US is fascist police state run by Wall Street crowd | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US is fascist police state run by Wall Street crowd

The Washington Post wrote a very surprising editorial piece, by their editorial page editor, really surprising. The Post and the Times and most of the US media go all out to bash Trump, not for the right reasons, for the wrong reasons. It's unusual to take on a member of this regime and bash that person, but that's exactly what the Washington Post did.

Last week they wrote an editorial piece bashing Pompeo calling him, “the worst Secretary of State in US history.” Well, I couldn't have said it any better myself. I thought Hillary Clinton was the worst while she was around. And I do believe that very strongly. And Pompeo -- it was mostly -- I didn't know anything about him, he was a congressman but you know there were 435 of those. So none of them really stands out that much. Some more than others but they're really faces in the crowd for the most part.