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Mike Huckabee Should Huck Off!

Lackeys are easy to recruit when they are flat out stupid and ignorant. The fact that some of the most ignorant are rewarded finanacially in their slavish support of Israel should shock Americans, but then...

As you watch the clip below, remember that Huckabee is a former Presidential candidate. He was Governor of Arkansas when this was shot. It's from Canadian satirist Rick Mercer's brilliant program "Talking to Americans". The fact that one of Canada's funniest comedy series can get all its material without having to write anything is a depressing picture of the state of affairs among not only our citizenry but also of our so-called "elected"(sic) "leaders"(sic and sicker).

Huckabee here extends his support for preservation of Canada's "national igloo".



How many years do we have to see this?


I can't have a blog post up for a week, and this bull shit stays up here for years, Question.... Who cares about this?
Is this worthy of a permanent blog entry?
I guarantee my next post will be Toxic for the Gatekeepers.
If I feel any kind of Suppression I will go Viral.
Keep Reacting everyone, they are measuring your response.
Can anyone hear the Wake up Call?
Just so happens I am in a place where everyone will pass through on thier journey through life.
Which direction you go after that is your own business.
But while you are here, and you may be here more than once,
Try looking at things from a different perspective.
I am The Spirit, and always will be.
The Truth is our friend.

Another Israel Whore


“Mike Huckabee, Dec 5, 2010, on Chanukah and Israel (part 2)”

Mike Huckabee whoring himself to Israel

Kenneth Dean Troxel (kdtroxel)

“Each generation has a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its own happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson