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"We moved, on the next day, crossing in our path a deep creek and the Little Seneca river, and after marching six miles we reached the castle, which consisted of 128 houses, mostly very large and elegant. The town was beautifully situated, almost encircled with a clear flat which extends for a number of miles, where the most extensive fields of corn were, and every kind of vegetable that can be conceived. The whole army was immediately engaged in destroying the crops. The corn was collected and burned in houses and kilns, that the enemy might not reap the least advantage from it, which method we have pursued in every other place... Every creek and river has been traced, and the whole country explored in search of Indian settlements; and I am well persuaded, that, except one... there is not a single town left in the country of the five nations." -- General John Sullivan 1779



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February 24, 2016

Feb 24 13:43

Texas Court Tosses Criminal Case Against Former Gov. Perry

The felony prosecution of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry ended Wednesday when the state's highest criminal court dismissed an abuse-of-power indictment that the Republican says hampered his short-lived 2016 presidential bid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which is probably why it happened in the first place!

Feb 24 13:30

Western Lies on Russia's Syria Campaign Exposed on Air

Russian President Vladimir Putin could well resolve the Syrian issue and destroy Daesh, French politician and former Minister of Vocational Education Jean-Luc Mélenchon told French journalists Lea Salame and Yann Moix who have tried to accuse Moscow of bombing Syrian opposition instead of the terrorist group. "The Russians are the ones who cut off supply routes which Daesh used to smuggle oil into Turkey. I am not the one who is saying this – the Turkish opposition confirmed this. These are the sites that have been bombed. I congratulate the Russians on disrupting these deliveries because this will be the reason for Daesh's defeat," he noted. Apparently dissatisfied with Mélenchon's stance on what is happening in Syria, the journalists interrupted the politician claiming that Russia was not targeting Daesh, but the so-called moderate opposition. "Ninety percent of airstrikes are not aimed at Daesh, but rebels," Moix suggested. "This is not true," Mélenchon retorted.

Feb 24 13:22

Apple’s Little Secret: There Is Already A Backdoor Installed On Your iPhone

The current media frenzy about Apple’s stance on user privacy is likely to be a deliberately orchestrated distraction from the fact that the government already routinely accesses private information from Apple and Microsoft products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s “protests” against FBI’s demands are a ploy to distract the public from the reality that there’s already a backdoor on every new iPhone that ships around the globe: the ability to load and execute modified firmware without user intervention.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, Apple's sales have been down, and this whole contrived "controversy" may be an attempt to boost Apple's sales.

Feb 24 13:18

San Francisco declares homeless tent city a HEALTH HAZARD...and gives those living on the sidewalk just 72 hours to pack up 

San Francisco health officials declared a tent city that has been growing along a city street a health hazard and gave homeless people living on the sidewalk 72 hours to clear the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And go .......... where???????

Feb 24 13:17

Alabama: Armed Citizen Involved in Stopping Mass Shooting

Another legally armed person has stopped a potential mass shooting in Hamilton, Alabama on February 10th, 2016. The shooting occurred in the morning, a little over an hour before noon, over a distance of a couple of blocks. Two people, 67-year-old Donny Miller and 61-year-old Linda Cole were killed in separate offices. The second victim was shot in an accounting office close to the bank pictured above. A WVTM13 crew was on the scene less than two hours after the shooting. Here is video from Marlei Marinez, from WVTM13.

Feb 24 13:09


Less than two months into the new year, Chicago is already battling a significant increase in homicides. In fact, the homicide rate so far this year is double what it was for the same period in 2015. According to a report published by the Chicago Tribune Monday, 95 people have already been killed in the city this year, a two-fold increase from 47 last year. Likewise, while this time last year Chicago recorded 193 shootings, that number has also more than doubled to over 420 so far. In January, the city saw 51 homicides, the highest for that month since the year 2000. This past weekend alone, 32 people were shot, four fatally, and Monday added an additional two homicides to the tally.

Feb 24 13:08


Creative protest has its value: a man showed up at the Nashville International Airport buck naked on Sunday, in an apparent protest of the TSA. Stark naked 53-year-old Eric Cherry was photographed by traveler Tod Brilliant from California in the American Airlines queue. Brilliant assumed Cherry, who was later identified, chose to forego clothing as an act of protest against strict security practices. “I walked up to him and said ‘You’re amazing.’ He replied ‘Thanks.’ Then they came for him,” said Brilliant in a Facebook post about the incident.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 24 13:05

Liquid hydrocarbon fuel created from CO2 and water in breakthrough one-step process

As scientists look for ways to help remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a number of experiments have focused on employing this gas to create usable fuels. Both hydrogen and methanol have resulted from such experiments, but the processes often involve a range of intricate steps and a variety of methods. Now researchers have demonstrated a one-step conversion of carbon dioxide and water directly into a simple and inexpensive liquid hydrocarbon fuel using a combination of high-intensity light, concentrated heat, and high pressure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, no, no, no, NO! The ONLY way to save Earth is for you to buy my Carbon Credits and pay Carbon Taxes! " -- Al Bore

Feb 24 13:04

The REAL Goal of America and Israel: Shatter Syria and Iraq Into Many Small Pieces

The hawks in the U.S. and Israel decided long ago to break up Iraq and Syria into small fragments.

Feb 24 13:03

Using Republicans as Shield, Clinton Dodges Again on Wall Street Speeches

When she was first asked the question last month by a journalist during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Clinton just laughed in response before turning away. Subsequently, during a televised debate, Clinton said she would "look into" it.

But the concern over the content of her paid speeches to Wall Street firms has only grown in recent weeks and on Tuesday night, during a town hall event in South Carolina, Clinton answered the question by saying she would only release transcripts of her remarks if "everybody does it" and argued that she was being treated differently than other presidential candidates. "Why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else?" she asked CNN moderator Chris Cuomo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is a transcript of my remarks before Wall Street:





















Feb 24 13:00

5 Hillary scandals the media is missing

Hillary Clinton can condemn Republicans as her “enemies,” dismiss the Veterans Administration scandal as “not widespread,” and get caught lying about what she knew about Benghazi and when she knew it — but the mainstream media doesn’t seem to give a damn.

They’ve ignored those stories in favor of articles about how Hillary has come through her email scandal with flying colors. They’ve crowned her as her party’s presidential nominee three months before the first primary caucus. And they’ve given her a pass on all the other scandals that tarnished her tenure as secretary of state.

This is exactly what Sen. Marco Rubio meant when he said: “The Democrats have the ultimate Super PAC: It’s called the mainstream media.”

It’s about time these reporters got serious about covering Hillary and redeemed their reputation.

With that in mind, I hereby offer a guide to five Hillary stories that haven’t gotten the proper coverage they deserve.

Feb 24 12:58

Lebanese Analyst: S. Arabia Never Dares to Equip Terrorists in Syria with Heavy Arms

A prominent Lebanese analyst and journalist said Saudi Arabia would never dare to send heavy weapons to the terrorists in Syria for the fear of Russia's retaliatory measures. "Saudi Arabia is very unlikely to arm the terrorists with weapons which can change the balance in Syrian battlefields since this will create a Saudi-US challenge for Russia, and Moscow will never sit silent under such conditions," Hassan Qondour told FNA on Wednesday. His remarks came after the Syrian army and popular forces discovered military equipment and supplies in the newly-captured territories in Lattakia province that had been supplied by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the terrorist groups.

Feb 24 12:58


During his 1992 campaign for the presidency, Bill Clinton was fond of promising America, “You get two for the price of one,” indicating Hillary Clinton would act as his co-president.

But the nation got much more than it bargained for, as the top power couple brought a load of baggage with them into the White House from their days in Arkansas.

After the Clintons moved into the presidential mansion, the political scandals multiplied – from use of the IRS and FBI to target political opponents to stalking and harassing subjects of Bill Clinton’s sexual advances and even attempts to loot taxpayer-funded items from the White House. Americans also witnessed capers such as Travelgate, Chinagate, Filegate and Pardongate.

clintons3Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades and subsequent impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice consumed more than a year of American public life and bitterly divided the nation.

Feb 24 12:56

Saudi King's Aid to Iraq's Al-Anbar Suspicious

Saudi King Salman has issued an order to deepen Riyadh's influence among the Iraqis under the guise of helping al-Anbar residents to repair damages sustained during the conflicts in the province, Iraqi pundits said on Wednesday. Samer al-Sahban confirmed on his tweeter page on Wednesday that he has received the order for immediate assistance to al-Anbar residents. He underlined that the "King Salman Center" has put on agenda necessary coordination to send the aid. Pundits say the Saudi claim about sending immediate aid to the residents of al-Anbar comes as Riyadh has had a long track record of dispatching financial and arms aid to the terrorists who have fomented insecurity in the province for some time under the guise of humanitarian aid and assistance to the local Sunni community. Senior Iraqi officials also blame Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some Persian Gulf Arab states for the growing terrorism in their country.

Feb 24 12:54

Yemeni Forces Destroy 10th Saudi Warship

Yemeni army missiles targeted and destroyed another Saudi warship in the Red Sea in al-Mukha coastal waters near Bab al-Mandeb Strait on Wednesday. "The missile fired by the army and popular forces destroyed the Saudi warship in al-Khukha coastal waters as it was heading towards the al-Faza coastal region in al-Hudayda province," Arabic-language media outlets quoted a military source as saying on Wednesday. The military source reiterated that the Saudi vessel was the 10th of its kind sinking in waters offshore Yemen in the last six months. Other Saudi battleships that were approaching Yemen's coasts retreated fast following the attack. The coast of Al-Mukha is located in Bab al-Mandab strait and the Saudi-led forces have been trying hard for several months now to win control over the coastal regions near the waterway.

Feb 24 12:52

Terrorists Receive New Arms Cargos from Turkey

The terrorists stationed in the Northern outskirts of Lattakia city have been equipped with new cargoes of weapons reportedly coming from Turkey. The new batch of arms includes BM-21 122-mm Grad multiple rocket launchers, sources said on Wednesday. Lattakia is a province bordering Turkey. The Syrian army and popular forces have recently pushed the militant groups back from more territories in the Northern part of Lattakia province and took back several villages and heights. Earlier this week, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that more than 80 nations, particularly Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have provided financial, logistical and material assistance to terrorist groups, who are fighting in Syria. The Syrian leader described foreign sponsorship as "active" and "unlimited." Some of those countries support radicals "directly with money, with logistical support, with armaments, with recruitments," he noted in an interview with Spain's El Pais newspaper.

Feb 24 12:50

Mogherini: EU Against Formation of Kurdish State in Middle East

EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said the bloc opposes the formation of a separate Kurdish state in the Middle East. "The European Union does not support any separatist agenda for the Kurds - being it in Turkey, being it in Iraq, being it in Syria," Mogherini said at the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, Sabah Daily reported. Mogherini reiterated the EU's condemnation of violence by the PKK following an attack in Ankara that killed 29 people last week. "The European Union condemns in any possible way any terrorist act and considers the PKK as a terrorist organization," Mogherini said. "We also believe, as united as we are in condemning terrorist acts, that the way to solve the Kurdish issue inside Turkey is through a peace process that the same Turkish government started a few years ago before dropping it," she said.

Feb 24 12:49

Iraqi Commanders: Volunteer Forces to Continue Mosul Battle Despite US Pressures

The Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) commanders reiterated that they are determined to continue their tough battle against the ISIL in a bid to take full control of the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq, and said that they will pay no heed to the US pressures aimed at preventing them from doing so.
"We are committed to the Iraqi government's decision that the Iraqi volunteer forces should play an active role in the battles against the Takfiri terrorists in Mosul," Spokesman of Iraq's Ansarullah al-Nujaba Movement Hashem al-Moussavi told FNA on Wednesday. He reiterated that the volunteer forces are waiting for the Iraqi government's decision before moving towards Mosul. "The US and the regional spy agencies are seeking to trouble the Iraqi volunteer forces' partnership in the war against the ISIL in Mosul, but to no avail," al-Moussavi added.

Feb 24 12:42

Damascus Condemns US Kerry's "Plan B" Remarks

"Kerry's remarks are aimed at diverting the public opinion from the US responsibility for the crimes committed by the terrorists against the Syrian nation," a Syrian foreign ministry official said on Wednesday. "The US and its allies and puppets are accountable for the crisis in Syria and its continued trend since they are still supporting terrorism," the official added. According to the official, the Syrian nation and government want the end of crisis as soon as possible and are trying more than anyone else to eradicate terrorism and strengthen unity in Syria. The Syrian government on Tuesday accepted terms of the ceasefire deal as announced by the US and Russia, but the Damascus government wants the war against the ISIL to continue as planned.

Owl 1
Feb 24 12:24

A Rubio-Cruz ticket may be the only way to stop Donald Trump

Marco Rubio is now the only plausible alternative to Trump. But it's doubtful he's taken either of the above lessons to heart. According to his campaign's post-South Carolina strategy memo, he thinks he can wait until after Super Tuesday to post a win in any state. And he assumes first-place finishes will ultimately come his way because the field will clear. Will it? Jeb Bush is finally out, but Ben Carson seems to be running one of the most ingeniously disguised book tours in modern memory; John Kasich is hunting windmills in Ohio and Michigan; and Cruz, having tasted victory in Iowa, is unlikely to give up anytime soon.

Rubio's strategy is not crazy, just implausible. Luckily, there's another option. Republican disarray is largely attributable to the fact that no “establishment candidate” has secured much support from the conservative grass-roots and no grass-roots candidate has secured much support from the establishment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is amazing how uneducated paid writers can be!

Now then, the Constitution requires that the President must be a "Natural Born" US citizen. "Natural Born", as defined in the time the Constitution was written, means born inside the country. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. His parents were both Canadian citizens at the time and Canada did not legally recognize dual-citizenship back then. Cruz's mother had to renounce her US citizenship.

There are now six lawsuits against Cruz on this issue.

Here is the kicker. The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution requires the Vice President to also meet the Constitutional requirements to be President, in case of succession. So, Ted Cruz cannot be the Vice President, either!

Feb 24 12:20

Man Faces Charges for Cursing out IRS

Feb 24 12:13

Rubio and Cruz Gambled Against Trump and Came Up Snake Eyes

I know this will come as a shock to many NRO readers, but a state built on glitz and legalized casino gambling, a state where prostitution is legal in several counties and one where one of the candidates who exemplifies the aforementioned characteristics has his name on the tallest residential building, isn’t necessarily the state that is likely to be an electoral stronghold for family-values Republicans or traditional conservatives—or frankly anyone not named Donald J. Trump.

(*Sounds like CROW is on the menu over in The National Review lunch room )

Feb 24 12:12

We may be reaching the end of the dominance of US aircraft carriers

Going back to the Battle of Midway and beyond, the United States aircraft carrier task forces have been the dominant power on the seas, and for good reason. When properly deployed and flanked by smaller, versatile warships, they provide the equivalent of a massive air base and marine troop deployment station which can be parked on the doorstep of any enemy. Unfortunately, their days of supremacy may be numbered, at least according to one recent report. (Washington Post)

Feb 24 12:12

Judge orders Clinton aides to be questioned under oath on emails

A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that U.S. State Department officials and aides to Hillary Clinton should be questioned under oath about whether the former secretary of state's use of a private email system was an effort to skirt open records laws.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan is likely to add to the uncertainty hovering over Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for the November U.S. presidential election, about the legal consequences of her decision to exclusively use a private email server in her New York home for her government work.

Feb 24 12:11

Pentagon Seeks to Deploy Mobile Artillery Near South China Sea

With tensions escalating in the South China Sea, the US Army is discussing the possibility of sending mobile artillery units to the region.

Feb 24 12:11

Anti-govt. protests continue on Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine

Right-wing protesters continued to rally on Independence Square (the Maidan) in central Kiev on Sunday. Hundred demonstrators marked the two year anniversary of the Maidan coup calling for the immediate resignation of the government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how the US media isn't covering THIS demand for a change in government!

Feb 24 12:09


So far Kiev has avoided it’s inability to pay thanks to foreign aid, mainly from the IMF. For the past two years in the country were poured 20 billion dollars. Most of them, however, are wasted or go to military spending, prompting the IMF and European institutions to become more suspicious of Kiev. “We lost a quarter of our industry, and that’s without counting the loss of Crimea and Donbas”, reminds the leader of the “opposition bloc” Yuri Boyko. The promised reforms from the cabinet of Yatsenyuk remain on paper. IMF chief Christine Lagarde has warned Kiev that without accelerating reforms they can not rely on a new tranche from the fund. Ukraine, however, is expecting a bail out of $ 1.7 billion, with which it can secure the macroeconomic balance of the budget. “Ukraine does not deserve what happened to her. The IMF holds the country that it ostensibly seeks to save, in a suffocating embrace,” said former Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov.

We just found the advertiser who was causing problems on the site and disconnected them. Please help us cover the shortfall while we get new advertisers..

Feb 24 12:09

“OK, Big Brother:” Evidence Shows ISIS Fighters Working With Turkish Military To Cross Syria Border

By Brandon Turbeville

Tempting fate and risking both prosecution and shut down, Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper has recently revealed yet more evidence that Turkey is collaborating directly with ISIS terrorists and assisting them across the border into Syria...

Feb 24 12:05


Walk of the torment: the European Union almost does not know from which side it needs to defend itself. Union is pressed by: the refugee crisis, the British crisis, the Greek crisis, Ukrainian crisis… The consequences of this crisis in the EU are diverse – some are very seriously threatening the foundations of a common European home, others put to the test its basic values. All European crisis, however, have something in common, they show high vulnerability of the Union and confirm that it is almost impossible to quickly and efficiently obtain an effective European response to a current challenge. Some will say that this is not easy, even in a mathematical point of view. The interests of 28 member states should be reconciled in one place, and their government which is made from about seventy political parties of different colors. This European “army” should be added whit 29.member: EU headquarters in Brussels, which makes its own story – often too bureaucratic and highly inefficient.

Feb 24 12:01

McGill students vote to support boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

There were celebratory cheers and dancing as students at McGill University voted for the first time on Monday to support a highly controversial and divisive motion in favour of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

It was the third vote in 18 months for the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) on the polarizing movement, which stems from a declaration issued in July 2005 — signed by about 100 Palestinian organizations — calling for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel that mirror those levied against South Africa for apartheid in the 1980s.

While the motion has created much tension on campus, it carried with a strong margin of 512 to 357, surprising activists on both sides of the debate — although that represents a fraction of 30,000 or so students at McGill.

Feb 24 12:01

Brexit: Why Britons won’t get what they vote for

On June 23, British citizens will line up to cast their vote on whether or not the country should stay in the European Union.

Plenty of reasons exist for Britain to leave the EU. Britain itself is an increasingly authoritarian environment but the trend in the EU is even worse.

Though it is heartening that British voters are finally able to vote on the Brexit issue, we are not confident that the elites will allow the people’s voices to be heard.

Feb 24 12:01


It is well-known that the Baltic States as well as Poland repeatedly asked for permanent alliance’s forces deployment on their soil. The governments consider this step the only effective measure to deter Russia. They are sure that the West is challenged to produce a precedent of breaking the agreement. Thus, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski argued that the alliance has no obligation to adhere to the 1997 promise because it faces “a completely different situation” and “a completely different Russia.” Sometimes it seems as if the governments of the Baltic States and Poland do not view the situation as a whole, and pursue only their own interests. Obviously from the strategic point of view provoking Russia with such steps may have serious consequences for the Baltic region and Europe as a whole.

Feb 24 11:59

French Jewish teacher 'made up' knife attack by Isis thugs

A Jewish teacher in France who claimed he was attacked by Islamic State jihadists was taken into custody on Wednesday, accused of lying to police.

The man invited the press to his house in Marseille in southern France the day after the supposed attack in November, saying he had been beaten by three men claiming to represent the jihadist group.

But a police source confirmed on Wednesday that the man had been arrested for allegedly fabricating the story.

He is not the only French teacher to be accused of lying about an Isis attack.

Feb 24 11:57

Obama Falsely Implies His Gun Controls Could Have Stopped the Kalamazoo Shooter

Speaking at a White House reception for the National Governors Association yesterday, President Obama mentioned the series of shootings that killed six people in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, on Saturday. "Earlier this year, I took some steps that will make it harder for dangerous people, like this individual, to buy a gun," he claimed. At this point there is no reason to believe that's true.

Obama's "executive actions" on gun control included a "clarification" of which gun sellers are "engaged in the business of selling firearms" and therefore must conduct background checks. But even if we assume that more gun buyers will undergo background checks as a result of that initiative (which is by no means assured), it is almost certainly irrelevant to the the case at hand.


Feb 24 11:57

Parents who do not vaccinate their children will pay a penalty of up to 150 thousand dinars

Parents or guardians who fail to vaccinate their children will be fined from 30,000 to 150,000 dinars, provided by the Law on protection of population from infectious diseases, which is now adopted by the Assembly of Serbia.

This amount will be paid and those in the process of epidemiological study does not tell the truth and do not provide accurate and complete information relevant to the detection of sources and modes of transmission of infectious diseases.

The punishment is provided if the person does not comply with the orders of medical doctors when certain obligations of transport by ambulance or isolation measures and treatment, as if before traveling to a country where cholera, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral haemorrhagic fevers and malaria, and on his return from these countries do not comply with the obligations prescribed by law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson

Feb 24 11:56

Russian TV: Serbian government betrays the nation

St. Petersburg's Fifth Channel broadcast a report by journalist Catherine Lane with the Belgrade streets during Saturday's rally against ratification of the law on cooperation with NATO.

- Despite the satisfaction of peak power after the signing of agreements on cooperation with NATO, the air smelled the pungent issue. Citizens took to the streets, they are not needed any additional explanations, they know very well what the NATO bombing, it experienced 17 years ago in my own skin - she is a facilitator in the announcement of the report, a Russian media reported.

Feb 24 11:54

Greek Attempt To Force Use Of Electronic Money Instead Of Physical Cash Fails

While the "developed world" is only now starting its aggressive push to slowly at first, then very fast ban the use of physical cash as the key gating factor to the global adoption of NIRP (by first eliminating high-denomination bills because they "aid terrorism and spread criminality") one country has long been doing everything in its power to ween its population away from tax-evasive cash as a medium of payment, and into digital transactions: Greece.

The problem, however, is that it has failed.

According to Kathimerini, "Greek businesses are not ready for the expansion of plastic money through the compulsory use of credit and debit cards for everyday transactions."

Feb 24 11:54


It is known that one of the foundations of the American economy is a defense industry sector, and it is quite obvious that it would not make any sense if wars or other kinds of conflicts would not exist. We should not be surprised then by the fact that the NATO member countries are one of the wheels of the US economy. Just imagine when you add up the two percent of GDP of today’s 28 members. We come to a huge amount of money which is collected on the other side of the pond. Of course sometimes these weapons must be used and tested in actions such as Desert Storm, the intervention in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, Iraq, and many others. Every expert in the geopolitical scene knows that all these NATO’s interventions are used only to bring the profit to the American military industry and using their slogans about freedom and democracy as a cover for dumbing down the masses to justify their evil deeds.

Feb 24 11:52

Military action against North Korea possible: Top US cmdr.

The United States does not rule out a possible military action against North Korea, if Pyongyang continues to develop its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, says a top US military commander.

On January 6, North Korea said it had successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb, a move that outraged Washington and prompted Congress to hit back with more sanctions against the country.

The standoff between Washington and Pyongyang further escalated on February 7, after North Korea successfully launched a long-range missile allegedly carrying an earth observation satellite.

The missile was thought to have a range of over 10,000 kilometers, enough to reach the US mainland.

Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Admiral Harry Harris, commander of US Pacific Command, said North Korea’s nuclear test was a global threat and a US military action is possible if such moves continue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The one thing the US government refuses to do is to get all parties, including North, and South Korea, China, and the US, seated at a negotiation table to devise a workable peace treaty with which to supplant the armistice, which is simply a cessation of hostile military activity.

The restraints against nuclear, and other, weapons developments must be spelled out very clearly in that treaty.

But unfortunately, the only way North Korea has been able to get the US government's attention has been through its weapons development.

Someone in the US government should have the courage and honesty to start to make this happen; otherwise, the tensions in the region may well escalate to a full-bore war with China, which is just as pledged to assist its client state, North Korea, as is the US government to its client state, South Korea.

Owl 3
Feb 24 11:50

Hanford contamination spread across public highway

The Environmental Protection Agency has called the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford “alarming” after a Nov. 17 windstorm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The good news; your tires melt the snow all by themselves now! :)

Feb 24 11:45

France deploys forces to Libya to allegedly fight against Daesh

A report says French special forces have been deployed in Libya under the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorists operating in the North African country.

On Wednesday, France’s Le Monde reported that French special forces and members of the DGSE external security service were in Libya for "clandestine operations" against Daesh militants.

Following the release of the report, French officials said they had launched a probe into a possible leak of classified documents.

"The investigation should establish if details covered by defense secrecy rules were revealed in this article," a source close to Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said.

This is while a violation of defense secrecy carries a penalty of up to three years in prison as well as a 45,000-euro ($50,000) fine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF, in fact, this report from Le Monde is true, the French people have the right to know what their country is doing with their tax dollars, and in their name.

Feb 24 11:44


It’s clear that the recently adopted ceasefire threatens the Turkish and Saudi interests in Syria significantly. Both countries support a wide range of Islamic militant groups including Al Nusra Front, which was designated as a terrorist organization by the UNSC. Turkey has clearly been violating Syria’s sovereignty with its systematic artillery shelling of the northern part of the country and by allowing the flow of reinforcements to militants while Saudi Arabia spent significant amounts of petro-dollars in order to support groups attempting to overthrow the Syrian government. In this case, the Turkish statements claiming the possibility of a military invasion of Syria and Saudi Arabia’s intention to deploy an air force to support the Turkish operations can’t be ignored.

Feb 24 11:43

Trump Shatters Republican Party

Trump’s dominance in “the 2016 primary will define the GOP for years to come.”
After winning three of the first four nominating contests, Donald Trump hasn’t just hijacked the Republican Party but fractured it newly into three.

The populist billionaire’s rise to the pinnacle of Republican politics has upended what had been decades of relative GOP stability, a 40-year span in which most Republican presidential contests since 1976 neatly narrowed to an establishment-embraced front-runner and a conservative insurgent alternative.

No more.

Feb 24 11:42


On Wednesday, an Iraqi military source said that the United States had decided to build new military bases in Iraq’s Anbar Province allegedly to counter ISIS. The military source also said that the two bases would be set up in the Hamarah region of Fallujah city and in areas close to the Iraqi-Syria border. “The US military claims the increased presence of its troops in the province is in line with countering the rising influence of ISIS,” a source from the Anbar Operation Command said. However, the US military is running two bases in Anbar’s Habbaniyah and Ayan al-Assad regions by leading a so-called international coalition against ISIS with warplanes.

Feb 24 11:37

Crumbling American Economy Headed for Venezula-Style Collapse: “Worthless Cash; Nothing To Buy”

This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at his Project Chesapeake website.

Editor’s Comment: System breaks down. Lines form, doors shut, shelves go empty. Currency self-implodes. Scarcity, starvation, submission kick in for those who aren’t prepared with resources or barter items.

Feb 24 11:35

Hawaii superdelegates: Let voters decide!

Let the voters decide. Pledge to support the candidate who gets the most pledged delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 24 11:28

Nasa asteroid watch: Truck-sized meteor smashes to Earth with force of Hiroshima atomic bomb

Nasa has reported that a truck-sized meteor slammed into the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 41,600mph on 6 February 2016, exploding with a force equivalent to 13,000 tonnes of TNT – nearly matching the 15,000 tonnes force of the 'Little Boy' atomic bomb which levelled the city of Hiroshima in 1945. Luckily, the point of entry into the Earth's atmosphere was 600 miles east of Rio de Janeiro and the ensuing impact was too small to generate a tsunami.

No-one was injured and there were no eye-witness reports. However, what concerns astronomers is the fact that no-one saw the meteor coming.

Feb 24 11:26

Intruder shot after attempting to cut homeowner’s throat

A man was shot and killed after breaking into a man’s home in Lockland, Ohio, Tuesday afternoon.

It was close to 2:15 p.m. when a gold car pulled up near the home and four individuals proceeded to get out, while a fifth person remained in the vehicle. The suspects then forced their way inside the home, but unbeknownst to them, the homeowner, who has not been publicly identified, but sounds to be an older gentleman, was there waiting with a gun.

Feb 24 11:25

Russia's 'Orthodox Oligarch' Explains Recent Meeting with Pope - (Malofeev) (Video)

One of the most intriguing figures in Russia’s political and spiritual life, Konstantin Malofeev is sometimes referred to as the ‘anti-Soros’. He is reputedly the largest Christian philanthropist in Russia, and an unabashed conservative, backing various charities, schools, and social and political causes. He is a monarchist. He is a strong supporter of family values and an outspoken critic of abortion, tolerance of homosexuality, and gender-bending. Last year he financed a major documentary film about the international homosexual lobby called "Sodom". He thinks the meeting is a great victory for the Russian church, which is deeply socially conservative, because it indicates a turn to conservatism within the Catholic church. The meeting has provoked a strong outcry from conservatives in the Russian church, who believe that it is wrong to have anything to do with the Catholics, whom they see as hopelessly evil. We wrote about this last week.

Feb 24 11:23

Cops Raid Wrong House and Kill an Innocent Young Man – Steal Witness’s Phone for Filming It

Edgar Camacho-Alvarado, 23, was shot and killed by police this weekend while police were searching for a murder suspect in his neighborhood. The young man was not actually guilty of any crime, nor did he pose a threat to officers, and he never even attempted to interfere with their investigation. He was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, working to fix the engine in his truck in the driveway in front of his home.

The police are refusing to release any further information about the shooting, but Edgar’s family wants answers.

PINAC reported that the victim’s little brother had his cell phone confiscated by police and that it is possible that he recorded the killing on his phone.

Feb 24 11:23

To Wipe Out Terror, The US Is Now Bombing Seven Different Countries

An American bombing raid in Libya on Friday signaled a potentially deepening involvement in the latest front of the U.S. military campaign against the Islamic State—and underscored the expansion of U.S. airstrikes as a tool to combat Islamist terror groups around the globe.

U.S. aircraft are now targeting jihadists in seven countries from North Africa to Afghanistan. And ISIS militants aren’t the only extremists in the crosshairs of American warplanes and drones. The U.S. is also still hunting al-Qaeda operatives and Taliban fighters where these jihadists pose security threats to U.S. allies and interests.

But the civilian toll in these attacks can be high, analysts and monitoring groups say. A United Nations report last year alleged that U.S. drone strikes in Yemen had killed more civilians than al-Qaeda operatives. In September, an American warplane fired on a charity hospital in northern Afghanistan, killing 30 patients and staff and wounding dozens more.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These extrajudicial assassinations have absolutely no standing in American law, no matter the mounds of false "justifications" President Obama's attorneys have dug up with which to justify the practice.

They are not only morally wrong; they are also a weapon which radicalizes more young men, leading to a state of perpetual war, which, of course, the US military/industrial complex just loves.

Feb 24 11:22

Study: FDA Allows Glyphosate in Your Food Based on Monsanto’s Faulty Research

Despite the World Health Organization’s classification of glyphosate — the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup — as a probable carcinogen for humans last year, the product remains the top-selling herbicide worldwide. Though the agrichemical behemoth vociferously disputes the findings, researchers recently found Monsanto’s claims are based on outdated and inadequate science.

Enough glyphosate, Truthout noted, “is now used to cover nearly every acre of cultivated cropland in the U.S.,” leading to widespread glyphosate tolerance, including reports of “superweeds” that are virtually immune to repeated drenchings. Use of the dangerous weedkiller has increased by more than 100 times since it first came to market in 1974.

Feb 24 11:20

Here are the snowstorm closings

Feb 24 11:18

?Israeli Mass Murder Since Last October Alone

From October 1 last year through February 21, Israeli soldiers and police extrajudicially executed 184 Palestinians, including 41 young children and seven women – averaging over one murder daily, its killing machine showing no mercy, no signs of relenting, nothing restraining its barbarism.

Feb 24 11:18

Russian 5th Generation Fighter Jet T-50 PAK FA Sets World Record in Rate of Climb

Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA) has set the world record in rate of climb, reports the Russian newspaper.
The Russian aircraft was climbing at a speed of 384 meters per second. With such speed it would have been on top of Everest in 23 seconds, said the portal.

The T-50 is undergoing a programme of testing — including weapon tests. According to the commander of the Russian Air Force, Viktor Bondarev, the last 11th plane of the test squadron will be built in 2016. The aircraft factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is ready for serial production of the PAK FA. Many countries have shown interest in the Russian jet. The start of production of the export version of the T-50 jet is planned for 2020.

Feb 24 11:18

Russia to Turn Old Missiles Into Asteroid Defence System

In 2013, an asteroid shattered to pieces in the atmosphere above Russia and the resulting debris injured over 500 people and caused widespread damage to buildings. Scarily, that space rock was only around 50 feet in diameter – imagine the chaos a larger asteroid could cause.

Say something three times larger, at 150 feet in diameter. Currently, scientists could only tell us where an asteroid that large would land within hours, which is not nearly enough time to properly respond.

Russia’s Kakeyev Rocket Design Bureau’s lead researcher Sabit Saitgarayev explains why conventional rockets cannot be used against such a threat:
“Most rockets work on boiling fuel. Their fueling begins 10 days before the launch and, therefore, they are unfit for destroying meteorites similar to the Chelyabinsk meteorite in diameter, which are detected several hours before coming close to the Earth,”

“For this purpose, intercontinental ballistic missiles can be used, which requires their upgrade.”

Feb 24 11:16

MH17 - Dutch Prosecutor Opens Doubt on MH17 Evidence

The cover-up is cracking up - Dutch and Australian prosecutors can’t get their evidence straight. Dutch government prosecutors investigating the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 have reported that secret US satellite intelligence they have been shown cannot be used in evidence in a prosecution in an international or Dutch court, and that no evidence is currently available to charge anyone for the crime of firing on the aircraft, killing the 298 passengers and crew on board. The report, in the form of a 5-page letter addressed to families of the victims was signed by Fred Westerbeke, the Dutch official in charge of the investigation, and mailed last week.

Feb 24 11:11

Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy Catastrophes

Many commentators have mentioned (such as here and here and here and here) that Hillary Clinton left behind no major achievement as U.S. Secretary of State; but, actually, she did. Unfortunately, all of her major achievements were bad, and some were catastrophic. Six countries were especially involved: Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. The harm she did to each country was not in the interest of the American people, and it was disastrous for the residents there.
Hillary Clinton at every campaign debate says “I have a better track-record,” and that she’s “a progressive who gets things done.” Here’s what she has actually done, when she was Secretary of State; here’s her track-record when she actually had executive responsibility for U.S. foreign-affairs. This will display her real values, not just her claimed values:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF you want more wars; the return of the draft (there are, as of last count, 3 bills in Congress to make this happen, and this time, women will be drafted as well); more US job offshoring/outsourcing; more income inequality at home, and more hatred of America abroad because of its horrific foreign policy, then by all means, please support Clinton's candidacy.

IF you do not want to see this happen, please consider your alternatives, and read and think very carefully about the other candidates' positions on foreign and domestic policies.

Feb 24 10:58

ISIS Seizes Syria Village, Aims to Block Aleppo Supply Route

After several straight days of gains in and around Aleppo Province, the Syrian military is suffering a setback today, with ISIS forces capturing the village of Khanaser and contesting control over a key desert road being used by the military as their primary supply route into Aleppo.

Rebels have long contested the main highway from Damascus to Aleppo, and the Syrian military has used the desert road as an alternative, but with ISIS’ latest push they appear to be making that route another dangerous path into the important northern city.

The Syrian military reported that the road has been effectively closed for the past two days by the fighting, and that they are amid an ongoing offensive aimed to recover full control of the road. In the meantime, the offensive around the city itself is likely to be slowed.

Feb 24 10:53

Back to Iraq: US Military Contractors Return In Droves

Behind the president’s directive to ‘accelerate’ the counter-ISIS campaign came a surge in the number of contractors assisting in the campaign against ISIS.

The number of private contractors working for the U.S. Defense Department in Iraq grew eight-fold over the past year, a rate that far outpaces the growing number of American troops training and advising Iraqi soldiers battling Islamic State militants.

The sharp increase, disclosed in a recent Pentagon report to Congress, underscores the military’s reliance on civilians even for missions with relatively small troop presence.

“If you look at the size and the composition of the forces that have been deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, that’s changed markedly in the past year,” said Rick Brennan, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corp. and a retired Army officer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's almost a 100% increase in the space of a year for the hired mercs, and a 30% percent increase in US troop strength.

And what is the "metric", or measurement to be used to assess the success of these contractors?!?

Will simply throwing private contracting personnel at the problem of ISIS stop the problem of (US trained, funded, and equipped) ISIS growth and recruitment?!?

I predict that the short answer will be no.

And at that point, we will see a major escalation of US troops on the ground here, but more than likely, starting in the term of the next President of the United States.

Because, as is happening in Syria, ISIS is the "mad dog" factor, engineered to get grudging approval from US citizens for more US military destabilization in the Middle East, with the outcome being the US government in total control of both the Iraqi and Syrian governments, and with their oil being only sold in US dollars.

Feb 24 10:51

Black thinkers like Bernie Sanders. They've studied the Clintons' true cost

Spike Lee is the latest black public intellectual to endorse Bernie Sanders and to question the sanity of black voters and politicians pledging their allegiance to the Clintons, who have done as much harm to black America as any living political couple. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am mystified by robust black support for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Feb 24 10:46

Crazed Kiev Clown Regime May Outlaw the Word 'Russia'

The Ukrainian parliament is to consider a bill, which would make calling Russia ‘Russia’ a criminal offense. The bill penned by a Radical Party MP says ‘Russia’ derives from Ukraine’s historic name and can’t be used by the Russian Federation. With the word ‘Russia’ inadmissible, the bill says ‘Moscovia’ should be used instead. Violating the ban would be considered a crime and punishable by a fine of about $2,875 and twice that much for repeat offenders and government officials...

Feb 24 10:46

The new mind control

The internet has spawned subtle forms of influence that can flip elections and manipulate everything we say, think and do

Feb 24 10:45

Congressional Budget Office Unleashes Plot To Fleece America, Charge Drivers By The Mile (While Giving Untold Billions To Israel)

The U.S. Congressional Budget Office released a lengthy report two weeks ago strongly suggesting that the 18.4 cents per gallon gasoline tax, which is supposedly spent on maintaining the roads and infrastructure, is not nearly enough anymore. One "approach that the Congress could consider," according to the report, was to "Have the federal government—or allow states or private businesses to—charge drivers directly for their use of roads more often, including charging them more for using roads when traffic is more congested...Charging drivers specifically for using roads would increase economic output by allowing highly valued transportation to move more quickly and more reliably. Such pricing could take the form of per-mile charges (also known as vehicle-miles traveled, or VMT, charges), congestion charges, or tolls on Interstate highways." Treachery abounds!

Feb 24 10:40

Italy Becomes Base for Armed US Drone Operations in Libya

The Italian government agreed on Monday to allow armed US drones to be flown out of an American base in Sicily, in an attempt to bolster the fight against Daesh in Libya. The agreement comes as the violent extremist group expands its territorial presence throughout the Middle East and North Africa in spite of efforts by a US-led coalition to limit and eventually eliminate terrorism in the region.
The agreement will be strictly enforced, with Italians authorizing drone flights from Sicily’s Sigonella air base on a case by case basis. Under the agreement, armed drone flights cannot be used for offensive purposes, only to protect personnel on the ground.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

" Under the agreement, armed drone flights cannot be used for offensive purposes, only to protect personnel on the ground."

This is so disingenuous a statement I hardly know where to begin.

But you can bet your sweet astrolabe these drones WILL be used for assassinations; the only question is, how soon.

Welcome to another victim of Amerika's permanent state of war.

Feb 24 10:39

A Restless Night in Donbass

To be brief, it has begun. Indeed the fighting in Donbass has resumed. More precisely, the firing of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. Again, after dark, Donetsk, Gorlovka, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya feels the charm of the "truce". If before the shelling on the outskirts of the city we were informed by daily summaries from Basurin, now we hear for ourselves that there is almost nothing left of the ceasefire. "The whole Western front is booming. Maryinka, Staromikhaylovk, Volvo center, Pesky, Spartak, the Airport, Gorlovka. The UAF use all possible weapons. Half an hour ago, in the outskirts of Staromikhaylovka thundered 6 explosions, which shook the entire city. The intensity of the fire increases with each passing hour." A quote from the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko: "If Kiev will go on the offensive, then we'll go on the counter. Where it will end — we'll see..."

Feb 24 10:35

Hawaiian coffee growers sue Monsanto over glyphosate's dangerous side effects

From 1995 to 2004, Christine Sheppard used Roundup on her commercial coffee farm in Hawaii. In 2003 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and was forced to sell her farm to pay for expensive cancer treatments.

Still alive, Christine and her husband Kenneth are now going after Monsanto Co., accusing the agribusiness of falsely concealing the risks of glyphosate that ultimately led to her cancer. The civil suit states that Monsanto "knew or had reason to know that its Roundup products were defective and were inherently dangerous and unsafe when used in the manner instructed and provided by defendant. ...

"Monsanto assured the public that Roundup was harmless. In order to prove this, Monsanto championed falsified data and attacked legitimate studies that revealed its dangers. Monsanto led a prolonged campaign of misinformation to convince government agencies, farmers and the general public that Roundup was safe."

Feb 24 10:34

Partial truce in Syria to start at midnight Friday

A truce among some -- but not all -- of the groups fighting inside Syria will go into effect at midnight Friday.

The cessation of hostilities is the result of talks between the United States and Russia as co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group, the two countries said in a joint statement.

The main opposition group in Syria, the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, expressed "preliminary approval to reach a temporary truce," it said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would love to see this work; unfortunately, with various groups still getting shot at, and others not observing the truce, I do not hold much hope for this working.

The big question is, what happens when the truce fails.

Kerry has said that the US will partition Syria, if the truce does not hold; as reported yesterday at antiwar.com:

Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested the latest push for a ceasefire in Syria could amount to the last chance for one, and suggested that the US would see a partition of the country as “plan B.” Kerry didn’t offer any details on how this would work, of course, but that fact that the US is mentioning partition at all is a huge step, as the US has fiercely resisted similar considerations in neighboring Iraq, which itself is facing a near identical war with many of the same combatants. Kerry said if the ceasefire didn’t get into place, it would soon be “too late” to allow Syria to remain whole, and that the partition of the country could form an “eventual solution” to the civil war, which has raged for the past five years. Though a de facto partition has existed in Syria for months now, with fighting along the margins, it’s unfathomable that the international community could recognize it as a de jure separation so long as ISIS controls around half of the country, and al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front has its own contiguous statelet in the north.

But how in heaven's name is that going to happen with Russia the invited party by Syria to get rid of all the Jihadis, and the US being the absolutely uninvited guest at the table?!?

How does the US government do this without winding up at war with Russia?!? Frankly, I do not see a way in which it can.

Feb 24 10:32

Atlas, The Next Generation

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When it can clean, cook, do the laundry and the gardening, we'll buy one!

Feb 24 10:31

Speaker of Right Sector Predicts a Military Coup in Ukraine

A speaker for the Right Sector (RS), Artem Skoropadsky, has predicted a coup in Ukraine, and threatened to put tanks in the center of Kiev. He wrote this on his page on Facebook. According to him, the coup will be performed by fighters and volunteers returning from the front and fighters of the Right sector, Azov and OUN.
Kherson "Self-Defense" Openly Calls for the Introduction of Nazism in Ukraine: The terrorist organization "self-defense", established by the government junta, operates in every city of Ukraine; they are also in Kherson. Material that openly called for the introduction in Ukraine of Nazism was posted on the official page of the organization on Facebook. Some Kherson websites even dared to talk about this outrageous fact. Then "self-defense" deleted the post from their account, but screenshots of the material were taken, confirming the existence of fascism. http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/02/kherson-self-defense-openly-calls-for...

Feb 24 10:28


The U.S. government, from Dick Cheney to Hillary Clinton, told blatant lies about the Iraqi government creating chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons in 2002, despite having been informed of the fact that Iraq was doing no such thing. U.S. leaders lied about ties between Iraq and terrorists that they also knew did not exist. Then the U.S. military attacked and invaded Iraq, in the process heavily bombing old sites of Iraqi chemical weapons from the 1980s, many of those weapons having been provided by the United States. In large part because of the U.S. origin of the old Iraqi chemical weapons, the U.S. kept quiet about them during the new war. Another reason for the official silence was that, during the 2003 U.S. destruction of Iraq, many of those old weapons were seized by fledgling terrorist groups. The war had done exactly what it had been justified as being needed to prevent; it had given WMDs to terrorists.

Feb 24 10:24

Abe Ignores Obama's Advice Not to Visit Putin

U.S. President Barack Obama urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to cancel his trip to Russia in May, but Abe refused to follow the advice, reported Kyodo agency, citing other sources. According to the agency, a telephone conversation between Obama and Abe took place on February 9. "Now is not a good time", — quotes RIA Novosti the words of Obama, who had advised Abe to postpone the visit to Russia. Sources claim that the Japanese Prime Minister did not budge and the conversation did not bring the desired result.

Feb 24 10:23

Senate GOP Flatly Refuses to Consider Any Obama Court Nominee

Senate Republican leaders said Tuesday that there would be no confirmation hearings, no vote, not even a courtesy meeting with President Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, all but slamming shut any prospects for an election-year Supreme Court confirmation.

Together with a written vow from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee that they would not hold any confirmation hearings, the pledge was the clearest statement yet from the Senate’s majority party that it would do everything it can to prevent Mr. Obama from shifting the ideological balance of the nation’s high court. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, urged Mr. Obama to reconsider even submitting a name.

“This nomination will be determined by whoever wins the presidency in the polls,” Mr. McConnell said. “I agree with the Judiciary Committee’s recommendation that we not have hearings. In short, there will not be action taken.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Senate is allowed to do that under the Constitution. But Obama can still do a recess appointment, only valid until the end of the year, and get his liberal court that way for the rest of his term in office.

Feb 24 10:22


The Israeli Ministry of Tourism is offering this year’s Oscar nominees a free VIP trip to Israel worth $50,000.

This is a cynical and desperate attempt by the Israeli government to fight its increasing international isolation with bribes to celebrities.

Take action: ask Oscar nominees to reject Israel’s propaganda tour

Oscar nominees Mark Rylance and Asif Kapadia have already promised not to visit Israel professionally.

An Israeli government press release admits the whitewash: “If they do indeed accept the invitation, their visit will have enormous resonance among millions of fans and followers, including social media.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I will not bother watching any of this year's Oscar nominated movies.

Feb 24 10:21


I was not able to upload the video in question, instead it is linked below …. it is a MUST watch if you want to see the desperate attempts by supporters in the ‘Christian’ Camp to discredit the entire BDS Movement . The video has gone viral since they posted it two days ago.

It is most entertaining …. you will get a kick out of it for sure.

Feb 24 10:20


Dawn Chapman doesn’t barbeque much anymore. The mother of three is concerned about the rising levels of cancer in Bridgeton, Missouri, and the surrounding suburbs nestled together just north of St. Louis. But the source of the cancer, she says, isn’t in the meat. It’s in the air.

Bridgeton’s West Lake landfill sits atop 40,000 tons of radioactive waste, illegally dumped there nearly five decades ago. Much of the buried material was left over from experiments conducted as part of the Manhattan Project, the top secret crash project during World War II to build an atomic bomb. Now, an underground fire in a connected landfill could spread to the buried cache, which could send radioactive waste into the local air and water supply.

Feb 24 10:19

Tepco admits it should have declared meltdowns at Fukushima plant much earlier

Nearly five years after the nation’s worst nuclear accident, Tokyo Electric Power Co. has admitted that its staff failed to follow damage assessment guidelines, according to which they should have reported the meltdowns almost immediately.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Instead, they got Ann Coulter to go on TV and tell you a little radiation is actually good for you!

Feb 24 10:19

US marshals shoot innocent man in back ‘execution style’ during raid on wrong address: attorney

A New Mexico attorney accused U.S. marshals this week of shooting a 23-year-old man in the back “execution style” when they arrived at the wrong address to make an arrest.

According to KOB, marshals were attempting to execute an arrest warrant for George Bond in Albuquerque on Saturday, but mistakenly opened fire on a home three trailers away from the suspect’s.

Family of 23-year-old Edgar Alvarado confirmed that he was fatally shot by agents.

“They said that they had made a mistake because he was out there at the wrong time. No such a mistake by killing somebody. There’s no accident,” Perla Alvarado, cousin of the victim, told KOB.

At a press conference on Monday, an attorney for the family accused federal agents of shooting Alvarado four times in the back, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, the state of New Mexico appears to have devolved from "the land of enchantment" into "the land of assassinations, courtesy of law enforcement".

IF you are planning some kind of vacation, or some kind of symposium or conference, please avoid this state as though it were the plague; it can be extremely hazardous to your health to go there, or even worse, to live there.

Feb 24 10:17

After #NVCaucus, John Kasich Makes A BOMBSHELL Announcement!

At Kennesaw State University, a member of the audience asked for details about Kasich’s plan to “take the gloves off” against conservative businessman Donald J. Trump.

“My question to you is: John Kasich, when are you going to live out your purpose Thursday night when you have the national stage?” the audience member asked. “What are you gonna do to stick it to Trump, stick it to Rubio and live out your purpose?”
Kasich’s response shocked everyone! Watch (below), as a defeated Kasich replied, “First of all, I don’t if my purpose is to be president.”

What kind of answer is that, from a candidate running for the Republican presidential nomination? It’s as if Kasich is so depressed by Trump’s overwhelming delegate count that he’s giving up.

If he can’t handle a straightforward question during a Town Hall meeting, how does he expect to debate Hillary Clinton in a general election?

Feb 24 10:15

Reality Check: McAfee Claims FBI wants to end all encryption not just hack 1 iPhone

Feb 24 10:12

Military-Funded Study Predicts When You’ll Protest on Twitter

Ever get angry, go to Twitter, and shoot off a protest tweet tagged #Arabspring, #AppleVsFBI, #syrianconflict or something else in solidarity with a cause? Whether the tweet is part of a violent movement, a peaceful action, or simply a response to a debate, military and national security types have an interest in predicting how big any given protest movement might become. A new study by researchers at Arizona State University, Texas A&M, and Yahoo, funded in part by the Office of Naval Research, can predict with 70 percent accuracy the likelihood that your next tweet will be part of a protest.

Patrick Tucker is technology editor for Defense One. He’s also the author of The Naked Future: What Happens in a World That Anticipates Your Every Move? (Current, 2014). Previously, Tucker was deputy editor for The Futurist for nine years. Tucker has written about emerging technology in Slate, The ... Full Bio

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I tend not to tweet; and whatever is on my Facebook page is absolute, and sheer, vanilla.

Everything I have to say can pretty much be read from my posts here.

And to anyone in any US "alphabet soup" agency reading this (which MUST count as punishment duty), know this: I am a Christian pacifist activist who never advocates violence.

Deal with it!! :-)

Feb 24 10:11

Fuel has gotten so cheap that ships are now choosing to take the long way around Africa rather then pay the fees to transit the Suez Canal.

The Panama and Suez canals could be the next institutions to be affected by the ongoing crisis in the container shipping industry, according to new analysis from Africa ports analyst and monitoring service portoverview.com

Feb 24 10:10

A federal judge in Philadelphia has ruled that citizens don’t have a First Amendment right to take cellphone videos of police unless they are challenging or criticizing the police conduct

U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney ruled (PDF) on Feb. 19 in consolidated cases involving Richard Fields and Amanda Geraci, the Legal Intelligencer (sub. req.) reports. Fields, a Temple University student, took a cellphone photo of about 20 police officers standing outside a house party because he thought it would be an interesting picture. Geraci, a trained legal observer, tried to move closer to see and possibly record an arrest during a protest of hydraulic fracturing.

Feb 24 10:05

Serbian authorities conceal agreements with NATO

The Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic signed an agreement on diplomatic immunity for the NATO representatives and logistic support in the territory of the Republic. "This document allows the NATO members to obtain support of the Serbian authorities on transportation, technical aid, and provision of the NATO military with goods and services. While these are Serbian authorities who bear all the costs, and NATO is absolved of all responsibility for damaging Serbia, including death of the civilians", the expert pointed out. It is not the first agreement the country's authorities have signed. Negotiations with the NATO were started just after Slobodan Milosevic had been dethroned in 2000. First of all, they agreed upon the usage of airports, sea bays, roads and railroads, information and communication systems. The agreement was signed secretly by the Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic in 2005. In 2006 the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian government signed 3 agreements with the US.

Feb 24 10:00


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation added 700,000 ounces (21.77 tonnes) of gold to its reserves in January.

Feb 24 09:50

Kim Jong-Un promises US vendetta

According to the statement, first target will be the Presidential palace "Blue House" in Seoul, where "plots are woven in order to exacerbate confrontation with compatriots in the north". The secondary targets are the American bases in the Asian-Pacific Region, as well as on the US mainland.

Feb 24 09:42

N. Korea pledges attack on US mainland if 'high-density strike’ military drills go ahead

North Korea has threatened to attack South Korea and the United States if the two allies conduct joint drills in March. Pyongyang says the exercises are preparations for war and says it will retaliate.

"All the powerful strategic and tactical strike means of our revolutionary armed forces will go into preemptive and just operation to beat back the enemy forces to the last man if there is a slight sign of their special operation forces and equipment moving to carry out the so-called 'beheading operation' and 'high-density strike,'" the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army said in a statement carried by state media, according to Reuters.

Pyongyang says its first targets would be South Korea’s presidential Blue House, while secondary targets would include US military bases in Asia and on the US mainland. There are approximately 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea.

Feb 24 09:38

US expert: Russian-US relations will not change only because of changing leadership

Talking about 2016 presidential election in the United State, Executive Director of the Center for the National Interest Paul Sanders said he finds it "very unpredictable." "I think that at this point certainly we could have a Democratic president, which would in that case almost certainly be Hillary Clinton," he said at the meeting with Russian Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev. "But we also could have a Republican president because (former) Secretary Clinton is not universally popular," he noted adding that "it’s much more difficult to predict on the Republican side who the nominee will be although Mr Trump has a certainly increasing and strong position."

Feb 24 09:36

Fast and Furious Court Victory for Judicial Watch

Earlier this week Judicial Watch was pleased to announce that we scored a victory in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit regarding a September 5, 2013, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for all records of communications between the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on settlement discussions in the Committee’s 2012 contempt of Congress lawsuit against former Attorney General Eric Holder. The contempt citation stemmed from Holder’s refusal to turn over documents to Congress related to the Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal. The appeals court decision was issued last week, on February 12.

Feb 24 09:35

Moldova’s new PM: Moldova needs to restore IMF’s trust

A political crisis that broke out in Moldova back in 2013 forced the country to break all cooperation with the IMF. An IMF delegation, now on a visit to Chisinau, may help restoring the severed ties. "Moldova needs a new memorandum with the IMF," Filip said. He believes the memorandum will unfreeze the EU financial aid to Moldova and will help the republic to receive a promised credit from Romania. According to Filip, the IMF will analyze the visit’s results to decide if negotiations for a new cooperation program should start with Moldova. Filip said the Moldovan authorities were planning to verify the 2016 budget, which he describes as balanced, with the IMF experts. The government is planning to use the funds promised by Western donors for covering the existing budget deficit. "If we want to see the financing unfrozen, it is necessary to demonstrate our true desire to change the situation in the country," Filip went on to say.

Feb 24 09:34

A Look Inside The Campaign To Smear Donald Trump

On the heels of the shocking exposure of "Crowds on Demand" - supplying 'actors' to various Presidential campaign townhalls (so was this who was booing Trump at the last debate?) - we were inundated with confirmations of such activity. The following letter, to a female actress on Spanish TV was the most blatant...

Feb 24 09:31

Azerbaijan sends note of protest to Russia over arms supply to Armenia

Azerbaijan has sent a note of protests to the Russian Foreign Ministry over supplies of weapons to Armenia, the country’s Foreign Ministry press service head Khikmet Gadzhiev told reporters on Wednesday. Gadzhiev said that supplying Armenia with weapons and military equipment "does not facilitate the settlement of the conflict" around Nagorno-Karabakh. In this respect, Baku "is expecting guarantees from the exporting country" that weapons and equipment will not be deployed along Azerbaijan’s border with Armenia or in Nagorno-Karabakh, he noted. Nagorno-Karabakh sought independence from Azerbaijan at the end of the 1980s, which resulted in a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia that claimed the lives of 25,000-30,000 people between 1988 and 1994. Since then, the territory has been controlled by Armenia.

Feb 24 09:30

CIA leaker: Clinton 'given a pass' for emails

A former CIA officer serving jail time for leaking documents to the New York Times accused federal officials of setting a double standard by apparently refusing to aggressively prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was “a high ranking official who should know better, but completely given a pass, and almost an apologetic pass,” Jeffrey Sterling, who was found guilty of leaking classified information to Times reporter James Risen last year, said in an interview with the Washington Post published on Monday.

“So how should us regular citizens feel, especially with heightened concerns about national security?”

Feb 24 09:29

How you've been hypnotized by Big Pharma and your drug pushing doctor to self-identify with diseases, drugs and vaccines

You may not yet realize this, but you've been rigorously hypnotized by the pharmaceutical industry to believe in "diseases" that do not exist. Even worse, you've also been influenced by insidious language patterns to think that your health depends almost entirely on high-priced prescription medications and vaccines.

Feb 24 09:29

Ukraine to unlock Russian freight transit on 'reciprocity conditions' — PM

However, radical participants in the blockade of Russian heavy haulers announced their intention to continue the action irrespective of Ukrainian government’s decision on this matter. A group of radicals announced an ongoing action blocking the transit of Russian heavy haulers to and from the European Union in Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine on February 11. Nine more regions of Ukraine joined the action later on. Russia suspended traffic of Ukraine’s heavy trucks in its territory on February 14 and the government of Ukraine formally announced temporary suspension of the Russian freight motor traffic on February 15. Kiev and Moscow agreed on the "driving home" regime making possible for drivers to complete the route and return to the country of registration on February 16. The regime will end on February 25.

Feb 24 09:25

Ted Cruz Reveals How He Would Deport Undocumented Immigrants

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is taking a sharp rightward shift on immigrant policy, affirming that he would send law enforcement agents to knock on undocumented immigrants’ doors and round them up for deportation, even if that means arresting them in front of their children.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cruz is now flip-flopping!

Feb 24 09:17

Putin discusses initiatives of Russia-US Syria statement with Iran's president — Kremlin

The two countries’ leaders stressed the importance of the further joint work of Russia and Iran on the Syrian settlement issues, including the continuation of the decisive fight against the Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations put on the UN Security Council’s sanctions list. Earlier on Wednesday, President Putin held telephone conversations with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
Putin explains essence of Russia-US statement on Syria in phone talks with Saudi King http://tass.ru/en/politics/858558

Feb 24 09:17

USDA caught suppressing science on pesticides that are killing bee pollinators; take action to stop the federal government's 'black box science'

Much of the way things operate in the world today is based on the notion that if you speak the truth, you'll receive some serious criticism. At the very least, people will look at you like a deer in the headlights, confused as to why you're not embracing what's really right. What's really right, of course, is the way others want you to think and act – "others" unfortunately being the likes of Big Pharma, greedy organizations and bully-like people.

Feb 24 09:17

Why the FDA's announcement of glyphosate testing is a total science SHAM

As I explain in my latest podcast (below), the FDA's announcement that it will test foods for glyphosate is more of a SHAM than SCIENCE. In my view, the agency's announcement is nothing more than "scientific theater" to pretend to test foods for glyphosate, all while claiming glyphosate is completely safe no matter what levels are found.

Feb 24 09:13

Russian Defense Ministry asks human rights agencies to assess Turkey’s shelling of Syria

"Near-border settlements are shelled form large caliber artillery weapons from Turkish territory. Responding to [Turkey’s] unfounded accusations [against Russia] we request Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Doctors without Borders and other organizations to give their official assessment to these criminal actions of the Turkish armed forces". The Turkish authorities acknowledged the fact of shelling of Syrian territory and the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara was not going to stop the shelling attacks. Early last week, Russia initiated a meeting of the United Nations Security Council over Ankara’s actions. Following their February 16 meeting, the United Nations Security Council members expressed concern over the actions of the Turkish authorities and agreed to urge Ankara to respect international law.

Feb 24 09:13

Bill Gates says he was 'disappointed' by reports he backs FBI in Apple fight

In an interview with Bloomberg, Bill Gates says he was "disappointed" by reports that he supported the FBI in its legal battle with Apple, saying "that doesn't state my view on this."

Feb 24 08:28

Privately educated people dominate top British jobs, damning report finds

The stranglehold former public-school pupils have on the UK’s top jobs has laid bare in a hard-hitting report out today.

The study, by the Sutton Trust education charity, shows that virtually every key profession is dominated by privately educated pupils snaffling the senior jobs.

Their grip on power is most noticeable in the judiciary, where 74 per cent of leading judges (those in the High Court or Court of Appeal) were privately educated.

Feb 24 08:26

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $72m for cancer deaths

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for several decades.

Jurors in a Missouri court ruled that the family of Jacqueline Fox should get $10 million of actual damages and $62 million of punitive damages, according to court records.

It is the first verdict to award damages in a string of allegations over cancer risks relating to talc-based products.

Feb 24 08:19


Feb 24 08:19

Turmeric able to 'smart kill' cancer cells... chemotherapy and radiation now medically obsolete

Turmeric has long been one of the most prized spices from the East, but its benefits extend far beyond the wonderful flavor and color it lends to many recipes. The health-promoting properties of turmeric have been known for millennia, but only recently has it been discovered that the bright orange spice is also a powerful ally in preventing and curing cancer.

Feb 24 08:18

Most meat is tainted by GM: Cattle are routinely given modified feed, shoppers told - and it's even in your Big Mac

Most meat sold in restaurants and supermarkets is from animals raised on GM feed, families were warned yesterday.

A farming conference heard shoppers would struggle to avoid produce from livestock fed genetically modified crops.

Delegates were told maize and soya beans – key cattle feeds – were now 80 per cent GM.

Feb 24 08:18

Hillary Clinton wants to take away women’s rights to say NO to vaccines!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Women should have a right to choose ... unless they don't do what I tell them to do!" -- Hitlery

Feb 24 08:14

How Big Pharma greed is killing tens of thousands around the world: Patients are over-medicated and often given profitable drugs with 'little proven benefits,' leading doctors warn

The Queen's former doctor has called for an urgent public enquiry into drugs firms’ ‘murky’ practices.

Sir Richard Thompson, former-president of the Royal College of Physicians and personal doctor to the Queen for 21 years, warned tonight that many medicines are less effective than thought.

The physician is one of a group of six eminent doctors who today warn about the influence of pharmaceutical companies on drugs prescribing.

The experts, led by NHS cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, claim that too often patients are given useless – and sometimes harmful – drugs that they do not need.

They maintain drugs companies are developing medicines they can profit from, rather than those which are likely to be the most beneficial.

Feb 24 08:13

Donald Trump Is Right – Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit The Federal Reserve

When one of our major politicians gets something exactly right, we should applaud them for it. In this case, Donald Trump’s call to audit the Federal Reserve is dead on correct. Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Federal Reserve has far more power over the economy than anyone else does – including Barack Obama. Financial markets all over the planet gyrate wildly at the smallest comment from Fed officials, and virtually every boom and bust cycle over the past 100 years can be traced directly back to specific decisions made by the Federal Reserve. We get all excited about what various presidential candidates say that they “will do for the economy”, but in the end it is the Fed that is holding all of the cards. The funny thing is that the Federal Reserve is not even part of the federal government. It is an independent private central bank that was designed by very powerful Wall Street interests a little over 100 years ago.

Feb 24 06:44

US. Budget Boiled Down, Likened To A Family Budget

Annual family income: $21,700
Money the family spent: $38,200
New debt on the credit card: $16,500
Outstanding balance on credit card: $142,710
Total budget cuts papa is proud of: $385

Feb 24 05:49

Is a rogue comet on a collision course with Earth? 'Surprise meteor shower' sparks hunt for unknown ice ball orbiting in space

Revellers in New Zealand were treated to a New Year's bonus during the first hours of 2016 with a meteor shower that lit up the sky, but there was one problem – no one saw it coming.

The surprise meteor shower, which have been named the Volantids, has left astronomers desperately searching for the comet the meteors came from.

And they say that the as-yet unidentified comet may be on a potentially hazardous orbit around Earth.

Feb 24 05:45

Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk falls into the ocean: Nasa reports huge explosion of seven meter space rock over the Atlantic

A huge fireball crashed into the Atlantic earlier this month - and went almost unseen.

The event took place on February 6 at 14:00 UTC when a meteor exploded in the air 620 miles (1,000km) off the coast of Brazil.

It released energy equivalent to 13,000 tons of TNT, which is the same as the energy used in the first atomic weapon that leveled Hiroshima in 1945.

This was the largest event of its type since the February 2013 fireball that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, leaving more than 1,600 people injured.

Feb 24 05:45

Russians Ride Fast – Israel Shamir

If the rebels grasp the chance and enter serious negotiations for a coalition government, peace is possible.

The Russians accepted the US proposal to cease fire in Syria (or rather to end hostilities). They had made a similar proposal a few weeks ago, so this is in line with their thinking. Russians have made huge successes in Syria; they achieved an astonishing and unexpected victory with very few losses.

It was a reputational victory it was as well as a military one. Russia entered the Syrian war at a low point internationally.