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"After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military." -- American novelist William S. Burroughs.


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December 2, 2015

Dec 02 08:35

Judge upholds abuse charges against Hibbing priest

A judge has denied a motion to dismiss the felony charges against a Hibbing priest accused of sexually abusing underage girls, setting the stage for the case to go to trial.

In an order filed Monday, 6th Judicial District Judge David Ackerson concluded that a jury should decide whether or not Brian Michael Lederer is guilty of seven sexual assault and child pornography charges.

Dec 02 08:34

Mission creep will lead to British boots on the ground, Corbyn warns but he faces criticism from Labour MPs for his 'pacifism'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today warned launching airstrikes against ISIS in Syria will lead to 'mission creep' and British boots on the ground.

Setting out the case against military action, he insisted his opposition was not 'pacifism' but "hard-headed common sense" against a rush to war.

But in a faltering performance Mr Corbyn came under fire from Labour MPs on his own side, furious at abuse from his own anti-war supporters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am waiting to see Corbyn's critics enlist in the military, if they think war with Syria is such a good thing!

Dec 02 08:33

Less than half of voters back Syria airstrikes in shock poll as doubts mount over Cameron's case for war

A YouGov poll for The Times carried out days after the November 13 atrocity in the French capital showed 59 per cent of the public approved of the RAF taking part in airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

But a new survey reveals that only 48 per cent are now in favour, while the proportion against has increased by 11 points to 31 per cent.

Men are more likely to be in favour - 58 per cent to 26 per cent against - while women are more evenly split on 39 to 36 per cent.

The proportion who believe that airstrikes are 'not effective' in the battle to defeat ISIS has also risen from 37 a week ago to 42 per cent now.

It shows that 42 per cent of Labour voters are against bombing, up 16 points in just a week.

Dec 02 08:33

Greek Defense Ministry confirms Russian Su-24M bomber was downed in Syrian airspace

The Russian Sukhoi Su-24M bomber was brought down by the Turkish Air Force in Syrian airspace, Greek Minister of National Defense Panos Kammenos said in an interview to the Mega TV channel on Wednesday, TASS reported.

"The attack (on Su-24M) took place in Syrian airspace. This is beyond doubt," he said. "The Turkish side knows that, otherwise Ankara would ask to invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter, requesting the Alliance’s help."

"This is undoubtedly a military action in the territory of another state," Kammenos said. "But even more important point is the murder of the pilot, who was shot dead by members of the Turkish extremist group Grey Wolves."

Asked which side Greece should take, as a NATO member, the minister said - "the truth".

Dec 02 08:32

Flashback: Just 45 minutes from attack

The Iraqi leader has 20 missiles which could reach British military bases in Cyprus, as well as Israel and Nato members Greece and Turkey.

He has also been seeking to buy uranium from Africa for use in nuclear weapons. Those are the key charges in a 14-point "dossier of death" finally published by the Government today.

In an introduction, Mr Blair says that the evidence leaves Britain and the international community no choice but to act.

Dec 02 08:22

Putin Says He'll Prove Erdogan's Trafficking ISIS Oil; Erdogan Claims Will Resign If True

“There is no terrorist organization which can stand alone, without a neighboring country helping it – in this case Turkey.”

Dec 02 08:22

Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile

Russia carried out the first successful flight test of a new anti-satellite missile this month, marking a new phase in the global militarization of space.

The flight test of Russia’s direct ascent anti-satellite missile, known as Nudol, took place Nov. 18, according to defense officials familiar with reports of the test.

Dec 02 08:21

The "Climate Change" Issue Really Bugs Me

Not surprisingly, many are making the argument that the weather changes necessitates more military to combat it! Never is it considered that the biggest user of fossil fuels on the planet is the Pentagon! The argument is quite a stretch, yet I fear that many people will fall for it.

The whole climate change issue bugs me because it's so distorted. If you look at geologic history, even before there were significant numbers of humans on Earth, the variations in temperatures were much greater. There were ice ages, and periods of warming, etc. If anything, the radical changes in climate have been smoothed out!

Dec 02 08:21

The Phony War on ISIS

The downing of a Russian warplane by the Turks raises several questions, which can all be rolled into one big one: In the war against ISIS, which side is Turkey – and NATO – on, anyway?

Dec 02 08:20

Moscow to deploy latest command plane for disasters, nuclear war

Russia announced on Tuesday that by the end of this month it will deploy the latest version of its giant command and control aircraft designated for use during nuclear war or national disasters. The flying command center will be able to coordinate the worldwide operations of its ground, naval, air and missile forces, including nuclear weapons, as well as the country's satellites.

Dec 02 08:14

Jeremy Corbyn: David Cameron has demeaned his office with "terrorist sympathiser" remarks

Jeremy Corbyn called on the Prime Minister to apologise for remarks attributed to him.

"To brand those who plan to vote against the Government as 'terrorist sympathisers' both demeans the office of the Prime Minister and I believe undermines the seriousness of deliberations we are having today," he said.

"If the Prime Minister now wants to apologise for those remarks I'd be happy to give way to him to do so."

Mr Corbyn then paused but Mr Cameron did not rise to speak.

Dec 02 08:13

Alex Salmond condemns Prime Minister’s ‘terrorist sympathisers’ comment as sign of ‘desperation’

Speaking to BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme, Mr Salmond said: "I think the Prime Minister's language is an indication of desperation, because he sees that the support he thought he had is starting to slip away as his case for extending air strikes into Syria starts to disintegrate on examination."

He said he believed the Prime Minister would secure a much slimmer majority than the 176 predicted in The Daily Telegraph.

"Some of the Prime Minister's claims start to disintegrate like dust, like the claim for example that there are 70,000 available ground troops who are going to step into the vacuum which will be released if Daesh is forced to concede ground in Syria," the former first minister said.

"It is just not true, it is not credible. As these claims start to disintegrate, the support for this action starts to ebb away."

Dec 02 08:03

Beware The Media Industrial Complex

By Chris Veritas

In conversations with various people, I have often brought up the fact that the Media seems to have no memory of the past, is entirely uniform when it comes to urging war, and patently ignores a plethora of glaring issues. The issues it does catch sight of, it seems incapable of penetrating, remaining at the surface of things, and therefore keeping discourse at the most superficial level. When questioned about these tendencies of Media, the responses I’ve received range from “well, that’s just the way they maintain ratings”, to “but my paper or network has the better ideology”. Americans appear satisfied to accept what occurs to them as given, and like Pangloss to reply, indeed, this is “the best of all possible worlds”.

I beg to differ.

Here are a few troubling questions that I feel greatly undermine the idea that Mainstream Media is credible...

Dec 02 07:56

NYT’s Rudoren says Mondoweiss critique of her recent article is ‘nuts’

Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times has responded directly to our sharp critique of her recent article about wine-making in Israel/Palestine. In an interview today with HuffPostLive, she called our post “nuts,” and dismissed our point about the Jewish National Fund, which is the major funder of the effort to recreate ancient wine. “They said that I didn’t talk about the JNF, the Jewish National Fund, that was responsible for the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians,” she said. “Well, I didn’t. That’s background that’s not really relevant to the story ...

Dec 02 07:55

SNP MPs will vote against Syria air strikes, says Nicola Sturgeon

SNP MPs will vote against air strikes in Syria after the First Minister warned that bombing could inadvertently end up “helping rather than hindering” Islamic State.

Speaking to press at Bute House, Nicola Sturgeon said that without “a clear ground strategy” it would be difficult to coordinate air strikes, raising the likelihood of causing civilian deaths.

The First Minister said that without effective ground forces, questions remain over what would happen to territory vacated by IS, also known as Daesh.

Dec 02 07:53

French Reporters Taken Aback At Obama’s Stupidity: “He is an Ass*ole! An Ass*ole!”

These days it seems some among the Climate Summit’s host-nation French media were just as furious by Barack Obama’s obviously badly informed commentary relating to how mass shootings only take place in the United States – and stated those words while standing on a stage in Paris less than two weeks after that city saw hundreds of its residents gunned down and blown up by Muslim terrorists in a mass shooting attack.

Dec 02 07:52

Epic fail: French media denounce Poroshenko's speech as self-serving and "terrible taste"

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko’s speech at the climate conference in Paris, where he stated that “the terrorism with which France has collided is what Ukraine has struggled with daily for the last 21 months,” has provoked an explosion of indignation in French society.

Dec 02 07:52

Angela Merkel’s Audacious Last Gasps at Power Play

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a real mess on her hands. With the world meeting in Paris to discuss climactic remedies, the climate in Berlin is less than enthusiastic for Europe’s most influential politician.

Dec 02 07:51

Russia is Right: Turkey Acts Against Common Interests in Fight Against ISIL

Writing for the Guardian, former head of Israel’s National Security Council Giora Eiland relates his own past experiences in dealing with both the Turks and the Russians, and argues that Moscow has had the right anti-terror strategy all along.

Dec 02 07:51

Divided Over Turkey, European Media Changes Its Line on Russia

Europeans can take pleasure in a rare phenomenon: diametrically opposed narratives on major international issues being laid out before them by the media

Dec 02 07:50

‘Black Lives Matter’ Supporter Who Threatened to Massacre 16 White Students Allowed Back on Campus

A ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporter who threatened to massacre 16 white students as part of a revenge attack for the shooting of Chicago teen Laquan McDonald has been allowed to return to campus by a federal judge.

Dec 02 07:50

DW: Bundeswehr mission in Syria up for debate in Bundestag

The German Bundestag is preparing to debate on Wednesday whether it will approve the cabinet's plans to take part in military intervention in Syria to combat the "Islamic State," according to Deutsche Welle.

Dec 02 07:45

The UAE, with a fighting force of about 65,000, says it will "participate in any international effort demanding a ground intervention"

The United Arab Emirates has said it is ready to commit ground troops against militants in Syria and described Russian air strikes in the country as attacks on a "common enemy".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem is trying to figure out who is actually fighting the terrorist and who is only pretending to fight the terrorists while actually trying to depose Assad!

Dec 02 07:44

How scary is the Russian S-400 SAM?

Simply stated, of all the surface-to-air threats being faced by coalition airpower over Syria, the Russian S-400 SAM, known as the “Triumf” at home and better known to NATO as the SA-21 “Growler,” is the most capable and lethal long-range air defense missile system on the planet.

Dec 02 07:44

Press release: BNP denounce Cameron as he makescase for second war on Syria

Today David Cameron is making his case for war. Cameron wants British Armed Forces to bomb Syria. We’ve been here before.

Two years ago, following the total breakdown of communications between the governments of Britain and Syria, the Syrian Government invited a BNP delegation to Damascus to reopen diplomatic talks between the two countries.

Dec 02 07:41

Saudi Arabia to execute 52 prisoners, including juveniles, en masse

The government of Saudi Arabia is preparing to execute some 52 prisoners at once, including several juveniles arrested at protests, according to reports.

Several Arabic media outlets have this week reported official sources as saying that 52 prisoners are set to be executed in the near future. The reports appear to suggest that among those executed will be six youths arrested at protests in the country’s Eastern Province – including juveniles Ali al Nimr, Dawoud al-Marhoon and Abdullah al-Zaher. All three were tortured into bogus ‘confessions’ that would be used to convict them.

Dec 02 07:41

Is YouTube in Cahoots With Israel to Censor Palestinian Videos?

Representatives from video sharing website YouTube and parent company Google have met with a high-ranking Israeli official to discuss ways in which “inflammatory material” can be censored on the web.

Tzipi Hotovely, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Jewish State, met with representatives of Youtube and Google last week to elaborate ways of enhancing cooperation in censoring content that’s “inciting violence and terrorism,” Middle East Monitor reported.

Dec 02 07:32

Tony Hayward, Genel Energy CEO: now he has his life back

Tony Hayward has had another turbulent summer. His company, Genel Energy, was forced to pull out staff from some of its oilfields in Iraqi Kurdistan last month as Islamic State militants advanced. Over two weeks, its share price fell 25 per cent.

Things are looking a bit better these days. A new, more inclusive Iraqi government was formed last week that it is hoped will pull the country together and defeat Isis. Genel’s evacuated workers have begun to return.

Dec 02 07:30

70,000 Moderate Fighters in Syria? It’s Another Cameron Photoshop

Not since Hitler ordered General Walther Wenck to send his non-existent 12th Army to rescue him from the Red Army in Berlin has a European leader believed in military fantasies as PR Dave Cameron did last week. Telling the House of Commons about the 70,000 “moderate” fighters deployed in Syria was not just lying in the sense that Tony Blair lied – because Blair persuaded himself to believe in his own dishonesty – but something approaching burlesque. It was whimsy – ridiculous, comic, grotesque, ludicrous. It came close to a unique form of tragic pantomime.

Dec 02 07:29

Don't Bomb Syria: Action Page

Emergency DIE-IN and protest Wednesday 2 December | 6pm | Parliament Square London | as MPs debate and vote on bombing Syria
Thousands filled Paliament square on 1 December to say Don't Bomb Syria. We will be back again on Wednesday 2 December, as MPs debate going to war, before they vote at 10pm. We will hold a die-in against the plan to take the UK into its fourth pointless and bloody war in the last 14 years, in which we know that many civilians have already been killed in Syria as a result of western bombing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." -- Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to death

Dec 02 07:25

Broad coalition passes divestment call at San Jose State

Students at San Jose State University in California are demanding that their institution’s board of directors pull investments from companies that profit from violations of Palestinians’ rights.

Dec 02 07:22

German Air Force Will Not Inform Russia of Flight Plans in Syria

This person is a complete idiot! Germany can't even control its borders let alone take on the Bear! Insanity!

German Defense Minister said the country's Air Force will not inform Russia about the flight plans in Syria.

BERLIN (Sputnik) – Russia will not receive any flight plans or other information on Germany’s Air Force operating in Syria, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Tuesday.

Dec 02 07:13

Joint Chiefs Chairman Contradicts Obama: Islamic State ‘Not Contained’

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, said that the Islamic State terrorist organization is not contained, and has not been at anytime since 2010.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The White House never wanted to contain ISIS. It has been confirmed over and over again that the White House was supplying ISIS with weapons and using them as a proxy army to overthrow Assad in Syria and retake control of Iraq.

Dec 02 07:11

Head of French military intelligence on the real trouble with NATO

“The real difficulty with NATO is that the American intel is in preponderance there, while the French intel is more or less taken for granted, hence the importance for us to supply the NATO commanders with enough information of French origin.

NATO announced that the Russians were going to invade Ukraine, the while that according to our information at the DRM (Direction du Renseignement Militaire), there was nothing to support this hypothesis — we had in fact stated that the Russians had not deployed either command nor the logistics, that would permit envisaging a military invasion, notably field hospitals, and that the second-line units had been exhibiting no movement.

The outcome demonstrated that we got it right, since, if any Russian soldiers had been sighted in Ukraine, it would have been a matter of a pressuring maneouvre on Ukrainian president Poroshenko than of any prelude to an invasion."

Dec 02 07:10

Erdogan's family cooperates with terrorists

Some Turkish and Syrian publications accused the family of Turkish President Erdogan of supporting terrorists.

The son of the Turkish president, Bilal, owns an oil company that buys fuel from shadow markets, via illegal channels. His daughter, Syumiyya, reportedly owns a military hospital in the southeast of Turkey, where extremists receive medical treatment.

Dec 02 07:09

Syrian fault lines

In the wake of Turkey’s intentional downing of a Russian jet over Syrian airspace it appears the wrong lessons are being learned. Instead of greater cooperation to fight terrorism, we see the US doubling down on its failed policy. Events are spinning out of control as Syria turns into a battleground for military forces locked on a mutual collision course.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which is what the US Government actually wants. The US plan to return the world to dollar hegemony cannot work as long as Russia and China refuse to go along and offer global economic alternatives, so war with Russia and China is the inevitable outcome.

Dec 02 07:06

Turkish court calls for experts to establish whether Erdogan looks like… Gollum?

Turkish court has ordered experts to examine whether President Erdogan resembled the “Lord of the Rings” character of Gollum, after memes appeared comparing the two. Depending on their verdict, the author of the joke might face up to 2 years in jail.

Dec 02 07:02

Russian air strikes kill at least 30 in stepped up raids in northwest Syria

Air strikes believed to have been carried out by Russian jets killed at least 30 people in the town of Ariha in northwestern Syria on Sunday, rescue workers in the rebel-held area said, part of an escalation of Russian strikes near the Turkish border.

Dec 02 07:01

No US airstrikes in Syria since Russia deployed S-400 systems

Both the American and Turkish air forces halted their strikes on Syrian territory around the time Russia deployed S-400 air defense complexes at the Khmeimim airbase, from which it stages its own incursions against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Dec 02 06:57

Lebanese Official Claims To Breitbart: NATO ‘Okayed’ Turkey’s Downing Of Russian Jet

“The Turks cannot afford to shoot down a Russian plane, being a member of NATO, without asking the permission of NATO. They have to ask NATO. It’s NATO,” said Jumblatt, a member of parliament and leader of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party.

Jumblatt is considered the leader of Lebanon’s historic Druze community.

“I know that this jet was shot down by the Turks and directly [by] the Cold War between NATO and Russia,” Jumblatt added.

Asked to confirm whether he was accusing NATO of approving Turkey’s downing of the Russian jet, Jumblatt replied:

“I think so, because such a major action cannot be taken on a local level. A Turkish level. Because so many times the Turkish airspace was violated. Now this is something else. It’s a new dimension in international politics.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 02 06:56

US knew flight path of plane downed by Turkey: Putin

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia had given prior information to the United States of the flight path of the plane downed by Turkey on the Syrian border.

"The American side, which leads the coalition that Turkey belongs to, knew about the location and time of our planes' flights, and we were hit exactly there and at that time," Putin said at a joint press conference with French counterpart Francois Hollande in the Kremlin.

Dec 02 06:54

Global warming HOAX unravels... globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it

The global warming being pushed on us by global governments is a science fraud. The satellite data purported to show a warming "trend" over the last hundred years has been fraudulently altered to show a warming trend where none exists.

What the data really show are an obvious cooling trend over the last hundred years (see below). But because this cooling trend doesn't fit the globalist agenda of enslaving the population under a system of absolute behavioral control, the data had to be altered to fit the government narrative of global warming / climate change.

I used to casually believe the global warming narrative, but when I took a closer look at the data and motivations of those pushing the global warming agenda, it became obvious to me that global warming is a massive scientific hoax being perpetrated for political reasons.

Dec 02 03:16

“She Will Be A Great Partner”

Jeb Bush on his VP: “She Will Be A Great Partner”

(*Not Caitlyn ..? )

Dec 02 03:11

When Exactly Is Marco Rubio Supposed to Start Winning Primaries?

The one Republican presidential candidate who is on everybody's list of candidates thought to be viable is Florida senator Marco Rubio. The reasons are not hard to discern: He's young and reasonably eloquent (as evidenced by his debate performances so far). He has a fine personal "story" and ethnic identity that could theoretically mitigate the damage Republicans have been doing to themselves among Latino and Asian-American demographic groups. He appeals to different wings of the GOP for different but not conflicting reasons, as reflected in persistently solid approval ratios. He's from a key battleground state. And, best of all, he is rumored to strike fear in the hearts of Democrats.

Early in the Invisible Primary, Rubio was thought to be "blocked" by the money and Sunshine State street cred of Jeb Bush. Now Rubio is blocking Jeb

Dec 02 02:46

As the Middle Class Dies, Millennials Give Up: “The American Dream Is Not Really Alive”

Death of the American Dream: Young Americans see economic despair and dwindling opportunity ahead.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Dec 01 17:29

Obama's Climate Change Conference in Paris Is Costing Taxpayers Nearly $2 Million

Two million? That’s chump change compared to the $45 billion a year Obama’s climate change goals would cost to implement.

It has also been estimated that the president, his team of mighty bureaucrats, and the other dignitaries at the conference have burned 300,000 tons of CO2 while talking about how we shouldn’t burn so much CO2.

Dec 01 16:47

Nearly 1,000 Clinton emails had classified info

The State Department’s latest release of Hillary Clinton documents brings the total number of Clinton emails known to contain classified material to nearly 1,000.

The department on Monday released its largest batch of emails yet, posting 7,800 pages of the former secretary of state’s communications.

The latest batch contains 328 emails deemed to have classified information. According to the State Department, that brings the total number with classified information to 999.

Dec 01 16:46

Paris suicide bomber trained to shoot at French police gun club – report

One of the gunman involved in the attack on the Bataclan theater during the Paris terror assaults learned to shoot at a French police shooting club. It emerged that Samy Amimour, who had no criminal record at the time, enrolled in a course in 2011.

Dec 01 16:46

NATO says to continue to ‘augment’ Turkey air defenses

NATO says it is mulling the augmentation of Turkey's air defenses, amid a rift between Moscow and Ankara over the downing of a Russian plane by the Turkish military.

Dec 01 16:37

Bitcoin cloud miners a '$20m Ponzi scheme – there was no cloud at all'

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against two bitcoin mining businesses it says operated as illegal Ponzi schemes.

According to a complaint [PDF] the watchdog filed with the US District Court in Delaware, GAW Miners and Zenminer, both controlled by Josh Garza, stand accused of taking money intended for mining operations and using it to pay other investors.

The SEC alleges that the two companies, who billed themselves as cloud computing operations devoted to mining bitcoins, never actually had the hardware necessary to perform the computing tasks associated with cryptocurrency mining.

Dec 01 16:35

Pentagon gets green light for WAR ... of web propaganda against IS

The Pentagon has been given formal approval to start an online propaganda campaign against the Islamic State following a recent push by the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Congress approved the National Defense Authorization Act for 2016 last week and included in it a whole section (1056) on "Information operations and engagement technology demonstrations."

The section states that the Secretary of Defense "should develop creative and agile concepts, technologies, and strategies across all available media to most effectively reach target audiences, and to counter and degrade the ability of adversaries and potential adversaries to persuade, inspire, and recruit inside areas of hostilities or in other areas in direct support of the objectives of commanders."

Dec 01 16:33

Operation Gladio Reborn: The Paris Attacks Have Unleashed A New Wave Of Emergency Laws

"... Gladio, amongst others, is just a perfect example of how governments used oppression against their own citizens to shape the mindset of the public to unify them towards a common goal and objective, which in our case is: counter-terrorism. The problem, however, is that by giving this support, the public indirectly relinquishes many freedoms and liberties."

Dec 01 16:29

Obama Cuts Defeated! The A-10 Warthog Lives!

The 2016 Defense Authorization Bill passed Tuesday prohibits the Air Force from retiring any A–10 “Warthogs” and fully funds flight hours, pilot training, fuel, maintenance and ammunition for all A–10s for the upcoming year.

Dec 01 16:18

Syria -- Breaking: Did the US and Saudis use AWACS to help target the SU-24?

We have this via a South African veterans organization and Gene Khrushchev of the VT board, who is now at the Russian consulate in Cape town. The hotlink above is to the original Russian source. We have verified with our VT experts that Turkish ground radar trying set something like this up would be hit or miss.

As you will read below, the timing was a bit off, so the Turkish cameras did not have the angle needed to confirm a shoot down over Turkish territory, and a better chance of capturing the pilots, which was what we feel the real target was.

Dec 01 16:16

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Why The Enterprise Is Better Than The Millennium Falcon

It’s been a nerd debate since 1977: What ship is better, the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this guy is supposed to be our media science authority?!?

The Enterprise is better but the Millennium Falcon is easier to park!

Dec 01 15:46

Cameron has failed to justify Syria airstrikes, MPs' committee says

David Cameron’s hopes of building a consensus behind military action against Islamic State in Syria has suffered a blow after parliament’s foreign affairs select committee said he had failed to justify airstrikes.

The prime minister had made his case for military action in response to a critical report earlier from the committee, setting out what he claimed was a “comprehensive” approach to the crisis in Syria. The committee’s Conservative chairman, Crispin Blunt, had already given his personal view that Cameron had gone far enough and indicated he would support military action.

But in a meeting on Tuesday, the eve of the Commons vote on military action, the committee voted four to three in favour of a motion that Cameron “has not adequately addressed concerns”.

Dec 01 15:31

Obama: 'I want to be very clear: Turkey is a NATO ally.'

US President Barack Obama says everyone should know that Turkey is a member of the NATO military alliance, after Ankara shot down a Russian jet in Syria.

Obama made the remarks after holding a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of a climate summit at Le Bourget on the outskirts of Paris on Tuesday.

"I want to be very clear: Turkey is a NATO ally. The US supports Turkish rights to defend itself and its airspace and its territory," Obama said, referring to Article Five of the NATO treaty which “states that an attack on one ally shall be considered an attack on all allies.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President idiot.

Russia did not attack Turkey. Turkey shot down a Russian warplane inside Syria.

Dec 01 15:30

BRICS bank to begin borrowing in yuan

The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) could start operations by borrowing in the Chinese currency, according to the bank’s Vice President Vladimir Kazbekov.

He says the bank will focus on loans in the national currencies of the bank’s potential customers.

“Considering the stability of the Chinese currency and the scale of the Chinese debt market, I think that one of the first steps in providing the New Development Bank with funds may be entering the Chinese market to borrow in yuan," Kazbekov said on Tuesday at the opening of a BRICS media summit in Beijing.

Dec 01 15:18

Water Fluoridation May Increase Risk of Underactive Thyroid Disorder

A large study that looked at data from nearly every general medical practice in England suggests that water fluoridation may increase the risk of developing hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid. This condition, in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones, is associated with symptoms such as fatigue, obesity and depression.

The study found that locations with fluoridated water supplies were more than 30 percent more likely to have high levels of hypothyroidism, compared to areas with low levels of the chemical in the water. Overall, there were 9 percent more cases of underactive thyroid in fluoridated places.

Dec 01 15:16

New Footage :Viral: show IDF Soldier Throws Knife Next to Palestinian Student and orders her to pick it up and prepared to murder her

New video. "Oblivious to the bus passenger capturing the events with his mobile device the IDF-Zionist soldier can be seen at the 1:30 mark throwing a what appears to be a knife on the ground and ordering the terrified girl to pick it up then getting prepared to shoot her but the soldier find out that someone in the bus was videotaping him as a witness and then arresting her and charging her with attempted stabbing".The girl (14 years old )was arrested and taken to an unknown location.The video Occurred at al-nashash checkpoint near Bethlehem.The young girl survived this experience thanks to the witness.
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=75c_1449001183#qwOJROpzSSl966bp.99

Dec 01 15:12

"Reporters without borders" have accused Erdogan of repressing the media

"Recep Tayyip Erdogan engaged in methodical suppression of the media in Turkey for many years. Erdogan persecutes journalists all directions more brutal way in the name of fighting terrorism and protecting national security. Arrests, threats and intimidation, organized by the Erdogan regime, unworthy of a democratic society," reads the statement, which was also joined by public figures of several countries. The appeal was signed by 14 organizations, including international Pen center, the Union of journalists of Turkey and the world newspaper Association WAN-IFRA. The call was joined by prominent journalists, scientists and public figures of USA, France, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Morocco, Algeria, Norway and Tunisia. Among those who signed the appeal — the world-renowned linguist and political writer Noam Chomsky, and Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, RIA Novosti reported.

Dec 01 15:10

Imprisoned Al Qaeda Fighters Freed by U.S. Allies to Rejoin Fight Against Assad

Some of the world’s top Al Qaeda operatives were freed from a Lebanese prison on Tuesday December 1st, to rejoin the U.S.-led war against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

America’s anti-Assad ally, Qatar, the chief financiers of the Muslim Brotherhood, negotiated with the neutralist Lebanese government, to swap the 26 imprisoned Al Qaeda jihadists for 16 Lebanese soldiers who had been captured by Al Qaeda in Lebanon.

Dec 01 15:08

The Greek General staff: Turkish fighter jets were in the skies over Greece for 30 minutes

Six Turkish F16 fighter jets violated the airspace of Greece and remained there about half an hour. This was announced by the General staff of the armed forces of Greece. The group crossed Greek airspace between the Islands of Lesbos and Chios without providing a flight plan, reports TASS. It happened at 15:01 local time (16:01 Moscow time). Four fighters flew back to Turkey at 15:28, two at 15:30. The violation of Greek border Turkish aircraft are not uncommon. It happens on average 1.5 thousand once a year.

Dec 01 15:06

NATO will ensure the safety of Turkey

NATO allies Express solidarity with Turkey and plan to prepare a package of measures to ensure its security. This statement was made by foreign Ministers of countries-members of NATO. The incident with the Russian su-24, Turkey shot down over Syria on November 24, the statement didn't mention. "The indivisible security of the Alliance, and allies expressed strong solidarity with Turkey, which is facing many challenges from the South, including terrorist threats," RIA Novosti quoted the communiqué. The Ministers, who spend the meeting in Brussels, noted that in 2012, the allies decided to strengthen the air defense of Turkey in the country were deployed patriot air defense missile systems. "We are determined, in the spirit 28 for 28, to continue to develop additional measures NATO's assurance of safety, and the allies are preparing a possible input. We expect that this work will be completed in the coming weeks," said the foreign Ministers of member countries of the Alliance.

Dec 01 15:05

2 Ukrainians tried to bring arms into Russia, were detained after short firefight.

The staff of the Border Department of Russia in the Rostov region recently detained two citizens of Ukraine who tried to smuggle weapons in. The men legally crossed the state border. They were detained when they tried to pick up the previously buried munitions at the border.

Dec 01 14:44

Israel - Can You Believe Your Government Supports This?

The atrocities in Palestine brought to you by your wonderful government.

(Note: WARNING!! Very graphic (TRUTHFUL) images that I'm sure YouTube will quickly judge "anti-Semitic" and in violation of the Google "Zio-Community Standards")

Dec 01 14:40

Scientist Who Discovered GMOs Cause Tumors In Rats Wins Landmark Defamation Lawsuit In Paris

Was French Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini correct when he discovered that scientific feeding experiments past 90 days with GMO food and rats can cause serious health problems including tumors? The answer to that question has been debated ever since the initial publication of his study, culminating in a republication of the study in…

Dec 01 14:39

Boy Using Cannabis Oil: I’d Rather Be Illegally Alive Than Legally Dead

A young teenager who had to be rescued out of a lake in which he had nearly drowned was infected with bacteria, supposedly, that “triggered” his Crohn’s disease, an extremely debilitating inflammation of the bowels and intestines that can be terminal. The bacterial infection in the water was the medical explanation given…

Dec 01 14:38

Hillary Clinton Hired Former Monsanto Lobbyist To Run Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton announced this past spring that she would be appointing long-time Monsanto lobbyist Jerry Crawford as adviser to her “Ready for Hillary” super PAC. Crawford has mostly worked with Democratic politicians in the past, but has also put his support behind Republican candidates as well….

Dec 01 14:34

Bank to evict woman and her children before Christmas despite her pleas

A BANK IS to put a Dublin mother and her children on the street just before Christmas, the second time they will be evicted this year.

Linda O’Hora, was put out of her home at 8 Willow Wood Park, Hartstown, Dublin 15 by the County Sheriff only last month but unlawfully went back in again, the Circuit Civil Court was told today.

Ulster Bank Ireland Limited today obtained a new court order authorising the sheriff to put her out again. The bank told the court she had unlawfully re-entered the house and was currently in occupation with her children.

Dec 01 14:33

Caught On Tape: Russian Navy Ship Runs Into Turkish Sub In Dardanelles

In the latest maritime drama, a Russian Naval transport ship encountered a Turkish sub while navigating the Dardanelles. "A logistics ship belonging to the Russian navy has encountered a Turkish submarine passing through the Dardanelles toward the Marmara Sea, accompanied by a Turkish coast guard boat," Hurriyet reports, adding that "a tense moment occurred when the 133-meter ship, the Yauda, arrived at the Dardanelles from the Aegean Sea at around 10 a.m. on Nov. 30. and encountered a Turkish submarine across the shores of Canakkale's Eceabat."

Dec 01 14:17

Hillary Clinton panders to middle-class voters with unrealistic tax promises

When it comes to paying for these “targeted” benefits, plus her other promises such as universal preschool, however, the former secretary of state has a clear principle: none of the 97 percent of U.S. households that earn $250,000 or less per year will be asked to contribute higher taxes.

If this strikes you as implausible — the Democratic equivalent of the no-tax-hike pledge Republican candidates regularly impose on themselves — we agree. There is simply no way that the federal government can meet its current fiscal commitments, plus the increased demands of an aging population, and provide the new forms of middle-class relief and business tax relief Ms. Clinton promises, while tapping only the top 3 percent of earners.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary is simply making promises she has no intention of keeping. That is why it doesn't matter to her that the math does not work out.

Dec 01 13:58

US marine convicted of homicide in Philippines

A US marine has been convicted of homicide in the killing of a transgender woman in the Philippines.

Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton, who had been charged with murder for the killing of Jennifer Laude in a motel in October 2014, was convicted of a lesser offense of homicide and sentenced to six to 12 years in jail on Tuesday.

Dec 01 13:58

Chicago's top cop forced to resign, new accountability task force created following protests

In the wake of the arrest of a Chicago, Illinois cop for the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made the embattled police superintendent go and created a police accountability task force.

Dec 01 13:52

Greeks Told To Declare Cash "Under The Mattress", Jewelry And Precious Stones

When earlier today we read a report in the Greek Enikonomia, according to which Greek taxpayers would be forced to declare all cash "under the mattress" (including inside) or boxes that contain more than 15,000 euros as well as jewelry and precious stones (including gold) worth over 30,000 euros, starting in 2016, we assumed this has to be some early April fools joke or a mistake.

After all, this would be merely the first step toward full-blown asset confiscation, conducted so many times by insolvent governments throughout history, once the government cracks down on those who made a "mistake" in their asset declaration form or simply refuse to fill such a declaration, thereby making all their assets eligible for government confiscation.

It was not a joke.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The last official act of any government is to loot the nation.

And yes, it will happen here. It is inevitable. The common people are always made to pay for all the mistakes of the government.

Dec 01 13:39

German Court: Merkel Has Nullified Law

The German District Court in Passau has ruled that Angela Merkel has effectively nullified German law on illegal immigration by opening the country’s borders, and as a result ordered a people smuggler released with the lightest possible sentence.

The remarkable case—which could have repercussions throughout the German legal system, based as it is on the principle of precedent—was reported briefly in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Dec 01 13:37

Taser and the Myth of Non-Lethal Weaponry

AT ONE POINT in Killing Them Safely, Nick Berardini’s new documentary on Taser’s bloodless response over the last decade to the charge that its stun guns have caused hundreds of cardiac deaths, CEO and co-founder Rick Smith gives a wistful PowerPoint presentation to an enthusiastic audience. One slide depicts the old corporate liability proverb of the shark and the coconut tree. The shark, so the story goes, swims faster, has more teeth, and inspires great terror, yet many more people die every year from coconuts falling on their heads than from shark attacks. “We tend to focus on things that perhaps capture our imagination more than the facts,” muses Smith. Whether or not falling coconuts actually pose a deadly threat, there has been only one fatal shark attack in the U.S. this year, but according to a recent Guardian investigation 47 people died in the first 10 months of 2015 immediately after being tased by a police officer.

Dec 01 13:11

TOW missiles? "I’m not aware of those reports."

United States Department of State, responding to reporter's comment over a US-made BGM-71 TOW missile fired by the 'moderate' terrorists against a RT camera crew in Latakia:

"I’m not aware of those reports.""I’m not aware of those reports."

"I’m not aware of those reports.""I’m not aware of those reports."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I'm totally clueless. That's why I have to work for the US Government!!!!"

Dec 01 13:09

Kurds Say US Troops Engaged in Covert Ground War With ISIL for Months

In June, President Obama announced a major shift in strategy. To combat Daesh, also known as ISIL/The Islamic State, the US would redeploy 300 "military advisers" into Iraq. But to appease a war-weary constituency, the president insisted that these forces could not be considered combat troops.

"American combat troops are not going to be fighting in Iraq again," he stressed.

But according to dozens of Kurdish forces speaking to the Guardian, fighting is exactly what those advisers have been doing.

Dec 01 13:09

NYT Fairy Tale about Paris Attacks

The NYT is America’s longstanding leading voice for wealth, power and privilege exclusively - state-supportive propaganda its specialty, the most important news “fit to print” systematically suppressed.

Dec 01 13:08

US' New Nuke-Armed Missiles 'Inherently Destabilizing'

Washington's plans to develop a new nuclear-armed cruise missile contradict the US policy to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy, according to nuclear security specialist James E. Doyle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You misunderstood. It's YOUR nuclear weapons we want to reduce, not ours!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 01 13:07

Meanwhile In Kosovo's Parliament...

While Americans are used to tears (and jeers) in The Capitol as politicians go about their 'business', none of that compares to the behavior of lawmakers in Kosovo this morning.

As The Irish Times reports, three opposition lawmakers were arrested in Kosovo on Monday amid chaotic scenes in parliament, filled once more with tear gas in a fresh protest against an accord with former master Serbia.

Dec 01 13:04

Paris Climate Criminals Ignore Record Arctic Ice Growth

‘Instead of an ice-free Arctic, we just had the shortest melt season on record – followed by record sea ice growth. Arctic sea ice extent is the highest for the date since at least 2004.

Criminals at the New York Times and Guardian told us recently that Greenland is melting much faster than previously feared. In fact, Greenland’s surface is gaining record amounts of ice, with 250 billion tons of new ice over the last three months.’

Dec 01 13:01

Israeli court suspends case of Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s murderer

An Israeli court has suspended a trial against the main suspect in the last year kidnapping, beating, and burning to death of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

On Monday, the court accepted a late insanity plea by Yosef Haim Ben-David’s lawyers and set a new sentencing hearing for January 2016.

During the hearing, the court acknowledged that the 31-year-old Israeli had committed the violent crimes but could not be presently convicted due to his mental state.

The court; however, found two other Israeli youths guilty of the horrific murder and announced that they would both be sentenced in mid-January.

Dec 01 12:55

Over 170 Wanted Militants Give up Fight in Homs

Some 172 wanted militants turned themselves in to the Syrian authorities in Homs as the army continues to inflict heavy losses on the terrorists and advances in several fronts in the province.

Dec 01 12:48

‘ISIS threat has intensified,’ Fallon warns on eve of Syria airstrikes vote

Islamic State-inspired terror plots have increased tenfold in frequency, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claimed as he set out the British government’s case for extending airstrikes from Iraq into Syria.

Dec 01 12:33

14,000 Refugees Due for Deportation from Sweden Have Completely Disappeared

Unfortunately the police lack the manpower to enforce the deportation orders, since many of them have been sent to conduct border security. That border security is also failing, since officers are only allowed to make spot checks, and can’t profile people by appearances. Even when they do successfully catch and deport someone trying to sneak in, their country of origin often refuses to let them go back home.
In other words, nations like Sweden have passed the point of no return.

Dec 01 12:32

Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report

Israel has become the main buyer for oil from ISIS controlled territory, reports "al-Araby al-Jadeed."

Kurdish and Turkish smugglers are transporting oil from ISIS controlled territory in Syria and Iraq and selling it to Israel, according to several reports in the Arab and Russian media. An estimated 20,000-40,000 barrels of oil are produced daily in ISIS controlled territory generating $1-1.5 million daily profit for the terrorist organization.

Dec 01 12:31

Obama in Paris on Planned Parenthood shooting: 'This just doesn't happen in other countries'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Did Obama just admit that the Charlie Hebdo attack and the more recent attacks were false-flags?

Or did he just qualify for the 25th Amendment?!?

Dec 01 12:28

Russia Isn't Messing Around: Anti-Air Missiles Deployed in Syria, Jets Armed for the 1st Time

We're dealing with global powers that have shown no signs of backing down, and unless someone does back down, there is a hellish war on the horizon unlike any we've ever seen.

Dec 01 12:26

Erdogan tells Russian journalist to be quiet regarding the sponsoring of ISIS

Erdogan, at the climate summit in Paris, did not respond to persistent questioning by the LifeNews reporter regarding the Turkish support for the leader of the terrorist group DAESH*. The Turkish President then swiftly raised his finger to his lips, as if asking the journalist to shut up, and then the protection of Erdogan roughly pushed the reporter aside...

Dec 01 12:25

The US-Russia Proxy War in Syria

Belatedly, at a sidebar meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Paris climate summit on Monday, President Barack Obama reportedly expressed regret for last week’s killing of a Russian pilot who was shot down by a Turkish air-to-air missile fired by a U.S.-supplied F-16 and the subsequent death of a Russian marine on a search-and-rescue mission, apparently killed by a U.S.-made TOW missile.

Dec 01 12:24

US Takes Credit for Alleged Surge in ISIS Defections

The US-led fight against ISIS has been about as effective as the US-led campaign to eradicate poppy-growing in Afghanistan... “wholesale defections, sparsely manned checkpoints and elite foreign fighters pressed into mundane duty indicate that the U.S.-led bombing campaign…[has] eroded the forces of the Islamic State,” according to Army Col. Steve Warren, the top spokesman for the counter-ISIS coalition in Baghdad. There's no mention of Russia's contributions to beating back ISIS in Col. Warren's victory speech, because according to Time magazine, Russia “seems to be hurting civilians more than ISIS”. Seems reasonable. What's next, America won the Battle of Stalingrad?

Dec 01 12:24

Student Arrested After Threatening to Kill "White Devils" and Cops at University of Chicago

Everyone who uses the internet knows that it can be an incredibly malicious place. With the benefit of a little anonymity, people tend to show their true faces and say horrible, and sometimes threatening statements. So at first glance the story of Jabari R. Dean being arrested for threatening to kill white people, doesn’t sound that surprising. Considering that he deleted his statement immediately after he posted it to Worldstarhiphop.com, you might think that he didn’t really mean it. After all, people make empty threats online all the time, right?

Dec 01 12:20

Trump Proposes $5 Million Ransom for Showing Up at CNN Debate

The front-running GOP presidential candidate, who often has crowds laughing during his rallies, threatened to change his jokey style because it results in him being misrepresented — both in the press and in attack ads from his opponents.

"They take two second snippets," he exclaimed before settling back into his usual style, comedy included.

Dec 01 12:19

Iraqi Forces Kill Suicide Bomber South of Baghdad [PHOTOS]

A terrorist was killed by the Iraqi army as he was trying to detonate his suicide vest among Shiite pilgrims in Southern Baghdad, on the road to Karbala.

Dec 01 12:19

Migrants Beat Up Locals In Restaurant In Germany

Migrants and locals got into a fight in a restaurant in Bavaria on Sunday, resulting in a 50-year-old German man receiving serious head injuries.

The brawl, which began as an argument between a small group of migrants and local residents eating at a restaurant in the town of Velden, started in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The situation appeared to calm down when the migrants left, but they soon returned with reinforcements.

Dec 01 12:19

Putin, Syria, and the UN: Is America the Biblical Babylon?

This leaves all of us outside the White House gates with the startling possibilities before us. The first possibility is, the western world is led by a thick headed narcissist, or garden variety psychopath. The second possibility is, Obama knows his advisers are hard wired into the corporate elite, and he does not trust them in anything at this point. In the latter case, we may be seeing an Obama ready to be thrown under the proverbial bus by his backers. I alluded to this happening in an article entitled “Obama’s Syria Indictment,” some days ago. This is what I think is taking place, Barack Obama is just riding out a tidal wave of power brokering for the last 7 years, about to close out with one wipeout victim. The man is all done, he looked it with Putin at the G20.

Dec 01 12:18

ISIL Media People Killed in Syria

The ISIL terrorist group confirmed on Tuesday that tens of its media experts were killed in Syria on Tuesday. Abu Hamza al-Qolami, Abu Turab al-Maqrabi, Abu Jafar al-A'lami and Abu Dajanah al-Maqrabi and several others were killed in the battles, the ISIL said.
Some 172 wanted militants turned themselves in to the Syrian authorities in Homs as the army continues to inflict heavy losses on the terrorists and advances in several fronts in the province. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940910001089

Dec 01 12:16

Gov't Forces Win Back New Territories North of Syria's Lattakia Province

The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) continued their advance against the militant groups in Lattakia and seized full control over four more strategic villages after hours of fierce clashes with the militants on Tuesday. The pro-government forces pushed back the militants from the villages of Arafat al-Tahta and Arafat al-Fawqa in the Jub al-Ahmar of the Prophet Jonah Mountains and restored full security to the village and its surroundings.
The Russian strikers have been pounding the defense lines of the ISIL terrorist group around Palmyra (Tadmur) since Tuesday morning in preparation for a large-scale attack to take back the ancient city. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940910000535

Dec 01 12:14

ISIL Uses Poisonous Gases against Iraqi Soldiers in Ramadi Front

"The ISIL has used toxic gases in its attacks against the Iraqi forces in Western Iraq, specially Ramadi, on November 23," the Arabic-language service of Sputnik news agency quoted an unnamed Iraqi security source as saying on Tuesday. This is not the first time the Takfiri terrorists use poisonous gases, including mustard gas, against the Iraqi soldiers in Ramadi city. In August, an Iraqi official disclosed that the ISIL used the poisonous mustard gas during withdrawal from Al-Anbar University. "The Iraqi troops were exposed to mustard gas in the munitions fired by the ISIL as they were winning back the Anbar University," Samir al-Shavili, a media advisor of Iraq's Counter-Terrorism, told FNA. He said after a thorough physical examination of the Iraqi soldiers who had taken part in Anbar university operation it came to be known that the ISIL had used mustard gas against the Iraqi forces.

Dec 01 12:13

CCTV footage of the explosion at metro station in Istanbul tonight

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Turn down your speakers, the blast is very loud!

Dec 01 12:13

Aftermath of metro station explosion in Istanbul

Dec 01 12:04

FLASHBACK - MUST-SEE Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia!

Dec 01 12:01

FBI chief is wild card for Clinton

FBI Director James Comey is the pivotal figure in the 2016 presidential race that no one is talking about.

Comey, a Republican appointed by President Obama who enjoys a stellar reputation on both sides of the aisle, is investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of State.

Clinton is the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination next year and is expected to be a tough candidate for any Republican to face in 2016.

Yet the controversy surrounding her private email account remains an Achilles’ heel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not according to the Washington Post which has already written the obituary for the email scandal.

Dec 01 11:59

Poroshenko Says Russia Is Ruining the Environment By Supporting Separatists in Ukraine

Russia is causing an “environmental disaster” by supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told a climate summit in Paris on Monday, AFP reported.

Dec 01 11:58

Climate Protesters Defy State of Emergency in Paris

Janet Redman of IPS and Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News report on the COP 21 challenges in Paris that could isolate the US

Dec 01 11:53

Sioux Falls sets snowfall record

November's snowfall is over half the total snowfall for 2014-15 season in Sioux Falls

Dec 01 11:52

Northern Plains snowstorm sets records in South Dakota, Iowa; more snowfall is expected

A record-breaking snowstorm lingering over the northern Plains on Tuesday caused slippery roads leading to at least one traffic fatality and headaches for schools, but brought much-needed moisture to the region.

The system was dropping heavy, wet snow on the Dakotas that is more typical of a spring snowfall than an early winter event, said Matthew Dux, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Dec 01 11:52

Cold air mass brings record low temps to Redding, Red Bluff

Anyone out and about Redding or Red Bluff Monday morning experienced record lows, with temperatures dipping into the 20’s.

The National Weather Service says 26 degrees Fahrenheit in both Redding and Red Bluff broke the previous low of 30 degrees in Redding, and 29 degrees in Red Bluff, both of which were set in 2006.

Dec 01 11:52

French Farmer-Activist José Bové on Paris Protest Ban: “We Are in Prison in Our Own Home”

Among those who took to the streets of Paris in protest Sunday was the French farmer, activist and politician José Bové, one of the world’s leading critics of corporate globalization and genetically modified organisms.

Dec 01 11:52

Cold front brings record lows to Northern California

A chill that ran through Northern California slashed records Monday as temperatures dipped into the 20s.

In Redding and Red Bluff, temperatures bottomed out at 27 and 28 degrees, respectively, according to the National Weather Service's Sacramento station. Over the weekend, both cities also experienced weather that dropped below previous record lows — although nothing as icy as Alturas, which registered minus 3 degrees Sunday, and Bogard, which plunged to minus 11 degrees.