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October 11, 2015

Oct 11 09:18


On Thursday night, with the current terrorism wave on my mind, I covered a violent protest organized by two far-right Jerusalem groups, which was attended by about 700 people. Police reported that the protesters threw stones toward officers, and a few protesters were arrested.

During their entire march, organized by La Familia (a group of far-right fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club) and Lehava (a right-wing organization dedicated to preventing the “assimilation” of Jews with non-Jews in Israel), the protesters chanted slogans such as “death to Arabs” and “may your village burn,” and looked for Arabs to attack. And indeed, after the protest ended a number of the participants attacked a taxi driver and attempted to attack other Arab passersby.

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Oct 11 09:12

Thirty orphanages run by the group founded by Mother Teresa have decided to shutter their adoption services in India rather than comply with a new government system that makes it easier for single and divorced people to adopt children.

Thirty orphanages run by the group founded by Mother Teresa have decided to shutter their adoption services in India rather than comply with a new government system that makes it easier for single and divorced people to adopt children.

Oct 11 09:11

California voters to be automatically registered at DMV

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved legislation to make California the second state in the nation to begin automatically registering eligible voters when they obtain or renew their driver's licenses.

Oct 11 09:10


Both the criminal, racist state of Israel, and the Palestinian Authority (PA), a police state without a state which we all know is at Israel’s beck and call, are reacting characteristically, each in its own way, to the ongoing popular Palestinian protests in the West Bank, especially in Occupied East Jerusalem.Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, have been threatening Palestinians with death and destruction if they continue with their protests, which he conveniently calls “terror.”

Netanyahu, of course, ignores the incomparably greater Jewish terror against Palestinians, which is continuing unabated, with full government backing and encouragement.

Oct 11 09:09

BEX ALERT - Could ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ happen?

Although the scientific credibility of the film drew criticism from climate scientists, the scenario of an abrupt collapse of the AMOC, as a consequence of anthropogenic greenhouse warming, was never assessed with a state-of-the-art climate model.Now scientists have found that, for a period of 20 years, the earth will cool instead of warm if global warming and a collapse of the AMOC occur simultaneously.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another pathetic attempt to prop up global warming in the face of cold winters. Folks, I worked on that movie, and that is all it is, just a movie, and has no more connection with reality than these computer models.

Oct 11 09:03

Blast Shakes Ankara Just in Time to Justify NATO Incursion into Syria

By Tony Cartalucci

A massive blast has killed at least 30 and injured over 100 more in NATO-member Turkey’s capital of Ankara. The blast appears to have targeted the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) who was holding a peace rally at the moment of the explosion...

Oct 11 09:02

Migrants Dump Garbage from their Balconies : Augsburg Asylum Center, Germany

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Consider this a sneak preview of what life will be like under the New World Order!

Oct 11 09:01

EPA spends millions on military-style weapons, watchdog group reports

The Environmental Protection Agency has spent millions of dollars over the last decade on military-style weapons to arm its 200 “special agents” to fight environmental crime.

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Litterbugs, beware!

Oct 11 08:59

F-16 fighter jet flies with empty cockpit

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Earlier today two US F-16s violated Syrian air space and bombed two power stations near Aleppo. Bombing the power stations does not look good to the American people, it clearly does not target ISIS, so why do it? To piss off Assad and Putin, yes, but I have to wonder if the US sent in the F-16s, headed for such an obvious non-ISIS target, in the hope that Russia would shoot them down and open the door to a direct confrontation. Russia prudently did not take the bait!

Oct 11 08:53

RAF Tornados armed and dangerous: Tensions between Russia and UK escalate

RAF fighter jets will be armed with air-to-air missiles and have been given the green light to shoot down hostile Russian planes.

British and Nato pilots have been told to take the drastic action if they are fired on by Vladimir Putin’s air force during missions over Iraq.

The move comes after British ministers warned Russia had made the situation in the Middle East “much more dangerous”.

Senior defence sources say it is just a matter of time before our fighters are involved in a deadly confrontation with Russian jets.

One source said: “We need to protect our pilots but at the same time we’re taking a step closer to war. It will only take one plane to be shot down in an air-to-air battle and the whole landscape will change.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, wait just a moment. The US and UK are supposedly in Iraq fighting ISIS (same dumb BS they have been feeding us about Syria). The government of Iraq has ASKED for Russia's help to destroy ISIS, so in theory the US, UK, and Russia are all on the same side. So why is the UK telling their pilots to engage Russia warplanes?

Oct 11 08:50

Putin's Decisive Actions in Syria Enhance His Image in US

Russia's stance on Syria strengthened the country's reputation and helped enhance Vladimir Putin's image, an opinion maintained by over 65 percent of international relations scholars from the United States, who took part in a recent survey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am starting to wonder if the two US F-16s that bombed the power plants were sent in (by remote control) in the hope Russia would shoot them down, and the US would have an excuse to start attacking Russian bases in Syria.

Oct 11 08:47

Al-Baghdadi Not Among ISIL Leaders Killed in Iraqi Army Airstrike

Several leaders of the Islamic State were killed in an airstrike conducted by the Iraqi Air Force, but "caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is not among them, Reuters reports citing an Iraqi hospital source.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe he got a phone call from McCain telling him not to show up that day? :)

Oct 11 08:46

Killing Fields: Are Israeli Forces Preparing For Another Genocidal Massacre of Palestinians?

Last night in Jerusalem, new clashes saw more wounded Israelis and a Palestinian shot dead, as tensions continue to rise in Israel and its Occupied Territories.

Not surprisingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is blaming this fall’s wave of violence on the native Arabs and foreign countries who support them. He blamed recent violence on the Palestinian Authority that (sort of) controls the West Bank, and of course he blames Hamas in Gaza, claiming that their “incitement and libels and lies” have set off unrest.

“All of us, we’re in the midst of a wave of terrorism… terrorists that are incited, filled with hatred and trying to hurt people,” said Netanyahu.

Israel continue to suppress any effort for an independent Palestine.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated he does not want the current situation to escalate. Many feel that Abbas is holding back a new intifada, but wonder for how long.

Oct 11 08:45

Obama: Republicans have 'gone off the deep end'

President Barack Obama says the Republican Party has "gone off the deep end" with its messy failure to elect a new speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Oct 11 08:41

Jordan parliament accuses Israel of ‘state terrorism’

The Jordanian parliament on Saturday accused Israel of “state terrorism” against the Palestinian people after its forces shot dead seven Gazans and wounded more than 140 others in the coastal strip.

Oct 11 08:40

Witchcraft & exorcism abuse rising in UK – police

The UK is experiencing an alarming rise in children suffering from accusations of witchcraft and exorcism, which are being reported to the police. A watchdog says there has been “a significant increase” with 60 cases reported so far in 2015.

One incident saw a young boy’s parents throwing him out of their home because they believed he was a “devil child,” while another child had his face bitten by his mother, who believed he was a “witch possessed by evil spirits.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were the parents on prescription anti-depressants?

Oct 11 08:39

Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel — says Israeli minister

Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan said yesterday: “Palestinians have to understand they won’t have a state & Israel will rule over them.”

Oct 11 08:39

Two different versions of the same events in Gaza reveal ‘NYT’ bureau chief’s bias

There are two possible explanations for Rudoren’s extraordinary bias here.

She is an incompetent, who does not know that an elementary rule in journalism is to interview both sides, instead of working as the stenographer for one of them. If true, we recommend that she study Joel Greenberg’s work.

She knows full well how reporters are supposed to work, but she deliberately set out to cover up the fact that Israeli snipers and other soldiers may have deliberately murdered six Palestinians.

Oct 11 08:35

California Governor Brown Signs Bill Banning Concealed Weapons From Schools

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill banning concealed weapons from California schools and universities, a measure that drew renewed attention after a recent massacre at an Oregon community college.

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Oct 11 08:31

Why did US Navy pull US Aircraft Carrier out of Persian Gulf?

The US has had an aircraft carrier stationed in the Persian Gulf ever since 2007. In the past week, the US Navy pulled the USS Theodore Roosevelt out of the Gulf. This sudden move, just when the Russian battleships, fitted with their pinpoint accuracy cruise missiles, sailed in to conduct a coordinated assault on the ISIS encampments in Syria. Now...I ask myself...why would the US do this? Why wouldn't the US want to maintain a strong presence in the Gulf...under such unprecedented circumstances? The only hunch I could come up with was that the US Military realized that the Theodore Roosevelt was woefully inadequate to stand up to the Russian "threat"...by that, I mean the threat of the radar (Khibiny) jamming capacity of the Russian Airforce. We wouldn't want a repeat of the ignominious "Donald Cook" incident, now would we?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Roosevelt suffered a huge embarrassment during simulated war games in the Atlantic a while back, when a single French submarine succeeded in penetrating the Roosevelt's battle group and "sank" the carrier and a few of the escort ships as well.

American weapons may cost a lot of money and look very impressive, but it appears they are mostly a bluff, that Russia has now called!

Oct 11 08:30

Public Remains Wary of Federal Government's Power

Oct 11 08:28

In a first, Chinese hackers are arrested at the behest of the U.S. government

The Chinese government has quietly arrested a handful of hackers at the urging of the U.S. government — an unprecedented step to defuse tensions with Washington at a time when the Obama administration has threatened economic sanctions.

The action came a week or two before President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Washington late last month. The hackers had been identified by U.S. officials as having stolen commercial secrets from U.S. firms to be sold or passed along to Chinese state-run companies.

Oct 11 08:27

Netanyahu Unleashes Settler Attacks, Targets Palestinian Hospitals and Patients

Netanyahu-ordered state terror continues raging with no end in sight. Heavily armed soldiers, militarized police, border guards and other security forces are systematically terrorizing Palestinians - beating, wounding and murdering them in cold blood.

Police states operate this way, Israel one of the vilest, run by Arab-hating fascists, criminal thugs by any standard, unrestrained brutality their mode of operation - fully supported by Washington.

Netanyahu unleashed extremist settlers to commit “vigilante attacks against Palestinians,” the Yesh Din human rights group explained.

It got dozens of complaints from terrorized Palestinians. They’re being attacked and injured, their property vandalized. At least one arson incident was reported. Homes were broken into, crops and olive trees destroyed.

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Oct 11 08:09

Fred for Dictator!: Good as Any, Better’n Some

If you were an evil dictator, would you mess with this man?

Having recognized that the country is calling on me to restore order and common sense, and that my election as dictator is the last hope of Western Civilization, I hereby throw my sombrero into the ring. Below is a compact summary of the wise and forward-looking policies which will characterize my reign. Interposed are thrilling slogans that will throw you into an electoral frenzy.

Social Policy: On the day of my coronation, I will undertake a sweeping reform of society, beginning with radical feminists. We will hunt them with dogs. I will save a few and chain them in the Great Dismal Swamp, where they will poison the mosquitoes, allowing civilized people to catch catfish in comfort.
“The only thing we have to be A-fred of is Fred Hisself!!”

Oct 11 08:00

The Six Most Disastrous Interventions of the 21st Century

by Gary Leupp
On October 2 President Barack Obama, alluding to Russia’s decision to launch air strikes in Syria, told reporters at the White House that for Russia to view the forces targeted “from the perspective they’re all terrorists [is] a recipe for disaster, and it’s one that I reject.”

1 Afghanistan

The first was the disaster of the invasion of Afghanistan beginning in October 2001. I’m not sure we should call it a “crime,” since the international coalition that invaded was authorized by a UN resolution, or a “mistake” since it was clearly the result of calculation.

Oct 11 07:54

Intense Fighting in Central Syria Amid Government Gains

BEIRUT— Intense fighting between insurgents and Syrian troops continued Sunday in the country’s center amid new territorial gains for the government, backed by Russian airstrikes, activists and government officials reported.

The fighting Sunday was on multiple fronts in the northern part of the central province of Hama and southern Idlib, a rebel-controlled province.


Oct 11 07:50

Iraq IS: Military claims al-Baghdadi convoy hit

Iraq's air force has hit a convoy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a military statement says.

The fate of the IS leader was unknown, it said. The strike has not been independently confirmed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oooooh. John McCain will be SOOOOOOO upset! :)
John McCain and Al-Baghdadi

Oct 11 07:43

NBC and Saturday Night Live Wants Constitution Gone and 2nd Amendment/Guns Rights Wiped Out. Implied Gun Owners 'Extremist'

I was completely outraged at what they said on Weekend Update. But before that, they had a segment about guns and it implied people were over the top and reckless regarding them. After weekend update they had yet another segment about guns that made those who stand by their rights as complete and total nuts, besides being extremist, using a 9 year old character played by Amy Schumer

Watch the weekend update at 32 seconds they begin their rant that we should not have gun rights and the constitution needs to go. I was literally shocked!

What they said and in Video:
“I know the forefathers said you have a right to own guns, but they also said you had a right to own people… the Constitution is a lot like our grandfather, he’s wise, we love him, and he means well, but he’s getting really, really old.


Oct 11 07:35

Just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House.

Across a sprawling country, they reside in an archipelago of wealth, exclusive neighborhoods dotting a handful of cities and towns. And in an economy that has minted billionaires in a dizzying array of industries, most made their fortunes in just two: finance and energy.

Now they are deploying their vast wealth in the political arena, providing almost half of all the seed money raised to support Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Just 158 families, along with companies they own or control, contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign, a New York Times investigation found. Not since before Watergate have so few people and businesses provided so much early money in a campaign, most of it through channels legalized by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision five years ago.

Oct 11 07:30

Monsanto To Cut 2,600 Jobs As World Rejects Its Products And Practices

Monsanto — the world’s largest seed producer and chemical-biotech giant — recently announced it would cut 12% of its employees due to an historic decline in stock value. As Bloomberg reports: “Monsanto Co. said it will eliminate 2,600 jobs as part of a cost-savings plan, joining a growing list of major corporations…

Oct 11 07:24

Caring for The Greatest, Muhammad Ali

Ali has Pugilistica Dementia.They just use Parkinsons' Syndrome to cover it up.Now its morphed into Parkinsons'disease. So sad! The man took way more punishment in the ring than people will admit. All so some promoters could get super-rich

The caregiver edges closer to her frail loved one, a physically diminished figure of greatness whom she continues to admire, cherish and forever share with the world. Steadfast and selfless, Lonnie Ali has towered in her husband's corner for many long, challenging years. At this moment, a butterfly-shaped cardboard piece designed to enhance fine motor skills gets the best of the man who once stung like a bee, the incomparable Muhammad Ali. Now 72, and in the third decade of a courageous fight against Parkinson's disease, Ali grips the colorful butterfly with a slightly gnarled right hand and tries to aim a string through a hole.

Oct 11 07:06

Two F16 aircrafts violate Syrian airspace, target electric power plants in Aleppo

The US targeting Syrian Infrastructure. More warcrimes!

Damascus, SANA-Two F16 aircrafts belonging to the so-called US-led coalition violated the Syrian airspace on Saturday, targeting the infrastructure and destroying two power plants in al-Rudwaniya area to the east of Aleppo city, a military source said.

Oct 11 07:04

Intercepted ISIS comms show 'growing panic' after Russian airstrikes - combat report

Russian Aerospace Forces have extended the range of their airstrikes on Islamic State positions in Syria to four provinces, focusing primarily on demolishing fortified installations and eliminating supply bases and the terrorists' infrastructure.

Oct 11 07:04

Catholic Archbishop In Syria: Putin's Military Intervention In Syria "Serves the Christian Cause, Is A Source Of Hope... Putin Is Solving A Problem"

The Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart of Aleppo, Syria, has said that Russian military intervention in Syria is "a source of hope" for Christians in the region, that it "serves the Christian cause," has "renewed the confidence among Christians in Syria," and that "Putin is solving a problem." In April of this year, Jeanbart visited the United States to get the word out about what was happening in Syria. He told an audience in Manhattan "We are in grave danger, we may disappear soon." He said Israel is the focus of U.S. support, but added "there needs to be a different balance...I know the American people have values and like freedom and like justice, so I thought they would listen, would give an ear to the other communities in the region - particularly the Christians, who are forgotten." The Bishop explained that "For him, as for other Syrian Christians, Assad is not the despot that he is considered in Washington.

Oct 11 07:01

Iraqi Air Force strikes convoy of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi – military statement

Iraq’s Air Force has struck the convoy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but his fate is unknown, says a military statement cited by Reuters.

"Iraqi air forces have bombed the convoy of the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while he was heading to Karabla to attend a meeting with Daesh [ISIS] commanders," the statement read.

The military gave no information about the fate of the terrorist leader.

Oct 11 05:53

US foreign policy explained (flow chart)

Oct 11 03:06

What the Pentagon isn't saying

If you have been wondering why Ash Carter and MadDog McCain are hysterical about confronting Russia the reason is that they know something the people don't.
While the US has been building Aircraft Carriers and overseas bases, the Russians and Chinese have been building Missile systems. This is from the horse's mouth:

The Russian Fighters that can operate in extreme conditions.

The pentagon have no winning strategies in Europe, the ME or the China sea. They only promote tension to bind allies.

It's a telling indictment of US war machine that the Chinese could rip off the designs for the F35 a decade ago and start selling production models this year.

Oct 11 02:15

Deflation is getting worse

Oct 11 00:47

Gaza: Pregnant woman and daughter killed in Israeli raid

An Israeli air raid on the Gaza Strip at dawn Sunday has killed a 5-month pregnant woman and her little daughter, injured three other family members, and turned their home into rubble.
A Palestinian youth was shot dead after he allegedly stabbed three Israeli officers in the occupied East Jerusalem, near Damascus Gate, this afternoon.
A Palestinian minor, identified as Issac Brandan, was shot dead by the IOF near Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City this morning.

October 10, 2015

Oct 10 23:03

What is THCV and What are the Benefits of this Cannabinoid?

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a compound in cannabis that offers a unique array of effects and medical benefits that sets it apart from other cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

What are THCV’s Effects and Benefits?
As its name suggests, THCV is similar to THC in molecular structure and psychoactive properties, but it provides a variety of pronounced and altogether different effects.
THCV is psychoactive. It intensifies the euphoric high of THC, but with only about half the duration.
THCV is energetic. It provides a clear-headed, stimulating buzz.
THCV is an appetite suppressant. In contrast to THC, THCV dulls the appetite. This may be good for consumers focused on weight loss, but THCV should be avoided by patients treating appetite loss or anorexia.........

Oct 10 22:58

CBD Rich Strains

If you’re looking for the latest advances in medical cannabis, then you need to know about CBD rich strains. CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is one of the many cannabinoids that make up the medicine's active healing properties. In order to qualify as "CBD Rich", the product must have more than 4% CBD. Research has identified CBD as the main ingredient responsible for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition, CBD shrinks tumors and inflammation. CBD is also good for reducing pain and helps with insomnia. It has significant analgesic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the reduction in anxiety and stress.

Oct 10 20:29

Medical Care for Terrorists Will Get You Bombed by the US… Unless You’re Israel

by Dan Sanchez, October 10, 2015

For a long period, Israeli military medics took in numerous insurgents from Jabhat al-Nusra (the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda) wounded from fighting to overthrow the Syrian government, patched them up, and sent them back across the border to resume fighting. The mainstream media has studiously ignored this story, but it has been amply documented and confirmed .

Israel tried to justify this by characterizing it as a purely humanitarian policy, much akin to the Doctors Without Borders policy of treating everyone in need, no questions asked.

However, journalist Asa Winstanley has exposed this as pure propaganda:

Oct 10 20:27

U.S. gunship made five passes over Afghan hospital, despite 9-foot flags ID’ing it as a medical facility: MSF

KABUL — The U.S. military aircraft that attacked an Afghan hospital over the weekend made at least five passes over it dropping explosives, even though two flags draped across the roof of the building marked it as a medical facility, hospital officials said on Thursday.

In a news conference here in the Afghan capital, Doctors Without Borders officials reiterated that they think the hospital’s main building was “deliberately” targeted because it was the only structure hit during the bombardment. They denied that any Taliban fighters in the hospital were armed or using it as a base.

Oct 10 20:19

Ankara terror attack: Protesters clash with police after ambulances 'blocked' following explosions

Protesters have clashed with police in Ankara after officers allegedly blocked a road being used by ambulances transporting victims of this morning’s bombing.

Bulent Tekdemir, who was at the rally, told the BBC that police used tear gas shortly after the explosions at 10am and “would not let ambulances through” in the aftermath.

Oct 10 20:05

NBC News Fail: Pro-Hillary Campaign Results in -10 Point Poll Drop

All of NBC’s shills and all of NBC’s lies couldn’t makes Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers rise. In fact, in the week after NBC turned its entire news and entertainment divisions over to the Hillary Clinton campaign, a new Reuters poll shows that her “support tumble[d] from 51 percent of Democratic support to just 41 percent.”

Oct 10 19:31

Trail of bodies behind retreating jihadists in Syria (GRAPHIC)

The Syrian Army has captured the village of Al-Bahsa in the Hama province. An RT crew went to witness the trail of destruction left behind by the militants over their two-month reign of terror.

The village was under control of the Al-Nusra Front, a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda. They retreated on Friday as the Syrian government forces, supported from the air by Russian warplanes, went on the offensive.

Dozens of bodies, many of them with their hands tied and apparently killed execution-style, were discovered by the advancing troops in Al-Bahsa.

Oct 10 19:28

NHS facing worst ever winter as Tory hospital cuts could see 35,000 doctors and nurses lose their jobs

Debt is at an all time high, soaring numbers of the sick are waiting on trolleys in A&E and key targets for treating cancer patients are being woefully missed.

Yet as the NHS deals with the worst “cash crisis in a generation” we can disclose things are only going to get worse.

A Sunday Mirror probe can reveal up to 35,000 doctors and nurses could be AXED to balance the books - which are already £2bn in the red this year.

Oct 10 19:19

Pentagon to pay victims of U.S. airstrike on Afghan hospital

The United States will make "condolence payments" to the wounded victims and the families of 22 people killed in the airstrike against a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last week, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook announced Saturday.

The amount of the payments has not been determined, Cook said.

Oct 10 17:33

Special Report: Banishing Glyphosate

Underlying its success has been the repeated claim that the chemical is benign for human health, that its killing mechanism for plants works via an enzyme that does not exist in animals and is therefore safe for both human and animals. This claim goes counter to evidence that existed right from the start. Studies revealed both carcinogenicity and teratogenicity as far back as the 1980s, but were buried by industry with the support of regulatory bodies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency and the European Food Safety Authority (see Chapter 5 and [4] EU Regulators and Monsanto Exposed for Hiding Glyphosate Toxicity, SiS 51).

Meanwhile, overwhelming evidence of glyphosate toxicity across the globe has come to light. Everywhere, people are seeing steep rises in cancers, birth defects and other serious illnesses as glyphosate use increases. The World Health Organisation’s recent re-assessment of glyphosate as a ‘probable carcinogen’ vindicates the evidence witnessed by communities, researchers, doctors and campaigners for many years.

Oct 10 15:01

BREAKING: Leaked Benghazi Docs Directly Implicate Barack H. Obama

The week that will supposedly define President Obama’s legacy just got a splash of cold water thrown on it. New documents have surfaced showing that President Obama and his officials were directly involved in the “blame the video” narrative following the terrorist attack in Benghazi in 2012

The documents, released by a Freedom of Information Act Request, show that top Obama officials were directly involved in determining how to mislead the American people about the reason behind the terrorist attack that took the lives of 4 Americans.

Oct 10 14:57

Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session on Thursday, the scientist predicted that economic inequality will skyrocket as more jobs become automated and the rich owners of machines refuse to share their fast-proliferating wealth.

If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed. Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution. So far, the trend seems to be toward the second option, with technology driving ever-increasing inequality.

Oct 10 14:21

Incompetent or indifferent: Clinton burns CIA Libya contact

On March 18, 2011, Blumenthal wrote to Clinton about a conversation he had had with Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA official, who divulged the name of the contact. When the email was released to the Select Committee on Benghazi, the name was redacted.

"Tyler spoke to a colleague currently at CIA," Blumenthal wrote, "who told him the agency had been dependent for intelligence from [redacted due to sources and methods]."

It is bad enough that Drumheller, who had business interests in Libya along with Blumenthal, was able to learn so much from intelligence officers in the field. It is worse that he was so indiscreet as to tell Blumenthal, who had no business knowing and certainly no business sending email from his AOL account. But worst of all, this information reached Clinton in a way that left it open to anyone with the right computer skills.

Oct 10 11:08

History: Science or fiction? Revised Chronology -- our ancient history has been forged.

From Anatoly Fomenko's book, "History: Science or Fiction?"on the "Crusades & Exoduses", some of Fomenko's conclusions:

• "Accepted" chronology was largely manufactured by Joseph Justus Scaliger in Opus Novum de emendatione temporum (1583) and Thesaurum temporum (1606), and represents a vast array of dates produced without any justification whatsoever, containing the repeating sequences of dates with shifts equal to multiples of the major cabbalistic numbers 333 and 360. The Jesuit Dionysius Petavius completed this chronology in De Doctrina Temporum, 1627 (v. 1) and 1632 (v. 2).
• The New Testament is older than the Old Testament.
• The Old Testament had not been part of the Bible up until the end of the XVI century.
• The Old Testament represents a rendition of events of the XIV to XVI centuries AD in Europe and Byzantium, containing “prophecies” about “future” events related in the New Testament, a rendition of events of AD 1152 to 1185.
• The history of religions runs as follows: the pre-Christian period (before the XI century and the birth of Jesus), Bacchic Christianity (XI and XII centuries, before and after the life of Jesus), Christianity (XII to XVI centuries) and its subsequent mutations into Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam.
• The Hagia Sohpia is actually the biblical Temple of Solomon. Fomenko identifies Solomon as sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (1494-1566).
Nowadays the Hebraic language of the Bible is believed to be the predecessor of the modern Hebrew. However, this appears to be incorrect. The meaning of the term “Hebraic” has been changing over the years, and could be interpreted differently during different epochs. This is another manifestation of the mutability of the old names over the course of time. According to our hypothesis, the holy books of the Christian church were also written in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, or in Hebraic.
It is possible that the “Hebraic” version of the Bible can be found among these hieroglyphs, since the very word Bible stems from the same root as the word Babylon, or Byblos. [Is this why ISIL is destroying ancient sites -- to keep the truth of our history hidden?]
Florence and the House of Medici bankrolled and played an important role in creation of the magnificent ‘Roman’ and ‘Greek’ past.


Oct 10 10:56

The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared

The severity of the earlier language on trade secrets protection has not been abated in the final text. It continues to criminalize those who gain “unauthorized, willful access to a trade secret held in a computer system,” without any mandatory exception for cases where the information is accessed or disclosed in the public interest, such as by investigative journalists or whistleblowers.

There is no evident explanation for the differential treatment given to trade secrets accessed or misappropriated by means of a computer system, as opposed to by other means; but it is no surprise to find the U.S. pushing such a technophobic provision, which mirrors equivalent provisions of U.S. law that have been used to persecute hackers for offenses that would otherwise have been considered much more minor.

Oct 10 10:55

FBI’s National Instant Background Check System shows gun sales hit a record high for the fifth month in a row with 1,795,102 prospective gun owners processed in September.

The number of background checks done is considered a reliable gauge of total gun sales and were up more than 20 percent from the previous September high set in 2012. Summer of 2015 overall has also shattered gun sales records since National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) went live in November 1998.

Oct 10 10:55

California will require police to get a court order before they can search messages, photos and other digital data stored on phones or company servers in the nation's most-populous state

California will require police to get a court order before they can search messages, photos and other digital data stored on phones or company servers in the nation's most-populous state.

Oct 10 10:53


Oct 10 10:30

Roseburg Today

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Photos and articles about Obama's gun-grab tour the corporate media probably won;t show you!

Oct 10 10:27


Oct 10 10:27


Someone on FaceBook shared a post from my archives yesterday resulting in over 2,000 hits. It pretty much clarifies why the present situation in Israel/Palestine is raging out of control.

Anyone who still might think that Israel is the victim may think twice after seeing the following photo essay which was originally posted here in January of 2009 …

Oct 10 10:18

Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO: We’re in Business of Shareholder Profit, not Helping the Sick

Martin Shkreli might be the present poster boy for Big Pharma’s psychopathic greed; however, he is only the most public face of a problem that is drawing increasing scrutiny from lawmakers whose constituents are sick and tired of an industry that is literally murdering people in the name of profits. Recently, the Progressive media turned its spotlight on yet another blood-sucking corporate vampire: J. Michael Pearson, the smirking, self-satisfied CEO of Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Oct 10 10:07

Silence Deafens as Yemen Bloodbath Continues

5000+ dead at least 500 children

snip: Arguments over lesser-of-two-evils notwithstanding, one thing is certain: the Saudi bombardments are destroying the infrastructure of the country, displacing millions, and threatening the lives of an entire population. Whatever solution is going to come to this crisis, any rational observer can understand it is not going to come through bombing weddings, disrupting hospitals, ravaging cities and forcing millions to relocate.

Oct 10 09:48

Baltimore Police can find no records to support Ben Carson's robbery claim

Ben Carson claimed this week that he was once held at gunpoint at a Popeye’s chicken restaurant in Baltimore, and that he survived by telling the gunman to go focus on the cashier instead of himself. If that story isn’t disturbing enough on its face, the idea that he acted so selfishly and is now bragging about it, Carson may have another problem: the Baltimore Police Department says it can find no record of the supposed incident.

Oct 10 09:48

Rahm Emanuel calls for national computer coding requirement in schools

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday called on the federal government to make computer coding classes a requirement of high-school graduation.

Oct 10 09:26

In 1977 a Chinese woman with no medical degree anonymously found a malaria cure. 38 years later, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine

The first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize is being called the “three no’s” winner in her home country — no medical degree, no doctorate, and no time spent working overseas.

Oct 10 09:25

Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old Girl: 'Mommy Am I Gonna Die?'

A cop accidentally shot a four-year-old girl while responding to an incident inside her home.

Oct 10 09:23

WOW Obama gets ANGRY at Steve Kroft for pointing out how Putin is EMBARRASSING him

Obama had another interview with 60 Minutes, and to Steve Kroft’s credit, he actually made Obama face up to the failures of his foreign policy in the Middle East. Of course, Obama’s ridiculous myopic arrogance won’t let him see what’s plainly obvious, and instead he gets visibly annoyed that Kroft would dare question his brilliance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 10 09:15

Exposed: Pro-Israel Modern-Day McCarthyites Are Going to Extremes to Slime Human Rights Activists

but will it get shut down?

snip: Canary Mission does not list the names of any of its staff members, financial backers or affiliated organizations. It is an anonymous venture; those involved have taken extensive steps to conceal their identities. No reporter has yet been able to connect Canary Mission to any single funder or organization, despite the fact that the organization solicits tax-deductible donations via its website and mailing list. However, according to our review of IRS 990 tax filings, Canary Mission is not currently registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, suggesting that the group’s donations are instead channeled through an unknown pro-Israel parent organization that is registered. (Any organization that solicits tax deductible donations without maintaining valid IRS status is in violation of multiple federal laws).

Oct 10 08:52

Obama's War on Cancer Patients: Breast cancer patient arrested for protesting TPP 'death sentence' clause

A clause in Barack Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership would establish an even bigger monopoly for the pharmaceutical industry. The deal allows Big Pharma to block cancer patients from being able to access affordable drugs. Part of the US proposal extends de facto monopolies on biological medicines by up to eight years.

One cancer patient named Zahara Heckscher was recently arrested at a Westin Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, for speaking about the issue while a Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting was taking place in the building. The meeting included policymakers from dozens of countries. Zahara was not welcome there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Matt Drudge is sounding the alarm that TPP will end the independent media. They may try, just as the USSR tried to silence the Samizdat and European clergy and royalty tried to limit Gutenberg's printing press, but in the long run, this will fail. So, we should not let this threat being wagged at us distract from the more dangerous parts of TPP/TTIP which put together create a nightmare for people. With the TPP/TTIP ban on GMO labeling, people will have no choice but to be exposed to Glyphosate pesticides, which cause cancer. TPP/TTIP prohibits reporting on corporate wrongdoing over computer systems, which means we are not going to be allowed to tell you about these problems! Finally, TPP/TTIP blocking access to generic and low cost alternative treatments means rich people with cancer will be made poor and poor people with cancer will die off, all for the greed of the corporations.

Oct 10 08:50

EPA triggers another wastewater spill at Colorado superfund site

According to the Denver Post, an EPA mine crew working Thursday at the Standard Mine in the mountains near Crested Butte, triggered another spill of some 2,000 gallons of wastewater into a nearby mountain creek. Supporting Tipton’s remarks to Watchdog Arena, the Denver Post report states that the EPA had failed to release a report about the incident at the time of its writing.

Oct 10 08:49

Europe Divided Over Assad, But Position Likely Won’t Please Obama

The Russian government insists that President Bashar al-Assad must play a key role in stabilizing Syria. The United States is insisting on his removal. Torn both ways, Europe is grappling for a middle ground.

As European Union ministers gather in Luxembourg over the weekend, a major question is on everyone’s mind: Should Assad stay, or should Assad go? Or, is there perhaps a happy medium between the two?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, there is a happy medium. How about "It's nobody fucking business except the Syrian people!" How does that work for you all?

Oct 10 08:48

'TPP would cost lives': WikiLeaks unveils full intellectual property chapter

The intellectual property chapter indicates new restrictions on generic drugs, which are much less expensive than drugs made by patent holders within the pharmaceutical industry.

Oct 10 08:47

White House won’t ask for encryption backdoor law - may seek 'back window' later

The Obama Administration said that it won’t support legislation forcing firms to decode encrypted messages. But this didn’t provide much solace for privacy advocates, since the administration says it will pursue other means to get people’s data.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 10 08:37

Randy Quaid arrested attempting to cross U.S. border

Randy Quaid was arrested on Oct. 6 by Canadian Border Service Agency for being a potential flight risk after attending a regular check-in. But two days later, an Immigration and Refugee Board member ruled he was not.

The Independence Day actor was ordered to leave Canada by Oct. 14.

The Quaids had applied for refugee status in Canada in 2010, claiming they were being persecuted in the U.S. and were possible targets of so-called "Hollywood star-whackers" who were bent on killing actors.

Oct 10 08:28

Ankara explosion: First video of deadly Turkey blast, cars ablaze

Webmaster's Commentary: 

False-flag? Message to Erdogan?

Oct 10 08:09

Climate Alarmist Caught in ‘Largest Science Scandal in U.S. History’

The plan by climate alarmists to have other scientists imprisoned for their ‘global warming’ skepticism is backfiring horribly, and the chief alarmist is now facing a House investigation into what has been called “the largest science scandal in US history.”

Oct 10 08:08

Hamas leader in Gaza declares intifada as deadly attacks continue

Ismail Haniyeh says Gaza is ‘more than ready for confrontation’, as six Palestinians shot dead by Israeli troops at border fence

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So Israel finally gets the excuse for war they have been working for.

Oct 10 08:03

Stabbing Each Other

Those who were naive enough to buy into the idea that the Israeli Palestinian battle is a ‘political conflict’ must revise their perception of this matter. The images of religiously motivated Israelis and Palestinians stabbing each other with knives and screwdrivers reveal a simple and undeniable truth -- we are witnessing a colossal religious and ethnic conflict. Unlike ‘political disputes,’ religious and ethnic disputes are rarely resolved, at best; such disputes can be temporarily suppressed. The current conflict in Israel is violence at the most personal level. Tragically, this phenomenon is a persistent theme throughout Jewish history.

Oct 10 08:03

250,000 Germans protext against TTIP

TTIP & CETA stoppen! – Für einen gerechten Welthandel!

Oct 10 08:01

Video: Palestinian killed in Jerusalem was not a threat

“After viewing the film it can’t be denied that Israeli police officers killed a person in cold blood, when he wasn’t a danger to anyone and they should be tried for it,” wrote Local Call’s John Brown who published the latest video. “Even a person that stabbed another has a right not to be executed by the police, even with pressure from the crowd,” continued Brown.

After the attack Malka was taken to a Jerusalem hospital for moderate wounds.

Aloon’s remains are still held in Israeli custody. A Jerusalem court announced today he will soon be transferred to his family for a burial in Issawiya, but not without restrictions. Once the body is handed over, the funeral must take place immediately with no more than 50 persons present, and the Aloon family will have to pay $5,250 (20,000NIS) in fees.

Oct 10 08:00

Amnesty Int’l condemns widespread use of excessive force against Palestinian demonstrators


Oct 10 07:59

‘Replace’ the mosques? Once again, ‘NYT’ soft-pedals Israeli extremism

The point is that talking about blowing up the mosques is part of the culture in Israel; it is not just a “dispute” over “who can pray there.” When you hear about these ideas, Palestinian fear and anger — like this Palestinian leader’s alarm a year ago that the Israeli government wanted to blow up the mosque — do not seem so extreme. What if Protestant militants threatened to blow up St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and build a Presbyterian church there instead? Is it possible American Catholics would get exercised about these visions?

Oct 10 07:58

‘There is no co-existence with cancer’: Right-wing Israelis demand gov’t give military ‘free hand’ to fight Palestinians

Brandishing their typical black and yellow flags and Hebrew signs boasting “Kahane was Right” and “There is no co-existence with cancer,” hundreds of right-wing activists took to the streets of Jerusalem Thursday night in a growing phenomenon of public demonstrations led by the country’s leading fascist groups such as Lahava and La Familia. Despite negligible attempts by Israeli police to force the demonstrators from proceeding (the demonstration was not granted prior police approval), the Jewish crowds began marching at around 9 pm when police officers made it readily apparent that they had no intention of halting the mostly youth from making their away across the city

Oct 10 07:56

America furious at Russia’s stunning successes in Syria

Russian operation in Syria started less than a week ago, but the first results are in. Losses of terrorists number in the thousands, infrastructure is destroyed, and in addition, Russia has shown the entire world who are the actual sponsors of global terrorism, say the experts to ????????.RU.

Oct 10 07:55

Six Palestinians killed by Israeli fire near Gaza’s border

Palestinian medical sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Hammoud Hisham Muhsen, Ahmad al-Harbawi, Abed al-Wahidi and Hussam Dawla were fatally shot as Israeli troopers fired live bullets to disperse the Palestinian protesters east of the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City on Friday, Palestinian Arabic-language Ma’an news agency reported.

The identity of two of the victims have not immediately been released.’

Oct 10 07:54

Over 40 Rodent Feeding Studies Show GM Food is Disastrous to Health

GMO Free USA has published a listing of more than 40 rodent studies showing that animals fed GM corn and soy suffer dire results. For those who say there is no ‘science’ to prove that GMOs are unsafe, I enjoin them to peruse the following list.

Oct 10 07:51

Israeli-American Terror Machine exposed, checkmated and decimated in Syria


Thanks to Putin's remarkable decimation of ISIS in Syria and checkmate and exposure of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, there is no longer any need for Homeland Security inside America.

Oct 10 07:31

2-minute video: real news when a reporter snaps

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

caution: adult language:


Jonathan Pie’s brilliant 2-minute satire is based upon facts:

Unlawful and lie-began wars,
So-called “money” that is actually debt that creates accelerating and unpayable total debt.
Destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution.
“Covering the crimes” with lies by corporate media.

Given the provable existing crimes and costs of millions killed, billions harmed, and trillions looted, with recent history continuing literal centuries of US lie-began Wars of Aggression that involved your families in two horrific previous global wars, it’s easy to imagine real-world scenes as Jonathan Pie represents in comedic art.

This is Emperor’s New Clothes obvious now to all who care to look.

Oct 10 07:19

The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared

By Jeremy Malcolm

Today’s release by WikiLeaks of what is believed to be the current and essentially final version of the intellectual property (IP) chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) confirms our worst fears about the agreement, and dashes the few hopes that we held out that its most onerous provisions wouldn’t survive to the end of the negotiations...

Oct 10 07:11

They Said it Could Never Happen, but LaRouche Stuck to His Guns, and Now it Has Happened!

A little puffery by Lyndon but a pretty good read!

The Obama freakout is continuing to spiral out of control; everything he does is blowing up. There is panic in the White House: expect self-inflicted wounds and punishments. Obama must be brought down! Shut down Wall Street and you bring down Obama at the same time.

On the whole, US leadership is disgusting. Compare it with the morality which has come forth in Germany in response to the refugee crisis. If it were not for Putin, we'd all be dead.

Oct 10 07:10

Arab League chief slams Israeli acts as ‘racist, aggressive’

Arab League’s Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi has denounced the Zionist regime for its “racist and aggressive” practices towards the Palestinians, calling on the United Nations to take necessary measures to bring to a halt Tel Aviv’s acts of violence.

Oct 10 07:10

Russian Air Force destroys 29 ISIS camps in Syria in 24 hours

Russian warplanes in Syria have bombed 29 terrorist field camps and other facilities of the militant group Islamic State in the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Oct 10 07:06

Ted Cruz: How U.S. must push back Putin in Syria

Enough already. We don't need a reset. We need a reality check.

Putin has been unmoved by the Obama administration's threats of isolation on the international stage, and economic sanctions have on their own been no deterrent to his opportunistic behavior. More of the same will not result in success.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, Ted, if you really feel that way; here's your rifle, and here's your parachute. Watch your head climbing into that transport plane and we will call Moscow and tell Putin you are on your way to kick his butt all by yourself. Meanwhile, I would like to remind you that Syria's government ASKED Russia to come in and help get rid of the terrorists. Syria's government did NOT ask the United States to come in and bomb the place to rubble. Lacking a United Nations mandate, any intervention into any country is a violation of international law and the United Nations charter. The United States is the aggressor, your empty bravado notwithstanding.

Oct 10 07:06


Here is another round of Saturday Cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy!!! :-)

Oct 10 07:02

US pulls aircraft carrier out of Persian Gulf as Russian ships enter

The United States has pulled out the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, of the Persian Gulf as Russian warships have entered the area.

For the first time since 2007, the US Navy has now no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, according to NBC News.

The warship was withdrawn from the Persian Gulf on Thursday, a day after Russia fired 26 long-range cruise missiles from its Caspian Flotilla against terrorists in Syria, Pentagon officials said.

US military officials claimed that the aircraft carrier, which the houses about 5,000 sailors and 65 fighter jets, was withdrawn because it needed to undergo maintenance.

Oct 10 07:00

Shock and Awe: Russian Cruise Missile Strike on ISIL Caught US Flat-Footed

Fighting farmers and bombing hospitals doesn't tune one up for a major bout with one of the big boys! Another surprise for the US Pentagram. Reminds me of the surprise the Russians gave the Wehrmacht back in "41" with the T-34. Wonder what else they have up their sleeve?

“The effective range of the Russian cruise missiles came as the biggest surprise as the 1,500 kilometers they covered before hitting their targets is at stark variance with their declared range of just 300 kilometers,” the BBC quoted Russian military expert Andrei Soyustov.

Oct 10 06:57

Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11" nonsense!

Remember that Saudi Arabia was being framed for 9-11 right from the start. One of the accused hijackers, a Saudi Pilot named Saeed Al-Ghamdi, was still alive after 9-11 and sued the US Government for defaming him.

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don't need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.

Which is why we know that the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11 has no more basis in fact than the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons or that Assad gassed his own people right in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently certain parties (including the independent media) are once again pushing the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11, based on the much wagged classified 28 pages from the 9-11 report.

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