Apr 24 05:33

How the Deep State Turns Every President Into John McCain

In the wake of last week’s cruise missile attack on Syria, there was a joke going around the internet saying that it doesn’t matter who Americans vote for, they always wind up getting John McCain as President of the United States

The humor derives from the fact that the past three presidents all ran for office committed to reducing America’s interventionism overseas but once in office they reversed course and expanded US military commitments worldwide, turning them into facsimiles of John McCain, who has never seen a war he didn’t like

President Donald Trump’s explicit pledges to avoid expanded engagement in Asia and the Middle East while also fixing the relationship with Russia are by now lost down the memory hole as he has increased troop levels in Afghanistan while, by his own admission, the relationship with Moscow is now even worse than it was during the Cold War. And regarding Syria>>>

Apr 24 05:30

Kim Kardashian's trainer, Melissa Alcantara, on how to get the body you want

Kim Kardashian has been posting a lot of pictures from a recent trip to the Caribbean. One photo in particular, a bikini pic, included a caption that caught a lot of people’s attention and gave a nod to the woman who has helped Kardashian get into the best shape of her life. “Shout out to my trainer @fitgurlmel who really changed my body. When I wasn’t happy with what I saw back in the mirror I spent a whole year training so hard 5 or 6 days a week putting in a lot of work and changed the way that I eat and there’s such a noticeable difference. I am firm and less cellulite and so much more confident. SO THANK YOU for waking up at 5am to do crazy body building workouts & sprints that I hate & putting me on to this lifestyle.”

Apr 24 05:07

The Neocons Are Selling Kool-Aid Again

In 2004 I published an article in the journal, Middle East Policy that was entitled “Drinking the Koolaid.” The article reviewed the process by which the neocon element in the Bush Administration seized control of the process of policy formation and drove the United States in the direction of invasion of Iraq and the destruction of the apparatus of the Iraqi state. They did this through manipulation of the collective mental image Americans had of Iraq and the supposed menace posed by Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
The solution for the imperialists and neocons is simple. Local rulers must be removed as the principal obstacle to popular emulation of Western and especially American culture and political forms.

In the run up to the invasion of Iraq I was often told by leading neocon figures that the Muslims and particularly the Iraqis had no culture worth keeping and that once we had created new facts, (a Karl Rove quote) these people would quickly abandon their old ways and beliefs as they sought to become something like Americans. This notion has one major flaw. It is not necessarily correct.


Apr 24 04:10

Kim Jong-Un Visits Chinese Embassy Over Fatal Bus Accident

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un visited the Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang on Monday morning to express his condolences over a bus accident in which 32 Chinese tourists died.

At a meeting with Li Jinjun, Chinese ambassador to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim expressed his deep sympathy and sincere solicitude on the heavy casualties in Sunday's deadly bus crash, in which four North Koreans also perished, according to a statement from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The accident happened in North Hwanghae province in the DPRK's southwest. Two other Chinese also were left in critical condition after the crash.

Kim asked Li to convey his sincere condolences to President Xi>>>

Apr 24 03:50

First-ever ocean plastic cleaner will tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The first-ever machine to clean up the planet’s largest chunk of ocean plastic is due to set sail. It’s heading to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, halfway between California and Hawaii, where it will commence collecting the 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic rubbish

Apr 24 03:49

Voter Distrust Of Political News Is At An All-Time High With Good Reason

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey has found that 54% of likely United States voters now say they do not trust the political news they are getting. That’s up from last June’s previous high of 46%. This all comes on the heels of ex-MSNBC pundit exposing the network’s clear “pro-establishment bias.”

Apr 24 03:46

Netanyahu turns up volume as Iran deadline nears

"Israel will not allow regimes that seek our annihilation to acquire nuclear weapons," Netanyahu told an audience of diplomats in a speech in Jerusalem.
Christopher Ford, US Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation, said the Islamic republic's nuclear programme remained "dangerously close to rapid weaponisation".
Note: Except Israel does not have to join the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty even if it is against the U.S. law because...because...well just because Israel says so!

Apr 24 03:44

Sunny spring day turns to unforgettable tragedy as van driver kills 10 and injures 15

Alleged driver of the vehicle identified as Alek Minassian, as police search for motive. Meanwhile, anguished Toronto residents wondered why.

If ever there was a moment for an overdose of quintessential Canadian resilience it is now, as our metropolis struggles to make sense of the incomprehensible: a deliberate massacre on Toronto’s most famous street.

A curb-jumping Ryder van turned the first truly gorgeous spring day into a nightmare unlike anything Toronto has ever known Monday, cutting a high-speed swath through pedestrians along Yonge St., ending at least 10 lives and wounding at least 15 others.

The carnage in North York stretched more than a kilometre along Yonge south of Finch Ave., lasting a mere 26 minutes, from the first alarm to the arrest of the suspect.


Apr 24 03:14

This boy clinging to dead body won't become face of Yemen war for millions in the West (GRAPHIC)

A horrible image taken after the Saudi-led bombing of a wedding party in Yemen last Sunday featured a young boy clinging to a dead man’s body, refusing to leave. But I bet he won’t be the face of the war in the mainstream media.

Apr 24 02:38

Despite the fact that her father reigns as president of the United States, many fail to realize Tiffany Trump even exists. Donald Trump’s youngest daughter has often been called the “forgotten Trump” — especially considering his eldest three children are

Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to her third child at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London
Kate, 36, gave birth after being taken by car before 6am this morning to hospital's private Lindo Wing
Supporters have decked out their tents in Union Jacks and put up flags and posters around the site
Kate gave birth to George in 10-and-a-half hours after admission, and Charlotte in two-and-a-half

Apr 24 02:36

Tiffany Trump: Fascinating Things You Never Knew About the Forgotten Trump

Despite the fact that her father reigns as president of the United States, many fail to realize Tiffany Trump even exists. Donald Trump’s youngest daughter has often been called the “forgotten Trump” — especially considering his eldest three children are typically in the limelight.

Apr 24 02:35

Woman Reportedly Pours Coffee on Passengers, Assaults Air Marshal During Delta Flight

A woman aboard a Delta flight was arrested for misdemeanor assault after reportedly attacking an air marshal and disrupting a flight from London to Salt Lake City.

Apr 24 01:02

Total Control: New Measures Toward Global Totalitarianism

For those who have read “1984” by George Orwell, it is almost prophetic in its depth and accuracy. The reason that the warning has not been heeded is that change takes place with glacial slowness. Sometimes the changes take so long they dull the senses and we become inured to “more bad news,” or we just discount it continually. No matter what our reaction, the march toward global totalitarianism proceeds, with or without our consent or even our attention.

Apr 24 00:10

Time to Repeal the 2nd Amendment & Ban Guns, How is That Working For You?

The total economic impact of the firearms and ammunition industry in the United States increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $51.4 billion in 2017. A 169 percent increase, while the total number of full-time equivalent jobs rose from approximately 166,000 to almost 310,000, an 87 percent increase in that period, according to a recent report released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry’s trade association. There has been no better gun salesman than President Obama and his minions in the history of this country, and it occurred in an otherwise downward economy!

Apr 23 23:50

If You Limit ANY Free Speech, This Is What You Get

Make no mistake, ANY anti-free speech law will be used against innocent, non-violent, peaceful people. And the American police state will enforce those laws on its victims with glee.

Apr 23 15:15

Dan Bongino WRECKS Adam Schiff…

Bongino hits Schiff with the truth. This is excellent.


Apr 23 14:51

Terror in Toronto: Van Attack Leaves At Least 9 Dead, Scores Injured

UPDATE: 9 dead in Toronto, authorities confirm it was a terrorist attack.

Apr 23 14:50

RAW VIDEO | Milo Yiannopoulos Shouted Out of NYC Bar By Democrats Chanting ‘Nazi Scum Get Out’…

Here's the video from inside the bar -- The tolerant left strikes again...


Apr 23 14:34

Liberals celebrate pathetic victory with cheers after forcing Milo Yiannopoulos to leave NYC bar

Former Breitbart editor and conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos was ambushed Sunday evening in a New York City bar by a bunch of liberals from the rather unknown alt-left group Democratic Socialists of America.

Apr 23 14:27

BREAKING | Rand Paul Will Vote YES For Mike Pompeo

Story just hit the wires in a series of tweets from Dr. Paul. Interesting reasoning from Paul as both Trump and Pompeo affirmed that the Iraq War was a mistake and they plan to pull troops out of Afghanistan.


Apr 23 13:11

Suspect in custody after striking multiple pedestrians with a van in Toronto attack: Video

At around 1:30 p.m. local time a man of Mid-East descent driving a white van plowed into at least four pedestrians in a busy intersection located at Yonge Street and Finch Avenue, police say.

Apr 23 12:54

Doctor says Stephon Clark shot 7 times from behind by police

Sacramento police shot Stephon Clark seven times from behind, according to autopsy results released Friday by a pathologist hired by Clark’s family, findings that call into question the department’s assertion that the 22-year-old black man was facing officers and walking toward them when he was killed.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, whose study of a degenerative brain condition in football players prompted the NFL to adopt new safety rules designed to prevent concussions, also determined Clark took up to 10 minutes to die.

Police officers, concerned Clark could be alive and armed, waited about five minutes to approach him after the shooting in his grandmother’s backyard. Clark was not armed; police apparently mistook a cellphone in his hand for a gun.

Apr 23 12:53

Toronto Van Driver Described as ‘Angry and Middle Eastern’

multiple fatalities following the incident

Apr 23 12:40

The Truth About The "Multicultural" Invasion Of Sweden

Immigration is an issue that causes tempers to flare. Many Americans want our borders to be firmly closed to outsiders, especially if those outsiders are brown. Having lived in and been welcome in another country, and having brought my children to the United States, obviously, I’m pro-immigration.

But only to a point.

Europe has opened their doors generously but now, they are filled with areas of high risk and looming flashpoints. Let’s take a look at what has happened in Sweden, where unchecked immigration has created a public safety crisis.

The crime in Malmo and Stockholm has skyrocketed. You can read about it in these articles:

Violent crime in Sweden is soaring

Hand grenades and violence rattle Sweden’s middle class

Violence against women has also increased dramatically.

According to the Swedish Crime Survey, compared to 2015, attempted rape against girls 15 – 17 was up 46 percent in 2016.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With many so-called"sanctuary cities" in the US, we have seen a huge uptick in crime as well, although the alleged news media in this country doesn't want to admit it.

Apr 23 12:38

California To Ban the Sale of Bibles?

When you think about the censorship and outright banning of books and opinions, do you imagine the United States of America?

Or, more likely, does that kind of suppression strike you more as the tactics of communists or fascists that America has frequently fought against?

If liberal lawmakers in California get their way, that west coast state may be one step closer to being unrecognizable as part of the United States. A bill currently pending in the legislature would essentially ban the sale of books that include traditional Christian views on marriage and sexuality.

Shockingly, the proposed law could even be construed to make it illegal to sell Bibles, since they include verses that the far left finds unacceptable.
Watch video here

Apr 23 12:32

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record, Raises Number of Beheadings by 70%, Lack of Basic Freedoms for Women and Girls

n its latest report published Saturday, the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) said executions by the Saudi government in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 72 percent.

The report also showed that a number of foreign nationals also face capital punishment in Saudi Arabia.

ESOHR released its report amid widespread criticism of Saudi Arabia over its terrible human rights record, including the censorship of free speech, indiscriminate incarceration of citizens with no due process, and lack of basic freedoms for women and girls.

The Saudi government refrains from providing any official statistics for people on death row but the organization confirmed that 42 people are expected to be imminently executed, including 8 individuals who were minors at the time of the offense.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the B.O.Y. (the Butcher of Yemen, AKA Prince Bin Salman), and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, are two of President Trump's BFFs in the region, I am not looking for any kind of a peaceful resolution to the region's issues anytime soon.

I would travel to Tehran (if I could), because I understand that, as a member of a protected minority religion, as a Christian, I could worship at a Christian church, just as Jewish people can worship in their Synagogues, or Bahais in their shrines, without fear of prosecution.

Unfortunately, the practice of any religion which is not Wahabbi Islam, is a punishable offence in Saudi Arabia, and is sometimes punished severely.
Saudi Arabia, from the past into the future

Apr 23 12:29

California Defeats Monsanto In Court To List Glyphosate As Carcinogen

A California Appellate Court sided with the State of California and Center for Food Safety (CFS) on Thursday, affirming that Monsanto’s glyphosate pesticide can be listed as a known carcinogen under Proposition 65.

Apr 23 12:14

Welcome to Agadez, America’s Latest Front in the War on Terror

Say hello to Agadez:

Agadez is 4,000 miles from Aghanistan, where the Global War on Terrorism began. It’s 2,500 miles from Iraq, our next destination in the war. It’s 2,000 miles from Syria and 1,500 miles from Benghazi. This is where we’re building a $110 million drone base that will host nearly a thousand American troops, double the number of a few years ago. Here is Eric Schmitt:

Taken together, these parallel missions reflect a largely undeclared American military buildup outside the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, often with murky authorities and little public attention, unfolding in remote places like Yemen, Somalia and, increasingly, West Africa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Major General Hicks, I truly believe that I have a method of completely eliminating any terror threats to Americans in any part of the world; we need, please, to stop mucking about in other people's countries to expropriate resources to which the US government has absolutely zero moral right, or, at least, compensate the people of those countries whose resources we are expropriating.

It's just that simple; and you are welcome!! :-)

Apr 23 12:04

Afghanistan: 63 dead in attacks on voter registration centres

Bombings at voter registration centres in the Afghan capital, Kabul, and in Baghlan province have killed at least 63 people and wounded more than a hundred others, health officials said.

At least 57 people were killed in Kabul when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives at the doorway of an ID distribution centre in the city on Sunday, officials said.

Six more people were killed later in the day in Baghlan's Pul-e-Khumri city, when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb near another voting centre. All six were from the same family.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group said it carried out the Kabul attack, but no group has claimed responsibility for the Baghlan blast yet.

The Kabul bombing occured in the Dasht-e-Barchi area, where many of the country's Shia Hazara minority reside.

Among the victims were many women and children, witnesses said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have been at war for nearly 17 years in Afghanistan, with no discernible end in sight.

What the US government and NATO should be doing, and right the hell now, is to remove all troops as safely as is quickly reasonable, and negotiate with whatever government is left standing in Kabul for the pipeline and opium control rights.

Of course, THAT... would be logical.

Apr 23 12:00

Google confirms some of its own services are now getting blocked in Russia over the Telegram ban

A shower of paper airplanes darted through the skies of Moscow and other towns in Russia today, as users answered the call of entrepreneur Pavel Durov to send the blank missives out of their windows at a pre-appointed time in support of Telegram, a messaging app he founded that was blocked last week by Russian regulator Roskomnadzor (RKN) that uses a paper airplane icon. RKN believes the service is violating national laws by failing to provide it with encryption keys to access messages on the service (Telegram has refused to comply).

Apr 23 11:59

Twitter Erupts After Obama Makes Melania Trump Smile At Barbara Bush's Funeral

First lady Melania Trump attended the funeral of former first lady Barbara
First lady Melania Trump attended the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush on Saturday without President Donald Trump, who was visiting one of his golf resorts in Florida.

Apr 23 11:57

John Oliver to air commercial on 'Hannity' specifically pointed at Trump

On May 12, President Donald Trump will have to decide whether to support the current Iran nuclear deal or impose sanctions. And as Last Week Tonight With John Olivershowed, Trump is not a huge fan of that deal.

Apr 23 11:56

As Korea Talks Progress, Mainstream Media Try to Derail : PeaceMedia starts interviewing random Koreans seeking peace skeptics

Months of diplomatic progress with North Korea has really picked up pace in recent weeks. An historic moment is set for this Friday, when South Korea’s President Moon has a summit with Kim Jong-un. Ending the Korean War, 68 years after it started, is under serious consideration.

And that’s just the start of the reasons for optimism. A hotline between North and South Korea opened last Friday. The US is considering opening an embassy in Pyongyang. President Trump will also be having his own summit with Kim in late May or early June.

North Korea has made numerous significant concessions. They’ve halted missile and nuclear testing and are in the process of closing their nuclear testing site. Most significantly, they are open to a deal to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula without demanding 30,000 US troops withdraw from South Korea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fingers crossed on this one; I am hoping (and praying) that Trump and South Korea's leadership are reading the signs from Pyongyang correctly.

Apr 23 11:50

Twitter Blocks Girl with Down Syndrome for Posting ‘Pro-Life Pictures’

Charlotte “Charlie” Fien, a British pro-life activist with Down syndrome, was reportedly blocked by Twitter for 24 hours this week after posting pro-life materials.

The 22-year-old English girl with just under 2,000 followers was up in arms over Twitter’s heavy-handed move, especially since the social media giant routinely allows pro-abortion users to post anything they want without censorship.

“Funny how Twitter allows willy pics and boobs,” she cracked. “Funny how Twitter allows paedophiles and other scum. Funny how Twitter doesn’t like my Pro Life pics and blocks them.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The treatments for Downs Syndrome have grown incredibly, and this young woman, and her very loving, suppportive family, is living proof of that.

This is a genetic abnormality, and in the 21st century, people should be testing their DNA to insure against that, when they are ready to be parents.
And if it is an issue for a couple,they should think about adoption, which I believe is a very beautiful thing to do.

But for Twitter to block her pro-life images; PLEASE, this is very tacky.

I personally feel that I need to track down this gal, and offer support.

And just in case I haven't made my feelings clear, on this blog, I am very much pro-life, but understand, as a compassionate woman, that not all pregnancies can come to term, and it is a tragedy when that cannot happen.

It happened to two family members very close to us, so I do understand why and how this termination of a pregnancy sometimes just has to be done; I just hate seeing it done as a retroactive birth control measure.

Apr 23 11:34

60 Seconds Of James Comey ANNIHILATION...

Mollie Hemingway lays it all out there. This is REALLY good...


Apr 23 11:34


Ever since the FBI began its "going dark" crusade, crucial questions have gone unanswered. Considering the budget and technical expertise the FBI has access to, why was it so necessary to get Apple to crack an iPhone's encryption for the Bureau? Turns out it wasn't. The FBI did have a solution, but the head of the division charged with cracking open the San Bernardino shooter's phone didn't want a technical solution. He wanted a courtroom solution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI is just as critically fractionalized as is the rest of this government, and is collectively impotent to resolve this issue intelligently.

Apr 23 11:31


Apple's efforts in particular to monopolize repair run deep. The company has worked alongside the Department of Homeland Security and ICE to seize counterfeit parts in the United States and raid shops of independent iPhone repair professionals. FOIA efforts to obtain details on just how deeply rooted Apple is in ICE's "Operation Chain Reaction" have been rejected. The efforts to "combat counterfeit goods" often obscures what this is really about for Apple: protecting a lucrative repair monopoly and thwarting anybody that might dare repair Apple devices for less money.

And Apple's efforts on this front are a decidedly global affair. More recently, Apple has been harassing an independent repair shop owner in Norway named Henrik Huseby. After Norway customs officials seized a shipment of 63 iPhone 6 and 6S replacement screens on their way to Huseby's repair shop, Apple threatened to sue the store owner unless they agreed to stop using aftermarket screens and pay a hefty settlement:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good on this guy!!

Apr 23 11:02


Here's how I'm connecting the dots of data collection/data mining and the new model for maximizing profitability: the entire model of "capitalism" (maximizing return on capital and labor) has shifted from getting rich making stuff/providing services to distributing/marketing goods and services in a cartel structure.

In this economy, the essential role is played by big data/data mining. Wal-Mart, Amazon, Facebook, Google et al have no interest in where the goods and services are made/generated; the big profits are in the distribution/marketing (i.e. exploiting large data sets) and gathering and selling these large data sets.

Let's stipulate that those corporations whose entire value proposition is manufacturing expertise will continue to extract profits from manufacturing. But this doesn't mean that this manufacturing remains exclusively in the domestic economy, or that Big Data isn't increasingly a core value-generator for manufacturers.

Apr 23 10:58

BRILLIANT | Black Conservative Candace Owens Drops The HAMMER On Black Lives Matter Protesters

This is absolutely fantastic -- Everyone should see this...


Apr 23 10:52


My wife -- whose father is a TV director who'd worked for the BBC -- learned as a little girl that the British spy agency MI5 secretly vetted people who applied for work at the BBC and denoted possible subversives by putting a doodle of a Christmas tree on their personnel files; people who were thus blacklisted were discriminated against within the Beeb.

This practice -- which continued into the 1990s -- has been an open secret for generations, but the BBC has always officially denied it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I find myself completely unastonished at this revelation; the Brits have their own "flavor" of the Deep State, which upholds narrative to further its agenda, no matter how horrific that agenda may be for its people... like the participation in the Iraq war, a cause championed by Phoney Tony Blair.

Apr 23 10:48


A stay-at-home mother of four and trained medical assistant who led the effort to expose the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has recieved a prestigious award that honors grassroots environmental activists from across the globe.

LeeAnne Walters is the North American recipient of this year's Goldman Environmental Prize, which is awarded to one activist from each of the world's six inhabited continents.

After Walters's eyelashes started falling out, her twin toddlers broke out in a rash, and her teenage son started experiencing vision and kidney problems in 2014, she filed a formal complaint. Months later, in February 2015, local officials tested lead levels in her water—which, they determined, were dangerously high.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The rich and well-connected never eat their own.

Apr 23 10:43

KANYE WEST @kanyewest is Tweeting Scott Adams LIVE Streams

Baseb Kanye Watching Scott Adams with a piece of tape over his webcam.

Apr 23 10:41

Antifa arrested for wearing masks at Nazi rally in Georgia

Police officers arrived before the rally began and approached a group of about 50 anti-fascist protesters. They demanded the protesters remove their masks or face arrest. The officers — who wore bulletproof vests and helmets, and carried semi-automatic rifles — cornered the anti-fascist protesters, then grabbed those who were still masked, tossing them to the ground and handcuffing them.

At one point, an officer pointed what seemed to be a modified AR-15 at the faces of counterprotesters, none of whom appeared to be armed.

The lead officer in the arrests said the counterprotesters were breaking a state law regarding masks, likely referring to a seldom-enforced 1951 law originally aimed at combating hooded Ku Klux Klan members.

Apr 23 10:40


Weeks after President Donald Trump thanked Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince for his country’s use of U.S. military power, the U.S.-backed coalition bombed a wedding party in Yemen, killing at least 20 civilians including the bride. The number of casualties is expected to rise.

On social media, journalist Glenn Greenwald reminded readers of the U.S. connection to Saudi Arabia’s assault on the impoverished country, which has led to what the U.N. has called “the worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time”—and which would not be possible without U.S. support.

In Yemen today, the Saudis bombed a wedding, killing at least 20 people, including the bride. They killed "mostly women and children." The US & UK - who some believe do humanitarian interventions - both play vital roles in the Saudi destruction of Yemen

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 23, 2018

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government is brilliant at targeted genocide; this... is precisely what is happening here in Yemen.

Doesnt' it make you absolutely proud to be a citizen of a country with such an incredible kill rate against innocents?!?

And of course, absoflippinglutely ZERO coverage of this by the the corporate Presstitutes or Whoresponents.

Apr 23 10:29

Watch Candace Owens Epic REACTION To Kanye West Praising Her On Twitter

Kanye West on a Twitter rampage to help the black communitiesKanye West Applauds Black
Lives Matter Critic;
Many Fans Revolt

Apr 23 10:07

Boy, 12, steals credit card and goes on Bali holiday after fight with mother

Sydney boy boarded flight alone to Perth, then another to Indonesia, where he checked into the All Seasons hotel

Apr 23 09:55

America Can’t Be Trusted Anymore

It's hard to be powerful when nobody believes a word you say.

One of the most overused cliches in contemporary U.S. diplomacy is Ronald Reagan’s invocation of a Russian proverb: “Trust but Verify.” Originally used in the context of the Cold War, it conveyed that Washington should be willing to reach agreements with its adversaries but only if it could be sure the other side would live up to its commitments. It was a nice way to indicate both flexibility and toughness, which is of course why people refer to it whenever the United States is contemplating new negotiations with one of its adversaries.

Implicit in Reagan’s dictum is the idea that Americans are honest, plain-speaking truth-tellers who can be counted upon to keep their word and fulfill their promises. America’s opponents, by contrast, are a slippery bunch of deceptive charlatans who will exploit any loophole and seize any opportunity to hoodwink the country. Accordingly, U.S. negotiators must insist on all sorts of intrusive measures — such as the extraordinarily stringent inspection regime incorporated into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran — to make sure they can verify what others are really up to. Reagan’s proverb notwithstanding, the importance the United States attaches to verification is really a reminder that there is damn little trust involved.

Lately, however, I’ve been wondering whether this wariness has things backward>>>

Apr 23 09:18

This Woman Has To Pay $19,000 For Sharing A Defamatory Video On Facebook

A man who is a member of a little-known religious order has been awarded $18,880 for defamation after a woman shared a YouTube video on her Facebook page that made claims about him and his religion.

Apr 23 09:16

At Least 57 People Were Killed By A Suicide Bomb At A Voter Center In Kabul

Abandoned shoes belonging to victims of a suicide bombing at the scene of the attack outside a voter registration center in Kabul, Afghanistan, on April 22, 2018.
At least 57 people have died, and more than 119 are believed to be injured, following an explosion at a voter registration center in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sunday, officials have said.

Apr 23 09:15

Macaulay Culkin Just Spilled Some Behind-The-Scenes Tea On "Home Alone" And "My Girl"

If you grew up in the '90s, you don't need me to introduce you to Macaulay Culkin. He was the star of Home Alone, My Girl, and all of our childhoods.

Apr 23 09:10

Armenia Prevents Up To 150 Bombs Going Off

Armenian authorities have prevented a series of terrorist attacks and the detention of citizens who planned to organize over a hundred explosions on the territory of the republic. According to the Armenian National Security Service (SNB), the criminal group was created by two citizens of Armenia associated with the convicted oppositionist Zhirayr Sefilyan, and the group “Sasna Tsrer”, who seized the building of the patrol and guard service in Yerevan in 2016.

It is reported that the criminals were going to arrange terrorist attacks, placing 100-150 homemade explosive devices in public spaces, which are controlled remotely. In particular, explosions were planned at Freedom Square in Yerevan, in the Dalma Garden Mall shopping mall and the entertainment center, under vehicles and bridges, and in residential buildings “to create an atmosphere of fear and illegal pressure on public authorities.”

Apr 23 09:01

Shania Twain Apologizes For Saying She Would Have Voted Trump

Singer Shania Twain issued a formal apology on Sunday for telling a British paper she would have voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election if she was American.

Apr 23 09:01

Lakewood police start Register Every Camera initiative

Lakewood police are asking for the public’s help in increasing security around the town.

The police department recently unveiled the Register Every Camera initiative. Police officials would like every resident who has a security camera to register that camera with the department.

“We’re not asking to monitor your system, we're not even asking for access to your system. All we simply want is to know that you have a camera,” says Detective Lt. Greg Staffordsmith. “That information is then secured in our in-house database for the purpose of generating a map."

Police say that this way if a crime does happen, they have a list of areas that could be covered by cameras, which may help solve a crime.

Lakewood resident Rabbi Osher Lederer is the dean of the Yeshiva K'Tana of Lakewood School. He says that he fully supports the program and says that he has already registered his cameras with police.

Apr 23 08:59

'Big bitcoin heist' suspect escapes prison and flees Iceland 'on PM's plane'

The suspected mastermind behind the theft of 600 computers used to mine bitcoin in Iceland has escaped from prison and fled to Sweden on an aeroplane reportedly carrying the Icelandic prime minister.

Sindri Thor Stefansson escaped through a window of the low-security Sogn prison in rural southern Iceland before boarding a flight to Sweden at the international airport in Keflavik located 59 miles from the prison on Tuesday. Police said he travelled under a passport in someone else’s name, but was identified via surveillance video.

“He had an accomplice,” police chief Gunnar Schram told local news outlet Visir. “We are sure of that.”

Guards at the prison, which has no fences and where inmates have access to the internet and phones, did not report him missing until after the flight to Sweden had taken off. Stefansson had been in custody since February, but was moved to the low-security prison 11 days ago.

Apr 23 08:58

Police: Alleged Tennessee Waffle House shooter delusional, believed Taylor Swift was harassing him

Police reports from the Tazwell County Sheriff's Office state that alleged Tennessee Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking was delusional and believed Taylor Swift was harassing him.

According to the report taken in May 2016, police responded to a CVS parking lot where EMS was evaluating Reinking. EMS stated Reinking said he believed everyone, including his own family and police were involved in the plot.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds like a bad reaction to psychiatric drugs.

Apr 23 08:38

Royal baby live: Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby boy

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a son.
Kensington Palace tweeted the news shortly after 1pm, stating that the child was delivered safely at 1101hrs, weighing 8lbs 7oz.
The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.

Apr 23 08:37

Florida man gets 330 years on child porn charges in 'sex tourism' trial

Florida man gets 330 years on child porn charges in 'sex tourism' trial

Apr 23 08:36

The 29-year-old hero from Waffle House shooting: 'I saw the opportunity and I took it'

James Shaw Jr. cried at least four times Sunday after a tragic morning where he wrestled a gun away from a shooter at an Antioch Waffle House.

Apr 23 08:36

North Korea Is Now Connected To South Korea With A Direct Hotline

CNBC North Korea is now connected to South Korea with a direct hotline
A direct phone line was installed and tested between South Korea's Blue House and North Korea's State Affairs Commission on Friday.
The move signals a reduction in tensions on the Korean peninsula ahead of next week's face-to-face summit, the first since 2007, between the leaders of North and South Korea.

(*with no regard for the 'world's policeman' ?)

Apr 23 08:15

Billionaire former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has said he will write a $4.5m cheque to cover the US’s financial commitment to the Paris Climate agreement for 2018...says he hopes Donald Trump will change his mind and rejoin the pact next year

Billionaire former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has said he will write a $4.5m cheque to cover the US’s financial commitment to the Paris Climate agreement for 2018.
Donald Trump pulled the US out of the climate pact last year, saying it was a “terrible deal” which would “undermine” the economy and put the US at a “permanent disadvantage”.

Apr 23 08:14

Boy, 12, steals credit card and goes on Bali holiday after fight with mother

A 12-year-old Sydney boy stole his parents’ credit card, tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport and flew to Bali on his own after a family argument.

Apr 23 08:13

Brit Who Filmed Dog Giving Nazi Salutes Fined Over $1,000

Most European states have legislation in place to deter the promotion of Nazi material, or the mocking of the Holocaust, with perparators facing steep fines even if their actions aren’t particularly malicious.

A man who filmed his partner’s pet dog giving Nazi salutes while he said “sieg heil” and “gas the Jews” has been fined £800 (around US$1,120 at the current GBP/USD exchange rate) by the Airdrie sheriff court on Monday, the Independent reported.

Apr 23 08:04

The CIA and the Drug Trade (Eyeopener Preview)

During the 18th century, the British monopolized the opium trade in India and shipped thousands of chests of opium per year to China as a way of financing their huge trade deficit with that nation. When the Chinese cracked down on opium trafficking in the mid-19th century, the British fought two wars to ensure their Chinese opium market.

By the 1830s, American traders were already getting in on the act, with Samuel Russell’s “Russell & Company” becoming the largest American trading house in China. Russell’s cousin, William Huntington Russell, founded Skull & Bones, a secret society at Yale that has formed the core of the American intelligence establishment, a set of documentable facts that the establishment media seems eager to avoid.

Apr 23 08:03

Israeli Politician Calls for Stripping Natalie Portman of Citizenship

“Let me speak for myself. I chose not to attend because I did not want to appear as endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu, who was to be giving a speech at the ceremony. Like many Israelis and Jews around the world, I can be critical of the leadership in Israel without wanting to boycott the entire nation. I treasure my Israeli friends and family, Israeli food, books, art, cinema, and dance.’”

Apr 23 07:05

BBC to ban all single-use plastics by 2020

Plan will eradicate disposable cups and cutlery by the end of the year, and containers from canteens by 2019

Apr 23 07:04

Fishermen in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Nepal are being given millions in British Government aid to help develop their businesses

UK foreign aid has funded fish farming projects in Malawi, Bangladesh and Nepal
Aid money has also been directed to 'artisanal freshwater fish farming' in Liberia
It comes amid criticism of the Government's policy on fishing waters post-Brexit

Apr 23 07:03

Family of girl, 14, 'raped and murdered' in park tell internet trolls to stop speculation and making threatening online posts

Viktorija Sokolova was found in Wolverhampton's West Park about 7am April 12
Post-mortem revealed the Lithuanian-born girl had suffered blow to the head
A 16-year-old boy previously appeared in court charged with rape and murder
West Midlands Police have asked for 'threatening and inaccurate' posts to stop

Apr 23 06:58

US sanctions on Turkey for Russia purchases could ground Brit F-35s

Uncle Sam has raised the possibility of sanctions against Turkey for buying Russian anti-aircraft missile systems – putting the UK's supply of overhauled F-35 fighter jet engines at risk.

US government official Aaron Wess Mitchell threatened action if the Middle Eastern/ European nation completed its purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft defence systems,


This is because Turkey is an F-35 customer. Testing F-35s against a Russian-made air defence system inevitably raises fears that vital information on neutralising the F-35 threat would then be handed to the Russians on a plate.

Apr 23 06:24

At least 30 killed by ISIS attack in Afghanistan

At least 31 people were killed and more than 50 others were injured in an explosion carried out by a suicide bomber at a voter registration center in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul on Sunday, Tolo News TV channel wrote on Twitter.

“The ministry of public health spokesman Wahid Majroh confirmed the death toll in Sunday’s deadly bombing in Kabul has risen to 31,” it said.


Apr 23 06:16

Western-Backed Regime Change Looms As Armenia PM Resigns Following Mass Protests

After 11 days of mass protests and violent clashes over the perceived power-grab following the outgoing Armenian President's election to Prime Minister, Serzh Sargsyan has resigned and police have released opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan.

Apr 23 06:14

Fox News Commentator, Former Adviser To Trump’s Presidential Campaign Defends ISIS

WASHINGTON D.C., The United States – A Fox News commentator and former presidential campaign adviser to Mitt Romney and Donald Trump has gone on record on Twitter to defend ISIS.

Earlier today, Professor Walid Phares tweeted: “Assad air force is bombarding Palestinian refugees camp, Yarmuk, not far from Damascus while his ally Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah is threatening wars to “defend the Palestinians.” Is it a war to stop Assad strikes against the Palestinians, perhaps?”

Just one problem…

The Palestinian Yarmouk Camp is controlled by ISIS.

There are many strange things with this position, besides the obvious fact he is defending against the Syrian Army’s and their allies offensive against ISIS


Apr 23 05:49

Gaza protests: All the latest updates

Last Friday, nine journalists who were covering the protests were hospitalised with serious leg injuries after Israeli forces shot at them.

Apr 23 05:43

Palestinians Report Four Killed, 156 Wounded by Israeli Fire in Fourth Friday of Gaza Protests

Since the beginning of the violent demonstrations along the border, 34 Palestinians have allegedly been killed by IDF fire and the bodies of two of them who tried to attack an IDF position are still being held by Israel.
Note: The murders and injured continues. The IDF is one of the bravest armies in the world against woman, children, unarmed ships!

Apr 23 05:26

As US Jerusalem Embassy Move Draws Near, Abbas Vows He Won’t Allow It

With a ceremony to dedicate the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem drawing closer, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said at the weekend his self-rule government will not allow the U.S. or any other country to move its embassy to the city. In comments reported by the official P.A. news agency Wafa, Abbas said his government would “fight” President Trump’s decision. “Palestine’s government will fight against Trump’s decision and not let any country to move its embassy to Jerusalem until Palestine-Israel issue is resolved,” he was quoted as telling a medical conference in Ramallah. “From the outset, we have stated that East Jerusalem is the capital of our state ...

Apr 23 02:42

Cornered, No Way Out, The Trump Card Is About To Be Played

The DNC is suing Russia, Trump and Wikileaks for the 2016 election. This will allow for discovery, Trump is already calling for the DNC servers, wait for it the Trump card will be played.