Nov 06 18:35

Ambush in Mexico: What we know about the deaths, the LeBaron family, the investigation and Trump

Mexican authorities confirmed Tuesday morning that nine people — three mothers and six children — were killed Monday when they were attacked by gunmen.
Four young children were also wounded in the attack, Mexican authorities reported. All were members of families who live in Mexico and have dual U.S. citizenship, a relative told The Arizona Republic.
A man was also arrested as part of the ongoing investigation, Mexican authorities said.

Here is what we know now.

Nov 06 18:29

For Mormon offshoot groups in Mexico, a history of family traditions — and violence

The families killed Monday in an ambush in Mexico highlight the long history of fundamentalist offshoots of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that originally fled from the U.S. to Mexico to practice polygamy.
Family members said the victims, who include nine women and children, were members of a fundamentalist community in the state of Sonora and had dual U.S. and Mexican citizenship.
One of the eight colonias, Colonia LeBaron, was founded by Alma Dayer LeBaron in the 1920s. LeBaron was among the fundamentalists who moved to Mexico to evade U.S. law enforcement and continue practicing polygamy.

Nov 06 17:34

Florida 911 dispatch supervisor was watching Netflix while caller tried to get help after shooting

The victim said she called back 16 minutes later before finally driving herself to the Coral Springs Police station after she was told an officer was on the way.

Nov 06 17:15

Eric Ciaramella Attorney, January 2017: “Coup Has Started” – July 2017: “We Will Remove Him”…

Sundance points out that the current impeachment process is part of a coup continuum, and everything around the whistleblower is part of a long-ago planned and pre-constructed operation.

Nov 06 17:06

Fake News': Florida County Officials Reject New York Times Library Subscription

Florida county to revisit rejection of digital New York Times for libraries

Nov 06 16:19

Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan speaks out on the possibility of being temporarily moved

Nov 06 16:17

First open hearings set in Trump impeachment inquiry

House impeachment probe to start 'open hearings' on November 13, Chairman Adam Schiff says.

Nov 06 16:16

Secretary Ben Carson weighs in on the homeless crisis in Austin, Texas

Dr. Ben Carson says housing policies need to be based on evidence.

Nov 06 16:03

A former R.I. GOP official launched a PAC to back Trump opponents.

He raised zero dollars

Nov 06 15:59

Watch "Who are the alleged whistleblower's allies?"

DOJ usually charges whistleblowers

Nov 06 15:58

Rep. Gaetz slams impeachment probe as 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'

discusses the negative impacts the impeachment inquiry has had on Congress and the American people. FOX Business Network (FBN) i

Nov 06 15:56

Trish Regan: What will the impeachment inquiry cost America?

Trish Regan breaks down what impact the impeachment inquiry is having on the United States.

Nov 06 15:55

The transcripts show that Trump told the truth: Grisham

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham FOX Business' Lou Dobbs

Nov 06 15:39

The Meme Wars Have Begun! - #PropagandaWatch


Nov 06 13:55

Newly-divorced mother who shot dead her three children then killed herself in a triple murder-suicide was an anti-gun violence activist who battled depression, anxiety, and lupus

The newly divorced mother who shot dead her three children then killed herself in a triple murder suicide was an anti-gun violence activist who battled depression, anxiety, arthritis and lupus.

Ashley Auzenne, 39, was found dead Tuesday morning along with her children, 11-year-old Parrish, 9-year-old Eleanor Auzenne and seven-year-old Lincoln after a relative phoned police asking for them to carry out a wellness check in their home in Deer Park, Texas.

Her split with the children's father, Murvin Auzenne Jr., was finalized just last week and, according to her ex, she was 'very upset' about it.

Nov 06 13:52

Dozens killed & injured in attack on Canadian gold miner convoy in Burkina Faso

A convoy of buses carrying employees and contractors of a Canadian gold mining firm and its military escort fell victim to an armed ambush in eastern Burkina Faso, leaving upwards of 37 dead and 60 injured, some reports say.
The SEMAFO convoy was attacked by unidentified gunmen some 40km from one of its mines in the Est region despite an escort by local security forces. The total number of casualties is not yet known, and an official statement from the company only mentions “several fatalities and injuries.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Prayers for those killed and injured, and their families.

But one has to ask, Cui Bono?!? Who benefits?!?

One has to wonder if, after this attack, US military are quietly telling the government of Burkina Faso, that they "really need" American military protection, in order to prevent this from happening again.

Nov 06 13:48

Knock Knock. Who's There? Rightful Owner! Syrian Army Reportedly Reclaims Long Lost Oil Field

The majority of the country's oil fields are currently controlled by the US military, illegally stationed in the Arab Republic, and the Kurdish militia. Washington recently reaffirmed its intentions to "keep" the Syrian oil, despite objections from Moscow.

The Syrian Army started deploying its forces near the city of Qamishli in northeastern Syria, and specifically near the village of Mulla Abbas, claiming the Rumailan oilfield, which was lost to Damascus several years ago, during the civil war, SANA news agency reported. The area is located on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This illegal commandeering of Syria's oil fields by the US, may well mean that the current administration has its eyes on a shooting war with Russia over Syria's oil.

And if the US doesn't seem to be "aggressive enough" in its posture to suit its parasitic client state in the Middle East, (Israel) I am very certain that Israel's Shin Bet, would be delighted to create a false flag for us, insuring the deaths and woundings of many American service members, in order to "get the American people on board" for a nasty war against Russia.

And please remember; just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing for this administration to do, is utterly no guarantee that it won't do it.

Nov 06 13:40


The entire “success” of Democrats depends on keeping the American people wildly ignorant of reality, facts, history, and even current events.

The few times in our history when Congress has either voted to impeach a president or considered returning articles of impeachment, the process was handled very publicly.

Hearings were not held in secret. Testimony was not taken behind closed doors. Witnesses and evidence were presented out in the open so the American people, through various media of the day, were well aware of what was happening.

The reasons for the openness should be obvious, but alas, they are not for far too many Americans.

First of all, allowing someone accused of criminal activity to face his or her accuser is a fundamental legal principle of our founding.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bar for impeachable offences is very high; whatever the Demoncrats have will never, ever reach this bar, so what they are counting on putting on " a great show", full of half-truths, lies, misrepresentations, and unauthenticated information, to win the day for them.

Should they be successful in so doing, will be the end of whatever was left of the American republic.

Nov 06 13:36


The audience of The View actually applauded when Joy Behar said that democrats “need to lie” in order to get elected. Basically, people don’t need any integrity or morality to join the ruling class, and people are content with that.

Behar actually admitted that democrats are going to need to lie in order to get elected. To Behar, O’Rourke’s problem was not his vow to confiscate weapons — that “hell, yes, we’re coming for your AR-15s” — it was that he was stupid enough to be honest with the American people about wanting to wipe out one of the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Behar is one of the worst Dimentocrat/Clintonista/DNC Useful idiots around these days.

That people even listen to her, and her minions on "The View", is a definite demonstration of the degree to which the US government has successfully "dumbed down" the American people, and really taken the issues of critical thinking, and moral values, completely off the table.

Nov 06 13:34

Skinny Pot: Could Weight-Loss Weed Be Next?

CBD has dominated the cannabis wellness market so far — but THCV could be the next contender.

THCV has a wide range of potential health benefits, from its ability to help with Parkinson’s to its potential as a bone growth stimulating agent. But how does THCV work, and what other therapeutic effects are waiting to be discovered beneath the surface?

How do cannabinoids work?
Before diving into THCV, it’s best to understand what, exactly, the Endocannabinoid System really is.

Nov 06 13:31


The ACLU has sued the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other federal agencies, making claims that the government is improperly withholding information on how it uses a facial recognition database on millions of Americans. The civil rights organization also asks for a “federal court to intervene and order the FBI and related agencies to turn over all records concerning their use of face recognition technology,” according to a legal document.

“Because of the FBI’s secrecy, little is known about how the agency is supercharging its surveillance activities with face recognition technology,” Kade Crockford of the American Civil Liberties Union wrote in a post on its website.

The public has a right to know when, where, and how law enforcement agencies are using face recognition technology, and what safeguards, if any, are in place to protect our rights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I find that I do have a "hug and a punch" relationship with this organization, but on this issue, I am having a "hug and let's do coffee" moment, with their actions here.

Nov 06 13:29

US Constructing Two New Bases In Syria's Oil-Rich Region: Report

Turkey's state-run media is reporting the United States is planning two new military bases in Syria's oil-rich Deir ez-Zor province, which are currently under construction, after US special forces convoys were seen patrolling the area in the past days.

Anadolu Agency, citing local sources, said the bases were under construction as evidenced by the influx of heavy equipment:

While the footage captured by Anadolu Agency showed that much construction equipment is being put into action, it was learnt the U.S. has sent 250 to 300 additional soldiers, armored vehicles, heavy weapons and ammunition to the region.

The reported added: “The military bases are being built in the 113th Brigade area and near al-Sur region,” according to the sources.

Syria's largest oil fields, which historically account for most of its domestic energy needs, are located in Deir Ezzor, including Al-Omar, Conoco, and Rumeilan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF these reports are true, it appears that the US government is "digging down" against potential Russian attacks against US facilities.

Folks, we are headed, unfortunately toward a wild geopolitical ride, potentially including a shooting war with Russia over Syria, courtesy of this administration.

This would not be a bad time to make sure you have extra storable food; extra meds for yourself and your family; and potable water.

Nov 06 13:19

The Uber Exodus Begins: Insiders Dump Millions In Shares As Lockup Expires, Stock Tumbles

Uber shares have crashed to new record lows this morning as the much-anticipated expiration of the lockup-period hits the market.

An estimated 763 million additional shares, or $20 billion of Uber stock, will hit the market, according to Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush.

"The lockup expiration could "cause an avalanche of selling as early investors and insiders hit the bid, which remains a major Street worry around near-term pressure," wrote Ives in a note.

And he was right. Uber is down 6%, trading at a $26 handle for the first time...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The ending of this week, economically, could be a wild and bumpy ride indeed; I do not see the Dow getting over this for some time to come.

Nov 06 13:14

Several Blasts Of Arctic Air Will Bring Early Winter To Northeast 

Several days ago, Ed Vallee, head meteorologist at Empire Weather LLC, stated that an Arctic blast of cold air would roll into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions later in the week, with the chance of producing one of the first snowmaking weather events of the year.

As of Wednesday morning, there's more evidence that Vallee's forecast has been spot on. Tens of millions across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions will get an early shot of winter over the next several days.

The first round of Arctic air will make its way from the north-central U.S. into the Great Lakes and Northeast Wednesday through Saturday. The cold weather could produce the first significant snowstorm of the year for parts of the interior, including places like northern New England, where at least 6 inches of snow is expected Thursday into Friday.

Another blast of Arctic air will arrive across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions early next week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To those who will be affected by this weather, please make every preparation possible you can against this storm, because it is the kind of storm which can be an absolute killer, if you are not ready for it.

Nov 06 13:12

Rand Paul: 'Subpoena Whistleblower, He May Be Involved In Corrupt Ukraine Dealings'

In a Tuesday interview, Paul said that the whistleblower - reported to be CIA officer Eric Ciaramella - "is a material witness to the possible corruption of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden," and that Congress should investigate the whistleblower's ties to the Biden family and Burisma holdings, the Ukrainian gas company that paid Hunter Biden to sit on its board, according to BuzzFeed.

"[The whistleblower] might have traveled with Joe Biden to Ukraine for all we know. We should look at his writings. We should know all of this stuff to see whether or not he has any intersection with Burisma and with Hunter Biden," said Paul.

Nov 06 13:10

German Finance Minister Publishes New Banking Union Plan To Save The EU (And Deutsche Bank)

Less than a year after his finance ministry failed to broker a merger between Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank in a bid to rescue the flailing German lending giant (Deutsche) and create a new national champion (or so he hoped), German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz is embarking on a campaign to convince the European Union to finish work on a comprehensive banking union.

Many have argued that Europe's lack of a comprehensive banking regulatory framework make the system particularly vulnerable to chaos and infiltration by criminal groups (evidenced by the money laundering scandal that has embroiled several northern European banking giants).

And with Brexit finally nearing the end game, or so it appears, Scholz argues that Europe's global position would be at risk if it doesn't finish the integration of the eurozone's financial sector, seeing as the EU is losing one of its main financial centers in London.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With Europeans already up in arms on the effects of inviting unvetted immigrants, adding this potential financial pain to German taxpayers, will most probably, cause the next German elections to veer wildly to the right.

Nov 06 13:06

Stocks, Soybeans, & Yuan Suddenly Plunge On US-China Trade Deal Delay Headlines

US equity futures suddenly tumbled after Reuters reports that the signing of the US-China trade deal could be delayed until December as terms and the venue remain unclear.

Additionally, a senior official of the Trump administration told Reuters on Wednesday that it was still possible the "Phase One" agreement aimed at ending a damaging trade war would not be reached, but a deal was more likely than not.

Dozens of venues have been suggested for the meeting, which had originally been scheduled to take place on the sidelines of a now-canceled mid-November summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in Chile, the official said. They included sites in Europe and Asia, but the former was more likely, with Sweden and Switzerland among the possibilities.

Iowa, which Trump has suggested, appeared to have been ruled out, the official said. China's latest push for more tariff rollbacks would be discussed, but was not expected to derail progress toward an interim deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the meanwhile, farmers who were counting on Trump's ability to make a difference here in his negotiations with China, are really feeling a world of hurt, right now; many have gone bankrupt,and can no longer take care of their families right now, and feel a deep sense of betrayal by Foggy Bottom.

Couple this with US land which has been unproductive, due to floods and fires, which used to produce food, and what we will most likely have next Spring, will be an under-ability to feed our citizens in this country.

What I would suggest that you do, is to look at buying an excellently-rated energy-efficient chest freezer, possibly right at the end of this year, right after Christmas. When things come on sale (or even if they don't and you can pare large packages of food down to smaller packages), you will thank yourself for having done this, when you see what food prices are look like, come 2020.

Nov 06 12:49

Adam Schiff Announces First Public Impeachment Hearings

After weeks of secretive impeachment proceedings from which House Democrats have largely excluded Republican lawmakers, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) announced on Twitter Wednesday that his committee will hold its first public impeachment hearings next week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. Star Chamber himself, Representative Schiff, will be trying to prove just how clever is next week; I frankly think that the American public, will simply be underwhelmed, and unimpressed.

Nov 06 12:45

Watch: Chinese Social Credit Score Publicly Shames 'Bad Citizen' For Jaywalking

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A video out of China shows a citizen being publicly shamed and having his photo and ID card flashed up on a big screen for crossing the road on a red light.

The Communist country’s vast network of facial recognition surveillance cameras are being linked to citizen ID cards, producing the kind of dystopia that would make even George Orwell roll in his grave.

Under its social credit score system, China punishes people who criticize the government, as well as numerous other behaviors, including;

– Bad driving.
– Smoking on trains.
– Buying too many video games.
– Buying too much junk food.
– Buying too much alcohol.
– Calling a friend who has a low credit score .
– Having a friend online who has a low credit score.
– Posting “fake news” online.
– Visiting unauthorized websites.
– Walking your dog without a leash.
– Letting your dog bark too much.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't think for a MOMENT, that those in the bowels of power in DC, are not SALLIVATING to have a system just like this in the US.

Nov 06 12:45

Detective Who Led Epstein Investigation Died After "Brief Illness" At 50

Again, another story that didn’t quite make it into the mainstream news’ narrative involving Jeffrey Epstein. In June of last year, decorated former Palm Beach detective Joseph Recarey died after a “brief illness” at the age of 50, and that’s basically all we know, but do a search for him and you’ll barely see anything in the mainstream media, or even alternative media about his death.

Nov 06 12:43

Jeff Sessions escorted from Northwestern U. under heavy security amid 'cancel culture' protest

Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at Northwestern University in Illinois on Tuesday night, despite attempts by protesters to disrupt the event, according to reports.

Video posted online shows protesters trying to enter the building from a rear entrance — until a group of police officers intervenes.

Nov 06 12:43

SEC's Clayton Slashes Investor Safeguards To Entice More Companies To Go Public

It looks as though the Securities and Exchange Commission isn't happy enough just allowing CEOs like Elon Musk to retain their C-suite position after committing egregious frauds like faking the largest buyout in history. The commission, under Jay Clayton, continues to make life easier for corporations while making protecting investors a second priority.

Since Jay Clayton took over as head of the SEC, 17 changes have been made and 9 more have been proposed, that are part of a broad push to help "reverse a 20-year decline in U.S. public company listings", according to Reuters. The changes include modernizing disclosures and cutting regulatory costs for companies - and just making life easier for public companies in general.

This, of course, is not without its down side: these new rules will weaken investor safeguards or diminish their rights.

Nov 06 12:40

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Blackbeard’s Pirate Wreck

The Supreme Court seemed to think that North Carolina unlawfully pirated copyrighted images of an 18th century shipwreck during oral arguments Tuesday morning.

The case, arising from the discovery of Blackbeard’s famed pirate ship, asks whether an underwater production company can sue North Carolina for distributing its copyrighted images of the wreck. Several justices appeared troubled by the possible consequences.

“What the state decides to do with its own website, charging $5 or something, is to run Rocky, Marvel, whatever, Spider-Man, and perhaps Groundhog Day,” Breyer said to North Carolina lawyer Ryan Park. “Several billion dollars flows into the treasury. Now, if you win, why won’t that happen?”

Nov 06 12:40

House Democrats have released the latest in the series of heavily-redacted transcripts of the secret hearings they had undertaken in recent weeks - that of Bill Taylor - the top US diplomat in Ukraine - ahead of his public testimony next week.

House Democrats have released the latest in the series of heavily-redacted transcripts of the secret hearings they had undertaken in recent weeks - that of Bill Taylor - the top US diplomat in Ukraine - ahead of his public testimony next week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But if they have, in fact, been intensely redacted, how can they not completely destroy the actual flow of communication?!?

The short answer is, they completely destroy the actual flow of communication, through this editing.

Nov 06 12:35

Trump Jr. Outs CIA Whistleblower Over Twitter

Drama ensued on Wednesday after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a Breitbart News article which contained the name of the alleged Trump-Ukraine whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella.

Donald Trump Jr.
Because of course he did!!!

Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Worked Closely with Anti-Trump Dossier Hoaxer

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, now we know......

Nov 06 11:15

Boeing faces new whistleblower complaint as former engineer says faulty 787 Dreamliner systems could leave passengers without oxygen in emergencies

John Barnett, a former quality-control engineer at Boeing, told the BBC he had found faulty emergency oxygen bottles while working on the 787 Dreamliner in 2016.

He said Boeing stonewalled his complaint. He is now suing the company, claiming it sidelined him and pushed him to retirement. The company has denied those allegations.

He also spoke of workers at his plant in South Carolina being under intense pressure to meet tight deadlines and keep costs low, which he says jeopardized the quality of the planes.

Nov 06 11:13

MSM execs part of ‘network of people’ that covered for Epstein – Project Veritas founder to RT

ABC and other mainstream media outlets refused to cover accusations against sex predator Jeffrey Epstein because “a network of people” that includes their executives were implicated, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas told RT.

The Disney-owned network has doubled down on its insistence that anchor Amy Robach’s story on Epstein three years ago lacked “enough corroboration” and thus wasn’t aired. This was after Project Veritas released a “hot mic” video of Robach slamming the decision to quash the story.

The conservative filmmaker told RT on Tuesday that he believes ABC’s refusal to budge from that explanation backs up Robach’s claim that “a network of people” – including the executives running her channel – are “covering up for this” because they are somehow “implicated.”

Nov 06 11:12

Artist Submerged 19th Century Dress in the Dead Sea for Two Years

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau submerged a nineteenth century dress in the Dead Sea for two years. The project, called Salt Bride, was inspired by a play called The Dybbuk, which is about a woman, Leah, who becomes possessed by a demon.

Nov 06 11:12

Guy Stops Drinking Alcohol, Shows How Much Sobriety Changed Him In 3 Years

Giving up your vices and guilty pleasures can lead to a happier and healthier life that’s full of purpose. Even though you might not see the changes day-to-day when you give up drinking alcohol, they’re very apparent to others. One of the things that can keep you motivated is documenting the changes and looking at the photos side by side.

Nov 06 11:11

911 supervisor was watching Netflix during botched response to shooting call

An internal investigation by the Coral Springs Police Department in Florida determined that a 911 dispatch supervisor was watching Netflix while dispatchers mishandled the response to a woman who repeatedly called asking for help after being shot at.

Nov 06 11:10

Brief History Of The Lobotomy

Psychosurgery, as properly defined, is the treatment of mental disorders by means of brain surgery. Psychosurgery can be loosely defined as the gray area between neurosurgery and psychiatry. It has been known to exist in some form since the Stone Age when evidence of craniotomies emerged dating as far back as 5100 BC. Archaeologists discovered evidence that prehistoric witchdoctors performed brain surgery by drilling or cutting a hole into the skull. It is incredible to think that even that long ago, there was an interest in mental health and the brain itself.

Nov 06 11:09

‘Woke’ college kids can’t take a joke? Black student kicked from meeting for wearing Justin Trudeau blackface costume

Mocking Justin Trudeau and his past penchant for blackface is apparently off-limits – even if you’re black. An African-American conservative was booted from a student meeting for dressing up as the Canadian prime minister.

Koby Peters, a student government member at Colorado State University, was asked to leave an assembly because he showed up dressed as Trudeau in blackface.

Nov 06 11:08

Did Ancient Man See Dinosaurs? These Carvings and Artifacts Say Maybe

The dinosaurs died out millions of years before the rise of humans…at least, that’s what most people believe. But there are some curious carvings, drawings, and figurines found all around the world that are alleged to be created by ancient cultures. Amazingly, these seem to show images of dinosaurs, and are so accurate that it makes us wonder, did ancient people see living dinosaurs? Or are these artifacts elaborate hoaxes meant to call into question the long-held theories about the age of the earth and the animals from prehistory? Let’s examine a few of them.

Nov 06 11:07

Belittling of language: You can’t say ‘blind spot ‘– it’s not inclusive enough, say liberals in their hunt for power

Did you know you’re not supposed to say “blind spot” anymore? You know, that thing everyone has on the periphery of their vision. It might sound absurd that such a common phrase could be deemed offensive, but as we now live in clown world, that’s exactly what has happened. The same goes with “turn a blind eye” and “tone deaf.”

The reasoning for this is that such terms are viewed as “ableist”, a word that by its dictionary definition means “discriminating against disabled or handicapped people.” Now maybe it’s because I don’t suffer from the mental handicap that is being “woke”, but I struggle to see how “tone deaf” is discriminatory.

As for other “ableist” words, you’re no longer supposed to say stupid, crazy, psycho, dumb, idiotic, insane, lame, moron, nuts, mad, and mental. Even gimp is a no-no, a topic that periodically becomes a problem for the free photo editing software of the same name.

Nov 06 10:13

Donald Trump's ambassador to the EU CHANGES evidence to testify he DID deliver quid-pro-quo message to Ukraine telling them they likely had to probe the Bidens to release military aid - and told lawmakers: 'It doesn't sound good.'

The U.S. ambassador to the European Union told lawmakers that the Trump administration pushed to make a Ukrainian investigation of the Bidens a condition for getting security aid and a White House meeting – and assessed that it 'doesn't sound good.'

Nov 06 10:13

Jane Fonda declares 'we have 11 years' until climate 'catastrophe' — so we must 'mobilize by the millions in the streets' to stop it

Far-left actress Jane Fonda declared on "The View" Tuesday that we have only 11 years until the Earth faces a climate "catastrophe" — and therefore we must all go into the streets and protest in order to stop it.

Nov 06 09:45

All-Women's College Will Consider Admitting Biological Male Students Who Identify As Female

Hollins University — an all-women's college in Roanoke, Virginia — has revised its transgender policy and will now consider admitting biological males who identify as female.

Nov 06 09:15

New York Times writer upset that Sean Spicer keeps winning 'Dancing with the Stars' votes: 'It's outrageous'

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer keeps advancing on "Dancing with the Stars" due to his popularity with audience voters, frustrating dance critics, viewers, and members of the mainstream media.

Nov 06 09:14

Black conservative student leader kicked out of college meeting — for wearing blackface

Far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got outed for wearing blackface as part of a costume years ago — and the media covered for him, calling it "dark makeup."

Nov 06 09:05

Student levers up 500x on Robin Hood to hit $1.7M in margin from $3k ‘invested’

I wonder when this becomes a systemic risk or when the SEC wakes up

Nov 06 09:04

Sanctuary County With High Level Of Illegal Immigrant Violent Crime Rolls Back Anti-ICE Measure

Montgomery County, Maryland, has quietly rolled back its policy barring Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from accessing secure areas of its jail in order to detain illegal immigrants.

Nov 06 09:04

WATCH: Woman Seemingly Desperate For Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Wrecks Her Mercedes To Get It

On Sunday, Popeyes started selling its chicken sandwich again after its supply ran out in August. The rerelease of the chicken sandwich has created a craze, ranging from the horrifying, where a man was killed after cutting in line, to a hilarious incident on Tuesday in which a desperate Los Angeles woman crunched her early 2000s silver Mercedes against a concrete post as she attempted to cut in line with her car.

Nov 06 08:46

Suspect arrested in cartel massacre of Mormons in Mexico

A suspect holding two bound and tied hostages in a vehicle has been arrested in the massacre of nine US citizens – three moms and six children – at the hands of drug cartel members in Mexico, officials said Wednesday.

The unidentified suspect — who was found in the town of Agua Prieta, which borders Arizona – also was in possession of four assault rifles, ammunition and several large vehicles, including a bullet-proofed SUV, according to the Agency for Criminal Investigation for the state of Sonora.

“We are waiting for some more intelligence in order to issue an official statement,” the attorney-general for the neighboring state of Chihuahua, Cesar Peniche Espejel, told Mexico’s Imagen Radio, according to CNN.

Nov 06 08:06

General Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell: “We Will Seek to Move to Dismiss for Egregious Government Conduct” (VIDEO)

Attorney Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs on Tuesday night to discuss the latest updates on US Government’s court case against General Michael Flynn.
The Justice Department on Friday responded to Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell’s motion to compel production of Brady Material and to hold prosecutors in contempt.

Nov 06 08:06

‘Whistleblower’ Attorney Warns Rand Paul: You and Trump Will Be Responsible for Any Harm If You Publicize Name

Mark Zaid, attorney for the so-called ‘whistleblower’ in the Ukraine impeachment inquiry, warned Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) against publicizing the name of the ‘whistleblower’, saying he and President Trump would be responsible for any harm that befalls his client. Zaid then went on to mock Paul as acting like Eric Cartman in South Park before ending his criticism by saying Paul’s actions “undermine #whistleblower protection & may lead to physical harm/harassment of my client.”

Nov 06 08:04

'Prince Andrew should go to jail': Jeffrey Epstein's Australian sex slave Virginia Roberts slams royal for denying he had sex with her when she was just 17 as she returns to NYC mansion where his paedophile pal held her captive

'Being a kid, I didn't realize what world I was being brought into,' says Virginia.

'This mansion represents jail to me.'

Now, she wants to see the men who she says sexually abused and assaulted her to go to prison too - allegedly including Prince Andrew.

'Prince Andrew should go to jail. I mean, is he ever going to? Probably not,' says Virginia.