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The Afghan fire looks set to spread, but there is a way out

The only way to end the war is the withdrawal of foreign troops as part of a political settlement negotiated with all the significant players in the country, including the Taliban, and guaranteed by the regional powers and neighbouring states. A large majority of Afghans say they back negotiations with the Taliban, even in western-conducted opinion polls. The Taliban themselves insist they will only talk once foreign troops have withdrawn. If that were the only obstacle, it could surely be choreographed as a parallel process. But given the scale of commitments made by the US and Nato, the fire of the Afghan war seems bound to spread further.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What this man is saying makes absolute sense, given the current situation on the ground.

Of course, logic and this administration have never had an on-going relationship.

It will be interesting to see what the next president will do with Afghanistan, considering that neither the US nor NATO appear to be ready to pony up the additional 350,000 soldiers necessary for a military win.