Aug 04 06:31

Worried about staying safe? Here's how an army of health professionals is working behind the scenes to help protect us from coronavirus and get us back to normal

NHS Test and Trace is using an army of healthcare professionals to track Covid-19 and prevent its spread

Aug 04 06:29

REVEALED: How to remove stubborn sauce stains from plastic containers in just one minute without any scrubbing

A woman shared her simple hack to remove oily stains from plastic containers
Adi Kempler uses washing up liquid, warm water and ripped-up paper towel
Add all of the ingredients to the container, put the lid on and shake vigorously
Once you have shaken for 45-60 seconds, simply remove the towel and rinse

Aug 04 06:28

Top writer's hasty Google search ends in recipe for embarrassment: Irish novelist John Boyne features fictional ingredients from Legend of Zelda video game in his book

A best -selling author searching for authenticity for his new book has been caught out after relying a little too much on a hasty Google search.

Aug 04 06:15

AP Article On Biden Foreign Policy Reads Like A Biden Campaign Ad But Realistically Under Biden America Will Be Again For Sale

Joe Biden’s foreign policy is a disaster for America. No doubt it will enrich the Biden family and their accomplices around the world but not the average American.

Aug 04 06:15

Ugh. Navy Investigates Video Of Dogs Attacking America-Hating Communist Kaepernick Fill-In At Navy SEAL Museum

Last week the video went viral of Navy SEALs at the Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce using a “Colin Kaepernick stand-in” for a K-9 demonstration at a fundraiser.

Aug 04 06:14

Spain's former King Juan Carlos, 82, flees the country into 'forced exile' as $100m corruption scandal surrounding him threatens to undermine the Monarchy

Spain's former monarch, King Juan Carlos I, has announced he is leaving Spain to live in another country amid a financial scandal.
Former king Juan Carlos told his son, King Felipe, that he decided to leave Spain, the royal house said in a statement on Monday.

Aug 04 06:14

Trump says US should get 'substantial portion' of TikTok sale price - as Microsoft adds $77 BILLION in market value after confirming its interest in Chinese-owned social media app

President Donald Trump says the federal government should get a 'substantial portion' of the sales price of the US arm of TikTok and says he is on board with Microsoft wanting to purchase the popular social media app.

Aug 04 06:14

CDC Director Urges Schools To Reopen In ‘Public Health Interest’

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says schools should reopen in the fall, declaring it is in the “public health interest” to reopen.

Aug 04 06:13

New Trump Campaign Ad Targets Hispanic Voters – Compares “Progressive” Biden to Latin Socialists and Revolutionaries (VIDEO)

The Trump camp on Monday unveiled a powerful new ad targeting Hispanic voters.
Biden recently admitted he’s a Trojan horse for the radical left.

Aug 04 06:13

“See You in Court!” – President Trump to Challenge Nevada Dems’ Mail-In Voting and Illegal Ballot Harvesting

Radical Democrat Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats called a special session over the weekend with no public present and inside of 24 hours they rammed through mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Aug 04 06:13

Homicides Soar In 36 Of 50 Biggest U.S. Cities

A majority of America’s 50 largest cities saw their murder rates skyrocket amid racial unrest stoked by liberals and the mainstream media.

Aug 04 06:03

Fur-ocious! Embarrassed dog owner reveals how their family pet was left bright BLUE for four days after rolling on an acrylic painting

Someone in Whitehall must have been watching the 1976 sci-fi movie Logan's Run, starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter.

Aug 04 06:02

Fiery red 'vampire plants' found around the world feast on other vegetation by wrapping its suckers around the host's roots

Researchers have described the Langsdorffia plant in a new study
The plants, deemed parasitic, attach to other vegetation and suck out nutrients
It wraps sucker-like roots around the host underground to feed

Aug 04 05:39

World Health Organization warns there 'may never be a silver bullet' for Covid-19 and says the disease kills around 0.6% of all infected patients

There may never be a 'silver bullet' for treating Covid-19, according to the head of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Aug 04 05:39

First black man to photograph a Vogue cover in magazine's 104-year history captures images of footballer Marcus Rashford for Black Lives Matter-themed edition

The first black man to photograph a British Vogue cover in its 104-year history captured Manchester United and England star Marcus Rashford for a special Black Lives Matter-themed edition of the magazine.

Aug 04 05:39

Cuban Restaurant Vandalized After Owner Called Out Louisville Black Lives Matter for Using ‘Mafia Tactics’ to Shake Down Businesses

A brave Louisville restaurant owner is standing up to the Black Lives Matter mob and has put them on blast for using “mafia tactics” in an attempt to shake down local businesses.

Aug 04 05:39

SICKOS! BLM Cheers ACL Injury Of NBA Player Who Refused To Kneel During Anthem

Orlando Magic star Jonathan Issac became the first NBA player to refuse to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and kneel during the national anthem late last week. Issac, who has supported the MAGA movement in the past and is a happily married devout Christian, cited his faith in Jesus Christ and his opposition to the demands of the BLM mob in justifying his decision.

Aug 04 05:36

Unhinged Wisconsin Teachers Plant Fake Tombstones to Represent Kids Dying if Schools Are Re-Opened — In a State with ZERO COVID DEATHS Under Age 19

Unhinged Wisconsin teachers today planted several fake tombstones to protest the reopening of schools.

Aug 04 05:36

Columbia University to Hold Five Week ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ Lecture Series For White Students

Columbia University is holding a five week long series of lectures for white students on “deconstructing whiteness.”

Aug 04 05:35

Virgin Galactic reveals supersonic jet design capable of carrying 19 people at speeds over three times the speed of sound

Virgin Galactic released the first concept images of its supersonic passenger jet
It would travel at speeds of Mach 3 at altitudes above 60,000 feet

Aug 04 05:35

Dr. Birx Says There is No Evidence HCQ Helps with Coronavirus, Pushes For Vaccine – Sits on Bill Gates-Funded Foundation Board (VIDEO)

Dr. Birx recently said during an appearance on Fox News that there is no evidence that Hydroxychloroquine helps with the Coronavirus.

Aug 04 05:34

Where’s Sleepy Joe’s Support? Trump Signs Are Everywhere But Sleepy Joe Signs Are Nowhere to be Found

All across the nation there are Trump signs everywhere. Noticeably missing are any Biden signs anywhere?

Aug 04 05:34

Cops release image of man with orange hair and freckles after schoolgirls were approached by a stranger acting 'indecently'

A computer generated image of a man who 'behaved indecently' when he approached three high school students has been released by police.

Aug 04 05:33

Black civil servant, 41, says she was racially profiled by police who accused her of being a car thief while out jogging near her home in Kent

A black civil servant has received an apology from police after she was accused of being a car thief while out jogging near her home.

Aug 04 05:11

Female cop, 26, who was left concussed and missing a clump of hair after being 'attacked by an anti-masker' in Melbourne

A young female officer returned to her police station in Melbourne with a concussion and a clump of hair missing after she was allegedly bashed by an anti-masker.

Aug 04 05:11

‘It is what it is’: Trump dismisses 1,000 US Covid deaths a DAY as he claims numbers show America is handling pandemic BETTER than other nations

The interview with President Trump aired Monday in HBO's series AXIOS on HBO
Trump is interviewed by AXIOS national political correspondent Jonathan Swan
They go head-to-head over coronavirus statistics with Trump stating that the US is 'lower than the world' in some categories

Aug 04 05:10

Popular children's pillow is urgently pulled from the shelves amid fears it could cause kids to choke to DEATH

The Junior Formr Memory Foam Pillow has been urgently pulled from the shelves
A product defect could result in a zip splitting and foam filling exploding out
Regulators are concerned it could pose a choking hazard for young children

Aug 04 05:08

Ex-EastEnders star Katie Jarvis 'is arrested following a drunken pub fight in Essex during which she racially abused a group of black women' and announced 'I'm a famous actress!'

Former EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis was allegedly arrested on a seafront in Essex on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence following a pub brawl.

Aug 04 05:08

Painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen should not be prescribed for chronic pain because they may do 'more harm than good', health officials say

Painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can do 'more harm than good' and should not be prescribed to treat chronic pain, health officials have said.

Aug 04 05:08

Meghan Markle's biography on the Royal website STRIPS her of her HRH title and is edited to downplay her work after her Megxit departure to Los Angeles

Meghan Markle's royal biography has stripped her of her HRH title and has been edited to downplay her work after her Megxit departure to Los Angeles.

Aug 04 05:07

United States should shut down completely for another four to six weeks to save the economy, senior Federal Reserve official says

A top official at the Federal Reserve has recommended that the U.S. were to 'lock down really hard' for four to six weeks, in order to save the ailing economy.

Aug 04 05:07

Health care costs for recovering COVID-19 patients with lingering symptoms could cost the US $50BILLION within a year

Lingering effects of coronavirus could cost the US $50 billion in health care for COVID-19 patients long discharged from hospitals, a new study estimates.

Aug 04 05:07

Virgin Galactic reveals supersonic jet design capable of carrying 19 people at speeds over three times the speed of sound

Virgin Galactic unveiled the design for its supersonic jet that could change the way we travel around the world.

Aug 04 05:07

Lake Michigan will dip to 'dangerously cold' temperatures in the 40s - which can cause hypothermia and shock within MINUTES to unprepared swimmers

Michigan's National Weather Service is warning that Lake Michigan's beach water temperatures are 'dangerously cold' despite the summer weather.

Aug 04 05:06

Trump demands re-run of 'total disaster disaster' NY congressional race marred by mail-in ballot problems which he warns will be a 'great embarrassment to our country' in November

President Donald Trump on Monday claimed mail-in votes will lead to a 'great embarrassment our country' this November, argued the United States Post Office is not ready to handle the millions of ballots expected to come through its system and advised New York to redo its June primary contest that remains undecided.

Aug 04 05:02

Volcanoes Activating Worldwide

Aug 04 04:56

Black civil servant, 41, says she was racially profiled by police who accused her of being a car thief while out jogging near her home in Kent

A black civil servant has received an apology from police after she was accused of being a car thief while out jogging near her home.

Aug 04 04:53

Hotter than Morocco! Britain will melt in 99F heat by the weekend as Met Office issues health alert - but first rain will hit northern and central parts of the country TODAY with flood warnings for Scotland

The warm air from Europe at the end of the week will come after the wet weather predicted for the North West
The roasting temperatures from the Continent is due to be carried on southerly winds across most of England

Aug 04 04:52

Son of RAF gunner whose bomber was shot down and vanished after WWII raid on Berlin can finally lay him to rest after plane 'and remains of crew' were found in Dutch lake 77 years later

Sgt Leonard Shrubsall one of seven on board the Short Stirling Bomber in 1943
Wife Beatrice was three months pregnant when she was told he'd failed to return
Now his son, Richard, from Kent, has learned the bomber is to be recovered

Aug 04 04:47


The great investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald gave an hour-long lecture on how America’s billionaires control the U.S. Government, and here is an edited summary of its opening twenty minutes, with key quotations and assertions from its opening — and then its broader context will be discussed briefly:

“How Congress Maintains Endless War – System Update with Glenn Greenwald” - The Intercept, 9 July 2020

2:45: There is “this huge cleavage between how members of Congress present themselves, their imagery and rhetoric and branding, what they present to the voters, on the one hand, and the reality of what they do in the bowels of Congress and the underbelly of Congressional proceedings, on the other. Most of the constituents back in their home districts have no idea what it is that the people they’ve voted for have been doing, and this gap between belief and reality is enormous.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This makes it pretty clear that no matter who wins an American election, it is the war party which always wins, period, end of discussion.

Aug 04 04:21

Police launch search for California mom, 37, who vanished on a 'pandemic road trip' to Joshua Tree National Park after her car is found abandoned by the side of a highway

Investigators are still searching for a California mom who went missing after she set out on a 'pandemic road trip' to Joshua Tree National Park.
Mother-of-one Erika Lloyd, 37, was last seen leaving her home in Walnut Creek on June 14, setting off on a seven-hour journey to her destination.

Aug 04 04:21

Trump meets with Dr. Birx to tell her 'we're doing very well' in the COVID-19 fight after earlier slamming her warnings the virus is widespread as 'pathetic'

President Donald Trump met with coronavirus task force chief Dr. Deborah Birx Monday in the Oval Office after tweeting online that she 'hit us' with public comments on the coronavirus in an exchange he termed 'pathetic.'

Aug 04 04:18

Pa. city council members seek censure against colleagues who participated in Black Lives Matter protest

Three members of Allentown’s city council say they support a resolution to censure two other council members over their participation in Black Lives Matter protests.

Aug 04 04:18

Judge orders man to pay $85K in deaths of 2 whooping cranes

A man who admitted that he and a juvenile shot and killed two whooping cranes in 2016 must pay $85,000 and cannot hunt until he completes 360 hours of public service.

Aug 04 04:18

ACLU gets to decide who’s a journalist? Judge suggests having group vet reporters to protect press covering Portland protests

A federal judge in Portland has proposed making the American Civil Liberties Union an arbiter to distinguish between legitimate journalists and protesters-in-disguise – a move with important implications for press protections.

The issue stems from an order by US District Judge Michael Simon last week banning federal officers from arresting or assaulting journalists covering the ongoing protests in Portland. Federal agencies said the ruling was untenable because some protesters are falsely labeling themselves as press in nightly clashes outside the federal courthouse.

Aug 04 04:17

Trump is Mussolini, riots are peaceful, but federal agents are terrorists – top black Democrat turns to trite #Resistance rhetoric

Rep. Jim Clyburn was a key figure behind securing Joe Biden’s nomination, and will be instrumental in picking his running mate. However, his views of late are show denial of reality and falling back on #Resistance tropes.

Jim Clyburn’s name carries gravitas in both Washington and his home state of South Carolina. Clyburn’s endorsement is considered to have pushed Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders in the state’s primary election, securing him the black vote. The veteran lawmaker and House Majority Whip is expected to vet Biden’s eventual choice of running mate, given Biden has promised to consider a black woman for the slot.

Aug 04 04:17

DB Cooper ransom money found buried in sand along Columbia River had fallen into the water months after infamous skyjacking, scientist claims - adding new mystery to the 49-year-old cold case

A new clue has emerged in the infamous DB Cooper plane hijacking case after a scientist discovered that part of the criminal's $200,000 ransom money, which was buried on the riverbank near his drop zone, had been submerged in water several months after he landed.

Aug 04 04:17

KFC gets deep-fried after posting ‘black power’ chicken drumstick to commemorate Trinidad’s Emancipation Day

KFC Trinidad was grilled by angry social media users after the fast food chain marked a holiday celebrating the end of slavery with a BLM-inspired chicken ad. The company later apologized for the post.

The chicken chain’s Trinidad subsidiary apparently wanted to show solidarity during the Caribbean nation’s Emancipation Day, which commemorates the end of slavery in the colonies of the British Empire. In an Instagram post, KFC Trinidad showed a chicken drumstick with the silhouette of a ‘black power’ fist that has been recently popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Happy Emancipation Day,” the graphic read.

It wasn’t long before the post caught the attention of internet users.

“This is the most racist thing I’ve seen a corporation do ever, how tone deaf are they?” asked one outraged Twitter user.

Others said the graphic was “distasteful” and “stupid.”

Aug 04 04:16

New Jersey Gov Phil Murphy reduces indoor gatherings from 100 to 25 people after a 700-person mansion party, graduations and beach bashes are blamed for the state's biggest case spike in two months

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is re-tightening restrictions on indoor gatherings following a recent surge in COVID-19 cases in the state that officials have linked to house parties and other indoor events.

Aug 04 04:15

Lori Vallow's best friend calls 'cult' mom 'misleading and manipulative', telling Chad Daybell's first court hearing how the couple 'asked her to lie to police about missing son JJ's whereabouts' before he was found dead with his sister Tylee

Lori Vallow's best friend labelled her 'misleading and manipulative' during the first court hearing for the the 'cult' mom's doomsday preacher husband Monday.
Chad Daybell faces charges over the deaths of Vallow's children Tylee, 17, and JJ, seven. On Monday Vallow's friend Melanie Gibb told the court how the couple 'asked her to lie to police about missing son JJ's whereabouts' before he was found dead.

Aug 04 04:14

'Sloppy' Twitter 'hackers' were ratted out by rival gang who 'shared a database of their usernames that led the FBI to arrest the mastermind Florida teen and his two accomplices' after high profile account hack

A group of hackers who reportedly acessed the Twitter accounts of celebrities, were taken down by rival gang who shared a database of their usernames and messages, which led to their arrests by the FBI.

Aug 04 04:07

BLM Uses 'Mafia Tactics' To Threaten Cuban Restaurant Owner With Diversity Demands

The owner of a Cuban restaurant in Louisville has decried a list of 'diversity demands sent to him and dozens of other small business owners by Black Lives Matter activists - which include guaranteeing that at least 23% of staff are black, 23% of the business's supplies are from black-owned retailers, and 1.5% of their net sales go to black charities. They also need to publicly display a sign showing their support for the movement.

Aug 04 04:05

Roubino: Why So Many Cities Are Paralyzed

Sympathy for America’s big-city mayors and their allies is evaporating – generally for good reason. Portland and Seattle, for instance, seemed willing to give rioters a free hand before belatedly stepping in. And of course there’s the amazing quote from Chris Cuomo, the brother of New York’s Governor :

“Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

The worst-run cities will pay a huge price for this indecision when rioters finally leave but shoppers and merchants don’t come back.

But like most things in this increasingly messy world, the big-city mayor story is way more complicated (and maybe more sympathetic) than it seems at first glance.

Aug 04 04:02

EXCLUSIVE: Police bodycam footage shows moment-by-moment arrest of George Floyd for the first time - from terror on his face when officer points gun at his head, sobbing before he's shoved into squad car and begging to breathe as his life drains away

Bodycam footage from two cops accused in the murder of George Floyd is revealed exclusively today — and it shows a rookie officer terrifying Floyd by pointing a handgun at his head and another callously picking a pebble from the squad car tire just inches from the dying man and seconds before he draws his last breath.

Aug 04 04:02

Catholic priest who told congregants 'not to be afraid' of coronavirus tests positive and more than 250 people who attended his Washington D.C. church are told to quarantine

A Catholic priest who told congregants 'not to be afraid' of COVID-19 has tested positive for the virus.
Monsignor Charles Pope, 58, of Holy Comforter St. Cyprian Church in Washington, D.C. was rushed to the hospital July 27 with high fever. A rapid diagnostic test subsequently confirmed that he contracted the disease.

Aug 04 03:58

My Coworker (Picture)

Aug 04 03:56

Revealed: 80% of new Covid-19 cases in one part of Greater Manchester are among white people as local health boss warns of 'complacent middle class'

Eleanor Roaf, the director of public health in Trafford, made the claims
But she warned most cases in Trafford were in the 'nice leafy suburbs'
She suspects young people are catching the virus after going out to pubs
They are then spreading the coronavirus to their parents in small households

Aug 04 03:55

Female primary school teacher is sacked over affair with pupil's father and string of 'inappropriate' relationships with other parents

A primary school has been sacked from her position over an affair with a pupil's father and a string of 'inappropriate' relationships with other parents.

Aug 04 03:54

Tragic last Instagram post of Will Young's brother: Singer's twin shared picture of the pair together as children in 1984 weeks before his death aged 41

Will Young's twin brother Rupert paid tribute to their bond in his last social media post before his death.
Rupert, 41, posted the snap of the pair online just four weeks ago and showed the pair on a hay bale looking identical.

Aug 04 03:35

Georgia's largest school district orders teachers to report to school despite remote learning and 260 employees have tested positive or been exposed to COVID-19 and will be 'excluded' from work, days before school year starts

Nearly 300 employees with Georgia’s largest school district have tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed to the virus.
The Gwinnett County School District will not return to in-person classes and will instead reopen with online learning for the school year starting August 12.

Aug 04 03:34

LAPD releases video showing protester shot in head with 'less-lethal' round

A protester had his hands raised when Los Angeles police shot him in the head with a "less-lethal projectile" during a May demonstration, body camera videos released Friday show.

Aug 04 03:34

Off-duty Georgia officer tazed while resisting arrest, deputies say

Deputies had to use a stun gun to take an off-duty Georgia police officer into custody early Saturday morning.

Aug 04 03:32

Ex-EastEnders star Katie Jarvis 'is arrested following a drunken pub fight in Essex during which she racially abused a group of black women' and announced 'I'm a famous actress!'

Mother-of-two, 29, was allegedly involved in fight on Friday night in Southend
Video saw five black women scuffling with a white woman on the seafront
Woman allegedly said 'f***ing black c***' and yelled 'f*** Black Lives Matter'

Aug 04 03:32

DB Cooper ransom money found buried in sand along Columbia River had fallen into the water months after infamous skyjacking, scientist claims - adding new mystery to the 49-year-old cold case

A new clue may have been unearthed in the infamous 49-year-old cold case of skyjacker DB Cooper thanks to new analysis

Aug 04 03:31

Customer support worker, 22, is given a £120 littering fine after feeding pigeons with crumbs from her Greggs vegan sausage roll while sitting in a Manchester square

Kerris Fenn, 22, tore up the last mouthful of her lunch and scattered it for birds
But she was quickly collared by Piccadilly Gardens' enforcement officers
Manchester City Council has defended its zero tolerance approach to littering

Aug 04 03:31

Cuomo labels federal COVID-19 response the 'worst government blunder in modern history' and criticizes Texas and Florida - where cases are spiking - for not taking the pandemic seriously

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday slammed the federal government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic as the 'worst government blunder in modern history' and said states like Florida and Texas were foolish to follow the advice coming from the Trump administration.

Aug 04 03:24

Data map shows 60% of US counties are seeing an 'uncontrollable spread' of COVID-19 cases - as Dr Deborah Birx warns infections are 'extraordinarily widespread' in cities and rural areas

Data map shows 60% of US counties are seeing an 'uncontrollable spread' of COVID-19 cases - as Dr Deborah Birx warns infections are 'extraordinarily widespread' in cities and rural areas

Aug 04 03:13

Nearly half of COVID-19 patients at a New York City hospital developed severe kidney damage - and 82% of them had NO history of renal problems

More evidence has emerged that the novel coronavirus attacks and severely damages the kidneys.
Nearly half of patients with COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, at one New City Hospital suffered acute kidney injury, a new report suggests.