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Jun 14 08:04

Robot-Powered Restaurant One Step Closer To Dumping Fast-Food Workers

A secretive robotics startup has raised a new round of venture funding as part of its quest to replace humans with robots in the kitchens of fast-food restaurants.

Momentum Machines secured over $18 million in financing, according to a SEC filing in May. The startup has generated investments from top VC firms Google Ventures and Khosla Ventures in the past.

Jun 14 08:04

Stephen King claims POTUS has blocked him on Twitter

Stephen King’s frequent criticisms of President Trump have resulted in him being blocked from the President’s Twitter page.

Jun 14 08:04

Is Michael Foster a Chameleon?

The utterly repellent Michael Foster who has spent the last 2 years waging a relentless campaign against Jeremy Corbyn has now apparently become a Corbyn supporter. Foster now admits that he was “wrong on Corbyn.” The Jewish labour donor used the notorious Zionist Times of Israel to “tip his hat to the leader’s success”

In a spectacular admission that portrays total cultural and political detachment Foster says, “I was wrong on that his brand of leadership and socialism would not appeal.”

The same character who a year ago professed that he despised Corbyn and labelled his supporters "Sturm Abteilung" (Nazi stormtroopers) has conveniently changed his spots.

Jun 14 08:03

The Australian economy hits another rough patch

Annual Australian growth slowed to 1.7 per cent in the March quarter hit by bad weather and weak consumer spending.

Jun 14 08:03

Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape Safely In Syria

Video footage obtained by Al-Masdar appears to show convoys of ISIS fighters fleeing the Syrian city of Raqqa untouched by the U.S. military, which is currently bombing that exact location. As Al-Masdar notes, despite having Kurdish and American drones hovering around the city of Raqqa, U.S. bombs are nowhere to be seen as hundreds of fighters pass safely. The release of this footage comes on the heels of accusations from both Russia and Iran that the U.S. is colluding with ISIS to allow the group’s safe passage into areas controlled by the Syrian government.

Jun 14 08:01

LONDON INFERNO: 'No-one on top 3 floors survived' 6 dead, 74 injured as fire STILL rages

A local community leader, working to locate victims, has claimed "nobody who lived on the top three floors survived" the fire which has destroyed Grenfell Tower on the Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington after starting just before 1am.

He said: "We have a list of missing people - there are so many. It's possible there are more than 50, possibly hundreds."

Jun 14 08:00

23- Year Old Male Babysitter Will Only Get 30 Days For Molesting 8-Year Old Boy; Judge Says Prison Will Be Too Hard On Him, He’s Just A Boy

A Springfield babysitter will spend a month in jail after pleading guilty to child molestation. Police say Joseph Presley admitted to molesting an eight-year-old boy on two separate occasions.
Greene County Judge Calvin Holden sentenced Presley last week, and
now Presley is in the Greene County Jail. But he won’t be there for long. He was given a 30-day ‘shock’ sentence, and then he’ll be on probation for five years.

Jun 14 07:58

Unbelievable!! She Hawked Kerosene For Years On The Streets, But Now She Works For BBC

A Nigerian Lady, Ruona J. Meyer shared amazing story of her lifting from grass to grace after she got a big job with British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, which she started on Monday, 12th of June, 2017.
She revealed in her story that while hustling many years ago, she sold kerosene in front of her mother’s shop in Lagos now she has reaped the fruit of her labour because she did not loose focus.

Jun 14 07:58

Prosecutors Say Teen Accused of Urging Friend's Suicide Has History of Lying as Trial Goes to Closing Arguments

After calling just one witness, the defense team for Michelle Carter rested Tuesday morning, clearing the way for closing arguments in the involuntary manslaughter trial to begin in the afternoon.
The judge will hear those arguments and return a verdict in the bench trial in which Carter, 20, stands accused of urging her 18-year-old boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself in 2014, when she was 17. If convicted, Carter, who pleaded not guilty, could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Jun 14 07:58

The US student medically evacuated from North Korea is in 'bad shape,' has been in a coma for a year

North Korea released an American detainee, Otto Warmbier, back to his family in the US on Tuesday, but initial reports say he is in "bad shape" and has been in a coma for a year, CNN's Will Ripley reports.
"He is being medivacked to the US," the Warmbier family told CNN in a statement. "The brutalization and terrorism the North Koreans have put upon Otto and the Warmbier family have ended. Thank God."

Jun 14 07:54


“If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards. To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have Freedom. You tell them they need Law and Order to protect them against bad slaves. Then you tell them to elect a Government. Give them Freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are Free persons. Then give them money to earn, count and spend and they will be too busy to notice the slavery they are in.”

Jun 14 07:53

How Your Wealth is Stolen EVERYDAY

With Mr. Markopolis uncovering a brand new scheme it seems like the perfect time to remind everyone of the ongoing, to this day, theft of your wealth. Don’t believe me? Well continue by listening to the only interview of it’s kind and then read the actions taken to help spread the word. It is your wealth, it is your retirement that is in jeopardy and being syphoned off – Every. Single. Day.

Jun 14 07:53

London’s Grenfell apartment was a death trap before fire

“It is a truly terrifying thought but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the KCTMO, and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders,” wrote the Grenfell Action Group in a blog post from November. “We believe that the KCTMO are an evil, unprincipled, mini-mafia who have no business to be charged with the responsibility of looking after the everyday management of large-scale social housing estates and that their sordid collusion with the RBKC Council is a recipe for a future major disaster.”

They added, “It is our conviction that a serious fire in a tower block or similar high density residential property is the most likely reason that those who wield power at the KCTMO will be found out and brought to justice!”

Jun 14 07:51

Fatalities confirmed in Grenfell Tower block inferno – Fire Brigade

Owl 1
Jun 14 07:46


President Trump has proved yet again why he was elected to lead this country. In his first-ever Cabinet meeting at the White House, our Commander-In-Chief shared further evidence of his successes, likening his first 6 months in office to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Jun 14 07:26

MKO is US’ only hope to stop Iran nuclear program: NY ex-mayor

The former mayor of New York says the terrorist group of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) is the United States’ only hope to stop Iran’s nuclear energy program through a military attack.

Speaking at a conference in Paris, Rudolph Giuliani noted that the United States should use the MKO to militarily attack Iran’s nuclear program, International Business Times reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... making the US a state sponsor of terror. And note Giuliani isn't talking about nuclear weapons, but attacking Iran's nuclear power stations;
violating the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which both the US and Iran have signed and ratified!

Jun 14 07:24

Defense chief Mattis: ‘We’re not winning in Afghanistan’

Jun 14 07:24

Gulf of Aden States Seeking to Obstruct Iran’s Naval Presence: Commander

The Gulf of Aden littoral states are making deliberate attempts to disrupt the presence of Iranian naval flotillas in high seas, Iran’s Navy commander said, noting, however, that Iranian forces continue to sail wherever international law allows regardless of antagonistic moves.

Jun 14 07:23

3 Americans Remain Imprisoned in North Korea

The release of Otto F. Warmbier on Tuesday leaves three American citizens known to now be held in North Korea. Two were arrested in the last two months; Tony Kim, also known as Kim Sang-duk, on April 23, and Kim Hak-song, also known as Jin Xue Song, on May 6; the North Korean authorities accused each man of “hostile acts.” Little is known about the case of the third American, Kim Dong-chul, including why he was detained in 2015.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 14 07:23

European Central Bank Tue said it had switched €500 million worth of its US dollar reserves to Chinese yuan for the first time

Jun 14 07:20

FLASHBACK - Rivero challenges the NSA

The US Government insists their demand for a ban on strong encryption or back doors into all of our electronic devices is to stop crime and terror.

But over the course of a year, as documented on this page, What Really Happened issued six encryption challenges based on systems of encryption created and programmed here on an air-gapped computer.

Now, I am not an encryption expert, and only a moderately decent programmer. The NSA would have a strong motive to break my codes to discourage others from creating their own systems of encryption.

None were ever solved.

If I can beat the NSA, it means real criminals and terrorists can defeat the NSA and keep their communications private.

Hence, the real agenda of the government is not to stop crime and terror but to monitor the American people to make sure they are not thinking those double-plus ungood thoughts about how this nation is being run!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As noted below, the Five Eyes nations are working to force tech companies to once again provide back doors for all encryption, claiming it is needed to fight crime and terror, but as we demonstrated here, real criminals and terrorists can easily create their own codes the Five Eyes cannot read, while the back doors allow cyber-criminals easy access to our data!

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Jun 14 07:11

Congressman, Staffer, And Police Shot At Republican Baseball Practice In Virginia

A Senate staffer who was at the practice, but asked not to be identified, told BuzzFeed News that the alleged gunman asked someone there if those assembled were Republicans or Democrats. When told they were Republicans, the gunman opened fire, reloading two or three times, the staffer said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, we may assume the shooter is a disgruntled liberal? That is going to be an interesting wrinkle since it is the liberals who advocate banning guns!

Jun 14 07:10

George Neumayr – The Political Pope Francis, THE Man Above God, Pushes One World Government

Pope Francis urged President Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. Neumayr thinks, “Pope Francis is more worried about saving the planet than saving souls.” Best-selling author of the new book “The Political Pope,” George Neumayr, reveals Pope Francis is pushing global government.

Owl 2
Jun 14 07:10

Five Eyes nations stare menacingly at tech biz and its encryption

Officials from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will discuss next month plans to force tech companies to break encryption on their products.

The so-called Five Eyes nations have a long-standing agreement to gather and share intelligence from across the globe. They will meet in Canada with a focus on how to prevent "terrorists and organized criminals" from "operating with impunity ungoverned digital spaces online," according to Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

In the most forthright call yet from a national leader to break encryption, Turnbull told Parliament: "The privacy of a terrorist can never be more important than public safety – never."

Jun 14 07:08

Va. shooting that wounded Rep. Steve Scalise believed to be 'deliberate attack'

Sources told CNN that they believe the target was intentional, but it's unclear if it was one person or more. Rep. Mark Walker (R-North Carolina) told NBC that he thinks the "gunman was there to kill as many Republican members as possible."

The suspect allegedly talked to Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina) briefly before the shooting began.

"Are those Republicans or Democrats out there practicing?" the gunman allegedly asked Duncan, according to CNN.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I see three possibilities here.

1. This is a stunt to stampede Congress into repealing the Second Amendment.

2. The shooter is on prescription anti-depressants.

3. (the worst) This is the beginning of a shooting war between disgruntled liberals and the rest of us.

Jun 14 07:05

Voyager 1 passes another milestone: is now 138AU from home

Voyager 1 has just ticked off another milestone: on Tuesday it reached 138 astronomical units from Earth, or about 20,600,000,000km from the planet on which you're (presumably!) reading this story.

It's not an achievement that will be widely noticed or celebrated, because every kilometre it travels sets a new record for the most-travelled artefact humans have ever created. Passing an entirely notional milestone makes little difference, but we noticed the “Miles Since Left Planet” counter tick over and so here we are!

It now takes 38 hours and 15minutes for a radio signal to make it to Voyager and back to Earth, a period of time that is both remarkable and terrifying: we think that the Universe is about 27 billion light years across, but we're just 19 light hours into it.

Jun 14 07:01

Beware! Over 800 Android Apps on Google Play Store Contain 'Xavier' Malware

Over 800 different Android apps that have been downloaded millions of times from Google Play Store found to be infected with malicious ad library that silently collects sensitive user data and can perform dangerous operations.

Dubbed "Xavier," the malicious ad library, initially emerged in September 2016, is a member of AdDown malware family, potentially posing a severe threat to millions of Android users.

Since 90 percent of Android apps are free for anyone to download, advertising on them is a key revenue source for their developers. For this, they integrate Android SDK Ads Library in their apps, which usually doesn't affect an app's core functionality.

According to security researchers at Trend Micro, the malicious ad library comes pre-installed on a wide range of Android applications, including photo editors, wallpapers and ringtone changers, Phone tracking, Volume Booster, Ram Optimizer and music-video player.

Jun 14 06:59

Microsoft Releases Patches for 3 Remaining NSA Windows Exploits

Shortly after WannaCry outbreak, we reported that three unpatched Windows exploits, codenamed "EsteemAudit," "ExplodingCan," and "EnglishmanDentist," were also being exploited by individuals and state-sponsored hackers in the wild.

Specially EsteemAudit, one of the dangerous Windows hacking tool that targets remote desktop protocol (RDP) service on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP machines, while ExplodingCan exploits bugs in IIS 6.0 and EnglishmanDentist exploits Microsoft Exchange servers.

But now Microsoft has released free security updates for unsupported versions of its products, including Windows XP and Server 2003, to patch all the three cyber-weapons and block next wave of "destructive cyberattacks" similar to WannaCry.

Jun 14 06:51

Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud suggests safety aspects weren't fully addressed after 'dangerous' cladding used in Grenfell Tower

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Kevin said: "I think there are two principle issues which seem to be emerging.

"One is yes the residents had already realised that the exit routes from the building were inadequate. There’s only one point of exit for the entire building.

"They were all told that in the case of fire to stay in their flats - which seems bonkers.

"The other thing is the cladding, which we’re beginning to point towards as the culprit and describing as a plastic based product, it seems very strange that it should have gone up so quickly.

"Every single building site in this country has to be approved and go through some extremely rigorous testing thats to do with longevity, structural performance and also fire resistance.

"To see a material in 50 minutes across an entire building take flame like this and allow the flame to move so quickly, well this material is quite dangerous and clearly doesn’t perform."

Jun 14 06:50

Director of company responsible for Grenfell Tower refurbishment admits he is clueless over what cladding was made from

The director of the company responsible for the Grenfell Tower refurbishment has admitted he doesn't know what the cladding was made from.

Police have confirmed there have been at least six fatalities after a huge blaze engulfed the 24-storey tower block overnight.

At this early stage many fear the colourful plastic cladding, which was recently placed on the building as part of a major refurbishment, could have helped spread of the flames.

Jun 14 06:47

London Fire: Grenfell Tower’s Controversial History Emerges After Devastating Fire

And the 400-500 residents, spread over the 20 residential levels, had been advised to “stay put” inside their flats - possibly because there was only one exit.

“The people trapped in the flats were screaming and crying for help. It was very very sad,” Hamda Ali, who lives nearby and got to the scene shortly before 1am, told HuffPost UK.

“The entire building doesn’t have an alarm and the fire brigade were telling people not to come out. I saw people jumping from the top floors without anything because the only way out was down the stairs, which has a gas pipe next to it.”

Samira Lamrani told HuffPost UK that the building was an “accident waiting to happen”.

Owl 3
Jun 14 06:46

Steve Scalise, aides shot in Virginia

Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., told Fox News he left just before the shooting. As he walked to his car, a man asked DeSantis if it was Republicans or Democrats practicing. About 3 minutes later, at around 7:15 a.m., the shooting began, DeSantis said. It reportedly lasted about 10 minutes.

Jun 14 06:44

Congressman Steve Scalise Shot at Alexandria, Virginia, Baseball Field

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was among a number of people shot Wednesday morning during a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

He was in stable condition, said two different senior-level GOP aides. One source said the Republican lawmaker was wounded in the hip area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FOX News is already saying that the rifle used "may have been" an AR-15 which makes this feel like a gun-grabber stunt to stampede Congress into a gun ban!

Jun 14 06:41

"All our warnings fell on deaf ears": Grenfell Tower had £9m refurbishment but no sprinklers before deadly inferno

Residents at a London tower block devastated by fire have claimed their "warnings fell on deaf ears" as details of a recent multi-million pound upgrade were revealed.

At least six people are dead and another 50 injured after the 24-storey Grenfell Tower, in Kensington, became engulfed in flames in the early hours of this morning.

Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) spent £8.7million renovating the block - improving its community facilities, opening new flats and cladding the exterior - after winning planning permission in 2014.

But residents claim there was no sprinkler system in the building.

And it today emerged Theresa May’s new chief of staff was one of a series of housing ministers who “sat on” a report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire for four years.

Jun 14 06:36

LIVE: West London Grenfell Tower fire, multiple casualties confirmed - RT

Jun 14 06:09

North Korea Releases American Student Sentenced To 15 Years Of Hard Labor. Here's The Catch … He's In A Coma.

A 22-year-old American college student has been released from North Korea after 17 months of detainment. Three other Americans still remain imprisoned by Kim Jong Un’s dictatorial regime.
Otto Warmbier was taken into custody on January 2, 2016. At the time, he appeared healthy and conscious. This week, when Pyongyang released him from prison, Warmbier was in a coma. According to Warmbier’s family, Otto was stricken with botulism two months after his detention. He has been in a coma ever since.

Jun 14 06:06

We Want A Government So Small That We Can Barely See It

We need to fundamentally redefine the relationship between government and the people in this country. Today, we have become so accustomed to big government that most of us can’t even imagine another way of doing things.

Jun 14 05:46

May is essentially being forced to either reverse Article 50 or seal a 'Soft Brexit' deal for Britain

LONDON - Prime Minister Theresa May is being encouraged to either reverse Article 50, and cancel Britain's plan to leave the European Union, or seal a "soft Brexit" deal that is less harsh than what she was pushing for before the snap general election.

May triggered Article 50 in March, which kickstarted the official two year period where Britain has to negotiate its deal to leave the EU. Britain will leave the EU on March 29, 2019 - unless she calls to reverse it and all other 27-EU member states vote unanimously to allow her to cancel Brexit.

Who hasn't seen this coming?

Jun 14 05:31

Megyn Kelly’s new show tanks, viewership down 42%, major advertiser leaving

Megyn Kelly’s Sunday newsmagazine show on NBC has tanked since its debut two weeks ago, drawing only 3.6 million viewers, a 42% decline compared to the week prior when the over-famed TV anchor interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly is set to air its next biggest interview on June 18 featuring Infowars founder and radio talk show host Alex Jones.

Jun 14 01:59


Fake/satirical website “The Last Line of Defense” seems to have taken the turn from fake news to something dangerously close to full-on fraud with this article titled: "'Joe The Plumber' Dies In Freak Accident After Announcing Bid For Congress".

June 13, 2017

Jun 13 21:41


"Hey, World Trade 7 fell down like because, because, because, um, the mayor stored thousands of gallons of diesel fuel in an office building. Yeah, that's it. Diesel fuel. It's just a coincidence that every single load bearing member on the ground floor failed at the exact same moment in time. Coincidence. CO-IN-SEE-DUNCE! Trust us. We're the government."

Jun 13 20:10

James Comey's friend says he's turning over Comey's Donald Trump memos to FBI

A friend of former FBI Director James Comey said on Tuesday he is turning over any memos of Comey`s conversations with President Donald Trump in his possession to the FBI, MSNBC reported.
It said the friend, Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman, confirmed to NBC News that "he`s now turning over any Comey memos that he has in his possession to the FBI."

Jun 13 20:08

European Union door open if Britain gives up on Brexit: Germany

The European Union's door remains open if Britain changes its decision to leave the 28- member bloc, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said today, while acknowledging such a move is unlikely.
"If they wanted to change their decision, of course they would find open doors, but I think it's not very likely," Schaeuble told Bloomberg Television in his first public comments on last week's election in Britain which saw Prime Minister Theresa May lose her parliamentary majority.

Jun 13 18:54

Human Caused Global Warming COMPREHENSIVELY Debunked by Climatologist

Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus Western Washington University has studied climate for 5 decades. To my pleasure, he overwhelmingly manhandles the Senate Energy Environment & Telecommunications Committee. He hits all of the points of which I am aware and some more besides. We hear about everything from NASA/NOAA "adjusting" raw data to a lack of recent glacial melt to polar bears surviving through temperatures far warmer than those of today. He even addresses and waylays the "97% consensus" argument parroted by the global warming pundits.

I was so impressed with how Dr. Easterbrook dispassionately laid to waste the clearly slanted senate committee. In much the same way that Megyn Kelly was made a fool using logic and clearly superior intellect, Dr. Eastbrook's handling of this situation was masterful.

Jun 13 17:27

Leftist Just Want to Complain But Avoid the Real Issues

Working people are concerned about taxes and national security.

Jun 13 17:19

Liberals freak out over White House Deputy Press Secretary tweet

In 2017, tweets by politicians and government officials make headlines. Recently, when President Donald Trump sent a tweet with a typo in it, the media seemed to come unglued. CNN even sent a report out into Manhattan to ask passersby what “covfefe” meant to them.

Jun 13 17:18

Tory scaremongering campaign triggered revolt against ‘fear politics’

The unexpected electoral success of the Labour Party has put to shame the predominant cynical wisdom of the connoisseurs, even those who pretended to sympathise with Corbyn and whose preferred excuse was: “Yes, I would vote for him, but he is unelectable, the people are too manipulated and afraid, the moment is not yet right for such a radical move…”

Jun 13 16:31

Federal & State Tax Receipts Are Declining Rapidly, Expect A Hard Landing

Spain's banking system continues to decline, the banking regulators are putting a freeze on short positions on banking stocks. Moody's reports more retailers will be filing for bankruptcy, this is the retail apocalypse.

Jun 13 16:23

6 key takeaways from Jeff Sessions' Senate testimony

Sessions said James Comey was fired because of how he handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Jun 13 16:16

This Professor Says Raw Food Diet Will Kill You In Six Months

Professor Says You Will Die if You Eat Raw Food, “Not Scientific” – Is Proven Wrong By Everything Gwyneth Paltrow and Megan Fox Shut London Professor Down By Existing

According to Professor Steven Jones, following a raw food diet is extremely dangerous and could even be fatal. Such is the context of…

Jun 13 16:00

The Right to Vote Should Attach to Only Those Who Pay Taxes

There is a rising tide that many people are not paying attention to. That is the rising unrest among the youth. The problem with allowing the youth to vote on economic issues is simply they want to rob others so they have their free world of education, spring breaks, and parties.

Jun 13 15:54

War criminal Benjamin Netanyahu wants to destroy human rights groups

Benjamin Netanyahu has said there is a need to tighten Israel‘s laws to prevent foreign governments from funding Israeli human rights organisations.
The Prime Minister said the current law requiring some non-profit groups to disclose the funding they receive from foreign governments was not strong enough, Haaretz reported.

Jun 13 15:54

War-crazed Tory Party Ignore How Terrorists Really Work

The Conservative government largely avoided being blamed during the election campaign for its failure to stop the terrorist attacks. It appealed to British communal solidarity in defiance of those who carried out the atrocities, which was a perfectly reasonable stance, though one that conveniently enables the Conservatives to pillory any critics for dividing the nation at a time of crisis. When Jeremy Corbyn correctly pointed out that the UK policy of regime change in Iraq, Syria and Libya had destroyed state authority and provided sanctuaries for al-Qaeda and Isis, he was furiously accused of seeking to downplay the culpability of the terrorists.

Jun 13 15:53

Where they’re needed most: Manchester police feel impact of Tory cuts

The head of Greater Manchester police has said his force is under “real strain” as a result of major cuts.

Ian Hopkins, the chief constable of GMP, made the remarks three weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing in which 22 were killed and more than 200 injured.

Jun 13 15:47

Teenagers Aren't Working Anymore in America. Is that a Problem?

American teenagers aren’t working anymore. Summer jobs are becoming a thing of the past. But is that such a bad thing?

Jun 13 15:47


Comey, Putin, hearings, testimonies, Kathy Griffin, all these things are a grand distraction. But what is happening in the background while we watch the Washington DC ‘Soap Opera’?

Jun 13 15:45

Despicable Israel about to plunge Gaza into darkness

Israel will cut electricity supplies to the Gaza Strip after an agreement with the Palestinian Authority to put pressure on Hamas. The decision is expected to shorten the daily average of four hours of power Gaza's two million residents receive by 45 minutes, Israel's security cabinet said.

Jun 13 15:40

Economic markets are being manipulated (again)

The economic ruse that is run by Communist China is growing bigger by the day. The formula behind what has been the Great Red Engine of global growth is really very simple: Print new money and funnel it through the state-owned banking system in order to entice businesses and individuals to incur a debilitating amount of non-productive debt.

Jun 13 15:35

Theresa May is laughing stock in Parliament

Labour is ready to offer “strong and stable leadership in the national interest” if Theresa May fails to form a “coalition of chaos” with the DUP, Jeremy Corbyn has vowed.

Jun 13 15:33

2017 Is Going To Be The Worst Retail Apocalypse In U.S. History – More Than 300 Retailers Have Already Filed For Bankruptcy

Not even during the worst parts of the last recession did things ever get this bad for the U.S. retail industry. As you will see in this article, more than 300 retailers have already filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and it is being projected that a staggering 8,640 stores will close in America by the end of this calendar year.

Jun 13 15:32

Facing the hard truth: US to blame for rise of Al-Qaeda

The US is to blame for the rise of Al-Qaeda and its late mastermind Osama bin Laden, which it empowered to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan, Vladimir Putin told Oliver Stone. Putin also said there is proof the CIA supported terrorists in Russia’s Chechnya.

Jun 13 15:28

Kevin Spacey mocks Hillary Clinton email crimes

The last seven months have seen talk shows, sports commentary and music and entertainment award shows hijacked by leftist loose cannons taking advantage to attack President Donald Trump.

But all that the Hollyweirdos have accomplished is making themselves look like pouty, elitist asses to the vast majority of the American public who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what the cultural Marxists have to say.

Jun 13 15:21

Political correctness gone mad: ‘Genius’ is now suddenly a sexist word

University of Cambridge history tutors have been told to refrain from using the word “genius” in class because it’s offensive towards women.

Jun 13 14:54

Jon Stewart slams Jim Cramer

Jun 13 14:49

ISIS Siege In The Philippines Continues Despite Assistance From U.S. Special Forces

Conflict between Philippine government forces and ISIS in the Philippines continued to worsen this week, after what has already been a month of fighting centered in the southern town town of Marawi. As late as last week there had been hope that the ISIS siege would soon be broken by government forces, but these hopes were dashed after three weeks of fighting.

Jun 13 14:44

Investigation reveals Bitcoin accounts being seized

The popular online Bitcoin wallet Coinbase has been routinely seizing accounts of users in Hawaii and Wyoming, effectively “stealing” their Bitcoins by locking them out of their accounts. A Natural News investigation confirms that Coinbase is citing obscure state laws in its decision to seize accounts of users in both states, yet the online wallet refuses to allow users to log in and change their state of residence if they move to another state.

Jun 13 14:41

N. Korea claims it can strike New York

Pyongyang says its nuclear weapons can hit New York, and that such a strike “might be proven in practice.” It’s a much-delayed response to a January tweet from Donald Trump, in which he said that a North Korean strike on the US “won't happen.”

Jun 13 14:33

Sexting teens face 15 years in jail

The United States House of Representatives has passed a bill to criminalize “sexting” among teenagers. But that’s not all. This ominous bill also punishes their parents by making them face a 15-year mandatory, minimum sentence.

Jun 13 14:30

Teen ‘kidnapped, raped and married’: Police

A SYDNEY teenager was abducted, raped and forced to marry a Muslim man under sharia law before being driven hundreds of kilometres away from her worried family in a terrifying kidnapping that stretched across NSW, police will allege.

The petrified 18-year-old, who cannot be named, claimed Chafic Charyala, 31, showed up at her bedroom window in Bankstown at 2am on Sunday and threatened to kill her unless she went with him.

It will be alleged the girl’s family had recently rejected a marriage proposal by the alleged kidnapper.

Jun 13 14:24

CNN protects criminal Hillary Clinton by censoring live feed

CNN cut away from a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday morning, seconds after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) raised concerns that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had hired a former Clinton Foundation attorney to assist with the probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Jun 13 14:16

Broken electoral system prevented Jeremy Corbyn from becoming prime minister

This was a bittersweet election. We rejoice at the fact the Conservatives have been pegged back and the landslide they presumed was theirs by right has been denied them. We are delighted that an alternative to austerity and nearly 40 years of free-market fundamentalism has secured 40% of the vote. We celebrate the exuberance and scale of the youth vote and both feel an incredible duty to repay their faith in us and our colleagues. And we are proud that in some key marginals cooperation not to split the progressive vote resulted in the Tories losing.

Jun 13 14:01


Former FBI Director James Comey captured the nation’s attention Thursday, when he admitted under oath that he was responsible for a memo leaked to the media regarding President Donald Trump and the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Jun 13 13:53

Sessions: Suggestion I Colluded With Russians 'Is An Appalling and Detestable Lie'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions blasted the Democrats' Russkie conspiracy theory during testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, saying the suggestion he would have colluded with the Russian government after 35 years of public service "is an appalling and detestable lie.”

Jun 13 13:53

Kings of fake news, New York Times, refuse to correct record over Russia-Trump hoax

Unbelievably, even after fired FBI Director James Comey told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee last week that a February 14 story The New York Times ran implying “collusion” between Team Trump and “The Russians” was dead wrong, the paper still won’t make the necessary corrections.

Jun 13 13:52

spy coins

Whether you are a photojournalist needing to move sensitive photographs out of North Korea, a corporate operative trying to get the upper hand on BAE, or just simply need a good hiding place to store love letters, our hollow spy coins will fit the bill.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is where you can get the coins we talked about on the radio show.

Jun 13 13:51

Megyn Kelly turns out to be 'ratings disaster' for NBC

NBC is reportedly “freaking out” because the network’s over-hyped talent Megyn Kelly has already been a “ratings disaster.”

“They didn’t pay her $15 million for this. They are now worried that her numbers will be bad when she joins the 9 am hour of Today,” a source reportedly told Radar Online. “If Kelly tanks at 9 am she will also bring down Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb at 10 am.”

Jun 13 13:30

Scientists discover nearly-extinct ancient tribe that ritually poisons its own food and trashes its ecosystems (but there’s a catch)

The tribe has a rudimentary monetary exchange system based on clam shells which are used in barter.

The elders of the tribe have created revenue streams where they collect clam shells in exchange for toxic chemicals harvested from poison plants.

These chemicals are required to be sprayed on all foods consumed by the tribe and are said to “ward off evil pests.”

The tribe suffers from very high rates of cancer, liver disorders and brain disorders due to the routine consumption of poisons that are added to the foods (in order to make the elders wealthy with clam shells).

The poisons added to the food supply survive human digestion and are urinated out of the body where they poison the local ecosystems, causing widespread ecological toxicity and mass animal die-offs.

Jun 13 13:20

Vietnam war hero to receive Medal of Honor from Trump

Donald Trump will present his first Medal of Honor to veteran from the Vietnam War who risked his life to rescue fellow soldiers.

Jun 13 13:17

EDL abuse Sikh volunteers feeding homeless

Far-right protesters have been accused of abusing Sikh volunteers as they tried to feed the homeless in Manchester.

Members of the Sikh Sewa Organisation said they had to flee from Piccadilly Gardens for “their own safety” after "EDL members" became “abusive” towards them.

Jun 13 13:06

16 years of war has lead to military’s competitive edge 'eroding'

The U.S. military’s competitive edge is “eroding” thanks to nearly 16 years of war and uncertain defense spending, according to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Jun 13 13:04

Mainstream media under fire for fueling fake news (makes a change from them making it)

House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted the media for fueling rumors that President Donald Trump may fire Robert Mueller as special counsel to the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election during a press conference Tuesday.

Jun 13 13:01

McBullshit: McDonald’s lied about antibiotics in food

You’ve probably seen the headlines about McDonald’s forgoing the long-held practice of feeding their chickens a never-ending stream of antibiotics. In fact, the massive food corporation has even been praised for dumping antibiotics from their chicken.

While even the smallest steps forward should always be appreciated, the fact of the matter is that McDonald’s new “antibiotic ban” has been grossly blown out of proportion: McDonald’s will still be using some antibiotics in their food, just not the ones that are important to humans. The company even made a statement on their own website, which reads:

Jun 13 12:58

Ann Coulter: "A good day to remind everyone that AG Eric Holder ran guns to Mexico, lied to Congress about it, was found in contempt & never prosecuted."

Insider: CIA Orchestrated Operation Fast and Furious -gov allowed

Issa: Gun-Control Agenda Behind Fast and Furious

Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF's Fast and Furious Op

'Fast and Furious' Linked to Immunity Deal Between U.S. and Sinaloa Cartel

Jun 13 12:56

Almost extinct ancient tribe discovered

Scientists have stumbled upon an astonishing discovery of an ancient tribe living on a remote Pacific island that ritually poisons its own food and trashes its food-producing ecosystems.

According to Dr. Eugene Navaroski from the Technical Institute of Ancient People, this nearly extinct tribe was discovered to engage in the most astonishing self-destructive behaviors:

Jun 13 12:53

Witnesses Contradict Police After Car Runs Over Eight People In Amsterdam

Dutch Police have ruled out terrorism after eight people were injured when a car outside Amsterdam train station ran into them. But witnesses have given a different account to the official police statement of what happened and have described the incident as “terrifying”.

Jun 13 12:50

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's pact with the devil

As Theresa May prepares to sign a deal with the bigots of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party to prop up her government in Parliament, Stuart Littlewood examines her track record of incompetence and lack of principle.>>