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June 1, 2017

Jun 01 14:55

Wonder Woman Falls Short in Lebanon as Government Bans Film Over IDF Link

The latest Hollywood blockbuster Wonder Woman hasn't been received positively by everyone it appears. The Lebanese government has made the decision to cancel all screenings of the action-packed film as Gal Gadot, who plays the superhero heroine, is from Israel and has served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Jun 01 14:55

June Gold Contracts Changing Hands Actively

Jun 01 14:36

This Is Why The Dollar Empire Is About To Fall

The EU is pushing the UK to pay for everything to leave. This is more about trying to keep the UK from leaving. Banks are now reporting that revenue will be much lower now and moving forward.

Jun 01 14:35

The Intercept: As The U.S. Ramps Up Airstrikes On ISIS, Are Syrian Civilians Paying The Price?

A civilian monitoring group says U.S.-led airstrikes killed more than 100 civilians—including 47 children—on Thursday and Friday.

Jun 01 14:33

New Migrant Surge On Britain’s Doorstep, Calais Official Warns

alais could descend into violence this summer as hundreds of migrants try to sneak into Britain, a French official has warned, just six months after the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp was closed.

Jun 01 14:33

Is China Set To Become the Most Free Nation On the Planet?

Nations all over the world are freely handing over their sovereignty to Supranational groups and organizations that have one purpose in mind…The destruction of the Nation State. The European Union is the blue print and it is a process that will continue to be adopted by other nations through Free Trade agreements and Intelligence sharing. The UK is estimated to have 75% of its laws (and regulations) produced and imposed by the European Commission. And there are calls for ever closer unity.

Jun 01 14:33

Dakota Access Pipeline Set To Flow Oil, As Public Commission Considers Violation Rulings

The Dakota Access Pipeline long protested by groups of Native Americans and environmentalists begins carrying oil Thursday. There may be an ebb in the oil flow, however, as the pipeline company faces scrutiny over how it cleared its construction path.

Jun 01 14:12

Does Weak Box Office Reflect Weak Economy?

Jun 01 14:08

Private Mercenary Firm TigerSwan Compares Anti-DAPL Water Protectors To “Jihadist Insurgency”

An explosive new investigation by The Intercept reveals how international private security firm TigerSwan targeted Dakota Access water protectors with military-style counterterrorism measures. T

Jun 01 13:57

What Trump Must Do To Have His Presidency Survive

Roger Stone takes calls in this segment and addresses the courses of action President Trump can take to ensure he maintains the White House.

Jun 01 13:53

Doctor claims his patients were denied life-saving treatment - and their insurance companies suggested EUTHANASIA instead

Two patients were told to consider euthanasia because their insurance companies wouldn't cover their life-saving treatment, a doctor claims.

As more states legalize euthanasia for the terminally ill, critics fear that this last resort option will become a first choice treatment method driven by profit-chasing insurance companies and financially-strained families.

Dr Brian Callister, an internal medicine specialist, said he has seen this fear become a reality in his own practice.

Jun 01 13:53

Futurproofing The Clinton Dynasty

The corporate media have started pushing the idea that Chelsea Clinton should run for president.

Clinton previously said that she was not interested in running for office, but according to the View this would 'give people hope'.

Jun 01 13:51

Death Of Zookeeper Mauled By Tiger Will Be Investigated By Police

Police have U-turned on an earlier decision not to investigate the death of a zookeeper who was attacked by a tiger at a Cambridgeshire zoo.

Jun 01 13:40

CNN: Trumps “Playing The Victim” Over ‘Beheading’ Stunt

Following the uproar concerning the video of ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin ‘beheading’ the president, a CNN analyst claimed that the Trumps are taking advantage of the incident and “playing the victim” to get sympathy.

Owl 1
Jun 01 13:24

End The Greedy Silence

It is time Americans rise up against the corruption, inefficiency, and cruelty of our healthcare system and tell its corporate captors and Congress – Enough Already!

Jun 01 13:15

Deluded, Paranoid, Hillary Clinton Dreams Up Another Conspiracy Theory

Crazy sore loser Hillary Clinton has taken to bottom-of-the-barrel conspiracy theories in order to justify her magnificent defeat at the hands of Donal Trump in November.

This time she’s claiming that President Trump secretly colluded with 1,000 Russian agents who infiltrated social media and engineered a campaign of lies about her.

Jun 01 13:07


Alex Jones reveals Jerome Corsi's intel on the mass panic in Washington D.C. as the Democrats attempt to foment a coup.

Jun 01 13:05

BREAKING: Evergreen State College Clises after ‘Direct Threat to Campus Safety’

Evergreen State College has closed for the day because of a “direct threat to campus safety.”

Everyone is asked to leave the Olympia campus or return to residence halls for instructions, the college announced shortly after 11 a.m. Thursday.

Jun 01 12:52


“F*cking Bullsh*t!” DNC Data Director Goes Off After Hillary Blames Party for Her Loss

Jun 01 12:51

The Numbers Are In: A Single-Payer Health System in California Would Cover Everyone and Save Tens of Billions a Year

Almost all Californians and California businesses will see lower health care costs under a single-payer system, according to a fiscal analysis presented Wednesday by the bill’s sponsor and the California Nurses Association. The exceptions are the top 10 percent, individuals making $340,000 or more annually; and the most profitable firms, where a proposed tax surcharge on earnings could exceed savings from no longer paying for their employees' health plans.

The analysis was done by a team led by Robert Pollin, the co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts and a former UC Riverside faculty member. At a Sacramento press conference, he explained how a single-payer system would enable all Californians to be completely covered. That includes 3.7 million currently uninsured residents and another 12 million who are underinsured, meaning they cannot afford their policy’s co-pays and deductibles.

Jun 01 12:39

UAE-Backed Forces Seize Aden Airport From Saudi-Backed Troops

Further complicating the Saudi War in Yemen, allies backed by two of the GCC nations involved in the invasion, Saudi Araba and the United Arab Emirates,, are now engaging in open fighting in the “interim” capital city of Aden, with UAE-backed forces seizing the Aden airport, killing one soldier.

Jun 01 12:39

Arrogant Globalist Lectures Trump, Says He Controls American Policy

Arrogant globalist Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the unelected European Commission, lectured Donald Trump and said that America would not be allowed to pull out of the Paris climate agreement in a stunning attempt to control American domestic policy.

Jun 01 12:38

Judicial Watch: New Clinton Emails Show Classified Information Sent to Clinton Foundation Employees

Emails also show Abedin providing government plane and hotel reservations to Chelsea Clinton for trip to Germany while employed at Clinton Foundation

Abedin tells Band that she has ‘hooked up’ people from the Russian American Foundation with ‘the right people’ at the State Department

Jun 01 12:34

Baltimore Mayor Joins Growing Movement To Remove Confederate Monuments

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is considering a plan to remove Confederate monuments littered around the city, echoing the work of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Both mayors are Democrats.

Jun 01 12:31

Tulsi Gabbard NOT Taking Lobbyist Money! Corporate Dem's Immediately Smear Her!

We need to get money out of politics. Corporate democrats and republicans are at the heart of the problem with both parties. Lobbying is legalized bribery.

Jun 01 12:22

Zionists Vow to Keep Control of West Bank

Even if a peace deal is reached in Gaza, the Israeli regime will continue, it has emerged.

Jun 01 11:18

Trump Expected To Step Back From Moving US Embassy To Jerusalem Al-Quds

US President Donald Trump is stepping back from his campaign pledge to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

He was expected to renew a waiver that keeps the embassy in Tel Aviv, White House sources told various media outlets Wednesday.

Jun 01 11:17

White House Petition - Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the murder of Seth Rich, the alleged Wikileaks email leaker

On July 10, 2016, Seth Rich was shot twice in the early morning as he walked back to his house in Washington D.C. Immediately after the crime, the death was called an armed robbery... but none of Seth Rich's belongings were taken from him.

Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the family, said that there was evidence Seth Rich had contacted WikiLeaks and that law enforcement were covering this up. MSM is not covering this murder, instead pushing it to the side, so it is now up to us.

The facts do not add up, law enforcement stopped covering the crime, and now it is time for us to fight for justice. Seth Rich deserves this.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The confirmation link in the email DOES NOT WORK!

Jun 01 11:15

Resorts World Manila: Explosions, gunfire reported in Philippines

Gunfire and explosions have been heard at the Resorts World Manila in the Philippines, CNN Philippines reported.

A masked gunman was on the second floor of one hotel, firing at guests, hotel employees fleeing the scene told CNN Philippines.
Police, fire trucks and SWAT teams were seen in the area at about 1:30 a.m. local time Friday.

Jun 01 11:07

CNN Advertiser Pulls Ads After Kathy Griffin’s Beheading Stunt

Kathy Griffin had a promotional photo shoot which featured a shameful, fake severed head of President Donald J. Trump. Griffin knew what the reaction would be, and only offered an “apology” after losing a sponsorship and her contract with CNN.

Trump’s 11-year-old son Barron was traumatized by the ordeal, and Secret Service is investigating it as a threat.

Now, due to enormous backlash, the liberal cable news network is about to be hurt financially for their many years of ties to Griffin.

Now, home security company ADTis pulling all ads from CNN. This is exactly how sponsors should treat the network!

Owl 2
Jun 01 11:06

Tulsi Gabbard - Break Up the Big Banks

Jun 01 10:57

Awkward! State Dept Spokesman Freezes When Questioned About KSA "Democracy"

By Brandon Turbeville

Mark Toner and John Kirby are very happy men today. Their humiliating performances regarding the question of Syria are now no longer the most embarrassing moments for a State Department Spokesman over the last decade...

Jun 01 10:54

7/7 Met police chief calls for extremists to be locked up in INTERNMENT camps as he says MI5 and police cannot keep track of 3,000 terror suspects

Thousands of radical extremists must be locked up in new internment camps to protect Britain from the unprecedented terror threat it faces, a Muslim former police chief declares today.

Writing exclusively for The Mail on Sunday, Tarique Ghaffur warns there are too many extremists on the streets for police and MI5 officers to monitor.

Mr Ghaffur, an Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard when the 7/7 bombings took place, proposes that special centres be set up to detain as many as 3,000 extremists, where they can be kept from launching attacks.

They would also be made to go through a de-radicalisation programme.

Jun 01 10:53

Hillary: Russian Hacking Had To Be ‘Guided by Americans,’ Might Have Been Trump

Wednesday in Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA at the annual Code Conference, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the barrage of “fake news” and hacked emails released during the 2016 presidential campaign had to have been from the Russians and “guided by Americans.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, that was the shark!

Jun 01 10:51

Death Penalty For Child Abusers - Irony From The BBC

The BBC has a long running history of covering up pedophilia.

The corporation has not only invested huge amounts of resources into protecting its staff but it has also repeatedly failed to report investigations into politicians and other high-profile figures.

Jun 01 10:45

Update from Seth Rich's Neighbor; Cameras & Footage Confirmed

Jun 01 10:44

Federal Prosecutor's Homicide Connected to Rich

Jun 01 10:44

All Connected to Seth Rich Investigation Visited the White House Days Before his Death

Jun 01 10:43

Conservative Activists Target Maddow Advertisers

Conservative activists decided to turn the tables on liberals and target advertisers of popular MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

Following a Media Matters campaign that led to an advertiser boycott of Fox News host Sean Hannity, the Media Research Center (MRC) and Media Equalizer countered with a campaign against the liberal Maddow.

Media Matters published the list of Hannity’s advertisers to pressure the host after he raised suspicions about the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich that critics panned as conspiracy theory. Hannity lost over a handful of advertisers after the list was posted.

Media Equalizer returned the favor Tuesday and published the list of Maddow’s advertisers.

Owl 3
Jun 01 10:43

Podesta Laundering Clinton Foundation Assets Before RICO Steps In Under Civilian Asset Forfeiture

John Podesta is buying up gold, art and other valuables as he converts Clinton Foundation laundered money to hard assets and is hiding these assets around the world. Clearly, they think RICO is going to be seizing Clinton Foundation assets.

Jun 01 10:37

Hooper’s War And Moral Injury, Ron Paul Interviews Peter Van Buren

Wars do terrible things to people who fight them. Physical injury and psychological injury are well known. Veterans commit suicide at an alarming rate. But perhaps less understood is the moral injury that goes along with war, especially unjust wars. Former State Department official Peter Van Buren joins the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Jun 01 10:37

Wasserman Schultz Admits Hill IT Security Violations, Blames House Administrators For Not Stopping Her

Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose office equipment U.S. Capitol Police seized in a criminal investigation into congressional network security violations, admitted she violates official information security policy and blamed the House’s chief administrative officer for not stopping her.

Jun 01 10:36

Venezuela devalues currency in crisis dollar sale

Crisis-hit Venezuela devalued its currency by 64 percent in a dollar auction that aimed to stabilize its foreign exchange market, officials said Wednesday.

Under an overhauled official exchange system, the government let investors bid for the dollars at a new higher rate in what President Nicolas Maduro said was an effort to undermine the black market.

It was the latest in a series of moves to ease a crisis in a country stricken by soaring inflation and shortages of food and medicine.

Jun 01 10:36

More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton's Twitter followers are fake or never tweet – and she's already under fire for 'buying' fake Facebook fans

Two different online audit tools say no more than 44 per cent of Hillary's 3.6 million Twitter fans are real people who participate in the platform

Jun 01 10:35

Globalists Are Building An Army Of Millennials To Destroy Sovereignty

Back in October of 2016 I covered an issue which I have been very concerned with for over a year now. In an article titled Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash, I outlined the basis for my belief that Donald Trump would win the U.S. election and why the U.K. Brexit was allowed to meet with success. Here is a quote from that article to give you a general sense of my position:

“I argue that the Trump tapes will be forgotten in a week and that they have no bearing whatsoever on the election. They are nothing more than bread and circus. Beyond the fact that really, almost no one cares what Trump said a decade ago. I argue that this election has already been decided. I argue that the globalists want Trump in office, just as they wanted the passage of the Brexit. I argue that they need conservative movements to feel as though we have won, so that they can pull the rug out from under us in the near future. I argue that we are being set up.

Jun 01 10:33

TSA to travelers: Is that a cookie or a bomb?

Federal airport security officials have begun asking travelers to take books and food out of their carry-on luggage, prompting some fliers to complain about a further invasion of the limited privacy they have left at checkpoints.

Transportation Security Administration officials say they are taking the steps on a test basis at a handful of airports nationally mainly because carry-on bags are getting so stuffed that screening agents at x-ray machines are have a hard time seeing what’s in the bags.

Some everyday items, including books and magazines, can look similar to explosives when going through the X-ray machine, federal security officials said. Screeners may “fan” through books to see if anything is hidden, TSA official Carrie Harmon said, but Harmon said screeners are not checking to see what people are reading.

Jun 01 10:33

Justice Department Sued for Records on FBI Training of Best Buy Geek Squad Spies

The Justice Department was sued Wednesday by a privacy group seeking information on the FBI recruitment of Best Buy employees to search consumer computers for child pornography during repairs — a practice that came to light in court documents in a recent case in Santa Ana, California.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Trump administration’s Justice Department, demanding access to records about any FBI training and payment to Geek Squad workers to search customer computers without a court warrant.

Jun 01 10:32


A regular summer right of passage for motivated teenagers across the United States in search of some extra spending money has always been cutting the neighbors grass. However, teens in Gardendale, Alabama, and many other cities across the United States, are about to get a rude lesson in how government overregulation stifles personal and financial growth.

Local officials and area law services have reportedly warned area teens that without a business license issued by the city, which costs $110, they are in violation of a city ordinance, thus violating the law, if they attempt to cut grass without a license.

It’s patently absurd that local teenagers can’t make a private agreement with a neighbor to mow a lawn without the government sanctioning the transaction by inserting themselves as the arbiter of who is allowed to legitimately cut grass.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Jun 01 10:32

N.H. man sentenced to 7 years for role in Bundy ranch standoff

A New Hampshire man who founded that state’s largest Tea Party group and was a prominent Donald Trump supporter was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for his role in the Bundy Ranch standoff against the government in Nevada three years ago.