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True Vote Summarizes Problems in U.S. Election Thus Far

- Voter deception. In Florida Democratic voters received calls falsely telling them they could call in their vote and avoid lines. In Philadelphia, fliers warn that people with outstanding tickets, child support payments and warrants will be arrested when they vote. In Hampton, Virginia they tell Democrats to vote on Wednesday, Republicans on Tuesday. In Texas, people are told if they want to vote for all the Democrats and make sure they vote for Obama, that after they select Democrat they should then select Obama – in fact, that erases the Obama vote.

- Registration fraud. ACORN has gotten a lot of attention for workers who registered the Dallas football team to vote in Utah, Mickey Mouse, telephone-book registration and one person registering dozens of times. It is hard to see how any of these false registrations will result in false votes – will Mickey Mouse actually vote? But there has been a lot of attention on this one.

- More registration fraud. A leader of a Republican registration drive, funded by the McCain campaign has been arrested on massive voter fraud.