Feb 16 07:51

UA Researcher: Changes Needed to News Coverage of Mass Shooters

“Don’t Name Them, Don’t Show Them, But Report Everything Else: A Pragmatic Proposal For Denying Mass Shooters The Attention They Seek and Deterring Future Offenders,”

Feb 16 07:46

Ultra-Processed Food Linked To Cancer

A new study by French researchers is drawing attention to the possible links between processed foods and cancer. The study, which classified foods such as mass produced bread, chicken nuggets, and cakes as “ultra processed”, looked at 105,000 people...

Feb 16 07:12

See the Monsterberg: First Video of Earth’s Biggest Iceberg Released

What do you picture when you hear "an iceberg?" Probably a huge chunk of ice the size of a ship, right? Well, how about an iceberg the size of London? How about an iceberg four times the size of London?

That's right: in July 2017, a block of ice that dwarfs the city of London broke off Antarctica. The monstrous iceberg has a surface area of 5,800 square kilometres (London is only 1,572 sq km) and weighs 1 trillion tons — a veritable floating island.

Feb 16 07:06


There have been problems with contaminated pet food as far back as more than a decade ago, when WND reported on the presence of melamine, which killed thousands of dogs.

Other contaminants also have been found over the years, in both pet food and products made for human consumption.

But the latest, found in dog food, is a stunner. It’s pentobarbital, a chemical that is used to kill dogs.

The discovery was made by WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C, which reported the grief of Nikki Mael and her family, who lost their dog, Talula, over the holidays.

They had some testing done and discovered Talula was poisoned, but not by anything common such as arsenic.

It was the euthanasia drug.

WJLA said it is a toxin that not only could be lethal, it violates federal law.

The station decided to find out more about the extent of the problem, partnering with Ellipse Analytics, a lab that specializes in testing food for contaminants.

Feb 16 05:16

The Northern Lights Will Be Visible In British Skies Tonight

Witnessing the Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis) is on many people's bucket lists, but it's also a severely expensive one.

Feb 16 01:07

US, Kurdish allies virtually in open confrontation with Syrian Army, says Russian diplomat

The US and its Kurdish allies have come close to an open confrontation with the Syrian armed forces, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

Feb 16 01:04

Iran tells US to get out of Syria as world powers turn against each other

Iran told the U.S. to withdraw its forces from Syria and cease operations there Wednesday because Washington’s presence was deemed illegal by the local government.

Feb 16 01:02

Israel & ISIS: More Israeli weapons discovered at captured ISIS positions in Syria

The Syrian Army discovered a large cache of Israeli-made arms and ammunition in mop-up operation in liberated regions in Deir Ezzor province.

Feb 15 23:48

Drink Glass of Water at 6:00 in the Morning: the Whole World Is Going Crazy About This! Find Out Why!

This simple and very effective trick can help your body stay in good health and prevent diseases. You will have to “shape” it as a habit and enjoy its benefits. The trick is to drink a glass of water every morning after waking up.

Feb 15 23:31

14 Warning Signs Your Body Will Give You If Your Kidney Is In Danger

It is surprising (and alarming) to note that more than 26 million American adults are living with kidney diseases; what's more disturbing is not many are aware of it.

Feb 15 17:33

Mini ice age? Why the Sun will lose 7% of its power in about 30 years

How cold? Predictions, based on a study of previous sunspot reductions preceding a grand minimum period, are that we’ll see a 7% reduction in the Sun’s light and heat — and remember, that’s 7% lower than the lowest of the 11 year cycle that we usually see.

Such a grand minimum happened in the middle of the 17th century. Known as the "Maunder Minimum" (from the names of 2 well respected solar astronomers of the time, Anne Russel Maunder and Edward Walter Maunder), the resultant cold temperatures saw the river Thames freeze, and the Baltic Sea as well — which allowed a Swedish army to invade Denmark by marching across the ice.

At the same time, Alaska and Southern Greenland warmed, due to the thinning of the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer, which changes wind and weather patterns around the world.

Feb 15 10:05

Cannabis over chemo: Woman says the oil cured her aggressive breast cancer in 5 months

When Dee Mani, now 44, was diagnosed with breast cancer last March, her doctors suggested chemotherapy. She originally agreed to undergo one year of the treatment for her triple negative breast cancer – the deadliest type – but later had second thoughts. After seeing her sister suffer and die after undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, the mother of two set out to find an alternative.

She decided to take cannabis oil after researching natural cancer remedies online. She said she took one drop inside a capsule every night before going to bed because she didn’t care for the taste or texture of it on its own. Four months after her original diagnosis, her cancer had reduced significantly, and her doctors gave her the all-clear in August, just five months after starting cannabis oil.

She continues to take it to this day and says she plans to do so for the rest of her life as it has also helped her with problems like insomnia, a dust allergy, and back pain caused by slipped discs.

Feb 15 09:58

Unfortunate side effects? Happy sixteen year old commits suicide after taking Tamiflu

A sixteen year old boy from Franklin Township, Indiana committed suicide after taking Tamiflu for his flu. The teen, named Charlie Harp, was found by his aunt and uncle, who were also his guardians, in the garage. His family believes that it was the medication that drove him to commit suicide.

Jackie Ray, the teen’s aunt, said that her nephew never mentioned suicide or had mental health issues. She also said that as soon as he got the flu, they took him to the doctor, and he started taking the drug right after. After a day, she texted him but he did not reply. That’s when she got suspicious. They found him in the garage.

“And it clicked, he just started new medicine,” Brad Ray, Harp’s uncle, said.

Harp only had a total of two doses of Tamiflu within 24 hours after prescription.

Feb 15 09:06

FLASHBACK - $2,830 Appendectomy in Mexico

My son had an attack of appendicitis late Saturday night. I knew that the Obamacare inflated prices for surgery in the U.S. would be ridiculous and that the service would likely be impersonal, involve long waits, and be nerve-wracking. I have friends in the medical field so I inquired just for grins. The price for the latest routine appendectomy in my area was, my jaw dropped, $43,000. I read on-line that the average cost for an appendectomy in the U.S. is $33,000. I am not near some of the great direct-pay medical facilities in the U.S. like the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, but I am near Mexico. I chose that option since I have often utilized foreign medical and dental facilities in the past and find the service and prices to be outstanding.

Feb 15 09:02


Harris was put on psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Northern Illinois University had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Virginia Tech had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Stockton had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Navy Yard had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Ft. Hood had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Isla Vista had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Paducah had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at UCC had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Aurora had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Tucson had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Tallahassee had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Kauhajoki had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Fresno had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
The killer at Jokela had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.

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WRH Exclusive
Feb 15 08:28


The Sackler family is best known for the buildings adorned with their names thanks to their acts of philanthropy, which is either motivated by a public spirit, or by the desperate need for some reputation washing as the public becomes increasingly aware that the family fortune was built on the perfection of shady techniques for marketing addictive drugs, which reached its zenith when Perdue, the family pharma business, created the Oxy epidemic, by falsifying addictiveness research and aggressively recruiting doctors to hook their patients on their lethal products.

The Sacklers are your basic Koch-style family of evil billionaires, handing out charitable grants with one hand, and using the other hand to secretly fund initiatives to kill public education.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable.

I hope they get sued out of business, and that these class action attorneys will bring them, collectively and financially, to their knees.

Feb 15 07:56

Cancer: Monsanto knew glyphosate could cause it

Mike Papantonio and Author Carey Gillam discuss her new book which reveals how Monsanto viciously worked to cover-up the fact that their weed-killer could cause cancer.

Feb 15 05:08

Here 21 Signs Parasites Are Living In Your Body!!!!

Parasite infections can be treated with the help of various herbs. The first thing you should do in these cases is to optimize the function of your immune system with their help, and then treat parasites.

Feb 15 04:40

Iran Accuses The West Of Using Lizards To Spy On Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear weapons, environmental activism, intelligence agencies, and... lizard spies?

Feb 15 02:17

GM or not GM? Food watchdog reviews new products

New Zealand's food standards watchdog is reviewing how rules might apply to a new generation of products that can be altered genetically, but without any introduced DNA.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today released a consultation paper around how laws should apply to food derived from new breeding techniques, or NBTs.

NBTs are a wide set of new technologies being developed and applied in plant and animal breeding, with similar approaches being explored in medicine.

But there were questions over whether such foods were "food produced using gene technology" and thus could not be sold or used as an ingredient under FSANZ's current code, unless listed in a special schedule.

That uncertainty was because some of these new techniques could be used to make certain changes to the genome, or genetic make-up, of an organism without permanently introducing any new DNA.

Feb 15 02:05

What Causes Water Retention and How to Avoid It

Edema, or water retention, often causes swelling in the legs, feet, and hands. It is characterized by the accumulation of fluids in the tissues, cavities, and the circulatory system.

Feb 15 00:34

Fierce Warrior Ants Are The First Insects Ever Observed to Treat Their Wounded Soldiers

The war goes on. In a series of deadly raids day and night, the African Matabele ant sets out from its bunkered nests to hunt its prey: phalanxes of termite soldiers, assembled in number at feeding sites.

Feb 14 19:20

Lab-Made Mosquitoes Released in Miami

True, Organic and Free

In January 2018, lab-bred Aedes aegypti mosquitoes carrying wolbachia bacteria were released in South Miami, Florida

Feb 14 18:00

NASA spacecraft speeding toward a nearby asteroid snaps incredible photo of Earth and the moon from nearly 40 MILLION miles away

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft snapped the incredible photo from 39.5 million miles away, as it flew by at 19,000 miles per hour (8.5 kilometers per second).

Feb 14 15:08

The Causes of the “Civil War” in the Words of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis

“When [the states] entered into the Union of 1789, it was with the undeniable recognition of the power of the people to resume the authority delegated for the purposes of that government, whenever in their opinion, its functions were perverted and its ends defeated . . . the sovereign States here represented have seceded from that Union, and it is a gross abuse of language to denominate the act rebellion or revolution.”

–Jefferson Davis, First Inaugural Address, Montgomery, Alabama, February 1861.

Lincoln asserted that it was not voluntary, and was more like what future generations would come to know as the Soviet Union – held together by force and bloodshed.

Feb 14 15:04

Southerner Sessions: 'Slavery' alone caused the Civil War

Doesn't know anything about Cannabis or American History it would seem. PC for sure though.

Jeff Sessions, a son of the South and President Trump’s attorney general, celebrated former President Abraham Lincoln’s 209th birthday with a blunt and bold statement that clashes with some of his fellow Alabamians and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Speaking Monday at the Union League of Philadelphia’s Annual Lincoln Day celebration, he said slavery alone was the cause of the Civil War.

Feb 14 14:30

“US Foreign Policy Is the Greatest Crime Since WWII,” Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark

The US Secretary of State’s criminally insane back handed remarks favoring a civil war, with all the probable loss of lives a civil war would bring, seems to fit as appropriate within a US foreign policy of world domination. Human suffering has never been of any consequence to the financial interests of that 1/10 of 1 per cent of Americans who, to one degree or another, rule us all.

That is the way it has been since the end of the Second World War, a war made possible by US investments and joint ventures in the rearming of Nazi Germany,[ 2] a war that made the USA rich and the first all powerful single superpower.

Feb 14 11:22

Counterfeit Xanax laced with deadly fentanyl becoming popular party drug

11 investigation is taking you into the world of “xans” and “bars”, counterfeit Xanax pills taken by young adults which could be laced with the extremely deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl.

Feb 14 10:20

New antibiotic unearthed from the dirt

Scrutinizing soil samples, US researchers have discovered a new class of antibiotics capable of killing drug-resistant, disease-causing bacteria.
This brand-new antibiotic class, called malacidins (short for metagenomic acidic lipopeptide antibiotic-cidins) has been isolated from bacteria that live in soil.

Dr. Sean Brady and his colleagues at Rockefeller University in New York analyzed the DNA from more than 1,000 soil samples to find the new drug, which fights bacteria in a novel manner. The chemical attacked a key part of the bacterial cell wall — a mechanism that microorganisms failed to develop resistance to in the lab. As a result, the new antibiotic managed to kill drug-resistant skin infections in animals.

Feb 14 09:59

Just ONE fizzy drink a day can leave couples struggling to have a baby: Sugar content slashes conception rate by more than 30%, study finds

Men who drink at least one sugary soda a day reduce their chances of fathering a child by 33 percent, a study found.

Women who drink just one sugar-sweetened fizzy beverage a day are 25 percent less likely to become pregnant in any given month, the research adds.

Previous research suggests eggs and embryos may fail to thrive in high blood glucose environments. Sugar has also been linked to erectile dysfunction in men.

Feb 14 09:58

Alcohol Damages The Brain More, Marijuana Leaves It Unharmed

Regular-to-severe alcohol use is not just toxic to the liver. It holds real, measurable consequences for the brain. A number of recent studies prove...

Feb 14 09:38

Bitcoin mining SHOCK: GPU shortage is hindering search for ALIEN LIFE

BITCOIN mining is taking a heavy toll on the teams of dedicated scientists scanning the universe for signs of intelligent life. Leading UFO hunters have now blasted the crypto craze as it has led to a severe shortage in available GPU cards.

Feb 14 09:17

Oncologists Urge You To Stop Eating These 8 Foods That Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

According to medical experts, cancer is a complex set of diseases, which might be a result of various factors, such as: genetics, specific infections, poor lifestyle habits, like poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco, and alcohol use and environmental exposure to various types of chemicals and radiation.

Feb 14 08:39

Partial solar eclipse to grace the skies on February 15 – All you need to know

2018 will witness two more partial solar eclipses which are expected for July 13 and August 11 respectively. On July 13, the Sun would appear crescent-shaped over Australia and Antarctica, while the August 11 will play over the North Pole, northern Europe, and parts of northern and eastern Asia.

Feb 14 08:34

Twitter Shocked: Dutch Senate Passes Law Making People's Organs 'Gov't Property'

The Netherlands has passed a controversial new law making every citizen a potential organ donor unless they specifically chose to opt out.

The upper house of the Dutch parliament approved the new donor law on Tuesday by just a slim majority, while the lower house of parliament passed the bill 18 months ago.

Under the new legislation, every person over 18 will be included in the organ donor register unless they specifically say they don't want to be.

Every Dutch adult who is not yet registered as a donor will receive a letter asking whether or not they want to become donors after death. If they don't respond to the first letter, a second one will be sent and if it goes unanswered they will automatically be added to the donor list.

Feb 14 08:24

Air pollution inside the home: Popular air fresheners and fabric cleaners are full of chemicals, could be causing your asthma, allergies

Who doesn’t want to live in a home that looks and smells wonderful? That’s why we tend to spruce up our living spaces with air fresheners and fabric cleaners. But these products could actually be doing us more harm than good. So much so that the amount of common air pollutants within homes are five times higher than that of the outside — industrialized areas included.

This is because air fresheners and fabric cleaners tend to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These ingredients, which can be found in paints, flooring, and cleaning products too, do an excellent job of eliminating or masking odors. Unfortunately, VOCs can cause immense damage to your health, especially in an enclosed space where they have no room to escape.

Feb 14 08:23

Fracking waste is radioactive and endangers human health – there is NO safe way to dispose of it

Hydraulic fracturing – more commonly known as fracking – may still be legal in many states across the U.S., but there’s no denying that it’s a highly controversial practice. In the state of Colorado, which has issued strict guidelines regarding disposal of waste water from fracking sites, has now ruled that the waste is far too dangerous and therefore cannot be disposed through the usual methods.

Feb 14 08:08

Long-duration C1.5 solar flare produced Earth-directed CME

A long-duration C1.5 solar flare erupted from geoeffective Active Region 2699 on February 12, 2018. The event started at 00:15, peaked at 01:35 and ended at 03:21 UTC. A G1 - Minor geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for February 15.

This event produced an asymmetric halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), first observed in SOHO/LASCO C2 imagery at 01:25 UTC.

WSA/ENLIL model analysis of this event indicates a glancing blow late February 14 to early February 15. Current background solar wind speeds are slower than routine model predictions, so the forecast arrival timing of the CME has been slowed from the WSA-Enlil CME model run prediction.

A G1 - Minor geomagnetic storm watch is now in effect for February 15, 2018, in response associated with the arrival of this CME.

Feb 14 03:56

A single atom is visible to the naked eye in this stunning photo

An image of a single atom of the metal strontium suspended in electric fields has won the 2018 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council science photography competition.

Feb 14 02:15

Sweden’s 8,000yo skulls were brutally smashed and mounted on stakes – study

Archaeologists digging at the bottom of a former lake in Sweden have discovered an ancient burial site containing 8,000-year-old human skulls mounted on wooden stakes.

Feb 13 22:07

Milwaukee Jail Staffers Charged in ‘Appalling’ Death of Inmate Denied Water

Three Milwaukee County Jail staffers were given felony charges Monday for their involvement in the 2016 death of a mentally ill inmate, Terrill Thomas, who was denied water for a week as punishment for bad behavior.

At the time of Thomas' death, the jail was overseen by conservative activist Sheriff David Clarke, who retired in August 2017 to join a committee supporting US President Donald Trump.

Sheriff's Maj. Nancy Evans, the jail's former commander, was charged with felony misconduct in office and misdemeanor obstruction after lying to investigators about how long Thomas was denied water and withholding surveillance video that showed water being cut off to Thomas' cell and not being turned on again.

Feb 13 21:32

Jeff Sessions Is Steamed Over Senator’s Cannabis Blockade

After Jeff Sessions stepped up his attack on state-legal cannabis, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner decided to retaliate by freezing the Trump administration’s Justice Department nominees. It’s now a month into the blockade, and Sessions is steaming.

Feb 13 19:13

Kidney stones on the rise in US, study suggests

Kidney stones may be increasing among both men and women in the US, a new study says.

Feb 13 18:36

Chemicals found in fast food wrappers and clothes are linked weight gain in women

Chemicals found in fast food packaging and a wide variety of other consumer products could cause weight gain by crushing metabolism - particularly in women, new research claims.

Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are used to make food packaging such as bread wrappers, microwave popcorn packs, and paper boards oil or water resistant.

However, the chemicals can permeate into the food - or from clothes onto the body - and are then ingested and absorbed into the blood stream.

Now, a study led by Harvard’s School of Public Health which followed 621 participants for two years has found a clear link between high blood levels of PFASs and lower resting metabolic rate - making it harder to stay slim after weight loss.

Lead researcher Qi Sun warns every single person in the US likely has a detectable level of PFASs in their blood.

Feb 13 10:59

PROOF that vaccines target blacks for depopulation: Published science paper identifies infertility chemical secretly spiked into vaccines for African women

Call it the Age of Transparency, if you wish, but the dark secrets behind almost every once-trusted institution are now being exposed for all to see. Public trust in already shattered in the treasonous FBI, the corrupt CDC, the “fake news” mainstream media and the farce of conventional medicine. On the heels of all that, we now learn that a published science paper has identified and named the genocidal infertility chemical that was secretly added to World Health Organization-approved vaccines administered solely to black women in Africa.

Feb 13 10:53

Newsweek top executives FIRED after propaganda rag exposed for running Monsanto lies as “news”

The money is running out and readership is plummeting at the propaganda rag known as Newsweek. Recently exposed for publishing Monsanto’s lies as “news,” Newsweek Media group is currently imploding from the top down. Top executives were fired this week and the entire staff was told to go home without pay.

The rapid implosion began with Newsweek’s editor-in-chief Bob Roe and executive editor Ken Li, both fired last Monday. Veteran investigative reporters Celeste Katz and Josh Saul were also terminated, along with Josh O’Keefe, a reporter for International Business Times (IBT), an affiliate of Newsweek. With everything falling apart, veteran political reporter Matthew Cooper also resigned the same day. Company CEO Dev Pragad installed an “acting editor” from IBT to keep Newsweek crippling along.

Newsweek pushes Monsanto propaganda, hastening the demise of their credibility

Feb 13 10:48

Underwater supervolcano could erupt without warning and kill 100 million people after scientists find a 6-mile wide lava dome growing off the coast of Japan

A submerged volcano off the coast of Japan that erupted 7,300 years ago could be preparing to make a comeback.

Scientists have discovered evidence of a giant dome of lava in the Kikai volcano's collapsed magma chamber.

They believe it contains about 32 cubic km (7.68 cubic miles) of magma, and distortions on its surface suggest the dome is growing.

Currently the dome is around 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) wide and 1,968 feet (600 meters) tall.

Scientists say an eruption could take place without warning, and if it does, it could kill as many as 100 million people and trigger a 'volcanic winter'.

Feb 13 10:37


It turns out that the worms living in Beckley's head are called Thelazia gulosa – a parasite normally found in the eyes of livestock. The parasites are spread to a host when a face fly lands on an eyeball, like Beckley's, and begins drinking the sweet, delicious tears that keep it lubricated. The parasites, which gestate in the digestive tracts of the face fly, get passed on to the owner of said eye, where they mature until, finally, BOOM: eye worms.

Feb 13 10:14

CNN Exclusive: California launches investigation following stunning admission by Aetna medical director

California's insurance commissioner has launched an investigation into Aetna after learning a former medical director for the insurer admitted under oath he never looked at patients' records when deciding whether to approve or deny care.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones expressed outrage after CNN showed him a transcript of the testimony and said his office is looking into how widespread the practice is within Aetna.

"If the health insurer is making decisions to deny coverage without a physician actually ever reviewing medical records, that's of significant concern to me as insurance commissioner in California -- and potentially a violation of law," he said.

Aetna, the nation's third-largest insurance provider with 23.1 million customers, told CNN it looked forward to "explaining our clinical review process" to the commissioner.

Feb 13 10:02

Diseases with Unknown Etiology Trace Back to Mass Vaccination Against Influenza in 1976

Because the studies in Pubmed include all sorts of journals studying all sorts of things, the actual number is not as important as the trend. The signature is undeniable. Something changed dramatically in 1976. To the skeptic: the increase is greater if one does not correct for total publications.

What changed was national mass vaccination against influenza.

Feb 13 10:01

Volcano 'as powerful as Yellowstone' MELTS ice beneath Antarctica

Experts working at the South Pole have found evidence to support a theory that a gigantic geothermal heat source may be lurking beneath the surface – and it could be as devastating as the Yellowstone volcano.

Scientists first theorised the ice was melting due to a volcano when they noticed a breathing effect was visible on Antarctica's Marie Byrd Land in the west of the icy continent.

The volcano itself is not a new discovery, but the new research suggests it could be aiding global warming and could be why the ice sheet collapsed 11,000 years ago in a previous example of rapid climate change.

Hélène Seroussi of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, said: "I thought it was crazy. I didn't see how we could have that amount of heat and still have ice on top of it.”

Feb 13 09:22

New DNA nanorobots successfully target and kill off cancerous tumors

Science fiction no more — in an article out today in Nature Biotechnology, scientists were able to show tiny autonomous bots have the potential to function as intelligent delivery vehicles to cure cancer in mice.

Feb 13 07:20


They may have a loving life partner, family and be successful in their job; yet, there is something that occasionally makes them feel alone, sad and discouraged. As Ernest Hemingway said, “happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

Feb 13 07:18

Donald Trump's NASA budget includes a Mars mission and a return trip to the moon

The Donald Trump administration on Monday announced the 2019 budget estimate for NASA and as it appears, the US is all set to return to the moon and will also be aiming to send humans to Mars.

Nearly half of the proposed $19.9 billion budget – $10.5 billion – is earmarked for "an innovative and sustainable campaign of exploration and lead the return of humans to the Moon for long-term exploration and utilization followed by human missions to Mars and other destinations," according to a NASA overview.