Jun 19 10:26

3 High School Athletes File a Discrimination Suit Over Transgender Athletes

Three female athletes in a Connecticut high school have filed a federal discrimination complaint against a statewide policy on transgender athletes, saying it has cost them top finishes in competitions and possibly college scholarships, The Hartford Courant reports.

It’s about time. If women don’t do something, this policy will destroy women’s’ sports.

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed the lawsuit with the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.

Biological males competing against women is unjust, period.

Jun 19 10:14

The Flaw in Tulsi Gabbard’s Foreign Policy

Earlier this month Congresswoman and 2020 presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard hosted a town hall in New York City, one of the many Democrats hoping to make a run against President Trump. What sets Gabbard apart from the other Democrats is she decided to make foreign policy her central issue on the campaign trail.

A big proponent of diplomacy, Gabbard is known for her controversial trip to Syria in 2017, where she met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Her trip to Syria got her negative attention from the mainstream media, and positive attention from the antiwar crowd. She introduced a bill to the floor of Congress called "The Stop Arming Terrorists Act," being one of the only members of Congress to recognize the U.S. arming of violent jihadists in Syria.

Jun 19 10:00


Terrorist groups exploit the internet for hacking and global outreach, the impact of which could soon become no less dangerous than that of weapons of mass destruction, a senior Russian security official warned.

The rapid development of technology allows terrorists to “even more actively” use the internet for “recruitment, attracting funds, hacking and other cybercrimes,” the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Yury Kokov, said at a security-themed event in the city of Ufa in central Russia.

The official said the internet has become the “main mechanism” for various extremists to “control their scattered forces and resources,” while there are currently around 30,000 “extremist and terrorist websites” online.

This allows us to conclude that an age of technological and digital terrorism is approaching. In terms of consequences, [this type of terrorism] may be comparable to the weapons of mass destruction in the nearest future.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Deputy Secretary Kokov, with all due respect, this digiterror is already here; have you not seen the chaos in the US city of Baltimore, because its computers got hacked with ransomware?!?

Hackers have been holding the city of Baltimore’s computers hostage for 2 weeks:
A ransomware attack means Baltimore citizens can’t pay their water bills or parking tickets.

To the best of my understanding, this issue has not yet been resolved.

And there is another reason these terrorists are training "frogmen"; that is to destroy fiber optic cables, which connects countries for communication purposes.

Jun 19 09:53

8 Less Than Heroic Stories Of Survival From The Titanic

We heard countless stories about people on the Titanic pulling together to save people or men stepping aside to let women and children escape on lifeboats.
But there are other stories from the Titanic that we usually don’t talk about. Just like the stories below...

Jun 19 09:52

The Ancient Olmec Were So Big-Headed

Easter Island and Mount Rushmore don’t have monopolies on giant, carved stone heads. The ancient Olmec people of Mexico were carving enormous, eight-ton heads long before the Rapa Nui of Easter Island and Gutzon Borglum of Mount Rushmore ever lifted a chisel. Archaeologists are still baffled by the giant Olmec heads. Here’s what they know so far.

Jun 19 09:52


PARIS AIR SHOW: Imagine a swarm of up to 30 hypersonic scramjets the size of cruise missiles, launched from air, land and sea. They share data with each other, correcting their flights, perhaps changing targets midcourse. And they can be manufactured relatively quickly and for much less cost than most of the hypersonic vehicles that have been built so far.

If you were China or Russia, would you be uneasy?

“The Raytheon-Northrop Grumman team is quickly developing air-breathing hypersonic weapons to keep our nation ahead of the threat,” Tom Bussing, Raytheon’s VP for advanced missile systems, said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just great; we still have families sleeping in their cars; our infrastructure is crumbling as I input this, and every Foggybottomite is still fully engaged, parsing out "the meaning" of the 2016 election.

The people Americans have "hired", through the election process, are simply a group of individuals, who are owned by the companies which have contributed heavily toward their election success, to insure that these companies can "manage" what happens in this country, to continue to make them profitable.

With a political leadership this collectively asleep at the wheel, it is no wonder why the real problems facing this country go unresolved; but we will have terrific weapons with which to smash other countries, if they dare get "uppity!"

Jun 19 09:41


Spain's far right party, Vox-es, has demanded an explanation from Youtube, as to why their account was suspended "without any explanation."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The answer is transparently simple; Youtube doesn't like their perspective, therefore, the channel had to be closed down.

This is the digital violence of this world's very monied far left; deplatform; demonetize; and destroy the work anyone, who has the temerity not to think precisely, as they do.

Jun 19 09:25

Pig Ebola! The Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak Of All Time Is Going Out-Of-Control

Webmaster addition: Someone is trying to sensationalize the story by calling it Pig Ebola, but it isn't. It's swine flu, which is bad enough.

Jun 19 08:42

The US is cruising toward collapse but still trying to bully the world

There isn’t much to report that I haven’t already reported. What goes on is more of the same but the attitude seems to have changed. A new development is the Global Eye-Roll and at this rate it may turn into an Olympic sport before long.

Jun 18 14:45

Nashville: Confederate Monument Defaced With 'They Were Racists' Red Graffiti

Looks like we've got some some real poetic geniuses on our hands!

Jun 18 12:37

What's Going on With Those Child Porn Allegations Against Alex Jones

It is not clear whether Jones or any of his InfoWars associates were aware the images existed.

Monday’s court filing states that InfoWars produce “a massive volume of documents” and indicated they did not have time to review all of the contents to “cull the non-responsive documents.”

Jun 18 12:04

Sandy Hook “Pozner v. Fetzer” Lawsuit: Judge Rules Against Sandy Hook Denier

As the Wisconsin State Journal reports, “A Dane County judge on Monday found that a longtime conspiracy theorist living in the village of Oregon, along with his co-defendant, defamed [Leonard Pozner] the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook massacre and allowed a trial for damages against the men to move ahead” (“Judge Rules Against Sandy Hook Denier” (17 June 2019).

Jun 18 11:57

'When they go low... we also go low - because that's Dodgeball': Michelle Obama inspires Team USA to beat Team UK in James Corden competition - and knocks Harry Styles out of the game in one brutal shot

FLOTUS like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Michelle Obama proved herself to be queen of the dodgeball court on Monday night, as she led Team USA to victory over Team UK in a match that aired on The Late Late Show. She was joined by a squad of stars on Team USA, whose members included Allison Janney, Mila Kunis, Lena Waithe, Melissa McCarthy and Kate Hudson . The Late Late Show host headed up Team UK, with an all-male posse comprised of Harry Styles , Benedict Cumberbatch, John Bradley and Reggie Watts, who is a American citizen. Just before the match, Obama gathered her team for a surprising pep talk, telling them: 'When they go low, we go low. 'Cuz that's dodgeball.'

Jun 18 11:29

Suicide Rate Soars In America — Why Are So Many Americans Killing Themselves?

‘Deaths of despair’ in the U.S. hit a record high – so how bad will things get when society starts to completely collapse?