Nov 30 10:04

Dean Martin's Daughter Trashes 'Woke' Rewrite of Classic Christmas Song: 'Absolutely Absurd'

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have recorded a woke refresh of the classic Christmas tune “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and their efforts have garnered their fair share of criticism.

Nov 30 10:03

Accused of Abuse and Sexism Himself, De Niro Calls Trump Presidency Abusive

The great thing about every Republican presidency is that it truly unmoors at least one Hollywood star in a manner from which they never seem to return. For instance, NASA has sent out a probe to find Sean Penn’s sense of reality since the George W. Bush years without any success.

Nov 30 10:03

Man strangled college student to death because she ignored his catcalls. Amazingly, her Christian family says they ‘hold no hatred’ toward the killer

A man recently strangled a Chicago-area college student because she ignored his catcalls and unwanted advances, prosecutors say. The victim's family is responding with almost unimaginable grace toward the killer.

Nov 30 10:02

Women's group blasts Catholic charity for erecting a memorial to aborted babies

The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charity organization, is facing accusations of "shaming women" after the group erected a monument to aborted babies in a Canadian cemetery, according to LifeSiteNews.

Nov 30 09:34

PETA's Getting Desperate, Claims Turkeys Are Victims of Sexual Assault

In PETA’s newest desperate attack on the traditional Thanksgiving meal, the extremist animal advocacy group wants diners to consider the history of the bird on their table.

Nov 30 09:33

Small Town Ditches Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony To Avoid Religious Overtones

A small New England town has decided to scale back its annual holiday celebration due to concerns about religion, according to Boston CBS affiliate WBZ-TV.
As is common around the country, the town of Durham, New Hampshire, held an annual festival that featured a heavy Christmas theme.

Nov 30 09:27

Terrifying new footage shows moment hero bystanders armed with a fire extinguisher and a NARWHAL TUSK chase knife-wielding terrorist across London Bridge before he is sprayed with jets of water and grappled to the ground

This is the moment brave bystanders armed with a fire extinguisher and Narwhal tusk confronted the London Bridge attacker during his terrifying rampage yesterday.
Two people were killed and up to twelve were injured after Usman Khan, 28, attacked innocent people on the north side of London Bridge just before 2pm.

Nov 30 09:27

Moment vulgar Kid Rock is called out as a racist for foul-mouthed drunken rant about Oprah at his own bar - before being dragged off stage by a cop amid loud booing

This is the moment Kid Rock was captured on video blasting Oprah Winfrey during a seemingly drunken, foul-mouthed rant causing customers at his own Tennessee bar to boo him.

Nov 30 09:21

HUGE: Strzok-Page Texts Were Not Unearthed by Sharp FBI Investigative Work – Strzok’s Angry and Scorned Wife Turned Him In After Finding Texts on His Phone!

Oh my – the reason corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok was caught texting his lover in the FBI, Lisa Page, was not due to incredible investigative work. The reason was the oldest explanation in the book – his jealous and scorned wife!

Nov 30 09:20

Real Reason Democrats Are in Such a Hurry to Impeach Trump Cartoon

Democrats have been dead set on impeaching President Trump since before he even took office.
It has always been an investigation in search of a crime, upending the American system of justice.

Nov 30 08:46

US urging a no vote on a Russian-led UN resolution calling for a global cybercrime treaty

The U.S. and its Western allies are urging opposition to a Russian-led resolution at the United Nations that they warn is a thinly veiled effort to create global norms that endorse state control of the internet.

The resolution, to be voted on Monday, would pave the way for a new global treaty on cybercrime. Though the resolution itself is worded innocuously, the U.S., its allies and human rights groups see it as an opportunity for countries such as Russia and China to create a U.N.-approved standard that would permit the blocking of websites deemed critical of government authorities and the use of digital technologies to monitor dissidents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How completely hysterically ironic this is, when Facebook and Google are already deplatforming websites the US government doesn't want either the American- or international - public to see!!

This is simply "No one controls the internet except the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika, DAMMIT!!!", writ large.

Nov 30 08:40

Maduro Says US, Colombia Prepare Provocation, Mobilises Venezuelan Army

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he had information that Colombia and the United States were planning a provocation on the Bolivarian Republic's western border and called on all staff of the country's armed forces to be prepared for battle.

"I have information that Colombia, together with the US Southern Command are planning to launch another provocation at the Venezuelan border with Colombia. All staff of Venezuela's armed forces must be combat ready", Maduro said on Friday during his meeting with the country's transportation employees broadcast via Twitter.

The president added that the provocations served to incite a military conflict on the Venezuela-Colombia border in order to draw attention away from the protests taking place in Colombia

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope like hell Maduro is wrong in his assessment here; that being said, however, given the probable attempted assassination attempt on his life last year Potential assassination attempt made on Venezuela's President Maduro, August 2018, I don't blame the guy for getting more than a little bit concerned here.

Nov 30 08:35

Reagan's 1985 Thanksgiving Speech Hits Even Harder in 2019

President Ronald Reagan’s 1985 Thanksgiving Day speech was powerful decades ago. In 2019, it still hasn’t lost its punch.

Nov 30 08:34

Turkey refusing to sign NATO defense plan for the Baltics, pressing alliance to label Syria’s Kurds as ‘terrorists’ – report

Ankara has reportedly been blackmailing NATO, refusing to sign the proposed defense plan for the Baltics and Poland unless the alliance officially recognizes Kurdish-led militia in northern Syria as a “terrorist group.”
Agreeing on a new NATO defense plan for the eastern European countries has escalated from a formality into a true diplomatic battle, Reuters reported Tuesday, citing four senior sources within the bloc.

“[The Turks) are taking eastern Europeans hostage, blocking approval of this military planning until they get concessions,” one of the sources said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This... is about to get awkward, in the extreme.

Because of its geography, NATO needs Turkey; however, Turkey is beginning to move more and more toward the orbit of the Russian Federation.

This argument may not end well for NATO.

Nov 30 08:29

WORLDThree people wounded in stabbing attack in The Hague, Dutch police sayThe bloody assault happened in a busy shopping district, filled with holiday shoppers.

Three people were wounded Friday night during a stabbing attack in a shopping district crowded with bargain hunters in The Hague, Dutch police said.

Police spokeswoman Marije Kuiper told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that it was still too early to say whether a terror motive was to blame for the attack.

All three victims are minors, officials said. They were treated and released from the hospital Friday night, police said.

First responders from the city's emergency services unit rushed to the scene in the Grote Markt district of the historic city, said police, who first reported the incident about 8:20 p.m.

The attacker appeared to be a man wearing a gray jogging suit, between the ages of 45 and 50, police said. The neighborhood was busy with Black Friday shoppers

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, events like this (in Europe and the UK) will continue to happen, until and unless the governments of both Europe and the UK put an immediate stop to the unfettered immigration which has been allowed to continue, in these governments' frenzied "homage" to George Soros, and his money.

I would, instead of encouraging immigrants to Europe and the UK, that these immigrants were given maps of every Soros' owned property, and were convinced that "Uncle George would let them stay at these sites, until they got on their own feet."

I am very concerned about similar incidents during Chanukah (Dec 22- 30th, this year), and very close to Christmas, which this year falls on Wednesday, 25 December.

I think that all the people on this planet who practice tolerance, desire peace, freedom, and a desire to practice their religion as they see fit (or are not religious), need to watch each others' backs right now big-time.

Nov 30 08:07

Trump Pardoned Two Turkeys Before Thanksgiving, Here's The Rest of the Story...Cartoon

President Trump pardoned two turkey’s right before Thanksgiving, and during the ceremony made a joke about impeachment.

Nov 30 08:06

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is Panicking Over Impeachment, Here's Why...

Democrats have decided that come hell or high water they’re moving forward with impeaching President Trump for the thinnest of reasons.
They thought that, with enough coverage by the media, they’d start to peel off some squishy Republicans and public opinion would be on their side.

Nov 30 07:41

Teenager reveals her family lives in a 'village' of seven TINY HOUSES, where each person occupies their own mini property - and even the bathroom is in its very own building

A teenager who lives in her own little house in a 'tiny village' occupied just by her family is going viral with her home tour videos on TikTok.
Lennox Brinks, 18, has over 355,000 followers on the platform who can't get enough of her family's unusual living situation.

Nov 30 07:41

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden demands his financial records are kept SECRET by court in child support suit following claims of significant debts - but baby mama Lunden Roberts refuses to agree

Hunter Biden has filed a request to seal all financial records in his ongoing child support suit to spare himself public 'embarrassment' amid claims of 'significant debts', can exclusively reveal.

Nov 30 07:40

“I Have Never Seen an Organization Treat Its Staff So Poorly” – Kamala Harris’s 2020 Campaign Implodes as Head Staffer Resigns

Democrat Senator Kamala Harris’s 2020 campaign is imploding as her lead operations manager resigns and blasts her in a scathing letter.
The New York Times reported that Harris’s lead staffer stepped down and her campaign was having financial problems.

Nov 30 07:40

Impeachment Inquiry Fizzles, Changes Zero Minds As Americans Tune Out

President Trump is being impeached by Democrats, who control the House of Representatives. And after three days of contentious testimony — with breathless headlines deemed BREAKING! every five minutes — you know how many minds have been changed?

Nov 30 07:27

STUNNING! Globalist Angela Merkel to German Parliament: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free

Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered an emotional speech to the German Budestag this week on the need for limiting freedom of speech.

Merkel is the current globalist leader on the international stage.

Merkel argued that the government must take away freedom of speech to save freedom of speech, or something.

Angela Merkel: For those who claim they can no longer express their opinion, I say this to them: If you express and pronounced opinion, you must live with the fact that you will be contradicted. Expressing an opinion does not come at zero cost. But freedom of expression has its limits. Those limits begin where hatred is spread. They begin where the dignity of other people is violated. This house will and must oppose extreme speech. Otherwise our society will no longer be the free society that it was.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Truth is always the first casualty of wars, particularly in culture wars, which is precisely what is happening now in the UK and Europe.

And I must politely suggest to Chancellor Merkel, that she is presiding over a nation which, because of her and Germany's immigration system, that voters are going to lurch way far to the right in the next general election, and she, and her government, will only have themselves to blame when it happens.

Nov 30 07:24

Donald Trump is the first president in history to use the Patriot Act to detain a US Resident FOREVER without charge - calling the man a 'continued security threat' to justify holding him three years after his scheduled release

Donald Trump has become the first president to invoke the Patriot Act in order to detain a man behind bars indefinitely - despite the fact he completed the duration of his criminal sentence and should've been released nearly three-years-ago.

Nov 30 07:23

Woman Deported After Conviction In Car Crash That Killed 4 Children Arrested After Being Found Back In U.S.

A Guatemalan woman who was convicted and sentenced to to 12 1/2 years in prison after a 2008 Minnesota crash in which four children aged 9 to 13 were killed, then was deported in 2016 after serving eight years of her sentence, was arrested by federal immigration officials who found she had reentered the United States.

Nov 30 07:23

Was Sondland Threatened by Democrats? Top Witness Changes Testimony Before Hearing… Then Accused of Sexual Assault After Not Delivering the Goods on Trump

Excerpts from his new and revised testimony given by Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the European Union were released before his hearing in November.
Sondland ‘s testimony was revised after his ‘memory was refreshed’ from reading other testimony to reflect what he described as a ‘quid pro quo message’ delivered to Andriy Yermak, a top adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Nov 30 07:23

The Hope of the Democrat Party: Michael Bloomberg Says He’ll Take Money from the Poor Because “Then the Poor Will Live Longer” (VIDEO)

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the latest Democrat to jump in the primary race to save the party from itself.
It didn’t take long though for Bloomberg to promise to tax the poor “so they will live longer.”

Nov 30 07:22

UPDATE: London Islamist Stabber Usman Khan Was Previously Convicted for “Islamic Terrorism”, Was a Guest Lecturer at Cambridge U on “Prisoner Rehabilitation”

The Metropolitan Police said at a press briefing Friday that the knifeman on London Bridge shot dead by police was wearing a hoax suicide vest.

The incident is now being treated as a terror attack.

Outraged citizens jumped the knifeman, subduing and disarming him as police arrived on the scene. Police cleared the citizens before shooting the knifeman. Two shots can be heard in videos of the incident.

The killer, Usman Khan, was a previously convicted Islamic terrorist who was a guest lecturer at Cambridge University on “prisoner rehabilitation.”
And the Islamic killer was wearing an electronic monitoring tag as part of his bail terms, the Times and Sky News reported independently, citing government sources.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

(Sigh) A word to London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, please: this just cannot be allowed to happen again, but unfortunately, most probably will.

As a woman of British heritage, as a descendant of both the Rawson and Yarbrough families on my Mom's side of the family, I had so hoped that you could be "the one" who would help London's people come together, no matter their cultural or national background, and help them to heal old wounds; it is obvious that you have become the polar opposite, and running again for Mayor will not help.

What we are seeing in the UK, and the rest of Europe, can only reasonably described as a "culture war" between newly arrived immigrants, insisting that they do not want to integrate into British or European culture, but are insisting that they have "the right" to impose their own culture upon their host countries, and this is pushing British and European governments frantically to the right, in their voting.

Nov 30 07:03


The botched drug raid in Houston that left two homeowners dead and one cop paralyzed from the waist down has resulted in additional criminal charges… against the cops.
Officer Gerald Goines -- already facing felony murder charges for the raid that left Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle dead -- claimed an informant purchased heroin from Tuttle and saw guns in the house. One no-knock raid later, Nicholas and Tuttle were dead, killed by cops whose actions were set in motion by a warrant affidavit full of lies.

The heroin supposedly sold to Goines’ informant? Pulled from the console of Goines’ cruiser. The controlled buy didn’t happen either. No one has been able to locate the informant Goines claimed saw heroin and guns in the Tuttle residence. As a result, more than 1,400 cases Goines had a hand in have been placed under review. Two dozen have already been dismissed. The DA’s office and the FBI have also opened their own investigations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are a number of good cops in this country; I know, because a very dear family member who used serve in this manner, and is now retired.

But when the "lust for a bust" overcomes the logic, and the "evidence" in a case, that is where a raid like the above-described can go "mammary glands vertical" in a heartbeat.

Nov 30 06:56


English translation by Steve Hinks . In 2015 co-founded the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID) share huge amounts of information obtained in particular by Freedom of Information Act requests and Parliamentary questions.

Open letter to parliamentarians, and to all citizens.

BE CAREFUL. While many doctors, foreign and French, citizens, patients sometimes victims, have been trying to inform for many years about the uselessness and the risks of the HPV vaccine, a new offensive of the pharmaceutical lobbies led again some MPs to try to introduce laws to make it a compulsory vaccination, already probably the most widespread in the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please have this article with you, when you next go to your kid's checkup, and make sure you hand them this article, if they are talking about an HPV vaccination, or email it to them as an attachment before the appointment.

Ask them where the numbers or logic is flawed.

And remember; although there are some drugs which do help people heal, the pharmaceutical model is not really about healing, but about the bottom line for their shareholders.

Nov 30 06:51

“Hard to Think of Bigger Disappointment Than Obama” – AMAZING – Liberal Writer Dunks On Obama After His Attacks on Bernie Sanders

Former President Barack Obama indicated earlier this week he would speak up to stop Bernie Sanders from becoming the party’s nominee should the Vermont Socialist make significant gains in the Democrat primary.

Nov 30 06:51

EXCLUSIVE: ICIG Michael Atkinson Altered Whistleblower Forms to Allow for CIA Leaker – His Wife Just Happens to be Connected to Russian Collusion Hoaxer – Fusion GPS

Another day, another Deep State participant outed. ICIG Michael Atkinson altered the whistleblower form to allow for second-hand information, which allowed suspected Schiff whistleblower Eric Ciaramella to present a bogus accusation on the President.

Nov 30 06:49


After two months of anti-corruption and anti-government protests have rocked Iraq, resulting in a death toll into the hundreds as the unrest turns increasingly sectarian and which has included the burning of two Iranian consulates, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi says he will resign.

He announced in an official statement put out by his office that he will submit his resignation to parliament after the country’s top Shia cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, suddenly pulled support, telling the nation in a Friday sermon that parliament should “reconsider its options” after putting Mahdi in power in the first place.

The subsequent statement signed by Abdul Mahdi indicated the following:

In response to this call, and in order to facilitate it as quickly as possible, I will present to parliament a demand (to accept) my resignation from the leadership of the current government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Perhaps with this development, Iraqis will feel that they have at least a modicum of control over their government, but it has come at a great cost, with a terrible loss of life.

One has to wonder who the next US-Centric "bag man" will be put in place by the US government, or to what degree this may be possible, after Mahdi's resignation.

Nov 30 06:46

WATCH: Prince Andrew’s Accuser Responds To His Denials: ‘He Knows What Happened’

After Prince Andrew denied ever having sexual relations with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s traffic victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre has publicly called him a liar.

Nov 30 06:46

Media Report Woman Murdered For Ignoring Man’s Catcalls. Here’s The Full Story.

Tragedy struck the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) this week. Ruth George, a talented and thriving student studying physical therapy, was murdered and sexually assaulted by a mentally ill homeless man after she left a professional fraternity event Saturday night.

Nov 30 06:42


Pharmaceutical pollution in waterways is having a "disturbing impact" on fish, according to new research.

Psychoactive drugs - including antidepressants - are altering the reproductive behaviour, anxiety levels, and anti-predator responses of fish in the wild, according to Australia's Monash University.

The findings of the impact on the social behaviour of fish has been published in the journal Biology Today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this is what this chemical does to fish... God only knows what is doing to the humans who are taking this, or what happens to the people who are consuming the fish which have consumed it.

Nov 30 06:37

American Dream: The Rise and Fall of Studebaker

Standing in a leaking, cold, and shuttered warehouse building in South Bend, Indiana, the city’s mayor, Pete Buttigieg announced his candidacy for president of the United States. He could have chosen a nicer, newer venue for his historic announcement, but he chose this building for a reason. It was once part of the sprawling Studebaker production facility. For more than half of the 20th century, Studebaker dominated the domestic car manufacturing scene, employed generations of workers, and had a reputation for being a company built on the American Dream. So how did the dream turn into a nightmare? Let’s look at the rise and fall of Studebaker.

Nov 30 06:35

Here Are The 31 Famous James Bond Girls Then and Now

The James Bond girls are the embodiment of sex appeal, allure and seduction. Let's take a look of the 31 James Bond girls, then and now.

Nov 30 06:33

Photos Captured People’s Reactions To The News Of JFK’s Assassination

1. A crowd reacts to the news of JFK’s death outside Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where the president was taken following the shooting.

Nov 30 06:32

The Oldest Unopened Bottle of Wine in The World Dates Back to Between 325 and 359 AD

The wine bottle dates back to between 325 and 359 AD, and was discovered in 1867 during an excavation at a 4th-century tomb of a Roman nobleman in Germany. It is the oldest known wine bottle which remains unopened.

Nov 30 06:28

Strange and Unusual Museums of History

There are some strange kinds of museums in the world. Some are humorous while others can be creepy or just plain mysterious. Here are just a few of them.

Nov 30 06:26

Black Friday: History, Who Created It, And Why Do We Have It?

In recent decades, a new holiday tradition cropped up in the United States: Black Friday shopping. The day after Thanksgiving, retailers around the country open their doors early, offering incredible deals to the throngs of shoppers who beat down their doors in their haste to secure that year's hottest Christmas gift. The appetite for discounts has become so insatiable that Black Friday has begun encroaching upon Thanksgiving itself, with major retailers opening Thursday evening and staying open all night to extend sales as long possible. But why? Where did this tradition come from? Let's take a look at the origins of Black Friday and just how far the history of this celebration of capitalism goes back.

Nov 30 05:33

President Trump Versus President Obama on 'Helping Ukraine' in One Cartoon

Democrats have accused President Trump of endangering the lives of innocent Ukrainians because he held up some military assistance for a relatively short period of time.

Nov 30 05:33

Eleven Cartoons That Fully Expose Democrat's Impeachment Push as the Scam it is

Democrats have been dead set on impeaching President Trump since before he even took office.
It has always been an investigation in search of a crime, upending the American system of justice.

Nov 30 05:32

Woman Deported After Conviction In Car Crash That Killed 4 Children Arrested After Being Found Back In U.S.

A Guatemalan woman who was convicted and sentenced to to 12 1/2 years in prison after a 2008 Minnesota crash in which four children aged 9 to 13 were killed, then was deported in 2016 after serving eight years of her sentence, was arrested by federal immigration officials who found she had reentered the United States.

Nov 30 05:31

WATCH: Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong Wave American Flags, Photos Of Donald Trump During ‘Thanksgiving’ Rally

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong waved American flags, sang patriotic songs, and even held up photos of President Donald Trump during a massive “Thanksgiving” rally in the city-state’s center, in an expression of gratitude for Trump’s decision to support and sign legislation expressing America’s explicit support for the demonstration.

Nov 30 01:45

An Army of 1000 Japanese Soldiers Was Attacked by Crocodiles During the Battle of Ramree Island, WWII

In 1942, during WWII, the Japanese Imperial Army captured Ramree Island off the Burma coast, 70 miles south of Akyab, now known as Sittwe.
Since Ramree was strategically important, the Allies wanted to retake the island and establish airbases to support the mainland campaign. So in 1945, an attack on the island was launched.

Nov 30 01:42

How Argentina and Chile Used Babies In An Attempt to Own a Piece of Antarctica

Argentina and Chile have been competing for ownership of Antarctica since 1940. Although several other countries are involved in this “competition”, no one truly possesses the land or has actual sovereignty. Everyone practically dropped their claims when the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 was eventually signed by 45 countries, blocking any nation from attempting to take over this winter wonderland.

Nov 30 01:38

The White House Thanksgiving: History Of How Presidents Celebrate The Holiday

Thanksgiving has been an American tradition since before the country was actually a country, and over the 200-plus years that the United States has been thriving, Turkey Day has been celebrated in a myriad of different ways by our nation’s leaders. Some presidents went whole-hog---or whole-turkey, if you prefer---and had meals with all the trimmings, while others ignored the holiday completely. Our long list of presidents have celebrated the holiday just as differently as their constituents, which makes for a fascinating look back at the history of White House Thanksgivings.

Nov 29 11:57

Black Mob Attacks White Actress and Her Friends in New York City, Shout Anti-White Language During the Assault

The story of what happened to white actress Jennifer Agostini and her friend in New York City has received virtually no media. She and her friend were attacked by a group 10-15 blacks who shouted, “white motherf—ers,” “dirty white b—-es” and “f—k those white b—-es and their money.”

Nov 29 10:45

Michael Moore Admits Trump Was Right About One Big Thing

Film director Michael Moore, when he isn’t chowing down on doughnuts, spends his time making movies that seethe with hatred for anyone who doesn’t think exactly like him.

Nov 29 09:33

Dildos and ‘Dallas’: How Crack-Smoking Hunter Biden Chose to Relax After a Long Day on the Burisma Board

As reported yesterday by Cassandra Fairbanks — Hunter Biden’s fondness for strip clubs continues to unfold, revelations came out on Wednesday that not only did he impregnate a DC stripper, he also had sex toys used on him by dancers at the Hustler Club in New York City.

Nov 29 09:33

I'm thankful for those who help us laugh in the midst of all the bad news

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. And that's OK. Necessary, even.

The news cycle is relentless. Those of us who follow it closely, whether for professional or personal reasons, can find ourselves worn down, disgusted, and hopeless. Corruption. Lies. Failures. Most news right now can probably fit into one of those categories.

Nov 29 09:29

STUNNING! Globalist Angela Merkel to German Parliament: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free

Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered an emotional speech to the German Budestag this week on the need for limiting freedom of speech.
Merkel is the current globalist leader on the international stage.

Nov 29 09:15

Afghan President Praises Trump for ‘Eliminating’ Baghdadi, Says More Important Than Bin Laden

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani praised President Trump for the killing of ISIS leader Abu al-Baghdadi last month, saying it was more important than the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011. Ghani said Baghdadi was an organizer and not a talker (like bin Laden).

Nov 29 09:15

Photos and Video: President Trump Warmly Received by Troops in Afghanistan

President Trump made a surprise Thanksgiving Day trip to Afghanistan to visit with US troops at Bagram Air Field and to meet with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. The commander in chief was warmly received by troops as he served them turkey, sat at a dinner table with them, posed for photographs and gave a speech thanking them for their service.

Nov 29 08:19

Receiving the certainty of hope with a posture of thanksgiving

Life has a way of sometimes being more difficult than you can imagine, throwing a curveball when you expected the fast pitch down the center of the plate. We make plans and settle into a routine only to be violently inconvenienced when we least expect it.

Nov 29 07:58

Writer Implores Trump To Stop Pardoning The Thanksgiving Turkeys And ‘Fry Them Instead’

Sparing the White House turkeys from ending up on the dining room table, as President Trump did on Wednesday, stretches back to the 1940s. The first president to officially issue a “pardon” to his turkey was Ronald Reagan, and every year since George H.W. Bush did it, his successors have followed suit.

Nov 29 07:56

Socialist Bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Out Fundraises Both Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has pulled in a massive fundraising haul in the third quarter of the year, raking in more than both Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Nancy Pelosi — despite their campaigning for funds off the impeachment efforts.

Nov 29 07:44

Why everyone should root for the Buffalo Bills this Thanksgiving, the real ‘America’s Team’

The Dallas Cowboys, famously dubbed "America's Team," have hosted a Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas every year since 1966, but this is the first time that they have hosted the Buffalo Bills.

Nov 29 07:30

Tim Allen Rips ‘Alarming’ Political Correctness, Condemns ‘Thought Police’

Actor Tim Allen is one of those rare creatures — a conservative in liberal Lala Land.
And even more rare, he’s outspoken.
The comedian has done it again, saying “thought police” sometimes force him to censor himself during his routines.