Jun 16 16:34

Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran Via Twitter

Were these legitimate Iranian people or the works of a propaganda machine? I became curious and decided to investigate the origins of the information. In doing so, I narrowed it down to a handful of people who have accounted for 30,000 Iran related tweets in the past few days. Each of them had some striking similarities -

1. They each created their twitter accounts on Saturday June 13th.
2. Each had extremely high number of Tweets since creating their profiles.
3. “IranElection” was each of their most popular keyword
4. With some very small exceptions, each were posting in ENGLISH.
5. Half of them had the exact same profile photo
6. Each had thousands of followers, with only a few friends. Most of their friends were EACH OTHER.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 16 09:56

Obama blocks list of visitors to White House

The Obama White House has denied requests by and a nonpartisan watchdog group for the names of White House visitors. The watchdog group says it will file suit Tuesday, accusing Obama of "following the same anti-transparency policy as the Bush administration."

Jun 16 08:39


As yet, however, there has been no actual hard evidence of any vote tampering or irregularities though the Mullahs have authorised an investigation into the claims. The big question is; how does one ‘rig’ such a massive election? With over 39 million people casting votes, there are so many people involved in the tallying process that any fraud as massive as that being claimed by the opposition would have been spotted instantly by the election authorities and, more importantly, the thousands of volunteer and temporary staff that were working for them around the country on the day. There would have been no way that frauds that massive could have been kept quiet so, one wonders, why bother attempting it?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's not like they are using Diebold or anything stupid like that!

Jun 16 08:34

DPRK threatens to launch pre-emptive strike against U.S.

"Under the present situation where the Korean People's Army (KPA) is technically at war with the U.S. imperialists, and as the Armistice Agreement has lost its legal binding force, the KPA will promptly exercise the right to a pre-emptive strike to beat back the enemies' slightest provocation," Pak said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a textbook case of media propaganda. Read the quote. What Pak is actually saying is that North Korea will RESPOND to the "slightest provocation". Is this is a response, then it is not pre-emtive. The two concepts are mutually exclusive. The phrase "pre-emptive" has been added to the quote and the headline to trick you into thinking that the North Koreans are the bad guys.

Somebody REALLY wants a war!

Jun 16 08:15

Blair to be quizzed in Iraq war inquiry (but it'll be in secret and won't report until after election)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fat lot of good THAT will do.

What is needed is a full public inquiry followed by some equally public war crimes trials followed by some equally public executions!!

Remember Blair's "Dodgy Dossier" that turned out to have been plagiarized from an out-of-date student thesis paper?

Jun 16 08:12

Israel did 9/11

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked now that Khalid Sheik Mohammed has stated that he was just making stuff up to stop the torture.

Jun 16 08:10

Media Smearing of Truth Movement Reaching a Crescendo

Recent months have seen numerous breakthroughs for the truth movement in the corporate media, from Fox 26's interview with Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to 9/11 Press For Truth being aired on local television in Colorado to coverage of this year's Bilderberg conference in major British newspapers. Despite these positive developments, however, primetime TV dramas are continuing to portray those skeptical of the official 9/11 story (a clear majority of the American public according to poll after poll) as deranged terrorists who are likely to commit acts of violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone think they will even take a respectful pause now that the so-called "Mastermind" of 9-11, Khalid Sheik Mohammed has said he was just making stuff up to stop the torture?

Jun 16 07:39

The Judeo-Christian oxymoron or the real clash of civilizations

Whenever it comes to the dreadful Mid-East conflict, Zionist controlled media and politicians like to invoke Judeo-Christianity as opposed to radical Islam. It’s one of those deliberately misconstrued expressions that Jews like to use in order to confuse and manipulate us. They know very well that what the term ‘Judeo-Christianity’ implies, a common Judeo-Christian heritage, does not exist.

Christian churches as we know them are the last thing that Jesus had on his mind when he lead his revolt against the oral traditions of the Pharisees. What after the destruction of the Jerusalem temple was codified as the mother of all hate literature, the Babylonian Talmud, was nothing short of a Satanic heresy of the Old Testament or Torah.
The real nature of Christianity.

Jun 16 07:29

Security Guard Shot at Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. may have been shot by another guard!

Maria, 19 years old, who was saying that the security officer was bleeding profusely, was face down on the ground, was bleeding from the back, she believed, and that there was return fire from other security personnel on the original shooter. And others -- other officials have said that the shooter was hit as well, that there were two people shot.


HENRY: And then you saw some of the return fire from the security personnel?

MARIA: Yes, it hit the security man. I am not sure where, but he was flat on his back.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the security officer was face down and bleeding from the back, then he was accidentally shot by one of the other guards!

And given that Vin Brunn's .22 rifle was made about 100 years ago, does it even fire?

Jun 16 06:29

Political situation in Iran ready to explode

Iran is standing on the verge of chaos after sitting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the first stage of the presidential election in the country on June 12. His three rivals received less than a third of all votes, which triggered massive riots across the nation. Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who obtained 33 percent of the votes cast, stated that the election had been totally fabricated. Two other candidates - Mohsen Rezaee, former Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and Mehdi Karroubi, former Speaker of the Majlis, - said that they would support Moussavi in his endeavor to revise the election results.

Jun 16 06:02

The AMA Does Not Represent Us

Dr. Margaret Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris

As the American Medical Association begins its annual convention in Chicago, we want to take this opportunity to make it clear to the American public, to the media, and to the president and members of Congress, that the AMA does not represent us. It is a common misconception that this organization speaks on behalf of most American physicians but that is a misconception with very serious consequences at such a critical time in the health care reform debate. So long as the public, the media and our elected officials lump all physicians together as “the AMA,” then we are guilty by association of a failure of our Hippocratic oath to “first, do no harm.”

Jun 16 05:40

Are you ready for war with demonized Iran?

How much attention do elections in Japan, India, Argentina, or any other country, get from the US media? How many Americans and American journalists even know who is in political office in other countries besides England, France, and Germany? Who can name the political leaders of Switzerland, Holland, Brazil, Japan, or even China?

Yet, many know of Iran's President Ahmadinejad. The reason is obvious. He is daily demonized in the US media.

Jun 16 01:00

Jim Rogers: Dow 1 Million? Sure, Why Not? In Worthless Currencies

Investment guru Jim Rogers believes the stock market's recent gains won't last because the U.S. economy remains mired in crisis. But he says the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus campaigns engineered by the government and Federal Reserve could cause a huge run-up for the stock market first. "It's a bear market rally.

I was going to say I don't think the S&P 500 will see new highs," Rogers tells The Economic Times of India. "But I have to quickly temper that by saying against the dollar because the S&P 500 could triple from here if they print enough money and the value of U.S. dollar collapses. Then the S&P could go to 50,000, Dow Jones can go to 1 million." ~ NewsMax

Jun 15 16:53

Hummingbird - (Twitter tool)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the ability to manage "multiple" Twitter accounts. Is this tool or one like it how Mousavi's supporters are flooding the net with their side of the issue?

Jun 15 13:39


Two independent filmmakers were inside the presidential palace on April 11, 2002, when he was forcibly removed from office. They were also present 48 hours later when, remarkably, he returned to power amid cheering aides. Their film records what was probably history's shortest-lived coup d'état. It's a unique document about political muscle and an extraordinary portrait of the man The Wall Street Journal credits with making Venezuela "Washington‚s biggest Latin American headache after the old standby, Cuba."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How a "popular revolt" is manufactured by covert means.

Jun 15 13:14

The Obama officials blocking accountability for Bush crimes

What possible justification is there to grant anonymity to someone to spout these clichéd and factually false insults? First, as I've documented numerous times and as Mayer herself well knows, the case against Brennan was not that he was "at the agency for the past ten years" or even that he had anything to do with the torture program, but rather that (as she herself documents later in the piece) he explicitly advocated and defended many of the worst torture techniques and other Bush abuses.

Jun 15 10:39

Mir-Hossein Mousavi's Iran/Contra Connection?

What do Michael Ledeen (the American 'neo-conservative'), Mir-Hossein Mousavi (the Iranian presidential candidate of 'chagne') and Adnan Khashoggi (the opulent Saudi Arabian jet-setter) have in common?

They are all good friends and associates of Manuchehr Ghorbanifar (an Iranian arms merchant, an alleged MOSSAD double agent, and a key figure in the Iran/Contra Affair, the arms-for-hostages deals between Iran and the Reagan administration). In one or two, at most three, degrees of separation, these people hung out in the same circles and very likely drank to the same toasts.

Jun 15 10:20

"Bomb, Bomb, Iran"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anybody who doesn't think all the "news" coming from Iran isn't a propaganda cover for the repeat of the 1953 US-backed overthrow of Mossadegh, note that the sign in front of the camera is written in English ... in a country where the primary language is Farsi!

Jun 15 09:43

Alleged Holocaust Museum Shooter: Perfect story for Zionist Media: Guilty before Trial:

Sad but true! The President of the United States had more to say about the museum shooting than he said about the destruction of the entire city of Gaza by Israel. He does not speak on police brutality against African-Amercans either.

Jun 15 09:42


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look at this screencap from Twitter. Someone is using multiple twitter accounts to feed the same identical message into twitter over and over and over.

These are not individual Iranians; THIS IS A PROPAGANDA OPERATION! Twitter is being hijacked!



I am looking for things like obvious flooding of the same identical messages using multiple social network accounts, using outdated photos and images from previous protests claimed to represent support for the coup today, etc.


Jun 15 09:16

The CIA-backed overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz

Dwight Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles had decided that the legally-elected government of Jacobo Arbenz was "communist", therefore must go and go it did, in June 1954.

In the midst of the American preparation to overthrow the government, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Guillermo Toriello, lamented that the United States was categorizing "as 'communism' every manifestation of nationalism or economic independence any desire for social progress, any intellectual curiosity, and any interest in progressive liberal reforms."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is history repeating itself in Iran right now?

Jun 15 09:00

ABC trying to spin away Ahmadinejad's lead in the pre-election polling.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, this is looking more and more like a repeat of 1953.

Jun 15 09:00

The Overthrow of Salvador Allende

Henry Kissinger admitted that in September 1970, President Richard Nixon ordered him to organize a coup against Allende's government. A CIA document written just after Allende was elected said: "It is firm and continuing policy that Allende be overthrown by a coup" and "it is imperative that these actions be implemented clandestinely and securely so that the USG (United States government) and American hand be well hidden."

On 11th September, 1973, a military coup removed Allende's government from power. Salvador Allende died in the fighting in the presidential palace in Santiago. General Augusto Pinochet replaced Allende as president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is it happening all over again? Is Iran in the grip of another CIA-backed coup to topple a democratically elected leader and replace him with a US puppet?

Jun 15 08:58


Mossadegh fought both internal corruption and British colonialism, enacted social reforms and nationalized the Iranian oil industry. In 1953, he was overthrown by a British-American coup, arrested and tried as a traitor in military tribunal court. It was the CIA's first successful dismantling of a foreign government, and Iran has not known democracy since.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is it happening all over again? Is Iran in the grip of another CIA-backed coup to topple a democratically elected leader and replace him with a US puppet?

Jun 15 08:35

Kucinich Grills Ken Lewis on Fed Emails

Former Bank of America CEO, Ken Lewis, testified June 11, 2009 to congress about the BOA's merger with Merrill Lynch. During the hearing Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, challenged Lewis to be more forthcoming about his dealings with the Federal Reserve during the merger.
Jun 15 08:15

Iran: Some Dots You May Want To Connect

Before you start connecting the dots, consider this: The attempt to discredit the elections and cause instability in Iran look very much like a scheme we've seen before - directly out of the CIA playbook. We've seen this pattern in so many elections in Venezuela, for example, I swear that even the Chavistas would be disappointed if it doesn't reappear next time around. After all, a little drama does add some excitement in elections where consistent landslide victories are won by presidents like Chavez and Ahmadinejad. So here we go again - the old Langley one, two, three:

Jun 15 08:03

Truth Action Ottawa Response to Glenn Back - June 11, 2009

Jun 15 07:56

MI5 aims to recruit teachers as spies

The advert reads: "Your experience of dealing with people means you can build trust and relationships with all sorts of individuals, which makes you the ideal candidate for developing a career securing the information we need to protect national security."

Jun 15 07:40

Italy’s financial police Seize $134.5 billion US Bonds on the Border between Italy and Switzerland: Smuggling Or Counterfeit

Notice, by the way, that the US Media has totally ignored this story - even though the securities in question are allegedly US instruments.

Gee, I wonder why? Might the authorities know they're real and be just a wee bit nervous that disclosure of a sovereign attempting to covertly dump nearly $140 billion in debt could cause a wee bit of panic, given that we're running nearly $200 billion a month in deficits?

Inquiring minds want to know what's really going on here.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The number $134.5 Billion is such a nice number. According to a Wall Street Journal article on March 30, 2009, there was $134.5 Billion remaining of the TARP funds. What an odd coincidence!

Jun 15 05:10

Obama ‘Czars’ - A Zionist Shadow Government

ANOTHER ZIONIST JEW IS OBAMA’S LATEST ‘CZAR’ APPOINTMENT as America falls further under the total domination of one of the world’s tiniest minority groups.

Washington Zionist Jewish attorney, Ken Feinberg, will now have the power to actually determine compensation of the senior executives of seven firms that have received US taxpayer bailouts.

Executives at companies such as the American International Insurance Group (AIG), Bank of America and General Motors, will be marked for special oversight by Feinberg who will be operating inside the White House with complete autonomy.

This latest move by the puppet teleprompter ‘President’ reflects his masters’ agenda that companies cannot decide for themselves on matters of pay but will now have a Zionist deciding compensation arrangements. This, of course, comes on the heels of Obama completely reversing himself on his call for salary caps for elite banking and other key executives.

Jun 14 18:58

The mystery bonds: Enter the cult!

Before we get to the new stuff, we must recap: Two "Japanese nationals" (who may not actually come from Japan) were caught in Italy just as they were about to take $134.5 billion dollars in bonds into Switzerland. Most of these bonds, we are told, were of such a ridiculously high denomination ($500 million each) as to make them non-negotiable by normal humans. Only states could hope to use such things.

Jun 14 18:40

Holocaust Survivor: Museum shooter akin to suicide bomber

“By doing this, he [James von Brunn] gives worldwide notoriety to himself and his ideals of hatred,” said Hubert, who at 13 escaped Germany on a transport to England just weeks before World War II erupted. “He chooses martyrdom to glorify his hatred, similar to a suicide bomber.”

That sounds nice, but there are a few problems with the above-quote, not the least of which is the status of Mr. Hubert himself. The title of the article describes Mr. Sal Hubert as a “Holocaust Survivor,” but there’s one little problem with that classification. As noted in the above quote from the CNN article, Mr. Hubert escaped Germany on a transport to England just weeks before World War II erupted. So just exactly how does that qualify him as a Holocaust Survivor?

Jun 14 15:42

Western Primer on elections in developing countries

Some Western principles in assessing elections in developing countries:
1) When the favored candidates win, the elections are free and fair. And when they lose, elections are certainly unfree and stolen.

Jun 14 13:03

Von Brunn part of internet fanned, deranged haters

June 10, 2009
The Shooter Von Brunn: Not Just a Jewish Problem
By Rob Eshman
When Von Brunn, an 88 year old white supremicist, leveled a shotgun at the two closest victims, and pulled the trigger,....He may have been the lone gunman, but he found support for his cockamamie theories in some of the most respected and surprising places.“The press is talking only about the white supremacist nature of this without exploring the well known and wide spread conspiracy theory that is behind this man’s writings and is rapidly spreading throughout society.”That means Von Brunn is part of an internet fanned group of deranged conspiracy theorists who hate Jews, gays, non-whites, the U.N.—likely in that order.

Jun 14 10:02

Round up 'hate speech' promoters?

I don't know, Bonnie, is it? Who is going to determine who the haters are? And without a Department of PreCrime, who can determine when one of them will kill? Who is going to be doing the round up? Are we going to maybe house them at Gitmo now that we're clearing that place out? Any trials planned in your little fantasy?

And what do you suggest "we" do if some decide to resist the "round ups"?

Why is it your "Final Solution"...I mean, "Last Roundup" to oppose neo-Nazism sounds just like something the Nazis would do, Bonnie?

Jun 14 07:44

What Christians Don’t Know About Israel

American Jews sympathetic to Israel dominate key positions in all areas of our government where decisions are made regarding the Middle East. This being the case, is there any hope of ever changing U.S. policy? American Presidents as well as most members of Congress support Israel — and they know why. U.S. Jews sympathetic to Israel donate lavishly to their campaign coffers.

The answer to achieving an even-handed Middle East policy might lie elsewhere — among those who support Israel but don’t really know why. This group is the vast majority of Americans. They are well-meaning, fair-minded Christians who feel bonded to Israel — and Zionism — often from atavistic feelings, in some cases dating from childhood.

Jun 14 06:57

I'm Beginning To Think This Whole Thing About James Von Brunn is a Hoax

Okay, I now believe that the holocaust museum shooting was a hoax - like most of these stories, it's already beginning to fall apart. They identified this guy way too quickly, and then identified him as a so-called "White supremacist," within a few minutes of finding out his name. This story appears to have been choreographed and rehearsed by the ADL/SPLC and the media. This guy is being tied in with ALL the enemies of the Jews, i.e. 9-11 truthers, the USS Liberty folk, pro-lifers, White nationalists, so-called neo-Nazis, North Idaho, etc... etc...."

Jun 13 23:56

Psychologists Weigh In On 9/11

An article published in U.S. News & World Report (originally written by the Society for Science and the Public) quotes a couple of psychologists, one sociologist and one historian to argue that people who question the government's version of 9/11 are prone to false thinking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You're all FRUIT LOOPS if you don't trust the government!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 13 23:55

American al Qaeda member acknowledges Jewish ancestry

In a new anti-Israel, anti-U.S. video, an American al Qaeda member makes reference to his Jewish ancestry for the first time in an official al Qaeda message.

Jun 13 21:13

Flashback: Gov't Illusions, Frame-ups, No "Lone nuts"

Sirhan and the RFK Assassination
Part I: The Grand Illusion, By Lisa Pease
The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is also a carefully constructed illusion, designed to confuse and obfuscate. Imagine what the eyewitnesses in the crowded pantry saw. Robert Kennedy had obviously been shot, and Sirhan was firing a weapon. Sirhan must have killed Kennedy. And yet, the physical evidence does not support this conclusion.
BOBBY, I DIDN'T KNOW!, by Michael Ruppert

Jun 13 13:31

Anti-Abortion Blogger Admits Hoax

In just a few short months, hundreds of thousands of readers driven to the site from other anti-abortion and religious sites praised the mother for her strength and her devout Christian faith.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a seeker born every minute!

Jun 13 11:49

Now Playing at the "Holocaust Museum" - The Lone Nut

Today another "lone nut"has changed the course of history. Like "lone nut" James Earl Ray and "lone nut" Sirhan Sirhan, as well as "lone nuts" Arthur Bremer and Ted Kaczynski, James von Brunn now joins the ranks of the Cryptocracy's hit parade. What a "coincidence"!

Jun 13 11:43

FLASHBACK - Joe Biden: Oct. 19, 2008 - Obama Will Be "Tested"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One more month to go.

Jun 13 11:41


Jun 13 10:20

American Cops Steal Money From Drivers To Take Trips To Hawaii

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "to protect and serve", emblazoned on the doors of so many police vehicles!

The audio is somewhat munged, but you very clearly get the point.

Jun 13 09:39

CIA Secrecy on Drone Attacks Data Hides Abuses

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s refusal to share with other agencies even the most basic data on the bombing attacks by remote-controlled unmanned predator drones in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region, combined with recent revelations that CIA operatives have been paying Pakistanis to identify the targets, suggests that managers of the drone attacks programs have been using the total secrecy surrounding the program to hide abuses and high civilian casualties.

In April, The News, a newspaper in Lahore, Pakistan, published figures provided by Pakistani officials indicating that 687 civilians have been killed along with 14 al-Qaeda leaders in some 60 drone strikes since January 2008 – just over 50 civilians killed for every al-Qaeda leader.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The CIA doesn't care about the heavy collateral damage, if they think they get one or two "bad guys" by killing 40 or 50 non-combatants (women, kids, the medically fragile, and the elderly) at a pop.

Unfortunately, this indiscriminate killing tends to radicalize the survivors to the point where suddenly, the Taliban start to look like the good guys.

If there was a US governmental agency which absolutely deserves a booby prize for creating completely unintended consequences, generating the absolute opposite outcomes from what had been the goals in these wars without end, the CIA is a brilliant contender!

Jun 13 08:56

Ousted AmeriCorps watchdog defends waste probe

An inspector general fired by President Barack Obama said Friday he acted "with the highest integrity" in investigating AmeriCorps and other government-funded national service programs. Gerald Walpin said in an interview with The Associated Press that he reported facts and conclusions "in an honest and full way" while serving as inspector general at the Corporation for National and Community Service.

In a letter to Congress on Thursday, Obama said he had lost confidence in Walpin and was removing him from the position.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Proving yet again that no matter which President of which party resides the White House, this is a government of the cronies, by the cronies, and for the cronies!

Jun 13 08:40

Rifle used in museum shooting too old to trace, official says

It is not possible for authorities to trace the rifle used in this week's shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum to the original purchaser, a law enforcement source said Friday.

The source, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the investigation, said the weapon is a Winchester Model 6, .22 caliber rifle -- a type of gun manufactured between 1908 and 1928 -- long before records were kept on gun purchases.

Jun 13 08:21

Feds want secrecy over alleged torture flights

The Obama administration increased its defense Friday of secrecy surrounding an alleged CIA program of torture flights, asking a federal appeals court to set aside its ruling allowing foreign captives to sue a Bay Area company that reportedly helped plan the flights.

Jun 13 08:19

The Bush/Cheney Nightmare, Redux

But I'm no longer trying to persuade anyone of anything. Those people smart enough to have seen what went on during the Bush administration have figured things out a long time ago, and the remaining die-hards who have been sniping at Obama's attempts to clean up the mess will never see the truth of what happened to our nation during the Bush years. But in view of all the harm that's been done, most of us aren't nearly angry enough. We were screwed, blued, tattooed and lied to.

Jun 13 07:57

How the spooks took over the news

........ The Pentagon has now designated "information operations" as its fifth "core competency" alongside land, sea, air and special forces. Since October 2006, every brigade, division and corps in the US military has had its own "psyop" element producing output for local media. This military activity is linked to the State Department's campaign of "public diplomacy" which includes funding radio stations and news websites. In Britain, the Directorate of Targeting and Information Operations in the Ministry of Defence works with specialists from 15 UK psyops, based at the Defence Intelligence and Security School at Chicksands in Bedfordshire.

In the case of British intelligence, you can see this combination of reckless propaganda and failure of oversight at work in the case of Operation Mass Appeal. This was exposed by the former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter, who describes in his book, Iraq Confidential, how, in London in June 1998, he was introduced to two "black propaganda specialists" from MI6 who wanted him to give them material which they could spread through "editors and writers who work with us from time to time".

Jun 12 17:02

Mobile directory made legal threats to get personal details

The company behind a controversial new directory of private mobile phone numbers threatened O2 with legal action when it refused to provide its customers' personal details, The Register has learned.

Jun 12 14:43

Glenn Beck's School of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracies

Asshole shill traitor of the week, Glenn Beck, recommends his favorite training video for those wishing to mimic his techniques.

Jun 12 13:25

Freedom Rider Phony Terror and Black America

Freedom Rider Phony Terror and Black America (Part II)
by Margaret Kimberley on Wed, 05/27/2009
In these and other cases, Muslims and persons of African ancestry were targeted by FBI informants for the purpose of creating previously non-existent terror plots. Individuals were induced into swearing loyalty oaths to groups designated as terrorists, as in the Liberty Six case, or into planning crimes they had no ability or intention of committing until informants prompted them to. The effect of government officials and their media scribes loudly proclaiming that terror has been averted is very useful to the state. Citizens are kept in a state of fear, and will therefore accept endless war abroad and attacks on their liberties at home.

Jun 12 13:17

FBI's duped patsy, Von Brunn, COINTELPRO tactics ?

James Von Brunn Plays Right Into the Zionist’s Hands
Brandon Dean June 11th, 2009
Synagogue Bomb Plot -
Latest Zionist Publicity Coup
By Michael Hoffman 5-22-9
The round-up of patsies in the FBI/police-provoked "synagogue bomb plot" (the ersatz weapons and explosives were, as per usual, furnished by the cops themselves), is only the latest Zionist publicity coup,....
COINTELPRO:The Untold American Story

Jun 12 10:41

Man Accused Of Shooting Museum Guard Vanishes From Internet

James von Brunn, the man accused of the Wednesday shooting of a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has vanished -- in a way.

"The Washington Post" has discovered nearly every sign of the man has disappeared from the Internet.

A Web site he'd hosted for years spewing hatred for all things Jewish can't be found today though it was easy to Google right after the shooting.

Jun 12 08:44

FLASHBACK - DoD to 'augment civilian law' during pandemic or bioterror attack

Jun 12 08:08

Olbermann Drags Dr.Pauls Name Into The von Brunn Picture

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Everyone is milking the museum shooter for their own agenda.

Jun 12 07:26

Revealed: Blackwater Still Working in Iraq for John McCain-linked 'Non-Profit'

A new lawsuit reveals that the notorious mercenary firm is working, under a different name, for the International Republican Institute in Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See next story down.

Jun 12 07:25

FLASHBACK - John McCain and the International Republican Institute

Sen. John McCain presents himself as a what-you-see-is-what-you-get presidential candidate: clean, pragmatic, following his convictions even when not politically expedient. He considers himself to be someone who would make an excellent foreign-policy president.

But this image sits in contrast with the International Republican Institute (IRI), for which McCain has served as board chairman since 1993. Under the cover of spreading democracy and a free-market economic system, the IRI installs U.S.-friendly governments and undermines those that are not by supporting coups and ousters.

Jun 12 07:24

Abuse Photos Part of Agreement on Military Spending

Congressional negotiators reached tentative agreement on Thursday on a $105.9 billion spending measure that would provide money for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through September but would drop a ban on the release of photographs showing abuse of foreign prisoners held by United States forces.

The deal was concluded after Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, went to the Capitol to assure Senate Democrats that President Obama would use all administrative and legal means to prevent the photos’ release.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Don't worry. We won't let the slaves see anything that might upset their simple little brains!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 12 07:03

Suspect in US Holocaust museum guard killing has links to BNP

Yesterday it emerged that Von Brunn, a longtime antisemite, had attended meetings of the American Friends of the British National party (AFBNP), which was set up to raise funds from far-right activists in America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are going to use this guy to smear anyone refusing to go along with the NWO agenda!

Jun 12 06:58

Whistleblower Makes Herself Heard on the Hill

When Greenhouse blew the whistle on noncompetitive multibillion-dollar contracts to Kellogg Brown & Root, then a Halliburton subsidiary, for work in Iraq's oil fields, she thought she was following her oath of office.

But instead of being honored for doing her duty, Greenhouse, with two decades of government contracting experience, was drummed out of her position in 2005 as chief procurement officer for the Army Corps of Engineers, pushed from the Senior Executive Service and stripped of her security clearance after she refused to retire with grace.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Honesty and the Federal Government are two polar opposites these days.

Jun 12 04:25

US House to debate Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill

Congressman Paul, in defense of his proposal to audit the bank which controls America’s currency, argues not just for transparency. He wants to close it down.

“Detractors have [...] argued that the Fed must remain immune from the political process, and that that more congressional oversight would distort their very important decisions,” Paul wrote in an editorial titled, ‘Audit the Fed, Then End It!’ “On the contrary, the Federal Reserve is already heavily entrenched in the political process, as the Fed chairman is a political appointee. High-level officials routinely make the rounds between positions at the Fed, member banks, Treasury and back again, taking care of friends and each other along the way.”

Jun 12 02:38

"Mommy, Why Do People Want to Kill Jews?"

I'd explain to young Frum that a cabal of mostly Jewish banking families have usurped control of the credit of the worlds' governments. They create money out of thin air and charge interest for it. They used this position to buy everyone and everything they need to dominate mankind in a totalitarian "world government."

They are busy "changing the world" so there will be no nations, no religions, no races, no genders, no families, no freedom and possibly no private wealth (except their own.) They use war and debt to increase their power and advance their "New World Order."

Jun 12 02:22

41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11

Following in the footsteps of well over 1,000 scientists and other professional groups who have already gone on record questioning the official theory, more than 40 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency veterans have come forward to challenge the Government’s rendition of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Their behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience of sensitive and classified issues places them in a uniquely authoritative position. In this sense, their critical stance is all the more damning for the government. Conspicuously absent from the landscape are the mainstream media professionals, as they continue to provide cover for the government’s totally bankrupt theory and fail to report on landmark developments such as this.

Jun 12 00:03

Museum: Heavy security always, Wm. Cohen inside, Shooting a set-up

Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen Inside Holocaust Museum During Shooting
June 11th, 2009
“The second he stepped into the building he began firing,” Lanier said.
The weapon was a .22-caliber rifle, law enforcement officials told AP.
The museum normally has a heavy security presence with guards positioned both inside and outside the museum. All visitors are required to pass through metal detectors at the entrance, and bags are screened.
Museum officials say the museum was full at the time of the shooting and estimate “a couple thousand” visitors were inside.

Jun 11 22:22

Beyond Golden Rice: The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term agenda behind Genetically Modified Food

This is no idle bragging or foundational hubris. In an April 2008 editorial in the journal Science, Nina Fedoroff (plant geneticist, currently serving as senior scientific advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) wrote:

‘A new Green Revolution demands a global commitment to creating a modern agricultural infrastructure everywhere.’

The Rockefeller Foundation thoroughly agrees with this statement. In fact, it has for decades directed all its resources to create just such an infrastructure. To illustrate how far back the research and its intended international scope go, it will suffice to quote form a Rockefeller Foundation annual report from 1963:

Jun 11 18:46

Glenn Beck - 9-11 truth movement wants to destroy America

Jun 11 16:51

Gov't instigated attacks done to validate DHS report?

Holocaust Museum Shooting, Other Recent Attacks Prove Domestic Extremism a Threat
By Alex Kingsbury
Posted June 10, 2009
A month before a suspected white supremacist walked into the Holocaust Memorial Museum in downtown Washington and opened fire, the Department of Homeland Security warned that domestic right-wing extremism was the most pressing domestic terrorist threat that the country faced.
Attacks validate DHS report, some say
JOSH GERSTEIN | 6/10/09 7:06 PM EDT

Jun 11 15:20

Stunning HR 1207 Victory! New Target: S 604

WE DID IT! HR 1207 has reached a majority with 222 co-sponsors! S 604 is HR 1207's companion bill, and currently has ONE co-sponsor. We must get this bill some support, and make sure it doesn't get watered down along the way.

Current S 604 Call-A-Thon target:
Robert Bennett (R - UT) (202) 224-5444 (on the Senate Banking Committee)

Jim DeMint (on the Senate Banking Committee)
202.224.6121 (JUST CO-SPONSORED 6/11 - Another call-a-thon victory!)

Add your non-compliant reps to the list here:

THANK YOU for your support & phone calls!

Jun 11 12:57

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the latest attempt to justify a war by wagging the dead guy.

Jun 11 12:55

CIA chief says bin Laden in Pakistan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Can we invade now? Can we? Huh? Huh? Can we?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 11 11:33

Holocaust and Holodomor (Origins of Anti Semitism)

A particularly relevant parallel to the Nazi holocaust is the Ukrainian holodomor of 1932-33, a state-created famine—not a crop failure—that killed an estimated five million people in the Ukraine, one million in the Caucasus, and one million elsewhere after the Soviet state confiscated the harvest at gunpoint. Throughout the famine, the state continued to export grain to pay for industrialization. See Robert Conquest, The Harvest of Sorrow (Oxford University Press, 1987). Norman Davies gives the following description in Europe: A History, p. 965 (Oxford University Press, 1996).

Jun 11 11:32

Glenn Beck, Shit Golem for Zombie Nation.

Yeah… the guy is almost 90. What that means is that it’s now okay to strip search anyone, anytime, anyplace; grandmothers and even people in wheel chairs. Of course that doesn’t mean much because they are already tazering great grandmothers and people on street corners who don’t have their sweaters zipped. We are moving into the realm of Tazer Tots and electrified cribs.

Jun 11 08:16

Okay, this whole story is starting to smell kinda funny.

A. They sure got the name of the guy damned quick. Reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks, where they knew within what seemed like seconds who the perps were.

B. The guy was 100% expendable. The U.S. media is publishing pictures from years ago, where he looks all young and healthy, for some weird reason, while the foreign media is showing him as an old man:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason the US media is showing a young photo of Brunnm is that as he looks today he is just not that credible as the face of a new domestic terror threat.

Jun 11 08:13

Holocaust Museum shooting suspect had Idaho ties

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Bad, bad, BAD, Idahoans!!!! NO COOKIES BEFORE BED TONIGHT!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 11 07:51

Glenn Beck’s Outrageous Lie: Racist Von Brunn is “Hero of 9/11 Truthers”

Jun 11 06:36

Paul Craig Roberts:Fear is eroding American rights

It is all very simple if you are an American. America is pure, but other countries, except for our allies, are barbaric.

The same goes for our wars. Everyone we kill, whether they are passengers on Serbian commuter trains or attending weddings, funerals, or children playing soccer in Iraq, is a terrorist, or we would not have killed them. So was the little girl who was raped by our terrorist-fighting troops and then murdered, brutally, along with her family.

America only kills terrorists. If we kill you, you are a terrorist.

Jun 11 03:23

Now Playing at the Holocaust Museum - The Lone Nut

Our masters govern by methods that overrule all documentation and silence all arguments: assassination, stealth, treachery, the doublecross and most of all, the inculcation of the doublemind. Their guarantee of last resort comes courtesy of a bullet fired by a "lone nut" who emerges from obscurity to rescue the Cryptocracy's chestnuts from an impending fire, or secure it victory where it would otherwise experience eclipse. What a "coincidence"!

Jun 10 18:46

Holocaust museum security guard shot and killed in Washington

Eyewitnesses standing outside the police cordon reported hearing about four to six gunshots just inside the entryway to the museum, near the x-ray machine and magnetometer visitors must walk through to enter.

Jun 10 16:59

Fox News Shep Smith has SPLC on his show-connects dots to DHS report 'the right went bonkers over'

Jun 10 16:49


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Glen tries to link the 9-11 truth movement with the museum shooter.

Jun 10 16:46

Glen Beck connects 9/11 Truthers with Shooting today

Jun 10 14:32

Programming error explains Mint's missing gold

Something as banal as a possible programming glitch in a new computer system could explain how the Royal Canadian Mint lost track of gold stockpiles, the institution's chairman says.

Mint officials are asking whether any of the programming "which tracks all this stuff was out of whack," James Love said Wednesday in an interview.

"It's still possible that it is some sort of a programming error in that system."

Reports of missing gold at the mint conjure up images of thieves sliding pallets of gleaming ingots out the back door.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note they are not saying that is what happened. The headline implies it, but the text merely suggests it, without proof.

Jun 10 14:27

There is a connection between James Von Brunn and

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a connection between James Von Brunn and EVERYBODY the entrenched powers do not like.

That's why this looks like a staged incident.

Jun 10 13:42

Real <s>Nazis</s> White Supremacists, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a long history of politicians creating the enemies they claim to need your obedience and support to oppose.

Jun 10 13:33

"Racist" website linked to alleged Holocaust Museum Shooter not registered to him!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is claiming that James W. Von Brunn, the accused Holocaust Museum shooter, "has a racist, anti-Semitic Web site called"

But the whois record shows that it is actually registered to a Steve Reimink in Michigan!

Jun 10 13:23

James W. von Brunn - artist?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is portraying James W. Von Brunn as a white supremacist and Alex Jones "groupie", but a little digging past the obvious propaganda start to pull up a very different person.

Jun 10 13:17

U.S. gunman, 88, has white supremacist links: TV

But in a hastily convened press conference at the scene, neither Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty nor the city's police chief Cathy Lanier would confirm the gunman's identity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so if they cannot confirm his identity, why is ABCNNBBCBS already blaring about white supremacist links, etc.?

Jun 10 11:10

FLASHBACK - Professor at Claremont McKenna College Found Guilty of Staging Antisemitic Hate Crime

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is hammering the shooting at the Holocaust Museum as hard as they can, and frankly, it feels like a staged incident both because of the timing with Obama's push for limits on the illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian lands and because so many of these "hate crimes" turn out to be hoaxes, like this article, the Rabbi who stabbed himself, the attack on the synagogue in Venezuela, the Rabbi's son who torched the synagogue in San Francisco, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Jun 10 10:46

Shooting reported at Holocaust Museum in Washington

Gunfire at or around the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday wounded at least one person, a D.C. Fire department official said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This screams "pitiful bid for sympathy."

The latest report is that the shooter walked past security carrying both a rifle and a shotgun.

Jun 10 10:30

Pentagon won’t name 60 percent of detainees it says returned to terrorism

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But trust us; they are all really bad people!"

Jun 10 10:25

True or False: U.S. Economic Stats Lie

Two bright people might see sharply different things in those numbers. To one, the shrinking economy is a healthy unwinding of past excess, for example, while to another it’s a dangerous downturn that calls for bold government action. But what if the numbers themselves are something we should be debating? In the alarming view of a vocal few, America’s economic measures are misstated -- rigged, really.

Jun 10 09:43

A Photographic Essay of Israel’s Treachery The USS Liberty

Reports from officers on board the USS Saratoga say that planes took off for Egypt, carrying nukes for a preplanned attack, but were soon recalled when it was found out the ship still floated and that sailors had survived.

Back in the port, the crew were threatened to stay silent about it all, with John McCaine’s admiral father heading a phoney investigation. The US government has covered up much about all this, even 42 years after. One Texas clown was President for a false-flag attack on the US in 1967 and another Texas clown was President in 2001. Think about it!

Jun 10 06:43

New Face, Same Policy

Kathleen Wells: As a member of the U. S. House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee, what is your take on this issue of torture?

Congressman Ron Paul: Well, it's against the law - both our law and international law. So, we shouldn't do it. And I'm against it for personal, moral reasons. I think it's horrible. And for practical reasons, I think it's absolutely worthless. And if we are serious about getting information, if we use other techniques, we actually get more information.

Jun 10 05:25

Gasoline Is Toxic Waste - Literally

We Don't Need Gasoline, Never Did

Facts: Scientific and historical about gasoline and alcohol

1. The original automobiles ran on alcohol because when they were invented gasoline was not available.

2. Rockefeller spent $4 million (that we know of) to promote Prohibition, a ban on alcohol manufacturing in the US that started in 1919 just as the car industry was taking off.

3. When Prohibition was lifted in 1933, gasoline stations were ubiquitous and most engines ran on gasoline only.

4. Alcohol can be manufactured locally and on a community level from renewable plant material for $1 per gallon.

Jun 09 16:15

Royal Canadian Mint ordered to call in RCMP over missing gold

The mint won't say how much might be missing, but auditors are already probing a discrepancy between the value of the precious metals on the mint's books and the stockpile on hand at its Ottawa headquarters.

Jun 09 12:22

US government securities seized from Japanese nationals, not clear whether real or fake

Hmmmm...caught trying to unload US securities without the accompanying currency fluctuations?