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August 1, 2017

Aug 01 08:50

Trump administration scores win on immigration enforcement in Texas

The Trump administration has chalked off a win Texas by persuading state and local authorities to perform the functions of federal immigration officials. The administration is seeking similar deals with other jurisdictions to crack down on sanctuary cities.
Under the negotiated agreement, which 18 Texas counties have signed on to, local agents in sheriff’s offices will be trained to check if the people they have in custody may be in violation of US immigration law, and then notify federal authorities of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“There’s no doubt that arresting removable aliens in a jail is safer for the officers, safer for the community and even safer for the alien himself,” Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said.

Since last year, ICE has doubled the number of such agreements with counties in Texas, Reuters reported.

Yet the majority of Texas’ 254 counties do not have similar agreements with the federal government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the Federal government needs to do, is to make this more affordable to other counties, so that they will agree to participate.

Aug 01 08:49

US-Backed Syrian Rebels Defect To Syrian Government After CIA Program Ends

A small number of U.S.-backed rebels have reportedly defected to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad following news that President Donald Trump has ended the covert CIA program to arm rebels.

Syrian opposition members stated Saturday that at least four U.S.-backed rebels belonging to the Revolution Commando Army abandoned their posts and defected to Syrian regime forces on Thursday, The Associated Press reports.

Aug 01 08:48

US-Led Coalition Destroys Daesh Chemical Weapons Factory Near Deir Ez-Zor

The US-led coalition to counter the Daesh terrorist group has announced the destruction of the extremists' assets in both Iraq and Syria, including a chemical weapons factory near Deir ez-Zor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At least they are admitting that the chemical weapons attacks are coming from Daesh.

Aug 01 08:47

Iran reports America to UN claiming sanctions breach nuclear deal

IRAN has complained to the UN Security Council about sanctions the United States imposed on Iran in July, saying they breached Tehran's nuclear deal with major powers, the speaker of parliament was quoted today as saying.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 01 08:45


My point here is that operational plans to decapitate North Korean nuclear and ICBM capabilities exist and are constantly being revised and refined in light of new intelligence. It’s not the planners’ job to make the geopolitical or ethical calculations that inform such a drastic decision. It’s the planners’ job to make sure a strike ordered by the elected civilian leadership of the nation achieves its goal, i.e. eliminates North Korea’s nuclear and missile delivery capabilities completely.

It’s easy to say nuclear weapons should never be used, but what if conventional weapons can’t do the job, or create greater risks? Would you consider it a good ethical trade-off to wait for millions to die before killing thousands? That’s a political choice, and one that will always be second-guessed or disputed. But making such decisions is the purpose of elected civilian government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am really hoping that whatever President Trump decides to do, does not mean that China, North Korea's biggest trading partner, will feel obligated to come to North Korea's defense militarily.

At this point in its history, the US military does not have the weaponry; the manufacturing; the troop strength; or the money to insure a positive outcome to a war against China right now.

Aug 01 08:39


It seemed like a normal day at Politico in Los Angeles yesterday. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and Ann Coulter was gearing up to kick some liberal A$$ in an epic debate.

Aug 01 08:38

Bullhorns: Sanctions war

I suppose it is time to speak the obvious: Cold War 2.0 is officially on, though this Cold War is different and possibly far more dangerous. The world is in uncharted waters as the Trump White House attempts to find its footing.

Aug 01 08:38

'Liberal Arrogance': Budapest Bites Back at Austria's Call for More EU Sanctions

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has reacted fiercely to criticism of Budapest from Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, who told the media that he supported sanctions against Hungary and Poland for a perceived failure to abide by "European values."

The row began last week, when Kern told the German newspaper Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung that EU funding for Hungary and Poland should be cut if they refused to comply with EU rules on asylum seekers and EU criticism of constitutional changes carried out at the national level.

Aug 01 08:37

Can Germany Be Made Great Again?

Ever since the start of the deliberately conceived “migrant crisis,” orchestrated by NWO elites, the news out of Germany has been, to say the least, horrific. Right before the eyes of the world, a country is being demographically destroyed through a coercive plan of mass migration. The intended consequences of this – financial strain, widespread crime and property destruction, the breakdown of German culture – will continue to worsen if things are not turned around.

Opposition to the societal destruction within Germany have been harassed and persecuted by the authorities and labeled by the mass media with the usual epithets: “far right,” neo-Nazi, “haters,” and heaven forbid, “separatists.” Because of this and other factors, there has been no mass movement, as of yet, that has coalesce to challenge the German political establishment.

Aug 01 08:36

WikiLeaks Outs Senior Member of French President's Party for Ordering Club Drugs

A new batch of emails published by the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks contains an interesting curiousity, showing what looks like a series of purchases of an illegal drug with properties similar to those of amphetamines by a senior member of French President Emmanuel Macron's En Marche! party.

Aug 01 08:35

Awards taken from museum where gold lunar module was stolen

An Ohio police chief says a rare, solid-gold replica of the lunar space module wasn't the only item stolen from the Armstrong Air and Space Museum over the weekend.

Wapakoneta (wah-puh-kuh-NEHT'-uh) Chief Russel Hunlock says award medals and presentation coins also disappeared from the same museum display case in late astronaut Neil Armstrong's hometown.

Police responded to an alarm late Friday and discovered someone took the gold replica, which is less than a foot high. Hunlock says evidence indicates multiple people were involved.

A retired NASA agent who previously helped recover valuable stolen moon rocks has said he suspects the thief in this case intends to melt down the replica for the value of the gold rather than trying to sell the collectible.

Aug 01 08:34

Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers

Australian scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) ordered a review of temperature recording instruments after the government agency was caught tampering with temperature logs in several locations.

Agency officials admit that the problem with instruments recording low temperatures likely happened in several locations throughout Australia, but they refuse to admit to manipulating temperature readings. The BOM located missing logs in Goulburn and the Snow Mountains, both of which are in New South Wales.

Meteorologist Lance Pidgeon watched the 13 degrees Fahrenheit Goulburn recording from July 2 disappear from the bureau’s website. The temperature readings fluctuated briefly and then disappeared from the government’s website.

Aug 01 08:34

Germany slams US anti-Iran sanctions

German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries said on Monday that Berlin considers the US new sanctions on Iran a breach of international laws.

Aug 01 08:33

If U.S. Slows Visa Processing, Moscow Will Reciprocate — Russian Politician

A Russian politician has said Moscow will reciprocate with longer wait times if the U.S. Embassy slows travel visa processing for Russian citizens.

“Obviously, if such a slowdown in [the issuing of] visas takes place, the reasons would have nothing to do with staff cuts. So Russia is ready to take reciprocal diplomatic measures,” Igor Morozov, a member of the Federation Council’s international affairs committee, was cited as saying by the state-run RIA news agency.

“As is customary in diplomatic practice, the period for issuing Russian visas to Americans will also be increased.”

Aug 01 08:32

Deputy DM: Iran in Possession of All Needed Space Facilities

"We own a full space cycle after inaugurating the center and launching Simorq satellite carrier," General Hatami told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday.

He said that the stated cycle includes fixed and mobile satellite launchers, satellites and designing and launching satellites.

Iran last Thursday inaugurated the Imam Khomeini Space Center which has been described a "turning point" in the country's space activities.

It is a large complex that includes the whole process of preparation, launch, control and guidance of space launch vehicles.

Aug 01 08:32

The real reason so many millennials still live with their parents

Recently, a U.S. Census report confirmed something many millennials like me know all too well: As of 2015, one-third of 18- to 34-year-olds still lived at home—beating out all other living arrangements, including cohabitating with a partner or living alone, for the first time.

Older generations like to attribute this to laziness or entitlement, saying we lack ambition or are coddled by our parents—but that’s a clouded argument. There are some lazy kids in every generation, but a third of us? Sorry, but no.

As a millennial who’s in this category, I’m setting the record straight on the real reasons we’re still living at home.

We’re shouldering serious student loans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To all parents out there whose kids are juniors in high school this fall; please seriously talk with your kids about what jobs which pay well without a college education.

The debt trap in which so many millennials live, thanks to that college education, and the debt burden it brings, is avoidable, but they are going to have to think their way around believing that a college education is "the only way" to get a decent job.

High paying jobs you can get without a college degree

Best jobs you can get without a college degree

17 jobs that don’t require a college degree and pay over $70,000 a year

The old model of a college degree being the only way to get higher paying jobs doesn't make sense in this part of the 21st century. And there are respected on-line colleges which allow you to take college at your own pace, and can either enhance your chances of promotion at work, or give you the classical education you have wanted, whether it enhances your upward financial mobility or not.

But before kids think about college, and until there is universal, free higher education in this country (a number of enlightened countries in Europe have been doing this for decades), they need to ask themselves; is this the only way to a good-paying career?!? And if they check out their options, they will see that this is absolutely not the case.

Aug 01 08:32

U.S. Embassy Staff Barred Entry to Moscow Properties

Russia blocked access on Tuesday to U.S. Embassy recreational property in a Moscow suburb and closed a 2,000 square meter warehouse in an industrial area in the capital's southern outskirts.

The move is part of Russia’s response to a U.S. Congress vote last week to codify existing sanctions against Moscow. Russia has also ordered Washington to cut its diplomatic staff in Russia by more than 700.

Aug 01 08:31

With an eye on Iran, US welcomes Moqtada Al Sadr visit to Saudi Arabia

Iraqi cleric's meeting with crown prince boosts his standing and helps kingdom in countering Iran’s expansionism, former US ambassador to Baghdad says

Aug 01 08:31

White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People

“Miscegenation cannot be commanded, but it can be promoted. Depriving Whites of the possibility to be among themselves in terms of residence, study, work and recreation is one thing. Suggesting miscegenation in films, TV series and commercials is another thing. There is nowadays hardly any form of media that is not full of this race mixing propaganda, mostly in subliminal form, and it is the Jews who control the media.”
— Franklin Ryckaert

Aug 01 08:30

McAfee online scan used plain old HTTP to fetch screen elements

McAfee has moved to patch a bug that falls under the “didn’t you get the memo?” category: among other things, its free Security Scan Plus online tool retrieved information over HTTP – that is, in plain text.

The potential man-in-the-middle vector exists not in the operation of the free online scan, but in the house ads and UI design elements it serves.

Aug 01 08:26

Anarchy in America: Shot Down Like Dogs in the Street

Day after day, the government’s crimes against the citizenry grow more egregious, more treacherous and more tragic. And day after day, the American people wake up a little more to the grim realization that they have become captives in a prison of their own making. No longer a free people, we are now pushed and prodded and watched over by twitchy, hyper-sensitive, easily-spooked armed guards who care little for the rights, humanity or well-being of those in their care.

The death toll is mounting. The carnage is heartbreaking. The public’s faith in the government to do its job—which is to protect our freedoms—is deteriorating.

With alarming regularity, unarmed men, women, children and even pets are being gunned down by police who shoot first and ask questions later, and all the government does is shrug and promise to do better.

Things are not getting better.

Owl 1
Aug 01 08:25

Why World War 3 could happen in 2017 – threats from North Korea, Syria, Putin and Isis are worse than during the Cold War

2017 has already seen a number of major terrorist attacks, which, coupled with rising tensions around the world and nuclear sabre-rattling from North Korea, have increased fears of a major military conflict.

Aug 01 08:24

North Korea can hit most of United States: U.S. officials

North Korea's latest test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) has shown that Pyongyang now may be able to reach most of the continental United States, two U.S. officials told Reuters on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To put things in perspective, the US can hit (and nuke) anywhere on the globe. And the US is the only country to have actually used a nuclear weapon against another country.

Aug 01 08:24

More libtard butt hurt: Late-night show writers are “bored” and “frustrated” with Trump coverage

Aug 01 08:21

142 people fell ill from fecal contaminated food in UK Muslim restaurant

Last November, I first posted about the disgusting toilet habit of Muslims in “Muslim washes his anus at public drinking fountain in Italy”.

But it’s one thing for Muslims to use their (left) hands, instead of toilet paper, to “clean” their butts after defecating. It’s another thing entirely when Muslim restaurant employees do that and then contaminate food and drinks that they serve to the public, which I chronicled in two subsequent posts:

Muslim chef contaminates kitchen with feces by wiping his butt with his hand, in accordance with Islamic toiletry code

Fecal bacteria found in cold drinks of UK’s top coffee chains

Here’s more evidence that this disgusting Muslim practice is a public health hazard.

Aug 01 08:20

Exposed IoT servers let hackers unlock prison cells, modify pacemakers

A researcher has found an often-misconfigured protocol puts sex toys, heart monitors, and even oil pipelines and particle accelerators at risk of attack.

Aug 01 08:19

Why the U.S. health system ranks worst among wealthy countries

The U.S. spends more on health care than any other wealthy country. Yet, it ranks dead last compared with 10 others overall as well as for affordability, equity and health care outcomes (it ranked next to last for administrative efficiency). A report from The Commonwealth Fund shows that reducing the income gap between high and low earners plays a significant role in providing high quality, equally accessible health care.

Aug 01 08:17

China: US and North Korea Should Ease Tensions Themselves

Facing threats and angry condemnations from the US for not having resolved the North Korea situation for them, Chinese officials are now suggesting that they are backing away from the situation themselves, and expect the US and North Korea to work it out by themselves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You're assuming that the US wants to ease tensions.

Aug 01 08:15

Scaramucci Secretly Tried To Destroy Trump For 10 Days On Job – Here’s What Else He Was Hiding

Aug 01 08:14


This federal court decision from the Southern District of New York name-checks the pending SCOTUS review, but falls in line with every other decision in the federal court system. The defendant sought to suppress historic CSLI obtained without a warrant, arguing the collection of location data by cell companies is not the same thing as "voluntarily" turning these records over to a third party. (via Courthouse News Service)

From the decision [PDF]:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Understanding that Americans no longer have a right to privacy means that everything you say, everything you type into your computer, is pretty well tracked by the Feds.

Mike and I think that any Federal tracking of our communications is punishment duty, because we keep everything we say on a cell phone, or type into the computer, pretty vanilla, except for here on the website, where I logically, and peacefully, speak my mind.

Aug 01 08:12

Vladimir Putin's Great Speech On Russia & Immigration

Ignore the commie remark.

No wonder he was selected by Forbes as the most powerful person in the world. This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin.

I would suggest that not only our leaders, but every citizen of USA, should pay attention to this advice. How scary is that?

Aug 01 08:09

In-Depth Analysis Kills Russian Hacking Narrative, Shows DNC Planted Fake Evidence

Aug 01 08:08


It was bound to happen. A guerrilla graffiti artist painted an image of Donald Trump on Israel’s separation wall inside of the West Bank city of Bethlehem in the early morning hours Monday, mocking the president’s repeated statements on his intention to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Aug 01 08:07


The rapidly unfolding case against Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT spy ring already had huge implications for National Security. Now, the story apparently goes beyond just the Democrats the Awan family was working for…

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox Business Network on Monday where he dropped a new bombshell: not only did the Awans had access to the emails of every member of Congress, Imran Awan reportedly sold information to still unknown parties, which the FBI is currently investigating.

The explosive claim is backed up by a report in Frontpage Magazine linking the Awan brothers to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Pakistani IT staffers worked for Democrat Congressmen Andre Carson as well.

Front page reported:

The office of Andre Carson, the second Muslim in Congress, had employed Imran Awan. As did the offices of Jackie Speier and Debbie Wasserman Schultz; to whom the letter had been addressed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF, in fact, these allegations are true, Holy Hieronymus Bosch!!

Aug 01 08:06

For almost 20 years, Shepherd’s House has provided transitional housing for homeless military veterans in Fort Wayne. They may be closing their doors after being rejected for a federal grant they’ve been receiving for years.

Shepherd’s house was denied a grant worth about $496,000 from the Department of Veterans Affairs. That grant is about 80 percent of their $622,000 yearly budget.
They’ve been getting this grant through the VA’s Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem program since 2009. So they were shocked when they were rejected.

Aug 01 08:06

Judge strikes down Alabama abortion law requiring minors to have consent from court

A federal judge has struck down Alabama's one-of-a-kind law that enabled judges to put minors seeking abortions through a trial-like proceeding in which the fetus could get a lawyer and prosecutors could object to the pregnant girl's wishes.

Aug 01 08:02


Here’s something few energy investors know...`

The Latin American energy sector is at its most lucrative turning point ever.

In Argentina, while all the supermajors are tied up in the Vaca Muerta shale, massive heavy oil opportunities are up for grabs.

In Colombia, demand for gas is dangerously outpacing supply, and the country’s largest gas field is declining rapidly. They need 65MMscf to come online every year just to keep pace. And gas in Colombia fetches attractively higher prices than the well-known Henry Hub.

One oil story in particular has an enormous profit potential, led by some of the smartest energy investors out there--a team that is renowned for being in the right place at the right time.

This company has massive early mover advantage in Argentina’s heavy oil, and it’s got Colombia cornered as well, with drill-ready natural gas developments.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And of course, the coming wars and a potential revolution in Venezuela, will do their part in driving up oil prices exponentially.

Aug 01 07:55


Security researchers at Google have discovered a highly sophisticated spyware specialized in stealing users’ data that appears to have been developed by an Israeli company.

Google said the spyware dubbed “Lipizzan” was developed by Israeli start-up Equus Technologies which claims that it provides “tailor made innovative solutions for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and national security organizations”.

According to Google:

“Lipizzan is a multi-stage spyware product capable of monitoring and exfiltrating a user’s email, SMS messages, location, voice calls, and media.

We have found 20 Lipizzan apps distributed in a targeted fashion to fewer than 100 devices in total and have blocked the developers and apps from the Android ecosystem.

Google Play Protect has notified all affected devices and removed the Lipizzan apps.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why am I not surprised that the company which developed this is Israeli?!?

Aug 01 07:37

Julian Assange --- Trump saw this video I tweeted -- CIA rebels killing a child & shut them down

hutting down the CIA's ghost war in Syria

Aug 01 07:35

"That's just Texas, break into someone's home expect to get shot."

60 yr old Texas woman shoots, kills home intruder. Neighbor not surprised

Aug 01 05:26

A doctor was killed for refusing to prescribe opioids, authorities say

An Indiana man shot and killed himself shortly after gunning down a doctor who refused to prescribe opioid medication to his wife, authorities said this week.

Aug 01 05:26

One reporter claims that Google has been censoring websites that don’t agree with “war” or other establishment viewpoints — could it be?

Never before have so many independent news websites been threatened with low traffic and Internet rankings as in recent days. It’s as if Google’s algorithm has ramped up — at least that’s what some are claiming.

Aug 01 05:26

Baltimore public defender's office says second police body camera video 'appears to depict' officers manufacturing evidence

The Baltimore Public Defender’s office said Monday that it has a second police body-camera video that “appears to depict multiple officers working together to manufacture evidence.”
It said related charges against one of its clients were dropped Monday in Baltimore Circuit Court.

Aug 01 04:26

Trump saw a disturbing video, then he shut down the CIA’s covert Syria program

While we’ve carefully documented the dynamics in play behind Trump’s decision to end the CIA’s covert Syria program, as well as the corresponding fury this immediately unleashed among the usual hawkish DC policy wonks, new information on what specifically impacted the president’s thinking has emerged.

Aug 01 04:23

The Irish Crimean: Comparing level of salaries in Russia and the West is meaningless

In Ireland, or most other Western countries for that matter, I would have to spend 6 times more money to buy a loaf of bread than I do in Russia. And the loaf of bread which I would buy in Ireland would have less than one third of the nutritional value of a loaf of Russian Darnitsky khleb. Salaries and GDP per capita are meaningless, guys. If you want to know how "wealthy" a person is, then look at the nutritional value of the food which they can buy, look at the quality of the materials which were used to build the housing which they occupy... I lived in Ireland for 28 years, in Germany for 1 year, in London for 1 year, and in the Czech Republic for 9 years. The average industrial salary in Ireland is about 30,000 Euros per year, and about half that in the Czech Republic. And yet Irish people, Czechs and Londoners STILL have to spend on average almost half their salaries on housing.

Owl 3
Aug 01 04:07

Conditions to obtaining a 'free Far East hectare' have been simplified

A reminder, that since 2016 - Russian citizens (and some foreigners) are able to acquire a hectare of free land in Russia's Far East in order to develop the region. There is little infrastructure, telecommunications and transportation is currently difficult. Those with money to invest are encouraged to 'colonise' the area...

Aug 01 04:00

Ukrainians start saving up money for US coal

Washington announced that Ukraine would purchase thermal coal from the United States of America. "This announcement will... boost our own economy, supporting jobs in the coal and transportation industries," Sanders said. "As the Trump administration" continues to move the country down the path of energy dominance, we hope to see more mutually beneficial partnerships like these in the future," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said. Ukraine's power generation company Centrenergo PJSC announced that it would purchase American thermal coal from Xcoal Energy and Resources based in Pennsylvania. America hopes that Ukraine will continues purchasing thermal coal from the USA. The Ukrainians already start saving up money to pay their heating bills in the winter season. The price for the US coal for Ukraine was announced on the level of $110-$130 per tonne. Ukraine will have to pay $79 million to the USA to be able to stay warm in winter.

Aug 01 03:56

Is Turkey the next country for a "proxy and long war" of the Transnational Elite?

While Russia helped Ankara 'without conditions' during the coup - a massive fire exploded near the military base of NATO in the air base of Incirlik - where, together with the base of Ismir, have been stationed more than 90 nuclear tactical weapons, more than in any country! Turkish authorities doubted it was an anti-American sabotage. However, the clashes of Erdogan with the west in general and America in particular, mainly in relation to the support of the Kurds by the latter, brought the withdrawing of the German military from Incirlik and afterwards the purchase of Russian missiles (S400) by Turkey. Against this purchase the Americans pleaded Turkey in order to stay a loyal alliance (and a 'client', of course) for the air defence of NATO. The amount of the purchase is about $3bl. While the Russian weapons will be manufactured in Turkey - as part of a "technology transfer" agreement. This military shift comes for the first time after 65 years of Turkey-NATO membership.

Aug 01 03:52

Palestine: Apartheid, Stolen Lives and Land, History Erased, United Nations Deaf Mute

Israel - ever presented as the eternal victim - has not just made a mockery of the words but also of the Balfour letter of 2nd November 1917 and trampled on both ever since. Balfour: "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine ..." (Emphasis added.) So much for the "rights" of the Palestinians. Between November 1947 and November 1948 five hundred and thirty one Palestinian towns and villages had been "ethnically cleansed." (1) By 1952 it was six hundred and fifteen.(2)... The land grabs are illegal and violate: U.N. Charter, Article 2(4) & 51 (1945); Declaration on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations..., Principle 1 (1970). Settlements on occupied lands violate Geneva Conventions IV, Article 49(6) (1949).

Aug 01 02:15

Austria to protect its interests if US applies anti-Russian sanctions to EU

Austria is ready to safeguard national interests in case the United States applies anti-Russian sanctions to European companies and intends to coordinate its action with the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs told TASS on Monday. "We - in accordance with the position of the European Commission - are ready to act in case of necessity in order to protect national and European interests," official spokesperson of the Austrian foreign ministry Thomas Schn·ll said responding to a request for a comment on potential restrictive measures of the US against Russia. Austria’s OMV and Voestalpine engaged in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project keep an eye on the probable new sanctions of the US against Russia and stick to their agreements with Moscow, companies told TASS earlier.

Aug 01 02:06

German top envoy vows EU will resist ‘America Above All’ policy under sanctions excuse

The EU will take protective measures, if the US pursues its industrial policy under the motto "America Above All" under the pretense of sanctions, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told the Rheinische Post newspaper. "It is important for us to overcome the Ukrainian crisis and maintain the political pressure caused by sanctions," the German Foreign Ministry quotes him as saying. "This will happen only if we act unanimously." "We will protect ourselves from the industrial policy under the motto "America Above All" pursued under the pretext of sanctions," he stressed.

Jul 31 17:32

Being Rich Wrecks Your Soul. We Used To Know That

With a billionaire real estate tycoon occupying America’s highest office, the effects of riches upon the soul are a reasonable concern for all of us little guys. After all, one incredibly wealthy soul currently holds our country in his hands. According to an apocryphal exchangebetween F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, the only difference between the rich and the rest of us is that they have more money. But is that the only difference?

Jul 31 17:00


Jul 31 16:56

The life-saving £180 bracelet that gives tired drivers an ELECTRIC SHOCK if they begin to fall asleep at the wheel

The device records the wearers baseline heartbeat and skin conditions when it is first activated using 16 sensors.

If the heartrate drops by ten beats per minute, or skin conductivity is reduced by one unit, a gentle vibration and yellow warning light reminds the user to pay attention.

If these levels drop by a further three beats per minute and galvanic skin response decreases by another unit, an electric shock jolts the wearer and a red warning light will flash.

Jul 31 16:54

Netflix is more than $20 BILLION in the red and 'bleeding cash' thanks to hits such as Stranger Things

Global streaming giant Netflix is more than $20billion in the red and 'bleeding cash' thanks to producing original content like Stranger Things.

Netflix has more than doubled its spending this year and is expected to toss more than $6billion on its slate of programming in 2017, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Its negative free cash-flow of $258 million for the same quarter last year, and $423 million for the quarter ending March 30, increased to a company-record negative $608 million for the quarter ending June 30.

Jul 31 16:48

Welcome To New York City’s Taxpayer-Funded $2 Million Bathroom

Did you see the $2 million dollar bathroom? That’s what New York City government spent to build a “comfort station” in a park.

I went to look at it.

Jul 31 16:00

Coca-Cola admits Dasani is really just 'purified' tap water

As more and more people wake up to the dangers of fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and the many other toxic compounds found in municipal water supplies, the market for bottled water has exploded. But in the process, some major food and beverage corporations have unwittingly begun peddling that very same tap water in bottles as "pure," a deceptive labeling term that is the subject of a new trade controversy in Europe.

Jul 31 15:22

Wasserman Schultz Avoiding Reporters Since Awan Arrest

Embattled Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has avoided facing any media since her law enforcement arrested her former IT staffer Imran Awan Tuesday on bank fraud charges.

Wasserman Schultz, who walked down the House Capitol steps late Wednesday afternoon following remarks she made on the floor, caught site of The Daily Caller’s reporter and nervously turned around and ran back up the steps with her staffer in tow.

The Miami Herald reported Thursday night that her spokesman told a reporter Wednesday, as she walked to the floor of the House, that she would not answer questions about Awan.

Jul 31 15:07

15mn Americans Would Opt Out Of Obamacare If They Could – CBO

By next year, 15 million people would opt out of the Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare, if one of its key provisions – individual mandate – were repealed today, shows an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office.

Getting rid of Obamacare’s individual mandate, which imposes financial penalties on people who don’t buy insurance, would leave 15 million uninsured, according to the CBO.

Jul 31 14:54

Facial Recognition ID Begins to Spread from Planes to Trains

By Nicholas West

The march continues to accelerate toward a future of biometric ID for all travel. The UK is announcing a plan for facial recognition cameras to be used to pay train fare...

Jul 31 14:52

US Policy ‘Not America-Alone,’ US Veep Says In Estonia

US Vice President Mike Pence claims that Russia is resorting to “destabilizing” measures in Eastern Europe and that Washington expects Moscow’s “behavior to change.”

Pence made the comments at Russia’s doorstep in Tallinn, Estonia, on Sunday.

Jul 31 14:48

Ken Ferguson: ‘The media is the opposition party to Trump’

Former editor of the New York Observer Ken Ferguson recently appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show to talk about the current state of the media.

The outspoken editor told CNN that White House press briefings are “a waste of time” and said that it’s “stunning” to watch what has been unfolding lately in the press.

Jul 31 14:27

Twitter Stock Tumbles Amid Crackdown On 'Trolls', As 2 Million Users Leave

Twitter said it failed to add any new monthly active users globally during its second quarter. Its user base declined to 68 million, from 70 million in the first quarter of 2017.

In a letter to shareholders, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the company was “strengthening our execution which gives us confidence that our produce improvements will continue to contribute to meaningful increases in daily active usage,”according to Variety.

Jul 31 14:20

North Korea likely to conduct 6th nuclear test: defense ministry

North Korea is likely to conduct its sixth nuclear test as well as an additional intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, the Ministry of National Defense said Monday.

"There is a possibility North Korea will test its nuclear warhead and missile capabilities through a nuclear test with more explosive power," the defense ministry said in a report to the National Assembly. "North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test site is always ready to conduct a nuclear test at any time."

Jul 31 14:20

Moon's N. Korea approach

North Korea is showing signs of preparing to launch another ballistic missile soon ? this time probably using a submarine.

Jul 31 14:00

US to beef up military presence in Lithuania as Russia and Belarus team up for drills

A rotating contingent of Lithuania’s NATO allies involving 100 personnel and four fighter jets is stationed at the Lithuanian Zokniai air base