Kabul Is Now Surrounded By The Taliban | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Kabul Is Now Surrounded By The Taliban

The Taliban are isolating Afghanistan's capital city from the rest of the country, choking off important supply routes and imposing their rules on the provinces near Kabul. Interviews suggest that the Taliban have gained control along three of the four major highways into the city, and some believe it's a matter of time before they regulate all traffic around the capital.

The insurgents don't need to attack the capital; by hobbling the government's ability to reach its own citizens beyond the city gates, security analysts say, the Taliban make the rulers of Kabul irrelevant in broad swaths of the country. It's more than a propaganda victory; the insurgents are grabbing the same political high ground the Taliban exploited during their previous sweep to power in the 1990s, by positioning themselves as the best enforcers of security in rural Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how soon the "Saigon Moment" will come for American and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

We never, ever had enough boots on the ground, per the US military's own protocol, to make the occupation successful. That would have been around 400,000 soldiers.

What we have done (precisely what we did in Viet Nam, from which apparently neither the country's civilian nor military leadership learned anything)has been to attack from the air, with massive bombings.

This guarantees two things, and two things only: one hell of a lot of collateral damage (as in infants, women, the elderly and medically fragile getting blown to smithereens) , and radicalizing those left standing against the puppet government we've installed.

History will remember this administration very clearly for what crimes it has committed, both at home and abroad.

The judgment of history will be very severe, both of this country's leadership, and a cowed public too frightened to stop it before the real carnage began.