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The Shame of Noam Chomsky & Left Gatekeepers

Barrie Zwicker was the first journalist in the world to deeply question, on national television, the official story of 9/11. It was a great honor in 2003 for snowshoefilms to meet Zwicker in Toronto. We knew his courageous series of programs questioning the official story had cost him his career in journalism. Zwicker spent no time lamenting. He was organizing, with colleagues, a 9/11 truth movement, determined to expose the big lie: the false-flag inside job terrorist attack would be and was being used as justification for the 'war on terrorism', the war on Islam, the destruction of Iraq. If the 9/11 official story was so preposterous, how come it wasn't easily seen through? Zwicker, a professional media analyst, poses and answers that question in his book. He explains why the corporate media wasn't going to look at it.
Another puzzler: Chomsky and most of the left academics and liberal media outlets accept the official story.