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October 10, 2015

Oct 10 08:09

Climate Alarmist Caught in ‘Largest Science Scandal in U.S. History’

The plan by climate alarmists to have other scientists imprisoned for their ‘global warming’ skepticism is backfiring horribly, and the chief alarmist is now facing a House investigation into what has been called “the largest science scandal in US history.”

Oct 10 08:08

Hamas leader in Gaza declares intifada as deadly attacks continue

Ismail Haniyeh says Gaza is ‘more than ready for confrontation’, as six Palestinians shot dead by Israeli troops at border fence

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So Israel finally gets the excuse for war they have been working for.

Oct 10 08:03

Stabbing Each Other

Those who were naive enough to buy into the idea that the Israeli Palestinian battle is a ‘political conflict’ must revise their perception of this matter. The images of religiously motivated Israelis and Palestinians stabbing each other with knives and screwdrivers reveal a simple and undeniable truth -- we are witnessing a colossal religious and ethnic conflict. Unlike ‘political disputes,’ religious and ethnic disputes are rarely resolved, at best; such disputes can be temporarily suppressed. The current conflict in Israel is violence at the most personal level. Tragically, this phenomenon is a persistent theme throughout Jewish history.

Oct 10 08:03

250,000 Germans protext against TTIP

TTIP & CETA stoppen! – Für einen gerechten Welthandel!

Oct 10 08:01

Video: Palestinian killed in Jerusalem was not a threat

“After viewing the film it can’t be denied that Israeli police officers killed a person in cold blood, when he wasn’t a danger to anyone and they should be tried for it,” wrote Local Call’s John Brown who published the latest video. “Even a person that stabbed another has a right not to be executed by the police, even with pressure from the crowd,” continued Brown.

After the attack Malka was taken to a Jerusalem hospital for moderate wounds.

Aloon’s remains are still held in Israeli custody. A Jerusalem court announced today he will soon be transferred to his family for a burial in Issawiya, but not without restrictions. Once the body is handed over, the funeral must take place immediately with no more than 50 persons present, and the Aloon family will have to pay $5,250 (20,000NIS) in fees.

Oct 10 08:00

Amnesty Int’l condemns widespread use of excessive force against Palestinian demonstrators


Oct 10 07:59

‘Replace’ the mosques? Once again, ‘NYT’ soft-pedals Israeli extremism

The point is that talking about blowing up the mosques is part of the culture in Israel; it is not just a “dispute” over “who can pray there.” When you hear about these ideas, Palestinian fear and anger — like this Palestinian leader’s alarm a year ago that the Israeli government wanted to blow up the mosque — do not seem so extreme. What if Protestant militants threatened to blow up St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and build a Presbyterian church there instead? Is it possible American Catholics would get exercised about these visions?

Oct 10 07:58

‘There is no co-existence with cancer’: Right-wing Israelis demand gov’t give military ‘free hand’ to fight Palestinians

Brandishing their typical black and yellow flags and Hebrew signs boasting “Kahane was Right” and “There is no co-existence with cancer,” hundreds of right-wing activists took to the streets of Jerusalem Thursday night in a growing phenomenon of public demonstrations led by the country’s leading fascist groups such as Lahava and La Familia. Despite negligible attempts by Israeli police to force the demonstrators from proceeding (the demonstration was not granted prior police approval), the Jewish crowds began marching at around 9 pm when police officers made it readily apparent that they had no intention of halting the mostly youth from making their away across the city

Oct 10 07:56

America furious at Russia’s stunning successes in Syria

Russian operation in Syria started less than a week ago, but the first results are in. Losses of terrorists number in the thousands, infrastructure is destroyed, and in addition, Russia has shown the entire world who are the actual sponsors of global terrorism, say the experts to ????????.RU.

Oct 10 07:55

Six Palestinians killed by Israeli fire near Gaza’s border

Palestinian medical sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Hammoud Hisham Muhsen, Ahmad al-Harbawi, Abed al-Wahidi and Hussam Dawla were fatally shot as Israeli troopers fired live bullets to disperse the Palestinian protesters east of the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City on Friday, Palestinian Arabic-language Ma’an news agency reported.

The identity of two of the victims have not immediately been released.’

Oct 10 07:55

Watch: Muslim Man Follows 10-Yr-Old Into Elevator; Minutes Later, Witnesses Hear Bloodcurdling Screams

Oct 10 07:54

Over 40 Rodent Feeding Studies Show GM Food is Disastrous to Health

GMO Free USA has published a listing of more than 40 rodent studies showing that animals fed GM corn and soy suffer dire results. For those who say there is no ‘science’ to prove that GMOs are unsafe, I enjoin them to peruse the following list.

Oct 10 07:51

Israeli-American Terror Machine exposed, checkmated and decimated in Syria


Thanks to Putin's remarkable decimation of ISIS in Syria and checkmate and exposure of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, there is no longer any need for Homeland Security inside America.

Oct 10 07:31

2-minute video: real news when a reporter snaps

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

caution: adult language:


Jonathan Pie’s brilliant 2-minute satire is based upon facts:

Unlawful and lie-began wars,
So-called “money” that is actually debt that creates accelerating and unpayable total debt.
Destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution.
“Covering the crimes” with lies by corporate media.

Given the provable existing crimes and costs of millions killed, billions harmed, and trillions looted, with recent history continuing literal centuries of US lie-began Wars of Aggression that involved your families in two horrific previous global wars, it’s easy to imagine real-world scenes as Jonathan Pie represents in comedic art.

This is Emperor’s New Clothes obvious now to all who care to look.

Oct 10 07:19

The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared

By Jeremy Malcolm

Today’s release by WikiLeaks of what is believed to be the current and essentially final version of the intellectual property (IP) chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) confirms our worst fears about the agreement, and dashes the few hopes that we held out that its most onerous provisions wouldn’t survive to the end of the negotiations...

Oct 10 07:17

Mysterious Death of Holistic Doctors Uncovered

Oct 10 07:11

They Said it Could Never Happen, but LaRouche Stuck to His Guns, and Now it Has Happened!

A little puffery by Lyndon but a pretty good read!

The Obama freakout is continuing to spiral out of control; everything he does is blowing up. There is panic in the White House: expect self-inflicted wounds and punishments. Obama must be brought down! Shut down Wall Street and you bring down Obama at the same time.

On the whole, US leadership is disgusting. Compare it with the morality which has come forth in Germany in response to the refugee crisis. If it were not for Putin, we'd all be dead.

Oct 10 07:10

Arab League chief slams Israeli acts as ‘racist, aggressive’

Arab League’s Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi has denounced the Zionist regime for its “racist and aggressive” practices towards the Palestinians, calling on the United Nations to take necessary measures to bring to a halt Tel Aviv’s acts of violence.

Oct 10 07:10

Russian Air Force destroys 29 ISIS camps in Syria in 24 hours

Russian warplanes in Syria have bombed 29 terrorist field camps and other facilities of the militant group Islamic State in the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Oct 10 07:06

Ted Cruz: How U.S. must push back Putin in Syria

Enough already. We don't need a reset. We need a reality check.

Putin has been unmoved by the Obama administration's threats of isolation on the international stage, and economic sanctions have on their own been no deterrent to his opportunistic behavior. More of the same will not result in success.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, Ted, if you really feel that way; here's your rifle, and here's your parachute. Watch your head climbing into that transport plane and we will call Moscow and tell Putin you are on your way to kick his butt all by yourself. Meanwhile, I would like to remind you that Syria's government ASKED Russia to come in and help get rid of the terrorists. Syria's government did NOT ask the United States to come in and bomb the place to rubble. Lacking a United Nations mandate, any intervention into any country is a violation of international law and the United Nations charter. The United States is the aggressor, your empty bravado notwithstanding.

Oct 10 07:06


Here is another round of Saturday Cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy!!! :-)


Oct 10 07:02

US pulls aircraft carrier out of Persian Gulf as Russian ships enter

The United States has pulled out the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, of the Persian Gulf as Russian warships have entered the area.

For the first time since 2007, the US Navy has now no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, according to NBC News.

The warship was withdrawn from the Persian Gulf on Thursday, a day after Russia fired 26 long-range cruise missiles from its Caspian Flotilla against terrorists in Syria, Pentagon officials said.

US military officials claimed that the aircraft carrier, which the houses about 5,000 sailors and 65 fighter jets, was withdrawn because it needed to undergo maintenance.

Oct 10 07:00

Shock and Awe: Russian Cruise Missile Strike on ISIL Caught US Flat-Footed

Fighting farmers and bombing hospitals doesn't tune one up for a major bout with one of the big boys! Another surprise for the US Pentagram. Reminds me of the surprise the Russians gave the Wehrmacht back in "41" with the T-34. Wonder what else they have up their sleeve?

“The effective range of the Russian cruise missiles came as the biggest surprise as the 1,500 kilometers they covered before hitting their targets is at stark variance with their declared range of just 300 kilometers,” the BBC quoted Russian military expert Andrei Soyustov.

Oct 10 06:57

Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11" nonsense!

Remember that Saudi Arabia was being framed for 9-11 right from the start. One of the accused hijackers, a Saudi Pilot named Saeed Al-Ghamdi, was still alive after 9-11 and sued the US Government for defaming him.

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don't need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.

Which is why we know that the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11 has no more basis in fact than the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons or that Assad gassed his own people right in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently certain parties (including the independent media) are once again pushing the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11, based on the much wagged classified 28 pages from the 9-11 report.

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WRH Exclusive

Oct 10 06:53

US Plans to Prevent China From Helping Russia to Fight ISIL

DC has become insane and delusional.They are going to get us all killed.
Really great plan you have here DC! NOT!

Washington is said to be planning to send warships close to the Spratly Islands which China claims for its own to stop Beijing from assisting Russia in its campaign against the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Syria, Marco Maier wrote for Contra Magazin.

Oct 10 06:53

Syria’s Southern Front shows signs of disintegration

All indications and information coming from the Syrian south’s capital show that this front has entered a dark era since the MOC [Military Operations Center in Jordan] washed its hands clean of it and decided to stop supporting it. As a result of the tensions between the armed factions — which suddenly found themselves out of work — the polarization attempts of some extremist factions and reconciliation attempts with the Syrian army, we can say that the Southern Front is witnessing the first signs of disintegration and division. It is likely that radical changes will affect the structure of its factions and the nature of its alliances soon.

Oct 10 06:45

RT EXCLUSIVE: Trail of bodies behind retreating jihadists in Syria (GRAPHIC)

The Syrian Army has captured the village of Al-Bahsa in the Hama province. An RT crew went to witness the trail of destruction left behind by the militants over their two-month reign of terror.

Oct 10 06:40

Russian warplanes reportedly ward off US destroyer in Black Sea

“The crew of the ship acted provocatively and aggressively, which concerned the operators of monitoring stations and ships of the Black Sea Fleet,” the source in the Russian armed forces in Crimea told RIA.

Oct 10 06:38

Deadly blasts rock Turkish capital

Looks like Erdogan needed a false flag to shore up his disappearing support among the Turkish people!Don't fall for it Turks!

Dozens have been killed and injured as two huge explosions rocked at a peace rally in the Turkish capital, Ankara, in what the authorities called a “terrorist attack.”

Oct 10 06:27

The Military Is Creating Vampire Drones That Die in the Sun

The program is called Inbound, Controlled, Air-Releasable, Unrecoverable Systems, or ICARUS, after the boy in Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun and saw his feather and wax wings melt. But the mission for this ICARUS is far simpler: the Pentagon wants to send drones on one-way trips. DARPA is seeking to address a “capability gap in eliminating the leave-behind of air vehicles used to deliver supplies to personnel on the ground without requiring pack-out. Such pack-out of these systems is cumbersome, time-consuming, and adds significant weight to the individuals’ loads,” officials wrote in the announcement. The program will last 26 months with about $8 million in funding.

Oct 10 06:14

Canadian Tories funneled $8M in tax money to US Republican Party's NGO

Under the Stephen Harper government, $8M was given to the John McCain-chaired International Republican Institute, a non-governmental organization started by the US Republican party to advocate for right-wing policies abroad.

Oct 10 05:48

Silver supply is struggling to keep up with demand

Oct 10 05:07

Lawsuit Claims That Popular “Natural” Cigarette Brand Is Just As Bad As The Rest

A lawsuit was filed this month, against the company that produces the popular “American Spirit” brand cigarettes, which are said to be organic and additive free. However, the lawsuit alleges...

Oct 10 01:25

Alex Jewns Bombshell: "Criminal Elements of Our Government With Saudi Arabia Ran 9/11!"

Face it, folks. There's something weird about Alex Jones. He's covered Israel's involvement in 9/11 in the past. But most recently on his 10/2/15 show, Alex said "It's gonna come out in the 28 pages that criminal elements of our government with Saudi Arabia ran 9/11!"
Saudi Arabia did 9/11??! No, the CIA and Israeli Mossad did 9/11, Alex. Get real.

October 9, 2015

Oct 09 22:34

Video: Israelis shoot motionless Arab woman

It is bad enough that Palestinians in Israel have to face security forces that treat them like an enemy. But things will get much, much worse when even the highly prejudicial rule of law in Israel is replaced by the lynch mob.

Oct 09 21:29

Good for Jews- 'Good for You'-by Selena Gomez Parody

The latest from "Shiksa Goddess". Enjoy!!! :-)

Oct 09 21:25


Far from being back-paged, Ms. Alexievich is prominently plastered smack-dab in the center of the all-important front page. News of her victory has also been prominently mentioned by the TV talking heads of America and vassaled Europe. This is unusual for two reasons. First of all, she's not an American. Why such hype over a Belarussian?

Oct 09 21:17

Anti-terror campaign in Syria not burden on our budget: Moscow

Russia says the recent anti-terror military campaign in Syria does not strain its current government’s budget.

Speaking to reporters in a Friday conference call, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that his country’s air campaign in the Arab country did not burden the Defense Ministry's budget with any additional financial allocations, AFP reported.

He also noted that the military operation in Syria was not noticeable in financial terms in comparison with the large-scale military drills that Russia has held recently.

Oct 09 20:04

Standard Chartered 'to cut 1,000 senior jobs'

Mr Winters told staff in the memo that about a quarter of senior managers, of director level or above, would be cut. There are about 4,000 bankers in the grades affected by the decision.

The bank employs about 88,000 people in total. It has grown rapidly, from about 44,000 in 2005.

Oct 09 20:02

Rocket from Gaza hits southern Israel

The IDF said one rocket exploded in the Eshkol region of southern Israel, which borders the Gaza Strip and Egypt. No injuries or damage were reported. Troops were on site searching for the projectile.

Oct 09 19:58

Russia and US 'to resume Syria air safety talks'

Russia has agreed to resume talks with the US on air safety during Syria bombing campaigns, says the Pentagon.

The talks "are likely to take place as soon as this weekend," said press secretary Peter Cook

Oct 09 17:45

Kunduz Massacre Is a Brutal Reminder of US Militarism’s Civilian Victims, Past and Present

Soon after the bombing of a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, on October 3, an MSF medic was interviewed, saying he and his colleagues had repeatedly alerted the Pentagon of the facility’s precise location before the attack and had also contacted the Pentagon during the attack to urge the United States to stop dropping bombs on the hospital.

Oct 09 17:40

US polices against Syria ‘total failure’: Scholar

The Obama administration’s plan to end a Pentagon program to train militants in Syria is a formal acknowledgment of the total failure of US polices against the Syrian government, an American scholar says.

Oct 09 17:31

Truth: Man was beaten with baseball bat… then Donald Trump’s limo rolled up

An incident involving Donald Trump has recently surfaced that involves the Donald performing a heroic deed back in 1991 and we think you will be amazed! When Trump saw a man savagely beating another man with a baseball bat he did what any other billionaire would do–he ordered his driver to pull the limo over and came to the man’s aid!

Oct 09 17:17

Twitter Readies For Company Wide Layoffs

Oct 09 17:03

Nobel Peace Prize to Tunisian Civil Society Groups for Democratization Efforts After Arab Spring

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a coalition of civil society organizations known as the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet.

Oct 09 16:49

EU turn: ‘European policies must not be dictated by Washington’

Europe must treat Russia with more decency, improve the relationship, and not let EU policies be dictated by Washington.

Oct 09 16:37

David Icke On Jeremy Corbyn, Syria

Oct 09 15:05


Oct 09 14:59

Flashback 2013 - Unsolved Mystery: Why Did Israel Have Saddam's Guns?

In the course of the second Gulf war, foreign sources claimed that Israeli forces were operating on Iraqi territory and assisting the U.S. Army. The rumors have never been confirmed. However, two Iraqi-made guns purchased from the Israeli Defense Forces about nine years ago add to the mystery surrounding the story.

The current affair, exposed last Friday, April 6, by Ya'acov Shlesinger, the editor of the regional newspaper Uvda (or "Fact") published in northern Israel, began when Sh. K., a weapon collector, bought several hundred old guns from the Israel Defense Forces—booty taken in wars and battles. When opening one of the fancy cases, he was surprised to find two Iraqi-made Tariq handguns inscribed with a personal dedication from overthrown Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to his cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid, who was, among other governmental and military posts he held, Saddam Hussein's Defense Minister.

Oct 09 14:54

Roseburg, Oregon Protests Obama Visit: ‘Chicago Needs You’

ROSEBURG, Oregon — As helicopters whirred overhead, bringing President Obama to the southern Oregon community that was the scene of a mass casualty shooting last week at a community college, hundreds of protesters gathered below to voice their objections to the president’s visit.

“Obama Unwelcome” and “Go Golf” were among the signs the protesters carried. Many of the anti-Obama crowd brought American and Gadsen flags to the event and a handful of people were openly carrying firearms.

One protester held a sign saying that President Obama should be in Chicago rather than Roseburg. “He needs to be in Chicago, in his own hometown and his own home state,” the woman told Breitbart News. “This is where there is a gun problem; we don’t have one here.”

Oct 09 14:43


The real scandal surrounding Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s private email system may be that she was running, in concert with a private consulting firm tied closely to George Soros, an outsourced and parallel State Department answerable only to her and not President Obama, the Congress, or the American people.

Oct 09 14:04

Obama Advisors Recommend US Military Withdrawal From Syria

High-level security advisors to US President Barack Obama recommended that the US should withdraw its military forces from Syria and abandon plans of Assad’s resignation, DWN wrote.

Instead, high-ranking White House officials suggest that the US should undertake steps to improve the situation of the Syrian population and stop the refugee flow, the newspaper reported.

Advisors argue that the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not enforceable anymore. Therefore, the Americans should pull back their military forces and contribute to the restoration of destroyed cities and the supply of the population instead. According to US officials, these steps would help to stop the massive waves of refugees from the region.

Oct 09 14:04

Saudi Arabia just replenished Syrian rebels with one of the most effective weapons against the Assad regime

The FSA is currently being squeezed from all directions by the Syrian military, Russian airstrikes, and competition from jihadist fighters including ISIS.

The delivery of the TOW missiles — which have also been provided by the CIA — will increase the capabilities of the FSA against Syrian armor and it would enable them to more effectively battle against Assad's recent military advances.

"Five hundred TOWs is not an inconsequential number," Jeffrey White, a defense fellow at The Washington Institute, told Business Insider.

Oct 09 13:37

Killing Fields: Are Israeli Forces Preparing For Another Genocidal Massacre of Palestinians?

Last night in Jerusalem, new clashes saw more wounded Israelis and a Palestinian shot dead, as tensions continue to rise in Israel and its Occupied Territories.

Not surprisingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is blaming this fall’s wave of violence on the native Arabs and foreign countries who support them. He blamed recent violence on the Palestinian Authority that (sort of) controls the West Bank, and of course he blames Hamas in Gaza, claiming that their “incitement and libels and lies” have set off unrest.

“All of us, we’re in the midst of a wave of terrorism… terrorists that are incited, filled with hatred and trying to hurt people,” said Netanyahu.

Many now believe that the IDF are preparing to mount one of their biggest killing sprees since last year’s genocidal cull in Gaza. The moralists and human rights community in Washington DC seem all too willing to see history repeat itself, again.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Netanyahu wants the violence to escalate as an "excuse" for the next serial genocide against Palestinians, and is using the IDF as his collective "picador" to make this happen.

Oct 09 13:28

14 Years In, NATO Talks Further Extension of Afghan War

14 years into their occupation of Afghanistan, NATO officials are once again talking about an extension of the conflict, with several officials echoing recent Pentagon calls for “flexibility” on the plan to withdraw most of the troops in the country sometime after 2016.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said he believed a number of other NATO DMs were open to an even more open-ended deployment, and German DM Ursula von der Leyen talked up the idea of formal discussions on keeping NATO forces in Afghanistan longer.

It was only a few years ago that soaring antiwar sentiment across Europe had many countries looking to set a firm deadline on the war, but it seems that setting the deadline calmed the public enough that many believe they can now simply push the bar back and no one will really notice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Of course, this only makes sense if there are "limited forces" to protect the growth and shipment of the opium crop, which has (magically) risen like crazy under the US/NATO occupation.

Oct 09 13:24

US Defense Secretary Predicts Terror Attacks on Russia

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, in comments mocking Russia’s “unprofessional” military for the way it is conducting airstrikes against ISIS, predicted that Russia would face “reprisal” terror attacks on Russian soil because of their military action.

Earlier this week a group of Saudi clerics issued a joint statement urging jihad against Russia for its support for the Assad government, and increasingly the narrative around the Gulf states is that Russia is taking sides with the Shi’ites against the Sunnis in general because of their Syria policy.

A top Qatari official was also quoted warning that Russia had “created a Frankenstein in the region” by backing the Assad government, warning there are 1.5 billion Muslims, and that the new call to jihad means “everyone will go to fight.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder; is Ash Carter predicting attacks on Russia... or threatening to make them happen?!?

Oct 09 13:15

A Return to the Draft would be Deeply Unpopular, Which is Why It Should be Done

. . . . a return to the draft would be deeply unpopular, it would consequently be an important step in lending greater sanity to our more hawkish impulses.

Oct 09 13:15

Beijing Slams Washington's Plans for 'Incursion' Into South China Sea

China said on Friday it would not tolerate violations of its territorial waters as the United States considers sailing warships close to Beijing's man-made islands in the disputed South China Sea.

A Pentagon official said the United States was considering sending ships within the next two weeks to waters inside the 12-nautical-mile zones that China claims as territory around islands it has built in the Spratly chain, Reuters reported.

Xi Jinping, President of China waits to address the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly September 28, 2015 in New York
US Media Wonders Why China 'So Ambiguous About Syria'
China claims most of the South China Sea, though Washington has signaled it does not recognize Beijing's territorial claims and that the US Navy will continue to operate wherever international law allows.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China had long made clear its position on the South China Sea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This would be madness of the highest order, if in fact the Pentagon is actually going to test China in this area, and may well result in World War III.

Oct 09 13:03


The technology industry is growing at a faster rate. Almost all aspects of our lives are gradually depending on it. But as we continue to digitize our lives with the latest technological gadgets, we should bear in mind that it comes at a cost that is likely to derail the progress we have made as a society if we fail to regulate the activities of the tech industry.

Whereas the big players in the industry such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, Cisco among others are busy accumulating huge profit, our atmosphere, our water, indigenous populations, and in the long run, our economy are all in danger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporations have no conscience whatsoever; they have the morals of a trout, and creating these kinds of work environments will work for a little while, and then what?!?

The late President Kennedy said it best: "When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable."

There will be a tipping point, when the exploited children in places like Africa and China will rise up, and stop their exploitation with extreme prejudice.

Oct 09 13:00

Selective Service Reignites Registration Campaign

About a week ago, Selective Service pamphlets began showing up again in U.S. Post Offices across the country. With conflicts on the rise across the globe, the U.S. program has once again shifted into high gear to register all eligible U.S. males, legal and illegal, between the ages of 18-25 in the event a U.S. military draft becomes necessary.

Failing to register or comply with the Military Selective Service Act is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 or a prison term of up to five years, or a combination of both. Also, a person who knowingly counsels, aids, or abets another to fail to comply with the Act is subject to the same penalties.

Oct 09 12:57


According to an Arizona Dept. of Child Safety document churches are working with social workers to spy on families and they're also using "Child Safety and Risk Assessments".

According to a Tuscon.com article church leaders are openly encouraged to collaborate with the government. The article goes on to explain how religious organizations will spy on families and help the gov't decide whether they should remove a child from their family!

"Called The Care Portal, the online tool allows DCS caseworkers who know of a specific need of a child or family to submit that request via email to nearby churches enrolled in the system."

“This is a way churches can partner directly, and that’s a huge game changer for communities,” said J. Michael Davis, the social services domain director of 4Tucson, an organization that promotes partnership in the Christian community. “We could take it anywhere. One church doesn’t have ownership. We are collaborating.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Pastors becoming "agents of the state" against families?!?

The pastors I know would want to figure out how to fix the dysfunctional family dynamic before a kid was hauled away to CPS, most probably never to be seen by their birth families again.

Oct 09 12:53


According to an Arizona Dept. of Child Safety document churches are working with social workers to spy on families and they're also using "Child Safety and Risk Assessments".

According to a Tuscon.com article church leaders are openly encouraged to collaborate with the government. The article goes on to explain how religious organizations will spy on families and help the gov't decide whether they should remove a child from their family!

"Called The Care Portal, the online tool allows DCS caseworkers who know of a specific need of a child or family to submit that request via email to nearby churches enrolled in the system."

“This is a way churches can partner directly, and that’s a huge game changer for communities,” said J. Michael Davis, the social services domain director of 4Tucson, an organization that promotes partnership in the Christian community. “We could take it anywhere. One church doesn’t have ownership. We are collaborating.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Pastors becoming "agents of the state" against families?!?

The pastors I know would want to figure out how to fix the dysfunctional family dynamic before a kid was hauled away to CPS, most probably never to be seen by their birth families again.

Oct 09 12:48

The Use and Abuse of Culture (and Children): The Human Terrain System’s Rationalization of Pedophilia in Afghanistan

“The Americans running the base had decided it was wrong. They worried about elder men preying sexually on young boys. They wanted to arrest the Afghan men–but the Human Terrain team persuaded the base commanders that this was an accepted part of Afghan sexual culture. I wonder how long it will be before the anthropologists start telling the military that what they think of as ’corruption’ is in reality a deeply rooted system of tribal patronage in Afghanistan that they should accept.” (Curtis 2010)

Oct 09 12:47

Carson declares war on the press

Oct 09 12:37


And this isn’t the first time Monsanto has experienced a serious slump in sales. Back in February of this year, I told you about the ‘beginning of the serious decline’ for both Monsanto and McDonald’s. It’s a notion that would be considered absolutely absurd not too long ago, really. McDonald’s and Monsanto were the two ‘juggernauts’ that everyone loved to hate, but felt powerless against.

They were ‘too big to fail,’ we thought. And perhaps the corporate executives thought so, too. The truth is, however, that both of these companies had decades to actually improve their practices and regain public opinion. Why didn’t McDonald’s stop using cheap fillers and toxic compounds in favor of something that’s at least somewhat higher quality? Monsanto could have actually done something about the numerous reports by mainstream media organizations that detailed Indian farmer suicides as a result of the company’s terrible farming contracts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While I am sorry for those who have lost or will lose their jobs, I am not sorry at all for the corporation Monsanto has come to be.

My great hope is, that if they do not change their business and scientific practices, that they will be sued out of existence.

Oct 09 12:33

Rally in Roseburg: Patriots Plan to Tell Obama He’s Not Welcome

A large band of Oregon Brothers standing shoulder to should low ready armed with any and all types of firearms standing off Barry and telling him loudly to fuck off and stay in Washington is a BIG AMERICAN VOICE we would all love to see on TV.

If they were to accomplish that with large enough numbers it would be the hit of the fucking century. That grand slam would be aired all over the world and never forgotten.

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While I agree with the people of Roseberg protesting Obama's waving of bloody shirts, this call to arms reeks of a COINTELPRO staged set-up to make gun-owners look really bad.

Oct 09 12:30


?The warnings are getting louder. Is anybody listening?
For months, I have been documenting on my website how the global financial system is absolutely primed for a crisis, and now some of the most important financial institutions in the entire world are warning about the exact same thing. For example, this week I was stunned to see that the Telegraph had published an article with the following ominous headline: “$3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms as debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF“. And actually what we are heading for would more accurately be described as a “credit freeze” or a “credit panic”, but a “credit crunch” will definitely work for now. The IMF is warning that the “dangerous over-leveraging” that we have been witnessing “threatens to unleash a wave of defaults” all across the globe…

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As always, please don't panic; plan.

Have storable food, water purification capabilities, extra medicines for yourselves and your pets, and a way to cook food that doesn't require electricity.

Have no more money in your checking account than you actually need to pay your bills; in a pinch, there may be a "haircut" of both checking and savings accounts, as has happened in Cyprus and Greece.

Make sure you pick up small amounts of gold and/or silver consistently; if the dollar tanks, there will need to be something solid you can trade for necessities.

Find out what skills you have to barter with like-minded neighbors in a win/win environment.

And THIS is the time that President Obama is beseeching the Congress to raise the ceiling on the National Debt?!?

Why in the world is this country in debt in the first place, when it can, Constitutionally, create money as a public utility, not a debt at interest when it is first circulated?

Something is really, fundamentally wrong here, both in terms of corporate leveraging and US governmental debt.

Oct 09 12:25


U.S. and Afghan officials have tried to justify the recent U.S./NATO bombing of a Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) hospital in Afghanistan (which killed 22 people) by claiming that it was housing Taliban fighters. Glenn Greenwald recently wrote of the “…long-standing tension between the Afghan military and this specific MSF hospital, grounded in the fact that the MSF – true to its name – treats all wounded human beings without first determining on which side they fight.”

Oct 09 12:20

Clinton Email Naming Top CIA Source Called ‘Unauthorized Disclosure Of Sensitive Information’

The revelation that Hillary Clinton forwarded an email containing the name of one of the CIA’s top Libyan intelligence assets has triggered a scathing response from two former CIA officials.

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Oct 09 12:17

Trey Gowdy: Clinton Emails Name CIA Source, Push Action in Libya

Hillary Clinton's confidant Sidney Blumenthal names a CIA source and pushes action in Libya, partly to promote business interests, Trey Gowdy says in a letter about new emails his committee plans to release.

The House Benghazi Select Committee plans to release the emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to her testimony later this month.

Oct 09 12:15

Newly disclosed emails mean more trouble for Hillary

Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has told Elijah Cummings, his Democratic counterpart on the committee, that he will soon release 1,500 pages of new Hillary Clinton emails concerning Libya that the State Department recently turned over. A “small number” of them pertain to the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. compound, Gowdy said.

In his letter to Cummings, Gowdy also revealed that many of the emails in question involve Sid Blumenthal.

Oct 09 12:13

Gowdy says new emails show Clinton confidant naming CIA source, pushing Libya interests

Longtime Hillary Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal allegedly sent her an email with the name of a CIA source, further casting doubt on her claim she never sent or received classified information on her private email address, according to the Republican chairman of the committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

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This is nonsense. The job of Secretary of State involves a great deal of classified information. If Hillary was not using her official government email, and insists there was no classified emails on her private server, then what server DID she use for the classified information and why hasn't it been surrendered to the Benghazi investigation?

Oct 09 12:08

BEX ALERT - Judge says Hillary Clinton’s server is private

A federal judge ordered the State Department Wednesday to request former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton not delete any government business emails she may still have, but said he doubts he can force her to do anything.

Judge Reggie B. Walton said since Mrs. Clinton used her own BlackBerry and computer devices, and kept her email server at her home, he doesn’t have authority over the records she created on those.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wrong, your dishonor; the emails in question were not created by Hillary but by US Government agencies, and hence are the property of the public. In point of fact the judge does have the authority to order Hillary to turn them all over, just as judges have been ordering ordinary Americans to turn over their PRIVATE data from their phones and tablets. The hypocrisy on this is stunning, to say the least, and further reinforces the public perception of yet another high-level government cover-up!

Oct 09 11:59

Sanders Denounces TPP, Vows to Stop It from Passing in Senate

Heading back out on the campaign trail this weekend with a stop in Tucson, Arizona and Boulder, Colorado, Bernie Sanders recently spoke out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement reached between the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations, calling it a “disastrous” trade deal.

Oct 09 11:49

Obama’s calling Yanukovich 'a stooge of Mr. Putin' is inappropriate — Kremlin

The Kremlin sees as inappropriate words of US President Barack Obama, who called former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich "a corrupt stooge of Mr. Putin". "Calling ‘a stooge’ the former president, ousted from power by force as a result of an armed state coup, organized and sponsored from outside, is hardly appropriate," Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.
In an interview with CBS, President Obama said: "When I came into office Ukraine was governed by a corrupt ruler who was a stooge of Mr. Putin".

Oct 09 11:47

Pakistan ready to arrange talks of Afghan authorities, Taliban — Foreign Ministry

"Pakistan is ready to once again act as a mediator in arranging the talks between the Afghan authorities and the Taliban provided that both sides show interest in this dialogue," local mass media quote the spokesman as saying. Khalilullah’s remarks came amid the recent events in neighboring Afghanistan, where the Taliban movement captured and controlled for several days the city of Kunduz, the administrative center of the province of the same name.

Oct 09 11:46

Inhumane blockade in Donbas persists — Russia’s OSCE ambassador

"We believe that progress in the humanitarian and economic areas should give an additional impetus to the peace process," the Russian diplomat said. "Some progress has been made in prisoner exchanges, the delivery of international humanitarian aid has become possible. Over the past week, dozens of trucks were able to deliver assistance to those in need." "However, the inhumane blockade of Donbas persists," Lukashevich noted. "Local residents have no access to pure drinking water, which is a gross violation of international humanitarian law. Restrictions on the citizens’ freedom of movement remain in force."

Oct 09 11:45

EU does not consider more sanctions against Russia — source

The European Union at the moment is not discussing the possibility of taking more sanctions against Russia over the situations in Ukraine or Syria, a European diplomatic source said. "The question of more sanctions is not on the agenda. The situation in Ukraine shows signs of progress and Russia’s actions in Syria require further analysis," the diplomat said. The source recalled that the question of prolonging economic sectoral sanctions against Russia would be discussed at the end of January 2016, when the current set of restrictions expires. According to the EU summit’s resolution adopted last June the sanctions will be lifted after full compliance with the Minsk Accords, the diplomat said.

Oct 09 11:43

Moldovan opposition threatens authorities with Ukrainian-style Maidan

"On October 15 we shall organise a mass protest and will circle the parliament," he said. "We shall not allow anyone out until our demands are met." On that day, the parliament has scheduled its first plenary session of the autumn-winter session. The parliament’s Chairman Andrian Kandu refused to include in the agenda the opposition’s demand regarding resignation of top officials at supervising authorities. The Socialists, the biggest faction of 25 deputies in the 101-seat parliament, say the chairman had exceeded his authority. "Tomorrow we shall block several streets in Chisinau," he said. "The protest will last for about 30 minutes, so we ask the locals to take it with understanding," leader of the Socialists Igor Dodon said. He refused to name the exact locations of the blocking, "so that the police could not fail the plans."

Oct 09 11:41

Prosecutor Justifies Charges Against Man for "Criminal Defamation of Jews" in Montana

The case of David Joseph Lenio has received some attention but the prosecutor's arguments deserve a closer look - particularly since Lenio faces up to ten years in prison on the 'criminal defemation of jews' charge alone. As we reported last month, Lenio has been let out on bail and the awaits trial. In the 'State's response to the defendants motion to dismiss,' Montana prosecutor Stacy Bowman argues that the statute is constitutional, and that the MO legislature previously ammended their "criminal defamation" statute because it had been found to be "unconstitutionally overbroad." It's no longer overbroad, prosecutors say, because it now 'provides truth as a complete defense to criminal defamation.'

Oct 09 11:28

Switching Sides in the ‘War on Terrorism’

We have just observed the 14th anniversary of “Operation Enduring Freedom,” otherwise known as the war in Afghanistan.

Oct 09 11:08

One Bank to Rule Them All: The Bank for International Settlements

By Devon Douglas-Bowers

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an organization that is shrouded in mystery, mainly due to the fact that the majority of people don’t even know of its existence.

According to the BIS itself, the main purpose of the Bank is to “to promote the cooperation of central banks and to provide additional facilities for international financial operations” and “act as trustee or agent in regard to international financial settlements entrusted to it under agreements of the parties concern.” This means that the BIS is to have the central banks work with one another to facilitate international operations and to oversee any international financial settlements...

Oct 09 11:07

Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses... National Cancer Institute's shocking admission affects millions of patients

With $100 billion a year now being spent on toxic chemotherapy treatments that damage patients and cause "chemo brain" side effects, a panel of cancer experts commissioned by the National Cancer Institute publicly admitted two years ago that tens of millions of "cancer cases" aren't cancer at all.

Tens of millions of people who have been diagnosed with "cancer" by crooked oncologists -- and scared into medically unjustified but extremely profitable chemotherapy treatments -- never had any sort of life-threatening condition to begin with, scientists have confirmed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We know have a good reason for the skyrocketing cancer rates in the US. The @#$%ing doctors were just making it all up!

Oct 09 11:04

1 dead, freshman arrested in N. Arizona University shooting

A male freshman at Northern Arizona University opened fire on a group of fellow students at the Flagstaff campus early Friday during a confrontation in a dormitory parking lot, killing one student and injuring three more, the campus police chief said.

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Oct 09 11:02

The Mystery of ISIS’ Toyota Army Solved

By Tony Cartalucci

The US Treasury has recently opened an inquiry about the so-called “Islamic State’s” (ISIS/ISIL) use of large numbers of brand-new Toyota trucks. The issue has arisen in the wake of Russia’s air operations over Syria and growing global suspicion that the US itself has played a key role in arming, funding, and intentionally perpetuating the terrorist army across Syria and Iraq.

Not surprisingly, it appears the US Treasury is asking the wrong party. Instead of Toyota, the US Treasury’s inquiry should have started next door at the US State Department...

Oct 09 10:41

Mother Jones Wins Against Billionaire Who Tried To Shut Them Up

TODAY WE ARE happy to announce a monumental legal victory for Mother Jones: A judge in Idaho has ruled in our favor on all claims in a defamation case filed by a major Republican donor, Frank VanderSloot, and his company, Melaleuca Inc. In a decision issued Tuesday, the court found that Mother Jones did not defame VanderSloot or Melaleuca because "all of the statements at issue are non-actionable truth or substantial truth." The court also found that the statements were protected as fair comment under the First Amendment.

Oct 09 10:34

Coca-Cola ‘trying to manipulate public’ on sugar-obesity link

Coca-Cola has spent millions of pounds funding research institutes and scientists who cast doubt on the link between sugary drinks and obesity.

Oct 09 10:26

Report: 200,000 British households to fall below poverty line by 2020

A new report suggests that up to 200,000 households with working members in Britain will push into poverty by the government's latest welfare reforms.

The Resolution Foundation, a British think tank, published the report just a day after Prime Minister pledged an "all-out assault on poverty" and urged the government to protect the most vulnerable and lowest-paid workers.

Oct 09 10:19

Watchdog Says Report of 10,000 Toddlers on ADHD Drugs Tip of the Iceberg—274,000 0-1 Year Olds and 370,000 Toddlers Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs

Mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights says a new report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the 10,000 toddlers being prescribed ADHD drugs, is only the tip of the iceberg regarding children being prescribed psychiatric drugs in the U.S. According to IMS health, more than 274,000 0-1 year olds are being prescribed psychiatric drugs and a staggering 370,000 toddlers.

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Oct 09 10:18

Multiple employees injured in Washington state dam explosion - reports

Multiple employees were injured in an explosion at the Priest Rapids Dam along the Columbia River in Washington, according to the Grant Public Utility District, the dam’s operators.

Grant County Sheriff's Office officials said there had been an explosion of electronic equipment, and at least six employees had been injured, according to KREM 2.

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"Russia did it! Russia bombed our damned dam!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 09 10:16

UK: A couple in their mid-20s whose baby was adopted after they were wrongfully accused of abuse have been told that they unlikely to have the child returned

A couple in their mid-20s whose baby was adopted after they were wrongfully accused of abuse have been told that they unlikely to have the child returned.
Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter, both aged 25, live in Guildford, Surrey. In 2012, they noticed bleeding in their baby’s mouth after feeding the infant, and went to the local A&E. Doctors found minor bruising and crucially, what appeared to bone fractures in the process of healing when the baby was X-rayed. The couple were arrested and charged with child cruelty.

Oct 09 10:16

FBI chief: 'unacceptable' that Guardian has better data on police violence - "You can get online and figure out how many tickets were sold to The Martian ... the CDC can do the same with the flu. It’s ridiculous – embarrassing and ridiculous

“It is unacceptable that the Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper from the UK are becoming the lead source of information about violent encounters between [US] police and civilians. That is not good for anybody,” said James Comey, the FBI director, on Wednesday.

Oct 09 10:13

Purdue deletes video of author’s academic talk on NSA after federal order

“Universities are not secret agencies,” Barton Gellman bluntly stated in a blog post after a video of his presentation on the National Security Agency at Purdue University was ordered destroyed by US national security authorities.

Oct 09 10:10

The World Map of Debt

Oct 09 10:10

FLASHBACK: By mistake? US-led jets bomb grain silos in Syria, 'civilians killed'

Here is an example of USAF targeting strategy. No bread! No ISIS! No problem! Wrongo boys!

US-led coalition airstrikes destroyed grain silos and other targets in parts of northern and eastern Syria dominated by Islamic State, killing civilians while only wounding ISIS fighters, according to an organization monitoring war in Syria.

Oct 09 10:08

WikiLeaks Publication of Complete, Final TPP Intellectual Property Text Confirms Pact Would Raise Costs, Put Medicines Out of Reach

WikiLeaks’ publication today of the final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Intellectual Property chapter text verifies that the pact would harm public health by blocking patient access to lifesaving medicines, Public Citizen said today. The latest leak of a secret TPP text reveals how the TPP would roll back the “May 10 Agreement” reforms brokered in 2007 between Democratic congressional leaders and the George W. Bush administration. It also reveals the contentious “death sentence” clause on biologics, or biotech drugs, which roiled TPP talks in Maui and Atlanta.

Oct 09 10:02

Hacker uses Ashley Madison files to seek revenge on prosecutors

A hacker who spent time in prison -- some say unfairly -- is threatening to exact revenge by exposing federal prosecutors around the country who he claims had accounts on the dating site Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people who want to cheat, was recently hacked. Anyone smart enough to find the files could search through its users. Some people signed up using their government email accounts. Some of those included police chiefs, government bureaucrats -- and federal prosecutors.

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Finally, a hacker doing something GOOD! :)

Oct 09 10:02

Nobel Peace Prize for Peace

Alfred Nobel's will, written in 1895, left funding for a prize to be awarded to "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

Most winners in recent years have either been people who did nice things that had nothing whatsoever to do with the relevant work (Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai for promoting education, Liu Xiaobo for protesting in China, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. for opposing climate change, Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank for economic development, etc.) or people who actually engaged in militarism and would have opposed the abolition or reduction of standing armies if asked, and one of whom said so in his acceptance speech (the European Union, Barack Obama, etc.).

Oct 09 10:00

Hollywood Actress Stacey Dash Just Exploded With One BRUTAL Message To Planned Parenthood

“Your bottom line is not worth the blood on your hands!”

Actress Stacey Dash is taking Planned Parenthood to task for targeting black women for abortions.

Webmaster addition:

Oct 09 09:59


It happened today, only five minutes from my house. Watch closely as the impostor (IDF) demonstrators (dressed as Palestinians) instigate violence to lure real Palestinians to clash, then capture them. If you watch even more closely, the “most moral army in the world” actually shoots point-blank the person they are trying to arresting in the leg while soldiers take turns punching and kicking him. Israel is begging for widespread violence, it is the only game book they have.

Oct 09 09:59

More than 1,000 clash with Israeli forces in Shuafat refugee camp as Netanyahu promises to crack down

At dusk Thursday evening nearly 200 right-wing Israelis took to the streets of Jerusalem, chanting racist anti-Arab epitaphs and nationalist songs. The march came at the end of day that saw Israeli forces kill two Palestinians and Palestinian attackers wound nine Israelis, including two soldiers, in four separate attacks, the highest number of serious injuries inflicted on Israelis in recent weeks. At the time of publication the right-wing group was marching from West Jerusalem into Palestinian East Jerusalem.

Oct 09 09:53

Ron Paul on Fox Business: ‘No Reason in the World for Us To Be Involved in Syria’

Ron Paul on Fox Business: ‘No Reason in the World for Us To Be Involved in Syria’

Oct 09 09:51

Almost 70 patients tested for HIV and hepatitis after nurse is caught REUSING a syringe while giving flu shots at New Jersey offices

Dozens of co-workers are being screened for HIV and hepatitis after a nurse was found reusing a syringe to administer flu shots.

Employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical, who received the vaccination at their offices in Princeton, New Jersey on September 30, have been warned they may have been exposed to 'infected blood.'

Almost 70 patients have now been called in for testing but face a long, anxious wait as it can be months before serious infections such as HIV show up in blood work.

Oct 09 09:49

Russian MI 24 Hind Helicopters from Syrian army In Action Over Syria

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia continues to humiliate the United States. During a year of US bombing in both Syria and Iraq, ISIS remained untouched and continued to grow. Less than two weeks after the Russians arrive, ISIS in Syria is in tatters and it looks like Iraq will be next.

So, the first question that comes to mind is, if the US wasn't actually bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq ... just what were those bombs actually aimed at?

Now, if you are my age, you will remember the phrase "suspected truck park" from the war in Vietnam. Air missions were dispatched daily to coordinates on a map, bombs were dropped, and it always turned out that all that was destroyed was empty jungle, because the real agenda was using up military supplies in order to justify more military spending to enrich the military-industrial complex. Looks like the same old trick is being replayed today!