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"It is a paradox that the nation that did so much to articulate and codify human rights in its foundation documents has so consistently resisted the effective functioning of an international framework to protect these principles and values." -- Amnesty International - "United States of America-Rights for All", October 1998



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July 4, 2017

Jul 04 09:52

'A national embarrassment' Owen Jones SAVAGED for anti-Trump movement

LEFTIE commentator Owen Jones was slammed after he claimed he had Donald Trump “on the run” while discussing the US President’s potential visit to the United Kingdom.

Jul 04 09:52

French PM Macron will hold REFERENDUM as he seeks 'radical new path' for France

EMMANUEL Macron has said he will hold a referendum if parliament does not allow him to implement reforms as he sets to embark France on a “radically new path”.

Jul 04 09:51

'They're frankly dubious!' Eurozone growth rates WILDLY exaggerated, says top economist

GROWTH rates in the Eurozone have been "wildly exaggerated" by a major survey, a leading economist has warned.

Jul 04 09:51

New York Times Condemns Trump’s CNN-WWE Tweet — But Sponsored Play Depicting His ‘Assassination’

The New York Times is reporting on “criticism, disbelief and dumbfoundedness” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s tweet on Sunday in which the president is depicted wrestling and punching a figure whose head has been replaced with the logo for CNN.

Times’ personalities condemned the tweet as, among other things, a “call for violence against the media,” and “unseemly that the president would attack journalists for doing their jobs, and encourage such anger at the media.”

Unmentioned by the newspaper is that The Times stood by its decision to back the controversial production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park in which Caesar was glaringly depicted as a Trump-like figure being brutally assassinated by Roman senators.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jul 04 09:50

15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP

Hollywood has issued dire predictions and hysterical warnings about Donald Trump ever since the Republican businessman first announced his candidacy for the presidency in June 2015.

But the level of vitriol and violent rhetoric against now-President Trump has increased substantially in recent weeks, from comedian Kathy Griffin’s now-famous shock “beheading” photograph to Shakespeare in the Park’s not-at-all-subtle “assassination” of Trump on a stage in New York City’s Central Park.

Jul 04 09:50

REPORT: Jared, Ivanka, Conway, Dina Powell Spotted at Hamptons Party with Soros, Schumer, Fake News Journos

While most Americans were working and looking forward to hot dogs and fireworks on the Fourth of July some Hollywood celebs, media types and political operatives — including some in President Donald Trump’s inner circle — were partying at the tony Southhampton home of Washington Post owner/editor Lally Graham Weymouth this weekend.
According to Politico’s Playbook — which issued one correction on its piece about misidentifying the Koch brother who attended — a wide range of people were invited — and accepted the invitation — to Weymouth’s annual summer party, Politico Playbook reported on Sunday.

“Sighted” at the party were Alan Patricof, a good friend and campaign contributor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Soros and his wife Tamiko Bolton, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Steven Spielberg. Former Florida Governor and Senator Bob Graham, a Democrat, and Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Republican, also made the invite list.

Jul 04 09:49

Americans Need To Know More About Fusion GPS, Stat

For nearly five months, the firm Fusion GPS, hired by Democrats to research and write an “intelligence report” that the most senior members of the Obama administration circulated widely last summer and fall, has been stonewalling a U.S. Senate committee investigation. That “report,” many believe, was the basis for charges of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. So why are they being allowed to stonewall?

In February, Sen. Chuck Grassley sent questions to Fusion GPS about the dossier and the firm’s role in the scandal, and was rebuffed. The firm claimed it would not answer questions due to attorney-client privilege and First Amendment rights. He later asked the Department of Justice to investigate the firm’s ties to Russian clients.

But the firm, founded by former journalists, is neither a journalistic enterprise nor a law firm. It is actually nothing more than a political campaign opposition and disinformation company.

Jul 04 09:46

Turkish President Erdogan meets Russia’s defense minister in Istanbul

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has received Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu in Istanbul, the Turkish presidential press service said in a statement.

The meeting took place in Istanbul’s Tarabya Presidential Residence, the press office said.

Jul 04 09:45

Saudi Arabia’s March Towards Civil War

Saudi Arabia has experienced a number of issues which contribute to internal destabilization. In April 2017, Bloomberg reported that King Salman was forced to restore bonuses and allowances for state employees, reversing attempts to reform Saudi Arabia's generous austerity programs. The Saudi government insisted that the move was due to "higher than expected revenue" despite the fact that observers were noting in March that Saudi Arabia's foreign reserves were plunging as one third of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) of United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait have seen their credit ratings slashed and have increasingly disagreed on common foreign policy towards Iran.

Jul 04 09:45

Bundestag Vice President Calls for Challenging Same-Sex Marriages Law

Bundestag Vice President Johannes Singhammer of Germany's Bavarian Christian Social Union party, the sister of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU), said that his federal state should challenge the recently approved law on the legalizing of same-sex marriages in the Constitutional Court.

Jul 04 09:44

An Alternative to Trump? Obama Advises Moon on Dealing With Pyongyang

Former US President Barack Obama visited South Korean President Moon Jae-In on Monday, as Moon seeks counsel on ways to deal with North Korea’s continued nuclear activities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Did Obama just violate the Logan Act?

Jul 04 09:44

Revealed: Israeli Army Contractors Sold Hot M-16 Rifles to Crime Organizations

A job on a military base in southern Israel provided the perfect cover for enterprising thieves to nab and transfer almost three dozen M-16 rifles to criminal syndicates.

Jul 04 09:42

Mac gets mocked: French President Emmanuel Macron is ridiculed over his official portrait... including a cheeky nod to how he met his wife

French President Emanuel Macron has been roundly mocked on social media over his first official portrait.

The seemingly innocuous image, which he shared with his 1.5m Twitter followers, shows him standing at his desk at the Elysee Palace in Paris flanked by French and EU flags - and his two smartphones.

But it has been reimagined by Photoshop users across the world who have portrayed the French president as everything from a weight lifter to one of the Village People in a series of hilarious memes.

Jul 04 09:40


Syrian government forces, led by Liwa al-Quds and Hezbollah units, have further advanced against ISIS northeast of the Arak gas field in the eastern part of Homs province. Army troops and their allies have captured a number of hills and reached the important Rammim Hill west of the Hail gas field. By controlling the Rammim Hill, government forces will be able to establish fire control over the vicinity of the Hail gas field and thus soon to retake the field from ISIS. Doing so will also contribute to a wider effort aimed at liberating the strategic town of al-Sukhnah.

According to reports, government forces received an unknown number of Russian-made BMPT Terminator combat vehicles. The vehicles will allegedly be used during the upcoming advance on Deir Ezzor. If confirmed, this will be the first usage of the Russian-made armoured vehicle in a combat environment.

Jul 04 09:40


North Korea successfully launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday morning, the country’s state television reported. The Hwasong-14 ICBM flew some 933 kilometers in 39 minutes reaching an altitude of 2,802 kilometers.

The ICBM is capable of reaching any target in the world, North Korean state TV said, as cited by Reuters. The test was reportedly carried out under the supervision of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

“The test launch was conducted at the sharpest angle possible and did not have any negative effect on neighboring countries,” North Korean state media said, as cited by Reuters.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said earlier that Pyongyang had conducted another ballistic missile test on Tuesday morning. The projectile, described by the South as an “unidentified ballistic missile,” was launched towards the Sea of Japan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kim Jung Un may well not know a bloody thing about ballistic missiles; but he is no slouch on timing, as this event was timed to happen right before the G 20 meeting in Hamburg.

The intelligent response would be for China, South Korea, Japan, and the US show a united front, and negotiate a legitimate peace treaty with North Korea to replace the armistice, guaranteeing trade, and lifting any and all sanctions, in return for Kim Jung Un's stopping his nuclear missile program.

But of course, that...would be logical.
And I have rather given up on the Unhinged Surveilled States of America doing anything that even begins to smack of logic for We the People in the 21st century.

So look for some genuine American Deep State stupidity to prevail unilaterally, manifested perhaps as some kind of horrific bombing, or a decap strike on Pyongyang.

Jul 04 09:40

Total to sign $4.8 bn gas deal with Iran: oil ministry

French energy giant Total is to sign a $4.8 billion agreement to develop an Iranian offshore gas field, the oil ministry said on Sunday, in the biggest foreign deal since sanctions were eased.

"The international agreement for the development of phase 11 of South Pars will be signed on Monday in the presence of the oil ministry and managers of Total, the Chinese company CNPC and Iranian company Petropars," a ministry spokesman told AFP.

Total signed a preliminary deal with Iran in November as the lead partner alongside China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)

Jul 04 09:39

40 suspects in Arsal attack have Daesh and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham ties: source

Forty suspects arrested following the attacks in Arsal last week have Daesh (ISIS) and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham ties, a senior Lebanese security source told The Daily Star Tuesday.

Jul 04 09:39

UK House Prices ‘On Brink’ Of Massive 40% Collapse

Two leading economics professors have warned that the UK housing market is on the brink of a 40% collapse, echoing the early 1990s property crisis.

“We are due a significant correction in house prices. I think we are beginning to see signs that correction may be starting” Paul Cheshire, a professor of economic geography at the London School of Economics told the Mail on Sunday.

The sharp correction or crash may come about due to two primary factors – Brexit and a fall in real wages as they fail to keep pace with rising inflation.

Jul 04 09:37

LePage signs budget, ending state government shutdown after 3 days

Democrats agree to eliminate a proposed increase in Maine's lodging tax and, in return, receive additional funding and assurances on key social service programs.

Owl 1
Jul 04 09:37

Lawmakers in Spain endorse right to boycott Israel

Activists are welcoming a decision by lawmakers in Spain to recognize that the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights is protected by laws guaranteeing free speech.

Jul 04 09:36

Israel fears endangered World Heritage status could thwart Hebron takeover

Israel is refusing to give visas to a team of investigators with UNESCO who are scheduled to visit Hebron’s Old City in the occupied West Bank.

The visit was to take place ahead of a July vote by the UN educational and cultural organization to consider the Old City an endangered World Heritage Site.

Calling the move “principled and strategic,” Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO, Carmel Shama Hacohen, said the UN team’s visit was based on “lies that plot against Israel.”

The UNESCO team was to provide its findings to the International Council on Monuments and Sites, the body that considers which sites should be placed on the the World Heritage in Danger list.

Jul 04 09:34

North Korea launches missile it claims is ICBM, likely hitting Japanese waters

The rogue nation, via its state news agency KCNA, said it had succeeded in launching an intercontinental ballistic missile, something leader Kim Jong Un reportedly had claimed to be close to accomplishing.

ICBMs have a minimum range of around 5,500 kilometers and are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. For its part, South Korea did not rule out the possibility of the missile being an ICBM.

"The initial analysis by South Korean and the U.S. authorities is assuming that today's provocation was of a mid-to-long range missile, but we are not ruling out the possibility of the missile being ICBM class," South Korea's President Moon Jae-In said, according to a press pool report on Tuesday.

Jul 04 09:33

10 Most Patriotic Images In U.S. History

Jul 04 09:32

Happy Independence Day

Enjoy the fireworks, to whatever extent your local government allows. Raise a glass to the spirit of freedom, as long as you don’t get on the wrong side of the law for public intoxication. Celebrate the freest country in the world, while being careful not to say anything that might attract the attention of the NSA, FBI, IRS, CIA, or other surveillance agency whose existence is currently being kept secret.

Create some joyful booms and bangs of your own, subject of course to those 20,000+ federal, state, and local laws (which surely you’ve memorized), and the completely scrupulously fair and understandable regulations of the ATF.

Drive home safely from your celebrations. And don’t worry; most likely you won’t be stopped on some phony pretext and murdered by an agent of the state who claims to have been scared of you. Be sure not to carry “too much” cash during your holiday travels, though, unless you want to finance the cops in some town you happen to pass through.

Jul 04 09:31

We Must Declare Independence by Dr. Ron Paul

As Independence Day comes around again we should spend a few moments between barbecue and fireworks to think about the meaning of independence. The colonists who rebelled against the British Crown were, among other things, unhappy about taxation. Yet, as economist Gary North points out, the total burden of British imperial taxation was about one-to-two percent of national income.

Jul 04 09:30

Ottawa reportedly set to pay millions to Omar Khadr

The Canadian government will apologize and give millions to former Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prisoner Omar Khadr, according to multiple reports.

Khadr — who pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. army medic when he was 15, under interrogation that was later deemed "oppressive" — will receive a settlement of more than $10 million, according to unnamed sources who spoke to The Associated Press, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

The Star said Khadr, who now lives in an apartment in Edmonton, will get more than $10 million, not the $20 million he sought in a civil suit. Other reports said he will receive about $10 million.

Jul 04 09:30

Tel Aviv Pays Al Qaeda Fighters’ Salaries: The Syrian War’s Worst Kept Secret That Could Become Israel’s Nightmare

Yes, Israel is supporting Syrian rebels, but this goes beyond cash and aid: Israel hopes the rebels will serve as a buffer against Hezbollah and a resurgent Assad, a strategy that could easily backfire

Jul 04 09:29

Israel Seizes Solar Panels Donated to Palestinians, Smashes Electronics

The Dutch government has lodged a formal protest with Israel after it was revealed that Israeli forces raided the Palestinian village of Jubbet al-Dhib, in southern Bethlehem, and seized scores of solar panels they had donated to try to provide electricity to the villagers.

The overall project was estimated to cost about $400,000, including panels, a diesel micro-generator, and assorted electronics. The panels are estimated to be worth $40,000 alone, and the Netherlands is demanding that Israel return them.

Even if they got the panels back, however, the project is effectively dead, with the Israeli forces that removed the panels also smashing up all the electronics while they were there, to make sure they could never be used again. Israeli officials insist this was appropriate, and that no one had permission to put solar panels in the village in the first place, meaning it gave them implicit permission to destroy the electronics.

Jul 04 09:28

Canada's man in Tehran was a CIA spy

Ken Taylor, the Canadian diplomat celebrated 30 years ago for hiding U.S. embassy personnel during the Iranian revolution, actively spied for the Americans and helped them plan an armed incursion into the country.

Mr. Taylor, ambassador in Iran from 1977 to 1980, became "the de facto CIA station chief" in Tehran after the U.S. embassy was seized by students on Nov. 4, 1979, and 63 Americans, including the four-member Central Intelligence Agency contingent, were taken hostage.

Had his espionage been discovered, Mr. Taylor told The Globe and Mail in an interview this week, "the Iranians wouldn't have tolerated it. And the consequences may have been severe."

Jul 04 09:27


Official Washington likes to think of its wars as “humanitarian,” supposedly bringing “democracy” to faraway lands, but the wars really bring death, destruction and despair, says peace activist Kathy Kelly.

She read to us. “The Works of Mercy: Feed the hungry; Give drink to the thirsty; Clothe the naked; Visit the imprisoned; Care for the sick; Bury the dead.” And then she read: “The Works of War: Destroy crops and land; Seize food supplies; Destroy homes; Scatter families; Contaminate water; Imprison dissenters; Inflict wounds, burns; Kill the living.”

The following week, General James Mattis was asked to estimate the death toll from the U.S. first use in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, of the MOAB, or Massive Ordinance Air Burst bomb, the largest non-nuclear weapon in U.S. arsenals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a Christian pacifist activist, I despair that the only way the US government appears to be ready to resolve its geopolitical differences only through wars, rather than though good faith, hard-won negotiations.

Jul 04 09:27

ANTIFA commies brawl with freedom rally patriots as ‘summer of rage’ continues

Editor’s note: The above video demonstrates how billionaire leftist George Soros is, in fact, funding domestic terrorism.

(INTELLIHUB) — The George Soros-backed ‘summer of rage’ is in full effect in cities across America as ANTIFA anarchist extremists terrorize.

Jul 04 09:25

Is America Still a Nation?

After the attempted massacre of Republican Congressmen at that ball field in Alexandria, Fareed Zakaria wrote: “The political polarization that is ripping this country apart” is about “identity … gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation (and) social class.” He might have added — religion, morality, culture and history.

Zakaria seems to be tracing the disintegration of our society to that very diversity that its elites proclaim to be its greatest attribute: “If the core issues are about identity, culture and religion … then compromise seems immoral. American politics is becoming more like Middle Eastern politics, where there is no middle ground between being Sunni or Shiite.”

Jul 04 09:24

Where’s a Real Environmentalist When you Need One?

These two photos were taken 13 days apart. One was taken on an area protected since 1997. The other was taken on private land managed by a rancher aware of the ecological value of using his livestock to perform functions vital to natural ecosystem health, as described by Allan Savory in the Summer 2015 issue of RANGE. [“Cows Can Save the World,” rangemagazine.com]

If the “protected” area of Verde Riverand the spikedace could do so, my bet is they would be thinking, “Where’s a real environmentalist when you need one?” No spikedace have been seen in the protected stretch of the Verde since 1997.

Jul 04 09:24


Jul 04 09:23

Record Cold July in Arctic & Squaw Valley & Tahoe First Time Ever July 4th Skiing

Jul 04 09:22


Prime Minister Theresa May is withholding a Home Office report on foreign funding of British terrorist organizations because exposing the truth could sour relations with the UK’s major trading and security partner, Saudi Arabia.
The report, commissioned to investigate foreign states funding extremist groups in the UK, has yet to be made public despite being completed six months ago. The government’s reluctance to share it has left many concerned about how ethical Britain’s ongoing diplomatic relationship with the Gulf kingdom is.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas branded the delay “astonishing.”

“The government is sitting on this report but refusing to publish it or give any reason for their continued secrecy,” the Brighton Pavilion MP said in a statement.

“To defeat terror it’s vital that politicians have full view of the facts, even if they are inconvenient for the government.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The British people deserve to know what is going on here; withholding this report is simply going to damage the Prime Minister's credibility greatly, and particularly if there are (and this will probably be the case) any more acts of violence by radicalised Middle Eastern immigrants.

Jul 04 09:16


On July 1, 2017, thousands of people in Nevada waited in line at dispensaries for hours to purchase marijuana — a plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years and has never killed anyone.

The night before, parties raged in celebration of the ability to purchase it for recreational purposes.

Though the right to purchase marijuana in Nevada is exciting, there are some lesser-known facts about its “legalization” few are aware of.

As Vin Armani explains in the video below, it is still considered a FELONY to possess an ounce of weed. Additionally, residents are not allowed to grow cannabis unless they live 25 miles or more away from a dispensary.

In addition to explaining the difference between legalization and decriminalization — and why activists should be pushing for decriminalization nationwide, Armani exposes how the government has created a cannabis cartel to profit more than the entrepreneurs who have devoted themselves to cultivating high-quality weed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US would do well to look to the incontrovertible success of Portugal, when it decriminalised all drugs:

6 incredible things that happened when Portugal decriminalized all drugs

Thanks to everyone who helped us over this slump.

Jul 04 09:11

Fears over a catastrophe in space after two parts fall off a communications satellite over the US and Mexico

Debris that has broken off a satellite over the US and Mexico could cause a catastrophe in space if it collides with other satellites.

The debris is from a huge communications satellite known as AMC-9 sent up by operator SES, which went off-radar last month following a 'significant anomaly'.

This contact has now been re-established, but SES has warned that two huge pieces of the satellite may have broken away somewhere over the two countries.

While the debris is unlikely to cause damage on Earth, as it will burn up when re-entering the atmosphere, it could cause havoc for other satellites orbiting nearby.

It could knock navigation satellites off course, for instance, or damage other key communication satellites in orbit.

Jul 04 09:09


In the midst of festivities leading into Independence Day, the U.S. opportuned the distraction to bomb yet another sovereign nation in the name of fighting terrorism, launching airstrikes against al-Shabaab militants rebelling against the U.N.-backed Somali government headed by U.S. citizen, President Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo” Mohamed.

These strikes on Sunday follow the granting of expanded powers to U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) by President Trump earlier this year, and seems to be the second of its kind.

“We are currently assessing the results of the operation, and will provide additional information as appropriate,” AFRICOM spokesman Chuck Prichard asserted Monday.

Following the airstrikes, AFRICOM spokesman Patrick Barnes also noted, “U.S. forces remain committed to supporting the federal government of Somalia, the Somali National Army and our AMISOM partners in defeating al-Shabab and establishing a safe and secure environment in Somalia.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the 21st century, it appears that the Unhinged, Surveilled States of America know of no other way to resolve their geopolitical differences other that war, and that...is profoundly unfortunate for the future of the entire world.

Jul 04 09:08

New Trump vs CNN WWE footage

Jul 04 08:42

Black Oklahoma barber gives extraordinary explanation why he shaved Confederate flag into a white customer’s head

After an image of a white Oklahoma man with a Confederate flag shaved into his hair went viral, the black barber behind the curious ‘do took addressed it when speaking to the press.
“I was thinking it was some racist-type stuff but, as he sat down and I was doing it and he was talking to me the whole time, and he explained to me why he was doing it, like, he was a really cool guy and I didn’t feel like he was racist at all,” Demontre Heard, a barber at Oklahoma City’s Fade N Up, told OKC’s KFOR News.

Jul 04 08:34

AI may replace bankers sooner than you think

Jul 04 08:23

Poland once sent the U.S. a birthday card. With 5 million signatures.

On Oct. 14, 1926, a distinguished citizen of Poland named Leopold Kotnowski came to the White House with a greeting card for the United States’ 150th birthday.
It was a little late — the Sesquicentennial’s Fourth of July was months in the past — but it had taken a while to gather the signatures: 5.5 million of them.

Jul 04 08:23

A judge threw out a lawsuit alleging Facebook tracks logged out users because there was no 'realistic' economic harm

A U.S. judge has dismissed nationwide litigation accusing Facebook of tracking users' internet activity even after they logged out of the social media website.
In a decision late on Friday, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila in San Jose, California said the plaintiffs failed to show they had a reasonable expectation of privacy, or that they suffered any "realistic" economic harm or loss.

Jul 04 07:56

Ivanka and Jared rub shoulders with billionaire Democrat George Soros, Steven Spielberg and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during party hosted at a Washington Post editor's Hamptons home

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner were spotted fraternizing with the 'enemy' at party in the Hamptons this weekend.

The daughter of President Trump and her husband, who are advisers in the current administration, were two attendees at Lally Weymouth's annual party at her home in Southhampton.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner attended Lally Weymouth's annual party in Southhampton this weekend
Several notable liberals were in attendance including billionaire George Soros and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
Weymouth is a senior associate editor of the Washington Post, a newspaper her family used to publish

Jul 04 07:45

Illinois Congressman Ain't Gettin Paid

Jul 04 07:44

States Across the US Celebrate ‘Freedom’ This 4th, with “No Refusal” DUI/Blood Draw Checkpoints

States have implemented "no-refusal" DUI checkpoints at which they will heavily punish noncompliance with forced blood draws and hefty fines. If you’re thinking about celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day, by having a beer or a glass of wine, you won’t be alone. But you better think twice before driving, because all across the country police will be enforcing so-called “No-refusal” DUI checkpoints.

Jul 04 07:41

Popular heartburn drugs Prevacid, Prilosec & Nexium linked to 25% higher death risk

Popular heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have been linked to a variety of health problems, including serious kidney damage, bone fractures and dementia. Now, a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that longtime use of the drugs also is associated with an increased risk of death.

Jul 04 07:38

Car Sales Have A Long Way To Fall

The past decade’s historically low interest rates convinced millions of Americans to buy cars they could only afford with hyper-cheap credit. This made auto sales one of the drivers of the recovery, but it also left far too many people with underwater “car mortgages” that will limit their spending on other things and prevent them from buying their next car until sometime in the 2020s.

Jul 04 07:36

Comic book company pulls cover showing lynching and castration of man of color

The cover, which can be viewed at the bottom of the article, was for the upcoming September issue of Divided States of Hysteria by Howard Chaykin. It shows a Pakistani man who’s been lynched. His name tag depicts a slur and his pants are around his ankles, his genitals bloodied and mutilated. It’s not the first time Divided States of Hysteria has upset readers, either— the first issue, which got a special Pride Month cover, features a violent attack on a trans sex worker.

Jul 04 07:35

Pentagon classifies nuke ops over possible safety failures – AP

The Pentagon is now hiding the safety records of its nuclear weapons, AP has reported, with experts quoting potential failures as the reason for such secrecy. The reports were previously publicly available.

Jul 04 07:34

Trump fan known for ‘Pizzagate’ rants beaten up while trolling Philly impeachment rally

A Trump supporter who interrupted a Christmas Mass to rant about “Pizzagate” was beaten up over the weekend by anti-fascist activists during a Philadelphia political demonstration.
Howard Caplan — a 48-year-old self-professed conspiracy theorist who gained notoriety by carrying “Hillary 4 prison” signs around the city — went Sunday to protest a demonstration calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, reported thePhilly Voice.

Jul 04 07:33

Theresa May ‘sitting’ on UK terrorism funding report to protect Saudi allies

Prime Minister Theresa May is withholding a Home Office report on foreign funding of British terrorist organizations because exposing the truth could sour relations with the UK’s major trading and security partner, Saudi Arabia.

The report, commissioned to investigate foreign states funding extremist groups in the UK, has yet to be made public despite being completed six months ago. The government’s reluctance to share it has left many concerned about how ethical Britain’s ongoing diplomatic relationship with the Gulf kingdom is.

Jul 04 07:33

CALL THE CAVALRY: When Trump Just Issued HUGE Crackdown, Criminals Will Start To Worry!

President Trump has just announced that he will send more federal agents to Chicago in an attempt to stem the climbing murder rate in the city. The President sent out this tweet Friday morning: As a part of this crack down, President Trump has sent 20 agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to the city. They will be joining another 35-40 agents who are already in the city.

Jul 04 07:33

‘Put it around your neck and pull’: Black deliveryman too rattled to work after butcher hands him a noose

A black deliveryman said he’s too traumatized to return to work after a customer handed him a noose.
Victor Sheppard said he wasn’t comfortable going back to his job with Mosner Family Brands because the meat distributor continued to serve the butcher shop whose owner handed him a noose in what he describes as a joke, reported the New York Daily News.

Jul 04 07:31

Russia, China: N. Korean must freeze nuclear activities, US halt THAAD deployment

Moscow and Beijing have agreed that North Korea should freeze its nuclear and missile programs, while the US and South Korea should abstain from holding war games in the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“We’ve agreed to promote our joint initiative, based on Russian step-by-step Korean settlement plan and Chinese ideas to simultaneously freeze North Korean nuclear and missile activities, and US and South Korean joint military drills,” Putin said at a press conference after meeting with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, in Moscow.

Jul 04 07:23

UK: NHS tainted blood shame: Secret files reveal health bosses knew for FIVE years patients were being infected with deadly contaminated samples

Patients were given deadly contaminated blood for at least five years after health officials became aware of the danger, damning documents reveal.

Jul 04 07:16

WHAT IS OUT THERE? NASA probe to fly over Jupiter's mysterious 'red spot' for first time

The Juno space probe is set to orbit a 10,000 mile-wide storm on Jupiter on July 10, after a year of circling the gas planet.

A NASA spokesman said: "This will be humanity's first up-close and personal view of the gigantic feature - a storm monitored since 1830 and possibly existing for more than 350 years."

Jul 04 07:15

Steve St. Angelo: Prepare For Asset Price Declines Of 50-75%

When the debt bubble pops, it's taking everything with it

Jul 04 07:14

Merkel ally in shocking claim Russia will seek to influence German election

A CLOSE ally of Angela Merkel has sensationally claimed Germany is expecting Russia to attempt to influence the country’s upcoming election by releasing confidential data.

Jul 04 07:11

We PAY for you! Even Juncker complains about MEPs failing to turn up to EU parliament

OUTRAGE was sparked after 96 per cent of MEPs failed to attend a European Parliament session in Strasbourg where Joseph Muscat, the prime minister of Malta delivered a speech.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker launched a scathing assault on “totally ridiculous” MEPs for not bothering to attend the meeting on Tuesday morning.

The furious eurocrat railed against the lack of attendance in the chamber, after only 4 per cent of the 751-strong assembly turned up.

Jul 04 07:10

ITALY IN CRISIS: 85,000 people apply for just THIRTY jobs at state bank

ITALY’S financial crisis has been laid bare after it emerged 85,000 people applied for just 30 jobs at a bank as rising unemployment cripples the Eurozone’s third-largest economy.

Bank of Italy advertised deputy assistant roles with with a modest annual salary of just €28,000 (£24,400) and received nearly 3,000 candidates for each post.

Shocking figures show 40 per cent of Italian youngsters are still unemployed, while the overall level is 11 per cent.

Jul 04 06:58

Researchers Crack 1024-bit RSA Encryption in GnuPG Crypto Library

Security boffins have discovered a critical vulnerability in a GnuPG cryptographic library that allowed the researchers to completely break RSA-1024 and successfully extract the secret RSA key to decrypt data.

Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) is popular open source encryption software used by many operating systems from Linux and FreeBSD to Windows and macOS X.


Libgcrypt has released a fix for the issue in Libgcrypt version 1.7.8. Debian and Ubuntu have already updated their library with the latest version of Libgcrypt.

So, you are strongly advised to check if your Linux distribution is running the latest version of the Libgcrypt library.

Jul 04 06:53

Justin Trudeau Says Immigrants Are More Canadian Than Natives

While conservatives in the US makes jokes about liberals believing immigrants are more American than "native" Americans, that is what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau actually believes.

Jul 04 06:52

Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN For Claiming Trump's Media Trolling is 'Dangerous'

Tucker Carlson had a good laugh on Monday over CNN's Brian Stelter and others claiming Trump's hilarious WWE-CNN tweet was "dangerous."

Jul 04 06:52

Playboy Models Jailed In Mexico For 'Working Without Visas'

This is how foreigners are treated when they try to work "illegally" in Mexico.

Jul 04 06:51

Kathy Griffin 'Interviewed By Secret Service For Over An Hour,' 'Investigation Still Not Closed'

Kathy Griffin has been interviewed by the Secret Service "for over an hour" in relation to her ISIS-style photoshoot where she held up the severed head of President Trump, according to writer Yashar Ali.

Jul 04 06:04

North Korea claims it tested first intercontinental missile

North Korea on Tuesday claimed it successfully test-launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, a potential game-changing development in what may be the world’s most dangerous nuclear standoff and, if true, a direct rebuke to U.S. President Donald Trump’s earlier declaration that such a test “won’t happen!”