

Our Response To Food Depends On The Time We Eat It

By Mae Chan

The timings of our meals affect our ability to lose weight so the integration of sleep rhythm data would help to build more effective personalised diet guides, experts have said.

Recent research has highlighted fundamental changes in our knowledge about the workings of the circadian clock and how it orchestrates our sleep-wake cycles, when we eat and even the times our bodies metabolize nutrients. Getting a good night's sleep often comes down to two things--stress and diet.

There is a powerful link between circadian rhythms and metabolism and it is quickly becoming a new avenue for understanding disorders of both systems, including jet lag, sleep disorders, obesity and diabetes...

Nov 29 09:30

‘We’ve never really seen anything like this’: US suicide rates hit 50-year peak

The suicide rate in 2017 was the highest in 50 years reaching roughly 47,000 cases (up from just below 45,000 the previous year).

“We’ve never really seen anything like this,” said Robert Anderson, who oversees CDC death statistics. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US for the tenth year in a row.

Increases have been prominent among the female population despite the fact that most people who die by suicide are still male. The female suicide rate rose by 53 percent between 1999 and 2017, with a 26 percent increase for men during the same period.

Nov 28 16:26

HALF of America's HR departments say opioids have affected their workforce, study finds

Nearly half of US businesses say that the opioid epidemic is affecting their offices and work sites, a new study suggests.

Nearly one in three Americans knows someone struggling with an opioid addiction. That person might be a friend, a family member, or a co-worker.

The addiction crisis is not isolated to the shadows and most vulnerable populations in the US. It is widespread and increasingly affecting homes and workplaces alike.

A survey by The Hartford, an insurance company, found that in addition to the half of companies not already feeling the effects of opioid addiction another third expect that they will in the future.

Nov 28 16:23

Big Muck! Investigation finds FAECES on every McDonald's touchscreen unit as fast food chain comes under scrutiny for 'not using strong enough disinfectant'

Samples were taken eight stores - six in London and two in Birmingham - all of which were contaminated with coliforms, found in humans faeces.

Diners who use the machines, which have been rolled out at restaurants across the UK, head to the server to pick up their food.

Senior lecturer in microbiology at London Metropolitan University Dr Paul Matawele said that, although the screens are cleaned, it is clearly not rigorous enough.

'These bacteria can be on touchscreen machines for days on end', he said.

Nov 28 16:20

Rise in Americans getting therapy and antidepressants - driven by people with the LEAST mental health distress

More and more Americans are getting mental health care - and drugs - but the ones utilizing these services most are the ones that need it least, new research reveals.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center found what seemed, at first, like good news: more Americans are seeking out mental health care and fewer are reporting intense psychological distress.

But the problem is that this increasing mental health care is perhaps being given disproportionately to those that public health officials are less concerned about.

Meanwhile, more drugs are being prescribed, especially to groups who are not in particularly serious psychological distress.

Nov 28 16:15

Chemotherapy revealed as toxic poison for every living cell in the human body: Mitochondrial dysfunction warning from researchers

A new study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology lambastes chemotherapy for causing mitochondrial dysfunction in patients’ muscles. This is not some simple side effect. This is a direct debilitating effect inflicted on patients, a condition that causes fatigue, weakness, oxidative stress, and muscle wasting in patients. The research, conducted at the University of Vermont, finds that breast cancer patients are harmed by the chemotherapy drugs doxorubicin and paclitaxel. These are the so-called medications that are commonly used post-surgery in breast cancer patients.

The mitochondria are the energy center of the cells. Cancer treatment should maximize the energy production of cells, not restrict it. Maximizing mitochondrial energy production is one of the keys for a healthy cancer recovery. Breast cancer drugs are literally creating the conditions for future cancers to develop and take hold.

Nov 28 16:13

EMF radiation found to affect memory in young people

To gauge any changes in the participants’ mental performance, the researchers had them take a series of computerized cognitive tests. Here, they found that cell phone use and the resulting RF-EMF exposure resulted in “a negative effect on the development of figural memory performance in adolescents.”

Figural memory is a right-brain function that pertains to the ability of the brain to remember images. It was found that impairments in figural memory correlated with the amount of exposure to RF-EMF. Moreover, the impairment was more pronounced in individuals who used their phones on the right side of their head.