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Poisoned patriots? Stricken Marines seek help with illnesses

Kelly is one of 20 retired U.S. Marines or sons of Marines who once lived at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and who are now suffering from breast cancer, a disease that strikes about one man for every 100 women who get it. Each of the seven men CNN interviewed for this report has had part of his chest removed as part of his treatment, along with chemotherapy, radiation or both.

All 20 fear that water contaminated with high levels of toxic chemicals may have caused their illnesses, but the Marine Corps says no link has been found between the contamination and their diseases. Without that link, the men are denied treatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs, which says it can't treat them for a condition that hasn't been shown to have been "service-related." Video

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All of these Marines should have precisely the same top-tier medical treatment for their illnesses that Dick Cheney gets, period, end of discussion.

The Corps needs to stand up, take responsibility for this, and see to it that nothing like this every happens to one of their own again.

And it is that issue of not taking responsibility which is completely outrageous.