Dec 11 08:02

BEX ALERT - Twilight of the Skeptic: Climate Critics Fume as Talks Near Deal

In France, there’s cautious optimism for an agreement that will curtail fossil-fuel pollution blamed for imperiling the world’s climate. Among the dwindling ranks of global-warming skeptics -- including businesses that carry the biggest burden in cutting emissions -- the feelings run closer to anxiety and dismay. Instead of saving the world, Paris is marching it off a cliff, they say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the ridiculous polar bear graphic they used!

Dec 10 17:02

Climate Change - 1970 - 2014

Dec 10 16:51

NOAA weather satellite mysteriously destroyed after agency's climate data manipulation exposed

Propagandists working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA), were caught manipulating temperature records in 2015 to make it seem that the Earth's surface and ocean temperatures have been rising for the past 15 years.

Since the agency is controlled by the Executive branch of government, it makes sense that the manipulation of temperature data would ultimately be used to promote the global warming agenda of the Obama administration. All of this plays into a much bigger deception to gain public approval for more world governance – where the elite make decisions for the people of the world, all from the United Nations headquarters.

Dec 10 16:44

Paris Stunned As Scientists Debunk Climate Change Hysteria

The scientists say that while the science refutes the UN’s claim that man-made carbon emissions are to blame for global warming, they claim that the UN is pressing ahead with its sinister ‘climate regime’ agenda, which includes: destroying industrial civilization, propping up kleptocrats with Western tax funds, and seizing control of the global economy under the guise of regulating the immensely beneficial “gas of life,” also known as carbon dioxide.

Dec 10 16:32

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Traveled 956,733 Miles During Her Time as Secretary of State

If you're keeping track at home, that equates to an average of 28 countries per each year of Clinton's tenure. Imagine all the frequent-flier miles!

The average mileage for a car in the UK is around 9,000 miles per year (14,500 km). The average fuel consumption of UK cars now is about 32 miles per gallon (13.6 km per litre). This requires about 280 gallons of petrol (1280 litres of petrol) per year, and that generates about 2,940 kilos (2.95 tonnes) of carbon dioxide.

How does UK average car use compare to an air journey? Taking the 1.9 factor into account, a return flight to New York for one person, would produce about the same climate effect as one year's motoring in an average UK car.

Dec 10 13:51

Goldman Sachs CEO: "It's Our Job To Accelerate And Lead The Trend Towards Fighting 'Climate Change'

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein is determined to be a leader in fighting 'climate change' and has released a number of videos discussing the company's 'updated Environmental Policy Framework, highlighting our expanded target to deploy $150 billion to finance clean energy by 2025.'

Dec 10 09:27

NASA : Antarctica Cooling And Ice Growing

Antarctica is cooling and the ice is expanding.

Scientists respond to this by saying that global warming threatens penguins.

Climate science is the first fully fact-free science.

Dec 10 09:25

Massive Increase In Global Sea Ice Area Over The Past Decade

Since this date in 2005, the amount of sea ice on Earth has grown by about the area of California and France combined. In a few days it will likely be back above the 30 year mean.

Dec 10 08:23

BEX ALERT - Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

Ahead of the U.N. climate change summit in Paris, France, more than 180 nations pledged to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but many climate justice groups say far more needs to be done to keep global warming in check. We speak with one of the world’s leading climate scientists who has come to the Paris talks with a shocking message: The climate crisis is more severe than even many scientists have acknowledged. Kevin Anderson is deputy director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and professor of energy and climate change at the University of Manchester in Britain. He has said many scientists are self-censoring their work to downplay the severity of the climate crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The global warming hoaxers have been dealing with the problem of a growing number of recognized experts casting doubt on the hysterical fear-mongering the carbonazis are using to scare us into doing what they want us to do. For a while, critics were denounced as being in the pay of the oil companies, but such claims have been discredited, and some critics (including this one) have openly challenged the Carbonazis to prove we have received anything at all from anyone for our position, only to be met with continued silence. So the "they are paid to doubt us" smear has been dropped and replaced with the "They know there is a real problem but are hiding it."

Dec 10 07:15

Why Bother? John Kerry Admits American CO2 Cuts Would Be Pointless

The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, used only solar panels to power their homes, if we each planted a dozen trees, if we somehow eliminated all of our domestic greenhouse gas emissions, guess what – that still wouldn’t be enough to offset the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world.

If all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions –- remember what I just said, all the industrial emissions went down to zero emissions -– it wouldn’t be enough, not when more than 65% of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world.

Dec 09 14:45

It's A Climategate Christmas

Dec 09 14:44

Hide the decline - satire on global warming alarmists

Dec 09 06:54

Climate change is 'largest science communication failure in history'

Experts hope painting a grim picture of the future will get people to change their behaviour. But for many of us, it may actually do the opposite.

Dec 08 16:45

In Paris, Scientists Debunk UN “Climate” Hysteria

Amid United Nations efforts to shackle humanity to a UN “climate regime” at the COP21 global-warming summit, an international team of scientists and experts from various fields debunked the hysteria at a separate conference in Paris for realists. Essentially, the prestigious scientists said, there is no man-made global-warming crisis. The UN's “climate” efforts, meanwhile, have a much more sinister agenda: Destroying industrial civilization, propping up kleptocrats with Western tax funds, and seizing control of the global economy under the guise of regulating the immensely beneficial “gas of life,” also known as carbon dioxide. The top U.S. senator on the Environment Committee also offered a message of hope to climate realists, saying the “climate charade” by the UN and the Obama administration was dead on arrival.

Dec 08 11:26

Summit at Snoqualmie could open by end of week as ski resorts weather warm, drenching storms

Skiers and snowboarders finally got a whiff of winter as a series of storms the past few days dropped plenty of snow on the mountain sides.

Dec 08 09:36

Al Gore calls political punishment of global warming skeptics who support evidence-based policies

It's becoming the modus operandi of the "tolerant" political left: If you can't win the argument, punish the opponent.

Dec 07 19:29

What Is The Average Global Temperature?

Dec 07 11:40

COP21: Carbon emissions 'to stall or even decline' this year

Global emissions of carbon dioxide are likely to stall and even decline slightly this year, new data suggests.

Researchers say it is the first time this has happened while the global economy has continued to grow.

The fall-off is due to reduced coal use in China, as well as faster uptake of renewables, the scientists involved in the assessment add.

But they expect the stall to be temporary and for emissions to grow again as emerging economies develop.

According to the study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change and presented here at COP21 in Paris, emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and industry are likely to have fallen 0.6% in 2015.

Dec 07 08:00

Dictators Demand Trillions in “Climate” Loot From West

In exchange for going along with the United Nations “climate” agenda, the world's largest coalition of Third World dictators and backwards regimes is demanding "significantly" more than $100 billion per year in global-warming reparations from Western taxpayers. Known as the Group of 77 plus (Communist) China, the radical 134-member alliance, which includes the world's most oppressive dictators, released a statement saying “nothing” could be achieved at the ongoing UN global-warming summit in Paris without lots of “climate finance” flowing from freer nations to their largely autocratic regimes.

Dec 07 07:25

Bill Nye The Propaganda Guy

ou have no doubt come across the type of people who proclaim that they loooooove science. Why, they don’t just love science, they freaking love science. For the most part, they demonstrate this love not by actually making scientific discoveries or using science in their work, but by liking the right posts on Facebook.

At any rate, puffed up by their confidence in their love of science, they tend to think this makes them extra-super-qualified to talk about any and every subject. They propound with the extra authority of someone whose opinions must be based on facts and reality, because he freaking loves science.

One prominent example is Bill Nye the Science Guy. He must really love science, because it’s right there in his name! And so he came to propound upon the causes of terrorism, arguing that yes, the recent terror attacks in Paris could indeed be traced back to the nefarious effects of “climate change.”

Dec 06 22:17

Activists demand UN ‘revoke’ credentials of ‘climate deniers’ in Paris – Claim ‘Climate Hustle’ film is ‘full of lies’ – without seeing it – Warn skeptics may ‘derail’ UN treaty

"Climate activists called on UN organisers to revoke the conference credentials 'of the most disingenuous ­climate deniers.'"

"Call for delegates with contrarian opinions to be ejected from the UN talks."

Dec 06 10:42

Perth storms bring coldest December day in 54 years

Today was the coldest December day in Perth in 54 years and the risk of lightning and rain meant the much-loved Christmas Pageant had to be called off for the first time in four decades.

Dec 06 10:21


Unafraid to break international laws, Greenpeace is the largest and one of the most radical environmental activist groups in the world.

Dec 05 23:27

Bill Nye to the Woodshed

Dec 05 13:15

Climate change is UN-led hoax to create 'new world order' – Australian PM's adviser

The Australian prime minister's chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency's control.


1. 9/11 and related false flags provide the pretext for the global police state, the confiscation of wealth from the people via the "war industries", the means of subordinating by force independent nation-states to the oligarchy's totalitarian New World Order and private banking debt peonage, the pretext the confiscation of all weapons from the people to make resistance impossible.

2. The Global Warming hoax provides the pretext for controlling the personal lives of all the world's people (top to bottom) in the oligarchy's genocidal, neo-Malthusian depopulation agenda.

Dec 05 11:32

YouTube Police Bans Documentary Exposing Climate Change

Dec 05 07:39

Climate change is UN-led hoax to create 'new world order' – Australian PM's adviser

The Australian prime minister's chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency's control. The statement coincided with a visit from the UN's top climate negotiator.

Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's business advisory council, said the UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule.

"It's a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error," he wrote in an opinion piece published in The Australian newspaper on Friday, without providing evidence.

Dec 05 07:18

Piers Corbyn (meteorologist and brother to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn) on religion of climate change

Dec 05 06:37

This Project is Being Compared to the Pyramids & the Great Wall of China

There are plenty of good reasons to be concerned about the health of the environment here on planet earth, however, if you watch the global debate on this, you’ll notice that certain critical items are missing entirely from the conversation. Take the Canadian oil sands, for example, the largest industrial project and the largest energy development on the face of the earth, with an environmental impact second only to a nuclear disaster.

Yet some are comparing this monumental effort to some of the greatest and most fantastic engineering feats in human history.

Dec 05 06:37

BEX ALERT - 'Health can get a boost from climate policy'

Sweden's government has promised to create one of the world’s first fossil fuel-free welfare states and, if it succeeds, there will be huge gains for public health, argue three Swedish medical and environmental experts as the COP21 conference continues in Paris.

Dec 04 16:25

Fugitive Emissions And Methane Loading Of The Atmosphere

Fugitive methane emissions from natural gas production, transportation and distribution are the single largest U.S. source of short-term GHG emissions and climate forcing gases.

Dec 04 09:18

Climate-Change Meatheads Going After Meat

Decades ago, The Older Brother opined that when the loony lefties want to violate someone’s constitutional rights, they just claim it’s to save the children. Then if you oppose the loony lefties, they claim you don’t care about children.

Apparently that strategy was limited in its usefulness, because eventually the loony lefties replaced “it’s to save the children!” with “it’s to save the planet!” That’s why Dr. Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, eventually quit the organization. He saw environmentalism being hijacked (as he put it) by the political and social causes of the left. Science took a back seat to politics. As Dr. Moore put it in an essay he wrote back in March:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I Didn't Claw My Way To The Top Of The Food Chain To Eat Leaves!! Find A Cow, Knock Off The Horns, Wipe Its Butt, AND SERVE IT UP!


Dec 04 06:32

What They Haven't Told You about Climate Change

Dec 03 12:04

COP21 Final Agreement Will Include the Flaws of the Kyoto Protocol

Mary Lou Malig of the Global Forest Coalition says the negotiations in Paris are pursuing market-based solutions that will not save the planet

Dec 03 12:03

#ClimateGate and the IPCC Global Warming Fraud

Dec 03 07:18

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax

Dec 02 17:33

Obama's Organizing for Action Group: 'Call Out the Climate Change Deniers'

Yes! I'm willing to rat out my friends and neighbors when they don't cow-tow to the global warming fraud/global depopulation agenda!

Dec 02 17:01

California’s Snowpack Is Deeper Than Last Year, Officials Say

First, the good news: Thanks to a series of frosty winter storms, California’s snowpack is now double what it was last year at this time, according to officials.

Dec 02 15:30

Floating Islands

Regarding atolls and sea level rise, the most important fact was discovered by none other than Charles Darwin. He realized that coral atolls essentially “float” on the surface of the sea. When the sea rises, the atoll rises with it. They are not solid, like a rock island. They are a pile of sand and rubble. There is always material added and material being lost. Atolls exist in a delicate balance between new sand and coral rubble being added from the reef, and atoll sand and rubble being eroded by wind and wave back into the sea or into the lagoon. As sea level rises, the balance tips in favor of sand and rubble being added to the atoll. The result is that the atoll rises with the sea level.

Dec 02 13:31

Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock Climate Debate

CFACT will hold the world premiere of its long-awaited Climate Hustle skeptical documentary film at an invitation-only red carpet event in Paris during the UN’s COP 21 international summit on climate change.

Featuring interviews and comments from more than 30 renowned scientists and climate experts,Climate Hustle lays out compelling evidence that devastates the global warming scare. Film host Marc Morano, founder and publisher of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, leads viewers on a fact-finding and often times hilarious journey through the propaganda-laced world of “climate change” claims.

Dec 02 12:41

Global warming narrative unravels as temperature data fraud exposed

(NaturalNews) The global warming being pushed on us by global governments is a science fraud. The satellite data purported to show a warming "trend" over the last hundred years has been fraudulently altered to show a warming trend where none exists.

Dec 02 11:56

State Department confirms Obama's Iran deal optional

The Obama administration’s State Department has confirmed that the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry on instructions from President Obama is a “political” commitment only.

And commentators quickly pointed out that means a future president “could repudiate it any time, without violating either domestic or international law.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now then, the US is saying that agreements and political and not legally binding the way a treaty is. That also applies to the TPP and TTIP agreements as well as any agreement arrived at in Paris, doesn't it?

Dec 02 11:45

Planet Still Standing 500 Days After French Foreign Minister Warned of 'Climate Chaos'

In May 2014, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius declared during a joint appearance with Secretary of State John Kerry that "we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos." Late [September], time ran out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's raining here today, but otherwise not chaotic at all! :)

Dec 02 11:26

Meteorologist Tom Wysmuller: ‘There is no measurable linkage between Sea Level and CO2!’ – ‘The Inconvenient CO2/Sea Level Non-Linkage’

Starting 7,000 years ago, Sea Level rise leveled off and only slowly rose, mostly due to thermal expansion of oceans and edge ice melt from Greenland and Antarctica. As Earth warmed, remaining mountain glaciers also added their melt water to the oceans.

When largely Northern Hemisphere land ice melted, its concentrated weight was equally distributed among all the oceans, causing uplift on formerly ice-covered land. Added water weight, deepened ocean basins, and land subsided adjacent to those basins. Actual Sea Level is measured from tectonically inert areas, neither rising nor falling.

Dec 02 11:25

49 Former NASA Scientists Send A Letter Disputing Climate Change

Some prominent voices at NASA are fed up with the agency's activist stance toward climate change.

The following letter asking the agency to move away from climate models and to limit its stance to what can be empirically proven, was sent by 49 former NASA scientists and astronauts.

The letter criticizes the Goddard Institute For Space Studies especially, where director Jim Hansen and climatologist Gavin Schmidt have been outspoken advocates for action.

Dec 02 11:12

The Drowning Island Scam

Sea level in the Maldives is about the same in 2015 as it was 20 years ago.

Dec 02 08:21

The "Climate Change" Issue Really Bugs Me

Not surprisingly, many are making the argument that the weather changes necessitates more military to combat it! Never is it considered that the biggest user of fossil fuels on the planet is the Pentagon! The argument is quite a stretch, yet I fear that many people will fall for it.

The whole climate change issue bugs me because it's so distorted. If you look at geologic history, even before there were significant numbers of humans on Earth, the variations in temperatures were much greater. There were ice ages, and periods of warming, etc. If anything, the radical changes in climate have been smoothed out!

Dec 02 06:54

Global warming HOAX unravels... globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it

The global warming being pushed on us by global governments is a science fraud. The satellite data purported to show a warming "trend" over the last hundred years has been fraudulently altered to show a warming trend where none exists.

What the data really show are an obvious cooling trend over the last hundred years (see below). But because this cooling trend doesn't fit the globalist agenda of enslaving the population under a system of absolute behavioral control, the data had to be altered to fit the government narrative of global warming / climate change.

I used to casually believe the global warming narrative, but when I took a closer look at the data and motivations of those pushing the global warming agenda, it became obvious to me that global warming is a massive scientific hoax being perpetrated for political reasons.

Dec 01 22:09

Polar Bears Freezing to Death or Drowning?

Is polar bear research being promoted via climategate fraudulent?

Dec 01 17:29

Obama's Climate Change Conference in Paris Is Costing Taxpayers Nearly $2 Million

Two million? That’s chump change compared to the $45 billion a year Obama’s climate change goals would cost to implement.

It has also been estimated that the president, his team of mighty bureaucrats, and the other dignitaries at the conference have burned 300,000 tons of CO2 while talking about how we shouldn’t burn so much CO2.


Dec 01 13:04

Paris Climate Criminals Ignore Record Arctic Ice Growth

‘Instead of an ice-free Arctic, we just had the shortest melt season on record – followed by record sea ice growth. Arctic sea ice extent is the highest for the date since at least 2004.

Criminals at the New York Times and Guardian told us recently that Greenland is melting much faster than previously feared. In fact, Greenland’s surface is gaining record amounts of ice, with 250 billion tons of new ice over the last three months.’

Dec 01 11:59

Poroshenko Says Russia Is Ruining the Environment By Supporting Separatists in Ukraine

Russia is causing an “environmental disaster” by supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told a climate summit in Paris on Monday, AFP reported.

Dec 01 11:58

Climate Protesters Defy State of Emergency in Paris

Janet Redman of IPS and Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News report on the COP 21 challenges in Paris that could isolate the US

Dec 01 11:53

Sioux Falls sets snowfall record

November's snowfall is over half the total snowfall for 2014-15 season in Sioux Falls

Dec 01 11:52

Northern Plains snowstorm sets records in South Dakota, Iowa; more snowfall is expected

A record-breaking snowstorm lingering over the northern Plains on Tuesday caused slippery roads leading to at least one traffic fatality and headaches for schools, but brought much-needed moisture to the region.

The system was dropping heavy, wet snow on the Dakotas that is more typical of a spring snowfall than an early winter event, said Matthew Dux, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Dec 01 11:52

Cold air mass brings record low temps to Redding, Red Bluff

Anyone out and about Redding or Red Bluff Monday morning experienced record lows, with temperatures dipping into the 20’s.

The National Weather Service says 26 degrees Fahrenheit in both Redding and Red Bluff broke the previous low of 30 degrees in Redding, and 29 degrees in Red Bluff, both of which were set in 2006.

Dec 01 11:52

Cold front brings record lows to Northern California

A chill that ran through Northern California slashed records Monday as temperatures dipped into the 20s.

In Redding and Red Bluff, temperatures bottomed out at 27 and 28 degrees, respectively, according to the National Weather Service's Sacramento station. Over the weekend, both cities also experienced weather that dropped below previous record lows — although nothing as icy as Alturas, which registered minus 3 degrees Sunday, and Bogard, which plunged to minus 11 degrees.

Dec 01 11:05


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Doesn't look like that big a crowd, and note all the identical professionally printed signs!

Dec 01 11:03


Dec 01 08:08

Top French weatherman makes headlines by joining RT to cover climate summit

Well-known French meteorologist Philippe Verdier was fired from a national TV channel after publishing a book challenging the mainstream narrative on climate change. He is now able to do just that on RT France, covering the UN climate summit in Paris.

Verdier has thanked RT for the opportunity, saying that the Russian channel has enabled him to exercise his freedom of speech.

“Thanks to RT in Paris I can do my job of journalist and have the freedom of speech, and I can cover as I want, the COP21 [Conference of the Parties to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change],” Verdier told RT.

Dec 01 07:48

Obama’s Motorcade for Climate Change Talks Costing $784,825

Car service, hotels, and accommodations for the president and other administration officials to attend climate change talks in Paris are costing taxpayers nearly $2 million, according to government contracts.

The COP21 meeting of global leaders, which President Obama said is a “powerful rebuke” to terrorists, began on Monday. Representatives from 195 countries traveled to Paris, burning 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide for the United Nations conference that is seeking to reduce global emissions.

The tab for Obama’s motorcade alone totals $784,825. The State Department issued a $407,868 contract to Biribin Limousines, an international chauffeur service, for vehicles for the president’s security detail.

“No Sustainability Included,” the document states under a section for contract clauses.

Dec 01 07:43


Science is not perfect. Science does make mistakes. The beauty of science is supposed to be that they admit it, not use the label of "science" like a modern religious icon to push agendas onto people! Anyone who says the "Science is settled" is not being scientific, they are being propagandistic!

You are witness to one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the people of planet Earth, to trick them out of their money and into obedience under the guise of the fight against Human-Caused Global Warming (now rebranded "Human Caused Climate Change" to explain away the icicles we were told were not going to happen). The global warming scare was concocted out of outright lies, purchased science, and scare mongering to trick you into being willing to pay carbon taxes to solve a non-existent crisis you were told was all your fault. And, of course, to lull you into accepting the dictates of a global government that needed to save the Earth from you icky-poo human beings.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive

Nov 30 15:16

FLASHBACK - Expedition To Study Global Warming Put On Hold Because Of TOO MUCH ICE

An expedition to study the effects of global warming was put on hold Wednesday. The reason? Too much ice.

The CCGS Amundsen, a Medium Arctic icebreaker and Arctic research vessel operated by the Canadian Coast Guard, was to travel throughout Hudson Bay, a body of water in northeastern Canada, but was rerouted to help ships who were stuck in the icy water.

A Coast Guard officer said the conditions were the “worst he’s seen in 20 years,” reports CBC news.

Nov 30 13:22


Four hundred years ago, from 1610 to 1633, the Roman Catholic Church thought it knew more about the solar system than Galileo Galilei. So it subjected Galileo to an Inquisition.

Now, in 2015, Pope Francis thinks he knows more about climate science than thousands of educated climate scientists (like me). So the Pope wants a new Inquisition for those who tell you the truth about climate change.

The fallible Pope Frances "believes" global warming is "mainly" man-made. He believes the Paris summit must implement a Global Warming treaty or our environment is toast. He believes global warming hurts the poor.

He's wrong on all counts. The loss of carbon-dioxide-restricted abundant cheap energy, not global warming, hurts the poor.

Although the Catholic Church does not claim the Pope is "infallible" in matters of science, few people understand this technicality. So the Pope, with his great influence, does great damage to truth with his false claims about science.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Pope's comments are all the more absurd when you recall that the Bible teaches that the Earth is flat, rests on pillars, and does not move!

Nov 30 12:33

Professor Judith Curry schools Congressman Beyer on climate change

Nov 30 11:48

Won't Someone Think of the Polar Bears?!?

maybe the reason schools are dumbing down students is so the propaganda will work better?

because the science doesn't survive inspection

Nov 30 09:49

Twelve Reasons Why The Paris Climate Talks Are A Total Waste

Over the next 10 days, 140 world leaders – including Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and David Cameron – will descend on Paris to join 40,000 delegates at the UN’s COP21 climate conference.

Here is why they might just as well not have bothered.

Nov 30 09:32

Global warming summit will produce '300,000 TONS of C02' as 50,000 people travel to Paris from across the world for two-week conference

The climate change summit in Paris that aims to tackle global warming will itself pump an estimated 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it was claimed today.

Around 50,000 people including world leaders, businesses and activists are expected to travel from across the globe for the two-week conference in Paris which started today.

Most will arrive by plane from as far afield as New Zealand, Sydney and Bermuda, while others will arrive by train and car.

Nov 30 09:30

Northern California town colder than Barrow, Alaska, as deep freeze intensifies

A record cold snap continued across Northern California on Sunday, including more below-zero temperature readings.

Nov 30 09:29

Fairfield shivers under record cold

City residents who were out and about in the wee hours of Monday morning experienced firsthand record cold for the area as temperatures dipped into the low 20s.

Travis Air Force Base recorded a low of 22 degrees early Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service. The low in the Cordelia Villages area of the city was 23 degrees, according to Mike Pechner of Golden West Meteorology.

Both were record lows for the month of November, Pechner said. The previous record low for November was 26 degrees recorded on Nov. 20, 1964, he said.

Nov 30 09:28

More crashes, power outages as record cold lingers

A third day of record cold kept Central Oregon roads slick on Sunday and police and medics busy with another round of crashes, including a 2-vehicle crash on Highway 97 north of Bend that injured several people.

Nov 30 09:27

Record cold frosts Sacramento area, with ‘real storm’ on the way

Record-setting low temperatures iced Sacramento lawns early Sunday morning and put a wintery glaze over rooftops. At Sacramento Executive Airport, overnight temperatures plunged to 27 degrees, a record low, besting the former record of 28 degrees set in 2004 on that date.

According to the National Weather Service, downtown Sacramento reached 31 degrees, tying a record set in 1952.

Nov 30 09:26

Gov. Fallin declares state of emergency in wake of November ice storm

Governor Mary Fallin has declared a state of emergency for the entire Sooner State.

The huge ice storm glazed Oklahoma on Saturday, Nov. 28.

Nearly 100,000 Oklahoma homes were left without power, and countless cars and homes were damaged by downed tree limbs.

Nov 30 09:26

At least 14 dead as storms and ice hammer Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas

Ice accumulation was up to an inch thick in north central Oklahoma on one of the nation's busiest travel weekends. About 100 crashes were reported in the Texas panhandle and south Plains through late Friday.

Nov 30 09:23

Record-breaking cold temperatures chill Northern California

“Redding and Red Bluff have already broken their record lows for the date, and most other valley sites are currently within a couple degrees of setting record lows,” the National Weather Service in Sacramento said in a statement.

Redding clocked in at 27 degrees, which is three degrees colder than the previous record of 30 degrees set in 2006, according to the weather service.

Temperatures reached 28 degrees in Red Bluff, one degree below the old record of 29 degrees set in 2006.

Nov 30 09:22

Beijing braces itself for record breaking cold

Beijing could be set to experience record breaking cold this week, with temperatures set to drop to their lowest November levels since modern records began, reports China News Service.

Northern China's coldest November temperatures on record were minus 12.3 degrees Celsius on November 30, 1970. That record could be broken however with Sunday recorded as Beijing's coldest day in over 1,000 days.

After blizzard conditions on November 22, Beijing had temporary snow again on Tuesday, leading to frozen roads and cold weather warning announcements from authorities.

Peak daytime temperatures in Beijing this week are likely to stay under zero degrees, according to weather forecasts. Meteorologists have estimated that temperatures on November 26 and 27 will hit minus 12 degrees and possibly lower.

Nov 30 09:16

19 countries, 28 investors to partner up for clean energy research and development

Nineteen nations will pledge to double their research and development budget for clean energy technology Monday, while a coalition of the world's richest people will help fund companies to bring that technology to the masses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If they are trumpeting more research, it means the agenda to use carbon taxes to exert hegemonic control over the world's economy is a non-starter.

Nov 30 08:40

Earth is ...

getting colder
67% (394 votes)
getting warmer
5% (32 votes)
staying the same
28% (163 votes)
Total votes: 589
Nov 30 08:39

Take the $100,000 Global Warming Believer Challenge!

Nov 30 08:26

COP21: Beginner's guide to the UN Paris climate summit

In short, the world's governments have already committed to curbing human activities such as burning fossil fuels that release the gases that interfere with the climate.

But that isn't problem solved.

The difficulty comes when you try to get 195 countries to agree on how to deal with the issue of climate change. Every year since 1992 the Conference of the Parties (COP) has taken place with negotiators trying to put together a practical plan of action.

This year's COP21 in Paris is the last chance for this process. Negotiators agreed in 2011 that a deal had to be done by the end of 2015.

Critics would say the problem of climate change mustn't be that urgent if it takes 20 years to agree on a solution.

Nov 30 08:15

Cold air mass brings freeze warnings to California

A cold air mass over California prompted widespread freeze warnings and watches Friday, raising concerns for crops in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley and for homeless people in urban centers, even as skiers and snowboarders took advantage of snowy slopes.

Nov 30 08:15

Half a foot of snow hits inland Aberdeenshire

Nov 30 07:30

France Uses Emergency Laws to Put Climate Activists Under House Arrest for Planning to Protest

‘At least 24 climate activists have been put under house arrest by French police, accused of flouting a ban on organising protests during next week’s Paris climate summit, the Guardian has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Demonstrations in support of the global carbon tax agenda are allowed, of course, and being given media coverage, to create the illusion that "everyone" supports human-caused global warming and taxing carbon!

Nov 30 06:48


Nov 29 09:19

Paris Climate Criminals Ignore Record Arctic Ice Growth

Instead of an ice-free Arctic, we just had the shortest melt season on record – followed by record sea ice growth. Arctic sea ice extent is the highest for the date since at least 2004.

Nov 28 19:23

‘Executive powers’ used to arrest 24 protesters ahead of major climate summit

One-hundred and fifty heads of government, a.k.a. the elite, are gathering over the course of the next few weeks for a massive climate summit that’s anticipated to attract and indoctrinate over 40,000 visitors from around the globe.

Nov 28 08:49

Cold air mass brings freeze warnings to California

A cold air mass over California prompted widespread freeze warnings and watches Friday, raising concerns for crops in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley and for homeless people in urban centers, even as skiers and snowboarders took advantage of snowy slopes.

Nov 28 08:35

‘I was tossed out of the tribe’: climate scientist Judith Curry interviewed

It is safe to predict that when 20,000 world leaders, officials, green activists and hangers-on convene in Paris next week for the 21st United Nations climate conference, one person you will not see much quotedis Professor Judith Curry. This is a pity. Her record of peer-reviewed publication in the best climate-science journals is second to none, and in America she has become a public intellectual. But on this side of the Atlantic, apparently, she is too ‘challenging’. What is troubling about her pariah status is that her trenchant critique of the supposed consensus on global warming is not derived from warped ideology, let alone funding by fossil-fuel firms, but from solid data and analysis.

Some consider her a heretic. According to Professor Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, a vociferous advocate of extreme measures to prevent a climatic Armageddon, she is ‘anti-science’.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Science is not supposed to operate like a religion.

Nov 28 08:35

Paris climate activists put under house arrest using emergency laws

At least 24 climate activists have been put under house arrest by French police, accused of flouting a ban on organising protests during next week’s Paris climate summit, the Guardian has learned.

One legal adviser to the activists said many officers raided his Paris apartment and occupied three floors and a staircase in his block.

French authorities did not respond to requests for comment but lawyers said that the warrants were issued under state of emergency laws, imposed after the terror attacks that killed 130 people earlier this month.

Nov 27 20:03

UK to spend £5.8bn on tackling climate change in poor countries

Almost £6bn of the UK’s foreign aid budget will be spent on tackling climate change in poor countries over the next five years, David Cameron has said, as Britain steps up its contributions by 50% to help meet international targets.

The prime minister will unveil the UK’s offer at the United Nations general assembly, before crucial international climate change talks in Paris in December where nations are expected to collectively pledge $100bn (£66bn) a year by 2020.

The UK’s promise of £5.8bn between 2016 and 2021 is backloaded, so the UK will contribute the most, about £1.76bn, in the target year of 2020. The new commitment is greater than that of the 2011 to 2016 period, for which the UK offered £3.87bn in climate finance through the foreign aid budget.

Nov 27 11:29

Most snow patches counted in Scotland's hills since 1994

Seventy-three patches of snow have survived on Scotland's hills from last winter - the most for 21 years, according to a man who counts them.

Iain Cameron writes about, photographs and measures snow.

His records of the white stuff are published by the Royal Meteorological Society.

The total of 73 is the most since 1994. They have lingered through to this winter because of the cool spring and frequent snow showers until June.

Nov 27 10:12

Freeze frames: Russia’s Far East hit by icy tempest (PHOTOS)

Russia’s Far Eastern port city of Vladivostok has been hit hard by gusts of freezing wind reaching speeds of 25 meters per second causing sea water to freeze over anything the giant waves touched.

Nov 27 07:46

Freezing Cold Thanksgiving Day: Stuck In An Ice Storm In Middle-Of-Nowhere Oklahoma

Imagine you're rolling down the road in a big rig, but you're not the driver- you're in the back, comfortable sleeping in your bed while your wife is driving. Then imagine she shouts your name, waking you up as the 80,000 lb. rig starts to drift uncontrollably on the black ice. That's what happened to me last night on Highway 287 North, just outside of Texas. Happy 'global warming!'


Nov 26 09:52

Watch glaciers PULSE as they surge and rise: Time-lapses filmed from SPACE show 25 years of changing ice in just one second

Given the rise in global temperatures, it would be fair to assume glaciers around the world are melting and retreating, but a series of new GIFs suggests otherwise.

Time-lapse animations show 'rivers of ice' in northern Pakistan, expanding, contracting and surging forwards.

A Swiss researcher compiled the clips of glaciers in the Karakoram range using 25 years of Landsat satellite images, and they show many glaciers in the region are actually increasing in size.

Nov 26 08:57

GLOBAL WARMING? NASA says Antarctic has been COOLING for past SIX years

In the last few weeks NASA has revealed the overall amount of ice has increased at the Antarctic and the amount of sea ice has also extended.

Coupled with the latest announcement of slight cooling in the area, it has fuelled claims from climate change deniers that human industrialisation is not having the huge impact on global temperature as often is claimed.

Nov 26 08:28

Ski Season arrives early in Germany

Nov 26 08:02

Democrats rise in opposition to Obama's climate change agenda

Hundreds of Democrats from 32 states are aligning against the centerpiece of President Obama's climate change agenda, the Clean Power Plan, which they say will cause unnecessary economic harm from increased reliance on renewable energy.

Nov 25 13:19

Obama Says He’ll Rebuke ISIS… by Talking About Climate Change

Yes, he actually said that and there's video to prove it.

It is thought ISIS responded, “Oh no, no, not climate change, anything but that!!” and promptly went back to cashing their checks from the Central Intelligence Agency.

Nov 25 08:48

Global Warming's Unacknowledged Threat—The Pentagon

From November 30 to December 11, delegates from more than 190 nations will convene in Paris to address the increasingly visible threats of climate disruption. The 21st Conference of the Parties (aka COP21) is expected to draw 25,000 official delegates intent on crafting a legally binding pact to keep global warming below 2°C.

But it is difficult to imagine the delegates reaching this goal when one of the largest contributors to global-warming has no intention of agreeing to reduce its pollution. The problem in this case is neither China nor the United States. Instead, the culprit is the Pentagon.

The Pentagon's Carbon Bootprint

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is odd that all the people screaming about saving the environment never mention the environmental damage caused by war!

Nov 24 09:09

Science 1941 : Global Warming Caused Hitler

The chart below sums this up.

  • Global warming heat at 310 PPM CO2, and global cooling cold at 330 PPM CO2, occur at the same temperature.
  • The symptoms of global warming and global cooling are identical.
  • Global warming used to be cold, but now global warming is hot.
  • Brutality has nothing to do with the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • Climatologists are complete morons who understand absolutely nothing about science, history or logic.
  • Nov 24 08:53

    BEX ALERT - Record High Temperatures And Snow In Southern California Forecast

    Both record high temperatures and snow were forecast for the next three days in parts of Southern California by the National Weather Service today.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    The Carbonazis are trying to claim record high temperatures while snow is coming down!

    Nov 24 08:52

    The Weekend Snowstorm Was One Of Chicago's Worst November Storms Ever

    It was a brutal weekend full of snow, ice and below freezing temperatures. The first winter storm of the season surprised many Chicagoans and left more than 10 inches of snow in some suburban areas.

    The snowfall was officially 11.2 inches, making it the snowiest November storm in Chicago since 1895, according to the National Weather Service. A 12-inch snowfall was recorded from Nov. 25 to 26, 1895.

    Nov 24 08:51

    Early Snow Causes Major Disruption In US Midwest

    Over 500 flights were cancelled by Saturday, with Chicago's O'Hare International and Midway International airports the hardest hit, as the first major snowfall of the season hit the US Midwest.

    It brought record-setting depths to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Friday where over 36cm of snow fell, forcing the morning traffic to crawl and sending dozens of cars sliding off the carriageway.

    While it is uncommon for the Midwest to see such heavy snowfall so early in the year, the storm is not unprecedented. Records from the National Weather Service note that 24cm of snow dropped over the area in November 1951.

    Nov 24 08:51

    Near-record November snowfall of 11.2 inches in Chicago

    5 inches of snow, significantly less than reports of about 6 inches in Mitchell, according to the National Weather Service out of Sioux Falls.

    Hundreds of flights were canceled Saturday.

    The low pressure system driving the storm is in Canada Sunday, leaving more cold temperatures in its wake.

    Nov 24 08:51

    Chicago sees snowiest ‘first storm’ on record; Midwest snowfall totals up to 19 inches

    Parts of the Midwest from Iowa to Michigan saw their first snow over the weekend, and it was a big one — the second-largest November snowstorm in Chicago since records began in 1884, and the snowiest first storm of the season.

    Nov 24 08:49

    Nova Scotia weather to turn cold with flurries in parts of province

    It's been quite the late fall punch of soggy weather and gusty winds over the last 36 hours.

    Looking at the rainfall for Sunday and Monday, we have totals exceeding 60 millimetres — and even 80 millimetres — across the province.

    Nov 24 08:49

    Rain, snow followed by cold forecast for Thanksgiving

    Bundle up if you plan to travel this Thanksgiving holiday.

    A cold system will make its way over the North State, with rain and snow in the higher elevations starting early Tuesday morning.

    Snow levels are expected to dip to about 2,000 feet. That’s good news for ski and snowboard enthusiasts as Mt. Shasta Ski Park could see more than a foot of snow by the time the system leaves the area Wednesday night, the National Weather Service said.

    Nov 24 07:45

    Global Warming? Record Cold for Many. Michael Rivero - November 23, 2015

    Nov 23 11:22

    Record snow buries NE Iowa

    Northeast Iowa residents spent Saturday digging out from the first major snowfall of the season.

    A winter storm blanketed the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area with more than a foot of wet, heavy snow Friday night and Saturday morning, shattering a nearly 60-year-old record.

    The National Weather Service reported 12.7 inches of snow fell at the Waterloo Regional Airport. The 10.5 inches that dropped Friday broke the previous Nov. 20 record of 2.6 inches set in 1956.

    Six to 14 inches of snow fell in various parts of Iowa, tapering off Saturday morning as the sun rose.

    The NWS said 10 inches fell in Waverly, 12.7 inches in Sumner and 8.5 inches in Decorah.

    The highest snow total for the state came in Franklin County, which saw more than 13 inches in some areas, according the weather service.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Nov 23 11:19

    Lansing shatters 87-year-old snowfall record

    Saturday's snowfall more than doubled a nearly 90-year Lansing record, according to the National Weather Service.

    The 8.2 inches of snow in the city bested a 1928 record of 3.5 inches for Nov. 21, meteorologist Jared Maples said.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Nov 23 11:18

    Chicago hit with record first snow of season

    The first snowfall of the season isn’t supposed to be this bad.

    Chicagoans are used to easing in slowly to winter. Not this year.

    This weekend’s snowstorm slammed Chicago with the city’s biggest-ever first snowfall of the season, according to the National Weather Service.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Nov 23 11:17

    Record snow gives way to frigid temperatures

    The snow was followed by bitterly cold temperatures, but that didn’t stop thousands of people who attended the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival on Saturday night. They bundled up and cradled hot beverages while taking in the parade and the one million lights lining the iconic route. Most were just happy the snow-rain mix didn’t put a damper on the holiday celebration.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Nov 23 11:16

    14 inches of snow in southern Sioux Falls crushes record

    What was supposed to be a few inches of snow on Friday turned into a deluge that blanketed parts of Sioux Falls in more than a foot of the white stuff and caused travel headaches throughout the day.

    Fourteen inches of snow were reported in the southwest quadrant of the city by Friday evening, the National Weather Service office said. On the other side of town, Sioux Falls Regional Airport recorded 7.1 inches by 6 p.m.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Nov 23 11:14

    Record snow turns to bitter cold

    Very cold start to the day with a deep snow cover and light winds – temps drop into the single digits to low teens with wind chills 0° to 10°.

    As low pressure continues to pull away to the northeast, high pressure builds over the central plains/Ohio Valley.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Nov 23 11:09

    Freezing Temperatures and Record Snow Fall on Midwest

    Nov 23 11:07

    Chicago Sets November Snowfall Record As Midwest Walloped With Cold

    A deep freeze set in across the Midwest on Sunday with low temperatures forecast in the single digits and a few below zero, turning the season's first major snow into ice that made some roads treacherous to travel.

    Temperatures plunged behind a cold front that brought snow across much of the region Friday and Saturday. The National Weather Service forecast 20 degrees or lower across six states from North Dakota to Illinois.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Nov 23 10:08

    Climate change root cause of Syrian war: Britain's Prince Charles

    Britain's Prince Charles has pointed to the world's failure to tackle climate change as a root cause of the civil war in Syria, terrorism and the consequent refugee crisis engulfing Europe.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    The fact that the US bombing of all those nations made them refugees seems to have escaped his hignessness.

    Nov 23 09:28

    Washington State Judge: Constitutional Obligation to Act on Global Warming

    In what environmentalists are calling a “groundbreaking” ruling, a Washington state judge has ruled that state lawmakers have a “constitutional obligation” to the youth of the state to take action on
    global warming.Using some alarming language, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis

    R. Hill issued a ruling in favor of eight youth petitioners in a case against the WashingtonDepartment of Ecology, which will require writingcarbon emission rules to protect their generation.

    Nov 23 09:26

    BEX ALERT - Temps expected to climb in time for Thanksgiving

    Temperatures were expected to warm up in Metro Detroit this week following the record-breaking weekend snowfall that blanketed the region, knocking out power to some 40,000.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    The story at this link (you can still see it in the URL) was about how 17 inches of snow fell on Howell, but that is note a story the carbonazis want ahead of the Paris summit, so note how the story, while still reporting on the heavy snow, starts out reporting rising temperatures!

    Nov 23 08:48

    Cooking Climate Consensus Data: “97% of Scientists Affirm AGW" Debunked

    The mainstream media and climate-alarmist blogosphere uncritically accepted the Cook study and trumpeted the consensus claims as gospel. We reported on May 21 ("Global Warming 'Consensus': Cooking the Books") on the critiques of the Cook study by experts who show that Cook cooked the data. Out of the nearly 12,000 scientific papers Cook’s team evaluated, only 65 endorsed Cook’s alarmist position. That’s less than one percent, not 97 percent. Moreover, as we reported, the Cook study was flawed from the beginning, using selection parameters designed to weight the outcome in favor of the alarmist position.

    Nov 22 18:34

    Current INDCs for COP21 won't reduce emissions enough: UN report

    The full implementation of current international emissions reductions pledges will not achieve emissions reductions sufficient for a 2°C limit ? at best, they will achieve 2.7°C. That's according to the United Nations' synthesis report on the aggregate effect of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), released as part of the run-up to COP21, the global climate change conference in Paris at the end of this month.

    Nov 22 15:54

    Storm dumps nearly 17 inches of snow on Howell

    Metro Detroit was slammed with snow — places like Livingston County’s Howell got 16.8 inches dumped on it, for example helping to knock out power to thousands who still remained without electricity on Sunday.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    As noted above, this story was re-written to emphasize that temperatures are going up, downplaying the 17 inches of snow.