all of "our" politicians work for them. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

all of "our" politicians work for them.

who are they you might ask?.. they are the bank of england...

the revolutionary war was fought against these same bloody bastards that our congressmen and senators now bow down to

look at how they all bowed down to netanyahoo..the rothschild's own man in the middle east.. we are all governed by representatives owned by a foreign corporate/enemy..

israel is not the bad guy.. everything it does is ordered from the city of london.

israel is a tentacle of the global zionist was bought and paid for by the rothies..

the "holocaust" was about scaring all the jews of europe into escaping to israel.(then barren desert bought by rothies.)

(the nazis were created by them) to scare them into moving into the barren desert, or loose their lives in the death camps..

and I am the clown with the tinfoil hat..

anyhow... I am in the process of writing the story line for the 2020 election cycle..


it is a musical tragedy ..a musical stage play about a clown that runs for the president of the U.S.A... (this really happened in Brazil.. And the clown won the election because everybody hated the other candidates...

anyhow.. i just recorded another of the tunes.. it's a trance dance tune and rutine called waterboard dick cheny .. the stage play will end up a road show, or big time production... either way i'll stay with it.. even if it ends up a road show. "that's fun too"

(P.S.) on the recording .. that is me.. first cut.. i played all of the instruments at the same time..

i have been a one man rock band clown act since 1970.. fab resume.. verifiable places and the people I have played with..
concerts, clubs, bars, hospitals, rest homes.. campuses street corners..

i don't play for money .. i play for fun.. when it's not fun .. I split.. I don't sign contracts.. I don't want money, or to own anything.. those kinds of things slow down my souls learning agenda.
I figure.. when I croak .. I can't take any material possessions with me...

so what can i take?.. only the lessons learned for my own soul's development.

who among you have thought about this?

we are not on this earth to be slaves to an economic system.. that fills the libraries with books that steer you away from listening to the voice within..

almost all of what we were taught about history has been proved to be lies..

when I figure out how to do it... I will post a link to the recording..