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February 23, 2017

Feb 23 17:23

Witches and Pagans gone Loco! Casting Spells and Magick at President and Supporters during Waning Moon!

Witches (Lunatics) are planning a mass witchcraft spell starting at the waning moon, Friday, Feb. 24 to curse President Trump in an attempt to get him “removed from office.” The curse is also directed “to all those who abet him”, Meaning all who support and voted for him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just getting silly.

Feb 23 16:49

Ron Paul: End Unlimited Presidential War Power

Interviewed Tuesday by host Kennedy at Fox Business regarding efforts by United States House of Representatives members to limit US wars overseas, former House member Ron Paul (R-TX) agreed with Kennedy’s assessment that the ability to unilaterally pursue war is “the most egregious area where there is too much power concentrated in the presidency.”

Feb 23 16:43

So It Begins, Corporate Media Sets Up Narrative That The Economy Is Worsening

Philadelphia passed a soda tax and sales have plummeted and the companies will be laying off employees.

Feb 23 16:23

RED ALERT: Fascist Google begins PURGE of pro-Trump websites

In a Communist China-style crackdown on free speech, Google has launched a PURGE to take down sites supportive of President Trump.

Yesterday, the entire NaturalNews.com website was delisted by Google, removing 140,000+ pages of content covering disease prevention, nutritional therapies, scientific investigations into environmental contamination, dangers of prescription medications and more. The internet is in an uproar over the obvious assault on free speech, with Natural News coverage of the Google censorship going wildly viral on social media, radio interviews and article coverage across the independent media.

Natural News was targeted, we believe, because we not only publicly predicted President Trump’s victory well before it happened, we also openly support Trump’s policies to protect America, drain the swamp and restore the Republic.

Feb 23 16:20

Twitter Bots ‘Linked To Russia’ Now Accused Of Targeting UKIP In Stoke By-Election

Another day, and more accusations of Russian interference in elections. This time so-called Twitter bots linked to Russia have been accused of targeting UKIP leader Paul Nuttall and the by-election in England’s sleepy Stoke-on-Trent.

A spokesman for UKIP apparently quipped that whoever is behind the accounts should “bot out.”

Feb 23 16:06


In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Democrats have been doing some soul searching, trying to figure out why they lost so badly across the board. Democratic Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver went on MSNBC on Monday and explained that he believes the Democratic party is taking the African-American vote for granted.

Feb 23 16:03

CNN's Cuomo Criticizes 'Intolerant Dad' For Not Wanting Daughter To See A Penis In Locker Room

Not wanting your daughter to see a man's penis while changing in the girl's locker room makes you an insufferable bigot, at least according to CNN's Chris Cuomo.

Feb 23 15:55

John McCain Illegally Travels To Syria, Meets With Leaders And Fighting Groups; No Criticism From MSM

By Brandon Turbeville

Shortly after the mainstream media erupted in hysteria and neo-McCarthyistic attacks against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for having a routine conversation with the Russian Ambassador and for once having dinner with the President of Russia as part of an event, aging warmonger Senator John McCain recently announced that he had traveled illegally into Syria to meet with U.S. troops illegally stationed there as well as to meet with ISIS supporter and President of Turkey, Recep Tayip Erdogan. McCain also met with the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and crown prince Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In addition, McCain also met with Kurdish fighters on the ground in Syria.

On February 22, McCain’s spokeswoman, Julie Tarallo, confirmed that McCain had made the trip, saying it was a “valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq.”...

Feb 23 15:47

Scott Adams: Today We are Going to Talk about Climate Science

Feb 23 15:40

‘Vitaly Churkin was a diplomatic star’ – UNODC executive director

An extraordinarily professional diplomat, perfect for the job at the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin was a handsome, self-confident man capable of irony that won him friends. Director general of UNESCO and UNODC executive director shared their memories of Russia’s late representative to the UN.

Feb 23 15:32

DoJ moves to prevent CIA official from detailing role in Bush-era torture

Court filing from Trump’s justice department says government ‘anticipates asserting state secrets privilege’ to prevent CIA deputy director Gina Haspel from being deposed

Feb 23 15:17

Maxine Waters Says the Darndest Things

Keep going, Mad Max. You're ensuring a Trump re-election in 2020.

Feb 23 15:13

Western Russophobia in Psychotic Phase

Divorced from reality this mindset has become psychotic.

Western politicians, military leaders and corporate news media increasingly blame Russia for all manner of perceived transgressions. Whether it is alleged interference in national elections or alleged aggressive military maneuvers, the unremitting demonizing of Russia is astonishing.

It is all the more astounding because the anti-Russia accusations are leveled with such high-handedness and yet with so little evidence to support.

Feb 23 14:24

In What Universe is the U.S Responsible for Mexico’s Criminals? – This One.

President Enrique Peña Nieto, of Mexico and his Foreign Minister have said that they will refuse to cooperate with Donald Trump’s immigration reforms.

Feb 23 14:19

Bannon: 'Corporatist, Globalist Media' Adamantly Opposed to Trump's Economic Nationalism

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said media coverage will only "get worse" as Donald Trump continues to make good on his promises because the "corportatist, globalist media" are "adamantly opposed" to Donald Trump's "economic nationalist agenda."

Feb 23 14:18

'Jaw-Droppingly Exciting': Scientists Discover Seven Earth-Like Planets

While the Trump administration continues to wage a war on science, NASA on Wednesday shared “remarkable” findings: seven Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone of a single star “relatively close” to the planet we call home.

Trump is not "waging a war on science." He is very supportive of NASA.

Feb 23 14:16


Whew! Whew! Whew! Trump did it. We did it. We have totally DEMOLISHED the failing New York Times. Trump called out the ‘Failing New York Times’ at his rally as President.

Feb 23 14:03

American Champion Skips Chess Tournament Rather Than Wear Hijab

One American champion is voicing her opposition to “women’s oppression” by boycotting the women’s world chess championship in Iran rather than bow to Iranian demands that she wear a hijab, or headscarf.

“By participating, I would be forced to submit to forms of oppression designed specifically for women,” Nazí Paikidze insisted. “It sets the wrong example, particularly for young girls interested in chess.”

Paikidze, the current U.S. chess champion, could be competing for up to $100,000 in prize money. However, she has refused to attend the event.

Feb 23 14:03

Delinquency Rates Reaches Highest Since 2009. Should You Be Worried?

Rising household debt is not the only concern for US homeowners. A rising rate of delinquencies is making the credit situation even worse.

Feb 23 14:02


President Donald Trump was elected on the promise that he would “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington and that he would appoint to his Cabinet only people who would help him do it.

Feb 23 13:50

Video: ‘We Have Evidence Of [Hacking] Attacks From Ukraine & Russia – Macron

With just two months left till the voting day in France, hysteria has already started to spread in the media, yet again over alleged Russian hacking.

Feb 23 13:47

Jewish Telegraphic Agency Runs Story Admitting "Hoax Bomb Threats"(!)

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, described by Wikipedia as a not-for-profit "international news agency and wire service serving Jewish community newspapers and media around the world," ran a story with a very interesting admission on Tuesday, asserting that the sudden alleged rash of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers were "Hoax bomb threats."


Feb 23 13:05

British suicide bomber in Iraq had won compensation for Guantanamo detention

An ISIS suicide bomber from Britain who blew himself up in an attack on Iraqi forces this week had been given compensation for his detention in the Guantanamo Bay military prison, Western security sources said on Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those people may not be terrorists before they are tortured by the US, but they sure are afterwards! At least in this case there will be no more concerns about recidivism!

Feb 23 13:04

Wyoming is closed by winter storm!

Feb 23 13:01

Governor Jay Inslee Issues Executive Order Blocking State from Participating in Federal Immigration Raids, Religious Registry

Washington State had no problems with federally funded, WestNET, to destroy medical marijuana patients' lives for years!

Feb 23 12:55

Bashir orders full aid access to South Sudan famine areas

President Omar al-Bashir has ordered Sudanese authorities to assist the delivery of international humanitarian aid to famine-hit South Sudan through the country, an official said Thursday.

On Monday, South Sudan, the world's youngest nation formed after splitting from the north in 2011, declared famine in some regions, saying 100,000 people faced starvation and another million were on the brink of famine.

Feb 23 12:55

Amnesty accuses Israel of multiple human rights violations

Amnesty International has accused Israel of the unlawful killing of Palestinians, arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture and other human rights violations.

Feb 23 12:55

Australians protest at Netanyahu's first visit, call him 'war criminal’

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters have taken to the streets of the Australian city of Sydney to express their outrage at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the country.

Feb 23 12:54

Shadow CIA Group Warns the End of the Eurozone May Be Near; Including a Collapse of the Currency

Stratfor, referred to by Barron's as "The Shadow CIA," is out with a video clip providing insight into its concerns that the end may be near for the Eurozone and that the euro may collapse.

Feb 23 12:54

Trump administration instructs CIA to halt support for anti-Assad rebels in Syria

The White House has instructed the Central Intelligence Agency to halt military support to armed groups that are associated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Some believe that the move indicates a change in American policy under United States President Donald Trump. But Syrian rebel commanders say they believe the move is temporary, and that military aid will be restored. For several years, the CIA has provided training and other forms of assistance to rebel groups in Syria, such as the New Syrian Force, which operate under the umbrella of the FSA. Aside from training, the assistance has included light and heavy ammunition, including antitank missiles, mines and grenades.

Feb 23 12:47

Jason Chaffetz Shocked IRS Official Can't Name ONE PERSON In Her Office

Feb 23 12:47

"You Stole Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars" Jason Chaffetz Berates Arrogant DHS Official

Feb 23 12:46

"You Spent $20,000,000 On Firewood?" Jason Chaffetz Infuriated With The DoD

Feb 23 12:46

"You Bought 14,550,803 Ammunition Rounds & Only Shot 15 Times?" Jason Chaffetz Baffled

Feb 23 12:43

Brit arrested over Deutsche Telekom hack

A 29-year-old British citizen suspected of involvement in a cyberattack that left nearly one million Deutsche Telekom customers without services has been arrested.

Britain's National Crime Agency arrested the unidentified Briton on Wednesday at an airport in London, Germany federal police said.

The hacking attack in November targeted internet routers belonging to Deutsche Telekom, disrupting connections for some 900,000 customers in Germany, the government said earlier.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the hack happened, everyone was blaming Russia!

Feb 23 12:42

Florida Teacher “Reassigned” After Facebook Post Praising Trump On Immigration

A Florida computer lab teacher, Veronica Fleming, at the predominately Latino Parkside Elementary School in Naples, Florida, had her job “reassigned” after she made the mistake of publicly supporting Trump’s immigration policies over Facebook.

Feb 23 12:40

Dozens Of Nuclear Alerts Underreported By British MoD, New Study Reveals

The UK Ministry of Defense has been accused of downplaying the real dangers stemming from the UK nuclear deterrent after the report by a safety watchdog put the number of accidents, involving British nukes, at 110, four times higher the official count.

Unveiled on Wednesday by the Nuclear Information Service (NIS), an independent nuclear watchdog, the report sheds light onto dozens of mishaps involving British nuclear weapons, featuring previously unreported accidents with potentially disastrous consequences. The in-depth study, which traces back all 65 years of the British nuclear program, arranges accidents into seven sections in accordance with their place of origin.

Feb 23 12:39

Mexico Rejects Trump’s ‘Unilateral’ Move On Immigration

The government of Mexico rejects any “unilateral” measures by the administration of President Donald Trump on immigration.

Mexico’s Wednesday reaction followed the US Homeland Security’s unveiling of new details in the administration’s crackdown on immigrants.

Feb 23 12:26

Washington senator insists insurance bill is not about gun control

Maralyn Chase: Fully believes in your Second Amendment rights, HOWEVER…

Feb 23 12:25

Portland Activist Group Cancels Planned March To Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Home After He Caves In To Them

The activist group’s leader Gregory McKelvey said that he had been told that the group had been subjected to violence in the past because they did not ask for permission. The city’s Mayor, Police Chief, and other city officials have repeatedly told the group that they must get a permit before they rally. This is a requirement for anyone, individually or as a group, who plans to hold a rally.

The planned march was cancelled at the group’s request because neither side could agree on traffic safety recommendations. McKelvey said on Twitter that he doesn’t “agree with requiring police to facilitate a protest against police use of force.”

Feb 23 12:22


Are you living in denial? Don't believe the ACLU was founded by a bunch of 'REDS'! But it was, and here is the proof! History speaks for itself, and the facts are lined up against the ACLU!

Roger Baldwin

Feb 23 12:19

Jakarta Election Points To Social Unrest In Indonesia

Preliminary results of last week’s election for the governor of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital province, indicate that the election will go to a second round on April 19. None of the three candidates gained more than the 50 percent vote required to win.

Feb 23 12:10

Major flooding puts 50,000 in San Jose under evacuation order

Heavy flooding continued to devastate the city of San Jose, California on Wednesday, prompting mandatory evacuations of around 14,000 people and recommended evacuations of up to 36,000 residents in potentially dangerous areas. Heavy rains over the past fortnight caused Santa Clara’s largest reservoir to overflow at the weekend, causing huge amounts of water to run into the central river, Coyote Creek.

Feb 23 12:06

"You Spent $75,000 On 25 Bicycles" Jason Chaffetz Goes Berserk On GSA Officials

Feb 23 12:06

"Americans eat generic cereal while you eat a $44 breakfast that they paid for" Trey Gowdy's Furious

Feb 23 11:36

Local sheriffs to feds: We got this

Two local sheriffs say a bill that would terminate the law enforcement functions of federal land management agencies and give local agencies the funding and authority to patrol federal land could produce better results and save money.

Feb 23 11:27


“The confrontation began over ongoing issues with juveniles walking across the officer’s property. During the confrontation, a 13 year old male is alleged to have threatened to shoot the off-duty officer, at which time the officer attempted to detain the male until APD arrived. This led to a physical confrontation between the off-duty officer and several other juveniles. During the confrontation the officer discharged his firearm one time.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The teens were clearly in the wrong and the property owner in the right (regardless of his status as a police officer).

Feb 23 11:24

Bannon Breaks With Pence, Delivers Warning To Europe

In other words, Bannon voiced the same conerns made by others about the sustainability of the European experiment, if not in polite company, and was preparing how to address Europe's "failure" through bilateral trade treaties, the same as the recently "free" UK is doing currently with all of its former trading partners.

Feb 23 11:23


“Will Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) continue wasting taxpayer dollars to criminally prosecute a 74-year-old U.S. Army veteran for posting two American flags in a southern California Veterans Administration facility?” Judicial Watch asked Tuesday.

“The absurd case was initiated under President Obama, but is set to go to trial in federal court next month under new DOJ leadership. The military veteran faces up to six months in jail for the ghastly offense of affixing Old Glory at a site honoring those who served their country.”

Feb 23 11:18

Too much sugar causes Alzheimer's: Unprecedented study reveals 'tipping point' link between blood glucose and brain disease

A diet high in sugar could lead to Alzheimer's, a new study has warned.

Unprecedented research has revealed the 'tipping point' at which blood sugar levels become so dangerous they allow the neurological disease to take hold.

Once levels pass the threshold, they restrict the performance of a vital protein, which normally fights the brain inflammation associated with dementia.

The study by the University of Bath and King's College London builds on previous research showing diabetes appears to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.

Feb 23 11:17

Jesse Jackson Jr. collects $138,400 a year in federal government benefits after serving 2.5 years in prison for looting his own campaign - but critics question if he's eligible for the money

Disgraced former Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is claiming $138,400 a year from the federal government in benefit checks, it has emerged.

The former Democrat politician and son of Reverend Jesse Jackson, 51, was sentenced to 30 months in prison in 2013 for taking $750,000 from his own campaign funds.

Now, details of his benefits package - which he gets for bipolar disorder and depression - have emerged, leaving critics questioning how he is eligible for the money, the Chicago Tribune has reported.

Feb 23 11:15

IKEA Gives Away Free Urban Garden Sphere Plans

Meet the Growroom. It’s an open source vertical, garden sphere designed for cities that is 2,8 x 2,5 meters. The urban farm pavilion takes up an incredibly small space for the unspecified amount of food it can produce. Several cities around the world are making plans to construct the garden sphere such as Helsinki...

Feb 23 11:15

Wikileaks Document Shows John McCain Requested Donations from Russians

Wikileaks released documents this week following the sudden death of Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin.

There are several documents on McCain’s request for donations from the Russians.

In 2008 the Russian mission released a letter on a fundraising attempt from John McCain.

According to Reddit users John McCain illegally asked for campaign donations from the Russian Ambassador. (the same ambassador that died suddenly on Monday) This globalist shrieks about Russian influence while he himself participated in it.

Feb 23 11:13

Is EU Getting Worried About High Debt?

Debt is not just an American or Chinese problem.

Feb 23 11:12

New Congressional bill HR 708 allows health insurers to charge older Americans 5x more

Did you know that at present, Obamacare makes it legal for insurers to charge older Americans a health insurance premium that’s three times more than what younger Americans pay?

Feb 23 11:12

John Friend of 'The Realist Report' Interviews Martin Hill - February 22, 2017

I had a good conversation with John Friend last night, in which we covered a wide array of topics. It's one hour 31 minutes, commercial free. Here is the show description from his website: "On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Martin Hill of LibertyFight.com. Martin is an activist, a blogger, and an independent investigator who is perhaps most famous for publicly confronting Donald Trump about the “dancing Israelis” arrested on the day of 9/11, a topic we discussed at length during our last conversation.

Feb 23 11:03

Rise of populism could jeopardise Europe's economic recovery, says Moody's

Money managers' survey conducted by global ratings agency deems populism as the biggest threat to economic progress in Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The debt-slaves are breaking free! The debt-slaves are breaking free! The debt-slaves are breaking free!!!" -- Money Junkies

Feb 23 10:58

Video: California Dreaming: Calls For State Secession From USA Grows

Furious opposition to President Donald Trump’s leadership and policies is continuing to grow across the U.S.

Feb 23 10:57

CIA Weapons Pause In Syria – Are We Backing Off… Or Escalating?

For the past couple of weeks the CIA weapons smuggling operation to Syrian rebels has been on hold, according to press reports. Does this mean Trump’s sensible “we don’t know who these people are” statement during the campaign has become policy? We hope that is the case.

Feb 23 10:56

Democrats Call For Changes To Electoral College After Trump Victory

Lawmakers in several US states are considering proposals to change to how Electoral College votes are allocated, after Republican Donald Trump won the presidency even though Democrat Hillary Clinton won almost 3 million more votes.

Feb 23 10:52

Breaking: Adams & Jones Taken Down by Google/CIA Prior to Big Event- Trump Needs to Beware

The censorship of the Independent Media has begun in earnest by Jeff Bezos and Google.

On my last radio show (2/19), Mike Adams revealed that he was contacted and was told “We will pay you $50,000 to provide us with damaging information against Alex Jones. If you do not help us, we will destroy you”.

In the PM on February 22, 2017, Mike Adams reached out to me and informed me that Google’s search engines have removed all 140,000 pages of content from Natural News (www.naturalnews.com). If the reader puts Natural News in the Google search engine, it comes back as www.natural.news.com. This is Mike’s back up site which is a shell of his original site.

Feb 23 10:29

'Trump was RIGHT!' Inside the Stockholm suburbs where cars are torched, drugs sold openly and fire engines must be bulletproof

The Stockholm suburb that was hit by violent riots on Monday is a police no-go zone where cars are torched almost every day, gangs rule the streets and fire engines have to be fitted with bulletproof glass.

Residents of rundown Rinkeby, where nine out of ten residents are immigrants, have spoken out about how they live in fear, as Swedish politicians and police officers admitted that 'Trump was right'.

'The situation is here is terrible,' one resident said. 'I am scared most of the time when I leave my apartment. I have been assaulted twice and robbed once since I moved to Rinkeby. The criminal gangs can do what they want.

'What happened on Monday night is just the tip of the iceberg. Gangs control this whole area. There are riots every evening and the police can do nothing to contain the situation.'

Feb 23 10:17


Whenever President Donald Trump’s motorcade rolls through town, it inevitably attracts a series of cheers and boos from people watching it roll by.

Feb 23 10:10

Anti-White Attacker Who Spat at Baby Avoids Jail

A racist attacker who spat in a baby’s face and shouted “white people shouldn’t breed” has avoided jail despite the attack being unprovoked.

Rebecca Telford, 25, was walking her baby, Layla-Jean, in England last January when Rezzas Abdulla, 33, approached her.

“He leant into the pushchair and spat in the face of her daughter,” Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the Newcastle Crown Court. “As he did so he shouted or said ‘white people shouldn’t breed.’”

When the baby’s shocked mother confronted Abdulla, he told her to ‘shut the fuck up’ and walked off, reported the Daily Mail.

Feb 23 10:06

Bill Maher Condoned Sex Between 12-Year-Old & Adult in 1998 Video

A video posted online Wednesday shows Bill Maher condoning sex between a 35-year-old woman and a 12-year-old boy during a 1998 episode of his ABC show “Politically Incorrect.”

Feb 23 10:03

Swedish Police Discover Live Hand Grenade in Malmo Park

Swedish police have released a statement saying they discovered a hand grenade at a public park in the troubled migrant-populated city of Malmo.

The police in Malmo are no strangers to dangerous weapons. The suburb of Rosengard is considered one of the most dangerous no-go areas in all of Sweden along with the Stockholm suburbs of Rinkeby and Husby. Police said late Wednesday morning that they had discovered a cache of weapons that included a live hand grenade in a press release.

The items were found in the Pildamma park in the Kronoborg area close to the Malmo Stadium which is the home of football team IFK Malmo.

Feb 23 09:56


Israel invited 26 Hollywood stars on all-expense paid trips to the Holy Land around the 2016 Academy Awards, but a year later none of them have visited, Agence France-Presse reported.

Feb 23 09:55


While the US continues to turn a blind eye to settlement expansion, the international community and the EU in particular are left with the responsibility of ensuring that everyday life in the Palestinian enclaves does not collapse. Time for a rethink, argue policy analysts Sam Bahour and Mousa Jiryis

Feb 23 09:50

At death’s door for years, widely used SHA1 function is now dead

For more than six years, the SHA1 cryptographic hash function underpinning Internet security has been at death's door. Now it's officially dead, thanks to the submission of the first known instance of a fatal exploit known as a "collision."

Feb 23 09:45

There is a fast-rotating EGG PLANET with temperatures of -241C behind Pluto

The odd egg-shaped dwarf planet known as Haumea which spins incredibly quickly fast is orbiting the sun past Pluto.

The tiny planet is something of an anomaly as its equatorial diameter is twice as long as its polar diameter.

This ratio of lengths, 2:1, is the most extreme world astronomers know of.

It is also the fastest rotating planet in the Solar System, with a day on Haumea only lasting just 3.9 Earth hours.

However, it takes an astonishing 283.3 Earth years for the dwarf planet to complete an orbit of the Sun.

Feb 23 09:28

Parent Sues Over Transgendered Wrestler Competing With Girls

A parent of a wrestler in Texas filed a lawsuit against a transgender teen to prevent him from wrestling against girls in competitions.

Attorney Jim Baudhuin, a parent of a wrestler on an opposing team, argued 17-year-old Mack Beggs should not be allowed to compete with girls, reports Fox 4 News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, let us leave the fantasy world of the Church of Liberalology and deal with some facts.

No matter what a male does to become a woman, he is still a male. Bruce Jenner may have carved himself up and taken hormones to make himself look like a woman, but a DNA test would still show he is a male, and at the risk of pissing off the feminazis, the average male is quite a bit larger and stronger than the average female, even with the plumbing hacked off. Setting aside that this shemale wrestler will have an unfair advantage over his team-mates, there does exist a potential for bodily injury to the real girls wrestling with him.

Feb 23 09:26

The EU Is Operating Like A Mafia Family: Extortion and Strong-Arming Are The New Politics

After Jean Claude Juncker’s (President) announcement that Britain should pay 50 Billion Pounds to leave the EU club (family), is it any wonder that the Brits are starting to see the EU federalists as a “Godfatheresque” criminal organization.

Feb 23 09:21

American College of Pediatrics reaches decision: Transgenderism of children is child abuse

The American College of Pediatricians issued a statement this week condemning gender reclassification in children by stating that transgenderism in children amounts to child abuse.

Feb 23 09:18

Is A Deep State Coup Underway?

In this video, Vin Armani explains how the Deep State, which is really just the State, is working to undermine the President of the US. Analysis of former Congressman Dennis Kucinich sounding the alarm on the Deep State pushing for war with Russia. And John ‘Insane’ McCain seems to be leading a coup that promises more war.

Feb 23 09:05

Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN

Project Veritas released 119 hours of raw audio in a WikiLeaks style dump, with over 100 more hours still yet to be released. The audio was secretly recorded in 2009 by an anonymous source inside CNN's Atlanta headquarters who we are identifying as Miss X. The tapes contain soundbites from current and previous CNN employees Joe Sterling, Arthur Brice, and Nicky Robertson, as well as numerous others. Project Veritas is also offering a $10,000 award for content that exposes media malfeasance. The tapes show CNN's misrepresentation of polling data:

Feb 23 09:01

This Rally in Stocks is Doomed: Goldman

Hoped-for tax reform & infrastructure spending will disappoint.

Feb 23 08:58


An Israeli court on Tuesday sentenced Elor Azaria to 18 months in prison, one-year probation and a demotion of his military rank, a month after the Israeli soldier was found guilty of manslaughter.

Azaria shot and killed Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif in March after al-Sharif had already been shot and injured following an alleged attempted stabbing attack in Hebron.

Feb 23 08:57


Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is an international series of events meant to shed a light on the settler colonial project and apartheid policies of Israel and build the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Feb 23 08:57


Muslims raise money for vandalized Jewish cemetery

Feb 23 08:54

Why Mainstream Media Websites Are Censoring & Removing Comment Sections

News that Google has developed a new AI system that “identifies abusive comments” to clamp down on “hate speech” reminds us why mainstream media websites are censoring and removing comment sections altogether – because studies show they have more influence over the opinion of the reader than the article itself.

Feb 23 08:50

Beyond fake news… How Google just became FAKE SEARCH by blacklisting independent journalism

Google censored NaturalNews.com via a human decision, not an algorithm. This means that some “decision maker” at Google can, based on nothing more than their own opinion, banish any website they choose with the flick of a switch.

In this way, Google has raised digital book burning to a whole new level of efficiency only dreamed of by fascists of the Third Reich. Now, an entire library of human knowledge can be obliterated in an instant, with no justification, no warning and no recourse. By blacklisting all NaturalNews.com content, Google has just proven it is a de facto Orwellian Ministry of Truth which shall decide the fate of entire organizations based on nothing more than the internalized hatred, bigotry, biases or corruption of its own employees.

Feb 23 08:43


Controlling "exactly what people think" is the job of the media, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski boldly declared Wednesday morning.

While discussing President Trump's entreaties to the American people to remain skeptical of the press, Bzezinski worried that if the economy turns south, Americans may end up trusting him over the media.

"And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think," Brzezinski said. "And that, that is our job."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Make this go viral!

Feb 23 08:35

Muslim IT Trio Paid $500K Possibly Leaked Congressional Secrets, Emails : 2/12/2017

Feb 23 08:25

Far Worse Than George III — Andrew P. Napolitano on the US regime

This is a perilous state of affairs, brought about by the maniacal passion for surveillance spawned under George W. Bush and perfected under Barack Obama — all with utter indifference to the widespread constitutional violations and permanent destruction of personal liberties. This is not the government the Framers gave us. But it is one far more dangerous to human freedom than the one from which they seceded in 1776.

Feb 23 07:59

Use Google Chrome to browse the web? Shocking MALWARE scam targeting every user

The Google Chrome scam poses a serious risk to users with criminals able to inject infected script into poorly-protected web pages.

According to cyber experts the virus-filled script rewrites the compromised website on the victim’s browser.

This makes the page unreadable, with a fake pop-up then used to try and convince users into downloading a patch to solve the issue.

The popup reads, “The ‘HoeflerText’ font wasn’t found,” - and, if you see this warning, DON'T download the suggested update.

It's thought the problem is currently affecting Chrome users on Windows-powered machines.

Feb 23 07:57


Twitter resounded in outrage after movie producer and comedian Judd Apatow equated the election of President Donald Trump with being raped. During his appearance Saturday night at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, Apatow also decided that the president’s wife and 10-year-old son were appropriate subjects for his profanity-laden routine.

Feb 23 07:56

Marine Le Pen hails Theresa May for avoiding Brexit apocalypse as she surges in new poll

According to the new BVA-Salesforce poll Mrs Le Pen would win 27.5 percent of the vote in the April 23 first round, up 2.5 percentage points from the last time the poll was conducted on Feb 4.

Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron was seen coming in second in the first round with 21 percent of the vote, down one percentage point, followed by conservative Francois Fillon at 19 percent, also down one percentage point.

Feb 23 07:45

James O'Keefe Responds to #DisruptJ20's Statement

Yesterday, DisruptJ20 released a statement claiming that they knew of our journalists all along, and they were just "playing along". Here is our evidence to refute them.

Feb 23 07:45

James O'Keefe's LMAO at Antifa Porn Presser

Antifa conducted a press conference at the National Press Club - (Correction: Press Club security shut down the news conference venue) - a nearby food court - (Correction: food court security shut that down, too) - informally seated at food court table - (until security booted them from that location, too).

Bear in mind that they initially scheduled their presser at the same location they planned to fill with butyric acid on January 20th.

When they showed some supposedly top-secret photo of O'Keefe (which has been on the internet for years), they forgot to hide the porn displayed on the iPad they were using.

You can't make this stuff up.

Feb 23 07:40

Russian company discovers huge oil reserve in Iraq

A large oil reserve has been discovered in the Iraqi province of Basra, a Russian company has revealed.

In a statement, Russia’a Lukoil said the well recorded daily flow rates of more than 1,000 cubic metres of oil from the Mishrif horizon.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry said the new figure will added to the 10 billion barrel oil reserves the country already has.

Feb 23 07:37

Linux kernel gets patch for 11-year-old local-root-hole security bug

DCCP code cockup lay unnoticed since 2005

Feb 23 07:34

Boffins exfiltrate data by blinking hard drives' LEDs

That roll of tape you use to cover the Webcam? Better use some of it on your hard-drive LED, because it can be a data exfiltration vector.

Exfiltration experts from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev's Cyber Security Research Center have added to previous techniques like fan modulation, GSM transmissions, or listening to the RF from USB2 transmissions, have now created malware to control hard drive LEDs.

The team led by veteran exfiltrator Mordechai Guri flashes the LED at atound 5,800 on/off cycles per second as a data channel, good enough for 4 Kbps of transmission.

That performance also depends on what you use as the receiver: it might be a Digital SLR or high-end security camera (15 bps), a GoPro-level camera (up to 120 bps), a Webcam or Google Glass Explorer (also 15 bps), or a smartphone camera (up to 60 bps).

Feb 23 07:32

Homicides In These 4 Cities Are Spiking To The Highest Levels In 20 Years

the Wall Street Journal recently conducted an analysis of homicide data since 1985, for the 35 largest cities in the United States, and found that Chicago isn't the only place where violent crime is surging. As it turns out, murder rates are also spiking in Baltimore, Milwaukee and Memphis, all of which have in the past two years approached or exceeded the records set a quarter-century ago, when cities across the country were plagued by gang wars and a booming crack trade.

Feb 23 07:31

More brilliant Internet of Things gadgetry: A £1,300 mousetrap

Rentokil man tells BBC it calls them automagically, so that clearly explains the price

Feb 23 07:30

How full are Northern California reservoirs and rivers?

These three graphs show key California reservoir conditions and river stages for the upper and lower Sacramento Valley for Wednesday, February 22, 2017. The images are from the California Department of Water Resources’ Data Exchange Center and the National Weather Service.

Feb 23 07:29

Stolen military medals returned to Oroville Dam evacuee

Police returned a man’s military medals Sunday after they were stolen out of his home during the Oroville Dam spillway emergency evacuations.

Feb 23 07:19

Syria rebels announce capture of Al-Bab from ISIS

Turkish-backed Syrian rebels announced Thursday they had taken full control of Al-Bab from ISIS, marking a key defeat for the extremists after weeks of heavy fighting.

Feb 23 07:17

Cost of EU Parliament set to soar as new President to be protected by 12 BODYGUARDS

The Parliament’s Secretary General Klaus Welle has drawn up the plans, contained in the draft estimates for the financial year in 2018.

The document was presented to the Parliament’s executive committee, also known as ‘the Bureau’ on February 13.

Mr Welle has consulted with three departments in the Parliament, which has 751 MEPs, and “recruitment procedures of these bodyguards will start early 2017”.

Feb 23 07:17

'They have no IDEA!' Newsnight audience slams 'disconnected' Westminister political elite

On Wednesday evening, the BBC programme hosted a panel debate between the politicians battling it out for the traditional Labour seat in Staffordshire.

As Labour MP Debbie Abrahams and Ukip’s deputy leader Peter Whittle clashed in heated exchanges about Stoke, one audience member accused politicians of having “no idea” what it is like to live outside of London.

Suggesting the metropolitan elite were failing to listen, she told the BBC panel: “I think politicians are completely disconnected with the people.

Feb 23 07:16

Marine Le Pen SOARS in latest French election poll as rivals Macron & Fillon FALL AWAY

A BVA-Salesforce poll published today shows the Trump advocate soaring to the lead, winning 27.5 per cent of the vote in the first round on April 23, a 2.5 per cent increase since the last poll was conducted earlier this month.

The Front National leader is ahead of Emmanuel Macron who is set to finish the first round in second place, with 21 per cent of the vote.

Feb 23 07:11

Over 300 diplomats pay last tribute to Russian envoy Churkin in New York

The ceremony was attended by Churkin’s widow Irina and his son Maxim, Russia’s Ambassador to Washington Sergey Kislyak, US and Kazakh Permanent Ambassadors to the UN Nikki Haley and Kairat Umarov, Russian Deputy Permanent Ambassadors to the UN Pyotr Ilyichev and Vladimir Safronkov, and also UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The UN chief said "ambassador Churkin was a uniquely skilled diplomat" and "a man of many talents and interests."

Feb 23 07:10

Refugee on trial in Austria accused of executing 20 Syrian soldiers

A Syrian refugee is on trial in western Austria for allegedly murdering at least 20 unarmed or wounded soldiers during the Syrian civil war, local media reported.

The trial for the 27-year-old man began in the city of Innsbruck in Tyrol state on Wednesday. He was arrested in June 2016 after allegedly boasting about the killings to a fellow Syrian at a refugee center.

Feb 23 07:08

The Truth About Sweden

Feb 23 07:07

Scientists fear Fukushima radiation hitting US to worsen… “A lot of people are very concerned” — Experts: Billions are being exposed… Reactors “will continue to pour water into Pacific for the rest of time”

Arnie Gundersen, former nuclear engineer (emphasis added), Feb 2, 2017: “When I went to school, the saying was ‘dilution is the solution to pollution,’ and that’s what the Japanese believe. If they dump [radioactive water from Fukushima Daiichi] on their side and it floats over to the West Coast of the U.S. — the Pacific’s a big place — it’ll dilute out. I don’t think that’s appropriate… people are going to die. Regardless of how low the radiation is, it does cause cellular damage and cancer. So if you spread it out in a big body of water, the concentration goes down, but on the other hand, you’ve got a couple billion people exposed to it because they’re on the edge of that big body of water. So the concentration is down but the population is up and you’re still going to get cancer; it’s inevitable.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is another factor. A fish contaminated while swimming near Fukushima is just as contaminated when caught and eaten off of San Diego.

Feb 23 07:04

ISIS Calls For Backup: Israel Attacks Syrian Army Positions Near Damascus

Syria peace talks are expected to begin this week in Geneva. And what are the Israelis doing? Bombing Syrian Arab Army positions near the Lebanese border.

Because as we all know, the Israelis are really good at these "ceasefire" things. Especially when they have no business interfering in any way in a conflict:

Feb 23 07:03


For some time I've been urging that the current political-cultural climate should be viewed "whole", and that we're witnessing an historical arc of unprecedented uniqueness. We are, I've been urging, in one of those periodic paradigm shifts that seems to happen about once every five hundred years, the last one being the Reformation, Counter-Reformation, the Thirty Years' War, and the Peace of Westphalia, which basically cemented our modern laissez faire attitude to religion and the secular state. But this current change, I've been urging, is unlike any other in prior human history, and hence has no real precedents. It's being driven by unprecedented technological change and development which in turn is rendering more and more human labor productivity moot, and that in turn impacts the financial system and model under which we currently operate moot.

Feb 23 07:02

BEX ALERT - California flooding now being blamed on Hawaii (and Lucifer)!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This claim about the Puna Geothermal Venture causing the rains is nonsense. First off, the plant has been operating since 1993, during the drought. Second, the plant does not create heat nor does it release steam (except for one accident that resulted in a $75,000 fine). It generates electricity from already-existing natural heat and steam. These have not changed in output level for over 20 years.

Feb 23 06:52

REPORT: US-Backed Neo-Nazi Battalions Prepare For Bloody Crackdown on Pro-Russia Activists in Ukraine

Russia Insider has received reliable reports from inside Kharkov, Ukraine that the neo-Nazi leader of Azov battalion, Andriy Biletsky, is preparing to stage crackdowns against pro-Russia activists across Kiev-controlled Ukraine. His ultimate goal is to march on Kiev.

Feb 23 06:51

Lavrov Deep-Fries Merkel: US Tapped Your Phone, But You're Whining About ‘Russian Hacking’?

Angela Merkel used this opportunity to lecture Lavrov and the rest of the audience about the dangers of Russian hacking.

You think Lavrov just sat there and took it on the chin? No. When it was his turn to speak, he reminded the entire world that Angela Merkel's phones were tapped by her "ally", and that this is a confirmed fact, and that Angela Merkel is a sad puppet:

The German story was shown to be a fact. You know when it happened, several years ago. It was confirmed that top officials had had their phones tapped. And the other day there was a leak showing that the 2012 presidential election campaign in France coincided with cyber-espianage on the part of the CIA. And talking to a journalist today, a CIA representative said that he had no comments to offer.

So I repeat: show us the facts.

Feb 23 06:50

US Air Force command apologized for close fly-by in Syria — Russian MoD

American military officials have offered apologies to their Russian colleagues for an incident over Syria, in which US and Russian military jets were involved in a "near-miss" situation. Earlier, Washington shifted the blame to Moscow for the incident.

Feb 23 06:49

Ukraine's economy on brink of collapse due to blockade of coal

Ukrainian industry is falling apart because of the blockade of the Donbass coal supply, and the crisis in the steel industry will affect the whole economy of the country, writes the Ukrainian edition of "Vesti".

The decline in production will provoke unpredictable fluctuations in the hryvnia exchange rate and reduce the inflow of investments.

Feb 23 06:48

McCain secretly travels to Syria to meet with troops, leaders, opposition

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) made a secret trip to a Kurdish-held region in northern Syria last weekend to speak with US military officials, rebel fighters, and leaders in the region.

On Wednesday, Julie Tarallo, a spokeswoman for McCain, confirmed that he’d made the trip, calling it a “valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even Senators can violate the Logan act.

Feb 23 06:47

The Crude Historical Distortion at the Heart of BBC's WWII Drama 'SS-GB'

The problem comes with the drama's depiction of a wartime alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Such an alliance is established in the opening scene of the first episode in the context of a "German-Soviet friendship week" ceremony in London, involving the Nazis presenting a visiting Soviet delegation with a British spitfire fighter aircraft as a gift. Then, later, plumbing the depths of crudity, we see a large poster of Karl Marx hanging between two giant Swastika flags on a building in Nazi-occupied central London.

Artistic and dramatic license is one thing, historical distortion with a transparent ideological and political motive is something else entirely.

In this particular case, with this BBC drama, the historical distortion amounts to insulting the millions of Soviet troops and civilians who perished in the most brutal conflict the world has known.

Feb 23 06:46

'Democracy Dies in Darkness': Twittersphere Mocks Washington Post's New Motto

Americans must certainly be worried, to deserve this level of rhetorical aggression. What would be done to salvage a dying American democracy without Jeff Bezos’ personal media outlet spearheading the ‘fake news’ brigade, and then leading the very effort they claimed to shed light on with a false story stating that Russia hacked an electric grid in Vermont without so much as making a single call to the Vermont utilities commissioner by way of fact-checking?

Feb 23 06:45

Special Solari Report – American Suicide: Proposals for Constitutional Amendments & Convention w/ Edwin Vieira, Jr.

America’s sovereign finances have been operated outside the law for some time. Since fiscal 1998, the federal government has refused to publish audited financial statements and has reported over $11 trillion in undocumentable adjustments. Solari Report subscribers have heard for years about black budgets, hidden systems of finance, trillions in money going missing from the US government accounts, all constituting a “financial coup d’etat. Clearly, there have been significant violations of provisions in the US Constitution and law related to management of resources and assets.

You would expect that we would hear a growing chorus of both conservatives and progressives insisting that Congress comply with the law with respect to the management of our finances. Where is our money? Which mechanisms should we use to get it back? However, that has not happened. Instead, we see a push for Constitutional amendments and conventions.

Feb 23 06:44

Royal godmother accused of whipping fox hunt protester

In a video posted by the Guildford Hunt Saboteurs on Facebook, Hutley is seen telling campaigners that she will call the police if they do not leave the private land.

When some of the ‘sabs’ insist on climbing over a gate, bringing them closer to Hutley and her horse, the socialite appears to hit a man with her riding crop.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I tend to see this from Hutley's point of view. Had the protesters been on public land, that would be one thing. But protesting something, even a fox hunt, does not grant anyone a right to intrude onto private land and cause a ruckus.

Feb 23 06:40

History’s Biggest Robbery: How the Nazis Stole Europe’s Gold

The centerpiece of Schacht’s economic policy for Hitler was autarky, or total self-sufficiency. During World War I, the British blockade had starved the German people and eventually defeated them. Nearly a half million Germans died of starvation. That prompted Berlin in 1917 to resume submarine warfare in hopes of defeating the Allies before the Americans got into the war. The strategy failed. That blockade experience left the Germans with the post-war determination never again to depend on other countries for vital imports.

Feb 23 06:39

February Revolution of 1917: Good Intentions, Tragic Fates?

In 1917, this revolution, which was a combination of a popular uprising with an elitist anti-monarchist plot, toppled emperor Nicholas II and paved the way for almost a century of "troubled times" in Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Disturbing parallels to what is going on today in the US!

Feb 23 06:38

EXCLUSIVE: House Dem IT Guys In Security Probe Secretly Took $100K In Iraqi Money

Rogue congressional staffers took $100,000 from an Iraqi politician while they had administrator-level access to the House of Representatives’ computer network, according to court documents examined by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

Feb 23 06:32

MCCAIN IS OVER! What Just Leaked About John McCain And Russia Has Trump Grinning From Cheek To Cheek!

John McCain and his ties to Russia keep on getting more bizarre. Sen. John McCain was a presidential candidate in 2008 and asked Vitaly Churkin, a Russian ambassador to the U.N., to donate to his campaign, according to Wikileaks.

Fast forward to 2016 and John McCain is now accusing Russia of hacking and meddling in U.S. politics. Even though, McCain solicited Russia to interfere in the 2008 campaign by asking for money.