"Justice For All" - General Flynn Celebrates After DoJ Drops Charges, Pelosi Slams Barr's "Cover Up" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

"Justice For All" - General Flynn Celebrates After DoJ Drops Charges, Pelosi Slams Barr's "Cover Up"

Update (2100ET): It didn't take long for the politics to take over.

First, as The Hill reports, Attorney General William Barr defended the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) decision Thursday to move to drop the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn for charges of lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia in 2017. Barr dismissed accusations that he’s doing the “president’s bidding” in moving to drop the case.

“I'm doing the law’s bidding. I’m doing my duty under the law, as I see it,” Barr told CBS News in an interview Thursday.

Barr said he was “not at all” influenced by President Trump regarding the case.

“I made clear during my confirmation hearing that I was gonna look into what happened in 2016 and '17. I made that crystal clear,” Barr said.

“I was very concerned about what happened. I was gonna get to the bottom of it. And that included the treatment of General Flynn.”

Of course, the left was having none of it.

Prominent Democrats, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Kamala Harris (Calif.), renewed calls for Barr to resign Thursday after the DOJ moved to drop the case against Flynn. Democrats accused Barr of making the decision out of Trump’s interest, rather than the nation’s.

Barr said he is “prepared” to face backlash.

“I also think it's sad that nowadays these partisan feelings are so strong that people have lost any sense of justice,” Barr said. “And the groups that usually worry about civil liberties and making sure that there's proper procedures followed and standards set seem to be ignoring it and willing to destroy people's lives and see great injustices done.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The political scene in this country has devolved into a huge sandbox, played in by highly monied children, with utterly no regard for the people who allegedly voted them into office, or confirmed them into positions of high power.

I have the visual feed for Faux news on right now, no sound, and one of the talking heads, Steve Doocy, is taking using his airtime to share a Mother's Day recipe.

All well and good, and it's great, feel-good, infotainment Friday theatre; but Steve, how about really taking care of the moms in this country by advocating for disengaging from the disastrous wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, Steve?!?

How about putting some of the money these wars have cost this country into meaningful educational programs, guaranteeing that kids who graduate from our public high schools are numerate, literate, and can think critically?!?

Oh, but the Powers that Be don't want that, do they, Steve?!? They want technically sophisticated jingoists, willing to go to war against any country on the planet, in order to "defend their way of life", which is critically dependent on the US subsuming the resources of other countries, and only selling them in US dollars, right?!?

This is only going to happen when pigs discover they are aerodynamic, but wouldn't it be wonderful if the US celebration of Mother's Day was a real celebration of peace, intelligent cooperation, and goodwill to all countries around the world, particularly those which are suffering right now, like Russia with its Covid 19 epidemic; Venezuela; and Iran?!?

Just keep running those recipes, Steve; keep ignoring what really needs to be covered; it is obvious that your fan base loves you for it, and don't mind being underinformed, or completely uninformed, about those issues which are shaping, and will shape, our world for years to come.