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A new 9/11 clue

The recording is titled, “The WTC-10-5-the-message-about-the-remote-controlled-plane.” In the mélange of scratchy voices bumping each other off and on, around minute three, the words “remote controlled-plane” bump through clearly, are interrupted, and finally assert quite clearly again that “there’s a big truck on King Street with the mural of an airplane painted on it diving into New York City and exploding.” It was later noted “King Street between 6th and 7th Avenues,” about a mile north of WTC, which was in direct line of sight from King St. and 6th Avenue.

What’s more as the NYPD stopped for a look at the truck, two men were seen fleeing from it and were apprehended by the police. To the writer’s knowledge and mine, no one ever reported this bizarre event. When I wrote back, questioning if he knew anything more about the two men, or how did the police know it was a “remote-controlled” airplane painted on the big truck,” he wrote back . . .

“Unfortunately, I don’t know any more details about the King St. incident, but the radio transmissions don’t lie. When you consider the story of the five dancing Israelis and the truck loaded with explosives caught near the GW bridge, it becomes obvious that this incident was also covered up. By the way, these were police, not firemen who caught these two suspects, in my estimation.

‘Earlier in the transmissions you could hear them speak of ATF agents, sergeant and inspector so and so, and the fact that they requested the Bomb Squad and ESU (Emergency Services Unit) to the scene. It appears that two officers became suspicious of a truck because it was painted with “a plane diving into New York City and exploding.” It must have been apparent to the officers that this plane was of a remote-controlled type which may also be a clue into how this false flag operation was pulled off.

“These captured Israeli Mossad agents [referring to the Five Dancing Israelis which I wrote about it in Happy 2001] had training in electronic intercept, military intelligence and explosive ordinance units.”