3 Trillion Reasons Why Pelosi Just Sparked The Nationwide Battle For The 'Tax Producers' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

3 Trillion Reasons Why Pelosi Just Sparked The Nationwide Battle For The 'Tax Producers'

The fundamental problem now is that the pols in D.C. are now positioning themselves to be the saviors, even though they could truly care less about any of us in the real world unless we’re willing to vote for them this fall.

The House, under the baleful eye of Chief Witch Nancy Pelosi, just passed a $3 trillion ‘support’ bill which is the height of the worst kind of pandering and virtue signaling.

Because she knows the Republicans in the Senate will vote it down as a matter of principle.

Forget the fact that the government doesn’t have $3 trillion dollars. The Federal government doesn’t have $1 at this point. The budget deficit for 2020 will be north of 20% of GDP.

Pelosi only put this bill together to make it unpalatable to even the odious Republicans so her people will have something to campaign against them on this fall.

This isn’t the basis for a new negotiation. Pelosi et.al. are arguing at the state level and lower to extend the lock downs into the fall to ensure maximal damage is done to the domestic economy.

This is all about how many tax producers can they turn against Trump before November.

That’s it. Power, votes, money from the future till from the Magic Money Tree that is the lifeblood of all political vampires, of whom desiccated Nancy is the Queen of the Damned.

What’s worse is that Pelosi couldn’t even whip all her people to back this thing, because some of them actually believe they can do some good by just printing money. They don’t understand that they are forestalling the reorganization of capital away from the tax consumers and back towards the tax producers which is what contractions in output do when free from their greedy hands.

But, the reality is that Pelosi isn’t the problem, she’s just its most apropos symbol. The Republicans are no better, President Trump included. They’ve already pushed through the CARES Act which was an abomination, with almost zero actual help for the engine of the country, small businesses.