Jun 09 09:04

Putin: I Told Europe in 2007, They Didn't Listen, Now “Enjoy Your Meal”!

Jun 08 13:01

Picking Up Where Obama Left Off: Trump’s Justice Department Seizes Reporters’ Records

(*No Reason To Stop The Squabbling over which one is better , or worse , out of the two .)

Jun 08 11:13

President Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Kim Kardashian’s Drug Dealer Mascot

President Trump announced that he will be commuting the sentence of drug trafficker, Alice Johnson, shortly after he had a meeting with Kim Kardashian.
Alice Johnson, 63, is a grandmother who writes plays. At least, that’s the friendly way she is described in the media. Recently, she was the subject of a video that portrayed her in a sympathetic light as a non-violent drug offender who spent 21 years in prison for a victimless crime. Sounds rather unfair, doesn’t it?

Jun 08 09:18

Has the Western World Started Shunning America?

The dispute over trade—specifically over tariffs the U.S. imposed on steel and aluminum imports from Europe and Canada—is symptomatic of the divisions between the U.S. and its allies since Trump’s election. Some of these frustrations were evident during the Obama years, as well, when allies grumbled about the absence of U.S. leadership internationally. Still, there were few doubts then about the administration’s commitment to the U.S.-led global trading system. The frustration of the G7—which besides the U.S., includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the U.K.—runs deeper with the Trump administration. Together, as well as individually, those countries have bristled at Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, his criticism of NATO, his attacks on free trade, and his withdrawal from the multilateral nuclear deal with Iran. But it might be Trump’s challenge—and commitment—to the global trading system that has most angered America’s allies.

Jun 08 08:51

Trump Fires Back at France, Canada as Macron Speaks of 'G6' Confronting US

President Donald Trump criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being so angry about the new US tariffs and accused Canada of hurting American dairy farmers.

"Trudeau is being so indignant, bringing up the relationship that the US and Canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things … but he doesn’t bring up the fact that they charge us up to 300% on dairy — hurting our Farmers, killing our Agriculture!" Trump wrote in a Twitter message on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a press briefing that French and Canadian delegations would try to persuade Trump at the G7 summit to take a more conventional path on trade amid his imposition of tariffs on the European Union and Canada.

Jun 08 08:46

I know which country the US will invade next

Who will be next on the list of US illegal invasions cloaked in bullshit justifications? Well, last week, Iran finally did it: It switched from the dollar to the euro. And sure enough, this week, the US military-industrial complex, the corporate media and Israel all got together to claim that Iran is lying about its nuclear weapons development. What are the odds that this news would break within days of Iran dropping the dollar? What. Are. The. Odds?

Jun 07 11:50

"We Cannot Defy The US": European Refiners Fold To Trump, Will Stop Buying Iran Crude

For all of Europe's bluster, and increasingly vocal "resistance" to Trump unique approach to international politics, especially when it comes to Iran when Brussels swore it would defy the US president and continue business as usual with Tehran, it took Europe about a month to fold, and as Reuters reports European refiners are now unofficially winding down oil purchases from Iran, closing the door on a fifth of the OPEC member’s crude exports.

And since the only true leverage that Iran had vis-a-vis Europe was its deeply discounted crude oil, the shuttering of crude purchases from the Islamic republic will suddenly make European governments especially ambivalent whether to continue fighting Trump in hopes of salvaging the Iranian nuclear, when there is only downside left.

Jun 07 11:42

Netanyahu used ‘leadership of American Jewish community’ to block Obama policy — Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes’s book about being President Obama’s trusted aide is out: “The World as It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House.” And it’s got some juice on Israel and the lobby.

Yesterday on Fresh Air Rhodes said that “certain advisers” made Obama water down “A New Beginning,” his famous speech to the Muslim world in Cairo in 2009– when it came to the settlements.

Obama wanted to talk in pretty stark and honest terms about the fact that, you know, this is an intolerable situation. And he wanted to use language

that American presidents didn’t always use, like calling the Israeli occupation an occupation. And, you know, that made certain advisers nervous, and we ended up, you know, kind of watering down language in different parts and how we talk about Israeli settlements.

Jun 07 10:09

Roberts: The Absence of Diplomacy Is Isolating Washington

The dissolution of the Soviet Union removed the constraint on Washington’s unilateralism. The neoconservatives, who had just risen to power, seized the opportunity and replaced diplomacy with threat and coercion. One infamous example is from the George W. Bush regime when the Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage, told Pakistan to do as you are told or you will be bombed into the stone age. We have this on the authority of the president of Pakistan himself, who did as he was told.

In the case of Russia during the Putin era, this level of threat is excessive as Russia can bomb back. So the threat has been reduced to: do as you are told or we will impose sanctions.


Jun 07 09:19

UN Calls On US To “Immediately Halt” Policy Of Detaining Migrant Children

(*But They're Savages !


ain't that right , boys ?
whitehorse souce )

Jun 07 09:08

The U.S. at War with Itself

The United States is at war with itself. It is actually a function of the nation’s heritage—the past contesting specific aspects of a modern present. This results in traditions in flux. Some examples of this are the racism, the pseudo-frontier mentality, and the religious fundamentalism that persist into the present moment. These are traditions that characterized the first half of the nation’s history, and while some of these may have retreated into latency over the past fifty years, they are back with us now. As a result, Americans are in the midst of an ongoing culture war that in many ways is as old as the nation itself.

(*but for our purposes, it's just easier to say The Democrats have started the New Civil War , and not read the rest of the text of this thesis .)

Jun 07 08:35

The Latest Attack on Free Speech in the Israel-Palestine Debate:

Members of Congress last month introduced the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.” The bill purports to address a real problem: According to the FBI, incidents of hate crimes motivated by anti-Jewish bias have significantly increased in recent years.

But anti-Semitic harassment is already illegal under federal law. The new bill does not change that fact, but its overbreadth makes it likely that it will instead silence criticism of Israel that is protected by the First Amendment.

The proposed legislation, for example, defines speech that applies a “double standard for Israel,” or denies “the Jewish people their right to self-determination,” as evidence of anti-Semitism.>>>

Jun 07 08:09

US bill calls for Pentagon to send troops to take part in Taiwan military drills

Move comes as island’s annual Han Kuang war games are under way


Jun 07 08:05

Taiwanese think tank floats South China Sea base plan for US troops

Unnamed researchers call on Taipei to lease Taiping Island to the Pentagon as tensions rise in contested waters
The bold proposal by some experts of an unnamed pro-independence think tank calls for the Pentagon to set up a base on Taiping Island for humanitarian and rescue operations, according to local news media.

Taiping, the biggest islet in the Spratly chain, is technically controlled by Taiwan, though an international arbitration tribunal has ruled that it is merely a land formation over which no claimants are entitled to claim sovereignty.


(*what are they thinking ?
None the less; A Win For Trump !)

Jun 07 07:53

China May Send Fighter Jet Escort For Kim When He Travels To Meet Trump

Source with the South Korean Air Force says Beijing could be sending a message to Washington and Seoul that it’s got North Korean leader’s back


Jun 06 14:22

Donald Trump Asked The One Question That Left James Comey Speechless

FBI apologists such as former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claim the FBI running active measures against the Trump campaign was done for Trump’s own good.

The FBI’s defenders in the media claim the use of national security letters, wiretaps, and covert spies was done to root out Russian infiltration in the campaign and to protect the President.

But this cover up fell apart when Trump asked one simple question: If the FBI was worried about the Russians infiltrating my campaign through Paul Manafort or others, why not just tell me?

Jun 06 11:30

US Treasury Dept Warns Allies Against Accidentally Trading With Iran

The US Treasury Department on Tuesday issued a statement directed at allied governments, and private companies operating out of allied countries, warning them against any trade with Iran, warning they “face substantial risks” if they are caught.

Undersecretary of the Treasury Sigal Mandelker says that the world must “harden your financial networks,” and make sure they have “airtight” procedures in place to prevent even accidental business ties to Iran. He added that nations must make sure “Iran and its proxies are not exploiting your companies to support their nefarious activities.”

Jun 06 10:23

$1.25 Trillion - That's The Cost Of Trump's Trade Wars So Far: Kolanovic

Fast forward to today when Kolanovic is out with a new note, in which he takes another look at the impact of Trump's trade wars, now that they have had a chance to develop and mature, and his latest assessment appears far less optimistic than it was before, to wit:

In 2016, we argued that the probability of Trump winning the presidency was higher than the consensus and that it would likely be positive for equities. This double out-of-consensus view materialized as the new administration enacted pro-market policies such as tax reform. However, since this March, the impact of trade and protectionist policies became a significant market headwind. It is a broad consensus across academia, business leaders and market practitioners that trade wars and protectionism are a lose-lose economic proposition.

Jun 06 10:13

The Absence of Diplomacy Is Isolating Washington

The dissolution of the Soviet Union removed the constraint on Washington’s unilateralism. The neoconservatives, who had just risen to power, seized the opportunity and replaced diplomacy with threat and coercion. One infamous example is from the George W. Bush regime when the Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage, told Pakistan to do as you are told or you will be bombed into the stone age. We have this on the authority of the president of Pakistan himself, who did as he was told.

In the case of Russia during the Putin era, this level of threat is excessive as Russia can bomb back. So the threat has been reduced to: do as you are told or we will impose sanctions.

Jun 06 10:10

Putin Praises "Courageous And Mature" Trump For Agreeing To Meet With North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised US President Donald Trump for agreeing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about the possibility of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. After calling Trump "courageous and mature", Putin added that he's expecting a "positive outcome" from the June 12 summit, which is set to take place in Singapore.

"I still hope that this meeting – a very courageous and mature decision U.S. President Donald Trump has made, to have direct contacts with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – will take place, and we all expect a positive outcome," Putin said in an interview with China Media Group ahead of a planned summit in Shanghai later this week.

Putin and Trump are said to be planning a summit, and the two leaders have met twice in person since Trump took office.

Jun 06 08:33

John McAfee Announces 2020 Presidential Bid "To Serve Crypto Community"

In spite of past refusals, I have decided to again run for POTUS in 2020. If asked again by the Libertarian party, I will run with them. If not, I will create my own party. I believe this will best serve the crypto community by providing the ultimate campaign platform for us.

Jun 06 08:26

Report: Pompeo Froze Bolton Out Of Oval Office Meeting With North Korean Official

Bolton’s also the guy who infuriated the NorKs by talking about the “Libyan model” of denuclearization a few weeks ago on American television. That led to a series of belligerent statements from Pyongyang, which in turn led to Trump pulling out of the summit. Remember who encouraged him to do that, per NBC?

Jun 06 08:20

Kelly Sadler, The White House Press Aide Who Mocked John McCain’s Illness, Has Been Fired

Kelly Sadler, who once made a joke about Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) health in private, which was subsequently leaked to the media, was quietly let go yesterday. The dismissal comes more than a month after the remark was made.

At the time, the leaker inside the White House told CNN that “White House aide Kelly Sadler responded to Sen. John McCain’s opposition to President Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director by saying Thursday morning that ‘he’s dying anyway.'”

Her comments were inappropriate. However, even in private moments with staff, White House officials must be on guard at all times about what they say.

Media reports note the White House had been planning an exit for Sadler for the last two weeks, according to a senior administration official. There was talk about relocating her to another agency or department outside of the White House. At this point, it remains unclear if she is going somewhere else or leaving the administration entirely.

Jun 06 08:04

Starbucks shock! Chairman Howard Schultz’ message for Donald Trump has STUNNED America

STARBUCKS Executive Chairman Howard Schultz has quit his role amid claims he will run against Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential elections. Mr Schultz made the announcement that he was leaving on Monday.

Jun 06 04:36

Trump's Ambassador To Israel Tells Journalists Who Report Truth About Gaza: ‘Keep Your Mouths Shut’

US Ambassador to Israel Tells Journalists Who Report Truth About Gaza: ‘Keep Your Mouths Shut’

David Friedman insisted that American news coverage is biased against Israel, but media analysts have concluded that the precise opposite is the case.
Friedman’s “anti-democratic demand” came during his speech at a media conference in Jerusalem on Monday, in which he complained without evidence that “nine out of ten articles that are written about the Gaza conflict are critical of Israel.”

“Just keep your mouths shut until you figure it out,” Friedman told reporters. “Because otherwise, all you’re doing is creating impressions that have no basis in fact. They fit a narrative. They fit an opinion. They fit an agenda. But it’s not reporting, because it’s not based on hard, factual analysis.”


(*One's "rule of thumb" should be "If the NEWS is Negative On Israel , It's Just As Fake As Negative NEWS On Trump !")

Jun 05 12:08

Philadelphia Eagles Fans Support President Trump’s Decision to Rescind Team Invite

President Trump isn’t letting the NFL kneeling controversy go. And why should he? The League already backed down and announced that starting next season it will no longer condone players disrespecting our National Anthem.

Today, the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles were set to visit the White House. But, instead of coming as a full team to receive such an honor, many on the team decided not to come, prompting Trump to rescind their invitation. Instead, the President will celebrate our country with a very special ceremony.

Jun 05 11:54

UN Report Condemns Trump Admin For "Deliberately" Creating Devastating Inequality

It is no secret that the United States has among the worst levels of inequality, poverty, and infant mortality of all wealthy nations, but a scathing new United Nations report (pdf) concludes that President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress are “deliberately” working to make these already devastating crises worse by waging war on the poor while lavishing the rich with massive tax cuts.

Jun 05 11:50

‘Political Game' Masked as ‘Criminal' Legal Inquiry - Investigative Journalist

US President Donald Trump's lawyer wrote a 20-page letter to special counsel Robert Mueller explaining that 45 cannot be forced to testify in the Russia investigation and that he cannot be indicted for obstruction of justice because he has absolute authority over all federal investigations, it was revealed Saturday.

The letter, authored by former Trump lawyer John Dowd and obtained by the New York Times, goes on to state that Mueller has everything he needs in the "voluminous testimony and documentation" that has already been provided by the president's legal team.

Jun 05 11:48

UN Special Rapporteur: Millions of US Citizens Live in 'Third World' Conditions

More than 40 million US citizens live in poverty and some five million live in third world conditions because of inhumane government policies, UN investigators revealed in a report.

"For one of the world’s wealthiest countries to have 40 million people living in poverty and over five million living in ‘Third World’ conditions is cruel and inhuman," UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Philip Alston said in the report released on Monday.

The Trump administration’s tax reform bill is facilitating inequality by attacking the US welfare system, Alston added. Poverty in the United States, he said, appears to be fueled by contempt along with a "winner takes all" mentality.

Jun 05 11:14

Saudi government gave Obama aides ‘suitcases full of jewels’, says ex-official

Saudi Arabia gave White House aides jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in large suitcases, according to Ben Rhodes, former speechwriter and deputy national security adviser in the Obama administration.

In his memoir The World As It Is, published on Tuesday, Rhodes recounts a trip to Saudi Arabia in June 2009 soon after Barack Obama became president.

He says on arrival he and other US officials were taken to housing units in a compound owned by the monarchy in the desert.

“When I opened the door to my unit, I found a large suitcase,” Rhodes recounts. “Inside were jewels.”

Jun 05 10:49

Influential Iranian Academic Explains Iran's Geopolitical Rationale - Another Great On-the-Ground Report from Pepe Escobar

A crucial question has been consuming policymakers in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon: Does the Trump administration have a strategic plan for the Middle East or not?

Few are more apt to answer than Saadallah Zarei, dean of the Institute of Strategic Studies Andishe Sazan-e Noor in Tehran. Zarei, a soft-spoken, extremely discreet man I met in Mashhad a few days ago, happens to be not only one of Iran’s top strategic analysts but also a key brain behind the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Qods Force commander Gen. Qasem Soleimani – the ultimate bête noire outside the Beltway.

Jun 05 10:46

Is there method to Donald Trump’s supposed madness on trade?

President Donald Trump, it is said, is unleashing a global trade war, which is already beginning with promised retaliatory measures from our closest trading partners. Trump justified his action by claiming that steel and aluminum are strategic materials essential for national defense. In all likelihood national defense had little to do with his action. Rather, it is a ploy to put a “national security” halo around a measure being taken for economic reasons.

Jun 05 09:50

The American Military Empire: Is Trump Its Would-be Emperor?

“Fascism may be defined as a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood, … in which a massed-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.” Robert Paxton (1932- ), American historian, (in his book The Anatomy of Fascism, 2004)

“When and if fascism comes to America, it will not be labeled ‘made in Germany’; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, “Americanism.” Halford Edward Luccock (1885–1961), American Methodist minister and professor, (in Keeping Life out of Confusion, 1938)

Jun 05 09:46


Jun 05 09:22

Liberals Outraged As White House Ignores Pride Month Again

For the second year in a row, the Trump White House hasn’t bothered to recognize June as National Pride Month – and liberals are triggered.

Teen Vogue – which is turning into an online Communist manifesto for America’s youth – was the first to cry foul about Trump’s silence on LGBT pride, writing, “For the second year in a row, President Donald Trump’s White House left Pride Month out of its list of proclamations declaring June National Ocean Month, National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, National Homeownership Month, and National African-American Music Appreciation Month.”

Jun 05 07:00

G-7 Members Issue Rare Condemnation Of Trump Tariffs

Other G-7 members issue rare condemnation of U.S. tariffs

British Columbia — Six finance ministers, representing some of the closest allies of the U.S., issued a stern rebuke of the protectionist policies of the administration of President Donald Trump, signaling a deep rift in the relations underpinning the post-World War II trading system.


(*get a better deal on The Beamer Of Your Choice In Communist China)

Jun 04 11:31

The US at war with itself

Lawrence Davidson explains why the dark days of pre-Civil War and pre-Civil Rights America are coming back to haunt today’s US, with Trump being both a manifestation and a champion of their racism and bigotry. >>

Jun 04 09:24

Together Against Trump: national demonstration

The demonstration against Trump is a crucial opportunity to make a stand against Trump's and May's agressive and war-mongering policies, which are spreading enormous misery and chaos across large areas of the world. A mass demonstration can greatly weaken the murderous "special relationship". We are urging all our supporters to take either half a day or a whole day off work to make sure they come to the demonstration.

5 things you can do to build the national demonstration:
• Leaflet about it in your college, on your high street, etc. Contact the office at office@stopwar.org.uk to get the leaflets.
• If you're outside of London book a coach to get to the demo by 2pm.
• Pass a resolution in your union branch and/or political organisation.
• Organise a public meeting about Trump and war as part of our tour.
• Invite all your friends to the Facebook event page.

Jun 04 07:55

Almost 100 Local Tribes Form Coalition to Expel US Forces From Syria - Reports

In excess of 70 Syrian tribal leaders met in the Aleppo Governorate, specifically the city of Deir Hafer, over the weekend to discuss plans and coordinate with one another to remove US forces from Syria, Al-Masdar News reported on Sunday

Jun 04 07:26

Too Much Bad News Can Make You Sick, Say Researchers

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) – With every news alert or breaking story, our world seems to be pushed further and further into crisis. It is taking a serious toll on our environment but also on our mental health.

The world has always been stressful, but experiencing acute events occurring thousands of miles away is a new and challenging phenomenon. On any given day, it feels like the world is falling apart.

How can we brace for disaster and find the strength to withstand it? How will we adapt to our greater exposure to trauma? And will our mental health be sacrificed in the process?

Jun 03 09:22

Dr. Ashrawi: “U.S. Veto Absolute Proof Of Moral Corruption”

On Saturday, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, stated that the U.S. Veto against a resolution demanding international protection to the Palestinian people, is an absolute proof of moral corruption of the U.S. administration, providing impunity to the ongoing Israeli crimes against the unarmed Palestinian population.

“The United States, represented by the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, have proven their corrupt and blindfolded support to Israel, so that they can ensure Israel’s crimes and violations against an unarmed civilian population remain unpunished, and continue with impunity.

Jun 03 08:56

"Anti-War" Presidents Are Brought to Heel By the Deep State

Jun 03 05:54

Diplomatic Humiliation As US Vetoes Resolution on Protecting Palestinians

The United States vetoed Friday a UN draft resolution calling for measures to protect Palestinians after more than 100 were killed by Israeli fire during protests at the Gaza fence.

Ten countries including China, France and Russia voted in favor of the draft. Four countries - Britain, Ethiopia, the Netherlands and Poland - abstained.


(*a great hum along tune for those who are anxious for the successful completion of the Trump/Netanyahu agenda against Palestine)

Jun 03 04:57

P.O.T.U.S. Bolton Names Professional Islamophobe & Bush Official Fred Fleitz to National Security Staff

John Bolton Names Professional Islamophobe & Bush Official Fred Fleitz to National Security Staff

We speak with Eric Levitz, associate editor for New York Magazine’s “Daily Intelligencer,” whose recent piece is headlined “Bolton Installs Anti-Muslim Wingnut As NSC Chief of Staff”

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.
NERMEEN SHAIKH: We turn now to the longtime senior staffer at an anti-Muslim think tank who has been named by National Security Adviser John Bolton as his new chief of staff. Fred Fleitz formerly served as Bolton’s undersecretary of state in the George W. Bush administration. He now joins the Trump administration from the Center for Security Policy, a think tank founded by former Reagan administration official Frank Gaffney. The Southern Poverty Law Center designated the organization an anti-Muslim extremist group, saying its main focus is, quote, “demonizing Islam and Muslims under the guise of national security. Statements from Frank Gaffney and other CSP staffers, along with claims made in CSP publications, have become increasingly conspiratorial in nature, making such claims as Muslims are attempting to overthrow the US government from within, and that Shariah law is trumping the constitution in American courts.”


(*great choice by Bolton to help enact the Trump foreign policy in the Middle East .)

Jun 03 04:24

Low-Tech Hamas Rockets a Standing Pretext for Israel’s Deadly Airstrikes

The “threat” from homemade Hamas “bottle rockets” has been used by Israel for over ten years to justify deadly airstrikes and a suffocating blockade of Gaza.


(*I used to beli~eve in the "bottle rockets" myth , but my net worth isn't that of P.O.T.U.S. Trump's , so I don't have the I.Q. of The P.O.T.U.S. , but I don't see where his fiscal logic , and love of Israel is based on Gaza's use of harmless "fireworks stand" weaponry .)

Jun 03 04:18

Lockheed Martin Opening Jerusalem Preschool for Israelis

“We could have set up a research institute on military aviation worldwide, but we went in the direction of [childhood] education because that’s what fires us up.” — Lockheed Martin

American aerospace contractor and maker of the F-35 stealth fighter jet, Lockheed Martin, is opening a “one of a kind” science-focused preschool in Jerusalem, with plans to serve Israeli children as young as five, according to a press release from Jerusalem’s municipality.

In May of this year, an Israeli military official openly bragged that “Israel was the first regime in the world to have used the U.S.-made F-35 stealth fighter jets in attack mode.” In December of 2016, Israel received the first two F-35s out of the 50 ordered from the United States.

Lockheed Martin invested over $1 billion in Israel between 2010 and 2017.

(*now there is a show of gratitude , in the correct direction , towards Trump's endeavors to make America great again !)

Jun 02 14:07

‘Migrants’ treat WWII war memorial like a swimming pool; video of what happens when they’re confronted

As temperatures climb and give rise to a search for ways to cool off, one method is definitely off-limits as seen in a video taken at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Dozens of adults and children are seen in the video as they use the memorial as a personal escape from the heat, ignoring the sign that bans the exact activity.

In another video posted in May 2017, disrespectful visitors to the memorial fountain are informed of their misstep.

Jun 02 09:45

US in Early Discussions for Potential Meeting Between Trump, Putin - Reports

Planning for a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump is potentially underway, media reported.

White House staffers are planning the possible summit, the Wall Street Journal said on Friday, citing "people familiar with the efforts," but provided no details on timing or locations.

Jun 02 09:44

‘Why does Israel get impunity?’ UNSC call for protection of Palestinians vetoed by US

The United States has vetoed a Kuwaiti proposal to the United Nation Security Council (UNSC), which sought to offer “international protection” to Palestinian civilians in the wake of more than 120 of deaths in the Gaza strip.

In a speech to the council, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley criticized the proposal, describing it as a “grossly one-sided view”. Haley accused Hamas of inciting violent acts at the border between Gaza and Israel, purposefully infiltrating the ‘Great March of Return’ mass protests with its “terrorist fighters” and deliberately using civilians as human shields.

“The terrorist group Hamas bears primary responsibility for the awful living conditions in Gaza,” she said, before the UNSC vote.

Jun 01 11:12

'Russia-US direct conflict in Syria was close, but avoided' – Assad to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

Jun 01 07:48

UN boss warns of ‘trouble’ at Palestinian camps in Lebanon, following Trump aid cut

A new reality is unravelling in the Middle East. Israel is more or less running Trump’s foreign policy there and part of the plan is to cut all aid to Palestinians in a bid to usher in a new conflict to eclipse a peace blueprint

The daily inhalation and dehumanization of Palestinians continues to shock us all. Just when you think you can cope with the scale of how far Israel will go to brutalise these people, our TV screens are filled with images of protesters and even doctors being shot dead by Israeli soldiers. Like sport.

Put into context, placed alongside a human rights crackdown on the Gaza strip, a total blockade on rights organisations’ investigations, land grabs on settlements reaching almost fever pitch, and one begins to wonder if we are witnessing a new impetus from Israel.

Jun 01 07:18

Bolton Adds Another Hardliner to the NSC

Curt Mills explains who Fred Fleitz is and why it matters that he has been hired as John Bolton’s chief of staff on the National Security Council:

But Fleitz’s hiring signals three developments clearly: Bolton’s propensity to tap hardline loyalists; Bolton’s readiness to associate with Iran and North Korean regime change advocates; and Bolton’s assiduous staffing of Russia investigation critics.

Jun 01 07:17

War inside Trump trade team triggers global angst

President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision Thursday to slap steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union capped a whipsaw week that reflected not just the deep divisions among his top economic advisers but the changeable attitudes of the irascible and unpredictable president himself.

Senior administration officials profess privately to not know exactly what Trump will ultimately decide to do on trade at any given moment. The uncertainty has led the president’s advisers to compete for his attention in a bid to sway him, leading to nasty behind-the-scenes fights that are increasingly bursting into public view.

The week began with a statement that the administration would move ahead with trade levies on China, just days after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a trade war with the world’s second largest economy was “on hold.” Trump’s senior trade adviser Peter Navarro publicly rebuked Mnuchin’s statement on Wednesday, calling it an “unfortunate sound bite.”

Jun 01 07:14

TRADE WAR DEEPENS: EU launches WTO case against Trump in furious reaction to steel tariffs

THE EU has vowed to react furiously after the US slapped it with massive tariffs on steel and aluminium in a move that cost could firms in the bloc billions of pounds.

US President Donald Trump promised to impose tariffs, claiming trade across the Atlantic was a one-way street.

The EU had demanded a permanent exemption from the tariffs following a temporary one being granted in April, but the plea has been rejected by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire had earlier met with Mr Ross in a last ditch attempt to prevent the tariffs being imposed, but they failed to come to an agreement.

May 31 10:50

Trump mulls commuting sentence for Rod Blagojevich, pardoning Martha Stewart

President Trump says he is considering commuting the sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and pardoning Martha Stewart.

The comments came aboard Air Force One on Thursday after he announced on Twitter that he planned to pardon conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza, who pleaded guilty in 2014 to violating federal campaign finance laws.

May 31 09:55

Trump Considering Pardoning or Commuting Sentence of Ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich

President Donald Trump is considering a pardon for or commutation of imprisoned former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's sentence, he told reporters Thursday.

Trump said he was strongly considering pardoning or commuting the sentence of Blagojevich, who was once a contestant on Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" while awaiting trial. He added that he was also considering a pardon for Martha Stewart, who was prosecuted by James Comey and convicted in 2004 of obstructing justice and lying to the government.

Trump told reporters Blagojevich had said something “stupid” but that it was similar to what other politicians have said. He called the 18-year sentence “really unfair.”

"Plenty of other politicians have said a lot worse," Trump said. "And it doesn’t... he shouldn’t have been put in jail."

May 31 09:41

‘Don’t interfere!’ Mike Pompeo warns Russia to STOP MEDDLING in US domestic affairs

US SECRETARY of State Mike Pompeo berated Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a phone call on Wednesday, and warned the Kremlin against interfering in US policies, in a sign of rising tensions between the two nations.

May 31 09:25

‘We were close to direct conflict between Russia & US inside Syria’ – Bashar Assad

Syrian President Bashar Assad says Moscow deterred the West from launching a devastating country-wide air strike last month, and believes that Damascus has nearly won the seven-year war, despite continued US “interference.”

“With every move forward for the Syrian Army, and for the political process, and for the whole situation, our enemies and our opponents, mainly the West led by the United States and their puppets in Europe and in our region, they try to make it farther – either by supporting more terrorism, bringing more terrorists to Syria, or by hindering the political process,” Assad told RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev, during a sit-down interview in Damascus, noting that without outside funding his opponents inside the country could be subdued “within a year.”

May 31 05:01

US State Department Tells Syria What It Can and Can’t Do on Its Own Soil

Washington is issuing orders to a nation whose leadership never invited America in in the first place.


(*months after the guy from the deep state , who looks like , and sounds like Trump lied to the whole world and said we were leaving Syria .)

May 31 04:55

Israeli Occupation Forces Block Flotilla as it Leaves Gaza for Cyprus

Israeli authorities are responsible for the safety of the ship’s passengers, who are “ill, students and unarmed civilians.”

Head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza, Dr Essam Yousef, called on the international community to pressure Israel to immediately release the passengers of a ship that set sail yesterday from Gaza heading to Cyprus in an effort to break the 12 year siege of the enclave.

Israeli occupation forces flanked the ship as it reached nine nautical miles from Gaza’s shores only for them to force it on to the Israeli port of Ashdod to the north of Gaza.

In a press statement today, Yousef condemned “the latest crime which is to be added to the occupation’s criminal record against the Palestinian people and the people of Gaza, who have been besieged for 12 years. This is a violation of all international conventions, laws, and legislations.”


May 31 04:35

Email snafu reveals White House outreach to Obama and Clinton alumni

Recipients of a blast email were asked to ‘amplify’ Trump’s policy on Iran — baffling some who have sharply disagreed with the president in public.

President Donald Trump is better known for speaking directly to his base than trying to win over his critics.

But when it comes to selling Trump’s Iran strategy and other foreign policy initiatives, the White House has been blasting out its talking points to an uncharacteristically inclusive list of foreign policy heavyweights — including former Obama administration officials, advisers to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and critics who have publicly accused Trump of being, across the board, “bad at playing president.”


(*everybody he wants to lock up ? probably so we can continue to blame the Democrats , when his Iran endeavor goes awry !)

May 30 21:13

Will Putin’s Policy of Concession Succeed?

Paul Craig Roberts

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Conference last weekend shows the Russian government’s ensnarement by neoliberal economic policy. Putin defended globalism and free trade, and he warned that crisis will result from the breakup of the global system.

In fact, crisis is the result of globalism and neoliberal economics. For Russia neoliberal economics means both economic and political crisis. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/05/25/americas-fifth-column-will...

May 30 13:53

London-to-Langley Spy Ring; The Roots Of Obamagate Become Clearer

A recent article by George Neumayr in The American Spectator provides an excellent forensic dig into the earliest stages of the US Intelligence Community's surveillance of people in Trump's orbit - and makes clear something that many pointing to a politicized "witch hunt" have long suspected; the Obama DOJ/FBI began looking into "Trumpworld" and the Russians long before the official timeline would suggest.

Moreover, the operation was conducted in close coordination with foreign counterparts, primarily the United Kingdom and Australia, but primarily the former.

All of this raises plenty of questions, but one conclusion about this epic fiasco requires no spying: the fingerprints of the British are all over it. -American Spectator

Here is George Neumayer explaining, how the "roots of Obamagate become clearer" originally published in The American Spectator.

* * *

May 30 13:20

WATCH: Sarah Sanders chokes up after child says he worries he could get shot at school

Sarah Sanders gets emotional while answering a question from a elementary school student/journalist during the daily briefing about school shootings and not feeling safe at school.

May 30 11:19

White House Official Condemns ‘Reprehensible’ Gaza Fire into Israel

The Trump administration on Tuesday condemned the Gazan attack on Israel that began in the early hours and continued through the evening.

One official called the attacks “reprehensible,” while another told The Jerusalem Post that they justified “preventative” measures taken by the Israeli military – actions previewed earlier by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has vowed a response to the worst day of projectile fire on the South since the 2014 Gaza War (Operation Protective Edge).

“We are aware of numerous mortar attacks on Israel today and are closely monitoring the situation, ” a National Security Council spokesman told the Post. “ We call on those launching the attacks to cease this destructive violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so Israel shooting unarmed protesters for weeks on end gets no mention from the White House, but when Gaza fires back at Israel after being bombed, it's "reprehensible?" I guess who know who owns Trump, body and soul!

May 30 10:55

All in the family: Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago communists

In Chicago, Jarrett’s family joined a circle with some other interesting characters:

Frank Marshall Davis was an African-American born in Kansas in 1905 who eventually moved to Chicago and joined Communist Party USA. Notably, he joined the party after the signing of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, a time when many American communists, particularly Jewish-American communists, left the party. They left because Stalin’s signing of the pact facilitated and enabled Hitler’s invasion of Poland and start of World War II. Frank Marshall Davis, however, was undeterred. He joined after the pact.

May 30 10:53

FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.

Jarrett’s dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows.

May 30 10:51

Valerie Jarrett’s Communist Ties Confirmed by Judicial Watch

On Monday, Judicial Watch (JW), a conservative government watchdog group, released its findings that President Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, has had close ties to Communists for decades. Thanks to files released to JW by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Jarrett’s father, grandfather, and father-in-law all “had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals.”

Jarrett’s father, Dr. James Bowman, worked closely with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled the country after being charged with espionage.

May 30 10:30

Republican Jewish Coalition emerges as Trump’s hub for raising money, and making foreign policy

One of the famous moments of the presidential campaign was back in December 2015 when Donald Trump told the Republican Jewish Coalition that he didn’t want their money, or their control. “You’re not gonna support me because I don’t want your money. You want to control your politicians, that’s fine.”

Those words are among Trump’s most self-satirizing; because 2-1/2 years later, the deal’s gone down. The transactional president definitely wants the money. And the RJC definitely wants control….

If you read between the lines of recent news events, it appears that this organization that works hard to push Israel’s agenda inside the GOP has become the address for fundraising and foreign policy ideas under Donald Trump. The RJC has a lot of power in this administration; and international players know it.

May 30 09:35

Trump BACKS the Euro? US officials tell Italy it's 'BETTER' to stay with EU currency bloc

DONALD Trump’s administration has given their support to Italy staying in the euro and the EU, after commenting the eurozone bloc should “work things out” with Rome.

May 29 14:06

West’s failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre

Jonathan Cook says the West’s failure to punish Israel for its massacre in Gaza – “in fact, the reverse: visible rewards with a relocated US embassy and the chance to host the Eurovision Song Contest” – will lead to future massacres. >>

May 29 11:09

US “Does Not Approve” Of Russia Arming Iran, Wants UNSC Case

According to US Secretary of State Thomas Shannon, Washington does not agree with Russia’s sale of Su-30 fighters and S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems to Iran and believes that such transactions can only be made upon approval by the UN Security Council.

“We will not give our approval”, Shannon stressed in reply to the question whether the US will use its veto power if this issue is taken to the UN Security Council.

In addition, he noted that possible deliveries of S-300 systems also worry Washington.

“It is obvious that we are not interested in Iran having advanced fighters and ground systems. We will use all available means to oppose any systems that Iran may use for offensive purposes,” Shannon said.

May 29 07:56

People Call On White House To Pardon Oregon Ranchers Steve & Dwight Hammond

A couple of years ago, I introduced you to the Hammon family, a rancher family out of Oregon that was targeted after the patriarch in the family and his son went to jail for doing what ranchers do, setting fires to protect property and livestock. However, in the day and age of unmitigated "terrorism" charges, once they served their sentence the federal government went after both men for more time inside their prison for profit system. Their story ultimately led to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge protest, which led to the murder of LaVoy Finicum. Now, many who have seen what took place both in the Oregon trials and the Bundy Ranch trials are calling on President Donald Trump to issue a pardon for Steve and Dwight Hammond.
According to the White House petition on behalf of Dwight and Steven Hammond by Protect The Harvest:

The Hammond case is viewed by many in the West, and indeed across the nation, as a manifest miscarriage of justice akin to double jeopardy.

May 29 06:37

Trump’s Memorial Day Proclamation: ‘We Revere Those Who Have Died in Noble Service’

Trump issued a Memorial Day proclamation for all Americans to remember military heroes who lost their lives in the defense of freedom.
“We remain duty bound to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf and to remember them with thankfulness and unwavering pride,” Trump wrote in the proclamation, setting May 28, 2018, as Memorial Day.

May 29 05:48

NICE TRY: Kim 'May Have Met His Match' In Trump: Clapper

(*Not Even Close!
Kim doesn't hold a candle to Trump .
Trump - 60 Tomahawks into Syria + 01 MOAB onto Afghanistan 2017 + 120 MORE Tomahawks into Syria in 2018 181 TOTAL MISSILES FIRED INTO and bomb dropped on to A FOREIGN COUNTRY ILLEGALLY BY TRUMP
compared to; 00 - in a life time for Kim Jong Un.)

May 29 05:11

Conflict In Eastern Ukraine Can Soon Turn Into Open War

This week the military situation in eastern Ukraine has once again escalated as forces loyal to the Kiev government have advanced on positions controlled by defense forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DRP) near the city of Gorlovka.

Gorlovka is the DPR-controlled town, located north of the DPR capital of Donetsk. Its pre-war population was about 256,000 people.

On May 21, pro-Kiev troops, backed up by artillery and machine guns fire, stormed positions of DPR forces at the settlement of Golmovskiy, north of Gorlovka. They failed to overrun the DPR defense but killed at least 1 DPR fighter and captured 3 others. At least 10 Kiev soldiers were killed and 4 others were injured, according to the DPR side.


May 29 04:55

VICTIMIZING TRUMP: Tulsi Gabbard to Congress: We Ought To Stop Netanyahu

Congresswoman has already left an indelible mark on the warmongers, ethnic cleansers, and blood-sucking politicians both in the United States and Israel. She doesn’t like perpetual wars, and she sure doesn’t like any entity that pushes for perpetual wars.

Last year, Gabbard fleshed out a legislation entitled, “Stop Arming Terrorist Act.” She declared then that the legislation itself sought to:

“prohibit the U.S. government from using American taxpayer dollars to provide funding, weapons, training, and intelligence support to groups like the Levant Front, Fursan al Ha and other allies of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, al-Qaeda and ISIS, or to countries who are providing direct or indirect support to those same groups.”

Gabbard is an Iraq war veteran>>>

(*and a member pf The Same Political Party/Terrorist Organization THAT SPIED ON DONALD TRUMP! )

May 29 04:42

Analyst: Saudi Royal Family Was Deeply Involved in 9/11

Political commentator and Marine combat veteran Gordon Duff said the Saudi royal family was “deeply involved” in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans.


May 29 04:36

Former Pentagon Analyst Dismisses 9-11 Court's Allegations Against Iran

Former senior security analyst in the Office of the US Secretary of Defense Michael Maloof who has stressed willingness to testify at a court against allegations of Iran's involvement in the September 11, 2001, incident, underlined that the terrorist attack was conducted by Riyadh and not Tehran.

"The 9-11 commission report did mention Iran but it explicitly stated that there was no evidence that Iran was involved in the planning of 9-11 and certainly in the commission of that attack," Maloof told FNA on Tuesday.

"Now the reason why the court came in with the default judgment (is that) Iran did not go to the court to defend itself," he added.

Maloof said that "the 9-11 commission report explicitly talked about the Saudis and my personal view is that the 9-11 didn’t occur if the Saudis were not involved>>>

May 29 04:19

The Hidden Meaning of Trump’s Foreign Policy Chaos

There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, and patterns that affect other patterns when it comes to US President Donald Trump and his foreign policy of chaos and destruction.

If you watch close, these recent developments do nothing but repeat themselves:

- Trump Recognizes Jerusalem Al-Quds as Israel's Capital, Reversing Longtime US Policy

- Jerusalem Embassy: Trump's Move Was Not About Peace

- Donald Trump Threatening Syria Directly Contradicts His Campaign Promises

- Trump Threatens Syria and Russia: Get Ready, US Missiles Will Be Coming Nice and New and Smart!

- Trump Exits Iran Nuclear Deal and Reinstates US Sanctions

- Donald Trump Cancels North Korea Nuclear Summit with Kim Jong-un

It’s hard to believe the above is coincidence, but it's even harder to believe in anything else – and it looks ever more eerily accurate as the Trump era progresses, day by day, tweet by tweet.


May 28 11:46

More than 60 Dem lawmakers demand ethics investigation into Trump's relationship with China

More than 60 Democratic representatives are demanding an ethics investigation into President Trump's ties to China, following the president's recent push to rescue Chinese telecommunications firm ZTE.

Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) posted a letter to David Apol, acting head of the federal government's ethics office, to Twitter on Sunday, stating that the request was prompted by Trump "advocating" for ZTE just days after the Chinese government gave one of the president's business endeavors a $500 million loan.

In the letter, lawmakers say the business dealing between the Trump Organization and China may have violated U.S. laws forbidding public officials from accepting payments or gifts from foreign entities without Congress's approval.

May 28 09:58

Trump ‘flips off’ the rest of the world, losing friends and allies

To a globe-trotting journalist (fresh from visits to the Philippines and Hong Kong, and headed for Europe in July), it certainly looks like the US is doing its best to antagonize just about every friend it has in the world. That’s with the singular exception of Israel, of course, where the US is offering unflagging support for that country’s brutal slaughter-by-sniper of over a hundred unarmed Gazan Palestinian protesters and the deliberate maiming of thousands of others – an atrocity that is being blasted by the United Nations Human Rights Commission and most nations of the world.

May 28 09:57

Allison Hooker: Low-key figure who could pave way for US-NK talks

South Korean analysts and media have pinpointed Allison Hooker, a National Security Council official who specializes in Korean affairs as a potential key player in establishing foundations for future US-North Korea talks.

Hooker, a former East Asia and Pacific affairs analyst with the US State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research, is part of the delegation led by Trump that arrived in South Korea on Friday for the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics.

Washington, however, initially left her name off the delegation list when relevant announcements were made. It is unknown whether her visit was meant to be classified or just that she was a last minute addition.

May 28 09:32

Why Is Amazon Running a Full Page of "Michelle Obama for President" T-Shirts?

Why is Amazon running a full page of “Michelle Obama for President” T-Shirts? What does Bezos know that we don’t know?

May 27 15:10

Who is the vassal: the US or Israel?

Uri Avnery examines whether the US or Israel is pushing the other to war with Iran by scuppering the Iran nuclear deal and attacking Iranian forces in Syria, amid Israeli public indifference and infatuation with Netanyahu and his showmanship.>>

May 27 10:26

‘I’d give it a D’: English teacher picks apart White House letter for 'bad grammar'

After receiving a letter signed by US President Donald Trump, a retired English teacher checked its grammar and posted her corrections online, earning both praise as "a hero" and scorn for being "sanctimonious and self-serving."
Yvonne Mason, an English teacher of 17 years who retired last year, has landed in the spotlight after she posted a picture of the Trump-signed letter she received in March. It was a response to her earlier letter calling on Trump to personally meet with the relatives of the Parkland shooting that left 17 people dead in February. Far from being elated that someone in the Trump administration took the trouble to respond, Mason scrutinized the letter for mistakes, finding as many as 11. That is discounting stylistic choices and the excessive use of the pronoun "I."

"It's stylistically appalling," Mason said, speaking to Greenville News.

May 27 10:23

The U.S. and Israel Are Marching towards War with Iran

On Monday, May 21, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a rant against Iran before the right-wing Heritage Foundation in Washington. It was a bullying speech to push the Iranian leadership to surrender unconditionally to US demands. If the Iranian people are unable to contrive “regime change” the US will do it by military means, perhaps together with Israel, which Pompeo didn’t say. But everybody knows that Israel is hell-bent to crush Iran.

May 27 07:41

The Bully's Pulpit

His triumphs, then: to favor obscene wealth in taxation; to scrap diplomacy and bait Russia; to fund military horrors he vowed to reduce; to vilify and punish Islamic and Latino vulnerables; to spurn the world effort to reverse climate change; to reject the Iran nuclear deal; to threaten North Korea with nukes; and to decapitate regimes in Syria, Venezuela, and fill in the blank.

Each of these bizarre acts had to be based on his conviction of their supreme importance and his expectation of “winning” outcomes. Each had to be carried out against resistance by misguided “losers” and perverse and deluded enemies. The fact that his appalled opposition comprised the vast majority of the conscious, sentient human race carried no weight with him.


(*The author of this article should have his citizenship revoked !
white horse souce)

May 27 05:56

Trump Set to Recognize Israel’s Claim to Occupied Golan Heights and Its Sizable Oil Reserves

Exporting Golan oil is problematic under international law but, were the U.S. to unilaterally recognize the Golan as Israel’s, that oil could potentially be exported to the U.S. Major U.S. oil investors and lobbyists are therefore pushing hard for Trump to make that move

(*Trump's An Outsider , So You Know What You Can Do With Your International Law !
nodingyayhoo )