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Dec 19 08:11

Feminists Freak Out After GE Appliances Launches Star Wars Ad Campaign To Sell Home Appliances

The president of LucasFilm, once posed in a shirt that said, “The Force is Female,” in an effort to press the idea that the Star Wars films are meant to be shared with female fans — and “The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson made a special effort to include “strong female characters,” even if it meant sacrificing purpose, storyline, and likeability.

Dec 19 08:11

No More All-Female Pageants? Transgender Suing Beauty Pageant For Barring Biologically Male Contestants.

The United States of America Pageants is being sued by beauty queen contender Anita Green, who is biologically male and transgender, after being denied a chance to compete in the Miss Oregon pageant due to his sex.

Dec 19 08:05

Pressure To Do Nude Scenes, ‘Rapey’ Sex Scene Triggered Actress Ruth Wilson To Leave TV Show, Report Details

Actress Ruth Wilson reportedly left SHOWTIME drama “The Affair” after being consistently pressured to disrobe on screen and engage in a particularly “rapey” sex scene, a report published Wednesday detailed. In 2015, Wilson won a Golden Globe for her acting in the show.

Dec 19 07:02

Breaking: Federal 5th Circuit Court Overturns Obamacare Individual Mandate

Breaking: The Fifth Circuit court of appeals has overturned the individual mandate in the “affordable care act” in a 2-1 panel vote.

Dec 19 07:02

They Don’t Even Hide It Anymore: #FakeNews WaPo Hacks Posts Celebratory Tweet After Democrats Impeach President Trump

They don’t even pretend to be objective and non-partisan.
And then they lose it when you point it out!

Dec 19 07:02

Andrew McCabe Deflects and Pushes Blame of FISA Court Abuse on “Low Level” FBI Agents (VIDEO)

Last week DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz finally released his report documenting Obama administration abuse of the FISA Court.

Dec 19 07:01

‘They’re Afraid Because This Impeachment Process is a Sham’ – Dems Reject GOP Rep. Cheney’s Motion For Manual Roll Call (VIDEO)

The Democrats on Wednesday rejected Rep. Liz Cheney’s motion for a manual roll call vote on impeachment.

Dec 19 06:58

Facebook says it can locate users who opt out of tracking

Dec 19 06:44

‘Shameless Travesty Of Justice’: GOP Rep Destroys Dem Case For Impeachment — In Two Minutes!

“This is a stunning abuse of power and a shameless travesty of justice that will stain the reputations of those responsible for generations to come.”

Dec 19 06:44

WOW! LIES ON TOP OF LIES! Al Green Uses DEBUNKED #FakeNews Photo During House Floor Speech on SHAM IMPEACHMENT! (VIDEO)

Rep. Al Green (R-TX) used a famous and debunked photo from #FakeNews TIME Magazine to smear President Trump during his speech today on the House floor before the Democrats’ impeachment vote.

Dec 19 06:44

‘Whistleblower’ Colleague and Crony Sean Misko Sits Behind Schiff and Smirks During Sham Impeachment Hearing (VIDEO)

Serial liar Adam Schiff spoke Wednesday morning from the House floor after drinking and partying all night celebrating impeachment.

Dec 19 06:43

More Leftist Violence: Infowars Host and YouTuber Shoved To Ground By Unhinged Leftists At Impeachment Rally

Hernandez, who hosts The War Room with Owen Shroyer on Info Wars, attended the rally/protest and was interviewing participants. She came across this particularly upstanding lunatic, who started re-hashing all of the same same-old rhetoric we’ve heard about Trump being accused of sexual harassment, and even claimed Trump had sexually assaulted a minor.

Dec 19 06:43

Rep. Louie Gohmert GOES OFF After Nadler Accuses Him of Spouting ‘Russian Propaganda’ During Impeachment Debate (VIDEO)

Rep. Louie Gohmert went off during the impeachment debate after Rep. Jerry Nadler accused him of spouting “Russian propaganda” on the House floor.

Dec 19 06:43

Democrats Vote to Impeach President Trump FOR NOTHING – Two Democrats Join Republicans in Bipartisan Vote, Tulsi Gabbard Votes Present Against the Disgusting Sham

Democrats voted in a straight party line vote to impeach President Trump for abuse of power on Wednesday night.
This was article one of the sham impeachment.

Dec 19 06:42

PROJECTION: AOC Claims Republicans Believe “Any Election They Lose Is Illegitimate” (VIDEO)

Democrats have still not accepted the results of the 2016 election.
Hillary has not accepted her loss. Stacey Abrams still has not accepted her 2018 loss in Georgia. Andrew Gillum still has not accepted his 2018 loss in Florida.

Dec 19 06:42

Joyful Democrats Give Pelosi STANDING OVATION after her Speech Launching Impeachment of Trump (VIDEO)

But on Wednesday after she delivered her speech to open the impeachment of President Donald Trump the Democrats cheered!

Dec 19 06:35

Dem Whip Admits Impeachment “Is All About” Trump’s 2016 Campaign (VIDEO)

Democrat Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn (SC) said on Wednesday morning that impeachment is all about correcting the 2016 election.

Dec 19 06:34

Rep. Steve King EVISCERATES Democrats and the Biden Crime Family’s Criminal Actions in Ukraine (VIDEO)

Democrats are set to impeach President Donald Trump today based on lies and non-crimes.
Lawmakers are taking turns on the House floor delivering their argument for or against the sham impeachment.

Dec 19 06:34

They’re Still Protecting Hillary! State Dept Confirms FBI Found More Hillary Clinton Emails – Moves to Block Judicial Watch

The FBI, DOJ and State Department are still protecting Hillary Clinton.
The State Department on Wednesday told conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch that the FBI magically found 30 more Hillary Clinton emails.

Dec 19 06:34

Developing: Surveillance Footage Outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Cell the Night of His Death Is Missing

Prosecutors say the surveillance footage outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell is missing from the night of his death.

Dec 19 06:33

“The Same Socialists Who Threaten Unborn Life in the Womb!” – BOOM! GOP Rep. GOES OFF ON EVIL ANTI-TRUMP SOCIALISTS ON HOUSE FLOOR (MUST SEE VIDEO!)

Democrats are set to impeach President Donald Trump today based on lies and non-crimes.
Lawmakers are taking turns on the House floor delivering their argument for or against the sham impeachment.

Dec 19 06:29


One has to wonder how much money it would take for the New York Fed to throw at Wall Street before the New York Times reports to its readers on the biggest Wall Street bailout by the Fed since the financial crisis.

Last Thursday, December 12, the New York Fed announced that over the next month it would shower the trading houses (primary dealers) on Wall Street with a total of $2.93 trillion in short-term loans. The money is for a Wall Street liquidity crisis that has yet to be explained in credible terms to the American people and yet the New York Times does not appear to have an investigative reporter assigned to investigate what’s really going on just 11 years after those same trading houses blew themselves up in the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression and took the U.S. economy along for the ride.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As an individual who really tries to be frugal, the numbers being thrown around here, are almost dizzying, both in terms of magnitude, and what they mean for the American economy as a whole.

I am very deeply concerned about two issues here; first, the real possibility of a financial crash which would dwarf that which caused the American Great Depression of the 30s, and secondly, the reality that so far, the US government has gotten out of its financial straits through wars.

And have you noticed all the potential "boogie-man countries" recently against which the US media has been waving its collective warmongering digits ?

Let's see; there is China; Iran; Russia; and North Korea.

I would like to hope that all who want President Trump's first term in office to succeed, will share with him the following, butt-ugly reality here; The US military does not have the money; the weaponry; the manufacturing; or the troop strength, with which to win a war with any of the above-mentioned countries.

A war with North Korea almost guarantees a war with China; a war against Iran almost guarantees a war with Russia.

President Trump needs, desperately, to understand these very dark realities, and craft a foreign policy which moves as far away from war, as the American answer to these challenges, as he can possibly move that foreign policy.

Dec 19 06:29

Pelosi Sends Letter to Democrat Caucus in Last Gasp Before Hoard of Lemmings Head Off Cliff

Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for prayers as she praises the Democrat Chairs from the House for pushing through the first sham impeachment in US history based on lies, an unknown accuser, far-left elite legal professors, a secret chamber and no crimes.

Dec 19 06:29

Unhinged Leftists Carry Trump’s Head on a Pike at LA Protest – Alyssa Milano and Throuplet Katie Hill Headline Event

“Hey, you know what’s great?” disgraced ex-congresswoman Katie Hill asked the low energy crowd at L.A.’s pro impeachment rally. “Everything is a blessing and curse right? But tonight, I can be here, and I’m not a member of congress, and this a solemn, solemn thing, but I can say tonight, IT’S TIME TO IMPEACH THE MOTHER F***ER!”

Dec 19 06:22

Ha Ha! DOJ FISA Abuse Report Word Search Doesn’t Recognize “Comey” But Recognizes “CoRNey” 163 Times

James Comey is so full of himself. He claims to be so respected by the FBI but of course this is not true. The FBI and DOJ are laughing at him and disgraced by his time as FBI Director and he doesn’t even know it.

Dec 19 06:18

Demographic Polls for Donald Trump


Dec 19 06:17

IBM announces battery technology breakthrough

Free of heavy metals and able to reportedly outperform existing batteries, the discovery could potentially make lithium-ion obsolete.

Dec 19 06:15

Donald Trump Impeachment – 10 Memes Spoiling The Democrat “Victory”

Donald Trump impeachment? Yes, it has really happened.

But if you scrolled through Twitter within hours or minutes of the vote, you would think that young Democrats thought he was actually being removed from office. (And to be fair, a lot of Republicans young and old thought their commander-in-chief was a goner too.)

That is not how impeachment works.

Dec 19 06:13

Developing: Surveillance Footage Outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Cell the Night of His Death Is Missing

You just can’t make this up!

Prosecutors say the surveillance footage outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell is missing from the night of his death.

The New York Daily News reported:

Surveillance footage of the outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell at the troubled Metropolitan Correctional Center during his suicide attempt has gone missing, prosecutors revealed Wednesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Swergold admitted nobody can find the footage of the outside of the cell the multimillionaire perv shared with accused quadruple murderer Nick Tartaglione during a hearing in White Plains District Court. Tartaglione, a former Briarcliff Manor cop, faces the death penalty for the alleged murders in a drug deal gone bad.

A spokesman for the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office and Bruce Barket, an attorney for Tartaglione, confirmed the stunning revelation that the footage was not preserved.

Dec 19 06:11


Congresswoman and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is toying with the idea of not sending the Articles of Impeachment to the U.S. Senate! What does that mean? It means that those articles can hang over Trump’s administration indefinitely with no resolution, and in the meantime it can facilitate a ground swell of anger on the part of those who hate and/or love Trump. It could lead to civil war in the streets. It leaves things unresolved. Imagine the D.A. charges you with a crime, but no trial is ever set – not a good deal is it?

Dec 19 06:11

UK: 12-Year-Old Boy Going on Puberty Blockers, Demands Womb Transplant

A 12-year-old transgender girl has started puberty blocking treatment, as her mother says she “knew from the age of three” that she wanted to be female.

Ash Lammin, who was born a boy, is embarking on a lengthy journey to transition to female at an NHS-run clinic and is one of the youngest in the country to do so.

She has researched the process in depth and says that she eventually wants a womb transplant so that she can be a mother when she‘s older.

Her mother, Terri Lammin, 43, said that Ash “insisted she was a girl from the moment she could speak”.

Dec 19 06:10

UK: Black Who Strangled Young White Barmaid to Death is Now Charged with Her Rape

It’s shocking that a black would rape a woman before killing her.

You just don’t expect such a thing from a people who are celebrated for their exceptional self-restraint.

Dec 19 06:09

The 130,000 Syrians Israel Expelled From the Golan Heights in 1967 Have Been Completely Erased From History

The Druze who remain in the Golan regularly hold demonstrations where they fly the government red-white-black Syrian tricolor (not the green-white-black of the rebels), showcase portraits of Bashar al-Assad, and protest the Israeli support for the Sunni fundamentalist rebels.

Like the Druze in unoccupied Syria they are overwhelmingly pro-government. (The legendary Syrian commander Issam Zahreddine who defended Deir Ezzor against an ISIS siege for over 3 years was a Druze.) The article below wants to paint them as pro-rebel, which is not true (why would the Druze support a fundamentalist Islamist insurgency against a secular government??), other than that it’s a great piece.

Dec 19 06:08

Nadler Accuses Gohmert of Spouting Russian Propaganda on House Floor

During his brief statement in opposition to the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said that Democrats, in part, were using impeachment to stop any investigation of Ukraine's alleged interference in the 2016 election, a charge that Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) swiftly denounced as "Russian propaganda."

After Nadler denounced Gohmert's remarks, the former judge from Texas returned to the dais and demanded that Nadler's remarks be stricken from the record.

Dec 19 06:08


Many, particularly on the left side of the political aisle, are clamoring for a popular vote to elect the President. Twice in recent memory, a Republican won over a Democrat with the electoral college majority, but not the popular majority. Apart from the fact that each state wants to have some representation when it comes to the election of a President, there is another consideration the “popular vote” people have not considered.

What if an election is really close on the popular vote? What if there’s as little as a 1/10% difference (that does happen in elections) which would, on a national basis, amount to about 125,000 votes, then that would be close enough to warrant a recount. Have the warm and fuzzy leftists figured out how to do a recount nationally? How long would that take?

Dec 19 06:06

How Jews In Jersey City Started A Turf War That Culminated In A Mass Shooting At A Kosher Deli

Now we know why the jewish mayor of Jersey City immediately proclaimed that the recent mass shooting at a kosher market was an ‘antisemitic hate crime‘ even before the police had a chance to investigate it — the mayor already knew there was a turf war going on between the local Blacks and the wealthier Hasidic Jews who were trying to forcefully get them to move out:

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is calling on a school board member to resign after she called the Jewish community in the Greenville neighborhood “brutes” who have “threatened, intimidated and harassed” black homeowners.

Dec 19 06:06

Farage: Anti-EU Revolt Is Spreading Across Europe

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage celebrated the results of the UK election in the European Parliament, saying they were proof faceless EU bureaucrats are being rejected and that the revolt is spreading.

Dec 19 06:05


In June 1933, a doctor in Soviet ruled Ukraine penned a letter to a friend. ‘I have not yet become a cannibal,’ she wrote, ‘but I am not sure that I shall not be one by the time my letter reaches you.’ And if the doctor did become a cannibal by the end of 1933, she wouldn’t be the only one.

Dubbed ‘the breadbasket of Europe’ before the Bolsheviks seized power, the people of Ukraine were now suffering through one of the worst famines in recorded history. Known as the Holodomor, or ‘the murder by starvation,’ the famine would claim millions of lives over the space of a few years.

‘Since 1968 I fought the left, media, migrants, the courts, in-fighters, political elite; but the struggle for funding was the most soul-destroying.’ ~ Michael Walsh.

Dec 19 06:04


International Rights Advocates filed a federal class action against the five companies in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, where the group is based. The complaint claims that the firms "are knowingly benefiting from and aiding and abetting the cruel and brutal use of young children" to mine cobalt in extremely dangerous conditions.

The defendants have known for a "significant period of time" that Congo’s mining sector "is dependent upon children," the complaint said, adding that cobalt mined in the region is listed as a good produced by child labor or forced labor by the US Department of Labor.

The world's biggest metal exchange is getting serious about child labor and conflict minerals.

"Further, the horrors of the plight of these children has been widely reported in the media," the complaint said, citing reports about the cobalt pipeline published by the Washington Post, the Guardian and others.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people at the heads of these corporations don't really care what happens to these kids, because they have all had their consciences surgically removed, before accepting leadership roles in these companies.

Dec 19 06:04

US Concedes Defeat On Russia's Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Even As Sanctions Passed

A new Bloomberg headline reads “U.S. Concedes Defeat on Gas Pipeline It Sees as Russian Threat” just following new sanctions included in the House and Senate passed 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) this week.

But two administration officials tell Bloomberg it's too little too late, despite Trump's heightened rhetoric of calling Germany “a captive to Russia” and charging Berlin with essentially giving “billions” of dollars to Russia:

Senior U.S. administration officials, who asked not to be identified discussing the administration’s take on the project, said sanctions that passed Congress on Tuesday as part of a defense bill are too late to have any effect. The U.S. instead will try to impose costs on other Russian energy projects, one of the officials added.

Dec 19 06:03

Did Any Republicans Vote for Impeachment?

Today, on December 18, 2019, President Donald Trump was impeached. After a long debate, the House ultimately voted to impeach Donald Trump. This was expected, since the Democrats had a majority in the House and this was all that was needed to impeach Trump. And as expected, almost all of the Democrats voted for impeachment and all of the Republicans voted against it. But there were some differences. One former Republican voted for impeachment, but everyone who is still officially a Republican voted against impeachment.

Dec 19 06:01

Angry French Pensioners Cut Power To Central Bank, Hint At More To Come

France's trade unions on Wednesday defended a series of illegal power cuts to 150,000 homes, thousands of companies and the Bank of France in an effort to force the Macron government to quash its wide-ranging pension reform, according to Reuters.

Dec 19 06:00

Train Company to Get Dressing Down From German Authorities After Embarrassing Greta Thunberg

Train company Deutsche Bahn is set to receive a dressing down from German authorities after it embarrassed climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Last week, Thunberg appeared in a photograph which many saw as a staged PR stunt. Surrounded by heavy bags, an angelic light fell on Greta’s face as she sat on the floor of a train carriage.

“Travelling on overcrowded trains through Germany. And I’m finally on my way home!” she posted, suggesting that not enough money was being spent on ‘green’ transport.

However, train company Deutsche Bahn swiftly responded to correct Greta, tweeting, “It would have been even nicer if you had also reported how friendly and competently you were looked after by our team at your seat in first class.”

Dec 19 05:59

House impeaches President Trump for abuse of power and obstruction

It all began just after midday with the following…

“Today, as speaker of the House, I solemnly and sadly open the debate on the impeachment of the president of the United States,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said from the House floor shortly after noon.

“It is tragic that the president’s reckless actions make impeachment necessary. He gave us no choice.”

And ended just over eight hours later

Dec 19 05:58


RENO, Nev. -- Nevada wants a federal judge to declare illegal what it calls the U.S. government's “secret plutonium smuggling operation” and order the removal of weapons-grade material already shipped to a security site north of Las Vegas over the state's objections.

The latest filing in a yearlong legal battle asks U.S. District Judge Miranda Du in Reno to reject the government's motion to dismiss the state's lawsuit. Nevada is challenging the Energy Department's covert shipment of the highly radioactive material from South Carolina last year.

The department insists the issue is moot because it already has promised that no more plutonium will be brought to Nevada.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The effects of this plutonium may be with the residents (particularly those who live in close proximity to this site) of the state of Nevada for quite some time to come; I can completely understand why Nevadans are upset with this.

Dec 19 05:58

Skyrocketing Costs Will Pop All the Bubbles

Dec 19 05:57

Why OK Boomer Should Really Be OK Fed

Much of the cluelessness and economic inequality behind the OK Boomer meme is the result of Federal Reserve policies that have favored those who already own the assets (Boomers) that the Fed has relentlessly pumped higher, to the extreme disadvantage of younger generations who were not given the opportunity to buy assets cheap and ride the Fed wave higher.

OK Fed: you’ve destroyed price discovery, driven housing out of reach of all but the wealthy and hollowed out the economy, all the while patting yourselves on the back for being so smart and fabulous.

Dec 19 05:57

VA Democrat Introduces Bill Terminating Any Officer Who Refuses To Enforce Gun Control

On December 5th, member of the Virginia House Lee J. Carter introduced a bill that would terminate the employment of any officer who refused to enforce gun control laws.

Dec 19 05:53


Virginia – Monday morning, Law Enforcement Today reported on how Tazewell County, Virginia is crafting a militia to defend the Constitution in the state. And within hours, we were flooded with thousands of emails from people across the state – police officers, veterans, and patriotic Americans – who said they are joining.

And it’s a movement that’s gaining traction across the state.

Wrote one man:

“I am Vietnam vet, ex-police, retired and am behind your ideas 100% , anything I can do I would like to help.

I live in Franklin County, which voted down being a sanctuary city being the council is Democratic, a moonshine county giving up their guns is dumb.

The South gave up their flag, their statues and now they want their guns, sounds like Hitler’s Germany.”

Wrote another:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We may well, potentially, be seeing a movement which could, potentially, go national.

Dec 19 05:40

Putin says reasons for Trump impeachment have been ‘completely fabricated’

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that he expects President Donald Trump to survive impeachment proceedings and that the legal move against him was a Democratic Party trying to get results “using other methods and means.”

Late Wednesday, Trump became only the third U.S. president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives, the lower house of the United States Congress. This sets up a trial in the Senate that will decide whether Trump remains in office.

Speaking at an annual press conference in Moscow, Putin said he didn’t expect to see Trump’s reign to end via impeachment as his Republican Party would save him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The House passed both articles of impeachment last night (Tulsi Gabbard voted "present") but Pelosi is refusing to say when or if the articles will go to the Senate, leaving the entire process in limbo.

Dec 19 05:23

“4 More Years! 4 More Years!” – Trump Supporters Line Up in Blustery 17 Degree Cold Weather Hours Before Michigan Rally (VIDEO)

Trump supporters lined up in blustery 17 degree weather in Battle Creek, Michigan Wednesday chanting, “4 more years!”

Dec 19 05:22

BLACKOUT: Mainstream Media Ignore FISA Court Slamming FBI Over Trump-Related Surveillance Applications

The chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) blasted the FBI on Tuesday, slamming the bureau’s handling of surveillance applications against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Dec 19 05:09


In July 2017 we reported “After 6 Months of President Trump – “Lock Her Up” and “Drain the Swamp” – Need the Most Work – Today an innocent President will be impeached by the corrupt Democrat Party, their corrupt media and their complicit Deep State while the Clintons, the Bidens, Obama and the Deep State gang run free.

Xmas w/o borders
Dec 19 05:09

Liar Lindsey Graham Defies President Trump — Vows to Protect Democrats and Deep State Criminals During Senate Impeachment Trial (VIDEO)

In November Lindsey Graham told Sean Hannity he will call in corrupt liar Adam Schiff to testify before the US Senate on his sham impeachment proceedings. Lindsey Graham is a big talker but he has no desire to discover the truth.

Dec 19 05:03

FBI Director Wray Lied in 2018 Statement – Rebutted Nunes on GOP Lawmaker’s Completely Accurate Statement on FISA Court Abuse!

FBI Director Christopher Wray lied in a 2018 statement and smeared Congressman Nunes in an effort to cover for his agency’s FISA abuses.

Dec 19 05:02

Pelosi Silences Impeachment Cheers From Democrats as She Drops Gavel, Adopts Article One (VIDEO)

Democrats voted in a straight party line vote to impeach President Trump for abuse of power on Wednesday night.
228 Democrats voted to impeach.
192 Republicans voted against the sham.

Dec 19 04:59

HUGE! DOJ IG Horowitz Confirms Evidence of Political Bias in FBI Text Messages (VIDEO)

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified to Senators on Wednesday that he found evidence of political bias in text messages sent by FBI officials who were involved in the FISA process targeting Carter Page.

Dec 19 04:58

EPIC MISTAKE: Democrat Party’s Likelihood of Holding US House Drops 7 Points in Last Week!

In early October, President Trump’s chances of being reelected on the PreditIt market was at at 40%.

Dec 18 21:13

Black December: When Sharks Attacks Compelled The Government To Bomb The Ocean

Even the gnarliest, saltiest surfers in the world admit that sharks give them the willies. Thankfully, sharks attacks are so rare that we don't have to worry about them most of the time, but "most of the time" did not include the period between December 18, 1957 and April 5, 1958, known as "Black December." During that short stretch of time, nine people were attacked by sharks along the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, six of whom died of their injuries. Believe it or not, that was just the beginning of the weirdness.

Dec 18 20:04

Trump Reacts to His Impeachment

US President Donald Trump, reacting to the historic outcome of the House of Representative impeachment vote while speaking at a campaign rally in Michigan, said that "every single Republican voted for us".

Dec 18 20:01

House votes to impeach President Donald Trump

Read what Pelosi said in the article. She has gone nutzs!

"Without receiving a single Republican vote, and without providing any proof of wrongdoing, Democrats pushed illegitimate articles of impeachment against the President through the House of Representatives," Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said. "Democrats have chosen to proceed on this partisan basis in spite of the fact that the president did nothing wrong."

Dec 18 19:56

House Democrats Pass Partisan Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

House Democrats voted to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday, making Trump the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

The House passed article one of H.R. 755, which charges Trump with abusing the office of the presidency.

Dec 18 19:53

House Democrats IMPEACH President Donald Trump, case now goes to US Senate

The US House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump for “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.” The Republican-majority Senate will now take up the president’s trial.

Dec 18 19:18

They’re Still Protecting Hillary! State Dept Confirms FBI Found More Hillary Clinton Emails – Moves to Block Judicial Watch

The State Department on Wednesday told conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch that the FBI magically found 30 more Hillary Clinton emails.

Dec 18 19:17

“They Were Drinking and Cheering Impeachment!” – Schiff Celebrates Sham Impeachment at Posh DC Restaurant the Night Before Vote (VIDEO)

House Intel Chairman, impeachment ringleader and serial liar Adam Schiff was spotted at Charlie Palmer in DC Tuesday night celebrating with fellow evil Democrat lawmakers.
Washington-based CEO Alex Bruesewitz tweeted a video of Schiff and other House Democrats celebrating at the posh DC restaurant the night before the impeachment vote.

Dec 18 18:11

A woman kept her dead husband's body in a freezer for 10 years and collected his VA benefits, police say

When Utah police arrived at a retirement community to conduct a welfare check last month, they were disturbed to find not only the body of the elderly woman who lived there, but an additional man's corpse tucked inside a deep freezer in her utility room......

Dec 18 17:27

Is A Bull Brewing In Your 2020 Cup Of Jo?

Dec 18 17:10

Why a medieval peasant got more vacation time than you

The Lord only took 1/3 off the top,they worked only 150 days a year. Serfs drank beer all year round and also had entertainment. Other than a few plagues,The Black Death, the Vikings, a dozen Crusades and that 100 year war thing that lasted for 116 years,a better deal than what we get today.

Plowing and harvesting were backbreaking toil, but the peasant enjoyed anywhere from eight weeks to half the year off. The Church, mindful of how to keep a population from rebelling, enforced frequent mandatory holidays. Weddings, wakes and births might mean a week off quaffing ale to celebrate, and when wandering jugglers or sporting events came to town, the peasant expected time off for entertainment.


Dec 18 16:38

Facebook admits it can track your movements and bombard you with adverts even if users turn OFF location settings

The bombshell revelation went viral on social media with many decrying it as a violation of privacy, including Republican Senator Josh Hawley who called for Congress to take action.

Facebook stops tracking location data specifically when a user opts out but it admits that it can piece together various piece of information to determine where they are.

Tagged photos or locations as well as addresses for purchases on the site's shopping section provide clues to where a user is, as well as IP address information.

Dec 18 16:36

Monopoly money: Google and Facebook's 'dominance' in online advertising - worth a combined £8 BILLION in 2018 - could drive up prices of flights and electronics, competition watchdog warns

Google and Facebook are so dominant in the advertising market they risk pushing up the cost of flights and electronics, a competition watchdog has warned.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) says it fears the tech giants' large market share could allow them to increase what they charge companies to advertise.

They say these higher charges could be passed on to consumers, pushing up prices.