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Obama continues assault on democratic rights

A version of the shield law that has been passed by the House of Representatives allows judges to weigh the public’s right to know against considerations of "national security" in instances where the government takes reporters to court to force them to reveal their sources. In opposition to this bill, Obama offered his own version, which would force reporters to reveal their sources whenever the White House claims national security to be at stake.

Obama’s transparent aim is to intimidate the press and prevent members of the intelligence and defense apparatus from revealing government secrets and crimes. Purported threats to national security "was the constant cry from the Bush administration as the public learned—through the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information—of prisoner abuse, secret CIA prisons for terrorist suspects and warrantless wiretapping," the New York Times noted.

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Welcome to George Bush's 3rd term, brought to you by....(drum roll, please....) Barak Obama!