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Five Places That Should Boom From The Coming COVID Migration

Authored by Simon Black via

e talked about this briefly last week– I told you that I expect a massive trend in migration from high tax, high cost urban places to lower tax, lower cost suburban and rural places.

And the reasons are obvious.

Plenty of people have been miserably cooped up in shoebox-sized apartments for the past three months due to local lockdown restrictions. And now they’re finally realizing– ‘if I don’t need to go to the office anymore, I don’t need to be in this city anymore…’

Plus they’re wisely thinking about the future.

Sure, maybe medical researchers find the miracle drug to treat Covid-19. Or they develop a vaccine that Bill Gates will personally inject into each and every one of us at gunpoint.

But then what happens if Covid-20 hits? Or an antibiotic resistant super-bug is unleashed upon the world?

Or people simply decide they don’t want to raise their children in a place where arson, vandalism, and looting are considered acts of heroism?

This is not a passing trend. It’s a way of life.

The arithmetic is quite simple. Someone can trade a $5,000/month hamster cage in Manhattan for a 4,000+ square foot home with water views and a spacious yard in sunny Florida, and still have plenty of extra money left over… with the added benefit that Florida has no state income tax.

This logic makes five places very interesting for prospective migrants.

Texas, Florida, Nevada, and Tennessee are four states with warm weather, plenty of wide-open spaces, cheap living costs, access to big city amenities, and no state income tax.