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October 24, 2015

Oct 24 10:00

Hillary Clinton calls Republican's impeachment vow 'pathetic'

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday denounced as "pathetic" and "totally ridiculous" a Republican congressman's call to impeach her on her first day in office if she is elected to the White House next year.

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Oct 24 09:59

Why US and Israel wants to ban this video

Oct 24 09:58


Netanyahu’s ridiculous comments this week have gone as viral internationally as Mein Kampf itself …. Surely they will boost sales for the infamous book.

BUT ... the saga continues

Once the laughter and groans have died down, the unorthodox version of Holocaust history offered by Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem the other day confronts us with a deeply unsettling question: What to make of the fact that the Jewish state, of all places, has a Holocaust revisionist for a prime minister?

Oct 24 09:54

Uncle of Benghazi Victim Sean Smith: Hillary Clinton Is a Serial Liar

Oct 24 09:41

Tampons, sterile cotton, sanitary pads contaminated with glyphosate - study

The vast majority ? 85 percent ? of tampons, cotton and sanitary products tested in a new Argentinian study contained glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, ruled a likely carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, 62 percent of the samples tested positive for AMPA, glyphosate's metabolite, according to the study, which was conducted by researchers at the Socio-Environmental Interaction Space (EMISA) of the University of La Plata in Argentina.

All of the raw and sterile cotton gauze analyzed in the study showed evidence of glyphosate, said Dr. Damian Marino, the study's head researcher.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this practice is going on in Argentina, you can almost bet that it is going on in the US as well.

Monsanto has known that glyphosate is a carcinogen for over 40 years; and cotton, infused, with glyphosate, has been used in the manufacture of tampons FOR YEARS?!?!?

Holy CRUD!!

To all the ladies who read this site, and the men who love them, please investigate what natural alternatives may exist in your local health food store, today, if possible; you should not have to be putting up with this poison.

Oct 24 09:36

Same Judge who Covered Up CIA Torture Dismisses Suit Against NSA Surveillance

By Andrew Emett

Responsible for helping cover up the CIA’s torture program, the same judge dismissed a lawsuit on Friday filed by the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Wikipedia, and other organizations accusing the NSA of conducting mass surveillance. Although it is now common knowledge that the NSA can retroactively access phone records, text messages, emails, Internet activity, GPS locations, and metadata, the judge dismissed the suit because the NSA refuses to admit that they are incessantly violating our constitutional rights...

Oct 24 09:30

Democratic Party embracing Black Lives Matter

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not a huge O'Reilly fan, but in this case he makes a valid point. The Democratic party is aligning itself with a radical group that is calling for the killings of police officers.

Oct 24 09:29

Jeb Out Of Cash, Insiders Say Trump Nomination Almost Certain

Oct 24 09:28

The Ancient Esoteric Wisdom of the Hawaiian Huna Philosophy

By Paul Lenda

A long time ago, Hawaii was a mystical and magical place (and still is today in many ways). What made Hawaii especially magical in ages past was that there were shamans called kahunas that lived on its emerald islands. These individuals experienced true nature of Reality, in which they realized several critical defining aspects of reality that were later taught to others in order to guide humanity towards a full Self-realized state of existence.

In the early 20th century, with the rise of New Thought, there was an individual by the name of Max Long who linked the ancient kahunas to abstract and mystical metaphysics he was contemplating upon. He believed the key to Huna is the concept of the ‘ Three Selves’, meaning the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious, which he called the unihipili, the uhane and the aumakua. Also, the word Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning “secret,”but it also refers to the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia.
The 7 Huna Principles.......

Oct 24 09:22

U.S. patrols to raise stakes with Beijing in disputed South China Sea

U.S. plans to send warships or military aircraft within 12 nautical miles of China's artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea, possibly within days, could open a tense new front in Sino-U.S. rivalry.

A range of security experts said Washington's so-called freedom of navigation patrols would have to be regular to be effective, given Chinese ambitions to project power deep into maritime Southeast Asia and beyond.

But China would likely resist attempts to make such U.S. actions routine, some said, raising the political and military stakes. China's navy could for example try to block or attempt to surround U.S. vessels, they said, risking an escalation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government appears to be ratcheting up tensions which may well lead to a bloody world war here. Such a war, in the eyes if its designers, would accomplish two things: to destroy the ascendency of the Chinese yuan, and distract Americans from a crumbling economy.

And although Karl Marx got a lot of things wrong, when he said that all wars are economic, he was bang spot on.

FWIW, (as this is not sourced) as reported today at blacklistednews.com, from Mike "Mish" Shedlock:

The IMF has given Chinese officials strong signals in meetings that the yuan is likely to win inclusion in the current review of the Special Drawing Rights, the fund’s unit of account, said three people who asked not to be identified because the talks were private. Chinese officials are so confident of winning approval that they have begun preparing statements to celebrate the decision, according to two people. At least $1 trillion of global reserves will convert to Chinese assets if the yuan joins the IMF’s reserve basket, according to Standard Chartered Plc and AXA Investment Managers. While the SDR is not technically a currency, it gives IMF member countries who hold it the right to obtain any of the currencies in the basket to meet balance-of-payments needs. The equivalent of about $280 billion in SDRs were created and allocated to members as of September, compared with about $11.3 trillion in global reserve assets.

IF, in fact, this is true, it is no coincidence that the US is challenging the Chinese militarily right now.

In fact, I no longer believe in coincidence.

Oct 24 08:57

Some Burned Ferguson-Area Churches Defended Police During Ferguson Uprising

After authorities deem 7 church fires deliberate, St. Louis Rev. Sekou argues that black faith community members, who sided with police during Ferguson protests, will now be forced to look at larger systemic issues not just respectability

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Still trying to trigger race riots in order to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution!

Oct 24 08:56

FLASHBACK - THIS Is Exactly The Reason Behind The Insane Push For War Against Russia: Putin Is About To Nationalize Rothschild Central Bank

Under the Constitution, the CBR belongs to a foreign State – the City of London – and is taking orders from London and Washington. This bank can only print money corresponding to its cash in foreign currency, which is not sufficient for Putin´s purposes. The CBR even has to buy (worthless) US bonds for the dollars paid for Russian oil – whereby the dollars return to the FED!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Russian economy was enslaved to the private central bankers. Putin has broken it free. And because an economy still enslaved to private central bankers cannot possibly compete with a free economy, Russia has become a powerhouse, withstanding both overt and covert attacks on its economy and building a modern formidable military now on display over Syria. Meanwhile, here in the US, the US Government, instead of creating its own interest free money as authorized under the Constitution, will borrow trillions more from our masters the private central bankers and if we are loyal Americans we shalt not complain about the selling of our children into permanent debt-slavery to our rightful owners!

Any idiot can see that since the end of the last Cold War, life in Russia has gotten much better while life in the US has descended almost to Soviet levels of oppression!

Oct 24 08:51

BEX ALERT - FLASHBACK 2007 - The myth of Putin's success

One can only wonder how much faster Russia would have grown with a more democratic system. The strengthening of institutions of accountability - a real opposition party, genuinely independent media, a court system not beholden to Kremlin control - would have helped tame corruption and secure property rights and would thereby have encouraged more investment and growth. In short, to sustain Russian growth and rebuild the Russian state over the long haul, Medvedev needs to move past Putin's autocratic legacy rather than emulate it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So back in 2007, the US was already laying the propaganda ground for a covert overthrow of Russia's government ... which utterly failed when Putin spotted what was going on and kicked the various NGOs used as fronts by CIA out!

Oct 24 08:38

Reform Jewish Movement to Host Presidential Forum In November

The marathon run on the road to the White House will not only drive by Israel and Vegas. On Thursday, the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) movement announced it will host a 2016 presidential candidate forum during the URJ Biennial conference at the Orlando World Center Marriott, in Orlando, Florida on November 7th.

Oct 24 08:28

Police/DHS are using 200,000 garbage trucks and possibly 300K people to spy on Americans

According to an article in Popular Mechanics dated November 2015 in a section called "Great Unknowns" a reader submitted this question... "How many operating garbage trucks are there in the United States?" "All things considered, we think a reasonable estimate would put the total number of garbage trucks somewhere within clattering-can-throwing distance of 2000,000. Sweet dreams." Popular Mechanics admits they're using figures from 2001 and the number could be higher. Doing the math if only half of the trucks (100K) use a single driver to save money that's a total of 100,000 garbage men. Which leaves us with 100K garbage trucks remaining. If you figure they use two people a driver and a loader, that adds up to 200K garbage men. This brings the total to roughly 300,000 spying garbage men! Republic Services the second largest waste disposal company behind Waste Management also trains their employees to spy on Americans!

Oct 24 08:27

Secrets of the Syrian War: October 2015

The greatest secrets: the West has no people on the ground in Syria to take over the liberated territories; the Russians still seek partnership, Erdogan has bitten more than he can chew, and ISIS is a phantom, after all.

Russians are enjoying their Syrian adventure. Twenty days after its start, their entry into the Syrian war has paid off and brought some dividends.

Putin has been very popular before the war, with 86% support in the ratings, and now his public support has gone through the roof.

Oct 24 08:24

The tide is turning against Zionist extremism

These changing perceptions are the result of the rise of alternative forms of media, which have broken through the mainstream media’s imbalanced and inaccurate portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For decades, the one issue that has been the exception to the broadly progressive streak within American Judaism has been Israel. The Jewish state has received unchallenged support by most Jews despite its decades-long occupation of the West Bank and the pursuit of policies toward Palestinians that, were they practiced by any other country, would be overwhelmingly opposed by American Jews.

Oct 24 08:23

Lockheed Martin, Boeing Rally Around Saudi Arabia, Wave Off Humanitarian Concerns

Representatives from two major defense contractors whose advanced weaponry is being used in the Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign that has killed scores of civilians in Yemen were quick to defend the human rights record of the Persian Gulf kingdom in a panel discussion held last week in Washington, D.C. Ronald L. Perrilloux Jr., an executive with Lockheed Martin, complained of an atmosphere of “hostile media reports” shaping the views of Congress, most of which, he said, are “patently false.”

Oct 24 08:21

Merkel’s Faustian embrace of Turkey

If the EU, under Merkel’s direction, accedes to Turkey’s demand for setting up safe zones in northern Syria, then that has ominous implications.

Turkey is pressuring Germany to create “safe zones” inside Syria as a “price” for alleviating the EU’s refugee crisis. It’s a Faustian bargain that could escalate the Syrian conflict, where NATO forces could end up pitted against Russia’s military.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hot-footing to Istanbul last weekend was capped with a U-turn regarding Turkey’s much sought-after membership of the European Union. In a surprise move, Merkel announcedthat she was now in favor of pushing for Turkey’s accession to the EU, when only a few weeks ago she had reiterated her opposition to its membership.

Oct 24 08:11

Hillary Clinton Views ‘Republicans’ as ‘Enemies’

ANDERSON COOPER: Which enemy that you made during your political career are you most proud of?

CLINTON: Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians; probably the Republicans.

Oct 24 07:40

Professor says women are against fracking because they’re not educated enough

Women are more likely to be against fracking because they’re not as well educated as men, a leading scientist has suggested.

Professor Averil Macdonald sparked a barrage of outrage by making the comments to The Times this week.

Oct 24 07:14

Joomla bug puts millions of websites at risk of remote takeover hacks

Millions of websites used in e-commerce and other sensitive industries are vulnerable to remote take-over hacks made possible by a critical vulnerability that has affected the Joomla content management system for almost two years.

The SQL-injection vulnerability was patched by Joomla on Thursday with the release of version 3.4.5. The vulnerability, which allows attackers to execute malicious code on servers running Joomla, was first introduced in version 3.2 released in early November 2013. Joomla is used by an estimated 2.8 million websites.

"Because the vulnerability is found in a core module that doesn't require any extensions, all websites that use Joomla versions 3.2 and above are vulnerable," Asaf Orpani, a researcher inside Trustwave's Spiderlabs, wrote in a blog post.

Oct 24 07:14

New ‘Anti-American’ PSYOP ran on Arizona High School football fans

Well it doesn’t get anymore anti-American then this folks–‘patriotic gear’ has now been banned for anyone attending the upcoming football game at Corona Del Sol High School against rival Marcos de Niza High School.

Oct 24 07:09

This Malware Deletes Your Chrome Browser and Replaces It With a Fake One

A new malware named eFast Browser looks just like Google Chrome. This malware deletes Google Chrome and replaces by installing it itself as your default internet browser to serve you annoying ads. Know how to spot it and delete it.

Oct 24 07:07

Top Intel Lawyer Says Terror Attack Would Help Push for Anti-Encryption Legislation

The intelligence community’s top lawyer, Robert S. Litt, told colleagues in an August email obtained by the Washington Post that Congressional support for anti-encryption legislation “could turn in the event of a terrorist attack or criminal event where strong encryption can be shown to have hindered law enforcement.”

So he advised “keeping our options open for such a situation.”

Oct 24 04:54

A Plague Upon the House of Erdogan

As Turkey gears up for one of the most important elections in its recent history, the country appears, as one analyst noted, to be coming apart at the “seams”:

  • Longstanding tensions with the country’s Kurdish population have broken out into open war.
  • A Kurdish-led left political party is under siege by rightwing nationalists and the terrorist organization, the Islamic Front.
  • Independent journalists have been attacked by mobs led by leading members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  • Erdogan, his family, and leading figures in the AKP have been entangled in several major corruption schemes.
  • The economy has stalled, inflation is on the rise, unemployment is at a five year high, tourism is tanking, and the Turkish lira is plunging, driving up the national debt.
Oct 24 04:42

Benghazi Hero’s Dad Reveals Bombshell Document That Could PROVE Hillary Lied [VIDEO]

Charles Woods, father of former Navy SEAL Ty Woods, shared with Fox News the diary notes he took after the September 14, 2012 ceremony when the bodies of the four Americans killed in the attack were flown back to the United States.

The entry reads: “I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand. And she said we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son.”

Woods attended the hearing on Thursday when Clinton testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Woods told Fox News: “She said — the filmmaker who was responsible for the death of your son.”

He then stated: “She wasn’t saying the failed foreign policy that I was responsible for. It wasn’t her taking the blame for it. It says we are going to place the responsibility on the death of your son on the filmmaker.”

October 23, 2015

Oct 23 20:37

Sen. Al Franken Admits Being Warned About 9-11 Beforehand

Senator Al Franken admits in his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (2003), that he received a call from the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, warning him not to go to his office in the World Trade Center on 9-11, using the Hebrew calendar as a reference for the date, which was September 11, 2001.

Franken refers to this warning call as the "Jew call."

"Al", he told me, "don't go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul."

Al Franken may have been a comedian who went to Washington, but this is not funny. Being forewarned about 9-11 is a criminal matter.

Oct 23 20:27

AT&T Continues To Lose Customers

Oct 23 18:14

Twins denied driver’s permit because DMV can’t tell them apart

Alicia and Alicen Kennedy are proof that two heads are not always better than one, at least according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Oct 23 16:21

‘I think it was Russian!’ – Media Pushing Baseless Claim That ‘Putin is Bombing Civilians’ in Syria

The Guardian is claiming that, ‘at least four hospitals have been bombed … since Russia’s intervention in the war‘ in Syria began, and says that ‘international medical organisations have repeatedly claimed that medical facilities in opposition areas have been systematically targeted’.

Oct 23 16:18

SMOKING GUN! FOX Analyst Reports on Smoking Gun Evidence That Sinks Hillary Clinton

Oct 23 15:50

Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for war crimes over her role in destroying Libya: US journalist

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for war crimes over her admission under oath that she played a part in destroying Libya, an American political commentator and journalist says.

Oct 23 15:47

9 ISIS / ISIL members and supporters arrested in FYROM (macedonia) + stash of weapons

In Macedonia, completed a large anti-terrorist campaign of the Ministry of the Interior against members of the terrorist organization Islamic state. In addition to the terrorists targeted by the police are the people involved in the recruitment of Macedonian citizens to participate in Islamist paramilitaries.

Oct 23 15:38

General denies US 'boots on the ground' in Iraq

A high-ranking US military official has insisted the United States does not have combat troops in Iraq, after an American soldier was killed during a purported hostage rescue operation.

Oct 23 15:32

Lead contamination in Washington, D.C. drinking water

The issue became front page news when the Washington Post ran an article titled "Water in D.C. Exceeds EPA Lead Limit" on January 31, 2004 across six columns of page A1.[8][10] Reporter David Nakamura was contacted by one of the homeowners whose water was tested by WASA during its survey after he received the test results.[1] Nakamura—who had no prior experience with clean water issues—initially thought it was a minor issue, but agreed to help the homeowner get a response from WASA.[10] When WASA would not give him a straight answer, Nakamura pressed them for full data on the tests.[10] Nakamura says that, even though he was "stunned" at the facts reported in that first story, the Post "had no idea about the size and scope of what was to follow."[10]

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 23 15:25

Iraq rescue op: combat or not?; Assad clears Russia to hit ISIS; USAF’s secret bomber-design team; Russian satellites behaving oddly; and just a bit more…

Details emerge of the rescue operation that led to the first U.S. combat death in Iraq in four years. The mission’s objective: freeing 17 kidnapped Peshmerga fighters who faced imminent execution at an improvised prison at the former home of an Iraqi judge. But when U.S. and Kurdish commandos arrived on the scene Thursday morning, they found and freed about 50 more kidnapped Iraqis.

Oct 23 15:13

Can Kerry Contain Netanyahu?

Samah Sabawi, Palestinian author and playwright says Palestinians are waking up to the reality of political separation and the system of an apartheid.

Oct 23 14:48

Baltimore Rallies in Solidarity with Palestine

TRNN talks to Baltimore-Palestine Solidarity about why they are protesting Senator Ben Cardin’s office and their response to the latest round of violence in Israel.

Oct 23 14:25

Presidential Success or Failure

Right up until Vice President Joe Biden announced that he is not running for president, mainstream media deemed to be of significance the advice that he had given President Obama about whether to attempt the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011. This was seen as a measure of the relative judgment that he and another adviser to the President at the time, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, exhibited.

Oct 23 14:03

South Carolina Mother Arrested For Child Abuse After Questioning Doctors and Losing her Children

Danielle and William Headley’s four boys were seized by South Carolina Child Protective Services in July, following frustration by the parents over the care that their youngest son, Jack, now 4, was receiving at Greenville Memorial Hospital. (See original story here.) A Child Abuse Specialist has accused Danielle of Munchausen by Proxy, and last week, Danielle was arrested on charges of Child Abuse and Neglect.

The family is devastated and maintains that Danielle is innocent of any wrong-doing. It has been over 100 days since any family member has been permitted to see the children.

According to a report from FOX Carolina, investigators told a judge that Jack had made “significant improvements” after he was removed from his parents’ care on July 10 and placed into foster care. That is the basis of the charges against Danielle. However, the family and friends are unsure how any of the events that have unfolded could possibly be Danielle’s fault.

Oct 23 13:42

Anderson Cooper Confronted On Being In The CIA

In this video Luke Rudkowski once again has an extensive, insightful and detailed interview with CNN star Anderson Cooper as he opens up with the fact of being in the CIA. Well no not really but he did get really uncomfortable for your viewing enjoyment.

Oct 23 13:30

Mexico hunkers down for Patricia, 'the most dangerous storm in history'

Patricia -- the strongest hurricane ever recorded -- barreled closer and closer Friday to Mexico's Pacific coast, where residents have been told to brace for its 200-mph sustained winds and torrential rains.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On a more serious note, I have been to that part of Mexico and the building codes are not as rigid as in the US. This is going to be very ugly before it is over.

Oct 23 13:27

Police got Hager data without court order

Westpac handed over private details without judicial authorisation, though other firms declined, court documents show.

Detectives investigating the Dirty Politics hacker Rawshark sought the banking, telephone and travel records of author and journalist Nicky Hager without any search order or other legal power.

Court records show Westpac - the government's banker for 26 years - handed over "almost 10 months of transactions from Mr Hager's three accounts" at the request of detectives investigating the hacking of Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater's email and social media accounts.

Other companies that were asked for Hager's private details told police to come back with a court order, which would have legally obliged them to surrender the information.

The details are revealed in documents obtained from the High Court by the Scoop news site, which intends to publish the full material today.

Oct 23 13:22

Russia's Urals region might hold the key to Europe's ancient origins

New tests and studies of the mysterious Shigir Idol may force us to rethink history. Scientists now believe that the development of European culture came not only from the Middle East, but also from the Urals region in Russia.

Oct 23 12:45

Bank Of America Folds and Reverses $70 In 'Late Fees' After We Tell them to Just Cancel the Card

A few months ago when my wife and I returned from our 35-day European vacation, she noticed that we had two $35 late fees on our Bank of America credit card. Apparently we had made the online payment too late in the day, and it wasn't processed until a day after the 'due date.' They then added another $35 fee for something or other, so our account incurred both these charges. Being a notorious cheapskate, I called up BofA and asked if they could remove the $70 in penalty fees. After all, we only keep the card active to maintain a credit line and we pay the balance off every month like clockwork. They refused to waive the fees. The phone rep said in a very arrogant and condescending tone, "NO, we are not going to reverse those charges, the two fees of thirty five dollars will remain." I then told him in a poker face manner, "Okay, then we're just going to cancel the card then. Transfer me to that department, now."

Oct 23 12:33

Protesters to ‘Rally for Truth’ about Vaccines at CDC Headquarters

“It has been over a year (August 2014) since a Senior Research Scientist within the CDC has come-forward with allegations of falsified safety data…the very data upon which vaccine public policy is made.”

Truth In Media has followed the story of that research scientist, Dr. William Thompson, since August 2014 when Thompson alleged that a study he worked on “fudged numbers” to lower the number of black children who were adversely affected by a certain type of vaccine. Thompson is a senior scientist at the CDC and has been with the agency since 1998.

Oct 23 12:22

Got Law? How Hillary Clinton's Lawlessness Gets Ignored...

Hillary Clinton breaks the law, gets people who work for her killed, lies to the American people...and she's still a media darling? How is that possible???

Oct 23 12:17

Coming Soon to the War on Drugs: The Marijuana Breathalyzer

The ridiculous failure of a drug war trudges on here in America. Now researchers at Washington State University are working hard to… CURE CANCER!


Save Babies from SIDS!


Feed homeless people! Solve the energy crisis! Help old ladies cross the street!

Nope, nope, and extra nope.

They are developing a handheld portable device to screen people’s breath for THC, the chemical that a News10 Rochester reporter so astutely reported, “makes you high” in the video clip below.

(read more)

Oct 23 12:15

Putin warns: ‘Global war likely, nuclear options have irreversible consequences’

Russian President Vladamir Putin has once again marked his “return to the world stage” recently achieving “regional ambitions while simultaneously fighting terrorism” in Syria as pointed out by journalist Tyler Durden in an article published Thursday.

Oct 23 12:11

Lois Lerner will not face charges in Department of Justice investigation

IRS official Lois Lerner will not face charges following a Department of Justice investigation.

Federal prosecutors announced their decision Friday in a letter to members of Congress.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Criminal charges? Don't be ridiculous. Those are just for you 'little' people!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 23 11:46

In Wielding Rarely Used Veto, President Obama Puts Budget Heat on Republicans

President Obama on Thursday vetoed a $612 billion defense policy bill, rejecting a broadly supported measure that sets funding for military salaries and equipment, and intensifying his struggle with the Republican-led Congress over federal spending.
Stories from Our Advertisers

Mr. Obama has wielded the veto only four other times since taking office in 2009, and his fifth one Thursday signaled his determination to use the defense bill as a bargaining chip to push Republicans to abandon strict spending limits on military and domestic programs enacted in the 2011 Budget Control Act.

Oct 23 11:43

TPP would allow milk from cows receiving hormones into Canada

As dairy imports from the United States appear set to increase under the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Canadian consumers concerned about drinking milk from cows receiving hormones will need to read their labels more carefully.

In the agreement in principle reached Oct. 5, Canada conceded an additional 3.25 per cent of its dairy market to imports from the 11 other Pacific Rim countries signing on, most notably the U.S., New Zealand and Australia.

That amount may not seem significant, but until recently, Canada's supply-managed dairy sector offered only the stingiest of tariff-free market access to its trading partners, on specific terms — such as the cheese deal struck with the European Union in 2013.

Oct 23 11:43

Putin: Not worried about democracy coming to our borders, but about NATO coming to our borders

The 12th annual Valdai Discussion Club meeting in Russia’s Sochi has focused on international armed conflicts.

Oct 23 11:33

Silencing a Whistle-Blower, Gladio B and the Origins of ISIS, Interview with Sibel Edmonds

So the role of these paramilitary units, funded, directed, managed, armed by the CIA and NATO was, during these years, in Europe and elsewhere, were to create terror events. You know, blow up bombs, um, gun down people, set, let’s say a shopping centre on fire, and then blame it on the communist net-communist networks. And they did hundreds of such operations. There are several good books from historians who have documented these false flag terror events, terror events that were created, implemented, brought about by the CIA/NATO’s paramilitary units within Eastern Europe, in Italy, and in Italy they were very big, but the biggest nation that they had the biggest units, we just had its own also office inside the Pentagon was in Turkey, and that’s where I’m from! (chuckle!) – the Turkish arm of the Gladio network.

So, they did all this and you’d think that once the Soviet Union dissolved in 1990-1991, the operation would have been basically shut down, because this was against communism so-called. That’s the uh basically the competition between the two superpowers, not per se the communism as ideology, it was the fight for the dominance – global dominance. But they didn’t shut it down.

They switched that and they changed the operation from – the original operation to Operation B, Gladio Operation B.

Oct 23 11:26

Big Pharma Caught Manipulating Antidepressant Drug Trials Putting Teenagers in Grave Danger

By Kristen Anderson

Few people stop to realize that the studies which are mandated by the FDA are actually funded by the drug companies themselves...

Oct 23 11:23


Oct 23 11:19

Rebuffing Peace Chances in Syria

Seeking to disrupt the lethal cycle of foreign intervention and military escalation in Syria, a group of 55 House Democrats recently sent a letter to President Barack Obama, calling for a change in U.S. policy.

Oct 23 11:19

Going to War: Tony Blair’s “Contract in Blood”

It reads like a whodunit document behind a failed criminal enterprise. As it should –it figured as a vital step behind the invasion of Iraq in 2003. And it was found in a stash of previously secret correspondence on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server.

The Colin Powell memorandum in preparation for the Crawford summit of April 2002 (yes, that Powell, who has undertaken some considered Pilate handwashing ever since), was more damning than most. It outlined what the British role behind justifying an imminent war with shoddy grounds would look like. More importantly, it provides ample carrion for the prosecution against Tony Blair for that often discounted charge of crimes against peace.

Ever since becoming prime minister of Britain, the greatest public relations machine to disgrace Westminster went into service for the US cause. Blair’s role was deemed indispensable to providing the right colouration for what was coming: regime change in Iraq.

Oct 23 11:18

FLASHBACK - Was murdered Ambassador Stevens was involved in gun-running to Al Qaeda

Oct 23 11:12

As Hillary Clinton Testifies Before GOP Panel, Friends of 2 Benghazi Victims Remember the Lives Lost

After $4.5 million in taxpayer money and 18 months, the Republican-led Benghazi investigation is set for its main event.

Oct 23 11:11

E. Howard Hunt, Watergate & The JFK Assassination

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the broadcast Saint John Hunt, author and son of famed Watergate burglar, and CIA super spy E. Howard Hunt. The two of them start off with a simple question, “Who was E. Howard Hunt? Saint John answers this question by giving the listener a detailed background on his father including some of the events that E. Howard Hunt was involved in, and some of the people connected to him. This leads to Hunt’s involvement in the JFK assassination, his deathbed confession to Saint John about it, and what he possibly meant when he said “I was a bench warmer.” They then get into Watergate, his dad’s arrest, and the events which led to his mother Dorothy Hunt’s murder by plane crash into a suburban area. This is one powerful broadcast, both emotionally and intellectually. Take the time to tune in and learn some true history.

Oct 23 10:45

Iranian Commander: Mediterranean Coasts Frontline of Campaign against World Arrogance

"If the resistance front sustains defeat, then Iran will be the first target of the arrogance front". "The resistance front is the Islamic Revolution's front to confront the world arrogance," Fada said.

Oct 23 10:43

UAE Acknowledges More Army Death in Yemen

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) acknowledged on Friday that its army has sustained more casualties in Yemen.

Oct 23 10:42

U.N. Report Calls on Governments to Protect Whistleblowers Like Snowden, Not Prosecute Them

The U.N. envoy charged with safeguarding free speech around the globe has declared in a dramatic new report that confidential sources and whistleblowers are a crucial element of a healthy democracy, and that governments should protect them rather than demonize them.

The report by David Kaye, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, also highlights the harsh treatment of whistleblowers in the U.S., most notably former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who is living in Russia as fugitive from the U.S. government.

Oct 23 10:41

Oops! Clinton hints at murdered ambassador’s secret activities

In a revealing statement largely overlooked by the media covering Thursday’s House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton essentially implied that Ambassador Chris Stevens was engaged in securing shoulder-fired missiles in Libya.

Oct 23 10:40

The Best Way to Defeat Russian Airstrikes: Blow 'Em Up With... Condoms?

Left with little recourse in the face of relentless Russian airstrikes, the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group has apparently resorted to a fairly unique defensive strategy. According to a video that surfaced online on Wednesday, the group has begun launching homemade condom bombs, hoping they’ll somehow veer into a Russian bomber.

While Sputnik cannot independently verify the authenticity of the video, which was originally found on LiveLeak by Russia Insider, it appears to show IS militants creating aerial mines out of condoms, which are then released into the skies over Idlib.

Oct 23 10:39

Presenting America's New Debt Ceiling: $19,600,000,000,000

Even as the bond market has been rather concerned about another possible debt ceiling showdown as we showed before, and which earlier today prompted the Treasury to announce the purposefully dramatic step of postponing the auction of 2 Year Notes next week, the reality is that one way or another, with an equity-driven wake up call for the GOP or without, the debt ceiling will be raised.

The only question is how much.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 23 10:38

US Dollar Dumped Against Asian FX As Releveraging Chinese Send Margin-Debt To 6-Week Highs

Chinese stocks are not as exuberant as European, Japanese (which are rolling over), and US markets at the open as they cling to unchanged for the day and week (despite margin debt rising to a six-week high). The main event in AsiaPac trading appears to be a huge re-entry into the EUR-ANY-EM-FX carry trade as The USDollar gets pummeled against Asian FX (despite EUR weakness). PBOC weakened the Yuan fix by the most in 8 days to its lowest in 2 weeks.

Oct 23 10:38

Syrian Army's Gains in Last 24 Hours

The Syrian army intensified countrywide attacks on terrorist groups and won back several strategic regions in Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Deir Ezzur and Lattakia provinces on Thursday and Friday.
Militants Withdrawing in Aleppo, Syrian-Hezbollah Joint Forces Capture Two More Villages http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940801000308
Syrian Army, Popular Forces Win Back More Villages in Homs Province http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940801000152
Syrian Fighter Jets Stage Massive Air Raids on Nusra, ISIL Positions in Aleppo http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940801000108

Oct 23 10:37

In hunt for US terror recruits, FBI agents set traps

In April, John Booker was arrested for allegedly planning to carry out a suicide bombing at a military base in Kansas on behalf of the Islamic State group.

It turns out that undercover FBI operatives had been manipulating the 20-year-old for six months -- helping him make a "martyrdom" video, providing him with a list of bomb-making materials and even building an explosive device for him, albeit an inert one.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if Booker was on prescription anti-depressants, because people on those medications have poor impulse control and hence are easy to manipulate.

Oct 23 10:36

Study of 3 Psychedelics Finds They Do No Harm but Actually Improve Mental Health

A new study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology has found that taking psychedelic drugs does not result in impairment of mental health or an increased risk of depression. From the three drugs that were involved (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD, Psilocybin and Mescaline), the study declared that there are ‘no significant associations between lifetime use of psychedelics and increased likelihood of past year serious psychological distress, mental health treatment, suicidal thoughts, suicidal plans and suicide attempt, depression and anxiety.’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

MDMA (street name Ecstasy) was showing real promise as a therapeutic drug to help people cope with trauma, significantly reducing the number of hours of therapy patients needed (which is probably one of the reasons it was made illegal).

Oct 23 10:35

Report: Suicide Bombing Targeting Shiite Procession in Pakistan Kills 20

A suicide bombing targeted a Shiite religious ceremony in central Pakistan, killing at least 20 people, a senior official told the local news media on Friday.

Oct 23 10:32

Watch: Hillary Gets Hit With Sickening Fact And TOTALLY Misses The Point…

Suggesting Stevens was referring to “fire sale” purchases from other governments, Clinton acknowledged that he was interested in adding additional barricades and other defensive tools to the U.S. consulate. “Because we weren’t providing them enough physical security,” Brooks added, “isn’t that right? So they’re picking up a fire sale because other consulates are pulling out, other countries are pulling out?” With a smile, Clinton chalked up the apparently desperate effort to defend against an attack to the “entrepreneurial spirit” of those working at the embassy. Her reaction was far too flippant for many social media critics:

Oct 23 10:30

Syria Advances as Russia Strikes ISIL: Another Week in Review

Over the past week, Russia destroyed 363 ISIL installations, as the Syrian army continues offensives around the country to combat terrorist groups.

Russia's presence in Syria led to a change in the focus of the US-led coalition's strikes against ISIL. The US continues minor airstrikes in Syria, generally using drones and striking near the Iraqi and Turkish borders. However, the drone use has created issues of air control, as Russian aircraft are often forced to fly in close proximity with US drones, as Russia's defense ministry showed in a fly-by of a MQ-9 Reaper drone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Russian troops have been remarkably effective in working to rid Syria of ALL terrorists (including the American funded and armed terrorists).

Oct 23 10:30

Pentagon’s 2016 Defense Budget: $1.6 Billion for a Proxy Army Against Russia

America is about to get more "appropriately vetted" rebels to go with the four or five the Pentagon got out of the $500 million spent last year! Woohoo!

But at least amendments to this year’s bill would finally outlaw the training and arming of Ukraine’s notorious paramilitary neo-Nazi “Azov” battalion which America had previously been funding. Azov has been described not to but by US lawmakers as a “fascist” and “openly neo Nazi” group, and yet, the government has knowingly been using taxpayer dollars to fund them, while the US media pretends to ignore the war atrocities they’ve committed over there against people who voted 90%+ for Ukrainian President Yanukovych, overthrown by the US with the help of said Nazis to put in a US-backed puppet government so they can screw with Russia and give seats on the Board of Directors of the largest private Ukrainian gas producer to people like Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

Oct 23 10:28

U.S. extends ban on flights of its aircraft to Simferopol, Dnepropetrovsk

According to the report, the decision will be in effect until October 27, 2016. The ban applies to all U.S. passenger airlines, cargo carriers and persons with private pilot licenses, the U.S. aviation authorities said.

Oct 23 10:25

Ukrainian experts say local elections could launch federalization processes

"These elections will actually be a starting point of federalization"... "The subject of local self-government, moreover, of federalization will surface sooner or later because both decentralization and federalization are not just wishful thinking, since real life is forcing the state towards it".

Oct 23 10:22

Lawmaker: IS sponsors once tried to break Chechnya from Russia

"That is why, it not an abstract threat for us, and in carrying out our military operation in Syria we are indeed fighting for the strengthening of our own security".

Oct 23 10:19

Germany to Deport Refugees in Military Cargo Planes

As growing numbers of refugees seek asylum from the wars raging in Syria and Iraq, governments throughout Europe are moving to seal their borders, slash social assistance for migrants, and carry out mass deportations.

This week, the Bild newspaper reported that the German government plans to use military aircraft to deport tens of thousands of refugees whose requests for asylum have been denied. According to the newspaper, the government is planning to use C-160 military transport planes to deport nearly 200,000 people who have been declared by the German state to be “economic migrants” and ineligible for asylum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

to WHERE, pray tell, is Germany going to deport these people?!?

In my world, these people should all be (gently, safely) airdropped upon the communities in the US, allegedly represented by all the warhawks in Congress; they deserve it for creating this catastrophe in the first place!!

Oct 23 10:18

Putin familiarized himself with Carter’s data on IS positions — Kremlin

...Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, noting that the information had been supplied through open channels as it was not of military nature. Confirming that such data had been sent, he said military information could be passed only through closed military channels. Peskov did not give the details of this information.

Oct 23 10:18

Obamacare was all a big, fucking lie and the shit just hit the fan

Obamacare is so bad obama is bailing it out every day with tax money. Only 10 million total are taking it this year and the 40 million uninsured don't want it. Rates are through the roof, hospitals are going under and doctors are quitting. Obamacare was a big fucking lie sucking trillions down the drain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And those are the GOOD points!

Oct 23 10:17

Migrant taking selfie and showing victory-sign infront of torched tents at camp in Slovenia

For those who missed this one frame in press reports yesterday, concerning riots at a refugee-camp in Slovenia. The riots ended up in migrants (or refugees) burning down their own camp despite upcoming weatherconditions and even more migrants (in need for these tents) following.

Pictures show a migrant posing infront of burning tents, raising one hand to a victory-sign while taking a selfie with the other one. (Photo courtesy of BBC.com)

Oct 23 10:15

Russian parliamentarians bring humanitarian aid for Syrian children

"We have brought some three tons of humanitarian cargo, mainly baby food that will be sent to orphanages as well as to children of killed military".
Russian lawmaker says Damascus has become more peaceful since May http://tass.ru/en/politics/831487

Oct 23 10:15

They Profit, We Die: Toxic Agriculture and the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health and the Environment

Our food system is in big trouble. It’s in big trouble because the global agritech/agribusiness sector is poisoning it, us and the environment with its pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and various other chemical inputs. The Rockefeller clan exported the petrochemical intensive ‘green revolution’ around the world with the aim of ripping up indigenous agriculture to cement its hegemony over global agriculture and to help the US create food deficit regions and thus use agriculture as a tool of foreign policy.

This was only made possible and continues to be made possible because of lavish funds, slick PR, compliant politicians and scientists and the undermining and capture of regulatory and policy decision-making bodies that supposedly serve the public interest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what happens when profit trumps everything else; these chemical companies should be sued out of business, and their executives placed behind bars for a very long time, and NOT in a "Club Fed" environment.

Unfortunately, however, that is only likely to happen when pigs fly.

Oct 23 10:11

Local resident detained in Kyrgyzstan for recruiting people to combat operation zones

According to the information provided by the Kyrgyz authorities, about 400 Kyrgyz nationals have left the country to take part in hostilities in Syria and Iraq fighting for terrorist groups... "We currently have information that 83 children from our republic are in Syria and Iraq, and their parents are taking part in the armed conflict on the side of militants... As of today, 122 women from our republic are taking part in the conflict in Syria and Iraq". Official reports say around 1,800 supporters of extremist organizations are currently on the watch list in Kyrgyzstan. Around one fourth of them are women. http://tass.ru/en/world/819522

Oct 23 10:06

Satellite imagery reveals secret US drone base in Africa

Satellite images available on the online mapping service, Google Earth, along with US Defense Department documents show that the Pentagon has turned Chabelley Airfield in Djibouti into a hive of high-tech military equipment, the Intercept reported on Thursday.

The airport is an isolated airstrip located some 6 miles (9.5km) to the southwest of Djibouti City, the capital of the country.

In satellite images from several years ago, the airport resembles a strip of tarmac in the middle of a vast desert.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 23 10:06

Wikileaks Confirms: CIA Are Conducting Operations on U.S. Soil

According to its own website, the CIA are prohibited from conduct spying operations on US soil:

“By law, the CIA is specifically prohibited from collecting foreign intelligence concerning the domestic activities of US citizens. Its mission is to collect information related to foreign intelligence and foreign counterintelligence. By direction of the president in Executive Order 12333 of 1981 and in accordance with procedures approved by the Attorney General, the CIA is restricted in the collection of intelligence information directed against US citizens…”

If asked, the director would likely tell us that it’s now completely necessary to operate in the US – because of the “terrorist threat”.

Whatever you believe, the recent hack and subsequent document dump by Wikileaks this week has confirmed what many of us already suspected for decades...

Oct 23 10:04

Cisa amendment would allow US to jail foreigners for crimes committed abroad

An amendment to a controversial cybersecurity bill will allow US courts to pursue and jail foreign nationals even if the crimes they commit are against other foreigners and on foreign soil.

The main aim of the amendment to the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa), which passed a key Senate hurdle on Thursday, is to lower the barrier for prosecuting crimes committed abroad. But the amended law would make it a crime punishable by US prison time not merely to clone the credit card or steal the Netflix password of an American citizen, but to take unauthorized information from any American company, no matter where it happens.

In other words, if a French national hacks a Spanish national’s MasterCard, she could be subject to 10 years in US prison under laws changed by the bill.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Call me silly, I do not feel even one bit more "protected" by this provision of CISA than I did before this monstrosity got passed.

Oct 23 10:03

Ukrainian FM: Deploying UN peacekeepers in Donbas impossible without Russia’s agreement

"That is why we, together with France and Mexico, propose an initiative on voluntary restriction of veto right and want to move to the reform that will narrow the possibility of using veto right, at least in cases that directly concern UN Security Council permanent members".


Oct 23 10:03

Your Faily Dose of BOOGA BOOGA! ISIS wants you

Oct 23 10:02

Ukraine is not going to take military action against Russia for Crimea — FM

"Nobody will take military action against such a nuclear power as Russia. I mean not only Ukraine". At the same time, Klimkin said, Kiev "has prepared a series of steps concerning the further work on Crimea."

Oct 23 10:01

Clinton pins responsibility on Stevens

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton brushed aside emails Thursday that showed she privately told family and world leaders that the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi was a terrorist assault, and said Ambassador Christopher Stevens was responsible for his own decisions regarding skimpy security ahead of his death.

Oct 23 10:01

Teen faces assault charges for throwing baby carrot at middle school teacher

A 14-year old girl could be charged with assault and battery after she threw a baby carrot at one of her former teachers. School disciplinary documents allege a baby carrot was used as a weapon in an assault and battery of a Moody Middle School teacher.

Oct 23 09:56

US Adds Planes to Turkey, Mulls ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Syria

12 more US warplanes were deployed to Turkey today as part of what officials call “routine rotations” for the ongoing bombing of Syria and Iraq. The planes are slow-moving A-10 Thunderbolts, designed as close support planes for ground troops, and are being planned for use backing “Arab and Kurdish militants” on the ground.

This new deployment comes amid reports of a serious debate going on in the administration on a dramatic buildup of the war in Syria, aimed at spiting Russia for its own anti-ISIS war. Secretary of State John Kerry is said to be leading a push for a show of force, including declaring a “no fly zone” in northern Syria and attempting to block Russia from the area militarily.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The attempt at establishing a "no fly zone" in Northern Syria would be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid things the US government and military could possibly do at this moment.

Unfortunately, that being said, this is no guarantee that the US government will not do it.

A direct military confrontation with Russia over Syria is a recipe for absolute, unmitigated disaster in Syria, and that Kerry doesn't have the horse-sense to recognise this, is deeply disturbing to me.

And apparently, the State Department's view of such a move ("The State Department sees that as the ultimate move to really stick it to Russia,...") is proof positive that they have collectively OD'd on the koolaid of their own jingoism.

Since Russia's successful military strikes to kill ALL the terrorists in Syria (including those funded by the US government), much of the this country's government has been behaving like wounded, cornered animals; and wounded, cornered animals are always dangerous.

Oct 23 09:56

Obama Admin Urges Schools To ‘Publicly Demonstrate Support’ For Illegals

The U.S. Department of Education issued the document “Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth” to public schools this week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We don;t have enough funds to properly educate the legal children of this nation, and Obama wants the schools to hang out the welcome signs for illegals?

Oct 23 09:54

iPhone Q1 2016 Sales Estimates: Apple Inc.'s Smartphone Sales May Decline For First Time, Says Analyst

The iPhone 6S could be Apple's first flagship smartphone that fails to outdo its predecessor. In Apple Inc.’s report for the October-December quarter, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecasts iPhone sales to come in between 70 million and 75 million units, according to a research note obtained by MacRumors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would we all like a newer and hipper phone? Yes. Do we have the money to buy one? Of course not.

I actually got an email from my cell phone provider enticing me into upgrading to the iPhone 6s whizzo-model with all the chrome trim for only $25 a month! Nowhere could I find the total price for the phone from which I could figure out how many months I would have to pay that $25. At that point, I stopped reading.

Oct 23 09:52

Amish girl who fled United States to escape forced chemotherapy is now cancer-free

Some might call it a "miracle," but alternative and holistic medicine healers aren't really surprised to learn that a 12-year old Amish girl is now cancer-free — after her doctors testified in court just six months ago that she would be dead by now if her family were permitted to refuse her chemotherapy.

As reported by the Medina Gazette, of Medina County, Ohio, Maurice Thompson, head of the libertarian non-profit group 1852 Center for Constitutional Law, said young Sarah Hershberger now shows no signs of being stricken with cancer at all and appears to be healthy.

"She had MRIs and blood work, and the judge over the last year helped facilitate at least one trip to the Cleveland Clinic. The MRIs did not show any cancer," Thompson told the Gazette recently.

He added that her family is continuing to treat her with less invasive alternative medicine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We can't let the cancer-industrial-complex collapse just because people can heal themselves! We need more cancer patients. Set fire to a nuclear waste disposal site or something!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 23 09:49

Scotiabank latest bank to slash jobs and streamline services

Scotiabank is the latest bank to slash jobs during a time of healthy profits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which undermines the claim of healthy profits.

Oct 23 09:48

Paper Breaks Taboo on Shamir, Nazi Link : Jerusalem Post Cites Stern Gang Past, Hits Stance on Peace Now

Israel's Jerusalem Post broke a national taboo today by writing of a 1941 link between Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's Stern Gang guerrillas and Nazi Germany.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sooooo ... The Mufti is now off of the hook? :)

Oct 23 09:46

Armed clash between Ukrainian army units reported by Donetsk republic

The fighting outside Shirokino continued for several hours, the news agency said, adding that early reports did not specify the casualties. The source said the conflict had been triggered by a battle of words between unit commanders. He also supposed one of them could have been drunk. The previous armed clash of Ukrainian units was fixed on September 20, near Donetsk region’s settlement of Avdeyevka.

Oct 23 09:46

Justice Ministry expands tasks of committee following up on theft of industrial facilities

Justice Minister Najm al-Ahmad issued a decision on Friday on expanding the tasks of the legal committee formed in August to prepare legal action against the terrorist gangs that dismantled industrial facilities in Aleppo and Idleb provinces and smuggled them to Turkey.

Oct 23 09:44

Putin Has Just Put An End to the Wolfowitz Doctrine

The Russians Will No Longer Allow Regime Change of Their Allies

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Paul Wolfowitz. THIS guy!

Oct 23 09:44

Herd Immunity vs. Viral Shedding: Who’s infecting whom?

Herd immunity or community immunity as it is also known, is one of the main arguments that “pro-vaxxers” (those advocating vaccination) advance to persuade people to take vaccines. Herd immunity, so it is claimed, provides indirect protection to the unvaccinated. How? Here’s how the reasoning goes: if enough people get vaccinated, when a contagious disease hits a community, it spreads less quickly than if the majority were not vaccinated, since they are now protected

Oct 23 09:44


During the 12th annual meeting, entitled “Societies Between War and Peace: Overcoming the Logic of Conflict in Tomorrow’s World,” Putin spoke to numerous international issues including the ongoing war in Syria and the West’s questionable practices in the fight against Bashar al-Assad.

“Success in fighting terrorists cannot be reached if using some of them as a battering ram to overthrow disliked regimes,” Putin said. “It’s just an illusion that they can be dealt with [later], removed from power and somehow negotiated with.”

Putin also took aim at so-called US-backed “moderate rebels,” who admittedly support and fight alongside terrorist organizations such as ISIL and the al-Nusra Front.

“Why play with words dividing terrorists into moderate and not moderate,” the Russian president added. “What’s the difference?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"OK, Vlad: so what's your problem?!?" - Official White House Souse.

Oct 23 09:43

BEX ALERT - Not all paedophiles are bad people - we need to have a sense of proportion

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This from the same newspaper that told you snowfalls are a thing of the last in 2000.

Oct 23 09:41

Syrian Army: Operations Continue Successfully in Homs, Hama, Lattakia, Aleppo

Military spokesman of the Syrian Arab army said that the Syrian Army in cooperation with the Army’s Air Force successfully continued their operations against dens and gatherings of terrorist organizations in Eastern Ghouta, Homs, Hama, Lattakia and Aleppo countryside.