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"We are become a small people and much lessened by the war. If the people of Virginia, Maryland, Pensilvania, the Jerseys, Connecticutt and New-England who have all put their hand to the Covenant Chain will joyn with the inhabitants of this place we are ready to go and root out the French and all our enemyes out of Canada.... We renew the covenant chain in behalfe of the whole House, the Mohaques, Oneydes, Onondages Cayouges & Sinnekes." -- Benjamin Fletcher, English Governor at Albany speaking to Haudenosaunee, 1696



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October 21, 2015

Oct 21 07:14

'10-second' hack jogs Fitbits into malware-spreading mode

To avoid viral stains, go jogging alone or with Bluetooth binned

Oct 21 07:11

Yemen Crisis: Death Toll Rises As Saudi Arabia's Allies Intensify Ground Operation

Allies of the exiled Yemeni government intensified their ground operations this week, as Yemen Post announced that 6,000 civilians have been killed in seven months of war. This number has not been independently confirmed, but a recent report from the World Health Organization says that 5,564 people have been killed and roughly 26, 568 have been injured since Saudi Arabia began its operation in Yemen -- exceeding the civilian death toll for the same period in Syria.

Earlier this week, Sudan sent in an additional 6,000 troops trained in guerilla warfare into Yemen to fight alongside the Saudi Arabia-led coalition currently battling the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. Egypt and Morocco are also expected to increase their ground forces in the coming weeks, an army spokesperson informed Yemen Post.

Oct 21 07:00

In America, Honest Jobs no Longer Pay

October 20, 2015

Oct 20 19:55

Truth About 9/11 Would Take Down the US as a Global Empire: Dr. Kevin Barrett

US officials assert that the attacks were carried out by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists but many experts have raised questions about the official account.

They believe that rogue elements within the US government, such as former Vice President Dick Cheney, orchestrated or at least encouraged the 9/11 attacks in order to accelerate the US war machine and advance the Zionist agenda.

“In August of 2001, George W. Bush received the president’s daily briefing from the CIA, and it was headlined, ‘Bin Laden determined to attack the United States’. Bush whipped his neck around and angrily screamed, ‘Well, you’ve covered your ass now,’” Dr. Barrett said.

“Of course, the ungenerous interpretation of this is that Bush knew full well that plans were proceeding apace for the big public relations event in September, and he did not appreciate the CIA briefer covering his posterior while passing the buck up to the president,” he added.

Oct 20 19:49

Rand Paul Insists Again: "You've Got To Raise The Age" On Social Security

Rand Paul is once again insisting that the American people should wait longer, years longer in fact, to qualify for social security payments. Under the pretext of saving the budget, Paul wants to force the people to wait longer to get a pittance of the money they were forced to pay to the government throughout their lives. Paul himself is having a lot of trouble raising and handling his own money, and sent out a desperate e-mail yesterday begging for "an emergency influx of funds." If the American people don't pay their taxes, they will end up in prison or dead like 87-year-old Irwin Schiff and Ed and Elaine Brown, who are both in their 70s serving long prison terms. People should be able to retire at 65 years old if they want to. But Paul wants them to keep working, instead of taking other measures to save money, such as cutting aide to 'our closest ally' Israel.

Oct 20 19:25

Third Intifada Or Zionist Jihad: Israel Escalates Tensions With Execution Style Force

It almost breaks my heart to say that the only development that can get the world to an act is organized mass murder like Srebrenica or Rwanda. But do we really have to wait for an act of mass killing so severe that the world can no longer avert its gaze?

Oct 20 19:06

Why Joe Biden must destroy Hillary Clinton

Lost amid the breathless "will he or won't he" speculation about Joe Biden's presidential future is this fact: If the vice president runs, his only plausible path to victory goes right through Hillary Clinton.

There is simply no math that gets Biden to the nomination -- short of Clinton dropping from the race entirely, which (sorry conspiracy theorists) ain't happening -- that doesn't involve him going aggressively negative on the former secretary of state. None.

Think about it: Biden and Clinton share the same bases of support -- establishment Democrats, the labor movement, the environmental community, minority voters -- except that Clinton has a lot more of that support. And they, largely, hold the same -- or very similar -- views on the major issues of the day.

Oct 20 19:06

Hillary's data firm that kept server in a bathroom closet BILLED the Democratic front-runner for its legal and PR costs after stories broke

The data firm responsible for maintaining Hillary Clinton's server after she left the State Department billed the former secretary for legal and public relations costs it incurred, a leaked invoice from the company shows.

The Platte River Networks invoice, obtained by The Complete Colorado news site, lists 'legal activity re: Hillary Clinton' twice, for services rendered at the end of July and throughout August.

It billed Clinton's accounting firm, Marcum LLP, for 'PR for Clinton email media services,' in August, as well.

The $19,283.10 charge for communications services came as Daily Mail Online exclusively revealed that the company operated out of a loft apartment and kept its servers in a bathroom.

Oct 20 19:06

9 Important Facts About the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Sanders was saying the issue was not that important to voters, while chastising the media for covering the topic. A liberal Washington Post reporter disagrees.

While a majority of Democrats would like the see the issue go away, a majority of Americans believe Clinton is deserving of additional scrutiny on the issue, Philip Bump wrote. So with that in mind, let us scrutinize.

Below are nine facts on the email scandal:

Oct 20 19:05

Offenders Who Can’t Pay, It’s a Pint of Blood or Jail Time: Judge in rural Alabama, “For your consideration, there’s a blood drive outside. If you don’t have any money, go out there and give blood and bring in a receipt indicating you gave blood.”

Judge Marvin Wiggins’s courtroom was packed on a September morning. The docket listed hundreds of offenders who owed fines or fees for a wide variety of crimes — hunting after dark, assault, drug possession and passing bad checks among them.

Oct 20 19:02

If money is speech, this is what $26 billion sounds like "Those who favor unlimited campaign contributions like to say that “money is speech.” The problem with this arrangement is the more money you have, the more speech you get — and Adelson is a perfect

The casino mogul and big-time Republican donor is onstage at the Washington Hilton, talking about, in no particular order: his son’s college deliberations; his casinos; his new diet; the Holocaust; his business in Macau; the Spanish Inquisition; Bibi Netanyahu; diamond merchants; the importance of travel to Israel; the Nobel Prize; his youth in Boston; his interviewer’s wife. He relates an anecdote about Israeli soldiers. Seven minutes later, he tells the same anecdote again.

Oct 20 18:58

On Benghazi, Hillary still in accuse-the-accuser mode

Republicans and Democrats deny accusations of partisanship in the congressional Benghazi investigation, while both parties jockey to position themselves to best advantage regarding Hillary Clinton’s pending testimony. If Hillary is pilloried, it’s because of evidence only.

Oct 20 18:54

Clinton Coronation Back on Track? Not So Fast

A strong debate performance — aided by chief rival Bernie Sanders’s dismissal of her e-mail scandal — has Clinton backers claiming the scandal is a dead issue in the Democratic primaries. Clinton’s pollster, Joel Berenson, notes that some 75 percent of Democrats approve of her, even though 31 percent of them also think she is lying about the e-mail scandal. Her questioners on the House Benghazi Committee, this line of thinking goes, have revealed their partisanship, and she ought to have no trouble besting them in her appearance before the committee this Thursday.

Oct 20 18:43

Windows Update error forces some users to upgrade to Windows 10

Ever since Microsoft launched Windows 10, the company has come under fire for its aggressive update policies. In the weeks following launch, Windows 7 users were greeted with a giant “Reserve your upgrade today!” banner, every time they launched IE11 (if set to the default home page). At least one of our own writers had a system surprise-install the operating system, despite not being told to do so. And now, in an apparent repeat of what we thought was an odd corner case, Microsoft made an error in Windows Update that’s forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10, whether they wish to do so or not.

The problem, according to Microsoft, is that the Windows 10 Update was switched from “Optional” to “Mandatory” and automatically distributed to users who had “Download and install updates automatically” enabled. PCWorld reports that in at least some cases, users are now locked into an update cycle that they can’t cancel!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"An 'error.' Sure. That's all it is, an error. Really." - Microblorch

Oct 20 18:29

Over A Year Before 9/11, Trump Wrote Of Terror Threat With Remarkable Clarity

In 2000, 19 months before Sept. 11, 2001, Donald Trump wrote extensively of the terrorism threat the United States was facing. Trump, who at the time was considering a presidential bid on the Reform Party ticket, went so far as to say that an attack on a major U.S. city was not just a probability, but an inevitability. “I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers,” wrote Trump in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve. “No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen.” Trump even mentions Osama bin Laden by name, in a criticism of an American foreign policy that too quickly jumps from one crisis to the next.

Oct 20 18:17

EXCLUSIVE: 'I am a prince and I do what I want.' Cocaine-crazed Saudi royal 'threatened to kill Los Angeles mansion staff who watched him being pleasured by male aide'

Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 29, made unwanted sexual advances at three female workers, court documents reveal

'He held parties between September 21 and September 22 where cocaine was used, alcohol was consumed and escorts were brought in,' they claim

'Tomorrow I will have a party with you and you will do everything I want or I will kill you,' prince is accused of saying to worker, a married mom

The women say they tried to leave the mansion but were locked in by Al Saud's aides

Prince Majed was arrested last month and accused of forced oral copulation of an adult after neighbors spotted crying and bleeding woman

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US dropped the charges.

Oct 20 18:15

Officials squabble as underground fire burns near radioactive waste dump in St. Louis area

A fire is smoldering beneath a landfill in a densely populated suburb of St. Louis — and it has been there for five years.

Underground landfill fires, or "smoldering events" as some officials call them, aren't rare. What makes the fire at the landfill in Bridgeton, Mo., so unusual is that it's less than a quarter of a mile from a large deposit of nuclear waste — with no barrier in its way.

The radioactive legacy of St. Louis' role in the World War II atomic weapons program has unleashed Cold War-style nuclear paranoia in the area, as some residents debate what kind of gas masks to buy or whether to move away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh? And who do you suppose will buy your house?

Oct 20 18:13

Underground fire 300 meters from nuclear waste causes St. Louis to hatch contingency plan

Beneath the surface of a St. Louis-area landfill lurk two things that should never meet: a slow-burning fire and a cache of Cold War-era nuclear waste, separated by just 300 meters.

Government officials have quietly adopted an emergency plan in case the smoldering embers ever reach the waste, a potentially “catastrophic event” that could send up a plume of radioactive smoke over a densely populated area near the city’s main airport.

Although the fire at Bridgeton Landfill has been burning since at least 2010, the plan for a worst-case scenario was developed only a year ago and never publicized until this week, when St. Louis radio station KMOX first obtained a copy.

Oct 20 18:11

Houthis showcase the remnants of Saudi occupation gangs and their captured weapons

Oct 20 18:09

Paul Ryan to run for speaker if House Republicans will rally behind him

Rep. Paul Ryan said Tuesday he’s ready to replace Speaker John A. Boehner if House Republicans of all stripes unite behind his vision, capping an intense wait to hear from the man who many tapped as the sole hope to save a bitterly divided caucus.

Oct 20 18:08

ISIS Corpses Fill the Chinese Street in Baiji + Jackpot found in ISIS Headquater

at least a million dollars. ISIS corpses

Oct 20 17:28

Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year

We just got more evidence that the middle class in America is dying. According to brand new numbers that were just released by the Social Security Administration, 51 percent of all workers in the United States make less than $30,000 a year.

Oct 20 17:18

Fox News analyst who masqueraded as CIA agent sent to prison

A Fox News analyst, who claims to have had a life-long career at the CIA, has been jailed in the United States fabricating the story.

Wayne Simmons, 62, of Annapolis, Maryland, has been remanded to the custody of the US Marshals on Tuesday over pretending to be a former deep-cover CIA agent and posing a threat to the community.

According to ruling by a Virginia judge, Wayne Simmons, 62, of Annapolis, Maryland, is a “significant danger” to the country.

Simmons, who often appeared on Fox News as an analyst on terrorism, has pretended to have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency from 1973 until 2000 as an “Outside Paramilitary Special Operations Officer.”

Oct 20 17:09

Will Obama Succumb to Pro-War Baiting?

Recently Counterpunch published an article “Obama’s Legacy: An Abyss Gazing Backwards” by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad. It exemplifies the faulty analysis and conclusions of those advocating direct U.S. military intervention in Syria, from right-wing neoconservatives to liberals and even some self-styled Marxists.

Oct 20 16:52

Liar, Liar: Now Joe Biden Is Saying He Personally Advised Obama to Carry out Bin Laden Raid

How do you know when someone is about to throw his hat in to run for president in the United States?

How about when he tries to rewrite history and insert himself as some kind of hero who personally advised the president to “go” for it, to assassinate Bin Laden and launch the raid on his compound in Abottabad in 2011?

(Note: Before you read this, you have to pretend you believe the fairy tale that Bin Laden was even alive to “go get” in 2011.)

(read more)

Oct 20 16:36

Things Are Getting Scary: Global Police, Precrime and the War on Domestic ‘Extremists’

snip: Incredibly, both reports use the words terrorist and extremist interchangeably. [...] These reports indicate that for the government, anyone seen as opposing the government—whether they’re Left, Right or somewhere in between—can be labeled an extremist. Fast forward a few years, and you have the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which President Obama has continually re-upped, that allows the military to take you out of your home, lock you up with no access to friends, family or the courts if you’re seen as an extremist. [...] And then, while you’re at it, urge your local governments to nullify everything the federal government does that is illegitimate, egregious or blatantly unconstitutional. If this sounds anti-government or extremist, perhaps it is, in much the same way that King himself was considered anti-government and extremist.

Oct 20 16:32

You won’t believe the SHOCKING truth about the Iraq War revealed in AMAZING new memo!

As the same establishment press that sold the public the Iraq WMD lies “breaks” the “news” that Bush and Blair planned the invasion in advance, James shows the documents we’ve had for a decade telling us the exact same thing.

Oct 20 16:01

Famous Archived Letters of a TX WWI Soldier Discuss the Nation of Palestine

Looks like no one told this well known WWI soldier that there was no such country as Palestine, during World War I. Paul B Hendrickson, born Oct. 8, 1896 in Illinois, was a soldier in the U.S. Army and a veteran of the 33rd Division in World War I. He is well known for the fascinating series of letters he wrote during WWI. Hendrickson, who died in 1990, is also well known in Texas for the detailed maps he drew of Houston's Camp Logan, while he was stationed there. In this series of fascinating letters between Paul and his protestant mother, the two lament "the hold Catholicism was getting on our people," and how they look forward to "fulfillment of "a certain prophecy about the Jews them that we used to discuss." The mother reminds the son how she longs for "the new order that will be ushered in by and thru the Jews in their home- land - Palestine."

Oct 20 15:55

Britain clings to its bombing addiction with the weary rationale of a junkie - Frankie Boyle

Turning Libya into a jihadi Mad Max should have cured Britain’s habit. But, instead of entering recovery, Cameron is just looking to score another hit in Syria.

Oct 20 15:47

White Christmas predicted as temperatures fall across Britain

Bookmakers have slashed the odds on a white Christmas in the UK, with freezing weather on the way already

Oct 20 15:46

Israel Sends Ukraine Nazis Assault Weapons After Obama Sends Netanyahu $40 Billion For Military Armament.

Supplies of lethal aid from Israel to Ukraine will only deteriorate the standoff in Ukraine and increase the death toll, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday in an interview with Vesti v Subbotu program host Sergey Brilyov.

Putin ready to work with any new US president:

The journalist asked Putin to comment on statements that Israel could start supplying weapons to Ukraine in response to Russia’s decision to lift its own ban on supplies of S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran.

Oct 20 15:34

Finkelstein: Third Intifada goal is to end illegal Gaza siege

RT discusses the new outbreak of violence in the West Bank

Oct 20 15:34

Libya's Moussa Koussa Had Relationship With U.S.

Koussa has roots in the U.S. — he graduated from Michigan State University in the late 1970s with a degree in sociology. And he was seen as someone the CIA could work with.

Oct 20 15:30

9/11 The Dancing Israelis FBI report

Dancing Israelis Police Report
Dancing Israelis FBI document Section 3
Related article at http

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Scans of the original arrest and investigation reports of the "Dancing Israelis."

Oct 20 15:29

Housing Commissioner Touts Privatization as Residents Remain Without Water for Five Days

Eddie Conway follows up with city officials and residents concerning the lack of water and unsanitary conditions at the Baltimore city housing complex.

Oct 20 15:27


Who is Moussa Koussa?

Moussa Koussa served for fifteen years as Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s intelligence chief and was the government’s last Foreign Minister before Gaddafi went down in a revolution supported by U.S. military intervention.

Few people knew, apparently, that Koussa was a CIA informant when he left Libya and went to England in 2011 and then went on to Qatar, where he now lives free of U.S. or European Union sanctions. Some are currently calling for Koussa to be prosecuted in either the United States or Scotland for his alleged involvement in the 1988 “Lockerbie bombing,” a terrorist attack on a Pan-Am commercial flight from Germany to the U.S. that killed 270 people, including 189 Americans and 11 Scots at the site where the plane went down.

Oct 20 15:26

There’s A New Edward Snowden Whistleblower

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the latest news of a new Edward Snowden coming out and releasing hidden government documents.

Oct 20 15:25

Flashback - Libya: Moussa Koussa, the intelligence chief who was an enemy of the West and then its friend

The former Libyan intelligence chief who has defected to Britain has been implicated in the Lockerbie bombing and a number of other atrocities conducted by the regime of Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Oct 20 15:24

Flashback - CIA, MI6 helped Gaddafi on dissidents: rights group

The group said it uncovered hundreds of letters between the CIA, MI6 and Koussa, who is now in exile in London. Letters from the CIA began, "Dear Moussa," and were signed informally with first names only by CIA officials, Human Rights Watch said.

The current military commander for Tripoli of Libya's provisional government, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, was among those captured and sent to Libya by the CIA, Human Rights Watch said.

"Among the files we discovered at Moussa Koussa's office is a fax from the CIA dated 2004 in which the CIA informs the Libyan government that they are in a position to capture and render Belhadj," Human Rights Watch's Peter Bouckaert, who was part of the group that found the stash, told Reuters.

Oct 20 15:22

Flashback: Moussa Koussa's defection surprises Libya – and maybe Britain too

Koussa, who spent Thursday being debriefed by MI6, appears to have taken the Libyan regime completely by surprise – and perhaps the British too.

The flight that took him from Tunisia to Farnborough on a rainy Wednesday afternoon was the last leg of a choreographed getaway that he may have planned for weeks, but dared not confide to anyone. Certainly he told nobody in Tripoli, the city in which he was born, and which he left on Monday in a cavalcade of armoured limousines, having convinced the regime that he needed medical treatment across the border.

Once in Tunisia he made contact with British officials, but had no time to arrange for them to escort him back to the UK, or to negotiate immunity from prosecution. He left in a privately hired jet – not one provided by the British military – from the airport at Djerba, and was spirited away to a safe house when he landed several hours later.

Oct 20 15:20

Government takes family's land near Area 51

Private land overlooking the secret base at Area 51 has officially been taken from the owners and transferred to the United States Air Force.

Last month, the U.S. Air Force condemned the Groom Mine property when the family who owns it rejected a government buyout they felt was unjust.

Oct 20 15:18

Canada withdrawing fighter jets from Iraq, Syria, Trudeau tells Obama

Ottawa (AFP) - Canada's prime minister-elect Justin Trudeau on Tuesday said he told US President Barack Obama that Canadian fighter jets would withdraw from fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, but gave no timeline.

"About an hour ago I spoke with President Obama," Trudeau told a press conference.

While Canada remains "a strong member of the coalition against ISIL," Trudeau said he made clear to the US leader "the commitments I have made around ending the combat mission."

Oct 20 15:10

Tesla Tumbles After Consumer Reports Yanks Its "Best Car Ever" Recommendation, Now Says It Has "Poor Reliability"

In what is truly historic flip flop, just a month after Consumer Reports said the Tesla Model S is the best car it has ever tested, the agency has not only yanked its original review, but has come out with what is clearly a hitjob sponsored by another highest bidder, aimed squarely at Elon Musk's overpriced science experiment.

Oct 20 14:47

FLASHBACK 2012 - New Explosive Benghazi Allegations: CIA Operators Told to ‘Stand Down’ During Attack As 3 Urgent Requests for Military Back-Up Were Denied

Explosive new allegations surrounding the Benghazi attack emerged this morning, with FOX News’ Jennifer Griffin reporting that sources have confirmed that three urgent requests for military assistance sent from the CIA annex were all denied; CIA operators were apparently told to “stand down” rather than respond when shots were heard around 9:40 p.m. on September 11. Following the alleged developments, Charles Woods, father of ex-Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who was killed in the attack, passionately responded to this new information on Glenn Beck’s radio program (see his comments at the end of the article).

Oct 20 14:46

Russian SU-24 nav?l horror on the destroyer "Donald Cook" ... supplement information from Putin March 13, 2015

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia's version of the USS Donald Cook incident.

Oct 20 14:35

Devvy Kidd On The Passing of Irwin Schiff In Prison: "America is populated with dead souls"

Well known Constitutionalist, author and tax honesty proponent Devvy Kidd has responded to the LibertyFight.com query regarding the death of 87-year-old Irwin Schiff in prison. Not too many people are aware that former IRS enforcement agent Joe Banister was first challenged on the legality and legitimacy of the IRS when he heard a radio interview with Devvy Kidd many years ago. Banister set out to prove Devvy wrong and began his research- only to find out that she was right. That led to his activism and eventually culminated with him being surrounded by police at gunpoint, arrested and later acquitted of all charges.

Oct 20 14:29

Jihadists Slaughter Each Other For Resources As Russia Cuts Supply Lines

Oct 20 14:26

Another complete lie – US claims Iran violated UN resolution

Just a day after Iran’s Guardian Council approved the P5+1 nuclear deal, the US is already showing extremely bad faith, with Ambassador Samantha Power claiming Iran had violated a UN resolution with a recent missile test.

Oct 20 14:23

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time for a repost

Oct 20 14:05

Whew, a new bogie man just in time!

The US on Tuesday designated senior Taliban leader Torek Agha as a global terrorist, who is accused of funneling millions of dollars from the Gulf countries to Taliban coffers and planning assassination of Afghan government officials.

Oct 20 13:49

Europe Secretly Starts Imposing TTIP Despite the Public's Overwhelming Opposition

The terms of Obama’s proposed TPP ‘trade’ treaty with Asian countries won’t be made public until the treaty has already been in force for at least four years. The terms of Obama’s proposed TISA (Trade In Services Agreement) with 52 nations won’t be made public until the treaty has already been in force for at least five years. Obama’s proposed TTIP treaty with European countries has been so successfully hidden, that even the number of years it will be kept from the public isn’t yet known. Hello, international fascism — all in secret, until too late for the public to do anything.

Oct 20 13:46

State Department and Benghazi committee accidentally release CIA source's name in Hillary Clinton email – who turns out to be suspected mastermind behind the 1988 Lockerbie bombing

The State Department inadvertently released the name of a CIA source who is suspected of being the main plotter behind the 1988 Lockerbie, Scotland airline bombing, and the House Select Committee on Benghazi republished the mistake this week.

The CIA told Congress that the name of the alleged secret agency source was not considered by the agency to be a major secret.

The name was mentioned but then partially redacted by the State Department from an email received on Hillary Clinton's private server.

At issue is Moussa Koussa, a one-time intelligence chief for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, whose name was mentioned in an email Clinton received four years ago from her close confidant Sidney Blumenthal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sooooooo ... thanks to Hillary's private email server, the "Mastermind" behind Lockerbie has been exposed as a CIA asset!

Oct 20 13:44


The true North, Proud and Free just might become that again!

For the first time in nearly ten years, I can finally say that I am a proud Canadian!

Good luck and best wishes to the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is hoping that the Canadian rout of Harper presages a similar heave-ho to the entrenched neo-con money-junkie war machine in the US a year from now!

Oct 20 13:31

MSNBC 'Regrets' Showing 'Factually Innacturate' Maps of Historical Palestine on News Segment After Jews Go Nuts

After showing an info-graphic on a recent news segment featuring a series of historical maps of Palestine over a period of years, MSNBC has apologized and expressed 'regret.'

"We realized after we went off the air, that the maps were not factually accurate, and we regret using them," the MSNBC hostess proclaims.

She then brings on a 'Middle east expert' Martin Fletcher, and begs him "clearly those maps were wrong, tell us why." Fletcher insists that "there was no state called Palestine," to which the pretty blonde NBC anchor nods in agreement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Oct 20 13:23

Russian Defense Ministry denies death of Russian servicemen in Syria

"We would like to say in connection with foreign media reports that Russian servicemen have allegedly died in Syria that the Russian Armed Forces have lost none of its servicemen in Syria," the Russian Defense Ministry press and information department said. Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian embassy in Damascus also denied Reuters reports that three Russian servicemen had allegedly died in Syria. "We have no information at our disposal about the Reuters reported ‘death of three Russians’ or ‘three Russian servicemen’ in Syria. All this looks like a new stove-piping case," the Russian embassy told TASS. "The more so that the information came from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which in turn refered to some of its own sources," the Russian embassy said.

Oct 20 13:19

Militiaman killed as Ukraine attacks DPR positions on Donetsk outskirts

One militiaman was killed and another one wounded as the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked militia positions on the outskirts of the city of Donetsk, the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said Tuesday. "As a result of a Ukrainian provocation, one serviceman was killed and another one seriously wounded; the enemy lost up to five people," the Donetsk News Agency quoted the ministry’s report as saying. The ministry said the case of ceasefire violation by the Ukrainian side was registered by representatives of the Special Monitoring Mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE SMM) in Ukraine.

Oct 20 13:18

Democracy In Britain ‘Catastrophically In Decline’

A study by Democratic Audit into the state of democracy in Britain conducted in 2012 that looked at the previous ten years warned that democracy was in “long-term terminal decline” as the power of corporations keeps expanding, politicians become less representative of their constituencies and disillusioned citizens stop voting or even discussing current affairs.

Oct 20 13:16

Syrian intelligence reports influx of mercenaries into terrorist ranks

A huge number of foreign mercenaries is arriving in the Syrian province of Idlib to fight the government troops on the side of the militants, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on its website on Tuesday referring to Syrian reconnaissance data. "The chieftains of terrorist groups are trying to recoup the losses which were sustained in battles against the Syrian troops or occurred as a result of militants’ desertion from the frontline. According to the Syrian reconnaissance information, a huge number of foreign mercenaries is arriving in Idlib province," the Russian Defense Ministry said. At the same time, the Russian Armed Forces General Staff said that the terrorists defending the town of al-Shaykh Maskin in Deraa province were short of ammunitions and personnel. "They have had nothing to eat for the past three days. The local population is avoiding any cooperation (with the militants) and is refusing to help them," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Oct 20 13:02

It’s Illegal To Tell the Truth

John Kiriakou is an American patriot who informed us of the criminal behavior of illegal and immoral US “cloak and dagger” operations that were bringing dishonor to our country. His reward was to be called a “traitor” by the idiot conservative Republicans and sentenced to prison by the corrupt US government.

Oct 20 12:52


U.S. and Afghan troops did in fact break through a locked gate outside of a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) clinic last week in Kunduz, Afghanistan, where 22 patients and staff were killed in a U.S. militarybombing days earlier, a Department of Defense official admitted Monday. Pentagon spokesperson Jeff Davis said the soldiers who forced open the gate did not believe the charity hospital was still occupied and that they plan to "make it right and make sure that that gate is repaired."

Oct 20 12:30

Under Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s NNPC Stole $19.1 billion

Nigeria’s state oil corporation stole nearly half of the trillions it earned in the past three years while under the watch of former President Goodluck Jonathan, corporate officials revealed to a federal economic council Monday at the presidential villa in Abuja, Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration learned that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) generated about 8.1 trillion naira ($40.7 billion) from 2012 to 2015, but only paid the federal government a little more than half, according to local media.

The NNPC withheld and illegally spent what was left of the oil money — about 3.8 trillion naira ($19.1 billion) — without approval from the Nigerian government. It was the first time the corporation briefed the National Economic Council, and the meeting’s revelations suggested the extent of corruption within Nigeria’s oil sector, which Buhari has vowed to clean up, according to local newspaper Premium Times.

Oct 20 12:14

Europe Slowly Turns Conservative as Anti-Immigrant Party Wins Swiss Election

Once the liberal bastion of the world, it appears that Europe’s political discourse is slowly shifting to the right. As Middle-Eastern refugees continue to flood into the continent, more Europeans are beginning to view the migrants as a threat to their culture, and are increasingly turning to nationalist movements for solutions.

This is especially true for Switzerland, where the anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party, won the largest share of seats in the national parliamentary election over the weekend. The SVP exceeded expectations by winning 29.5% of the vote, which added 11 seats for the party. They now hold 65 of the parliament’s 200 seats, which is the most any party has held in nearly a century. The Liberal Party (which contrary to its name, is actually a center-right pro-business party) managed to gain 3 more seats.

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Oct 20 12:13

South Africa Calls Climate Deal ‘Apartheid’ for Developing Nations

While many citizens of the developed world often view climate change policies as an attack on their economic prosperity, it’s easy to forget that these policies can have an even greater effect on the third world. Countries that are already struggling to raise the standard of living of their citizens have enough to worry about, without environmentalists telling them to shut down their factories or use less fuel.

Oct 20 12:11


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that cell phone video recordings of police officers are interfering with the officers’ ability to do their jobs … and that is why the murder numbers are rising for his city. Emanuel blamed the higher murder rate on “the chilling effects of high-profile protests against police brutality and officers’ fear of cell phone videos of their actions going viral.”

Oct 20 12:11

The World Is $50 Trillion MORE in Debt Since 2008 Financial Crisis

Check out this graph above from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Global debt has apparently increased by $50 trillion since the beginning of 2007 going into the financial crisis of 2008.

That’s an increase of 50 percent.

Goldman Sachs recently announced we are in the “third wave” of the financial crisis. But how many “waves” are there exactly? An endless ocean?

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Oct 20 12:01

Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda

Oct 20 11:55

Indigenous Mayans Win Stunning Repeal of Hated ‘Monsanto Law’

A new law was passed in Guatemala in June 2015 that would have given exclusivity on patented seeds to a handful of transnational companies such as Monsanto. The opposition brought together a diverse set of people from across the Central American nation. Trade unions and farmers, social movements, women’s organizations and Mayan indigenous people took to the streets outside of the Congress and Constitutional Court in Guatemala City to protest the Monsanto Law and to show their disdain for the role that GMO seeds and their patent holders would now play in Guatemala.

On September 2, a large group of Mayan indigenous people blocked several streets in front of the Congress and demanded the immediate overturn of the law. Coinciding with several court injunctions in order to stop the new law from taking effect, the peaceful protests finally ended on September 4, 2015, after ten days, when the Congress of Guatemala repealed the law.

Oct 20 11:53

Why, of All People, Is Henry Kissinger the Voice of Reason on Syria?

You know things are pretty far gone when one of the most notorious warmongerers is the voice of restraint in Syria.

War criminal Henry Kissinger, who has been involved in escalating numerous crises in other countries for decades now, is actually managing to sound like the voice of rational thought and compromise over Syria.

“The destruction of ISIS is more urgent than the overthrow of Bashar Assad,” he wrote in the Wall Street Journal on Friday. “The current inconclusive U.S. military effort risks serving as a recruitment vehicle for ISIS as having stood up to American might.”

No one, other than the insane warhawks running the show at NATO, want to see a full-on war with Russia… not even Henry Kissinger apparently.

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Oct 20 11:52

The Sad Fate of America’s Whistleblowers

What is it about whistleblowers that the powers that be can’t stand?

When I blew the whistle on the CIA’s illegal torture program, I was derided in many quarters as a traitor. My detractors in the government attacked me for violating my secrecy agreement, even as they ignored the oath we’d all taken to protect and defend the Constitution.

All of this happened despite the fact that the torture I helped expose is illegal in the United States. Torture also violates a number of international laws and treaties to which our country is signatory – some of which the United States itself was the driving force in drafting.

I was charged with three counts of espionage, all of which were eventually dropped when I took a plea to a lesser count. I had to choose between spending up to 30 months in prison and rolling the dice to risk a 45-year sentence. With five kids, and three of them under the age of 10, I took the plea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those in power cannot stand people standing up to their lies, and their cover-ups.

Unfortunately, right now, I can no longer believe ANYTHING the US government says any more, even if that happens to be the absolute truth, because they have lied with such consistency, particularly in the last 20 years.

And about these military misadventures in which the US government has been embroiled these last ten to 15 years?!?

These wars are not about "protecting the homeland", or "the American way of life"; they are fought only for private corporate profit, period, end of discussion.

I was watching an episode of "It Takes a Choir" last night, where a marvellous choirmaster, Gareth Malone, was working with a group of military spouses, both women and men, and creating a choir from this group.

I watched these very sweet people, dealing with the realities of being a military spouse, and I had to wonder; do they really know the real reasons their beloved ones were deployed?!?

Did they understand that large corporations were making a killing with lucrative contracts overseas? Did they understand that this is about "pacifying" various parts of the world, so that oil pipelines could be routed through them, or mineral wealth could be plundered for a song, and with none of the good of these corporate "arrangements" ever coming back to even slightly enrich the lives of the people living in these countries?!?

Please don't get me wrong; I have every respect for our men and women in uniform; I just wish to hell we had a government at least remotely capable of resolving geopolitical differences through honest, good-faith, deal-making negotiations. Unfortunately, it seems that this skill set is no longer a tool DC wants to use, and relies on militaristic bullying to get what it wants. But there is a finite upper limit to the effect this sabre-rattling can have, as the US is discovering in Syria.

Oct 20 11:46

January cold gives way to a more seasonal warm-Up

It was record breaking cold this morning! Temperatures fell into the teens across western Mass. In fact, we got down to 16 degrees smashing the old record for today (October 19th) of 19 degrees set back in the 1974. The average low for this time of year is in the middle 30s! This morning felt morning like January!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 20 11:45

Baltimore-Washington airport sets new record low temperature

A new daily record low of 29 degrees was set at Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport on Monday. That breaks the old record for the day of 30 degrees set in 1976.

Oct 20 11:44

Record cold temperatures freezing out farmers

The record freezing temperatures are leaving farmers out in the cold as they struggle to deal with the frigid conditions.

The chilly temps has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a frost advisory for parts of our viewing area until 9 a.m. Tuesday. It comes after a freeze warning was issued overnight Monday.

Oct 20 11:44

Record cold in NJ, stormy winter forecast

The mercury plunged to 27 degrees in Trenton on Monday, shattering the previous record low for Oct. 19: 30 degrees set in 1986 and 1974, according to the National Weather Service's Mount Holly Office.

Oct 20 11:42

Sell-out politicians reintroduce bill to keep Americans in the dark about GMOs in their food

Without the reforms in this legislation, a patchwork of state GMO labeling laws could mislead consumers and increase food prices for families. This bill preserves and affirms the FDA's role in food safety, while ensuring that all Americans' desire to know what's in their food is respected. To that end, this legislation includes a new provision to allow those who wish to label their products as GMO-free to do so by through a USDA-accredited certification process.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The previous bill did not limit companies from putting "GMO-free" labels on their products. This bill requires you to get government permission to do so, form the very agency that has been working hand-in-glove with the GMO companies to force these products onto the American people (since the rest of the world refuses to buy them).

Oct 20 11:31

Black thugs viciously attack white woman

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is this real, or was it staged to fan the racial tension agenda?

Oct 20 11:29

Michigan among states reporting job losses in September

Most U.S. states reported jobs losses in September as slowing growth has weighed on hiring nationwide in the past two months.

The Labor Department said Tuesday that hiring increased in just 20 states last month, the fewest since March. Twenty-seven states lost jobs and three reported no change.

Oct 20 11:29

NATO Launches Massive Exercise to Prep for War With ‘Not Russia’

NATO today launched its biggest single military exercise in more than 13 years, involving some 36,000 troops in the Mediterranean Sea, simulating a war spanning from Sicily to Spain and Portugal against a major invading European superpower, who officials are insisting is definitely totally not Russia.

The exercise is planned to last through November 6 and will focus on support a “Spearhead Force” that NATO intends to install along the Russian border, nominally to fend off a Russian invasion of Eastern Europe. The predictions of a Russian invasion have been growing out of NATO for a couple of years, and have justified significant increases in spending and military deployments into otherwise calm nations in the east.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question in this article which is never asked, but SHOULD be, is why in the world would Putin want to attack Eastern Europe at this time?!?

And the short answer is, he wouldn't.

He's got his hands full in Syria, and is working like a demon to get the Russian economy back on track, in spite of US and (crumbling) European sanctions.

Russians and Europeans understand what it is like to have a war on your front lawn, and have had quite enough of that, thank you very much.

The folks doing this horrific warmongering are primarily the American political leadership, and its military.

Oct 20 11:29

NEW 'STAR WARS' BLASTED AS 'ANTI-WHITE' 'Nothing more than a social justice propaganda piece'

Oct 20 11:18

Activists Return to City Hall to Defend the Right to Protest

As protesters disrupt Police Commissioner Kevin Davis's confirmation hearing, Citi Bloc organizer and high school student Makayla Gilliam-Price says the right to protest must be defended.

Oct 20 11:17

Turkey threatens to SHOOT DOWN Putin's planes as it drags West closer to war with Russia

The deadly threat comes just a day after the NATO member, which holds the Western alliance's second largest army, shot down a mysterious unidentified drone near its border with Syria.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has since ratcheted up the war rhetoric as the chaotic conflict in Syria threatens to spill over into Turkey and beyond.

Friday's drone incident highlights the danger that Turkey could be drawn into a military confrontation with Russia and force the rest of NATO, including Britain, into war with it.

The Turkish military said it shot down the unmanned aircraft after it continued on its course despite three warnings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu; sir, in light of the fact that the drone was unidentifiable, I would strongly suggest that you cool your jets until your scientists discover just whose drone that was.

You recognise, as does the rest of the intelligent world, that the overflight of your country a couple of weeks ago by Russian jets was an accident, which had its beginning in the reality that Turkey redrew the map of its borders.

So please; the histrionics are not helping ratchet down the tension here one bit, and if it is ANYTHING the world needs now, it is for people to prevent as much further bloodshed here as possible.

Oct 20 11:13

25 year old inmate dies in police custody while suffering withdrawals and dehyration. DA clears police of any wrong doong and declares death by "natural causes"

Tyler Tabor told medical staff at the Adams County Detention Facility he was going through a heroin withdrawal when he was booked May 14 for outstanding warrants.

Oct 20 11:03

Against the Clock: Pentagon Pushing Ahead With Nuclear Buildup in Europe

While Russia is eradicating the terrorist threat in the Middle East, the US and NATO are busy with modernizing their European nuclear arms aimed at some unknown menace and pressuring the EU, particularly Belgium, into spending more on US weaponry, founder of Agora Erasmus movement Karel Vereycken told Sputnik.

It is naïve to believe that the Obama administration, lambasted by both right and left-wing parties in the US for its inconsistent policy in the Middle East, is perplexed or distraught. Undoubtedly, it has a well-thought-out foreign strategy and Europe is one of its targets.
In his earlier interviews to Sputnik, Karel Vereycken, journalist, founder of the Belgian political organization Agora Erasmus and editor-at-large of the French newspaper Nouvelle Solidarité, called attention to the fact that the Pentagon and NATO are pushing ahead with the project of re-nuclearization of Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because pushing the renuclearization of Europe is one of the most ham-fistedly, pigheadedly stupid things the US government could do right now is, unfortunately, becoming a nightmare reality for Europe.

Russia is absolutely no threat to the US, unless the US government creates a massive provocation against it, which the US government seems hell-bent on doing with these actions.

Russia's military campaign in Syria has demonstrated that it has some really world-class hardware and software, to which the US military has no real answer at this point.

And, unlike the US, in Russia, there is a tacit agreement agreement between weapons makers and the Russian government that when equipment is deployed in real-world battle conditions, that equipment is deployed fully functional.

Oct 20 11:02

Obama Drops The Veto Hammer On GOP Sanctuary Cities Bill a.k.a The Donald Trump Act

President Obama is stopping a Trump inspired Republican bill that would crack down on sanctuary cities dead in its tracks by vowing to veto the legislation.

The legislation that was proposed by Sen. David Vitter, who is also running for governor of Louisiana, has drawn the rage of Democrats by demonizing all immigrants. Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said, “This vile legislation might as well be called the Donald Trump Act, like the disgusting outrageous language championed by Donald Trump. Republicans are not really proposing this bill to solve any problems within our immigration system. This Donald Trump Act was designed to demonize immigrants and spread the myth that they are criminals and threats to the public.”

Senate Democrats are expected to block the bill before it gets to a final vote, but just in case it might pass, the White House dropped the veto hammer on the GOP.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You will LOVE the illegal immigrants! You will not worry about the economy, the infrastructure, or the loss of your cultural identity. AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 20 10:54

Texas City To Vote On Water Fluoridation In November

As anti-fluoride activists are taking to the streets across the pond in Bedford Borough (UK), Texas is witnessing a surge of activism surrounding water fluoridation as well. The group Fluoride Free San Marcos has organized a successful petition drive to add the option of dropping water fluoridation from the…

Oct 20 10:53

English Town Takes To Streets Against Fluoride In Water

The streets of Bedford, England was the scene of an anti-fluoride campaign on Saturday, October 17 throughout the streets teams of activists with Fluoride Free Bedford were carrying clipboards and information packets to educate and encourage shoppers and passersby as to the dangers of forced water-fluoridation and their petition to stop…

Oct 20 10:52

The Clinton Murders

Oct 20 10:50

Panicked establishment gets ready for war against Trump

This weekend was an inflection point in the Republican presidential race — a moment in which some significant part of the GOP establishment came out of denial and realized Donald Trump might well become their party's nominee.

"The Republican establishment, for the first time, is saying, off the record, this guy can win," noted Joe Scarborough on MSNBC Monday morning. "I've heard that from everybody. I don't hear anybody saying he can't win the nomination anymore."

That doesn't mean Republicans have made their peace with a Trump victory. On the contrary — some are preparing to do whatever it takes to bring him down. Which could lead to an extraordinary scenario in which GOP stalwarts go to war to destroy their own party's likely nominee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 20 10:35

Obama moves to mainstream illegal immigrant students

The Obama administration is moving to push illegal immigrant students to enroll in high school and college, announcing a list of rights Tuesday they said illegal immigrants are entitled to, and offering tips on how the students can apply for scholarships or financial aid.

It’s the latest step in President Obama’s push to try to mainstream illegal immigrants as much as possible, despite laws that still outlaw their presence in the country.

Oct 20 10:32

G.O.P. Candidates Leading Charge in Call for Syrian No-Fly Zone

With Russian warplanes making regular forays over Syria to carry out airstrikes against insurgents, several presidential candidates are calling on the United States to respond militarily by setting up a no-fly zone in the country.
Stories from Our Advertisers

Republicans have led the charge, with Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey even saying he would shoot down Russian jets.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has split with President Obama, advocating a no-fly zone in an attempt to stop the bloodshed, reduce the flow of refugees and give the United States leverage against Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Small but important point. The US has no legal right to establish a no-fly zone over Syria. Syria's government ha snot asked the US for help against the terrorists. The United States has not officially declared war on Syria. The United Nations has not given the United States an authorization to intervene in Syria (or for that matter every other nation the US has poked its nose into). Trying to set up a no-fly zone would bring US and Russian planes into direct conflict.

So let's take all these candidates who think a no-fly zone is cool and air-drop them into Damascus, or better yet, Moscow!

Oct 20 10:31

Recep Tayyip Erdo?an: Terrorist Unleashed

After reviewing the motives, actions, beneficiaries and interests of the two hypothetical suspects, the hypothesis, which most elegantly and thoroughly accounts for and makes sense of the facts is that the Erdo?an regime was directly responsible for the planning and organization of the massacres through its intelligence operatives.

A subsidiary hypothesis is that the execution – the placing of the bombs – may have been by an ISIS terrorist, but under the control of Erdo?an’s police apparatus.

Oct 20 10:29

A CIA Tie to JFK Assassination? Book on Ex-Director Allen Dulles Questions Agency’s Role

David Talbot, author of "The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government," re-examines what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and looks at John F. Kennedy’s relationship with his former CIA director.

Oct 20 10:24

US Officials: Iran Complying Too Fast With Nuclear Deal

While everyone expected Iran to move quickly on implementing the P5+1 nuclear deal, US officials are alarmed at the alacrity of their compliance, saying they have “unreasonable expectations” that the West will implement their own side of the deal in a timely fashion.

US and European Union nations are all taking their first legal action toward sanctions relief today, calling it “adoption day” for the pact, though they likewise warn that actual sanctions relief isn’t going to be coming for months, at best.

Though on the one hand officials suggested two months as a timetable for implementation, they also said the Rouhani government’s desire to see the deal in force before the February election was “wildly optimistic,” and suggested that it would be six more months, at the earliest, before the US would follow through on the relief.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the FLIP?!?!?

Are US officials attempting to scotch the deal before the bloody ink is dry on whatever documents were signed to make this a reality?!?

One would think that quick Iranian compliance would be precisely the kind of actions from the Iranian leadership, Parliament, and military that the US would be welcoming with open arms.

The fact that they are not makes me smell a rat here.

Not moving forward, swiftly, on the US government's and the P5+1's side of this agreement could have it unraveling before it even really starts, and that would be terrible for both Iran and the West.

Not, of course, for the Israeli government, which has done its level best to scupper the agreement before it could be implemented.

Oct 20 10:23

The World Bank’s Carbon Trade Fiasco

While the World Bank claims that this system “supports sustainable development . . . and benefits the poorer communities of the developing world,” the program in reality has become little more than a corporate profit-boosting enterprise. In fact, many transnational corporations are using cap and trade programs not only to avoid emissions responsibility, but to further profit by developing environmentally and socially destructive industries in less developed countries.

In Latin America, where a long history of corporate exploitation has already taken a steep toll, environmentalists and indigenous communities are beginning to speak out about the dangers of the CDM. Because of a myopic focus on greenhouse gas reduction only, and a lack of accountability to local communities, many projects are producing other environmental and social ills that are diametrically opposed to the program’s stated objectives.

Oct 20 10:22

Iraq Mulling to Replace US with Russia in Anti-Terrorism Campaign

"The parliament fractions are calling on the Iraqi government to request Russian airstrikes and use it to attack the ISIL military bases and oil centers," Rubaie, who is now a senior legislator at the Iraqi parliament, told FNA on Tuesday.

"The US air force doesn’t cooperate with Iraq's federal government and security and armed forces and refrains from providing any intelligence on ISIL's concentration and field camps," he added.

Rubaie complained that in every 10 flight missions conducted by the US-led coalition planes, ISIL positions come under attack in only two missions, while nothing special happens in the remaining 8 missions.

Oct 20 10:22

Speaker: Syria-Russia Gains in 2 Weeks Outweigh US’s One-Year Achievements

Speaker of the Syrian People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said those who reject coordination with the Russian-Syrian alliance against terrorism under any pretext are the same states that sponsor the terrorists and fund and arm ISIIL and al-Nusra Front terrorist organizations.

Oct 20 10:21

Paul Larudee: We Must Make the Occupation Impossible for Israel to Continue

Paul Larudee tells Fars News Agency that there’s much work that needs to be done to make sure that the voice of the suppressed Palestinians is heard by the global public.

According to Mr. Larudee, what’s happening in the Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip these days is a “human-made disaster” which the Israelis have created and the world community has condoned.

“This is a human-made disaster and the disaster is continuing because it is the Israeli policy to maintain the maximum level of disaster that the world will permit; and the world is quite tolerant in permitting a very high level of disaster,” he said.

Oct 20 10:21

'King of US TOW Antitank Missiles' Killed in Russian Airstrikes in Lattakia Province

The Russian warplanes, on Monday midnight and early hours of Tuesday, targeted the hideout of the militant commanders in Jabal al-Akrad area by several missiles, in which at least 40 terrorists were killed and many others were injured.

Abu Hamza, a defected captain and Chief of Staff of Coastal Division, was trained by the US forces in Turkey to operate the US-made antitank missiles against the government forces in Syria.

Oct 20 10:20

Three Top Militant Commanders Killed in Lattakia

The terrorist groups said on their social media pages that Kafi Fahd and Abu Libia from the so-called "Asifet al-Hazm Battalion" and the leader of "Sayyed al-Shuhadaa Hamzeh Battalion", nicknamed as Abu Hamza, were killed during clashes in the Northern countryside of Lattakia.

Oct 20 10:19

Latest IBM miss another $600M hit to Warren Buffett

You don't necessarily think of Warren Buffett as a guy with bad luck, but IBM earnings keep doing him wrong.

The company's shares fell $8.08 as of 11 a.m. ET Tuesday after a weak earnings report, theoretically costing the Oracle of Omaha about $640 million.

His conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway owned 79.57 million shares of IBM as of June 30, according to the most recently available filings, making it one of his largest investments.

He is also IBM's largest shareholder, with almost 20 million more shares than the next-biggest investor.

Oct 20 10:08


Dystopian truth is stranger than dystopian fiction.

In New York City, the police now maintain an unknown number of military-grade vans outfitted with X-ray radiation, enabling cops to look through the walls of buildings or the sides of trucks. The technology was used in Afghanistan before being loosed on U.S. streets. Each X-ray van costs an estimated $729,000 to $825,000.

The NYPD will not reveal when, where, or how often they are used.

“I will not talk about anything at all about this,” New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told a journalist for the New York Post who pressed for details on the vans. “It falls into the range of security and counter-terrorism activity that we engage in.”

He added that “they’re not used to scan people for weapons.”

Here are some specific questions that New York City refuses to answer:

How is the NYPD ensuring that innocent New Yorkers are not subject to harmful X-ray radiation?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Mike and I were attending a 9/11 commemorative convention in New York City, in 2011, where he was one of the speakers, we saw these vans in use at the time.

The one thing I can tell you is that the presence of these vehicles does not give one a "warm and fuzzy" feeling.

And the questions, as indicated above, are legitimate questions to which New Yorkers should be given some honest answers.

Oct 20 10:03

Many Low-Income Workers Say ‘No’ to Health Insurance

Evidence is growing that his experience is not unusual. The Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate, which requires employers with more than 50 full-time workers to offer most of their employees insurance or face financial penalties, was one of the law’s most controversial provisions. Business owners and industry groupsfiercely protested the change, and some companies cut workers’ hours to reduce the number of employees who would be eligible.

Oct 20 10:01


The first two mines in the world to start moving all of their iron ore using fully remote-controlled trucks have just gone online in Western Australia's Pilbara.

Mining giant Rio Tinto is running pits at its Yandicoogina and Nammuldi mine sites, with workers controlling the driverless trucks largely from an operations centre in Perth, 1,200 kilometres away.

Josh Bennett manages the mining operations at Yandicoogina mine north west of Newman and is closely involved with running 22 driverless trucks on the site.

Mr Bennett said the two pits are the largest of their kind in the world.

"What we have done is map out our entire mine and put that into a system and the system then works out how to manoeuvre the trucks through the mine."

The company is now operating 69 driverless trucks across its mines at Yandicoogina, Nammuldi and Hope Downs 4.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This sounds great, from a corporate perspective.

But what happens to a society where work on this planet is all but overtaken by robots?!?

Samsung is inventing ways to completely mechanise work so that there are very few humans actually involved at all in the manufacture of products; how are governments going to cope, and how are humans going to re-invent themselves to cope with this potential massive change in the way things are done and created?!?

Oct 20 09:57

Heavy SyAAF Airstrikes in Darayya 20-10-2015

Oct 20 09:55

Israel-Palestine: As Stabbings, Shootings Kill Dozens, Endless Occupation Fuels Vengeful Resistance

The death toll from violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories has increased with new Palestinian stabbing attacks and an intensified Israeli crackdown.

Oct 20 09:54

RAW: Plumes of smoke rise as Iraq attacks ISIS shelters

The Iraqi Defense Ministry has released combat footage of what it claims is an aerial attack on ISIS in the cities of Tikrit and Samara.

Oct 20 09:53

Teen Who Hacked CIA Director’s Email Tells How He Did It

A hacker who claims to have broken into the AOL account of CIA Director John Brennan says he obtained access by posing as a Verizon worker to trick another employee into revealing the spy chief’s personal information.

Using information like the four digits of Brennan’s bank card, which Verizon easily relinquished, the hacker and his associates were able to reset the password on Brennan’s AOL account repeatedly as the spy chief fought to regain control of it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reason to assume Hillary's private server (with weaker security than AOL) was indeed hacked and secrets stolen (or sold in exchange for "donations").

Oct 20 09:52


Two recent surveys, along with numerous other studies and data, reveal most American households to be living on the brink of catastrophe, but continuing to act in a reckless and delusionary manner. There have certainly been economic factors beyond the control of average Americans that have resulted in real median household incomes remaining stagnant for the last 36 years. The unholy alliance of mega-corporations, Wall Street and bought off corrupt politicians have gutted the nation of millions of good paying jobs under the guise of globalization, while utilizing debt, derivatives and financial schemes to enrich themselves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 20 09:48


Over 1500 people braved the streets of New York as they marched for Palestinian Rights

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporate media claimed only 200 showed up.

Oct 20 09:46

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died

Oct 20 09:44


In October [2001], press reports revealed that White House staff had been on a regimen of the powerful antibiotic Cipro since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Judicial Watch wants to know why White House workers, including President Bush, began taking the drug nearly a month before anthrax was detected on Capitol Hill.

Oct 20 09:44

CNN propaganda: Constitutionalists, sovereign citizens are bigger terrorist threat than ISIS

The corporate media, which has acted as a Pretorian Guard of sorts for Big Government for years, is jumping the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) bandwagon after the agency released a report decrying the "dangers" posed by "sovereign citizens."

One of the report's biggest cheerleaders has been CNN, whose guest "analysts" and hosts have described such Americans as being a bigger threat to the country than the terrorist group ISIS.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Oct 20 09:43

The 9/11 USAF Stand Down

"This is America, the most advanced military technologically capable country in the world, and it is just impossible to believe that they could have been that incompetent." - Michael Meacher, UK MP.

Oct 20 09:43

“The Danes get a lot of things right, and in so doing refute just about everything U.S. conservatives say about economics.”

Paul Krugman has news for those who think European-style democratic socialism wouldn’t work here: “The Danes get a lot of things right, and in so doing refute just about everything U.S. conservatives say about economics.”

Oct 20 09:42

Jake Tapper stuns Jeb Bush: If your brother is blameless for 9/11 why is Hillary Clinton responsible for Benghazi?

One of the most befuddling developments of the 2016 presidential race is the astonishing unpreparedness of erstwhile frontrunner Jeb Bush and his inability to answer questions he should have seen coming a mile away.

Oct 20 09:29

The 9/11 Reichstag Fire

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator" - G.W. Bush

Oct 20 09:28

US govt heroin business in Afghanistan

Oct 20 09:27

George W. Bush's Military Lies: The Real Story About the Undeniable Service Gaps He Got Away With

The parallel here should be underscored. Rather’s career with CBS was ended because he built his story on apparently fraudulent memos — their actual status remains undetermined — from Lt. Colonel. Jerry B. Killian. The most notable one, labeled “CYA” for “cover your ass,” claimed Killian was being pressured from above to give Bush undeserved better marks in his yearly evaluation. However, shortly after the original airing, Killian’s secretary, Marian Carr Knox, placed the memos’ status in an almost exact parallel to Woodward and Bernstein’s false reporting of an underlying true fact. “I didn’t type them,” Knox said in a broadcast interview, “However, the information in those is correct.”

Smith’s point here is simple:

Even if the documents could be criticized (falsely, it turns out), we can draw a close parallel with Woodward and Bernstein’s story on Haldeman: the story about Bush abandoning his service in the Air National Guard was also true.

Oct 20 09:26


NATO is launching its biggest military exercise in 13 years, mobilizing 36,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen from more than 30 countries to test the alliance’s ability to respond to new security threats. NATO Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow told the opening ceremony Monday that the Trident Juncture exercise will demonstrate that NATO “can deal with everything from conventional military engagements to more subtle hybrid warfare techniques and propaganda.” Vershbow said the geopolitical situation is considerably more unstable than the last time such large-scale exercises were held during the Cold War, citing Russia’s annexation of Crimea, support of eastern Ukrainian separatists and attacks against moderate rebels in Syria, as well as the spread of terror groups into Libya and Syria.

Oct 20 09:25

Media Disinformation: The Imaginary Cuban Troops in Syria

That the Fox News could cause such a stir is a testament to the refusal of mainstream news organizations to verify sources. In all of the iterations of the “Cuban troops in Syria” fantasy, there are no new sources cited. The original Fox News report cites one anonymous U.S. official who may, or may not, even exist. The only source on record with their incredulous claims is someone from the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami.

ICCAS is notorious for its reactionary, anti-Communist politics revered among the fanatically right-wing Cuban and Cuban-American population in Miami. Their academic research includes a conspiracy theory that appears to implicate Fidel Castro in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Oct 20 09:24

The Saudi Roots of ISIS

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia... The dramatic arrival of Da'ish (ISIS) on the stage of Iraq has shocked many in the West. Many have been perplexed - and horrified - by its violence and its evident magnetism for Sunni youth. But more than this, they find Saudi Arabia's ambivalence in the face of this manifestation both troubling and inexplicable, wondering, "Don't the Saudis understand that ISIS threatens them, too?" It appears - even now - that Saudi Arabia's ruling elite is divided. Some applaud that ISIS is fighting Iranian Shiite "fire" with Sunni "fire"; that a new Sunni state is taking shape at the very heart of what they regard as a historical Sunni patrimony; and they are drawn by Da'ish's strict Salafist ideology.

Oct 20 09:23

Edward Snowden : “The Biggest Revelations Are Yet To Come”

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who stole thousands of classified documents before leaving the United States recently made an unexpected and unscheduled appearance at a TED conference in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday night. It was done so VIA satellite robot, where he emphasized that there is still a lot of reporting to be done.

What has come as a surprise to many, is the fact that the NSA and other intelligence organizations, as Snowden puts it, “a super national intelligence organization that doesn’t answer to the laws of its own countries,” has been spying on what seems to be the entire global population.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except they cannot find any real terrorists or criminals, can they?

Oct 20 09:22

UN delay could open door to robot wars, say experts

Observers say UK and US are seeking to water down agreement so that any autonomous weapons deployed before talks conclude will be beyond reach of ban