Terror, Terror, Terror... Where's The Proof? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Terror, Terror, Terror... Where's The Proof?

We have no recognizable representation within this government-yet we are being taxed into oblivion. (In January of 2011 there will be a huge tax increase across the board) and those that cannot pay will likely be jailed. "Taxation without Representation Is Tyranny" was once an American battle-cry during the Revolutionary War here. (1)

Right now The Secretary of War, William Gates, is demanding that we reinstitute the draft in order to get more bodies to feed into the meat-grinder of the wars that have no point except for the filthy-rich. His complaint is that we've run out of people to volunteer. He could just draft all those Americans that are currently serving as mercenaries-thereby saving a great deal of money while putting those who refuse in prison instead of letting them feed from the troughs of illegal private enterprise ­ it's our money that the government is spending on the mercenaries so why not reduce that totally unnecessary expense? (2)

This is all part of the very real TERRORISM that afflicts Americans today, in every walk of life-and this has to stop!