New UN report offers grim reminder of US complicity in the brutal war in Yemen | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

New UN report offers grim reminder of US complicity in the brutal war in Yemen

If you want a graphic example of how U.S. intervention can very often make the situation worse, look no further the civil war in Yemen, a conflict that has long since been designated by the United Nations as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

A military campaign Saudi Arabia confidently predicted back in 2015 would be over in weeks has instead dragged out into what can only be referred to as one, long, never-ending nightmare. With the war entering its fifth year this coming March, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s first overseas misadventure (there have been too many to count) has produced a tragedy of such great proportions that Yemen — the poorest country in the Arab world — now resembles a house of real-life horrors.

While the United States may not be bombing Houthi targets alongside Saudi and Emirati warplanes, the fact is that Washington’s diplomatic, intelligence, and military support to the Saudi-led coalition since the war began has made it a party to the conflict. As the U.N. Expert Group on Yemen concluded in its latest report this week, “third States, including Canada, France, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United Kingdom…and the United States of America, continued their support of parties to the conflict including through arms transfers, thereby helping to perpetuate the conflict.”