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"The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists." -- Ernest Hemingway



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June 12, 2018

Jun 12 10:18

Governor Brown Reaches $200 Billion Budget Deal

On Friday, Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders decided against two proposals that would have expanded access to health care and tax breaks to undocumented Californians. The $200 billion budget deal sets aside enough money in reserves to fill the "Rainy Day Fund" with almost $14 billion. Another $2.2 billion will go to contingency funds for other unexpected emergencies.

The sum of these two set aside funds gives the state around $16 billion in total reserves. According to the legislative Analyst's Office, that's 'enough to weather a mild recession without severe cuts to government services.'

Jun 12 10:17

Not Another Bloody Bridge! Boris Johnson Flirts With Project To Link Britain To Northern Ireland

Despite previous attempts to build bridges falling flat (not literally), UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has reportedly backed a £15 billion ($20bn) project to link Northern Ireland to Britain.

Jun 12 10:15

How many opioid overdoses are suicides?

Mady Ohlman was 22 on the evening some years ago when she stood in a friend’s bathroom looking down at the sink.

Trump relies on gut instinct. The North Koreans have 45 years of preparation.
“I had set up a bunch of needles filled with heroin because I wanted to just do them back-to-back-to-back,” Ohlman recalled. She doesn’t remember how many she injected before collapsing, or how long she lay drugged-out on the floor.

“But I remember being pissed because I could still get up, you know?”

She wanted to be dead, she said, glancing down, a wisp of straight brown hair slipping from behind an ear across her thin face.

At that point, said Ohlman, she’d been addicted to opioids — controlled by the drugs — for more than three years.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jun 12 10:13


In what was perhaps the most surprising announcement to emerge from today's Trump-Kim summit, president Trump agreed to suspend military exercises with South Korea in return for a commitment to denuclearisation from North Korea.

As we reported earlier, Trump said the war games were expensive and “very provocative”, and yet stopping them has been called a "major concession", something the US has previously rejected as non-negotiable on the grounds that the exercises are a key element of its military alliance with Seoul, and maintaining a deterrent against North Korea. In return, Trump said Kim had agreed in a joint statement to reassert “his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is both a reasonable, and positive step.

Jun 12 10:09


A few weeks ago, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) released a letter claiming that Amazon’s Rekognition technology was “patriotic and can benefit society”.

“Facial recognition technology has many beneficial uses for society, even when used by the government. Even the use-case that privacy advocates are crying wolf over, facial recognition systems integrated with police body cameras, can benefit society.

The ITIF went on to claim that police body cameras hold “law enforcement accountable and there is no reason to suggest the same cannot be true for facial recognition technology.”

Let’s discuss ITIF’s claim that body cameras hold police accountable.

A 2017 article in Ars Technica reveals that body camera footage is generally not available to the public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a group, chaired by Robert Atkinson as their President, which takes money from high-tech companies, in order to put the best face possible on technology which erodes the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and attempts to publicly "kookify" and demean those who understand just how corrosive some of this technology is to privacy, and individual human rights.

Jun 12 10:07

Venezuela's hyperinflation at new dizzying high

Venezuela's sky-high inflation soared to 24,571 percent in the past 12 months, lawmakers said Monday.

President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government controls most of the country's economy and is in the midst of an ever-deepening crisis with food and medicine in short supply.

Analysts blame what they call mismanagement of a state-led economy. That includes its control over hard currency, as well as low oil prices. Venezuela depends on crude oil for its earnings.

The government blames US sanctions and businessmen speculating on the problems.

Jun 12 10:07

Ortega stays mum as Nicaragua continues violent downward spiral

Armed riot police and pro-government paramilitaries on Monday attacked barricades manned by anti-government activists in the Nicaraguan capital, plunging neighborhoods into violence and chaos in an attempt to stamp out a two-month-old uprising against President Daniel Ortega.

The government offensive launched overnight into the early morning comes as Ortega enters his fifth day of silence regarding the Roman Catholic Church's proposal to restart talks aimed at calming the political crisis.

Jun 12 10:06

U.S. drone-strike policy threatens to backfire as other nations acquire technology

On the surface, it may sound inconceivable: a foreign nation dispatching an armed drone to assassinate a fugitive or a political dissident on American soil.

But such a scenario may not be as far-fetched as it seems, analysts and legal scholars say.

The rapid proliferation of military drone technology is reaching the point that other nations — and even non-state actors such as Mexican drug cartels — could engage in the kinds of deadly strikes that the U.S. pioneered more than a decade ago and has increased under presidents of both political parties.

“It’s not outside the realm of possibility that someone flies a drone across the border from Mexico and takes someone out,” said Rachel Stohl, managing director at the Stimson Center, a leading Washington think tank.

Jun 12 10:05

Israel Turns Artillery Rocket Into Supersonic 'Rampage' Air-Launched Stand-Off Weapon

Israeli Military Industries Systems, or IMI Systems, in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries, abbreviated IAI, is close to finishing development of a new air-launched, precision-guided, high-speed weapon called Rampage that can hit targets more than 90 miles away. The announcement comes as Israel steps up its cross-border campaign against Iran and its interests in neighboring Syria, which has seen an increasing emphasis on stand-off capabilities given the complex air defense environment in that country, but the weapon could also be especially attractive to a number of foreign military forces.

Jun 12 10:05

MPs vote down House of Lords’ Brexit amendment in crucial EU withdrawal bill vote

MPs have voted down the House of Lords amendment to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, which, if it had passed, would have given parliament the final say over Brexit negotiations.

This is essentially a win for Brexiteers who feared the change could be used to halt Brexit entirely.

Jun 12 10:04

Voluntarily vagrant, homeless youth a 'crusty' urban challenge

From the parks of Berkeley to the streets of Brooklyn, and in most every large city in between, they have become an almost inescapable part of urban life.

Known by many names – “crusty punks,” “crusties,” “gutter punks,” “crumb bums” and “dirty kids,” to list but a few – this group of young adults has rejected a more traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle in favor of train hopping, panhandling and voluntary homelessness.

And while traditionally tolerated by police and urban residents, these transient groups of the unshaven and unwashed have been involved in a series of incidents in recent years -- accompanied by an abundance of bad press -- that has municipalities across the country puzzling over how to address the problem.

In New York City's East Village, they have been spotted doing drugs in local parks, making camp outside of apartment buildings and sleeping outside storefronts. One crusty traveler’s pit bull even attacked a man and his small dog - killing the other dog.

Jun 12 10:04

Syria's Upcoming Offensive to Israel Contact Line May Be the Best Show of the War

It seems Syria is gathering all its best and heaviest (most mechanized) units for the offensive in the south west. Could Russian and Syrian staff officers be preparing a classical Soviet "Deep Operation" offensive to overwhelm and break up the enemy at lightning speed (see Uranus, Bagration, Vistula-Oder, and August Storm)?

Jun 12 10:03

Traces of drugs, including antidepressants and antibiotics, found in York rivers

TRACES of almost 30 different pharmaceutical drugs, including antidepressants, antibiotics and medicines to treat epilepsy and diabetes, have been found in rivers in York.

Scientists said they found 29 different drug compounds in the River Ouse and River Foss, including some from drugs not usually available in the UK, thought to have been ingested by American and Chinese tourists.

The York University team stressed that although the levels were extremely low - drinking two litres of river water would give you about a millionth of a patient's daily dose of one drug - there were concerns over the long-term implications.

Jun 12 10:03

6-11 USGS Hawaii Overflight Footages Kilauea Volcano Eruption Drone Update and Lava Flow Map on GE

Jun 12 10:01

‘Will use if needed’: Erdogan says Turkey didn’t buy S-400 from Russia ‘to keep them in store’

Turkey didn’t acquire the Russian-built S-400 air defense systems for them to collect dust and may use them, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said, adding the purchase was to reduce Ankara’s dependency on US arms supplies.

Jun 12 10:00

‘Serious violation’: China fumes as US opens new $256 million ‘de facto embassy’ in Taiwan

An NGO, which has for decades been known as the de-facto embassy for the US in Taiwan, has opened up a flashy new office in Taipei. The move was condemned by Beijing as a blatant violation of its ‘One China’ policy.

The US-funded American Institute of Taiwan (AIT) unveiled its new headquarters in Taiwan’s capital on Tuesday, amid growing tension between the US and China over the fate of the disputed island. The massive $256 million complex, complete with Chinese gardens, occupies 6.5 hectares and will house nearly 500 American and local employees.

Jun 12 09:57


A newly installed TransCanada natural gas pipeline exploded early Thursday in the remote Nixon Ridge area of Marshall County in West Virginia.

No injuries were reported but flames and smoke from the blast could be seen as far as 20 miles away, residents told local media. Area police told CBS News the fire was "very large—if you can see it from your house, evacuate."

"It sounded like a freight train coming through, or a tornado, and the sky lit up bright orange, and then I got up and looked out the window and flames were shooting I don't know how far into the sky," Tina Heath-Chaplin, of Moundsville, told WPXI.

TransCanada—the same company behind the Keystone pipeline—said the explosion has been contained and an investigation is underway.

"As soon as the issue was identified, emergency response procedures were enacted and the segment of impacted pipeline was isolated. The fire was fully extinguished by approximately 8:30 a.m," the company commented Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The cause is probably, most simply, that the company did the installation on the cheap, and cut corners in both materials and installation proceduures, which resulted in the blowout.

Explosiions like this just "don't happen"; they are caused when all the safety regs in place are ignored, to some degree or other.

Jun 12 09:56

Trump & Kim sign ‘historic’ document following talks in Singapore

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump have signed a four-point document that would lead to “major change,” they announced at a joint news conference after their first face-to-face meeting in Singapore.

The contents of the document were not immediately disclosed, but Trump said that he will be holding a press conference on the matter later in the day.

“We’ve developed a very special bond,” Trump said, sitting next to “chairman” Kim after what he called an “intensive time” together. He vowed to start the process “very, very quickly” without specifying what exactly is going to happen.

Jun 12 09:55

Video of most shameful moment ever in German Parliament goes viral

A video of leftist German Parliament members sabotaging a moment of silence for a girl murdered by migrant has gone viral. It has been viewed 30,000 times in the last 24-hours.

The video shows the moment that Germany’s right-wing AfD fraction tries to honour the girl by starting a moment of silence.

During the honourable moment Germany’s leftist Vice-President of the Parliament, Claudia Roth, interrupts the moment and even receives applause from leftist fractions for her disgusting action.

The moment can be seen as the most shameful moment in German Parliament. Intentionally disrupting a moment of silence for a victim certainly isn’t a normal occurrence in German politics.

Jun 12 09:51

Roosevelt's Revenge?

Because it reveals so well the corruption of American institutions, and because it shows so much of the Soviet-style dark underside of the unprecedented four-term administration of Franklin Roosevelt, the story of the life, destruction, and death of renowned cartoonist Percy Crosby ought to be known to every American. The corruption is of particular interest to this commentator because it so much involves the debasement of the same institutions that he has found in the "suicides" of two other important public figures, former Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, in 1949 and Deputy White House Counsel, Vincent Foster in 1993.

Jun 12 09:43

Hawaiian Airlines cuts daily flights to Big Island in July due to volcanic activity

Jun 12 09:34

Trump Likely to Support Senate Bill to Relax Marijuana Laws

Legalizing hemp and cannabis banking while allowing states to legalize at will

Jun 12 09:31


Jun 12 09:30


Officer doing the extra special security inspection upon my arrival in
Washington DC: so what is the purpose of your trip to the US?

Me: Doing lectures but the reason you are troubling me as a US citizen is
that you are obeying orders that come down to you from Tel Aviv

Officer (puzzled): What are you talking about

Me: I have gone through this many times and wrote to homeland security and
will likely sue them for continued harassment on behest of Israel. Here is
the letter I received from them with a redress number. Basically,
Washington is being forced by a Zionist lobby to do things on behest of
Israel and that is not good for the US or its taxpayers like you and I

Officer: So what do you lecture about?

Me: various topics from environmental conservation to environmental justice
to human rights and how the colonial apartheid state of Israel uses our US
tax money to ethically cleanse fellow Palestinians…..you can check my

Jun 12 09:28


‘It’s no longer dump Trump’ …..

Jun 12 09:21

22 Quotable Quotes About Psychiatric Pseudoscience

“There is a great deal of scientific evidence that stimulants cause brain damage with long-term use, yet there is no evidence that these mental illnesses…exist.”…”

Jun 12 09:12

Bill Mitchell: "Something BIG about to drop. Ground-zero nuke against the Dems. Political extinction level event for their leadership."

Jun 12 09:05

There And Back Again: Facebook Hires Fake News Team Two Years After Firing It For Bias

After getting rid of its news trending team and switching to algorithms to combat fake news, Facebook seems to be back on track at hiring human news-checkers.

Jun 12 08:52

US Firestorming of Tokyo Rivaled the Hiroshima Bombing

In the early hours of 10 March 1945, as America’s heavy aircraft dropped over 1,600 tons of bombs on Tokyo, a firestorm larger and hotter than ever before was brewing. During the firebombings of Dresden and Hamburg, temperatures reached 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, but in Tokyo it soared to a blinding 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Such was the heat unleashed by US bombers over the Japanese capital, that civilians in their air raid shelters were beginning to suffocate. Rather than be overwhelmed, they fled into the streets, becoming glued to the melting asphalt under their feet. Those now stuck in the roads or pavements were helpless, many of whom were heavily charred by the rapidly growing fires.

Jun 12 08:52

Massive Scandal Unfolding Regarding Clinton Campaign Absorbing Illicit Funding

Jun 12 08:51

The inside story of Israel's campaign of assassination

The state of Israel has a history of great violence,

Jun 12 08:51

A Message from Iran

Jun 12 08:49

51 Years Ago the US Covered Up an Israeli False Flag Attack that Killed 34 Americans, Wounded 173

On June 8, 1967, 34 American servicemen were slaughtered and 173 more wounded after Israeli forces repeatedly attacked the USS Liberty in international waters. The Liberty was not a battleship and was entirely unable to defend itself as the hours-long assault took place.wFor decades, the US government threatened the survivors with jail if they spoke about it and kept the truth from the public.

Although Israel apologized for the devastating attacks and maintained that a simple misidentification caused the strikes, startlingly new evidence has surfaced that refutes Israeli claims that this attack was done in error and that the Israelis were unaware they were attacking an American Navy vessel.

The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a U.S. Navy intelligence ship in international waters about 12.5 nautical miles from the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, north of El Arish, by Israeli fighter planes and torpedo boats.

Jun 12 08:48

Understanding Jewish Power

Those who are in the drivers’ seat of the Israel promotion process are what some would describe as the Israel Lobby but which I would prefer to call a subset of the Jewish Lobby, which in itself is supported by something I would designate Jewish Power, an aggregate of Jewish money, control over key aspects of the media and entertainment industries plus easy access to corrupted politicians desirous of positive press and campaign donations. This penetration and control of the public discourse has resulted in the creation of what I would refer to as the official “Israel narrative,” in which Israel, which claims perpetual victimhood, is reflexively referred to as “the only democracy in the Middle East” and “Washington’s closest ally and friend,” assertions that are completely false but which have been aggressively and successfully promoted to shape how Americans view the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Jun 12 08:43

Germany: New Migration 'Master Plan' Sparks Discord in Merkel's Coalition

Facing a growing right-wing challenge amid the current migrant crisis, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and their center-left coalition partners - the Social Democrats – are looking for ways to tackle the thorny issue.

A 63-point plan on migration and asylum rules by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, expected to be unveiled on Tuesday, has been put on hold after it apparently failed to get the green light from Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to the daily newspaper Bild, Angela Merkel has objected to plans to turn back asylum seekers at Germany's borders who have already been registered and fingerprinted in another EU country.

Jun 12 08:43

Seymour Hersh Advises Anti-Trump Media: Hits on Pruitt Model for Targeting Cabinet

Hersh said he thinks the media’s constant attacks on Trump are not working.

“My worry about what’s going on is I watch the polls — he’s gone up maybe seven, eight points — that’s 20 percent since the beating up [by the media] got more intense,” Hersh said.

“[Trump is] controlling the agenda totally — totally,” Hersh said.

Hersh went on to criticize the media’s reporting on Trump.

“I look at the cable news and think ‘Have we really come to this?’” Hersh told On the Media.

“I can’t relate to what’s going on,” said Hersh, whose reporting over the years included Watergate and the Vietnam war.

Jun 12 08:42

Young Fathers bullied by German festival to renounce support for Palestinian rights

A German music festival is trying to bully artists into dropping their support for Palestinian human rights.

The Ruhrtriennale festival is threatening to cancel the 18 August performance by the Scotland-based band Young Fathers unless they publicly renounce the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights.

“This McCarthyite political testing should be opposed by all who care about free speech,” PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, stated.

Jun 12 08:41

Italy’s Populist League Dominates Municipal Elections Sunday

As the results of Italy’s municipal elections from around the country continue to pour in, the biggest gains are going to the anti-establishment League party, with its 5-Star partner suffering important setbacks.

Sunday’s mayoral elections involving 761 Italian municipalities and nearly seven million Italians—over 10 percent of the population—show a decisive victory for Matteo Salvini’s League (and with it, the broader centre-right coalition).

The League’s governing partner, the leftward-leaning, populist 5-Star Movement, showed unimpressive results and took just 6 percent of municipal posts, just three months after taking the largest share of the vote in national elections on March 4.

Jun 12 08:39

Weekly Update: New Soros Lawsuits

Hungarian-American George Soros became a billionaire from hedge funds he started, and also from short-selling pounds sterling during England’s currency crisis in 1992. That maneuver earned him $1 billion and the appellation, “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.”

By 2018 he had only $8 billion in the bank, having given $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations, which support leftist causes in the United States and around the world.

You’d think he wouldn’t need your help. However, taxes you pay have been supporting this guy. Not surprising, as certainly the Obama administration was fond of using your tax dollars to fund leftwing organizations.

Owl 2
Jun 12 08:38

Obama State Department Spent $9 Million With Soros To Meddle In Albanian Politics

President Obama's State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) spent nearly $9 million on an Albanian political reform campaign coordinated with billionaire George Soros, according to 32 pages of State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Working with Soros' Open Society Foundation, USAID channeled the funds into a "Justice for All" campaign aimed at reforming the socialist government's judicial system in 2016.

"The Obama admin spent at least $9 million in tax dollars in direct collusion with left-wing billionaire George Soros to back socialist gov in Albania," wrote Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a statement. "The records also detail how the Soros operation helped the State Department review grant applications from other groups for taxpayer funding," Fitton added.

Jun 12 08:36

Which? calls for compensation for users hit by Windows 10 woes

A latest survey of more than 1,100 UK users comes after Which? gave Microsoft a kicking back in 2016. One thousand members of the online comparison service got in touch back then to complain about Windows 10 updates, and nearly two years on – things do not appear to have moved on much.

In the survey, conducted in March and so before the excitement of the April 2018 Update, Which? reported users experiencing slow PCs and occasionally total failure. Forty-six per cent of users that suffered the latter condition ended up paying an average of £67 to get someone to fix their PC for them.

Half of users questioned experienced some sort of problem, with 21 per cent reporting programs behaving erratically or failing completely following a Windows 10 update. Sixteen per cent found hardware such as printers or speakers had stopped working.

Jun 12 08:34

UK! watchdog! slaps! Yahoo! with! £250k! fine! for! 2014! data! breach!

Despite evidence that the firm knew about the mega-hack soon after it happened at the end of 2014, Yahoo! kept quiet until September 2016. Since then, the fines and court cases have kept rolling in as various regulators get in on the action.

Today, the Information Commissioner's Office issued Yahoo! UK Services Ltd a £250,000 fine following an investigation that focused on the 515,121 UK accounts that the London-based branch of the firm had responsibility for.

Jun 12 08:32

The Shared Agendas of George Soros and Barack Obama

While George Soros was busy bankrolling his battalion of established activist groups and launching a few new ones of his own, he quite naturally looked toward the upcoming presidential election of 2008 with great anticipation, eagerly awaiting the day when George W. Bush would finally leave office. The question was, who would replace him? In recent years, all indications had been that Soros favored Hillary Clinton above most, if not all, other potential Democratic candidates for President. But now there was a new face on the scene¯a young, charismatic U.S. senator from Illinois named Barack Obama¯who seemed not only to share virtually all of Soros's values and agendas, but also appeared to be a highly skilled politician who stood a good chance of getting elected to the nation's highest office.

Jun 12 08:32

More Trump-hating lovebirds: Ali Watkins and the rise of casting-couch journalism

The Beltway's Get Trump movement has added another pair of lovebirds to the morass, this time in the Ali Watkins-James Wolfe hook-up

Jun 12 08:31

Hawaii's largest freshwater lake EVAPORATED in under two hours after lava poured in and boiled it, as Kilauea volcano devastation continues

US Geological Survey officials said that lava from Fissure 8 poured into Green Lake on June 2.

In just 90 minutes, the molten rock had boiled away the entire lake, which was 200 feet deep at some places.

Jun 12 08:31


Recently during a private conversion, Ms. K.M. shared a hypothesis about the "Russian collusion" meme that the hysterical western media keeps shouting. I have to be honest and say that I never bought into the whole narrative because I just didn't see the point: after all, if one can sell uranium to Russia, why can't members of one's staff talk to them? But the "Russia collusion" narrative keeps droning on (and on and on and...). During our conversation, K.M. said that there was possibly a much deeper level to this, one that few were looking at, a cultural level and even a geopolitical one dating back to the American War Between the States. After listening, I asked her to share the thoughts in a blog, and the following is the result. I have to say, on this "deep analysis", I think that the core hypothesis is spot on, and indeed, I suspect that if one carefully examined the speeches of Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump, one would find agreement on a number of core "anti-globalist" propositions.

Jun 12 08:30

A secret missile launch? Mystery streak of light spotted over Whidbey Island leaves locals baffled

The peculiar light, spotted at 3:56 am PDT (6: 56 am ET/ 11:56 am BST) yesterday, has left locals baffled.

Whidbey Island has a naval air station and some claim the streak may be a secret missile launch.

However, the military has denied any such activity.

Jun 12 08:29

‘One MP Will Not Vote With Conscience’ Because Of Threats Of Violence, Anna Soubry Claims

Tory MP Anna Soubry has told MPs that she knows of at least one Conservative colleague who will not vote with their conscience on the Brexit bill due to fears of violence against themselves, their family, or their staff.

Jun 12 08:29

America: A Prisoner of Our ‘Allies’

All the Very Serious People are tweeting and retweeting this “iconic” photo of Trump surrounded by the Euro-weenies, with Angela Merkel seeming to lecture the President while the rest of our faithless “allies” look on. It’s “America Alone” – the visual representation of the internationalist worldview: Trump’s policy of “America First” is “isolating” us, and, according to clueless leftists like Michael Moore, Merkel is now the “leader” of the “free world.”

This last is good news indeed, for if Merkel is the new leader of the “free world” then the stationing of 35,000 US troops in Germany – at a cost of billions annually – is no longer required and we can bring them home. This also means Germany, rather than the US, will be sending troops all over the world to fight “terrorism” – a move that is sure to cause consternation in certain regions with a history of German intervention, but hey, somebody has to do it!

Owl 3
Jun 12 08:28

How Corporate Media Got the Trump-Kim Summit All Wrong

The statement came a few months after Kim had resumed nuclear testing in an intensive effort to establish a credible nuclear deterrent. In part that was because of the young Kim’s conviction that the United States believed it could “bully” his regime in the transition after Kim father, Kim Jong Il, died in December 2011, according to Wit’s North Korean interlocutors.

But those same North Korean officials also told Wit that the new buildup would be of limited duration – only until it became possible to improve relations with the United States. That explanation suggested that Kim was pursuing a military capability primarily to serve as an incentive for Washington to come to the negotiating table and as a set of bargaining chips to obtain what it really wanted – an end to the hostile policy toward the regime by the United States.

Jun 12 08:27

New York Times reporter broke the biggest rule in journalism

While many details remain unknown, it is already clear that Watkins’ highly unethical conduct pre­sents a problem for press defenders. Hers is not the hill they should volunteer to die on.

Jun 12 08:25

Poll shows deep divisions between Israelis and American Jews

An opinion poll published Sunday shows deep divisions between Israelis and American Jews, particularly in relation to President Donald Trump, highlighting the growing rift between the world’s two largest Jewish communities.

The survey of the American Jewish Committee showed 77 percent of Israelis approved of the president’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations, while only 34 percent of American Jews did. Fifty-seven percent of U.S. Jews disapproved, while only 10 percent of Israelis did.

The polarizing Trump recently recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocated the American Embassy there, upending decades of U.S. foreign policy and an international consensus that the city’s fate should be decided through peace negotiations. The Palestinians, who claim east Jerusalem as their future capital, were outraged by the move and cut all contacts with the U.S. in response.

Eighty-five percent of Israelis supported the embassy move, while only 46 percent of American Jews did.

Jun 12 08:19


The Sun, the Daily Mail and the Telegraph look to be losing patience with Theresa May’s weakness on Brexit. In the last few weeks their leader columns and opinion pages have issued increasingly ominous warnings to the Prime Minister to change course. The Sun has repeatedly called on her to prepare for no deal and suggested she should be removed if she doesn’t get a grip. The usually ultra-loyal Mail has blasted her for allowing Brexit to drift. The Telegraph is talking about her leading Britain into a worst of all worlds Brexit.

Jun 12 08:18

Berlin: Amazon ‘Not in Step With Our Times’ as Retailer Destroys Unbought Goods

Online retail giant Amazon has been accused of destroying returned and as-new products in Germany, instead of responsibly repurposing much-needed resources.

Thousands of items in Germany — returned or unbought — including mattresses, tablets, cell phones, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and furniture, have been simply thrown away by Amazon, according to German current affairs program Frontal 21, cited by Berlin weekly WirtschaftsWoche.

As reported by German media, Amazon employees described destroying tens of thousands of euros' worth of retail items every day, while other workers noted that not only unsaleable products, but many in ‘as-new' or even brand new condition were disposed of, with little effort to reuse, leading many to accuse the online sales behemoth of spectacular corporate irresponsibility.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wish the people who claim they are worried about the environment would look at this hideous waste of resources.

Jun 12 08:16

Petaflops: US Regains World’s Fastest Supercomputer Title as ‘Summit’ Fires Up

After switching on the 340-ton Summit, the US has clawed back its title to producing the world’s fastest supercomputer, an honorific held by China for the past five years.

Although the brag has come to be acknowledged as merely symbolic, the location of the world's fastest supercomputer has long been a topic of national pride among a certain kind of politically-motivated tech nerd, as well as a jumping-off point for dark predictions of machine hegemony through the use or abuse of artificial intelligence and surveillance-based data gathering.

Jun 12 08:15

Iceberg Bursts Up From Water in Patagonia Near Tourist Boat

The incredibly awesome and terrifying footage, filmed in Patagonia, shows how an iceberg bursts out of the water, creating a beautiful display of the forces of nature. A huge block of azure ice suddenly emerges just near the boat, prompting the people to scream and shout in fear and amazement.

Jun 12 08:13

How Eurosceptics Won the Day in Italy and Outplayed George Soros

A political compromise reached by Eurosceptic parties and the Italian president has prevented the country from rolling into crisis, Daniele Pozzati, an Italian journalist and political observer, told Sputnik, shedding light on the future of Russo-Italian relations and George Soros' potential steps towards the new government.

Jun 12 08:13

Prince William is to hold talks with Israeli PM Netanyahu and Palestinian president on historic trip to Middle East that will also see him visit Kate's childhood home in Jordan

Prince William will sit down for talks with the Israeli prime minister and the Palestinian president during his historic visit to the Middle East.

The Duke of Cambridge's visit will be the first official trip on behalf of the government by a member of the monarchy to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

William will also visit Jordan, and the capital Amman where his wife the Duchess of Cambridge lived from May 1984 until September 1986.

Jun 12 08:06

The Saudi Coalition Bombed A Cholera Treatment Center In Yemen

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Yemen reported that the Saudi coalition bombed one of the cholera treatment centers earlier today:

Jun 12 08:06

Is There An Association Of Lyme Disease With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

According to research and resulting protocols from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, 98% of children on the autism spectrum have confirmed Lyme disease as per…

Jun 12 08:05

Trump's chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow, 70, suffers heart attack amid trade row with Canada

President Trump's chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow has been hospitalized following a heart attack, President Trump revealed, as the nation contends with an escalating trade war with key allies.

Trump tweeted out news of Kudlow's heart attack Monday night Eastern Daylight Time as he made his way to his Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

He said Kudlow, 70, has been 'working so hard' on trade and the economy.

Jun 12 08:01

‘Rocket Man’ 1, Trump 0: North Korea Keeps Its Nukes for Now

The historic summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended with the celebratory signing of a declaration that the United States and North Korea will “work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

But the declaration, which echoes the vague language of an April joint statement by Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, does not commit North Korea to a firm, verifiable process for giving up its nuclear weapons or the associated research-and-development effort.

Despite Trump telling reporters that his meeting with Kim went “better than anybody could have expected,” only one man truly had any reason to celebrate.

Jun 12 07:59

At Historic Moment for Peace, CNN’s Jim Acosta Shouts Something Jaw-Dropping

Acosta was admonished on Twitter for his childish behavior, and many are calling for his White House press credentials to be pulled.

One would compare Acosta’s actions to a Democratic operative, but one would imagine that even a staffer at the DNC would be respectful at such an extraordinary, historic moment.

Jun 12 07:57

Trump Brings Sticks, Not Carrots, to Summit with Kim Jong-un

US administrations don't negotiate. They demand, wanting other nations subservient to their interests.

US global political influence is waning, not growing. Yet its military strength is an ominous force to be reckoned with - armed with super-weapons, willing to do whatever it takes to enforce its will on other nations.

Bullying doesn't win friends and influence people, just the opposite. Carrots work much better than sticks.

Washington consistently reneges on promises. Rare exceptions prove the rule, why it can never be trusted - North Korean leader Kim Jong-un keenly mindful of what he's up against in dealing with Trump.

Jun 12 07:56

Investors Eager For Economic Opening Of North Korea

If North Korean leader Kim Jong Un manages detente in his summit with President Trump, it could be a prelude to opening one of the most closed economies in the world.

During his trip to Singapore, Kim has hinted he might be in favor of beginning that process. North Korea's state media reported on Tuesday that Kim was impressed with the city-state's economic development, and hopes he can learn from the country.

Jun 12 07:55

Obama secretly meeting with 2020 contenders

Jun 12 07:54

Homeland Security Is Compiling a List Of All Bloggers, Journalists And 'Social Media Influencers'

As part of its “media monitoring,” the DHS seeks to track more than 290,000 global news sources as well as social media in over 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian, for instant translation into English. The successful contracting company will have “24/7 access to a password protected, media influencer database, including journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers etc.” in order to “identify any and all media coverage related to the Department of Homeland Security or a particular event.”

“Any and all media coverage,” as you might imagine, is quite broad and includes “online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media.”

Jun 12 07:50


Both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have presented plans to reform the European Union. While there are many aspects that the two leaders agree, there are also some fundamental differences. Most significant of these is the agreement to create a European Army, the creation of an EU Monetary Fund, and a clamp down on immigration. FRN’s parent organization, CSS, has long forecasted the eventuality of European Army which would make NATO a redundant relic of an Atlanticist past.

Jun 12 07:40

Kilauea volcano unleashes more blasts and snaking lava

Fresh volcanic explosions have rocked Hawaii’s Big Island around Kilauea sending flying debris and plumes of ash in to the skies above the stricken region and pumping more molten lava in into sea

Jun 12 07:18

Yellowstone geyser erupts for 9th time in months

Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser has become extremely active over the past few months and has erupted a total of nine times in 2018 alone.

Jun 12 05:08

Trump's G-7 Performance Suits Israel Just Fine

How countries feel about the blow-up of the G-7 talks in Canada depends upon how they see the world and their place in it. Israel, for one, is not unhappy.

Jun 12 05:00

Trump: Meeting with Kim Jong Un was ‘very positive’

President Trump says the summit went ‘better than anybody could have expected,’ is going for a signing with the North Korea leader.

Jun 12 04:30

New asteroid gold rush ‘could earn everyone on Earth £75 billion’

That’s what bankers Goldman Sachs reckon, anyway – and several companies are now vying to be the first into space.

NASA estimates that the total value of asteroids out there could be up to $700 quintillion – equivalent to £75 billion each for us here on Earth.

Jun 12 02:26

Trump Meets Kim

Get the 1hr film detailing known recent conspiracies https://vimeo.com/ondemand/149889?

June 11, 2018

Jun 11 22:46

New Evidence Suggests Parkinson's Might Start in The Gut, Not The Brain

A new study adds to a growing body of research that suggests we might have been thinking about Parkinson's disease wrong this whole time.

Instead of being isolated to the brain, new evidence in mice suggests that the condition might actually start in the gut.