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Feb 09 12:31

Trump Drops HUGE Terror Bombshell While Democrats Keep Obstructing (VIDEO)

The White House has just released a list to Fox News containing the names of 24 REFUGEES who came from the 7 COUNTRIES affected by Trump’s TRAVEL BAN, and have been charged with TERRORISM!!!!!

This effectively exposes all of Obama’s intentional lies which he spewed in a desperate attempt to cover-up the shocking truth that we now know definitely and beyond any doubt…

Trump has been right all along…

Feb 09 12:31

YouTube glitch results in huge subscriber count losses, negative sub counts

A number of YouTube channels are experiencing huge subscriber count losses, as the result of a glitch that occurred Wednesday afternoon.

The glitch was first reported by YouTube user BlackScreenTV, who theorized that it was caused by a counting error when subscribing and un-subscribing. We conducted our own tests, and found his theory to be correct.

Here’s an example: You find a channel that has 1,000 subscribers. If you subscribe, their count would be increased to 1,001 – normal, intended behavior. When you immediately unsubscribe, however, their count decreases by two, dropping to 999. The ending result is a net gain of -1 subscribers, as opposed to 0.

The glitch caused many top channels to seemingly lose thousands of subscribers on Wednesday afternoon, with several channels dropping into the negatives.

Feb 09 12:29

Shell launches bid to leave massive, sludgy oil rig remnants in North Sea for 500 years

Oil giant Shell is to launch a bid to leave the 10 vast concrete legs of three oil rigs standing in the North Sea for up to 500 years after the platforms have been decommissioned.

The company’s proposals also include the controversial suggestion that oil mixed with sediment in 42 out of 64 concrete storage cells – each up to 20 metres in diameter and 60 metres high, taller than Nelson’s Column – should remain on the sea bed.

Feb 09 12:28

Robots 'could replace 250,000 UK public sector workers'

Almost 250,000 public sector workers could lose their jobs to robots over the next 15 years, according to a new report which claims machines would be more efficient and save billions of pounds.

Reform, a right-of-centre thinktank, says websites and artificial intelligence “chat bots” could replace up to 90% of Whitehall’s administrators, as well as tens of thousands in the NHS and GPs’ surgeries, by 2030 – saving as much as £4bn a year.

Even nurses and doctors could fall victim to the march of the machines, which the report says can outperform humans at some diagnoses and routine surgical procedures, and are more efficient at collecting information.

Feb 09 12:28

World’s Largest Container Carrier “Unexpectedly” Has Big Loss in Crushed Industry. Now Trade War with China Looms

It “would have a very negative effect on our business”: Maersk CEO

A.P. Moller-Maersk – a conglomerate that includes the largest container carrier in the world, transporting about 19% of all seaborne containerized cargo, plus large port operations, an oil driller, and other units – got caught in two industries that saw prices collapse: seaborne container freight and oil.

Feb 09 12:25

Beijing threatens to shut down bitcoin exchanges

China’s central bank has warned domestic bitcoin exchanges they risk being closed if found violating the country’s currency regulations. The warning came as the regulator tries to curb capital outflows following fears of continued weakness in the yuan.

Feb 09 12:22

We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus

The chip was then placed into the GEER—the Glenn Extreme Environments Rig, a machine that can maintain Venus-like temperature and pressure for hundreds of hours at a time. The chip, a simple 3-stage oscillator, kept functioning at a steady 1.26MHz for 521 hours (21.7) days before the GEER had to be shut down.

NASA Glenn says this is the first reported demonstration of a computer chip operating in Venus-like conditions for multiple days/weeks without the aid of a pressure vessel, cooling system, or other means of protection. "With further technology maturation, such SiC IC electronics could drastically improve Venus lander designs and mission concepts, fundamentally enabling long-duration enhanced missions to the surface of Venus," the researchers conclude.

Feb 09 12:20

Obama Set Up A Hotline For Illegals To Vent, Cost To Taxpayers: 15 Million

Hotlines set up by the Obama administration for illegals to vent requires a staff of 208.

Feb 09 12:18


Feb 09 12:13

The FBI: Silent Terror of the Fourth Reich

“After five years of Hitler’s dictatorship, the Nazi police had won the FBI’s seal of approval.”

— Historian Robert Gellately

“Adolf Hitler is alive and well in the United States, and he is fast rising to power.”

—Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, on the danger posed by the FBI to our civil liberties

Lately, there’s been a lot of rhetoric comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. The concern is that a Nazi-type regime may be rising in America.

That process, however, began a long time ago.

Feb 09 12:13

Home About Antiwar.com Donate Blog US Casualties Contact Latest NewsTrump to Approve Arms Sales to Saudis, Bahrain, Ignoring Human Rights Concerns

According to officials familiar with the process, President Trump is expected to quickly approve massive weapons sales to both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, deals which had been on hold over growing concerns about human rights abuses by both nations.

The White House did not discuss the matter directly, saying the final announcement isn’t made yet, but the reports say that a $300 million Saudi missile technology sale and a multi-billion dollar warplane deal for Bahrain are both expected to get imminent clearance from the administration.

Human rights groups had been attacking the Obama Administration for years over such sales, calls which grew with the Saudi war in Yemen and the huge civilian death toll that followed. In the final few months of his administration, Obama was slowing some of the sales.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Mr. President, Profits Uber alles?!?

How in the name of a just Heaven can you possibly be greenlighting these deals, when you know what is being done with these weapons?!?

The Sunni Al-Khalifa monarchy has been regularly suppressing its Shia majority, who - to date - have been peacefully protesting the lack of democracy, and then jailed, tortured into confessions for crimes they did not commit, and receiving huge jail sentences.

Bahrain is still hounding its Shia

And the Saudis?!? Please don't get me started, sir. They have employed a "scorched earth" policy against neighboring Yemen, where the Houthi rebels unseated Monsour Al-Hadi, and this war has gone on for two years, with no real gains to speak of.

Yemen: no accountability for war crimes in Yemen

The Saudis are creating war crimes right, left, upside down, and backwards. They are bombing schools and hospitals; the elderly fragile; women; and open-air markets. They are blockading the ports, so no food can come into the country, meaning that thousands of children are literally starving to death here.

Images: starving Yemeni children

Mr. President, do you not understand that These weapons deals make the US government complicit in those war crimes?!?!?

And by the way, just in case your advisors have decided to "shield" you from the following information,I WON'T!!

These bombing raids are maiming Yemeni children, if not killing them outright. I think you should have a good, hard look at these kids, and ask yourself; what if these were my kids?!?

Images: wounded and killed Yemeni children, courtesy of Saudi bombing raids.

To say that I am profoundly disappointed that you have chosen to side with war criminals in both these countries.... is a colossal understatement.

I sincerely thought you would be making better choices than this.

But I guess Corporate Directors of General Dynamics which the bombs, is ecstatic about making a killing...literally.

Feb 09 12:10

Trump reads the law regarding presidential power to suspend entry into the country. The law is very clear and exposes these judges as going against the law.

President Trump Lashes Out at Liberal Renegade Judges for Blocking Executive Order on Travel Restrictions

Feb 09 12:10

Putin: Most Terrorist Attacks Are “False Flags” Designed To Control Citizens

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that most terrorist attacks are false flag operations designed by the West in order to control members of the public.

Feb 09 12:06

Crimes against Humanity? Israel Bans Delivery of Anaesthesia Gas to Gaza Hospitals

Israel has banned anaesthetic gas from entering the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Ministry of Health revealed yesterday.

This is the third time that the occupation has prevented Nitrous Oxide (nitrox) gas, which is used for patients during surgery, from entering the besieged enclave, the ministry’s spokesman, Ashraf Al-Qidra, said. The ban means a number of urgent medical procedures have now been halted, he explained.

There are currently 200 patients awaiting urgent medical treatment in Gaza’s hospitals, Al-Qidra said.

Feb 09 12:02


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the most corrupt political leaders on the planet. He is also one of the most heavily financed political leaders on the planet.

In spite of his billionaire friends and supporters, however, he is facing almost certain political destruction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There's a motive for Netanyahu to start a major war with Egypt!

Feb 09 11:58

“Swedish Spring”: Citizens Demand National Conversation On Migrant Crimes After Top Cop Goes Public

It’s being called the “Swedish Spring”; a groundswell of support for a top cop who went public on the epidemic of crimes being committed by Muslim migrants which has led to Swedes demanding a national conversation on the issue.

Since veteran police officer Peter Springare blew the whistle on the devastating effects mass immigration has had on Sweden, likes on a Facebook page set up in his honor have swelled to over 130,000 in the space of less than a week.

Feb 09 11:56

Up For Auction: WW2 Spy Weapons & Escape Tools Used By British Secret Agents

Deadly spy weapons and escape tools used by secret agents during the Second World War are to go on sale at auction for the first time.

The tools include a multi-bladed knife designed to help prisoners of war escape, a hidden compass that fits inside a tunic button, and a cleverly concealed cyanide suicide pill hidden inside what looks like a key.

Feb 09 11:56

Revealed: 'Suicide bomber Barbie' and other TSA quack science that cost $1.5 billion

Feb 09 11:55

NYPD Must Release All Files About Undercover Spying On Black Lives Matter Protests ? Judge

A New York Supreme Court judge has ruled that the New York Police Department must comply with an information request for files and recordings of undercover surveillance of a Black Lives Matter protest that didn’t result in any arrests.

Feb 09 11:53

The Growth Industry in 2017? Debt Restructuring & Bankruptcy!

What the experts of the “restructuring industry” see.

Feb 09 11:48

Trump Breaks The Ice With China’s Xi In Letter Seeking ‘Constructive’ Ties

U.S. President Donald Trump has broken the ice with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a letter that said he looked forward to working with him to develop relations, although the pair haven’t spoken directly since Trump took office.

The letter thanked Xi for his congratulatory note on Trump’s inauguration and wished the Chinese people a prosperous Lunar New Year of the Rooster, the White House said in a statement on Wednesday.

“President Trump stated that he looks forward to working with President Xi to develop a constructive relationship that benefits both the United States and China,” it said.

China said on Thursday it attached great importance to China-U.S. ties.

“We highly appreciate President Trump’s holiday greetings to President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a daily press briefing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All this looks positive to me; war with China is the absolutely last thing the folks in Foggy Bottom should be contemplating right now.

Feb 09 11:48

Bill Kristol: White Working Class Should Be Replaced by Immigrants


Feb 09 11:47

More unbelievable facts from the US government's own financial reports

For example, the government’s “net loss” in fiscal year 2016 more than doubled, from MINUS $467 billion to MINUS $1 trillion.

It’s astonishing that anyone could manage to lose so much money, let alone in a year where devoid of major wars, recessions, financial crises, or infrastructure projects.

Feb 09 11:41

Hungary set to build SECOND FENCE on border in battle against migrant 'security threat'

HUNGARY’S tough-talking prime minister Viktor Orban has announced plans to build another fence along the country's border in a bid to keep immigrants out.

Feb 09 11:39

Trump: Terrorism at a ‘Point Where It’s Not Even Being Reported’ By ‘Very Dishonest Press’

Rahm Emanuel Says Democrats Can’t Beat Trump, Because They Are Too Moral! Haha That Is Funny

Feb 09 11:35

France’s first centre for deradicalization stands empty five months after opening

Despite thousands of French nationals having been radicalized, the country’s controversial first centre for deradicalization stands empty, just five months after opening. But the French government refuses to close it.

Feb 09 11:35

Google Is Not What It Seems

In this extract from his new book When Google Met Wikileaks, WikiLeaks' publisher Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department -- and what that means for the future of the internet.

Feb 09 11:34

Trump orders target cartels, crime as attorney general sworn in

Trump: “I’m directing DoJ & the Homeland Security to undertake all necessary and lawful action to BREAK THE BACK of the CRIMINAL CARTELS that have spread across our nation and are DESTROYING THE BLOOD OF OUR YOUTH"!

Feb 09 11:33

Major evacuations in train stations across Sweden after multiple bomb threats

A SERIES of bomb threats have forced hundreds of rail passengers to be evacuated from trains in Sweden amid chaotic scenes.

Feb 09 11:32

EUROZONE CRUMBLES: Germany orders Greece to LEAVE euro if it wants debts cut

HARDLINE German minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has warned the only way Greece's loans can be written off is through the country leaving the eurozone, as the debt crisis once again blows up.

Feb 09 11:30

BREAKING NEWS: Speaker John Bercow faces NO CONFIDENCE motion after Donald Trump rant

THE SPEAKER of the House of Commons John Bercow is to face a no confidence motion following his rant about Donald Trump this week.

Feb 09 11:28

10 Reasons America Will Be Judged As The Most Brutal Empire In History

As with all empires, these “means” have become increasingly violent and destructive in the face of resistance. Yet, only a few more dominoes are left to knock over for America to complete a plan set in motion well before they were one of the colonies. That is unless, of course, other world powers break ranks and attempt to stop the conquerors, which could lead to a large scale conflict.

Regardless, when the dust settles and moral history is written, America and her Western cohorts will likely be viewed as the most brutal empire in history. Here are ten reasons why this is already the case:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trump's comment applies here, "What, you think our country's so innocent?”

Feb 09 11:27

10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire

At its height, the British Empire was the largest to have ever existed. Aside from covering most of the globe, it was responsible for some of the greatest advances in engineering, art, and medicine that the world will ever know. The Empire gave us steam engines, penicillin, radar, and even television.However, life under the British wasn’t all just incredible inventions. Alongside the good stuff the Empire did sat a whole ream of not-so-good stuff, and alongside that a whole load of other stuff so evil it’d make Dick Dastardly balk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trump's comment applies here, "What, you think our country's so innocent?”

Feb 09 11:24

A Violation Of Tribal & Human Rights: Standing Rock Chair Slams Approval Of Dakota Access Pipeline

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Tuesday it will greenlight the final phase of construction for the Dakota Access pipeline.

Feb 09 11:21

Jeremy Corbyn accuses BBC of 'fake news' as Labour leader plots post-Brexit vote reshuffle

Jeremy Corbyn, in a Donald Trump-style defence, accused the BBC of circulating "fake news" after a presenter grilled the left-winger over his future as Labour leader on Thursday morning (9 February).

"I'm really surprised the BBC is reporting fake news. There is no news. There is no news," Corbyn told BBC Breakfast's Charlie Stayt. The strong denial comes a day after claims the Labour leader had set a resignation date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 09 11:20

RAF jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers flying near UK

The Royal Air Force confirmed two Blackjack bombers were in a UK "area of interest" but did not enter territorial airspace.

Feb 09 11:19

Rabbis Fake Solidarity Once Again

Chutzpah, as we know, is a Jewish invention and Rabbi Jill Jacobs, T'ruah's executive director, has a lot of it in her disposal. "It makes a statement when we (Rabbis) are willing to put our bodies on the line.” she said. Perplexed Goyim may wonder how exactly Rabbi Jacobs puts her ‘body on the line’ (sitting down on the street in the middle of Manhattan)? The rabbi must have realised how ridiculous her statement was, as she then corrected herself. "Right now the people whose bodies are really on the line are people trying to get to America, and risking death to do so. The least that we can do is put our bodies a little bit on the line...to bring attention to the situation of refugees.”

Feb 09 11:18

Twitter shares crater after ugly revenue miss, shockingly weak guidance

Twitter shares sank Thursday after the social media company reported quarterly revenue that missed Wall Street's expectations and issued guidance that fell far short of estimates.

Feb 09 11:15


Meet Richard Overton, America’s oldest veteran. In this lively short film by Matt Cooper and Rocky Conly, hear the whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking supercentenarian reveal his secrets to a long life.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My maternal grandfather was just like this guy, veteran of WW1 (and the Rough Riders), drank whisky, smoked cigars, lived to be over 100.

One time he came out to California to visit us, and wanted to visit Disneyland, so mom gave me the task of taking him down to Anaheim and told me to just let him take a few rides then bring him back home quickly because of his age.

We stayed until closing.

When we finally got home my mother was furious with me for keeping him out so late. I replied, "Me keeping him out? I couldn't keep up with him! He's like a little kid, only he has his own money!" :)

Feb 09 11:12


The Israeli Knesset on Monday passed a controversial new law that allows the Israeli government to expropriate private Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, making more than a dozen Israeli settlements legal under Israeli law.

Feb 09 11:09

Tucker Carlson Rand Paul Interview - Auditing the Federal Reserve

The impossible seems possible when you start to discuss it more often.

I think the viral meme has jumped the barrier into feasibility.

Feb 09 11:07

Israel’s New Land Law: Clearing The Path To Annexation

The Israeli parliament passed the legalisation law on Monday night – a piece of legislation every bit as suspect as its title suggests. The law widens the powers of Israeli officials to seize the final fragments of Palestinian land in the West Bank that were supposed to be off-limits.

Feb 09 11:04

CAUGHT: The Young Turks Advocate Violent Riots!... They Are Losing Thousands Of Subscribers Per Hour!

The Young Turks are losing thousands of subscribers per hour, they have lost 50,000+ today alone & it continues to decline.

Feb 09 10:54

Trump Breaks The Ice With China’s Xi In Letter Seeking ‘Constructive’ Ties

U.S. President Donald Trump has broken the ice with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a letter that said he looked forward to working with him to develop relations, although the pair haven’t spoken directly since Trump took office.

The letter thanked Xi for his congratulatory note on Trump’s inauguration and wished the Chinese people a prosperous Lunar New Year of the Rooster, the White House said in a statement on Wednesday.

“President Trump stated that he looks forward to working with President Xi to develop a constructive relationship that benefits both the United States and China,” it said.

China said on Thursday it attached great importance to China-U.S. ties.

“We highly appreciate President Trump’s holiday greetings to President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a daily press briefing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All this looks positive to me; war with China is the absolutely last thing the folks in Foggy Bottom should be contemplating right now.

Feb 09 10:52

Brexit Could Give £8bn Extra Spending Money To UK Government – IFS

Britain could see a Brexit dividend of up to £8 billion (US$10 billion), the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has said.

In its Green Budget, it said depending on the trade deal the UK secures with Brussels, Brexit could have a negative impact on the economy.

Feb 09 10:50

VIDEO -- Explosion at Flamanville Nuclear Plant in France

An explosion has taken place at French utility EDF's Flamanville nuclear plant but there is no risk of a radiation leak, according to company officials

Feb 09 10:45

Virginia School Board Defends Politically Correct Signs In Classrooms

When the school board member was asked by radio host Larry O’Connor about the feminist movement origins of the “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” line in the sign, she defended the phrase as “historical” and not necessarily political.

Conservative-leaning students at Yorktown High saw the signs differently.

“When I walked from my seventh period to my eighth period, I saw these posters. I saw what it said and knew at that moment it was a political statement… it was a propaganda poster,” John Piper, a Yorktown student, told WMAL. “Sitting in silence is how these things happen.”

Feb 09 10:44

Yale University Study Shows Association Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

A team of researchers from the Yale School of Medicine and Penn State College of Medicine have found a disturbing association between the timing of vaccines and the onset of certain brain disorders in a subset of children.

Feb 09 10:41


"Here we go; this is what I’ve handled from Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment."

“Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again. Christopher… what, is it true? Yes, a Swedish name snuck in on the edges of a drug crime. Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again."

“Countries representing all the crimes this week: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about their nationality and identity.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please give me a moment to wrap my head around this; now, in Sweden, telling the truth about immigrant-perpetrated crime is a "hate crime"?!?!?

THIS IDIOCY.... IS COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL IN EUROPE, and may well cost Merkel re-election in Germany.

Feb 09 10:38

92% Of Leftist Activists Live At Home With Mother Into Adulthood

In case you were wondering what sort of activists fill out the crowds in Soros-funded left-wing rallies, new research proves vast majority of protesters arrested for politically-fuelled offences are young men who still live at home with their mother.

Feb 09 10:36


Yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told Congress the Trump administration may soon require that visitors to the United States provide their social media passwords and internet activity history to DHS agents before entering the country.

It appears as if Secretary Kelly was talking about demanding social media passwords and internet history records during the visa application process, but there are reasons to fear the Trump administration could extend these surveillance demands to other groups—even US citizens and legal permanent residents.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice; you should consult an attorney about your particular situation, and you should carry an attorney’s contact information with you that you can provide to CBP agents if they seek your passwords.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That we even need to think like this upon crossing a border back into the US, when you have been absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing, is just....absoflippinglutely unbelievable, and so thoroughly wrong, legally, that I do not know quite where to begin here..

It appears that the US courts, judicial system, and state and local
officers have collectively reverted to Code Napoleon law, where one was believed guilty until proven innocent.

This attitude goes completely against the grain of what the Constitution and Bill of Rights is supposed to guarantee for American citizens.

Webmaster addition: After TSA smashed a very expensive laptop up in Seattle, I bought a cheap netbook that is my "travel machine." They can peak at it all they want; there is nothing on it (not even behind-the-scenes photos from LOST for them to steal!)

Feb 09 10:33

Maxine Waters Doubles Down – Has ANOTHER Unhinged Meltdown On MSNBC

Transcript from her rant on MSNBC:

This is the most outrageous and ridiculous President that this country has ever had. He cannot be depended on for anything that he says and so for them to try to pretend that somehow what i’m saying is outrageous and I’ve been reined in and all of that, there’s no truth to that. As a matter of fact, all that Nancy Pelosi said was that she was not ready to talk about impeachment, I’m ready to talk about it because I do believe that he has shown us enough and defined himself in ways that we have to be suspicious and concerned about him and we’ve got to dig deeper.

Sorry, Maxine. You can’t impeach a president because you don’t like him.
It doesn’t work that way.

Feb 09 10:32

Trump’s Pick For Supreme Court Censures Him

President Donald Trump’s nominee for a US Supreme Court vacancy, Neil Gorsuch, has called his attitude towards judges “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”

Trump ripped a “so-called judge” on Twitter on Saturday over a ruling to halt the president’s Muslim ban, asserting that the judge’s move is “ridiculous and will be overturned.”

Feb 09 10:25

Leaked Trump Presidential Memo Would Free U.S. Companies to Buy Conflict Minerals From Central African Warlords

THE LEAKED DRAFT of a presidential memorandum Donald Trump is expected to sign within days suspends a 2010 rule that discouraged American companies from funding conflict and human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo through their purchase of “conflict minerals.”

The memo, distributed inside the administration on Friday afternoon and obtained by The Intercept, directs the Securities and Exchange Commission to temporarily waive the requirements of the Conflict Mineral Rule, a provision of the Dodd Frank Act, for two years — which the rule explicitly allows the president to do for national security purposes. The memorandum also directs the State Department and Treasury Department to find an alternative plan to “address such problems in the DRC and adjoining countries.”

Feb 09 10:20


President Donald Trump on Saturday accused “Obama people” of working “against our country” by leaking information to the news media about his telephone conversations with world leaders.

Feb 09 10:10


A Russian airstrike accidentally killed three Turkish soldiers and wounded 11 others during an operation against the Islamic State in northern Syria on Thursday morning, Turkey's military said in a statement and Moscow confirmed.The head of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, said the warplanes were targeting Islamic State sites in the al-Bab area.

Whether indeed "accidental", or payback for the downing of a Russian jet over the Turkish-Syrian border in November 2015 is unclear, but according to Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences over the accidental loss of life in the airstrike, in a phone call with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hopefully, consistent and solid communication will prevent this from happening in the future; but it is tragic that it took an accident of this magnitude to get Turkey and Russia talking about coordinating day-to-day activities with their air strikes.

Feb 09 10:03

The Pathetic New York Times

I find nothing in Trump’s comments to suggest he “appreciates” Putin’s brutality. Trump merely stated, in the form of a question, an undeniable fact.

The editors of the Times are very good at listing in some detail Putin’s transgressions – not all of which have any factual basis (but facts cannot be allowed to get in the way of these editors).

Feb 09 10:03

Trump Appeals To The Military Against The Press And The Courts

In an extraordinary appearance Monday at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, President Donald Trump dispensed with democratic protocol to deliver a political speech. He denounced the press and implicitly suggested the formation of a presidential-military alliance against the courts and the Constitution.

Feb 09 10:00

White working class should be replaced

Here's a nice conservative Jewish gentleman explaining the solution to the complaints of the white working class. It's quite simple, just replace them. You know, cause after a few generations they get lazy.

Feb 09 09:59

30 Incidents Of Out Of Control Liberalism

Here are a few recent hoaxes apparently designed to make Trump and his supporters look racist:

Feb 09 09:53

New Mini Ice Age Explained - Starting NOW Deepest in 2024... Perhaps

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no question that the gravity of Jupiter and Saturn does effect the orbits of the inner planets, and as this video illustrates, may explain short-term variations in Earth's temperature. A table of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions can be found HERE.

Feb 09 09:42

The Futile Efforts of Donald Trump

In this article, Israel Shamir advances a startling thesis: the reason the Jews are so anxious to swamp the West with Muslim migrants—the more unruly, extremist, and fanatical these migrants the better—is that they want to use these Muslims as a tool to destroy Christianity with.

They can’t afford to do this themselves; that would make them look too bad and give them an image problem. So instead, employing a more devious and underhand tactic, they plan to egg on these Muslim zealots to do their dirty work for them. The Muslim jihadis, in other words, will one day take on the role of the Jews’ unpaid Christ killers. Or, to use Shamir’s words, their “silent partners”.

Feb 09 09:38

O.C. Woman Says Airline Made Her Move Because 2 Pakistani Monks Can’t Sit Next To Female

An Orange County woman said she is the victim of discrimination.

Mary Campos says her pre-booked ticket was given away by United Airlines. The reason? She’s a woman, and two men didn’t want to sit next to a female.

It’s a story that is Only On 2. Stacey Butler spoke to Campos.

A a million-mile flier, Campos — a mom who lives in Coto de Caza — said she thought she’d seen it all.

Until a gate agent handed her a new boarding pass just before she got on a flight to Houston last Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 09 09:32


Trump haters have been losing their minds the past few weeks. Protests have formed in all major cities in the nation, and it seems every liberal snowflake has their own reason to hate our president. The main reason for all the hostility however is Trump’s “racism” toward the black community.

Feb 09 09:32

Trump to Boost Anti-Missile Research

President Trump’s administration intends to re-open long-ignored research and development on defensive anti-missile systems considering both Iranian and North Korean development of ballistic missile systems.

Feb 09 09:31

Senate Confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

The Senate confirmed Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general largely along party lines Wednesday evening, ushering in a dramatic shift in the Justice Department’s approach to issues ranging from relations with local police to immigration enforcement to voter fraud.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not to mention investigations into corruption and a certain weak email server!

Feb 09 09:23


A Harvard economist has found that nearly 42 percent of immigrant households in the United States are on public assistance of some kind.

“In 2016, there were 8.9 million households headed by a non-citizen … almost 42 percent of those households received some type of assistance,” George Borjas, Professor of Economics and Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, wrote on his website on Feb. 1.

To come to his conclusions Borjas used census data from 1994 to 2016 to calculate how many of the migrant-headed households receive either money, food stamps, or Medicaid.

Feb 09 09:17

All CPS students sent home with letter accusing Gov. Rauner of ‘cheating’ kids

Intense rhetoric between Chicago Democrats and Illinois’ Republican governor is nothing new, but some parents are upset it is now being played out in a letter sent home with their kids.

Chicago Public Schools officials sent home a letter with all 381,000 students blasting Gov. Bruce Rauner and ignoring any role Democrats may have played in the state’s budget woes.

The “Dear Parents” letter begins by stating “Governor Bruce Rauner, just like President Trump, has decided to attack those who need the most help.” Twice the letter accuses Gov. Rauner of “cheating” children. Once it says the governor “stole” from kids.

The letter goes on to cite Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool’s often repeated claim that the governor broke a promise by blocking Chicago from receiving $215 million for city schools.

One CPS parent who contacted WGN wrote: “This is so inappropriate. How can he send political propaganda home?”

Feb 09 09:16


(TEPCO) is reporting that the atmospheric readings inside Daiichi reactor Number 2 are as high as 530 Sieverts per hour.

A human exposed to a single dose of 10 Sieverts would die in a couple of weeks. The levels being recorded recently are 53 times that – per hour.

Feb 09 09:14

Public School System Exposed for Reporting Parents to CPS for Homeschooling

Homeschooling your child in New York City could earn a visit from Child Protective Services for neglect — even if you’ve followed all procedures required by the public school system to withdraw from its programs.

Tanya Acevedo, as The Federalist reports, experienced firsthand the punitive bureaucracy in place, essentially deeming all homeschooling parents child abusers.

Acevedo withdrew her child from school this winter, filing all necessary paperwork required by the government. But that wasn’t enough to stave off a visit from CPS, who showed up at her residence unannounced to investigate allegations of “educational neglect.”

Feb 09 09:09

Time Bomb In Oil Markets: Goldman Sachs Issues Warning

So is the gasoline demand data accurate, and is a recession quietly gripping over the U.S., even as most other indicators are calmly flashing green?

Here Goldman refuses to believe the official data, instead reverting to its own model, which "adjusts" the data, to goal-seek the decline to appear more manageable.

Feb 09 09:08

Are These OPEC Members Sabotaging The Output Deal?

OPEC provide a shot in the arm for oil prices this week when S&P Global Platts reported a much higher than expected compliance rate for the month of June. So far, OPEC has achieved 91 percent of its promised production cuts, impressing many oil watchers who expected mutual antipathy and mistrust to get in the way of cooperation.

But the success of the deal could be undermined by a few members within OPEC that are not part of the deal. Libya and Nigeria were given exemptions, due to the sizable portion of oil production capacity sidelined because of war, sabotage and political strife in both countries.

Feb 09 09:07

The Donald Trump of the Catholic Church: Controversial priest is addicted to Twitter rants - calling Hillary an 'evil witch' and Obama 'a bum' - and the Church can't stop his outbursts

It looks like Donald Trump's not the only one with a controversial Twitter account.
Reverend Peter West of St. John's Catholic Church in Orange, New Jersey, has called Hillary Clinton an 'evil witch' and former President Barack Obama a 'bum' in his frequent social media posts.

While West has racked up more than 7,300 followers on Facebook, and another 2,100 more on Twitter, church officials are looking to curtail the priest's online posts.

Feb 09 09:06

Will Trump shift on entitlements?

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said Democratic efforts to tie Trump to campaign comments about preserving entitlement programs miss the mark, and that his talks with Trump show the president is prepared to back entitlement reform so long as current beneficiaries don’t see their benefits cut.

Feb 09 09:05

Seattle Just Divested Billions From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline

The movement to stop the controversial Dakota Access pipeline through financial activism took an important step forward today, as the Seattle City Council voted 9-0 to approve a bill that terminates a valuable city contract with Wells Fargo. The bank, one of the largest in the United States, has provided more than $450 million in credit to the companies building the pipeline.

The move makes Seattle the first city to divest from a financial institution because of its role in the Dakota Access pipeline, a $3.8 billion project that would run from western North Dakota to Illinois, and is fiercely opposed by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Wells Fargo is one of 17 banks directly financing the project.

Feb 09 09:05

Trump questions lawmakers' efforts to curb asset seizures by police

In 2016, a group of Republican and Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill, which did not become law, that would have required the government to do more to show that seized property was connected to a crime. Critics have said suspects have few avenues to challenge the seizures and that forfeiture laws were sometimes abused. Police in some cases seize property from people who are never charged or convicted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am alarmed that Trump wants to continue the police' carte blanche to plunder the innocent public.

Feb 09 08:49

The Costs of Dragon Maintenance

he next time you:

Pay your mortgage, which is mostly interest;
Pay your outrageously large auto or student loan;
Pay an exorbitant amount for health insurance;
Pay an even larger co-pay for a minor hospital procedure;
Buy groceries for $100 and compare that purchase to what $100 bought in 1971;
Realize that a four person family’s share of the U. S. national debt is nearly one-quarter million dollars …
Consider the costs of fiat paper currencies, deficit spending, central banking and … dragon maintenance.

Feb 09 08:48

Google let scammers post a perfectly spoofed Amazon ad in its search results

It's not known how many people may have seen the ad, let alone clicked on it. But according to Google's own most recent statistics, Amazon is the top search result as of the most searched for retail store on the search engine -- likely accounting for millions of searchers.

But how a rogue and malicious ad got through the various levels of vetting required, let alone for one of the company's most sought-after and high-ranking ad units, remains a mystery.

Feb 09 08:38

Recession 2017? Things Are Happening That Usually Never Happen Unless A New Recession Is Beginning

Is the U.S. economy about to get slammed by a major recession? According to Gallup, U.S. economic confidence has soared to the highest level ever recorded, but meanwhile a whole host of key economic indicators are absolutely screaming that a new recession is beginning.

Feb 09 08:34

Student senators under fire for bill abolishing safe spaces

According to a copy of the bill obtained by Campus Reform, its passage would result in a ban on “all safe spaces and equivalent spaces,” and promote a campus where students can “be open to other concepts without ‘trigger warnings.’”

Feb 09 08:34


I am very worried, he is hitting a road block every way he turns.

Feb 09 08:33

NH1 First Alert Weather: Enjoy a mild Wednesday because it's snowing again in NH on Thursday

Watch out for icy spots early Wednesday morning with cold air stuck down at the surface. Temperatures struggled to warm overnight because of a cold high to our north locking in the low level cold. Ski country is waking up to some nice new snow, but a layer of ice on top of the new 4-8" of snow. Not ideal. Nothing the groomers can't handle. The early morning runs may be challenging and heavy, but things will soften and melt during the afternoon.

Feb 09 08:33

From spring to snow in a day? Winter returns to DC area

It’s hard to believe that after two days that feel like May, we are talking about snow on the horizon, but that is the case in the WTOP area.

Feb 09 08:32

What!? Snow in the United Arab Emirates?

Remember when snow fell in the Sahara Desert for the first time in 37 years at the end of last year? We thought we wouldn't see such a rare spectacle at least for another decade...

But we were wrong. Over the past weekend, temperatures plummeted across the arid United Arab Emirates giving Emiratis the opportunity to frolick in the snow!

Feb 09 08:32

6-10 inches of snow predicted in Poconos

Pocono residents can expect cold, snowy weather over the next two days, with a tough commute Thursday morning.

Feb 09 08:31

Most State Employees Told To Stay Home Ahead Of Snow Storm

Looking at forecasts that call for 8 to 14 inches of fluffy snow Thursday, officials across Connecticut are preparing for difficult travel.

Feb 09 08:30

Whole Foods announces store closings…

Feb 09 08:29

FLASHBACK - State Dept. needs 75 years to get through 450,000 emails; FBI can do 650,000 in 8 days

Last year, the State Department said it would need about one year to comb through and release Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails, or the 55,000 work-related pages she handed over in March 2015. Yet, we’re to believe the FBI can evaluate roughly 650,000 emails in just eight days.

Either the FBI is incredibly efficient or — more likely — partisan politics has corrupted two departments in our executive branch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I tend to favor the latter.

Feb 09 08:28

Gold Prices Continue to Surge

For the fifth consecutive day, gold prices have traded to higher pricing. But the real story is that gold has been gaining ground, now adding over $100 since trading to a low of 1125 per ounce in December of last year. The last time gold prices were this high was on November 11, just following the post-election selloff, which took gold prices over $200 lower.

Feb 09 08:27

Fire breaks out at Chinese factory that makes Samsung Note 7 batteries

Materials that caught fire were lithium-ion batteries and some semi-manufactured battery products, Tianjin firefighting authority says

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A bit of irony with your morning coffee.

Feb 09 08:27

FLASHBACK - The Clinton Foundation's gender pay gap worried campaign

Hillary Clinton says men and women should make equal pay. But the Clinton Foundation's leadership team had an average $81,000 average gender pay gap, according to the most recent figures available.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to recall when the feministas start screaming about pay inequality.

Feb 09 08:16

Rand Paul warns neocons will ‘scurry in’ with Abrams, and Kristol says that’s anti-Semitic

The battle against picking Elliott Abrams for the number two position in the State Department is on. Republican Senator Rand Paul played a crucial role in blocking the naming of John Bolton to that position in December– along with Bolton’s mustache, that is–and Paul issued a statement last night titled, “Do not let Elliott Abrams anywhere near the State Department.” It savaged Abrams as a neoconservative who along with his buddies is dedicated to perpetual war.

Feb 09 08:13

Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Quietly Shut Down Hedge Fund After Hillary’s Loss

We’re just learning that Mezvinsky shut down his Eaglevale partners hedge fund just weeks after his mother-in-law Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

Taking big losses betting on the financial problems in Greece, one could speculate that Mezvinsky and his high-profile business partners were hoping to cash in on their connections during a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Now, he and Chelsea are both out of work:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is buzz that Chelsea will run for Congress, if she can overcome her mother's legacy.

Feb 09 07:59

Essential context about Trump’s refugee ban – Made in Israel

President Trump has issued an executive order suspending entry to the U.S for people from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, and Yemen (the order is called “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States”). These same countries were the focus of the “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015” under President Obama.

While reports on Trump’s ban emphasize that these are Muslim majority countries, analysts seem to have ignored another significant characteristic that these countries share.

With just a single exception, all of these countries were targeted for attack by certain top U.S. officials in 2001. In fact, that policy had roots that went back to 1996, 1991, 1980, and even the 1950s. Below, we will trace this policy back in time and examine its goals and proponents.

Feb 09 07:54

Ministers lose fight to stop payouts over swine flu jab narcolepsy cases

Dozens of children who developed narcolepsy as a result of a swine flu vaccine could be compensated after the high court rejected a government appeal to withhold payments.

Six million people in Britain, and more across Europe, were given the Pandemrix vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline during the 2009-10 swine flu pandemic, but the jab was withdrawn after doctors noticed a sharp rise in narcolepsy among those who received it.

The sleep disorder is permanent and can cause people to fall asleep dozens of times a day. Some narcoleptics have night terrors and a muscular condition called cataplexy that can lead them to collapse on the spot.

Feb 09 07:51


Former CNN anchor Piers Morgan told Tucker Carlson on Monday that the media is “absolutely determined” to bring down President Trump. “I think some of them absolutely are [determined to take him down],” said Morgan, the current editor-at-large for the Daily Mail Online, during his appearance on Fox News Channel. “They were in the tank for Hillary Clinton, their candidate.”

Feb 09 07:48

How Trump Can Defeat ISIS

Attacking Iran will not win the war on terror. Working with Russia and Syria might.

If you recall, Trump came roaring off the campaign trail with the foreign policy priority of defeating ISIS, so why the sudden confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran? Though Flynn apparently thinks otherwise, ISIS and Iran are not the same thing at all—they are the exact antithesis of each other.

Feb 09 07:47

FLASHBACK - Using a Bomb to Kill a Bug: FBI Forces Malware on Innocent Internet Users

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a motion in a Maryland court asking for the FBI to justify its action of infecting the computers of thousands of innocent internet users in an operation against a single website hosting child pornography.

Feb 09 07:43

Scary Fileless Malware Infects Banks Worldwide

Fileless malware, much like what has previously only been seen in nation-sponsored cyberattacks, is now “going mainstream,” as criminal hackers begin using the same in-memory bug on banks, government agencies, and other enterprises across the globe.

“The so-called fileless malware is unique in its ability to disappear after being installed on a server. Once the attacked computer is rebooted, the malware renames itself, leaving no detectable trace of its existence,” Gizmodo explained. “It can take several months before sysadmins realize the machine has been infected. During that time period, hackers can steal freely from the coffers of the affected enterprise.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 09 07:40

Number Of Americans Renouncing Their U.S. Citizenship Hit All-Time High In 2016 (Up 26% From 2015)

Today the Treasury Department published the names of individuals who renounced their U.S. citizenship or terminated their long-term U.S. residency (“expatriated”) during the fourth quarter of 2016.

Feb 09 07:40

BEX ALERT - Israel’s Iron Dome intercepts 3 missiles fired from Egypt

An IDF spokesperson confirmed that at least four missiles were fired in the direction of Israel’s southernmost city Eilat, from the direction of the Egyptian border. Three of the missiles were successfully intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, while the fourth landed in an open area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess Israel is going to invade Egypt ... again.

Look for what should be there and isn't, and what is missing is a reason for Egypt to launch four missiles into Israel.

Feb 09 07:38

Activists fight new anti-BDS legislation across US

Activists and lawyers in the state of Washington are challenging several bills which attack free speech rights and smear Palestine solidarity activists.

Meanwhile, a Virginia lawmaker is attempting to classify Palestine advocacy as discrimination.

The barrage of legislation is part of a growing wave of laws aimed at punishing and silencing activists across the US involved with the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign to pressure Israel to respect Palestinian rights.

Feb 09 07:37

Marco Rubio introduces Senate bill attacking BDS movement

New legislation seeking to chill speech critical of Israel has been introduced in the US Senate.

And Wyoming joins an expanding list of states where politicians are introducing measures intending to repress the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign which aims to pressure Israel to end its violations of Palestinian rights.

Florida Republican and former presidential hopeful Senator Marco Rubio and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia have introduced a bill to combat “economic warfare” against Israel and protect “shared national security interests” by impugning the BDS movement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know about you, but I am totally fed up with AMERICAN politicians constantly bowing to ISRAEL! We are under foreign puppet rule.

Feb 09 07:34

‘Fake news’ crackdown: Facebook, Google & French MSM ally ahead of presidential poll

The project follows the social media giant’s partnership with US news organizations launched amid widespread and unproven allegations that fake news influenced the outcome of the US presidential election.

Feb 09 07:33

Stubborn Angela Merkel to spend BILLIONS on foreign aid despite facing £70bn migrant bill

ANGELA Merkel has kicked off a foreign aid splurge which could see Germany overtake Britain as the world’s second highest spender at the same time as shelling out billions on housing newly arrived migrants.

Feb 09 07:33

The EU just revealed its latest splurge…and if you’re a UK motorist it will drive you mad

BRUSSELS is set to blow £400 million renovating a 40-mile stretch of motorway in Poland whilst British roads crumble following decades of neglect.

Feb 09 07:28

EU ON THE BRINK: Martin Schulz warns bloc could 'FALL APART' after Brexit

The ex-European Parliament president is worried Brexit could spark further calls for other countries to leave the bloc.

He also condemned Hungarian PM Viktor Orban – known for his anti-Brussels approach – for "pointing the finger of blame" at the EU.

Mr Schulz said: "That blame game is a virus which could lead to the end of the European Union."

Feb 09 07:28

Eurosceptics Winning Elections to Have 'Devastating' Impact on EU Institutions

The outcome of the upcoming elections in France and the Netherlands will largely determine the fate of the EU, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote.

Feb 09 07:27

India Shuts Down Gates Foundation Program Over Ties to Big Pharma

Reports say that the reason behind the Secretariat's shifting out of ITSU could be allegations of "conflict of interest" in the NTAGI-Gates Foundation relationship, raised by members of the steering group of the National Health Mission.

The concerns reportedly centered around the foundation's "ties" with pharmaceutical companies, and the influence this could exert on the country's vaccination policy.

Global Policy Forum, an organization seeking to promote accountability of international organizations, highlighted the growing influence of large global philanthropic foundations, including the Gates Foundation, in a December 2015 study called, "Philanthropic Power and Development — Who shapes the agenda?"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder how much pharmaceutical stock Gates owns?

Feb 09 07:26

NATO Is Conspiring With a Mafiosi Regime to Gobble up a Country That Does Not Actually Support Membership

NATO marching deeper into Eastern Europe is hardly news anymore, but what's remarkable about this expansion is how hungry the alliance is for expansion -- so much so that it is now gobbling up countries where NATO is not actually welcome.

Feb 09 07:25

German account: "A Putin-understander [Ein Putinversteher] in the White House"

In the election campaign Donald Trump left no doubt that he admires Russian President Vladimir Putin for his strength. While the new US President himself is perturbing long-time allies like Australia through his utterances, from Trump there has not been one word of criticism of Putin's Russia.

In an interview broadcast on Sunday on Fox News, Trump confirmed that he respected Putin. On the objection of the interviewer that Putin was a "killer," the US President replied: "There are a lot of killers. You think our country is so innocent? "

Feb 09 07:24

Leader of Ukrainian Radical Party issues nuclear ultimatum after Trump revokes his visa

My 10-year U.S. visa, which I just got before the New Year was just revoked. The consular officer said that he had such instructions from Washington.

And I have instructions from the Ukrainian people - to demand that the US fulfills its obligations to Ukraine under the Budapest Memorandum, otherwise Ukraine will have to restore nuclear weapons to protect itself.

Feb 09 07:23

Almost Half of Criminal Suspects in Munich Are ‘Non-Germans’

The statistics, which come from the Bavarian police, show the number of non-German criminal suspects has increased over the past year from 46 to 48 per cent and the crime rate overall has risen six per cent in the city. The report is the first time that asylum seekers have been recorded separately from other non-Germans and account for one in five non-German suspects or 8.6 per cent of total suspects, Merkur reports.

The report states asylum seekers are mostly involved in certain types of crimes like drug dealing, skipping public transport fees, and violent assaults.

Feb 09 07:22

US Soldier: “The Real Terrorist Was Me And The Real Terrorism Is This Occupation”

A powerful confession by US soldier Mike Prysner on his experience fighting in Iraq: “Our real enemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don’t understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it’s profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it’s profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it’s profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it’s profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us.” – Mike Prysner

Feb 09 07:00

Oroville Dam spillway crumbling amid heavy rains

Flows from one of California’s biggest supplies of drinking water were suspended Tuesday after a massive hole opened in the Oroville Dam spillway amid heavy rains.

In a statement, the state agency said there was “no anticipated threat to the dam or the public.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The nation's infrastructure, long neglected in order to pay for wars, is starting to fail. California was starting to pull out of its drought with the extra rain this season, then this happened to erase much of the gains. From the discoloration at the bottom, it appears the flow of water is continuing to undermine the spillway, leaving adjacent sections unsupported from below. Look for more failures in the near future.

The Oroville dam is the tallest earthen dam in the world, second largest after Aswan, and if the water pouring through the hole in the spillway starts to erode the base of the dam, there could be major problems during the spring melt!

Feb 09 06:57

Expedition to uncover the 'lost' meteorites of Antarctica

The most fruitful regions on Earth for collecting meteorites are in Antarctica, where dark-coloured non-metallic meteorites show up clearly against the white background of the ice. However, iron-based meteorites are significantly under-represented from such collection missions, as compared with meteorite finds over the rest of the globe.

A University of Manchester multidisciplinary research team, led by the applied mathematician Dr Geoffrey Evatt, believes the missing iron meteorites may lay as a sparsely distributed layer, just a few centimetres beneath surface of the ice.

Feb 09 06:55


If you've been following the strangeness in banking over the past few years (and decades for that matter) you'll have noted certain names to keep popping up, and this is particularly the case in the aftermath of 9/11, and one of those names is Deutsche Bank. This article was shared by Mr. M.M., and there's a few things in this article that caught my attention, but unless one knows the story, the bland reporting of the Reuters article will cause those things to go completely unnoticed. Besides being under investigation in Italy for some shady trading deals implying the use of the float to generate money, and besides having already been hit with fines for other things, being under investigation for helping to rig the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR), now the big German bank is being hit with fines for trades involving Russia:

Feb 09 06:53

‘Russian threat’ meant to unite Europe which is in deep political crisis’

RT: Berlin has jumped on the bandwagon referring to Russian media as propaganda and RT Deutsch as "hostile." Why do they fear and blacklist Russian platforms?

RR: You can only understand this struggle if you look one layer deeper at it. We see a certain system crisis in those countries that have abandoned completely patriotic national values. They are in crisis and then pointing their fingers towards other governments, who have adopted the national agenda in their policy making – be it Russia with President Vladimir Putin, or be it now the US under President Trump. This is basically the line where the two parties are separated by the rather globalist-oriented system and the rather nationalist-oriented system.

Feb 09 06:52

Oliver Stone Urges Trump to Declassify Documents on Origins of Ukraine Crisis

The director noted that the US establishment has stuck to the same false narrative about Russia 'seizing' Crimea, about Russian involvement in the Ukrainian civil war, its posing a 'threat' to Ukraine, etc. There are important facts left unsaid about the origins of the Ukrainian crisis, Stone said, including the 'color revolutionary' techniques employed in the lead-up to the Maidan coup, who provided the funding, and who the mysterious snipers were that fired on police and protesters alike at the height of the crisis.

Feb 09 06:52

Bullhorns: Trumping

It is still early, but many of Trump’s foreign policy decisions appear to reflect those of Obama. Hostility toward Russia remains and harsh rhetoric is directed towards Iran. Is Trump appeasing the neocons?

Feb 09 06:51


ISIS attacked army positions in Um Mayyal near the Khanasser-Aleppo road in order to draw the government forces attention from the operation near al-Bab in the province of Aleppo. However, the attack was repelled by army troops. Some 3 ISIS militants were reportedly killed and 1 armored vehicle destroyed.

Earlier, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces officially liberated the town of Touman, deploying in less than 5km from the ISIS stronghold of al-Bab.

Meanwhile, pro-Turkish forces once again failed to enter al-Bab after seizing some points in its outskirts.

Feb 09 06:47

Half of NY Times Traffic is CHINA BOTS! (Same at WaPo + Guardian) MSM Fraud, Lying Media, Fake News!

Feb 09 03:46

Tulsi Gabbard is Fighting to Bring Back Glass-Steagall

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is leading the charge to reinstate Glass-Steagall, a piece of New Deal legislation enacted during the Great Depression that prevented big banks from gambling with depositor's funds. Glass-Steagall was repealed by President Clinton in 1999, but thankfully, Tulsi Gabbard is fighting to reverse this irrational decision.