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FM: Topple 'mad regime of Teheran'

The newly exposed Iranian nuclear facility proves "without a doubt" the Islamic Republic is pursuing nuclear weapons, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Saturday. AFP quoted him as urging immediate action, saying, "Without wasting time, we must work towards the overthrow of the mad regime of Teheran."

"Nobody is worried about the Palestinian problem, everybody in the Muslim and Arab world and first and foremost in the [Persian] Gulf states are worried about the Iranian problem," Lieberman said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Avigdor Lieberman: even if Iran were pursuing a nuclear weapons program (which the IAEA, so far, consistently says they are not), could you blame them?

The US did a magnificently spectacular job of educating the world as to what happens to countries without a nuclear deterrent with the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

This started a world arms race which is just going to get worse and worse. Even the former Vice-President of Brazil has gone on record, suggesting that Brazil needs to develop a nuclear arms program!

Because Israel actually has nuclear weapons,(but still refuses to become a signatory to the NPT) does that make its government a "mad regime"?!?

And Minister Lieberman, I would suggest that every thinking person on this planet is worried about the "... Palestinian problem"; it is the core of bitter contention that has reverberations throughout the entire Middle East.

Of course, peace is not really on Israel's agenda. It is only interested in acquiring territory by any means necessary.