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"In order to get power and retain it, it is necessary to love power; but love of power is not connected with goodness but with qualities that are the opposite of goodness, such as pride, cunning and cruelty." -- Leo Tolstoy



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Oct 20 09:07

Liberal Think Tank Projects Jaw-Dropping Number For Cost Of Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-For-All Plan

Elizabeth Warren has been dodging questions about raising taxes on the middle class to pay for her healthcare plan.

Oct 20 09:07

Trump Hits “Slippery, Slick, Stealthy” Mitt Romney – Labels Him A “Democrat Secret Asset” Posing As Republican (VIDEO)

President Trump was in a mood Friday night and slammed RINO of all RINOs Senator Mitt Romney.
On Thursday Turkey agreed to a 5-day ceasefire in Northern Syria to allow the Kurds retreat to a ‘safe zone.’

Oct 20 08:54

Corrupt Widow of Elijah Cummings Expected to Run for His Congressional Seat

Oct 20 07:58

Dramatic video shows tractor-trailer knocked over by tornado on Florida interstate as Nestor batters the Southeast bringing heavy rain, strong winds and power outages for 10,000 people

Dramatic video showed a semi-trailer overturn on a Florida interstate as Tropical Storm Nestor swept across the Southeast flooding street, damaging homes, overturning vehicles and leaving nearly 10,000 customers without power.

Oct 20 07:54

The Fed Is Back to Robbing the Middle Class to Reward the Rich

Oct 20 07:21

Lindsey Graham: If We Pull Troops from Northern Syria Then We Will Have Another 9-11 Attack

Lindsey Graham joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday Night on Justice with Judge Jeanine to discuss the situation in northeastern Syria.

Oct 20 07:10

Transgender lobby forces sanitary towel-maker Always to ditch Venus logo from its products

Oct 20 07:04

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Comparing Trump to 16 Years of Obama/Bush

There is so much controversy in the news. And controversy is exciting. But for today’s column, I’m going to stick to plain old-fashioned facts.

Oct 20 07:04

What We've Lost

Oct 20 07:03

President Trump BLASTS Susan Rice, the Genocide Queen, over Her Disastrous Foreign Policy During the Obama Years

Former Obama Official Susan Rice left a trail of genocide and lies when she retired from office in 2017.

Oct 20 05:32

CNN's Van Jones Slams Hillary For Hitting Tulsi Gabbard With A 'Complete Smear And No Facts'

CNN's Van Jones lit into Hillary Clinton for her "smear" against Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) that contained "no facts," and said there was history that explained why the establishment is trying to undermine Gabbard's presidential campaign.

October 19, 2019

Oct 19 21:55

Antarctica: How ‘surprising discovery’ stunned scientists drilling 2,400ft below ice

ANTARCTICA researchers got a shock when they made a “surprising discovery” after drilling 2,400 feet below the Ross Ice Shelf in 2015.

Antarctica is Earth’s southernmost continent where the geographic South Pole is located. The frozen desert is home to some 1,000 scientists who live in the blistering conditions that reach -90C at times, as they attempt to understand more about the history of Earth and climate change. Among them are researchers from the National Science Foundation (SFS), who made an astonishing find after drilling into the Ross Ice Sheet in West Antarctica four years ago.

The team used state-of-the-art technology to drill down some 2,400 feet, revealing a thriving ecosystem.

Oct 19 21:51

NO life on Mars! NASA shuts down claim by former employee that agency found evidence of aliens on the Red Planet in 1976 after he published a shocking op-ed

A NASA spokesperson rebutted claims from Gilbert Levin, a NASA employee who helped to spearhead the agency's first trip to Mars in 1976.

'The collective general opinion of the large majority of the scientific community does not believe the results of the Viking experiments alone rise to the level of extraordinary evidence," a NASA spokesman Allard Beutel told Fox.

Oct 19 21:49

‘Dismal’ Bitcoin Volumes Could Signal A Perfect Storm

Bitcoin trading volume among the top ten biggest bitcoin and crypto exchanges has fallen to under $200 million a day, according to bitcoin and crypto data company Messari, down 20-fold from a peak of $4 billion per day just a few months ago.

"Across all crypto venues, volumes are dismal," eToro's senior market analyst Mati Greenspan wrote in a Twitter thread, sparking industry concern.

"This is a giant lull in crypto volumes across the board."

Oct 19 21:14

Babylon wrecked by war

Troops from the US-led force in Iraq have caused widespread damage and severe contamination to the remains of the ancient city of Babylon, according to a damning report released today by the British Museum.

John Curtis, keeper of the museum's Ancient Near East department and an authority on Iraq's many archaeological sites, found "substantial damage" on an investigative visit to Babylon last month.

The ancient city has been used by US and Polish forces as a military depot for the past two years, despite objections from archaeologists.

"This is tantamount to establishing a military camp around the Great Pyramid in Egypt or around Stonehenge in Britain," says the report, which has been seen by the Guardian.

Oct 19 21:09

Turkish bombing damages 3,000-year-old temple in northern Syria

Turkish airstrikes against Kurdish forces have partially destroyed a 3,000-year-old temple in northern Syria, according to a monitoring group and the Syrian regime.

The neo-Hittite temple of Ain Dara was built in around 1300 BC and is famous for its elaborate images of lions and sphinxes.

The temple was at least 60 per cent destroyed by Turkish forces as they attacked the Kurdish-held area of Afrin, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.

Pictures posted online by the group appeared to show part of the temple had been reduced to rubble.

Oct 19 20:45

Body Language – Hunter Biden- Bombards!

Oct 19 19:31

Beto O'Rourke Announces Support for Menstrual Equity Act on National Period Day

OH! Gross! What a Mangina!
We are the laughing stock of the World!

Not to be outdone by Cory Booker's "women are people" moment in the last debate, Beto O'Rourke decided to virtue signal his pro-woman accolades on Saturday by tweeting that "women across America don’t have access to the period products they need," and since it is #National Period Day (who knew that was a thing?), that "men need to join women in demanding real change." Beto wants "real change" and identifies as a man for the moment (at least until he needs a Hail Mary for his campaign) and he's announced his support for the Menstrual Equity Act.


Oct 19 19:20

More Research Suggesting Blue Light Might Be Making You Age Faster (In Addition to Causing Anxiety, Insomnia, Macular Degeneration, and Blindness)

By B.N. Frank

Research has determined that exposure to blue light from LED light bulbs and screens can cause a multitude of health issues. Unfortunately, despite this research, the reality is that exposure is now very difficult – if not impossible to avoid.

American Medical Association and American Academy of Pediatrics have warned that exposure to blue light from screens is particularly hard on children. The American Medical Association and other medical experts have also been warning about the health impacts to all of us from LED streetlights.

A recent article from Fast Company supports similar depressing research about exposure – it may also age us faster...

Oct 19 18:54

Reinstating Justice in a Climate of Diminishing Rights

By Janet Phelan

It is clear to many who are inflicted with abuses by our legal system that we are dealing with state-sponsored crimes. Judges are breaking the law all too often in their actions on the bench and have immunity for so doing. Prosecutorial misconduct has become rampant and police seem to have a “Get out of Jail Free” card for many of their crimes against citizens, including murder. It is generally the case, with a few well-publicized exceptions, that the FBI and DOJ are passing on state-sponsored crimes.

Statists will argue that we have not yet pushed the right button. We have not filed the right pleadings, we have not gone to the right law enforcement agency, we have not gone to the right legislator.

Non-statist solutions are beginning to emerge. A few will be highlighted here...

Oct 19 18:46

‘Russians will have a fight on their hands!’ Alaska governor vows to thwart ‘independence referendum & annexation’ in prank call

Can you say dumber than a box of rocks!
To be a politician in America you must have an IQ matching the temperature of an ice cube!

Governor Mike Dunleavy said he was aware of Moscow’s plan to stage an independence referendum to reclaim Alaska, and promised to arrange a gold nugget for the visiting Ukrainian leader, in a phone call with Russian pranksters.

The duo of pranksters informed Dunleavy of a sinister plan, masterminded by the Kremlin, to reclaim Alaska.

The two tricksters behind the prank, Alexey Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov, otherwise known as Lexus and Vovan, have made a name for themselves with a series of phone pranks on high-profile officials, previously getting over on French President Emmanuel Macron, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, as well as former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, then UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and hawkish US special envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

Oct 19 17:36

Pentagon ‘Dumps’ 1970s Floppy Disks Securing Nuclear Missile Launches

Oftentimes in the military, the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” becomes hard to argue. And in a world where threat actors from enemy nation states probe for any and every weakness, replacing a system that has been glitch and breach free for decades is a tough ask. So it is with the U.S. military’s decision to shift its Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACCS) from 1970s tech to something more contemporary. As reported by defense news site C4isrnet, the highly secure U.S. military messaging services has finally “dumped the floppy disk.”

Oct 19 17:34

Microsoft 365 Authentication Outage, Users Unable to Login

"Users may not receive authentication requests via phone call, SMS or within their authenticator app," says Microsoft on the Microsoft 365 Service health status page. "This issue could potentially affect any of your users if they are routed through the affected infrastructure."

Microsoft 365 is a software offering that bundles the Windows 10, Office 365, and EMS (short for Enterprise Mobility + Security) products, and provides customers with a secure online productivity platform.

Since Microsoft 365 is an online platform, it also comes with its downsides, one of them being that issues affecting one of the services offered as a cloud product will be experienced by most if not all customers.

Oct 19 16:48

Stop your GASSING! Greta Thunberg's climate change rally is crashed by counter-protest led by truck convoy of oil and gas workers in Canada

'We are doing this because our future is at stake,' Thunberg told the crowd.

'We will not be bystanders. We are doing this because we want the people in power to unite behind science.

But a counter-protester said: 'We care for the environment, of course we do. What they need to understand is that we're hurting and we also need to care about Alberta jobs.'

The honking horns of big rig trucks blared from a nearby thoroughfare, where vehicles emblazoned with 'We love Canada energy' signs were driving up and down.

'When they charged their iPhones last night, that power came from this plant,' he said, pointing to the former coal-fired Keephills power plant near Edmonton that was being converted to natural gas.

Oct 19 16:31

The House of Fools: Britain could have begun to heal today after the end of our Brexit purgatory but MPs instead subjected us to more agonising delay

It was the moment an exasperated nation let out a collective howl of frustration.

At precisely 2.50pm today, when Britain might finally have hoped to move ahead with Brexit, Commons Speaker John Bercow announced that MPs had again voted – by 322 to 306 – for more delays to the seemingly interminable process.

But a defiant Boris Johnson immediately vowed not to be beaten by the 'wreckers', saying any further delays to his October 31 deadline would be 'pointless, expensive and corrosive of public trust'.

And last night his ploy to outmanoeuvre the Brexit blockers was revealed, as he sent not just one letter to the EU, but three – one asking for an extension, as Parliament had compelled him to do, and two more making it clear it was not the Government's wish.

Oct 19 16:30

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Can't our political class grasp this isn't a game and they're not in a college debating society?

We cannot stand much more of this. The national blood pressure has reached danger point. Can our political class really not grasp that they are no longer free to behave as if they were playing teenage games in a college debating society?

Each repeated failure by Parliament to agree on an orderly exit from the EU puts more strain on our constitution. Faith in the House of Commons as a place of wisdom, experience and responsibility, already weakening, has almost entirely gone.

Nor will it quickly recover. As the Prime Minister so rightly said during yesterday’s debate, the behaviour of MPs is corroding the public’s trust. Much more of this, and our whole tradition of parliamentary politics may be in danger. There is a feverish, short-tempered mood abroad in the country and it would be unwise for anyone to ignore it.

Oct 19 16:19

Prince Andrew latest: Paedophile millionaire’s 13 phone numbers for royal

Tonight’s Dispatches special, The Prince And The Paedophile, includes an interview with former Florida police sergeant Mike Fisten, now a private investigator working for a lawyer representing several of Epstein’s alleged victims.

He discovered the wealthy financier’s address book, described as “a vital source of evidence”, during a search of his Palm Beach estate.

Mr Fisten said: “The book was a treasure trove of Jeffrey’s activities. It showed us the scope of his travels, girls and contacts.

“For instance, if looking at the section in London, you could pick out the Duke of York.

“He had 13 numbers to contact the Duke and these numbers went everywhere: [royal residences] Wood Farm and Sunninghill numbers, the Palace, his home number, his home e-mail. He even had a phone number for his modem.”

This programme is being shown in the UK on Channel 4 at 10PM on Monday

Oct 19 16:17

Wealthy eurocrats enjoy huge tax breaks as hardworking Belgians pay 50% to taxman

EUROPEAN UNION officials enjoy lavish tax breaks while locals in Belgium are forced handover almost half of their monthly paycheck.

Oct 19 13:58

Hacker Using Nest Camera Threatened to Kidnap Baby — Father Learns This Happens Frequently

By B.N. Frank

A recent opinion piece from Mercury News reveals more of the same – hackers continue to use wireless devices to threaten people and this happens a lot. In this case – the hacker used a Nest camera.

"It was an unremarkable Wednesday afternoon when our nanny texted my wife and me asking if we were speaking through one of the Nest cameras in our house. We both replied that we were not."

In April, Mercury News published a similar article about a hacker using a Nest camera to threaten a child...

Oct 19 11:27

How Entrepreneurs Discover Market Opportunities Through Dissatisfaction

By Raushan Gross

Entrepreneurs are sensitive to consumer dissatisfaction, seek to create new products and/or services to satisfy consumers, and use capital to bring their ideas to market. Consumers then vote their satisfaction of the product or service by their spending.

Entrepreneurs attempt to solve problems, add value, or make things more efficient.

Alertness to entrepreneurial opportunities calls for a particular set of attributes...

Oct 19 09:54

PIERS MORGAN: Mocking American war heroes, betraying allies, joking about kids fighting as kids are dying, and willfully fueling impeachment… this has been President Trump’s worst week and he only has himself to blame

President Trump was on full self-aggrandizing Trumpian form last night as he addressed a packed stadium of loyal supporters in Dallas.
Like a veteran rock star, he swaggered through his greatest hits from ‘Crooked Hillary’ and ‘Sleepy Joe’ to ‘Crazy Nancy’ and ‘Shifty Schiff’.

Oct 19 09:18

Inside a Russian tank factory: Fascinating photographs show the construction and testing of the deadly 45-ton T-72B3 battle tank used in Syria (13 Pics)

These fascinating photographs show the construction and testing of the deadly 45-ton T-72B3 battle tank used in Syria.
The devastating war machine is an upgrade of the T-72 Soviet tanks that first entered production in 1971 and were first used in the Iraq-Iran conflict and the Chechen wars in the mid-90s.