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The bizarre true story of when the UK military tested LSD on Royal Marines 9 5 hours ago Old_Logan
Owner of High Street chemist Boots is accused of 'exploiting cancer patients' by charging the NHS £3,220 for pain relieving mouthwash that can cost £93 1 5 hours ago z00mcopterdown
I am all up! 1 8 hours ago jrohio2
Zuckerberg set up fraudulent scheme to 'weaponise' data, court case alleges 1 8 hours ago Old_Logan
8 signs pointing to a counterintelligence operation deployed against Trump's campaign 1 8 hours ago Old_Logan
2nd American Revolution essential stages: 1) Recognize the US .01% illegal rogue state empire, 2) Speak up, 3) Engage where Life/God gives you battles to offer choice for ‘We the People’ 1 9 hours ago Ethan Allen and...
Deep State's Amazing Use of Logic 3 9 hours ago Old_Logan
Roberts: Putin’s Peace Efforts Are Coming To Naught 1 10 hours ago Ethan Allen and...
HAHA! CNN Throws Temper Tantrum After Trump REVOKES Their Access 1 11 hours ago Old_Logan
FBI Never Was After the Russians 1 11 hours ago Old_Logan
9 Brands You Can Boycott to Hold Israel Accountable for Its Violation of International Law 1 11 hours ago NobodysaysBOO
Mueller Asked About Money Flows to Israeli Social-Media Firm, Source Says 1 12 hours ago Old_Logan
BIG WIN FOR P.O.T.U.S. TRUMP: House Democrats and Republicans Unite to Expand U.S. Nuclear Arsenal 1 13 hours ago Old_Logan
SPYGATE: The 21st Century’s Watergate and Collusion Against Trump, Part I, The Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History 1 14 hours ago Old_Logan
Why is StumbleUpon shutting down? 2 23 hours ago Ethan Allen and...
Sean Hannity Has Higher Ratings Than CNN’s Exclusive Town Hall With Nancy Pelosi 1 1 day ago typeviic
The national anthem in sports (spoiler: it wasn't always this way) 1 1 day ago typeviic
Reporter In Syria Reveals Mainstream Media’s Lies 1 1 day ago typeviic
If you report on a child grooming gang case in the UK, you get arrested -Tommy Robinson Arrested (May 25, 2018) 1 1 day ago jrohio2
Man who called black woman a 'loud-mouthed monkey' charged with hate crime 1 1 day ago jrohio2
Is peace around Israël possible ? 1 1 day ago z00mcopterdown
Hawaii FINALLY Admits: "Sea Cliff Collapse" Danger ---- TSUNAMI Danger for San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver, BC 1 1 day ago jrohio2
Armed Citizen Fatally Shoots Gunman at Oklahoma City Restaurant. 2 1 day ago jrohio2
BREAKING: ACTIVE Shooter - MIDDLE SCHOOL in INDIANA 1 1 day ago jrohio2
Mattis Tells Air Force Graduates To "Prepare For War" 2 1 day ago Ethan Allen and...
1970s: Slow and depressed GDP growth, high levels of inflation, high oil prices, stocks and bonds sell off together... What does that sound like? 1 1 day ago Tian Shan
San Francisco has become such a filthy liberal s##thole that even the TOURISM industry is begging city leaders to clean it up 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
Breaking: Billionaire Suspected Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Outed as Informant for Mueller’s FBI 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
America’s Economic Anarchy 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
Someone Has Infected At Least 500,000 Routers All Over The World And No One Knows Why 1 1 day ago ravenise