Intruders 'borrowed' Tesla's public cloud for cryptocurrency mining | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Intruders 'borrowed' Tesla's public cloud for cryptocurrency mining

Tesla isn't immune to the plague of cryptocurrency mining hijacks, it seems. Security researchers at RedLock have reported that intruders gained access to Tesla's Kubernetes console (where it deploys and manages containerized apps) without needing a password, exposing the EV brand's login credentials for Amazon Web Services. From there, the attackers both abused Tesla's cloud resources for cryptojacking and accessed private data held in Amazon's S3 service. The culprits were creative, too.

While many of these mining attempts rely on a public mining pool, the perpetrators here installed mining pool software an d pointed a script to reach an 'unlisted' destination. The move made it harder to simply block the cryptojacking based on internet addresses. The intruders also masked the address of their mining pool server through CloudFlare, and minimized processor use to avoid giving away its presence.