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June 21, 2010

Jun 21 10:17

Nearly one million US workers cut off unemployment benefits

With 12 Democrats joining a unanimous Republican bloc, the US Senate voted Wednesday to defeat a proposed extension of unemployment benefits for workers who have been jobless for nearly two years.

Jun 21 10:17

BP Chief Sold Stocks Shortly Before Oil Rig Explosion, Goldman Sachs Sold Shares

Weeks before the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion killed 11 and sent anywhere from 23 to 49 million gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP chief Tony Hayward sold about a third of his stocks, saving him 423,000 pounds according to Britain’s the Daily Telegraph, or $613,096 US dollars.

After doing so, Hayward paid off the mortgage on his mansion valued at $1,739,280. His total package was valued at $5,797,600.

According to the Daily Telegraph, “There is no suggestion that he acted improperly or had prior knowledge that the company was to face the biggest setback in its history.” Hayward disposed of his stocks on March 17, and BP stock has fallen by 30 percent since then.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is impossible to believe that Hayward had no foreknowledge of the problems on the Deepwater Horizon rig.

As reported on 14 June 2010 at:


"Killed oil workers' wives testify their husbands reported rig had problems controlling well pressure weeks before explosion."

Jun 21 10:15


Why Isn’t Anti-Palestinism Condemned as a Hate Crime?

Jun 21 10:10


What could possibly be more effective than a cultural boycott against Israel? Irish folksinger Tommy Sands gave us the answer to that question this week…. the man known as Ireland’s Pete Seeger came to Israel to perform last week…. but he didn’t. Instead he performed at the weekly demonstration in support of the residents of Sheikh Jarrah….


Jun 21 10:09


Each week more and more Jews are joining in and raising their voices against the policies followed by Israel…. At the same time, the one time ardent supporters of those policies have remained silent. This has become a great concern to Israel……

Jun 21 10:08

Atlanta expected to pay $20,000 to woman arrested for asking a police officer ‘why'

The Atlanta City Council is expected to agree pay $20,000 to settle a lawsuit a by a 62-year-old woman who was jailed for asking a police officer “why” she and friends had to move from a sidewalk where they were talking about an upcoming funeral.

Jun 21 10:07

California considers digital ads on car license plates

The California Legislature, apparently oblivious to the scourge of distracted driving and struck daft by a $19 billion budget deficit, has approved a detailed study of a proposal that could transform license plates on the state's 30 million-plus automobiles into miniature billboards.

Jun 21 10:05

Iran bans 2 UN nuclear inspectors from entering

Tehran said Monday it had banned two U.N. nuclear inspectors from entering the country because they had leaked "false" information about Iran's disputed nuclear program

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We went through the same thing with Iraq where some of the UN inspectors were actually US and Israeli agents, and announced they had found proof that Iraq was building nuclear weapons. Iraq forbade those agents from coming back into Iraq and in hindsight was correct in doing so.

Jun 21 10:02

Report: Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to quit White House

Raham Emanuel, chief of staff to Barack Obama, is expected to quit his job later this year in growing frustration at the U.S. president's "idealist" policies, a British newspaper reported on Monday.

Although White House chief enjoys a good relationship with Obama, Washington insiders say they have reached an understanding that differences over style mean Emanuel, who is known for his blunt language and combative style, he will serve only half the full four-year term, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I will believe it when I see it.

Jun 21 09:57

Pakistan’s slide into total chaos

In a May 22 speech to military cadets at West Point, US President Barack Obama said: "We need intelligence agencies that work seamlessly with their counterparts to unravel plots that run from the mountains of Pakistan to the streets of our cities." This is the same rhetoric his discredited predecessor used: we attack them "there" before they attack us here. The Western media talk about Obama’s belief in "reconciliation" — through drone attacks and Xe Service mercenaries; the people of Pakistan pay the price.

Some Americans still wonder, why they are hated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Again, it appears that the US-desired outcome for Pakistan is total destabilization.

Jun 21 09:56

FEC Launches Attack on Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty

(CFL is) under a gag rule and cannot go in to too many details or even tell you with what we have been charged and where the charges originated.

Jun 21 09:56

Restaurant owners angry over state audit methods

Within the last decade, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has ramped up efforts to enforce sales tax compliance. Audits have become even more frequent since Gov. David A. Paterson and state legislators identified increased sales tax audits as a way to close the budget gap without raising taxes or cutting services. Paterson hired 330 more auditors with the goal of raising an extra $220 million per year.

But local small business owners are saying newly accepted auditing practices have them over a barrel. They say the audits, instead of identifying legitimate tax evaders, are being misused to hang imaginary debts on business owners and force them to pay up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government that screwed up the economy is now keeping itself alive by pillaging the people. And it will not stop until you are willing to make it stop.

Jun 21 09:53

Sunday, June 20, 2010 : 58 Iraqis Killed, 98 Wounded

At least 58 Iraqis were killed and 98 more were wounded mostly in Baghdad and Tikrit. Turkish troops also struck in northern Iraq where civilians were among the casualties. Meanwhile, an American-born al-Qaeda spokesman repeated the group’s demands, which include the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More "progress" in Iraq, I see.

Jun 21 09:50


Are the terrorists really a threat, or just patsies with fake bombs and Casio watches, paid for by Cicero and given brown shirts to wear by Hitler?

Is terrorism inside the United States really from outside, or is it a stage managed production, designed to cause Americans to believe they have no choice but to surrender the Republic and accept the totalitarian rule of a new emperor, or a new Fuhrer?

Indeed, given that acts of terror undermine the very public support needed by the so-called "terrorists" to bring about change, it may be argued that there are in fact no genuine acts of terror; that they are all manufactured events to be blamed on the groups wishing to challenge the status quo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please share this far and wide. We cannot stop the sociopaths from attacking Iran, but we can deny them the illusion that this is all Iran's fault.

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WRH Exclusive
Jun 21 09:49

US Drones Kill Hundreds in Pakistan

Latest figures show that US military drone missile attacks in Pakistan have killed nearly four hundred people in 2010, Press TV has learned.

Washington claims its airstrikes target militant hideouts, but most of the attacks have killed civilians -- since August 2008, such strikes have killed nearly a thousand people in rural areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people of Pakistan do not hate us in the US "because we are free"; they hate us because we are indiscriminately slaughtering their moms, kids, friends, and dads.

Governmental corruption, coupled with grinding poverty, make insurgency attractive for some people, because they feel they have no other choice available for making their lives better.

Yet, the US government continues to support tinpot dictators around the world who live in almost total disregard for their peoples' welfare. These guys are thugs, but they are "our thugs", bought and paid for with your tax dollars.

This is precisely what has happened in Pakistan. The civilian and military portions of the government have been very well compensated by the US to wage a war against their own people, rather than begin to fix the fundamental problems leading to the rise of insurgency here.

The indiscriminate slaughter of innocent Pakistanis by US drone attacks is also doing nothing to help the situation.

It is almost as though the actual goal of the US government here is the continued destabilization of Pakistan.

Jun 21 09:47


Jun 21 09:37

Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

Secret South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to the apartheid regime, providing the first official documentary evidence of the state's possession of nuclear weapons.

The "top secret" minutes of meetings between senior officials from the two countries in 1975 show that South Africa's defence minister, PW Botha, asked for the warheads and Shimon Peres, then Israel's defence minister and now its president, responded by offering them "in three sizes". The two men also signed a broad-ranging agreement governing military ties between the two countries that included a clause declaring that "the very existence of this agreement" was to remain secret.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked since Forward is spamming the net with emails screaming about Iran's nuclear threat.

We cannot stop the attack on Iran.

But what we can and should all do is deny the US and Israel the ability to pretend this is Iran's fault.

Jun 21 09:32

Arson suspected in Arizona wildfires!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Illegals sending a message?

Jun 21 09:28

Proposed Israeli Law Would Make Supporting Economic or Academic Boycott of Israel a Crime

Twenty-five members of the Knesset have introduced a bill which, if passed, will make it an offence for any organization or citizen to call for an economic or academic boycott of Israel. The bill will affect those who launch, encourage or provide assistance and information on the boycott of Israel, whether they live in Israel or abroad. Anyone violating the law will have to provide compensation to those affected by the boycott. Initiated by the Land of Israel lobby, the bill has been approved by members of different parties, including the Likud and Kadima parties, and the 10 chairs of Knesset commissions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable, but characteristically hubristic.

For this law to have any international effect, a parallel law would have to be passed in every country in which pro-Israeli boycott organizations exist (there is already such a law in the US, stipulating that it is a criminal act for a US company to boycott Israel).

Jun 21 09:27

Obama Admin. admits health care reform is a tax

In order to protect the new national health care law from legal challenges, the Obama administration has been forced to argue that the individual mandate represents a tax -- even though Obama himself argued the exact opposite while campaigning to pass the legislation.

Jun 21 09:21

Israeli Blockade 'Eased' Only in English, but U.S. Media Eat It Up

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement yesterday that promised to "liberalize the system by which civilian goods enter Gaza." The announcement from Israel's security cabinet came after widespread international pressure on Israel following a deadly Israeli naval raid on a humanitarian flotilla trying to break the three-year old blockade of Gaza.

U.S. media echoed the Israeli press release in headlines like "Israel to Ease Gaza Land Blockade" (New York Times, 6/17/10) and "Israel Eases Restrictions on Goods Bound for Gaza Strip" (Washington Post, 6/18/10). (CNN--6/17/10--at least attributed the claim in its "Israel to Ease Blockade of Gaza, Cabinet Says.")

Jun 21 09:21

Showdown in the Red Sea: U.S. Sends 11 Warships to Confront Iran

Many high-level people have warned of the use of a false flag attack to justify war with Iran.

Thus, if any elements within the U.S. or Israeli government wish to find an excuse to attack Iran, they could either manufacture false intelligence or carry out a false flag attack.

A war with Iran would benefit no one other than the giant defense contractors would plunge the world into a very deep depression (notwithstanding George W. Bush's sentiment to the contrary). Indeed, if China and Russia side with Iran, the U.S. might end up losing against Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is the $64,000 question: just what will Russia and China do if there is a US/Israeli attack against Iran?

And please remember: Iran is China's number-one trading partner with Iran, particularly in the area of energy.

Will Beijing just sit idly by, and watch this happen?

I think not: it is difficult to conjure up any "carrot" either Washington or Tel Aviv could offer China to make such an attack on Iran palatable to the Chinese government.

Jun 21 09:20

Israel Rejects International Investigation but Cannot Hide its Crimes

It was no surprise that the Israeli government rejected an international and independent inquiry about its assault and massacre of humanitarian activists -eight Turkish and one American- aboard the ship Mavi Marmara on May 31. With support of an increasingly discredited Obama Administration, Israel is doing its best -including fake promises of an “easing” of the Gaza blockade- to persuade the international community to forget the UN Security Council´s call for “a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards”.

Jun 21 09:18

Madoff's hidden booty

Ponzi king Bernard Madoff is telling fellow jailbirds that he secretly funneled $9 billion in swiped funds to three people before he was nabbed, an inmate told The Post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the same government that sat on its hands fr 12 years while Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot swindled Americans out of $65 billion apparently missed this little swindle as well!

Jun 21 09:10

Netanyahu Vows to ‘Tighten’ Gaza Blockade

Webmaster's Commentary: 

font size=4>Like the previous one, this week's announcement of an easing of the blockade was just a PR stunt to see if Israel could trick other nations into blocking further aid convoys. It did not work, so the blockade get slapped back on, starving the Gazans because, as Chuck Schumer pointed out, they are not Jewish!

Jun 21 09:04

Reclaiming Self-Determination

Will a Palestinian state, no matter how sovereign, fulfill the Palestinian right to self-determination?

Jun 21 09:04

VA quietly giving benefits to Marines exposed to toxic water

More than 12 months later, at 48, he still isn't ready to concede that the cancer that's wasting his innards is going to kill him. He swallows his pills and suffers the pain and each afternoon he greets his 12-year-old daughter, Jackie, as she steps off her school bus in North Andover, Mass.

The U.S. Department of the Navy says that more research is needed to connect ailments suffered by Marines such as Devereaux who served at Camp Lejeune and their families who lived there to decades of water contamination at the 156,000-acre base in eastern North Carolina. Meanwhile, however, the Department of Veterans Affairs has quietly begun awarding benefits to a few Marines who were based at Lejeune.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just like those in the American military who have been exposed to Agent Orange, depleted uranium, or any other toxic substance during their service, and have become ill because of it, these people should be compensated, and treated to the finest medical care this country can provide.

But the intelligent, logical thing for the US military to do here would be to prevent such exposure in the first place.

Jun 21 09:04

Likud’s Latest Zigzag

More recently we all saw the agitated rhetoric of the Israeli leadership with respect to Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla and the illegal blockade of Gaza. It reached such extremes that nine people were assassinated by the IDF so that humanitarian help wouldn’t reach Gaza’s ports. Another zigzag followed it; due to the international condemnation of the crime, Israel lets merchandise enter Gaza. It’s still early to judge if this opening is for real or just a public relations event; however the zigzag did happen.

Jun 21 09:01

BP oil spill could be nearly double original estimates, internal document shows

An internal BP document released on Sunday showed that the company has estimated that oil could pour from its broken well in the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 100,000 barrels a day, nearly double the current reckoning by the US government.

Jun 21 08:59

Lebanon Gives Flotilla Ships Green Light to Set Sail; Organizers to Sail Soon

Lebanese Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi confirmed that the ministry allowed organizers of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla to sail from the northern port city of Tripoli to Cyprus before heading to the Strip, Lebanese newspaper an-Nahar reported Monday morning.

Jun 21 08:58

Oil from BP spill may reach Ireland

Remnants of the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be headed towards Ireland, according to an American computer-modelling study.

Jun 21 08:58

If Army Ads Had Health Warnings

Jun 21 08:57

Palestinian Women under Occupation

In spite of their "exceptional suffering," Palestinian women display remarkable endurance qualities. Living under stress in poverty, their homes destroyed, lands razed or expropriated, children sick, husbands imprisoned, fathers killed, and more, they plant seeds of hope, fulfill their daily social role, and participate in political and every day resistance. Since the 1948 Nakba, they've been denied basic human rights, security, free expression and movement, a safe and healthy environment, and education. They became refugees in their own land and abroad, bearing burdens beyond the capacity most women can bear anywhere.

Jun 21 08:55

Call the Politburo, We’re in Trouble

Mark it on your calendar. It seems we’ve finally entered the Soviet era in America.

Jun 21 08:50

Largest fleet in decades Of American and Israeli warships enter the Red Sea

More than twelve United States Naval warships and at least one Israeli ship crossed the Suez Canal towards the Red Sea on Friday, British Arabic Language newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That would put them at the Straights of Hormuz about now. Depending on how hard they wanted to push the SSGNs, they are probably arriving on station right about now as well.

Jun 21 08:44

Gates Claims Afghan ‘Progress,’ Slams ‘Rush to Judgment’

Is eight and a half years too little time to make up our mind about something?

According to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, the answer is yes. In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Secretary Gates chided Americans for what he called a “rush to judgment” about the war, adding that everyone needs to “give us a little time to have this work.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to "barking mad" SecDef Gates: if this process hasn't worked in almost 9 years, there is no "rush to judgment" on the part of the American people.

There has been a true moment of clarity for all thinking Americans that this war is unwinnable by any military definition.

They want this illegal and immoral war defunded and concluded immediately, and our troops brought home now, and cared for.

This war has nothing to do with US security, and everything to do with potential private profit from oil, drugs, and minerals.

In terms of public awareness for the reasons this war is being waged, the party's over, SecDef Gates; and unfortunately, the only people who don't understand this are the folks in the White House, Congress,the Pentagon, and the State Department.

Jun 21 08:31

U.S.: Avoid Travel to Southern Israel, Gaza

On the heels of a White House statement praising Israel for loosening its blockade of Gaza, the U.S. State Department late Sunday issued a revised warning to Americans telling them to avoid travel to southern Israel and the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

"The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to remain mindful of security factors when planning travel to Israel and the West Bank and to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip," a written statement said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: if you are an American citizen participating in an unarmed humanitarian aid flotilla attempting to get desperately needed aid to Gaza, expect an outcome of either getting shot and killed by the Israeli military, or tried and convicted and left to rot in an Israeli jail.

The US government will do absolutely nothing to protect or defend you under these circumstances!

Jun 21 08:29

Afghan forces' apathy starts to wear on U.S. platoon in Kandahar

As the U.S. military sets out to secure cities including Kandahar, it is relying far more heavily on Afghan forces than at any time in the past nine years, when the American mission focused mainly on defeating the Taliban in the countryside, rather than securing the population. But the Afghan forces are proving poorly equipped and sometimes unmotivated, breeding the same frustration U.S. troops felt in Iraq when they began building up security forces beset by corruption, sectarianism, political meddling and militia infiltration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe the Afghani are not willing to abuse their fellow citizens for the benefit of a foreign power.

In this they are clearly superior to the US Congress!

Jun 21 08:28

Historic Victory at Oakland Port – Israeli Ship Blocked from Unloading

In a historic action and unprecedented action today, over 800 labor and community activists blocked the gates of the Oakland docks in the early morning hours, prompting longshore workers to refuse to cross the picketlines where they were scheduled to unload an Israeli ship.

From 5:30 am to 9:30 am, a militant and spirited protest was held in front of four gates of the Stevedore Services of America, with people chanting non-stop, “Free, Free Palestine, Don’t Cross the Picket Line,” and “An injury to one is an injury to all, bring down the apartheid wall.”

Jun 21 08:26

Israel threatens to deport J'lem protesters

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for "The only Democracy in the middle east!"

Jun 21 08:25

Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why'

Four women, two of them well into middle age, were discussing funeral plans for a friend when an Atlanta police officer told them to move.

Three did but one asked “why.” In answer to her question, Minnie Carey, then 61, was handcuffed, put into a police wagon and taken to jail, where she was held for nine hours.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope she sues that entire department out of existence! Crime has exploded across the country and all the cops ever do is write traffic tickets, harass demonstrators, and loot donuts all day long!

Jun 21 08:23

Netanyahu Vows to ‘Tighten’ Gaza Blockade

Hours after the Israeli government announced that it was intending to issue a new “banned goods” list for the Gaza Strip, focused on placating international demands to allow more food and humanitarian goods into the tiny enclave, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a pledge that the move would actually “tighten” the blockade.

It seems the changes in the blockade may end up being superficial, and done purely for to score points internationally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whatever words have been spoken by this man in terms of potentially "easing" the blockade of Gaza mean absolutely nothing. It is solely for public consumption, and a desperate attempt to prevent more aid flotillas from even setting sail to break the siege of Gaza.

This is why the aid flotillas must keep coming, no matter what Israel does, until the siege of Gaza is completely broken, once and for all.

This has nothing to do with Israeli security, and everything to do with breaking the power of a legitimately elected party, Hamas.

And a small memo to the Israeli government: the siege is not working to Israel's advantage, either domestically, or internationally.

According to UNICEF figures, 14% of Gazan Palestinian kids are malnourished. This is a direct result of the Israeli government's immoral and illegal Israeli siege of Gaza.

Jun 21 08:23

Jerusalem revives plan to raze Palestinian homes

Jerusalem's mayor pressed ahead Monday with a plan to raze 22 Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem to make room for an Israeli tourist center, a decision that could stir new tensions in the divided city and put Israel in conflict with the Obama administration.

Jun 21 08:19

Keep Arizona Safe

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The same Federal Government that says that Israel has a right to attack Americans bringing food into Gaza is trying to sue Arizona to NOT stop illegal immigrants from bringing drugs into America! If this does not make any sense to you, please support Arizona's right to set their own border policy.

Jun 21 08:18

BP says two billion dollars spent on US oil spill

BP revealed Monday it has so far spent two billion dollars on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, after an internal BP document suggested the gusher might be spewing far faster than initially feared.

In a statement to the London Stock Exchange, the embattled British energy giant said its costs to date included ongoing efforts at containment, relief well drilling, grants to Gulf states, claims paid to affected individuals and businesses, and costs incurred by the US government.


One has to wonder just how much they will get away with. The amount spent thus far doesn't even begin to deal with the issue the leak has caused. And the leak is getting worse!

Jun 21 08:15

Japan Has 'Priority' On Rights To Mine Afghanistan Mineral Deposits, Says Hamid Karzai

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, that Lithium will NOT in fact pay for this war.

Jun 21 08:14

US Officials Dispute, Downplay July 2011 Afghan Pullout Date

Yet in an interview on Fox News Sunday, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates insisted that the pullout “absolutely has not been decided” upon. Gates added that he hadn’t even heard of Biden’s quote to the contrary and refused to address it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you they were BSing you again!

How long will you continue to live with a government that lies to you about everything!

Jun 21 08:13

SSGN Force Reaches Historic Milestone

The Submarine Force announced it has achieved another first with all four guided-missile submarines (SSGN) deployed for the first time simultaneously June 10.

Although the West Coast SSGNs, USS Ohio (SSGN 726) and USS Michigan (SSGN 727), and East Coast SSGNs, USS Florida (SSGN 728) and USS Georgia (SSGN 729), have previously been underway at the same time, this milestone marks the first time all four SSGNs have been forward deployed away from their homeports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These are the so-called "Arsenal Ships", nuclear ballistic missile submarines removed from ballistic missile duty due to treaty restrictions. The Trident missiles have been removed and each launch tube can now carry ten vertical launch tubes which can handle Standard Missiles or Tomahawk cruise missiles including nuclear armed).

These subs part of the networked littoral combat system known as Aegis-CEC, the system that was being tested near New York when TWA flight 800 was accidentally shot down. In principle, any Aegis radar in the system, including the airborne adjuncts, detect a threat (like an Iranian passenger jet) and the Aegis computers automatically deploy the nearest available counter-measure to destroy the threat.

The elegance of the system is that the platform detecting the threat, the platform running the computers, and the platform deploying the counter-measure can all be different, running on the Aegis-CEC network. In the case of the arsenal ships, they communicate with a laser system that detects bursts of laser light flashed on the ocean surface by overhead aircraft or satellites. Laser flashes beamed upward by the sub itself can be detected by the same aircraft and spacecraft for a high-speed two-way link.

So these subs, if they are not launching land attack Tomahawks, can act as partners to the Arleigh Burke and Ticonderoga guided missile destroyers, operating "outside the picket" and positioned to add their Standard missiles to the overall theater protection system.

The advantage is that from the point of view of an incoming target, the use of Aegis-CEDC means that the attacking Standard missile may not be coming from the same direction as the tracking radar beam, complicating their defensive requirements.

With 10 VLS to a missile tube, 24 missile tubes per sub and four subs, that is almost 1000 missiles, most of which are probably Standards.

Jun 21 08:06

U.S.-Born Al Qaeda Spokesman Rips 'Serpentine' Obama, Warns Of New Deadly Attacks

Al-Qaida's U.S.-born spokesman warned President Barack Obama Sunday that the militant group may launch new attacks that would kill more Americans than previous ones.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jun 21 08:05

Obama and Netanyahu to meet July 6

The United States on Sunday hailed Israel's easing of its land blockade of Gaza and said President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would discuss further steps when they meet in Washington on July 6.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There has been absolutely no substantive easing of the blockade against Gaza: this is simply a propaganda ploy to keep the flotillas from coming.

I would almost be willing to bet that Netanyahu will be giving Israel's marching orders to Obama about attacking Iran.

One almost has to wonder if such an attack will actually wait until after July 6th, in light of the fact that the US has sent a huge flotilla of 11 warships, accompanied by one Israeli ship through the Suez Canal yesterday, on the way to the Persian Gulf. T

here are already 3 dolphin-class Israeli nuclear subs prepositioned in the region, and you don't send this kind of hardware out to sea. unless you fully intend to use it.

Jun 21 08:02

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As US and Israeli military converge on the next designated nation on the "Does not get a Hanukkah card" list, the media is once again waving Adam Pearlman at us all to remind us who we should blame when the big bang to kick off WW3 happens!

But Adam is a fake. His real name is Adam Pearlman and he is the grandso9n of a boardmember of the ADL. The other "American Al Qaeda, Yousef al-Khattab, is also a fake. His real name is Joseph Cohen! Their job is to make you scared of Muslims so that you will gladly pour your money and the lives of your children into wars in lands that Israel covets.

Given that Lieberman is pushing to shut down the internet so that their lies can stand unchallenged in the media ( like the good old days of the "Gotta hate commies" Cold War) and Obama is starting to agree, please make a local copies of all this documentation to show to people if the internet should be converted into just another advertising network.

Jun 21 08:02

And for what? Conspiracy Theorists from the Past

H/T Lew Rockwell blog..... "In 1946, a movie was made in Hollywood about returning World War II veterans called The Best Years of Our Lives. It eventually went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Here’s an interesting scene from the movie where a man tells a wounded vet that the war was fought for a lie. Of course, in this scene, the man is considered “unpatriotic” and “evil.” (I guess the man telling the truth didn’t understand that billionaire banking families have to make a living too.)"

Thanks to those who just chipped in. We are good until July 1!!

Jun 21 07:52

Supreme Court Affirms Ban on Aiding Groups Tied to Terror

The Supreme Court has upheld a federal law that bars ''material support'' to foreign terrorist organizations, rejecting a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So you shouldn't pay U.S. federal taxes as Israel gets a lot of that money and uses it to attack people in international waters.

Jun 21 07:51

US ready to help Turkey against Kurd rebels: ambassador

The United States supports Turkey's struggle against separatist Kurdish rebels and is ready to "urgently" consider any new request for help from Ankara, the US ambassador to Turkey said Monday.

"We stand ready to review urgently any new requests from the Turkish military or government regarding the PKK," Ambassador James Jeffrey said in a written statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Ambassador Jeffrey: the Turks seem to be handling this pretty well on their own, and to the best of my understanding, have not asked for any assistance from the US on this issue to date.

And by the way, why does it appear that neither the US nor the Iraqi military have any control over the Northern Iraqi territory from which the PKK is conducting its military operations?

One would have imagined, a little over 7 years after the invasion of Iraq, that such a problem wouldn't exist on Iraq's northern border by this point in time.

Jun 21 07:45

Internal BP document claims Gulf oil gusher jetting up to 100,000 barrels per day

US outrage mounted against BP as the oil spill reached its two-month mark and an internal BP document showed as many as 100,000 barrels of oil could be gushing daily into the Gulf of Mexico.

The document showed the energy giant's own worst-case scenario of the amount of leaking oil at possibly 20 times more than its early public estimates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A corporation is an entity without a conscience.

Therefore, it is imperative that there are government regulations in place, coupled with agencies doing their jobs, to protect the public.

However, with BP, as with many other large corporations, the have, to large extent, "acquired" those in the halls of power in this country to the point where they don't have to be "bothered" obeying the rules, and abiding by "best safe practices", particularly in an industry fraught with potential peril, like the world of offshore drilling.

BP failed spectacularly here: but so did the US government.

Obama had well over a year to overhaul the agency responsible for overseeing BP, and he and his team did absolutely nothing to correct the egregious problems in this industry.

Jun 21 07:41

BP – Beyond Petroleum = Big Trouble

The oil emanating from the seafloor contains about 40 percent methane, compared with about 5 percent found in typical oil deposits, said John Kessler, a Texas A&M University oceanographer who is studying the impact of methane from the spill.

That means huge quantities of methane have entered the Gulf, scientists say, potentially suffocating marine life and creating "dead zones" where oxygen is so depleted that nothing lives.

"This is the most vigorous methane eruption in modern human history," Kessler said.

As bad as an environmental dead zone would be, the impending danger from an explosion is unthinkable.

Jun 21 07:34

Israel hits the panic button; starts spamming Twitter with the official cover-up of the Israeli attack on USS Liberty

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Inevitably, comparisons between the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla and Israel attempt to sink the USS Liberty have been made, with particular regard to the "protect Israel at all costs and fuck the Americans involved" attitude displayed by the US Government in both cases.

As the credibility of both the US and Israel crumble before the eyes of the world, desperate attempts to reassert the old falsehoods are poured into every possible venue; the "Big Lie" tactic on display for all to see.

But in the end, official reports no longer carry any weight since both Israel and the US officially proclaimed Iraq a nuclear threat (even as they do today with Iran) and were exposed as having lied. Hence nothing "official" is worth the paper it is printed on.

In the end, we go back to the men who served on board the ship while Israel attacked it and one of the attacking Israeli pilots.

Jun 21 07:26

NRA sellout on HR 5175 creates national maelstrom

When NRA leaders signed on to the deal brokered by Representative Heath Shuler (D-NC), they almost certainly anticipated an outcry from liberal organizations. Indeed, 45 such groups have come out in opposition.

What they probably did not predict, however, was vociferous opposition from their own ranks. Scores of gun rights organizations and ostensibly friendly conservatives have lined up against the NRA over the DICSLOSE Act...

Jun 21 07:12

Corporate atrocities against nature may ultimately destroy human civilization

Corporations are a greater threat to our lives than terrorists. That much should be clear by now: When corporations poison our food supply with toxic chemical ingredients; when they poison our bodies with fraudulently-marketed pharmaceuticals; when they poison our oceans with careless oil drilling... they are threatening our lives and our livelihoods. They are destroying the only world we know, and they are proving themselves to be far more dangerous to our collective future than any terrorist organization.

The real terrorists, it turns out, have "Inc." after their name.

Jun 21 07:09

U.S. govt. poisoned its own citizens during Prohibition

In a dark but little-known chapter of U.S. history, the federal government ordered the poisoning of alcohol supplies to deter and punish those who sought to flout Prohibition-era bans.

Jun 21 07:03

Revealed: The stunning green glow of the Southern Lights photographed by astronauts from ABOVE

Like a green ribbon snaking its way out into space this stunning image shows the famous Southern Lights from a rather unusual angle - above.

Taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), this picture shows the aurora australis against the backdrop of Earth's horizon.

Jun 21 07:00

Antarctic glacier melting due to hidden ice ridge

An underwater ridge could explain why a major glacier in the Antarctic is melting more quickly than ever before, according to a new study.

Scientists used a robot submarine to make a 3D map of the ocean under the ice shelf at the end of the Pine Island Glacier in western Antarctica/

They found that the ice was no longer resting on a subsea ridge that had slowed the glacier's slide until the early 1970s.

The discovery means that the glacier's more rapid melting in recent years could be due to the flow of warmer sea water beneath it rather than climate change, as had previously been believed.

Jun 21 06:59

We Are All Palestinians

Hi FBI guys who read this blog. How about a little multiple choice test? It’s a pretty easy test, so easy in fact that Shas Party members don’t even get a hint at the correct answer.Now here’s the question:

Jun 21 06:58

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: BP was told about faulty drill safety equipment weeks before disaster

A worker on the Deepwater Horizon rig has said he discovered a problem with safety equipment weeks before the explosion.

Tyrone Benton told the BBC's Panorama that he identified a fault on a device known as the blowout preventer.

He claimed it was shut down instead of being fixed and a second device was relied on instead.

Jun 21 06:52

GW Pharma's cannabis drug to cost 11 pounds a day

GW Pharmaceuticals Plc's (GWP.L) cannabis-derived medicine Sativex will cost approximately 11 pounds ($16.3) a day when used as a prescription treatment in Britain for spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Announcing its launch in Britain on Monday, GW said the National Health Service (NHS) price would be 125 pounds for a 10 millilitre vial -- enough to last the average patient just over 11 days.

Big Pharma finally finds a way to make money from the "evil weed"

Jun 21 06:45

Zim Shipping. The 9/11 connection.

Police estimated that more than 500 demonstrators gathered early Sunday morning at Berth 58, where a cargo ship operated by the Israeli Zim shipping company was scheduled to dock. The crowd dispersed around 10 a.m. but around 200 protesters returned in the afternoon when a second shift of dockworkers were scheduled to work.

This protest gives us the opportunity to take a look at a bit of the past history of Zin Shipping. The 9/11 connection.

That a company moved from one place to another is not news, it happens all the time.

But for a company partially owned by the state of Israel to move out of the WTC one week before the attacks and forfeit $50,000.00 in broken lease fees is news.

Jun 21 06:43

Internet Freedom under pressure in Denmark

On 27 May the Danish Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision which obliges internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to websites that may contain - or link to other sites which contain - material which infringes copyrights (the Pirate Bay in this instance).

The decision has rightly been criticized as a setback for internet freedom in Denmark. The decision attaches undue weight to the interests of copyright holders while ignoring obvious dangers of abuse, restrictions on internet freedom and access to information and the lack of any due process.

Jun 21 06:29

US/Israel to attack Iran? All "reasons" for war are obvious lies; beware false flag attack

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Do you have the intellectual integrity and moral courage to employ middle school-level verification of factual claims on our nation’s most important issues? This involves no belief; only verification of the following objective facts essential to your citizenry:

Jun 21 05:58

Lieberman: China Can Shut Down The Internet, Why Can’t We?

President Obama himself has criticized Chinese Internet censorship as a hindrance to the free flow of information and allowing citizens to hold their governments accountable, and yet Lieberman wants to hand Obama similar powers.

Given the nature of Chinese Internet regulation, with has nothing to do with “war” as Lieberman claims and everything to do with political censorship and covering up information about state oppression, we should be alarmed that the Senator wants to see America move in the same direction.

Jun 21 01:18

History Made June 20th in San Francisco–Dockworkers Refuse to Cross Picket Line to Unload Israeli Cargo ship in Oakland

Message from the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions(PGFTU)

To our respected sisters, brothers and comrades in the trade unions, labor councils and workers’ organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since the beginning of the workers’ struggles in your country – the United States of America – international solidarity has been a constant part of workers’ organizing and struggle in solidarity with workers and people facing injustice everywhere in the world. We, the workers and the people of Palestine are suffering under oppression of the Israeli occupation of our land and people. This occupation began long ago, the longest-lasting occupation of the modern era.


Jun 21 00:23

Cutting Through the Confusion about Israel/Palestine

This is long but worth a read...

By Richard Forer

[A letter I wrote to a college student who had written the Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel asking the group to remove a billboard that said "Tell Congress. Stop Killing Children. No More Military Aid to Israel." The billboard was erected in Albuquerque in the Spring of 2009 after the Gaza catastrophe. I was the spokesperson.]

Hi J,

Jun 21 00:16

The U.S. War Addiction: Funding Enemies to Maintain a Trillion Dollar Racket

Four ways to see the true drivers of current wars around the world.

June 20, 2010

Jun 20 23:14


With incredible audacity, the government of Israel (as well as the hugely popular “We Con the World” video) claims there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This falsehood, promoted worldwide by Israel’s PR arm, the Anti-Defamation League, is obediently repeated by Christian conservative media and leadership.

Yet over the past several weeks, three human rights organizations—Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, and Israel’s B’Tselem—have released reports rebutting Israel.

Amnesty International, the world's preeminent human rights advocacy group says:

Jun 20 17:54

After years of war, finally a case of "hearts and minds" being won!

I wonder if this is what they had in mind? LOL!

Jun 20 17:22


Double talking his way through a cabinet meeting, Netanyahu vows to lift the closure of Gaza without lifting it….. can you make any sense out of his statement? I can’t…

Jun 20 17:16

Does Israel suffer from 'Iranophobia'?

Barely a day goes by without a strident warning from a top Israeli official, politician, or general about the nature of the “threat” Iran poses to the Jewish state. It’s unprecedented. Or it’s imminent. Or it’s existential. And it is declared to be behind every Israeli problem, from the rearming of Hezbollah in Lebanon to the “terrorist” humanitarian activists aboard the Gaza flotilla.

Jun 20 16:16

Israel Fearful Of An All-Women Aid Flotilla

One day after Israel threatened to attack a new Gaza-bound aid ship with only women activists on board, the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah highlights Israel's fear, saying its military ability is "deteriorating."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My guess is that Israel will sink the ship, blame Lebanon for not stopping it, and use the sinking as a the justification to reinvade Lebanon.

Jun 20 16:11

Gates rules out idea of 'containing' nuclear-armed Iran

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday refused to address the notion of having to contain a nuclear armed Iran, saying US efforts were aimed at preventing it from acquiring atomic weapons.

"I don't think we're prepared to even talk about containing a nuclear Iran. I think... our view still is we do not accept the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons," he said in an interview with Fox News Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There's a very huge reason that the government trotted Gates out to make this observation today: the timing of these statements is anything but accidental.

This is because, right now, there's huge flotilla of 11 US warships and one Israeli vessel which have just transited the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean, on their way to the Persian Gulf.

Israel has 3 dolphin-class, nuclear-armed subs already prepositioned in the Gulf right now.

It looks as though the US and Israel may have decided to strike Iran, and soon.

You don't trot that much military hardware and personnel to that part of the planet without fully expecting to use it.

Jun 20 16:07

Brendon Oconnoll video

This guy is great!

Jun 20 16:02

Canadian who was on flotilla slams Israeli policy change

The softening of a policy criticized as collective punishment of Gaza’s 1.5 million Palestinians to weaken their hard line Islamist leaders follows an Israeli raid on a flotilla in which nine activists died.

But Canadian activist Rifat Audeh, who was aboard that flotilla bound for Gaza when it was raided on May 31, said Sunday he doubts Israel has done anything to help people in the Palestinian territory.

He dismissed the announcement as “Israeli propaganda.”

“It’s another one of these publicity stunts Israel is conducting,” the former Toronto resident said from Jordan. “I don’t want people — especially in my hometown — to fall prey to this propaganda.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

He is correct. Israel already announced the opening of the crossings, then closed them again, and WHO says that while they were open medial supplies were still not being allowed through.

Israel's plan is to say the blocklade is eased and use it as a lever to convince other nations to block further aid ships. Then as soon as the world is looking elsewhere (the coming attack on Iran) Israel will re-impose the starvation ban again.

There is really only one solution. Israel must be required to do what every other nation on Earth does; draw their borders and learn to live within them.

It is time for a Palestinian state if for no other reason that to stop these attacks by Israel on American citizens!

Jun 20 16:00

Pentagon Snubs Leaker's Lawyers

The secretive whisteblowing website WikiLeaks said Friday night that its founder, Julian Assange, had hired private criminal defense lawyers to represent the 22-year-old Army intelligence specialist accused of providing WikiLeaks with highly classified combat videos from Iraq and Afghanistan.

But Birgitta Jonsdottir, a parliamentarian in Iceland who acts as a spokeswoman for the website, said in a telephone interview from Reykjavik that the Pentagon had refused this week to allow the lawyers to meet the Army intel analyst, Bradley Manning.

Manning, who has been assigned military counsel, is reported to be in custody in Kuwait and has not been heard from publicly since he was arrested three weeks ago

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has every reason to be concerned about the conditions of Manning's incarceration in Kuwait right now.

If what is said about the video about to be released, in terms of showing a civilian massacre, most of them children and teenagers, I hope it gets downloaded to every computer in this country: it is high time the American taxpayer clearly understands what their tax dollars are buying in Afghanistan.

Jun 20 15:55

Move to resurrect Superfund tax likely to spark battle on Hill

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do NOT stick the American people with the cost of this disaster. We were not the ones who sitting around our offices whacking ff to internet porn, doing drugs, accepting gifts and hookers from the oil industry instead of keeping an eye on them. More to the point, we are not the one who had 400 days in office to fix the problems with MMS (and SEC) and was too busy taking care of a foreign government that he could not be bothered to take care of the United States of America.

You broke it, Obama, you buy it!

Jun 20 15:52

BP ‘burning sea turtles alive’

Mike Ellis, a boat captain involved in a three-week effort to rescue as many sea turtles from unfolding disaster as possible, says BP effectively shut down the operation by preventing boats from coming out to rescue the turtles.

"They ran us out of there and then they shut us down, they would not let us get back in there," Ellis said in an interview with conservation biologist Catherine Craig.

Mike Michael at Gather.com reports that Kemp's Ridleys are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Harming or killing one "carries stiff fines and civil penalties ($500-$25,000) assessed for each violation. Criminal penalties include possible prison time and fines from $25,000-$50,000."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable. The acronym BP, now and forever in the future, stands for "Biohazard Provocateurs"!!!

Jun 20 15:46

Oakland stevedores

Jun 20 14:11

Cutting through the confusion about Israel/Palestine

Richard Forer, a former member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), exposes the deceitful and dishonest foundations on which support for Israel is built. In a detailed letter, he outlines a path which those interested in justice and genuine peace in the Middle East can take to reach a true understanding of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Jun 20 13:10

Noam Chomsky's Hypocrisy

The American linguist Noam Chomsky is often described by Western media as “arguably the world's most influential intellectual today”. To his friends, Chomsky is a “relentless thorn” in U.S.-Israel Zionist policies. But reading between the lines of his repetitive and recycled propaganda, Chomsky is an opportunistic hypocrite.

Jun 20 12:41

Protesters prevent unloading of Israeli ship

Jun 20 12:33

Truth about Israel's last war

Jun 20 12:30

US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

International agreements require Egypt to keep the Suez open even for warships, but the armada, led by the USS Truman with 5,000 sailors and marines, was the largest in years.

Jun 20 12:24

Priest Accused of Stealing $1M From Church

A Catholic priest in Waterbury is accused of illegally taking $1 million from his parish for his personal use.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's Satan's fault he was caught!" -- Pope Benny the Rat

Jun 20 12:22

BP Blocks Attempt to Save Endangered Sea Turtles from Oil Spill

Jun 20 12:18

Shock and Anger: Some reactions to the Gaza flotilla attack

Jun 20 12:15

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Unhappy About Anti-Israel CNN Viewers

Pay very careful attention to the tone Blitzer takes here when he is subject to listening to a plethora of anti-Israel comments voiced by CNN viewers:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Poor widdle Blitzer doesn't like that Americans are more worried about America than Israel!

My comment about the government applies equally well to the media.

No media can serve two masters, and a media that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A media friend to Israel is no friend of America.

America needs media who will put America first, second, and third.

So, starting today, please boycott anyone on the news supporting Israel's "right" to starve the Gazans, or who support and protect the nation that attacked Americans in international waters. Turn them off, switch the channels.

The good news is that if you are using a cable box, that box will register your change of the channel and report it to the ratings services. If enough people turn off Blitzer (or any other Israeli media whore) the report of that phenomenon will e on the programming department's desk in just a few days.

You can change history by changing your channel. Pretty cool, huh?

Jun 20 11:31

Israel Preparing To Repeat The “Marmara” Scenario, Lebanon to Respond

Lebanon is preparing to explain its position at the UN Security Council in response to Israeli threats to prevent ships that could sail from Lebanese ports in an attempt to break the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip, Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Sunday.

The paper quoted an unnamed source as saying that Lebanon will reject Israeli accusations, especially after the letter sent by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev on Friday to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Security Council members pointing to alleged links between the sponsors of a new Gaza-bound aid ship and Hezbollah.

Jun 20 11:24

For some reason, this reminds me of the movie "Wall-E"

Jun 20 11:21

Cutting through Israel's propaganda war in the US

Four short clips of things
Americans never see on TV

Jun 20 11:08

Dear President Obama: That's IT!

Everywhere you look - and now even on Mainstream Media channels - The American People have had it with the bullshit, the last straw probably the Coast Guard nit-picking over fire extinguishers and life jackets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Pussy.

Actually the final straw for me was watching you and your congresscritters tryi9ng to protect the nation that attacked a US-flagged ship and American citizens in international waters, typified by Chuck Schumer's insistence that it is OK to starve the Gazans because they are not Jewish!

So, on behalf of the millions of Americans who voted you into office on your promise of change, you are your government are fired. The Founding principle of this nation, enshrined on the Declaration of Independence, is that the governnent is allowed to govern with the consent of the governed.

We The People do NOT consent to wars started with lies.

We the people do NOT consent to being looted of our last crust of bread to feed the wolves of Wall Street.

We the people do NOT consent to funding government agencies that refuse to do their job, whether it is the SEC whacking off to internet porn on their taxpayer-funded computers for 12 years while Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot screws Americans for $65 billion, of the MMS whacking off to internet porn on their taxpayer-funded computers, plus doing drugs, while reckless drilling in the Gulf of Mexico unleashes the greatest environmental disaster in history.

We the people do NOT consent to picking up the costs of these corporate screwups.

We the people do NOT consent to endless vote fraud and media manipulation to keep the current ruling caste in power.

We the people do NOT consent to being made slaves of a foreign power, either to fund their atrocities and war crimes, or sacrifice our loved ones in endless wars on their enemies.

Clean out your ... no, wait, clean out OUR desk!

Jun 20 11:05

Gulf oil spill: A hole in the world

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is not just an industrial accident – it is a violent wound inflicted on the Earth itself. In this special report from the Gulf coast, a leading author and activist shows how it lays bare the hubris at the heart of capitalism

Jun 20 11:03

Obama welcomes ease of Gaza blockade, reaffirms Israel's right to self-defense

Obama's spokesman Robert Gibbs reaffirmed "Israel’s right to self-defense, and our commitment to work with Israel and our international partners to prevent the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition into Gaza."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, for Obama's administration, Israeli "self-defense" includes hijacking of ships carrying humanitarian aid workers on the high seas, (who are attempting to bring desperately needed supplies to Gaza), and the slaughtering of those aid workers, including Americans.

Jun 20 10:52


Is Obama once again risking the lives of young Americans to satisfy the whims of the ‘only maniacal state in the Middle East’?

Jun 20 10:45

Fannie and Freddie tab is $146B and rising

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took over a foreclosed home roughly every 90 seconds during the first three months of the year. They owned 163,828 houses at the end of March, a virtual city with more houses than Seattle. The mortgage finance companies, created by Congress to help Americans buy homes, have become two of the nation’s largest landlords.

For all the focus on the historic federal rescue of the banking industry, it is the government’s decision to seize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September 2008 that is likely to cost taxpayers the most money. So far the tab stands at $145.9 billion, and it grows with every foreclosure of a three-bedroom home with a two-car garage one hour from Phoenix. The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that the final bill could reach $389 billion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With so many US jobs lost and/or offshored, home ownership has become a terrible trap and financial burden for far too many families which had legitimately good credit scores when they first took on their mortgages.

Jun 20 10:41

The meaning of strangulation

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, one of the most powerful politicians in the US, has avoided any criticism or even major press coverage for remarks he made only days later that supported the continued "economic strangulation" of Gaza; in part, because, he essentially argues, the inhabitants of the benighted Strip are not Jewish.

Jun 20 10:41

Bank failure is 83rd in '10; pace more than double last year's

Regulators on Friday shut down a Nevada bank, raising to 83 the number of U.S. bank failures this year.

The 83 closures so far this year is more than double the pace set in all of 2009, which was itself a brisk year for shutdowns. By this time last year, regulators had closed 40 banks. The pace has accelerated as banks' losses mount on loans made for commercial property and development.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And you've got Biden and Obama touting this as the "Recovery Summer"?!?

Are these men barking mad?!?!?

Jun 20 10:36

Napolitano: Internet Monitoring Needed to Fight Homegrown Terrorism

Fighting homegrown terrorism by monitoring Internet communications is a civil liberties trade-off the U.S. government must make to beef up national security, the nation's homeland security chief said Friday.

As terrorists increasingly recruit U.S. citizens, the government needs to constantly balance Americans' civil rights and privacy with the need to keep people safe, said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Homeland Security Chief Napolitano: what you are proposing has nothing to do with the security of this country, and you know it.

The best possible approach to the security of the US is to not be mucking about in other people's countries in order to obtain, by force, resources and/or access to those resources, the US government somehow claims as their own. Of course, not doing that would be...logical.

What this "monitoring" is ultimately going to devolve into is the absolute suppression of any logical, reasonable difference of opinion with that of the government on its domestic or foreign policies.

Jun 20 10:34

China forex move could thwart U.S. hopes - Roubini

China's decision to move away from its currency peg might mean the yuan weakens against the dollar instead of strengthens as Washington wants, Nouriel Roubini, one of Wall Street's most closely followed economists, said on Saturday.

Jun 20 10:33

Operation Plumbat

In 1968 Israel managed to obtain 200 tonnes of yellowcake shipped out of Antwerp to Genoa for a European front company by transferring the ore to another vessel at sea. This Mossad covert operation violated Euratom controls of nuclear materials.[1][2]

Jun 20 10:31

Aussie scientist's body found in Canadian river

"I still find it hard to believe that he was going for a walk at 11:30 at night when he had to work the next morning," he said.

Jun 20 10:30

WeAreChangeLA sends Karl Rove and his B.S. packing

Jun 20 10:29

Body in Ottawa River likely scientist's: friend

Cranswick's role as a scientist at the Chalk River facility led to speculation and international attention after he disappeared, but police said there was no evidence suggesting foul play.

But the disappearance was strange: Cranswick vanished after taking out the garbage not long after finishing work on Jan. 18. His car was still in his garage and his wallet and personal belongings were in his unlocked house.

Jun 20 10:28

US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

Egypt allowed at least one Israeli and 11 American warships to pass through the Suez Canal as an Iranian flotilla approaches Gaza. Egypt closed the canal to protect the ships with thousands of soldiers, according to the British-based Arabic language newspaper Al Quds al-Arabi.

One day prior to the report on Saturday, Voice of Israel government radio reported that the Egyptian government denied an Israeli request not to allow the Iranian flotilla to use the Suez Canal to reach Gaza, in violation of the Israeli sea embargo on the Hamas-controlled area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This Iranian flagged, Red Crescent aid ship will probably be used as the pretext for starting a US/Israeli military attack against Iran. And if such an attack happens on a Iranian-flagged humanitarian aid ship, Iran has the high moral ground here; not the US and Israel.

Take a look at the map:


Having transited the Suez Canal, that puts this very formidable military force into the Gulf of Aden. From there, they will travel northeast, until they reach the Persian Gulf.

No matter where the Iranian aid ships are coming from, when the US and Israeli ships get to the Persian Gulf, watch for a confrontation.

Tel Aviv and Washington desperately need a distraction right now; for the Israeli government, it is away from the flotilla massacre, and for Washington, it is the away from the BP catastrophe, two failed wars, and an economic meltdown.

Jun 20 10:27

BP Document Estimates Spill At 100,000 Barrels Per Day

An internal BP Plc document released on Sunday by a senior congressional Democrat shows that the company estimates that the rate for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill could be about 100,000 barrels of oil per day...

Jun 20 10:16

May foreclosures in state double

The state’s foreclosure crisis continued in May as the number of homeowners who lost their properties more than doubled compared with the same month a year ago, according to data released yesterday.

Jun 20 10:16

US cautions Pakistan over pipeline deal with Iran

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pakistan said it was a done deal with Iran when signed the agreement.
Now Holbrooke is in Pakistan to twist arms..because the agreement signed between Pakistan and Iran is in conflict with US sanctions approach..!!

Jun 20 10:12

Three Gates Blocked to Israeli Ship NOW @ Oakland Docks; Live Webcam Updates

This could be history; a first in the United States; joining actions in many countries.

Just left the Oakland Docks where 300 people are blocking the entrances to two gates into the berth where the Israeli Zim cargo ship is to be unloaded. The action started this morning at 5:30am PST. The longshore workers are scheduled to start their shift at 7:00 and 8:00 am this morning.

Jun 20 10:08


Israeli occupation forces today in Beit Jala engaged in beatings, burning of fields, and attacking peaceful demonstrators, bystanders, and reporters. Two young Palestinians: Mohammed Masalma and Thaer Mahmoud were injured after severe beatings with hands and clubs (they were both near their homes and not participating in the demonstration). Several demonstrators were also roughed-up. Occupation enforcers also attacked six reporters and prevented them from doing their job of covering the event

Jun 20 10:02

4,171 on Oahu have no homes

The number of homeless on Oahu is up by about 15 percent -- or 533 people -- from 2009, according to a new "point-in-time" count that providers say highlights the need for continued attention to one of the biggest social crises in the state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All we need to do is tell the TSA to stop treating our tourists like they are concentration camp inmates and we can get the state back on track!

Jun 20 09:59

Stop the bullets! A call to end the use of live ammunition against unarmed civilians in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’

The catastrophic Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which left 9 dead, has rightly horrified the international community. However, lethal force by the Israeli military is nothing new to Palestinians. In the Gaza 'buffer zone’, live ammunition is routinely used against unarmed demonstrators and farmers.

Farmers attempting to cultivate land in the 'buffer zone’ are routinely met with barrages of live ammunition and occasional artillery shells. Exacerbating widespread poverty and malnutrition, farmers cannot access one third of their land without facing extreme danger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to "normal" for Gazan Palestinians.

Jun 20 09:58

French cinema chain pulls Israeli film in protest

A small French cinema chain has made waves by postponing this month’s showing of an Israeli comedy to protest the country’s deadly May 31 raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.

The Utopia cinema chain replaced “Five Hours from Paris” with the documentary “Rachel,” about Rachel Corrie, an American student crushed to death by a bulldozer in 2003 while protesting Israeli house demolitions in Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

French theater owners have more balls than President Obama!

Jun 20 09:56

Slide in shipping shows global recovery running out of steam

Europe’s woes are showing early signs of stalling the recovery of global trade. The Baltic Dry Index, a measure of global shipping that is followed closely by economists, is suddenly raising red flags over the pace of the economic rebound.

Jun 20 09:56

Act would be disastrous in light of our country's economic situation

Clearly, our economy is still in bad shape. Unemployment and the state of the real estate market, key indicators of economic strength, are still suffering.

Despite this, Congress might pass the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act. This bill raises taxes on investment partnerships in real estate and other ventures by more than 150 percent and will stifle economic activity. Rep. Zack Space joined his Democrat colleagues in voting "yes," and the U.S. Senate might vote on the legislation soon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any increase in any tax will doom the economy. The only chance in hell there is to save the present system is to cut all taxes by 50%, which is easy to do if we stop wasting trillions of dollars killing Israel's enemies aro9und the world!

Jun 20 09:55

Central Command chief reassures Senate on July 2011 “withdrawal” date: No US military exit from Afghanistan

In congressional testimony this week, Gen. David Petraeus, commander of American forces in the Middle East and Central Asia, made clear that the July 2011 timeline announced last December by President Obama to begin withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan could be extended.

He further stressed that the date did not imply either a rapid drawdown of troops or an early end to the nearly 9-year war. On the contrary, Petraeus and other top officials, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, used congressional hearings to underscore Washington’s commitment to the indefinite military occupation of Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (absence of) surprise.

Jun 20 09:54

Foreclosures Still Piling Up

Let's check in on San Diego foreclosure activity. This indicator is only marginally useful because, as discussed many times previously, much of San Diego's foreclosed inventory has been kept off the market. When new homes go into foreclosure, they may increase the backlog of "shadow inventory" but they don't necessarily have any immediate effect on supply. Still, it's worth looking at how fast that backlog is building.

Jun 20 09:50


‘Sometimes the Israeli government does not make it easy for its friends to explain why it behaves the way it does,’ says aid minister Dirk Niebel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Stop being a friend!

Jun 20 09:49


Israel’s separation wall, twice the height of the former Berlin Wall and more than 750km-long, is a much hated barrier in the Palestinian West Bank.

Now, a restaurant owner in the occupied Palestinian West Bank has come up with unique way to please World Cup fans: he has been showing every match of the tournament on a section of the wall, transforming it into a giant screen.

Jun 20 09:49

Unrest in Pakistan: Moving Beyond "the U.S. National Interest"

“The military is the muscle that protects the ruling elite from the wrath of the people,” says Pakistani political analyst Dr. Mubashir Hassan. “Right now, people are out on the street; blocking roads, attacking railway stations, etc. If you read the papers, it seems as though a general uprising has started all over Pakistan.”

Dr. Hassan says that sporadic outbursts of anger in Pakistan won’t coalesce into a people’s revolution anytime soon. The demonstrators are too disorganized. But, the sheer volume of daily protests shows that many sectors of Pakistani society have pressing needs and priorities that do not include enlistment as foot soldiers in a proxy force for the United States’ War on Terror.

Jun 20 09:48


An Israeli that goes abroad and stays there for a period of two to six years can return to Israel with the full ‘rights’ of a new immigrant. This includes the tax free purchases of home essentials, an automobile, and a good rate on a mortgage.

A Palestinian from Jerusalem that goes abroad for purposes of education or work CANNOT RETURN TO HIS HOME…

Jun 20 09:48

Israel screws up? Time to wag the fake Al Qaeda!

American-Born Militant Spokesman Says Obama Must Withdraw Troops, Stop Backing Israel and Leave Muslims Alone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Long time readers will recall, that Adam Gadahn is actually Adam Pearlman, the grandson of a member of the board of the ADL. Like the other "American Al Qaeda" Youssef Al-Khatabb (real name Joseph Cohen) of Brooklyn, these guys are fakes, used by the media to keep you scared of those mean ol' Muslims we all gotta go kill for Israel!

Jun 20 09:46

What do BP and the Banks Have In Common? The Era of Corporate Anarchy

President Obama missed what the BP oil spill disaster is really about. Though unquestionably an environmental disaster, the BP oil spill is much much more.

The BP oil spill is part of the same problem as the financial crisis: The BP oil spill and the banking crisis are two examples of the era we are living in, the era of corporate anarchy.

In a nutshell, in this era of corporate anarchy, corporations do not have to abide by any rules—none at all. Legal, moral, ethical, even financial rules are irrelevant. They have all been rescinded in the pursuit of profit—literally nothing else matters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporations are entities which have no conscience.

Therefore, it is critical to the economic health of a country that appropriate government regulation protect its people from corporate abuse.

However, with most of the US Congress and Administration having become "acquired" by these very same corporations, there is utterly no protection for individuals against corporate abuse, no matter what that form of abuse may take.

The BP catastrophe may well destroy the Gulf of Mexico, and the the US's Eastern seaboard, for decades to come. It may also potentially collapse the food chain around the planet to a very severe degree.

Jun 20 09:39

Report: Delay in launch of Lebanon Gaza-bound flotilla

Earlier Sunday, Israel informed the United Nations and - through diplomatic channels - the Lebanese government that it reserves the right to use all means necessary to stop ships seeking to breach the naval blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a big pressure put on Lebanese government to stop the flotilla from sailing by many countries including USA.

Israel is going crazy over this flotilla because it is carrying nuns.
Israel is in touch with the Vatican seeking help in disallowing the sailing of this flotilla.

Because Israel cannot attack nuns,and claim self defence, now the Israelis linking this flotilla to Hizbollah..and that's the sell now..in most US media.

Israel has committed an act of war, attacking a US-flagged ship and Americans in international waters; the same crime and for the same reason that Japan attacked US-flagged ships and Americans in 1941. The present government's pathetic roll-over to the attacking nation should end any doubts that Ariel Sharon was not kidding when he stated "We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it!"

Jun 20 09:35

Flotilla Check: Facts and Israeli Lies

Flouting international demands for an independent investigation of its deadly attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla in international waters, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formed an internal commission composed of three Israelis and two, non-voting international observers. The commission chair, retired Israeli Supreme Court justice Jacob Turkel, expressed his hope that the panel would finish its work as "quickly" as possible. And Netanyahu has promised that the "Gaza flotilla probe will show the world Israel acted lawfully." Both comments leave many observers wondering how seriously the findings of a quick, internal investigation with a seemingly pre-determined outcome can be taken.

Jun 20 09:33

The Red Cross and Israeli MPs prevented from knowing location of secret prison

It now seems clear that the Red Cross and, indeed, members of Israel's parliament, are being stopped by Israeli intelligence services from finding out the location of what has been called a "secret prison". The MP for the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, Dr. Dov Hanin, has filed an enquiry to the Israeli Internal Security Minister, Yitzhak Aheronovic, regarding an unidentified prisoner at Ayalon Prison, Department 15. The prisoner, whose details were referred to on the Ynet website, and then quickly removed, has been held in total isolation and prevented from having visits or giving any information about himself to the officers who guard him. Nobody claims any knowledge of the reasons for the said prisoner to be in this situation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In contrast, the Red Cross was allowed access to all the German slave labor camps, and kept permanent offices and staffs in many of them.

Jun 20 09:29

Turkish Doctor Describes Treating Israeli Commandos During Raid on Mavi Marmara

With my broken English I tried to tell them that I was a doctor and there was no need to be afraid and that nobody was going to hurt them. They relaxed after a while and watched us running around, jumping from one patient to another in tears, faced with our friends bathed in blood. I also asked our assistants to keep an eye on them so that they would not be threatened.

We could have as well left them to their fate, but this is not the humanity that we act with. We asked photographers not to film in the medical center and I have no idea how and when that picture was taken but God never leaves good deeds unheard. That picture shows the difference between the Israelis and us.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the real account of what happened on the Mavi Marmara.

Jun 20 09:28

Israel Planned Iran Attack From Caucasus Base

A week ago, Israel leaked to the press that they had permission from Saudi Arabia to use their air space to attack Iran. The Saudi’s quickly denied this. The effort on Israel’s part was a ruse to cover their real plans, to attack from the Republic of Georgia, close to Iran’s northern border. However, the breakdown in relations with Turkey after miscalculating the response to their Flotilla raid on a Turkish ship in international waters may have ended this operation.

Israel, whose arms agreements with Turkey mounted to nearly $5 billion dollars over a period of years, had been training pilots in Turkey for bombing attacks on Iran. During these training missions, Israel was smuggling aircraft through Turkish airspace.

Jun 20 09:23

Former Marine Had Hands Raised When Shot

The unarmed former Marine fatally shot by an off-duty Baltimore police officer outside a Mount Vernon bar early Saturday had his hands in the air when the officer fired 13 rounds, striking him nine times in the chest and groin, according to department sources.

Two top police commanders said Thursday that four witnesses -- two friends of victim Tyrone Brown and two bystanders -- corroborated that version of events in taped interviews with homicide detectives and prosecutors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to take the guns away from the cops and give them back to the people.

Jun 20 09:22

Getting Out of Palestine?

Although the Israel lobby expressed particular outrage at Helen Thomas’ suggestion that Israelis go back to Germany and Poland, many Israelis have done precisely that. In his book, The Seventh Million, Tom Segev writes that many thousands of Israelis have “requested and received German passports.” According to the Jewish Virtual Library, there were 118,000 Jews living in Germany in 2006. Another 49,700 lived in Hungary and 3,200 in Poland.

Jun 20 09:20

Iran, Pakistan sign gas export deal

Jun 20 09:17

Future looks bleak for Gulf: Alaska STILL hasn't recovered from Exxon Valdez disaster 21 years later

"There it is. That's oil coming out. I can smell the hydrocarbons," he said as gumball-sized tar balls bubbled up. "It's just poison soup is what that really amounts to."

Kopchak, a fisherman for 36 years, wasn't standing on a contaminated beach in Louisiana or Florida.

His rubber boots were planted on Prince William Sound in Alaska, where the Exxon Valdez hit a reef and dumped 11 million gallons of crude in March 1989 - far less than the estimated 73.5 million to 126 million gall

Jun 20 09:09

Abuse at the Hands of the Most Moral Army in the World

Jun 20 09:08

Thousands of Israelis flock back to Germany

Unsurprisingly, once World War II was over and the new state of Israel came into being in 1948, the few Jews who had miraculously survived were loath to stay in Germany, in the "Land der Taeter" ("country of the perpetrators").

But today, decades later, with an ever-dwindling number of Holocaust survivors still around, the scars are slowly healing and Germany is becoming an attractive place to live for many Israelis.

A steady trickle has been returning to make use of a law allowing descendants to claim German citizenship.

Jun 20 09:07

American Military Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan Now Exceed 500,000

Since 2001, the Pentagon has sought to downplay overall U.S. military losses by artfully redefining what is a combat-related “casualty.” It has published and then changed the rules several times regarding the reporting of casualties. Currently the Pentagon uses DoD Instruction 1300.18 to arbitrarily separate out “wounded in action” from non-battle injuries. Wounded in action is narrowly defined to essentially be an injury directly caused by an adversary. So called “friendly fire” injuries and deaths would apparently not be counted. The emphasis is on acute injuries caused by enemy munitions which pierce or penetrate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

Every single one of our Vets returning home from service deserves the same level of medical care Dick Cheney gets: they have earned it.

Unfortunately, they have earned this care for service which had nothing to do with the safety of the US, but everything to do with potential private profit in oil, minerals, and drugs.

Jun 20 09:07

A note of appreciation from the Elite

Always remember that if everyone like you were economically secure and socially privileged like us, there would be no one left to fill all those boring, dangerous, low-paid jobs in our economy. And no one to fight our wars for us, or blindly follow orders in our totalitarian corporate institutions. And certainly no one to meekly go to their grave without having lived a full and creative life. So please, keep up the good work!

Jun 20 09:03

Limbaugh Represents a Deep and Serious Pathology in our Society

Limbaugh is paid to divert the frustration, anger and confusion of whites – who have been shafted by the Reagan Revolution's elevation of America's relative tiny super wealthy population and predatory global corporations – toward scapegoats, usually of the swarthy, female, or gay side, not to mention the all-encompassing target of “liberals.” To whites who are economically dispossessed by the Reagan redistribution of income to the wealthy, “liberals” are to blame for taking their now reduced income – if they are lucky enough to have a job – and, according to Rush, redistributing it to the poor (of course, his bilious innuendo is pointed squarely at minorities, even though most people on welfare and unemployment are white, but we're dealing with propaganda fiction here.)

Jun 20 08:57

Report: Lebanon forbids launch of Gaza-bound flotilla

Earlier Sunday, Haaretz reported that Israel had initiated diplomatic efforts designed to prevent the departure of at least one vessel, carrying 50 to 70 Lebanese women and food aid. Israel has been in touch with the UN, United States, France, Spain and Germany. It has also been speaking with the Vatican because the ship is expected to include several dozen Catholic nuns.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shame on Lebanon's government. And they wonder why the people are turning to Hezbollah!

Jun 20 08:56

Tel-Aviv school principal to face Knesset Committee over his outspoken views against the occupation

On Monday, June 21, I am to appear before the Knesset Education Committee and the Minister of Education, Mr. Gideon Saar, following my unequivocal words to my students, condemning the 43 year-old occupation and rule over the life of the Palestinian people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Supporting a state when it is wrong is not the duty of a citizen; it is the duty of a slave.

Jun 20 08:52

Today's attack by Israeli forces and more

Jun 20 08:51

Turkish troops enter Iraq after Kurd rebel attacks

Turkish forces pushed into northern Iraq on Sunday, killing four people, including a 15-year-old girl, as they hit back against hideouts of Kurdish rebels who killed 12 soldiers in the deadliest spell of violence in two years.

The ground incursion into Iraq -- only the second in more than two years -- came after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to fight the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) "to the end" in response to what he called the "cowardly" assault by its fighters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: neither the Iraqi nor the US military have any control on the ground at the Turkish-Northern Iraqi border!

Jun 20 08:48

BP’s plan: Raise $50 billion, sue business partners

BP is trying to raise 50 billion dollars to cover the cost of the Gulf of Mexico spill and is preparing to sue its partners in the oil field, British newspapers said on Sunday.

The Sunday Telegraph said BP is readying to take legal action against US firm Anadarko, its main partner in the field, for its share of the clean-up costs

Webmaster's Commentary: 

50 billion won't even begin to pay for the clean up of this catastrophe.

Watch Congress and the White House figure out some way to make taxpayers pay the lion's share of cleanup costs.

Jun 20 08:46

Israel Preparing To Repeat The “Marmara” Scenario, Lebanon to Respond

Lebanon is preparing to explain its position at the UN Security Council in response to Israeli threats to prevent ships that could sail from Lebanese ports in an attempt to break the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip, Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Sunday.

Jun 20 08:41

Because it can never be repeated enough: 9/11 Experiments: Collapse vs. Demolition

Any theory that does not match experiment is wrong. It doesn't matter what the computer models predict, how much funding is behind it, what the experts say, or what everyone "thinks". Nothing can fool the laws of physics.

2 videos at link.

Jun 20 08:18

The One State Solution Sounds Like a Good Idea, But …

Solving the problem of Israel/Palestine isn’t rocket science: the solution is obvious. We just have to get serious about it.

It is becoming clear even to very slow learners that a European settler-colonialist society based on ethnocentric identity, established in the middle of the 20th Century no less, in the midst of people with whom they have little or nothing in common, aggressively alienating their new neighbors through the establishment of an Apartheid state based on blatant racism, and carving out ever more territory for itself through ethnic cleansing and remorseless genocide, never really had much of a future.

Jun 20 08:09

The Strange and Consequential Case of Bradley Manning, Adrian Lamo and WikiLeaks

...exactly what the U.S. Government wanted to happen in order to destroy WikiLeaks has happened here: news reports that a key WikiLeaks source has been identified and arrested, followed by announcements from anonymous government officials that there is now a worldwide "manhunt" for its Editor-in-Chief. Even though WikiLeaks did absolutely nothing (either in this case or ever) to compromise the identity of its source, isn't it easy to see how these screeching media reports -- WikiLeaks source arrested; worldwide manhunt for WikiLeaks; major national security threat -- would cause a prospective leaker to WikiLeaks to think twice, at least: exactly as the Pentagon Report sought to achieve? And that Pentagon Report was from 2008, before the Apache Video was released...

Jun 20 07:49

Chevron (CVX) in the Amazon – Oil Rights or Human Rights? Texaco's legacy, Chevron's responsibility

"Our health has been damaged seriously by the contamination caused by Texaco. Many people in our community now have red stains on their skin and others have been vomiting and fainting. Some little children have died because their parents did not know they should not drink the river water."

Jun 20 07:37

Ron Paul Calls Out Neoconservatives By Name

Jun 20 07:26

Sorry, Trillions in Unmined Mineral Wealth Is Not a Reason to Keep Occupying Afghanistan

Our leaders are now boldly selling wars as commendable instruments of such profit-focused imperialism.

Jun 20 07:25

Louisiana lawmakers propose prayer to stop oil disaster

Next up: a plea for Superman to save the day

Jun 20 07:11

The St. Petersburg Times’ Poor Excuse For A Blog

Over the last several years we’ve seen an explosion of blogs. These websites have become increasingly popular and pose a serious threat to the influence of conventional media outlets...

Jun 20 07:06

Armada of U.S. and Israeli Warships Head for Iran

June 20, 2010
More than twelve U.S. and Israeli warships, including an aircraft carrier, passed through the Suez Canal on Friday and are headed for the Red Sea. “According to eyewitnesses, the U.S. battleships were the largest to have crossed the Canal in many years,” reported the London-based newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi on Saturday.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Egyptian opposition members criticized the government for cooperating with the U.S. and Israeli forces and allowing the passage of the ships through Egyptian territorial waters. The Red Sea is the most direct route to the Persian Gulf from the Mediterranean.

Jun 20 06:56

Large oil spills are old news in the Niger Delta

BIG oil spills are no longer news in the Niger Delta, where the wealth underground is out of all proportion with the poverty on the surface. This once-verdant area has endured the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill every year for 50 years by some estimates. The oil pours out nearly every week, and some swamps are lifeless.

Perhaps no place on earth has been as battered by oil, experts say, leaving residents here astonished at the non-stop attention paid to the gusher half a world away in the Gulf of Mexico. It was only a few weeks ago, they say, that a burst pipe, belonging to Shell, was finally shut after flowing for two months. Now nothing living moves in a black-and-brown world once teeming with shrimp and crab.

Jun 20 06:17

A note of appreciation from the Elite

Let's be honest: you'll never win the lottery.

On the other hand, the chances are pretty good that you'll slave away at some miserable job the rest of your life. That's because you were in all likelihood born into the wrong social class. Let's face it — you're a member of the working caste. Sorry!

As a result, you don't have the education, upbringing, connections, manners, appearance, and good taste to ever become one of us. In fact, you'd probably need a book the size of the yellow pages to list all the unfair advantages we have over you. That's why we're so relieved to know that you still continue to believe all those silly fairy tales about "justice" and "equal opportunity" in America.

Jun 20 05:37

Yet Another Reason Why Cops Should Not Have Guns

here are two Fascist Fuzz killing a dog which was chained to the back of a truck. Why they were even bothering this dog (Where was the owner?) is beyond me. Why wasn’t the local ASPCA called in—or at least someone who knew how to handle this situation?

Jun 20 04:39

The Israeli Role in the Plundering of Iceland-Part 1

May 22, 2010
By:Chris Bollyn
Part One


The discovery of large amounts of Super-Thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is solid scientific proof that the government and media version of 9-11 is nothing but a pack of treasonous lies. The evidence indicates that the Twin Towers were exploded using sophisticated nano-composite forms of Thermite and cutter charges. Thanks to the Internet, the truth about 9-11 is out and understood by millions of people across America and around the world.

Jun 20 03:51

Will currency float help U.S.-China relations?

China’s surprise announcement that it will continue floating its currency after a nearly two-year hiatus is catching the financial world by surprise.

After Chinese leaders denied for months they would cave to international pressure, the Saturday announcement by China’s central bank is widely seen as a way to defuse the issue from being raised at next week’s G-20 summit in Toronto, especially since China’s May exports shot up nearly 50 percent year-on-year. But is that the whole story?

Jun 20 01:30

The NRA's Deal with the Devil

Disappointment does not come from opponents; it comes from friends.

Earlier this week, the NRA issued a statement when it was becoming known that Democrats had cut a deal exempting the NRA from coverage under the DISCLOSE Act, which is the Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer response to the Citizens United First Amendment decision by the Supreme Court that targets free speech.

The NRA's initial statement of justification reflected the logical inconsistency of the NRA's position, to wit:

Jun 20 00:55

New York Times Planted Story on Afghan Mineral Wealth Designed to Prolong US Occupation, Spur Neocon-Backed Petraeus Presidential Candidacy

To provide a new and spurious economic looting argument for making the US occupation of Afghanistan virtually endless, and to advance the candidacy of General David Petraeus as the principal neocon warmonger candidate for president on the Republican ticket in 2012 – these are the purposes of the story planted in the June 13, 2010 New York Times under the byline of James Risen, who is acting as stenographer for the neocons in the great tradition of his predecessor Judith Miller. In retrospect, this article may well be seen as the opening gun of an overt push to place General Petraeus in the White House in 2012 as the new Field Marshal von Hindenburg.

Jun 20 00:19

Australian Unions act to isolate Israel

The movement for Australian union action against Israel is gaining strength after the apartheid state’s latest murderous attack on the unarmed aid flotilla to Gaza.

The South Coast Labour Council (SCLC) and the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory branches of the Australian Services Union have joined the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union in committing to the international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against the aggressive Israeli state.

Australian unions and peak bodies have also called on members to attend the many protest actions.

June 19, 2010

Jun 19 22:44

Gulf Coast residents brace for more oil

Residents of the Gulf Coast braced for more oil from a ruptured BP Plc well to hit their beaches on Sunday as oil washed ashore at Panama City, a popular Florida tourist destination.

The city's beaches remained open after clean-up crews removed the tar balls from shore, authorities said. Even so, the sight is a worry for a state with an annual tourism industry worth $60 billion.


They say their beaches are OK. But, it's what you don't see that's going to harm your health some time down the road. Give the situation a year or so and then see how people exposed to it have fared. Then you'll be glad you stayed away.

And, if rumors about the methane bubble are real, you really don't want to be anywhere in low lying Florida!!!!!!

Jun 19 20:49

US Marine Austin Moody: US military never learns US Constitution and are incapable to defend it

*hyperlinks live at source*

Austin Moody served four years as infantry in the US Marines. He gave me permission to reprint his e-mail and letter below describing the Orwellian condition of active-duty military men and women conditioned to follow orders without ever being educated about the US Constitution. All orders must be within the US Constitution; ignorant soldiers are therefore incapable of honoring their Oath of Enlistment to support and defend the US Constitution.

This is a massive lie of omission from US military “leadership.”

Jun 19 20:21

Oil spill: BP to sue partner in Gulf oil well

BP is preparing to sue its main partner in the leaking Gulf of Mexico oil field for its share of clean-up costs after the company, Anadarko, said BP's behaviour revealed "gross negligence" and that the ­accident was preventable.

Jun 19 20:20

BSkyB fears 'Foxisation' by Murdoch

The BSkyB board is to demand assurances from News Corporation that it will not allow what has been described as a "Foxisation" of its successful services before it recommends any deal with Rupert Murdoch for a full takeover of the broadcaster.

Jun 19 20:17

Incredible sharp images of galaxy 26,000 light years away taken by telescope that beats Hubble

A ground-based telescope has taken the sharpest images ever seen of deep space.

The new system, installed on the $120 million Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mount Graham in Arizona, has delivered images three times sharper than the Hubble Space Telescope.
The telescope captured this clean, sharp image of a galaxy known as the M92 cluster which is around 26,000 light years away.

The telescope's extraordinary success is down to a technology known as adaptive optics

Jun 19 18:33

Mohamed Khodr : The Final Turkel Commission Report

July 4, 2010

Submitted To:

The Most Honorable Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

In response to the world’s outrage (except the U.S.) against Israel’s May 31st murderous attack on peace activists aboard the “Free Gaza Flotilla” delivering humanitarian aid to besieged Gaza, Benjamin Netanyahu and his Cabinet on Monday, June 14, 2010 voted in favor of creating an internal commission called the “Independent Public Commission” that includes three Israelis and two foreign observers to investigate the legality and circumstances of the IDF’s raid on the Flotilla that led to the death of nine Turkish peace activists.

Jun 19 18:25


Richard Falk: The Shock Resulting from Flotilla Attack have Reinforced the Campaign to de-Legitimize Israel.

He recently gave this exclusive and revealing interview to Intifada Palestine’s Elias F. Harb .

EH: Professor Falk, what is the legality of the Israeli blockade in Gaza in accordance with the San Remo Manual on International Law applicable to armed conflicts at Sea?

RF: The San Remo Manual was drafted by a series of experts and former diplomats over a period between 1987 and 1994 to provide guidance as to the use of force on the oceans and other international waters.



Jun 19 18:15

Exposing The Global Warming Scam - Ski Hill on Vancouver Island still open

18 Jun 2010 - Mount Washington has announced it will
open for skiing on the first weekend of summer.

Jun 19 17:03

Oil Cleanup Workers Not Paid On Time

The WDSU newsroom has fielded dozens of calls from people who say they're helping to clean up the oil but aren't getting paid for their work.

A group of response workers in Metairie said they waited on checks that never came this week. The person who hired them said it's all a mix-up.

The workers said they have been coming to work for weeks, but come payday, the checks never came.

"It has been hot. We have been promised stuff, and they lied to us," a worker said. "They're taking money, keeping money from us. Everything they tell us is a lie."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The owners of Tamarah, the BP contractor, had better get their act together, or they may find a horde of furious workers pounding on their doors come Monday.

Jun 19 16:55

Pentagon revives Rumsfeld-era domestic spying unit

The Defense Intelligence Agency filed notice this week that it plans to create a new section called Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operation Records, whose purpose will be to "document intelligence, counterintelligence, counterterrorism and counternarcotic operations relating to the protection of national security."

But while the unit's name refers to "foreign intelligence," civil liberties advocates and the Pentagon's own description of the program suggest that Americans will likely be included in the new database.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like this is intended to be the US's version version the old Soviet Union's KGB.

Jun 19 15:10

Money for aid - read this carefully


The State Department confirmed that nearly every offer of equipment or expertise from a foreign government since the April 20 oil rig explosion would require the U.S. to reimburse that country.

The offers reveal a hard truth about the United States' international friendships: With the U.S. widely regarded as the world's wealthiest nation, there is a double standard regarding foreign aid after a crisis, especially with offers from relatively poor countries.

U.S. disaster aid is almost always free of charge; other nations expect the U.S. to pay for help.

At least the story mentions Israel....

Jun 19 13:21

Arab-Israeli Parliamentarian Fights Death Threats

"I stopped counting after I had received 50 death threats. I told my secretary not to tell me about them any more," Arab-Israeli Knesset (parliament) member, Haneen Zoabi told IPS.

"As a result of the death threats I’ve been given personal body guards both within the Knesset and outside," adds Zoabi.

Zoabi, a member of the Arab-Israeli political party Balad, was on board the ‘Mavi Marmara’, part of the Free Gaza (FG) flotilla, when it was attacked by Israeli commandos in international waters as it tried to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza several weeks ago.

Jun 19 12:52

Erdogan: We Will Not Remain Silent after Flotilla Raid

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan said Friday that his country would continue to deal with Israel's deadly attack on Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla convoy and would never stay passive towards what happened.

Anatolia news agency quoted Erdogan as saying that some people expected Turkey to remain silent and forget Israel's piracy, but this would not happen.

Jun 19 12:50

Israel wants Turkish PM out of office

An Israeli minister has called for the removal of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has condemned the deadly Israeli attack on an aid flotilla, from office.

"The Turkish people aren't the enemy, but Erdogan is Israel's enemy," Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov was quoted by the Israeli daily, Ha'aretz as saying on Saturday.

Jun 19 12:49

Capitalism’s Legacy, the Auschwitz of Palestine, and the Attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla

Israel’s government claims its military was defending Israel against “terrorists” aboard the Freedom Flotilla that was bound for Gaza with humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees in Gaza. The coalition of international human rights volunteers had no guns. The IDF was heavily armed.

Jun 19 12:46

Let’s Chant: Free, Free Palestine

What we witnessed in the Freedom Flotilla carnage was not something totally unexpected. The Israeli regime, since its establishment, has engaged in killing, denials of any wrongdoing, and then killing again. The peace activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla came from 44 countries; the least thing these countries can do is to sever ties with the Israeli regime, a criminal entity that does not understand the language of peace. However, the man who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 simply offered his “deep condolences” and called for a “credible, impartial and transparent investigation” into the issue. It seems that news is possibly being obstructed en route to Mr. Obama. Perhaps he is waiting for an investigative group to tell him what has happened.

Jun 19 11:19

FLASHBACK - Obama: troops just air raiding villages and killing civilians

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bad when Bush did it, apparently okay now that Obama is the boss.

Jun 19 11:16

Attack on Iran to keep Israel "sole nuclear power in region."

Retired Egyptian General Amin Radi, chairman of the national security affairs committee, told the paper that "the decision to declare war on Iran is not easy, and Israel, due to its wild nature, may start a war just to remain the sole nuclear power in the region.

Jun 19 10:46

Armada of U.S. and Israeli Warships Head for Iran

More than twelve U.S. and Israeli warships, including an aircraft carrier, passed through the Suez Canal on Friday and are headed for the Red Sea. “According to eyewitnesses, the U.S. battleships were the largest to have crossed the Canal in many years,” reported the London-based newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi on Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel attacks Americans in international waters and the US does nothing. Iran has not invaded another country in 200 years and the armada is on the way!

Jun 19 10:43

Israel's new propaganda: OK to kill Turks because Ottoman Empire trying to come back.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So Israel, which justifies its theft of Palestine lands with the claim that the Jews were there first (they weren't; the Hittites were there before both of them) ansd thayt Israel has a right to "reclaim" their lost kingdom of Eratz Israel, now screams that Turkey must be the bad guy because they might be trying to "reclaim" their lost Ottoman Empire.

Jun 19 10:36

Woman is arrested for recording deputy

St. Mary's State's Attorney Richard D. Fritz (R) said Tuesday that "one may not surreptitiously record another person,"

I suppose the answer here is to post a sign in your neighborhood stating that police will be recorded by audio and video - then it's not surreptitious

Jun 19 10:35

Watch Small Business for Employment Forecasts

There simply are no signs of life in the startup sector–not surprising given that the US government is sucking up all the financial sources of the economy along with all the available balance sheet of the US and global banking system to finance its deficit.

Until this changes employment is going to remain dead in the water. The manufacturing boomlet simply has no impact on employment.

Jun 19 10:32

Bhopal, BP and karma

Watching Hayward being mauled in front of congress on Thursday, the thoughts in the back of my mind related not so much to sympathy for the American point of view but rather for the CEO. Instead of agreeing with the generally held opinion that BP is to blame for all the problems in the Gulf of Mexico - a view that has been cemented by an apparent history of cost-cutting that led to the mishap - my feelings are now tending towards the Karmic perspective, that is, that what BP is doing to America is pretty much what American companies have done and are doing to the rest of the world.

Jun 19 10:28

Delegitimization delegation

The delegitimization campaign may reflect another passing of the baton, this time to civilian NGOs. There was no point in looking for smuggled missiles aboard the Mavi Marmara. The most effective weapons on the ship were the cameras and the resulting images that were broadcast to the Muslim world and to Europe. This is a new form of struggle, and Israel still hardly knows how to cope with it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the author of this article: Israel has needed absolutely zero assistance in creating its own delegitimization, courtesy of the brisk, ongoing annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank, coupled with the ongoing immoral and illegal siege of Gaza.

Jun 19 10:20

Israel to UN: We reserve the right to stop Lebanon Gaza-bound flotilla

Israel's UN ambassador on Friday urged the government of Lebanon and the international community to prevent a small group of ships from trying to break the blockade of Gaza, warning that Israel reserves the right to use all necessary means to stop the vessels.

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Translation: Israel may well use the Lebanese flotilla's attempt to bring aid to Gaza as their justification for reinvading Lebanon.

I wouldn't put it past Israel to sink the flotilla, the passenger list of which is comprised primarily of Christian Lebanese women.

That's the reason the primary aid ship is named "Miriam", in honor of the mother of Jesus in the biblical account.

Jun 19 10:18

Israel threatens to arrest and try passengers of international ships bound for Gaza

Jun 19 10:14

Report: Germany rejects Israeli call to halt probe into Mossad role in Dubai killing

The German government has said it will not intervene to stop an investigation into a suspected Mossad spy linked to the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai, despite pressure from Israel, a German newspaper reported on Saturday.

A German official told Der Spiegel his ministry was united in the belief that any investigation into Uri Brodsky should be "dealt with according to purely judicial considerations".

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Good for Germany!

Jun 19 10:12

Emergency Department Visits Involving Nonmedical Use of Selected Prescription Drugs --- United States, 2004--2008

DAWN is a public health information system that tracks the impact of drug use, misuse, and abuse in the United States by monitoring drug-related hospital ED visits. In a manner similar to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System,* DAWN uses a sample of EDs to estimate national ED visit rates (2). DAWN collects data from a stratified, simple random sample of approximately 220 nonfederal, short-stay, general hospitals that operate 24-hour EDs in the United States.

Jun 19 10:11

Darrell Issa has eye on subpoena team

Issa frequently reminds reporters that he has bashed Republicans too. He pushed legislation to restrict fundraising mailers that look like the census after the Republican National Committee used the tactic. And he proudly told the crowd that he resisted pressure from the Bush White House to drop his California recall push on grounds that an unpopular incumbent Democrat could help a Republican’s electoral chances.

So now the dems and GOP will drawing your attention away from what they're really doing by chasing each other with subpoenas. I guess they need something to fall back on after the American public gets tired of the gulf oil spill.

Jun 19 10:08

Report: UNIFIL will enforce Resolution 1701, stop flotilla if needed

Diplomatic elements in New York said that UNIFIL headquarters in the city have warned Lebanon that UN naval forces will not allow any violation of resolution 1701 and will prevent any such violation, the Lebanese newspaper as-Safir reported Saturday.

The newspaper nevertheless noted that the UNIFIL HQ in south Lebanon did not confirm the report. A senior source told as-Safir that "the naval unit's mission is to assist the Lebanese government in preventing any unauthorized transfer of weapons into Lebanon via the sea, at its request."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As very frequently happens with "reports" from Israeli on-line resources, please note that this "report" is not at all sourced.

Just who the sam hill are these "Diplomatic elements" making this claim?!?

If the report were true, these "diplomatic elements" would be named.

Jun 19 09:57

Obama's liberal critics find their voice

He's not only tone deaf but also growing hostile to public criticism. Indeed, Obama goes after whistleblowers with more punishing venom than ever did George W Bush who whined about leaks but did not indict. In Obama's 17 months in office he has outdone all his Oval Office predecessors in going after anyone in government who dares spill the beans to the media.

Jun 19 09:50

BP Oil Spill: As Pay Czar Promises Money, Workers Turned Away From BP Claims Center

Millions of dollars worth of claims have been filed by businesses and people who've lost their livelihoods because of the BP oil spill, but 60 days into the crisis, lawmakers say the company has paid only 12 percent of them.

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Unflipping believable.