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Riots Are Coming To A City Near You: Here's What You Need To Do Right Now

Authored by Karen Morris via The Organic Prepper blog,

Some of you may know my story. For those of you who don’t, to put it succinctly, a great part of our preparedness journey as a family started because of the Ferguson Riots. We lived them. But now violence is erupting again in Minneapolis and many other cities across the country.

During the Ferguson riots, if we walked out of our front door, we could smell the teargas. Hearing gunshots – that was a regular occurrence. A crowd in our front yard? Check. Police helicopters overhead? Check! Bugging out once because of danger to our family and another time because of planned protests? Check and Check again!

Guys, it was not fun. It was scary “as all get out.” My littlest guy who was 3 at the time stopped sleeping in his own bed. My older kids wouldn’t leave the house. This was real.

If you are living near the location of the riots, what should you be doing now?

For those of you who live near the location of the Minneapolis riots or any of the other locations of civil unrest across the country, my heart breaks for you. I’ve lived it first-hand. The riots burned down my Wal-Mart, Sams, Little Caesars, Walgreens, and Shop and Save. Most of these were less than a mile from my house. Some were less than 1/4 mile.

I am not here to comment on what started the riots. I have rock solid beliefs, but like most of the discussion of COVID right now, it will only produce fighting. Let’s talk about something productive that we can all be on the same page with.

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This article contains clear and clean information about how to prepare yourself, if you believe that riots an looting are going to come into your area.

You may want to distribute it to friends and neighbors right now, by sending it as a link from your computer, as long as electricity is still working where you live.