“150,000 troops eliminate mere 0.2 per cent of drug production in Afghanistan” | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

“150,000 troops eliminate mere 0.2 per cent of drug production in Afghanistan”

Afghans are practically left to deal with drug problem on their own, says Russia’s drug control chief, Viktor Ivanov.

It should be noted that the entire volume of illicit drug production in Afghanistan is estimated at $65 billion. So we can see that the Taliban's share in the entire output is only 0.2 per cent. Thus obviously it’s not the main producer. However, the international security forces say that they will eliminate only those drug production sites and facilities which are related to the Taliban. In other words, all the 150,000 military personnel will be employed in eliminating a mere 0.2 per cent of the total illicit drug production. And it's suggested that the remaining 99.8 per cent is to be taken care of by the Afghan authorities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is interesting to note that under the rule of the Taliban, opium poppy production was pretty much eradicated.

One has to understand that there was no coincidence between the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the soaring opium production which happened afterward.

The only people "winning" in Afghanistan are the drug lords, and the defense contractors providing mercenaries, materials, and logistics, and that's a pretty damned depressing, but honest assessment, almost one decade in.