Feb 26 06:16


It’s rare for the FBI to release documents about ongoing criminal matters on their “Vault” page, but today they did just that.

A document marked “DOMESTIC TERRORISM, SENSITIVE INVESTIGATIVE MATTER,” shows that they have put the pro-Donald Trump fraternity Proud Boys, started by Gavin McInnes, under surveillance as a terrorist organization.

Feb 26 06:00

Key juror questioned in Roger Stone case

A key juror from Roger Stone’s trial was questioned in court on Tuesday over allegations that she prejudiced the jury that convicted the longtime GOP political operative, with the juror also facing public attacks from President Trump on Twitter.

In a lengthy hearing in a court in Washington, D.C., Judge Amy Berman Jackson brought in the juror, Tomeka Hart, to respond to accusations that she provided misleading answers about her political bias — a claim Stone says justifies a new trial.

Hart said she stood by the answers she gave during jury selection, when she said she could fairly act as a juror in the case. She said in a written questionnaire at the time that she did not remember ever posting about Stone or any other figures involved in the case.

“I was zeroed in about Roger Stone in responding to that question, but I still didn’t remember,” she said Tuesday.

Feb 26 05:06

‘Every journalist should feel a cold, icy hand running down their spine’: Assange’s extradition case examined in new RT doc

With Julian Assange’s US extradition hearing getting under way in London, RTD’s new film sheds light on why the WikiLeaks founder’s landmark case may lay the path for future prosecution of journalists.

“Every journalist in the United States should feel a cold, icy hand running down their spine at the charges that had been leveled against this publisher. Because they could be next,” writer Suelette Dreyfus says about Assange whose project published leaked documents exposing possible US War crimes in Iraq and letters exposing shenanigans against Bernie Sanders in 2016 by bosses within the Democratic Party.

“If Julian Assange being a publisher is put in prison for being a publisher, for no other reason than being a publisher, then we have no rules,” says a Swedish journalist Johannes Wahlstrom, who worked with WikiLeaks on the documentary ‘Mediastan’.

Feb 26 04:47

Harvey Weinstein Taken To Hospital With Chest Pains, Avoids Jail While In Treatment

Hollywood mega-mogul — and, now, convicted sex offender — Harvey Weinstein, was taken to Bellevue Hospital in New York City Monday night while en route to his new temporary home, Rikers Island prison.

Feb 26 04:47

CNN Continues Bizarre Obsession Over Trump’s Eating Habits, This Time Over Food Choices In India

Liberal “news” network CNN has a weird obsession with President Trump’s eating habits.

Feb 26 04:25

Your Man in the Public Gallery – Assange Hearing Day 1

Woolwich Crown Court is designed to impose the power of the state. Normal courts in this country are public buildings, deliberately placed by our ancestors right in the centre of towns, almost always just up a few steps from a main street. The major purpose of their positioning and of their architecture was to facilitate public access in the belief that it is vital that justice can be seen by the public.

Feb 26 03:55

'Michelle Obama LOVED Harvey Weinstein.' Donald Trump can't resist a dig at former first lady and Hillary Clinton after movie mogul's rape conviction which he calls 'a great victory for women'

President Donald Trump attacked Democrats including Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton for being 'fans' of Harvey Weinstein in his first comments on the rapist's conviction Tuesday.

'The people who liked him were the Democrats. Michelle Obama loved him, loved him. Hillary Clinton loved him,' he said a press conference in New Delhi in response to a question from

'I was never a fan of Harvey, as you know,' he said. 'He was a person I didn't like.

Feb 26 03:53

Julian Assange is being prosecuted for revealing human rights violations – UN Torture Rapporteur Nils Melzer

We speak to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer about the persecution of Julian Assange. He discusses the threat Assange’s persecution poses to press freedom, why the mainstream media is slowly starting to support the WikiLeaks founder, the allegations Assange faced in Sweden, governments not cooperating with him despite his UN mandate, and more!

Next, we speak to Antony Loewenstein, author of ‘Pills, Powder and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs’. He discusses the dirty secrets of the US’ war on drugs in Latin America, why Honduras is more violent today than it was in the 80s, how the US has made Honduras’ problems worse, why he believes in legalizing drugs, and more!

Feb 26 03:41

O’Keefe Taunts Impending Release of New Undercover Video Exposing ABC News’ Agenda to Mislead Voters

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe taunted ABC News on Tuesday with the release of a new undercover video exposing the outlet’s agenda to mislead voters.

Feb 26 03:41

Washington Post Columnist Demands Journalists Abandon Neutrality In Trump Coverage

Margaret Sullivan, a Post columnist, is demanding that journalists abandon their supposed objectivity as they cover the presidency of Donald Trump, saying they should just label “a lie a lie.”

Feb 26 03:34

What is Wrong with Joe? Biden Tells South Carolina Crowd He’s the ‘Democratic Candidate For the United States Senate’ (VIDEO)

What is wrong with old Joe?
77-year-old Joe Biden told a South Carolina crowd on Monday night that he’s the ‘Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.’

Feb 26 03:33

Cancel Culture Strikes Again: Rebekah Mercer Removed from American Museum of Natural History’s Board – After Years of Attacks for Donating to Republican Causes

After years of protests by climate change activists Rebekah Mercer was removed from the American Museum of Natural History’s Board.

Feb 26 02:59

Ted Cruz On Sotomayor’s Accusatory Supreme Court Dissent: ‘Like An Arsonist Complaining About The Noise From The Fire Trucks’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) schooled liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on her recent dissent in which she accused the conservative majority on the the Court of being biased in favor of the Trump administration in cases that they ask the Court to block nationwide injunctions by lower court judges.

Feb 26 02:59

“Scary!!” Former White House Physician Who Treated Bush, Obama And Trump Sounds The Alarm On Joe Biden After Latest Gaffe

Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician who treated George W. Bush and Barack Obama sounded the alarm on Joe Biden after his latest gaffe.

Feb 26 02:58

Girl, 11, Brings AR-15 To Idaho Hearing On Gun Legislation

An 11-year-old girl toting a loaded AR-15 assault weapon appeared Monday at a legislative hearing with her grandfather, who is supporting a proposal that would allow visitors to Idaho who can legally possess firearms to carry a concealed handgun within city limits.

Feb 26 02:32

How Many Cases of Covid-19 Will It Take For You to Decide Not to Frequent Public Places?

As empty streets and shelves attest, people taking charge of risk has dire economic consequences.
How many cases of Covid-19 in your community will it take for you to decide not to frequent public places such as cafes, restaurants, theaters, concerts, etc? How many cases in your community will it take for you to decide not to take public transit, Uber/Lyft rides, etc.? How many cases in your community will it take for you to limit going to supermarkets and ask your boss to work at home?
One of the most unexamined aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic is the human psychology of risk assessment and fear. The default human response to novel threats such as the Covid-19 virus is denial and abstraction: it can’t happen here, it won’t happen to me, it’s no big deal, etc.

Feb 26 02:26

U.K. Home Office Covers Up Huddersfield Child Rapists

Authored by Jon Hall via,

According to Sajid Javid’s Home Office, research and findings on the characteristics of grooming gangs across the United Kingdom is not in “public interest”.

After it was found that nearly 19,000 suspected victims of child sex exploitation transpired in just one year, survivors blamed the government for making “empty promises” on ending, or even addressing, the epidemic.

In 2018, Javid claimed there would be “no no-go areas of inquiry” in regards to the rampant sex grooming of children in England.

After Javid’s statement, no further statements on the review have been made. According to The Independent, the outlet was told that the work had been finished but it would only be used for internal policy-making and would not be released publicly.

Even after a freedom of information request inquiring on the research and reports, the British Home Office said they held the information but it would not be released.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thinking Brits need to demand that this information be released, and immediately; the UK government has, by this denial, admitted that it is impotent to stop such activities by these grooming gangs, and/or ... that its members have been complicit its operation.

Feb 26 02:21

Europe keeps Schengen zone open despite coronavirus

European countries have no plans to suspend the Schengen free travel zone despite the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Brussels has said, as it cautioned against a “panic” response.

The EU’s health security committee was due to meet on Monday for talks on the Italian crisis as the European Commission announced a €232m package for the global fight against the disease’s spread. 

An emergency assessment mission of the World Health Organization and the EU’s European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is due to arrive in Italy, where 229 have tested positive for the virus and six people have died, on Tuesday as authorities there battle to contain the largest outbreak outside Asia.

“We need to take this situation extremely seriously — but we must not give in to panic and of course to disinformation,” Stella Kyriakides, EU health commissioner, told reporters in Brussels on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When politics trump hard science, bad things happen; of course, with hubris the size of Texas, the Eurocrats are sitting safe in their bunkers, believing, with an absolutely stunning amount of "magical thinking" that this disease is never going to hit the EU, as it has China.

Feb 26 02:12

How We Stay Blind to the Story of Power

Superficially, the means by which power conceals itself is through stories. Its needs narratives – mainly about those who appear powerful – to create political and social dramas that distract us from thinking about deep power. But more fundamentally still, power depends on ideology. Ideology cloaks power – in a real sense, it ispower – because it is the source of power’s invisibility.

Ideology provides the assumptions that drive our perceptions of the world, that prevent us from questioning why some people were apparently born to rule, or have been allowed to enclose vast estates of what was once everyone’s land, or hoard masses of inherited wealth, or are celebrated for exploiting large numbers of workers, or get away with choking the planet to the point at which life itself asphyxiates.

Feb 26 02:07

The U.S. Is the World Leader of Bio-Weapons Research, Production, and Use Against Mankind

While tangible evidence is not available, the new Coronavirus, (2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) one in a line of many that could have been produced by man in laboratories, is affecting almost exclusively the Chinese at this point. This has seemingly opened the floodgates to speculation as to its exact origin. This virus has unique characteristics that have happened before with SARS and MERS, and has genetic material that has never been identified, and is not tied to any animal or human known virus. This should be troubling to all, because if this is manmade, it was manufactured as a weapon of war. So who is responsible for its release in China? It is possible that this virus was created in China and was “accidentally” released into the population, but that does not sound credible at any level. Do any think that the Chinese government would create a Chinese race specific virus and release it in their country?

Feb 26 02:03

Who Is Behind the Mexican Drug Cartels?

President Donald Trump has declared that the “Drug Cartels” in Mexico are terrorists, intimating that America should wage a new “war on terrorism” in Mexico modelled on America’s counter-terrorism initiative in the Middle East against Al Qaeda.

What do the Mexican Drug Cartels and Al Qaeda have in common? They are covertly supported by US intelligence. They serve US interests.

Below Dean Henderson’s carefully researched article on the Mexican Drug Cartels first published in 2013.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a long read, but worth it; your government makes money off of the drug cartels, therefore, no matter the codswallop coming from Washington against them, understand that they exist to provide service and support to this country's and other country's already well-monied elite.

Feb 26 01:55

Overt Trump Regime Support for Al-Qaeda Offshoots in Syria, ISIS-Daesh Et Al are Pentagon/CIA Proxies

Both right wings of the US war party support ISIS, Al-Qaeda, its offshoots, and likeminded terrorist groups in Syria and other countries where their fighters are deployed as Pentagon/CIA proxy troops.

Instead of explaining reality on the ground in US war theaters, establishment media blame nations victimized by its aggression for high crimes committed against them.

Syria is Exhibit A, US aggression ignored, government forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, vilified for liberating cities, towns and villages from US-supported “jihadists” — what’s currently ongoing in Idlib province, the last stronghold in the country of these elements.

On Monday, Trump’s envoy for regime change in Syria James Jeffrey indirectly expressed support for Hayat Tahrir al-Sham — the al-Qaeda offshoot al-Nusra by another name.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Once you realize that this is all about fossil fuel; the control of it, and the selling of it only in American dollars, does the American position of utilizing terrorists to further their objectives in the region become crystal clear.

Feb 26 01:48

More than a dozen killed, hundreds injured as New Delhi riots overshadow Trump visit

More than a dozen people have been killed and hundreds injured in clashes between opposing groups of protesters in New Delhi, hospital officials said on Tuesday, as riots overshadowed U.S. President Donald Trump’s first visit to India.

The clashes, the worst in the capital since unrest over a new citizenship law began in December, started at the weekend but turned deadly on Monday. Violence erupted again in multiple areas of northeast Delhi on Tuesday, just miles away from where Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met for talks.

India’s capital has been a focus of unrest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, which makes it easier for non-Muslims from three neighbouring Muslim-dominated countries to gain Indian citizenship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears as though the world's largest democracy is sliding, irrevocably, into a slow burning anarchy, from which it may never recover, after the passage of this law.

Feb 26 01:43

Israel’s Netanyahu threatens Gaza with ALL-OUT WAR if missile attacks continue

Israel will stop at nothing to ensure its security and may well launch a broad military campaign against Gaza if the local armed groups continue with missile strikes, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.
Air raid sirens were heard across southern Israel for the second straight day on Monday. The IDF said that some 50 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israeli territory, with 90 percent of them intercepted.

The missile strikes were met with a harsh response, with the Israeli Defense Forces confirming on Twitter that multiple strikes against targets in Gaza have been carried out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look for many more alleged "Palestinian missiles" to target Israel as the "justification" for the IDF to go in and bomb every Palestinian still breathing, and very soon.

After all, Israel's next election happens this Sunday, 2 March Israel calls for another election for March, the third in one year, and Netanyahu, with his corruption trial moving forward, is feeling the pressure to present his electorate with as many dead Palestinians as humanly possible, before this happens.

Expect a massive Israeli bombing campaign raining fire and flames down on Gaza before Sunday's election, and I would not be surprised to see such a campaign begin ... today.

Time is short for Netanyahu to "deliver" on this.

Feb 26 01:34

US Airstrike Kills Terrorist Behind Attack on Kenya Base That Left 3 Americans Dead – AFRICOM

A US airstrike on Saturday killed a leader of the al Shabaab terrorist group who was blamed for an attack on a Kenyan military base last month that killed three Americans, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) announced in a press release on Tuesday.

“The two terrorists were identified as a senior al-Shabaab leader, who was in charge of planning and directing terrorist operations on the Kenya border region, including the recent attack on Manda Bay, and his wife, who also was a witting and active member of al-Shabab responsible for facilitating a wide range of terrorist activities,” the release said.

On 5 January, Islamist group Al-Shabaab - affiliated with al-Qaeda* - attacked a military base in Kenya's Lamu county.

The United States Africa Command issued a statement later in the day, saying that "one US service member and two Department of Defense contractors were killed at a Kenya Defense Force Military Base in Manda Bay, Kenya".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Prayers for the families and friends of those Americans killed in this attack.

but that being said, what the hell is the American military doing in Kenya?

Because this... is the real question thinking Americans need to be asking themselves right now, and the answer to that question is both complicated, and should be morally, and geopolitically concerning to all Americans.

In the following article, Oxfam "nails" why the US is in this country:

Natural Resources: Kenya

The article goes on to state: "The discovery of oil, huge water aquifers, gas and coal in 2012 had the potential of boosting Kenya’s socio-economic development. The main challenge for Kenya’s emerging extractive sector however included outdated legislation, limited capacity for negotiating exploration contracts, and potential conflict over management of resources between national government, counties and within communities. Most communities living along such areas have not been consulted adequately for them to understand issues of compensation and benefits. The communities need to be well informed and give consent on land resettlement, their participation and even how to value their land to demand fair compensation and adequate involvement.

Oxfam’s work in the natural resources sector is a three programme approach that seeks to; promote women, men and youth in poor and marginalized communities secure their rights to access, control and own their land. Equally, the programme seeks to empower communities to make strategic decisions relating to their land and natural resources, monetarily and non-monetarily benefit from all forms of exploits derived from their land. In addition, Oxfam is working closely with policy makers to effectively implement accountable and transparent laws, policies and regulations."

What Oxfam would like to see happen here, is the polar opposite of what the US government, and the corporations which support it, want to see happen here.

The pattern is painfully familiar; regime change a government not to the US's liking, because they do want to give people living over and around its natural resources control over those resources, and shared revenue from their development; the expropriation of said resources, to which the US and US-centric corporations have no moral right; and corporate exploitation of those resources, leaving the people living over and around them, in lives of perpetual poverty and misery.

Or, in some cases, the US government is perfectly comfortable, supporting a government whose plans are inimical to the well-being of its citizens

Wash; rinse; repeat.

Why is it so damned hard for so many people not to understand what is going on here?!?

Is it, perhaps, because they just don't want to, because understanding would mean that there is a moral dilemma, which screamed for responsible, moral attention?

And of course, let's not forget China's appetite for raw resources in Africa as well.

The US is there, militarily, to enable it to dominate Africa economically, and prevent China's access not only to Kenya's natural resources, but to the rest of Africa's as well, as far as they can help it, insuring all imports are only sold for American dollars.

And that, folks, in a very grimy nutshell, is why the US military is in Kenya, and other parts of Africa as well.

Feb 26 01:11



Americans over the past 35 years have had their effective incomes dramatically eroded due to the surging costs of college, health insurance, housing and transportation, according to a new study from the Manhattan Institute.

From The Manhattan Institute, "The Cost-of-Thriving Index: Reevaluating the Prosperity of the American Family" (via The Washington Post):

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many people who have lived on Oahu, as we have, have decided to "vote with their feet", and move off an island beset by political corruption; huge boondoggle expenses, like the "light rail to nowhere"; a failing educational infrastructure; and housing which is crumbling, yet unaffordable, due to a tax structure which makes utterly no sense, unless one is well-monied in the first place.

And health care on Oahu?!?

Please, don't get me started; as a senior who suffered a compression spinal fracture about 3 years ago, with supplemental insurance, for which we paid, and pay, through the nose, I was informed by my HMO that I would have to wait 90 days before an appointment could be created, and I could be seen for care, even though I was in excruciating pain at the time, and attempted to convey that to the receptionist who set me up for an appointment... long after the permanent damage had been done to my back.

I did mention to the receptionist who "worked me in" for 90 days after that phone call, that I was in horrific pain, and believe that I was speaking English at the time; I guess that they have been trained to just not listen to a client making that observation.

I guess that this HMO's actuarial people were hoping and praying that I would die before they were mandated to provide care.

Feb 26 00:56


The White House on Monday sent lawmakers an urgent $2.5 billion plan to address the deadly coronavirus outbreak, whose rapid spread and threat to the global economy rocked financial markets.

The White House budget office said the funds are for vaccines, treatment and protective equipment. The request was immediately slammed by Democrats as insufficient and came as coronavirus fears were credited with Monday’s 1,000-plus point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and are increasingly seen as a potential political threat to President Donald Trump.

The request was released Monday evening and came as key government accounts were running low. The Department of Health and Human Services had already tapped into an emergency infectious disease rapid response fund and was seeking to transfer more than $130 million from other HHS accounts to combat the virus but is pressing for more.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These endless wars have bankrupted this government, leaving it no real position to create any real, substantive measures with which to "knock out" a true pandemic, if it does hit the US with the kind of ferocity some epidemiologists are predicting.

Feb 26 00:52

Video Content Producers Increasingly Trying to Work Around YouTube Censorship

Here are three videos in a row that I just watched with people trying to dance around YouTube’s censorship and demonetization systems.

In the first one, Dana Ashlie goes as far as showing a white board to convey a glossary of terms!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are several social networks listed in the left-hand side of content at this site; I would politely suggest that people concerned about censorship in what has become the surveillance arm of this government, Youtube and Facebook, explore, and embrace these sites now.

Feb 25 23:48

Reddit Announces They'll Ban Users For Their Upvotes, Launches 'Takeover' Of r/The_Donald

Reddit's leftist overlords announced Tuesday they're going to start banning users for upvoting content they don't like from communities they've "quarantined" (see: censored) and gave the boot to some half of the moderators at r/The_Donald for allegedly having "generally undermined progress."

Feb 25 23:46

'I Hate White People': Black Woman Tells Portland Mom She Attacked Her Because She's White

A black woman allegedly attacked a mother in front of her family on a bus in Portland last month and told her victim that she attacked her "because you're white and I hate white people."

Feb 25 21:07

Tucker Carlson Slams Judge Amy Berman Jackson: 'She Should Be Impeached!'

On his show Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for Judge Amy Berman Jackson to be impeached for being a "corrupt" and "out of control" serial liar.

Feb 25 20:01

Somali Teen Who 'Beat Woman With Metal Rod' Let Go Without Charges 'Because His IQ is 49'

A 15-year-old Somali refugee in St Louis, Missouri said to be 6 foot tall and 175 pounds allegedly broke into his female neighbor's home and stole her iPhone before savagely beating her with a metal rod when she tried to get her phone back.

According to the victim's sister, prosecutor Sakina Ahmad decided not to charge the teen because he has an IQ of 49.

Feb 25 18:50

It’s The Virus, Stupid

Feb 25 18:38

President Trump Calls on Sotomayor and Ginsburg to Recuse Themselves From His Supreme Court Cases

President Trump responded from India via Twitter on Tuesday local time to a scathing dissent by Justice Sonia Sotomayor released Friday that accused the conservative majority justices on the Supreme Court of being biased in favor of the Trump administration. Trump called on Sotomayor and her fellow Trump-hating Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse themselves from cases involving or relating to him.

Feb 25 18:37

20-Year-Old Illegal Alien From El Salvador Arrested For Raping 11-Year-Old Girl in Montgomery County

Police arrested Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca, 20, and Ivan Reyes Lopez, 19, last week on allegations they raped two different 11-year-old girls at apartments.

Feb 25 17:43

Coronavirus is a game-changer for globalisation, but no-one knows how it's going to unravel

China accounts for a third of global trade, or around ten times more than at the time of Sars.

The virus has highlighted the dependence of many firms on long, complicated supply chains.

Factory closures in China will hit companies in the UK, as will the closure of borders or the imposition of checks. In the longer term, it's possible that this, along with environmental concerns, will prompt executives to simplify supply chains.

In the short run there is likely to be severe disruption and there is little the Bank of England can do to alleviate it, because cutting interest rates and the usual measures have no effect on supply problems.

Feb 25 17:39

Coronavirus chaos: Ireland's Six Nations clash with Italy in doubt with the Tokyo Olympics and Cheltenham Festival at risk too in light of epidemic described as 'the new war'

Rugby's Six Nations championship was in chaos on Tuesday night amid the increasing inevitability that Ireland's game against Italy in Dublin next weekend will be postponed.

The Irish government's public health emergency team on Tuesday concluded that the fixture at the Aviva Stadium on March 7 should not take place because of the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in Italy. There were also growing fears that the Tokyo Olympics may have to be cancelled if the virus is not under control by the end of May, and the governing bodies for racing's Cheltenham Festival next month are on high alert.

Feb 25 14:44

Tomeka Hart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tomeka Hart was the foreperson on the Roger Stone jury. She is also a former Memphis school board member who has written a slew of political posts on social media, some of them negative to President Donald Trump. She has written a Facebook post supporting the prosecutors who resigned after the Justice Department overruled their tougher sentencing recommendation for Stone.

Hart, a Memphis native who works for the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation, is also a frequent campaign donor to Democrats. She donated $100 to the Kamala Harris presidential campaign during Stone’s trial, according to FEC records. She also donated to the presidential campaign of Julian Castro.

Feb 25 11:52

Watch: Hillary Clinton Still Blames Russia For Her Loss To Trump

Despite a 3 year long investigation that turned up precisely nothing, and a failed impeachment show trial, Hillary Clinton is STILL adamant that she lost the 2016 election to President Trump because of Russian collusion.

Speaking from a red carpet at a Berlin screening of a four hour documentary about her, (no thanks) Hillary declared that “Obviously we know the Russians are continuing to try to choose our next president like they chose our last president.”

Clinton also once again refused to rule out running for President again, stating that “I just want to be sure we can beat the current president who I think has done a lot of damage to our country and the world.”

When asked if a woman could be elected president, Hillary answered “Maybe this time, but I hope soon. That’s my goal.”

Feb 25 11:33

Her Name Is Madison Harris: White Teenager Murdered by Five Blacks in Biloxi, Mississippi

It’s highly probable were her family to read this, they’d be more outrage at us noticing patterns and documenting who/whom murdered Madison Harris than with her death itself.

She was a white teenager, living in the post-racial society of Biloxi, Mississippi, where integration had occurred and members of the white working-class were beginning to emulate in dress and speech (increasingly in appearance) the culture of blacks.

Five blacks have now been arrested and charged in her murder during a robbery attempt. They were all teenagers.

Feb 25 11:07

US 'plotted to kill Julian Assange and make it look like an accident': Spies discussed kidnapping or poisoning WikiLeaks founder in Ecuadorean embassy, extradition trial hears

US spies hatched a plot to kidnap or even poison Julian Assange using shady Spanish private detectives after he leaked 250,000 top secret documents online, his extradition hearing was told yesterday.

The WikiLeaks founder's human rights barrister Edward Fitzgerald, who has previously represented Moors Murderer Myra Hindley and hate preacher Abu Hamza, said an attack inside London's Ecuadorean embassy would have looked like an 'accident'.

The QC said private security from a Spanish company, acting on behalf of the US authorities, were involved in 'intrusive and sophisticated' surveillance of his client, but were outed by a mysterious Iberian whistleblower known only as 'witness two'.

Feb 25 10:49

The Coronavirus Goes Global

Feb 25 10:39

NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who was the real-life subject of Hidden Figures and helped Apollo 11 land on the moon, has died aged 101

Katherine Johnson, the pioneering black NASA mathematician whose manual calculations allowed the first American astronaut to land on the moon in 1969 and inspired the film Hidden Figures, has died aged 101.

Feb 25 10:39

Incredible footage of 1911 New York City is colorized by artificial intelligence in high resolution

The 1911 video entitled 'A Trip Through New York City' has been brought back to life more than a hundred years later by artificial intelligence.

Feb 25 10:38

Joy Behar Downplays Socialism Among Dems; Meghan McCain: ‘You Named Your Dog After’ Bernie Sanders

During Monday’s episode of “The View,” the panel exchanged thoughts on Senator Bernie Sanders’ recent performance in Democratic voting contests, particularly his landslide victory in the Nevada caucuses last weekend.

Feb 25 09:38

Sen. Tim Scott compares Bernie Sanders to Trump, says Medicare for All attracts black, Hispanic voters

As socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) gets closer to clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, many Republicans seem to feel that President Donald Trump would have no trouble defeating a candidate with such radical views. GOP Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) warned that Sanders should not be underestimated, according to CBS News.

Feb 25 09:37

REPORT: Bernie Bros Are Taking Their Marching Orders From Sanders’ Staff, Sanders Knows ‘Exactly What‘s Happening’

A new report in the U.K.’s Independent claims that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is well aware of what his army of online supporters — the so-called “Bernie Bros” — are doing online in his name, and that his senior staff are encouraging and, in some cases, even arming the “Bernie Bro” elite.

Feb 25 09:37

Democrat Congresswoman Of South American Descent Rips Bernie After Castro Defense: ‘Absolutely Unacceptable’

On Monday, Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell publicly hit presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) over his remarks on murderous Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro during a Sunday night interview on “60 Minutes.”

Feb 25 09:37

Jussie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To Six New Charges Of Lying To Chicago Cops

Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett appeared in a Chicago, Illinois, courtroom Monday morning, where he pleaded not guilty to six new charges of disorderly conduct and lying to police officers, leveled by a special prosecutor after months of investigation.

Feb 25 09:36

Christian USPS worker files suit against postal service accusing it of religious discrimination

Gerald Groff, a former postal service worker from Pennsylvania, is suing the U.S. Postal Service over what he says is religious discrimination.

Feb 25 09:16

The Ripple Effect Podcast #208 (John Barbour | The American Media & the 2nd Assassination of JFK)

John Barbour is recognized as ‘The Godfather Of Reality TV’ as the creator-Producer,Co-Host, and Writer of the trend setting hit ‘Real People.’ He won the first of his 5 Emmys as the original Host of ‘AM LA’ in 1970 where he interviewed controversial anti-war guests like Mohammed Ali, Cesar Chavez and Jane Fonda. He was the first in America to do film reviews on the News, winning 3 more consecutive Emmys as KNBC’s ‘Critic-At-Large.’ And ten years as Los Angeles Magazine’s most widely read and quoted controversial critic. Prior to that he was a successful topical stand-up comedian, appearing on ‘The Dean Martin Show,’ ‘The Tonight Show,’ and others; and in Las Vegas opening for Robert Goulet and Bobby Darin. Comedian-activist Dick Gregory did the liner notes for his first album, ‘It’s Tough To Be white,’ and Play-write Neil Simon did them for his second album, ‘I Met A Man I Didn’t Like!’

Feb 25 09:01

Man brings a gun to a kids’ snowball fight, ends up being charged with 7 criminal counts

Authorities charged a Milwaukee man with seven criminal charges after he allegedly shot several children who reportedly threw snowballs at his car in January.

Feb 25 09:01

In socialist Venezuela, 1 in 3 are going dangerously hungry. But Bernie won’t denounce the regime.

Roughly one-third of Venezuela's population is unable to reach minimum nutrition requirements, a recent study by the United Nations World Food Program has found.

Feb 25 09:01

High School Class Shows Slide Of Trump Next To Nazi And Communist Symbols

Last week, students in a high school history class in Baltimore County, Maryland, got their own dose of leftist indoctrination, as a slide depicted President Trump next to a Nazi swastika and the Communist Party’s hammer and sickle.

Feb 25 09:00

President Trump on a Warpath with a “Deep State” Hit List to Oust ‘Never-Trumpers’

President Trump and his allies over the last year and a half have assembled a list of anti-Trump officials who need to be ousted.

Feb 25 09:00

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer Accused Of Trying To Buy Black Support In South Carolina

It’s amazing that Democrats, most of whom claim to hate billionaires, have two of them running in their 2020 primary.

Feb 25 09:00

Buttigieg's campaign demands Nevada Democratic Party correct 'irregularities' as final results not yet tallied

Although the Democratic Party narrowly avoided a repeat of the Iowa caucus disaster in Nevada over the weekend, the final official vote for the Silver State's caucus has not yet been tallied.

Feb 25 08:51

Amazon scrambles to secure inventory amid concerns the company won't have enough products from China to see them through Prime Day as the coronavirus continues to spread

The online retail giant is said to be communicating with third-party sellers to determine whether the coronavirus will interrupt their supply chains, according to a report in The New York Times.

Feb 25 08:21

Holy Iranian Cleric Blames Donald Trump for Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran – 50 Deaths Reported

The prayer imam in the holy city of Qom discussed the recent coronavirus outbreak in the city during Friday prayers.

Feb 25 08:20

29-Year-Old German Citizen Slams into Crowd at Carnival Celebration in Volkmarsen, Germany — Thirty People Injured including 10 Children

A 29-year-old German citizen “Maurice P.” slammed his car into a Carnival celebration in Volkmarsen, Germany on Monday.

Feb 25 08:20

Chris Matthews Apologizes to Bernie Sanders for Comparing Nevada Win to Nazi Invasion of France

MSNBC host Chris Matthews issued an on air apology Monday night to leading Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) for comparing his victory in Saturday’s Nevada primary caucus to the Nazi invasion of France in 1940.

Feb 25 08:19

Sanders Praises Fidel Castro; Kaepernick Did Same Thing; WATCH How Miami Fans Responded

Self-styled “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — the clear frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination after an easy victory in Nevada Saturday — was met with widespread backlash Sunday after he praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Sanders’ praise of the tyrannical communist leader, made on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” with Anderson Cooper, echoed another much-criticized compliment of Castro by social justice activist Colin Kaepernick, who famously found himself flooded with boos when he took the field soon afterward in Miami.

Feb 25 08:19

BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein Convicted of Sexual Assault – Cleared of Top Charges – Faces Up to 25 Years in Prison

Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein on Monday was convicted of sex assault and rape, but cleared of top charges.

Feb 25 08:18

How could she! (Pic)