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Percent of Permanent Job Losses at Highest in Over 30 Years

The Atlanta Fed’s macroblog has compiled a roundup of evidence showing that the economy is in a jobless recovery. It shows that jobs are scarce, that a higher than average number of jobs have been lost in small businesses (which is a bad sign), and that many workers have been forced into part time status.

However, the data point that really jumps out is this one — the dominant reason for unemployment in the current economy is permanent separation. Permanent separation is when a job is cut and it’s never coming back…versus temporary layoffs, quitting, and other types of job losses.

It’s a unique point because the percent of permanent job losses haven’t been this high in over 30 years, and as the article goes on to say, “Never, in the six recessions preceding the latest one, did permanent separations account for more than 45 percent of the unemployed. The current percentage stands at 56 percent as of September and appears to be still climbing.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fact that anyone can even talk about a recovering economy while the jobs vanish proves that they see the health of the economy only in terms of the amount of cash flowing into the hands of the elites.