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JEFF GATES : Is the “Times Square Terrorist” an Asset of Organized Crime?

When waging modern warfare, often the loudest sound is the one you don’t hear.

Why is no one reporting that “Faisal the Fizzler” is tied to Israeli-American Leon Black and Israel-dominated organized crime syndicates dating back to the 1920s? Why is no one reporting the ties to junk bond king and Israeli-American Michael Milken? How can Americans make informed choices without access to the real facts?

Faisal Sharzad—AKA The Times Square Fizzler—reportedly was trained by the “Pakistan Taliban” for a deadly deed that went horribly wrong.

Not only did he lock his keys in the car, including his apartment key, his Rube Goldberg contraption of alarm clocks, Walmart propane tanks and firecrackers failed to explode.

Apparently he was also expertly trained to purchase fertilizer that could not possibly explode.

Happily, Pakistani Evil Doers did not train him to drive. He could have ended up in New Jersey.

Somehow he found his way to one of the busiest streets in midtown Manhattan just as the United Nations—in midtown Manhattan—was preparing to debate a treaty to create a Middle East free of nuclear weapons.

Was that part of the story missing from the coverage you saw of this incident? Perhaps you were watching Fox News though for non-coverage any mainstream source would suffice.

That U.N. treaty, first proposed in 1995, would force Israel to forfeit its nuclear weapons, a goal first sought by President John F. Kennedy in June 1963.

What’s become of this Muslim Evil Doer after he miraculously found his way to Times Square—after miraculously eluding airport security during his 16 trips abroad to train with the Pakistan Taliban?

Though this well-timed incident added plausibility to a narrative supporting the “Global War on Terrorism,” the facts suggest that the Fizzler’s storyline has since become problematic.

Branded as “news you can trust,” CNN briefly showed a photo of Apollo Management, his employer. That photo appeared on CNN for about a second. End of story and no mention since.

Here’s the online Newsweek account of where the Fizzler worked from 2006-2009:

May 4 (Bloomberg) — Faisal Shahzad, charged with attempting to bomb New York’s Times Square, worked for three years at a company controlled by Leon Black’s private-equity firm, Apollo Management LP.

Who is Leon Black? And why isn’t his three-year employment of the Fizzler newsworthy?

Remember Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood Shooter? His job history provided critical clues to understanding his bizarre behavior. Is that why he too has disappeared from the news?

Are the Clues Hidden in Plain Sight?

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