Aug 12 04:20

'Welcome home!' Mayflower II triumphantly sails into Plymouth, after undergoing a three-year $11.2million restoration

Thousands of cheering people lined the shores as Mayflower II cruised back into her homeport following an extensive multi-million dollar renovation.

Aug 12 04:20

'Just take me to jail!' Drunk Florida man is pulled over while driving a LAWNMOWER on the highway and gives brutally honest confession to cops trying to carry out sobriety test: 'There is no sense in it because I have been drinking'

A drunk Florida man gave a brutally honest confession to cops trying to carry out a sobriety test on him saying 'there is no sense in it because I have been drinking' after he was pulled over for driving a lawnmower down the middle of a highway.

Aug 12 04:17

Mysterious ‘timber circles’ 65 feet in diameter uncovered in Portugal were used as a ceremonial complex some 4,500 years ago

Circular structures dating back 4,500 years have been unearthed in Portugal that were once used for ancient ceremonial services.

Aug 12 04:13

Disturbing video shows a woman yelling at a man for sexually harassing a stranger on the NYC subway, boldly calling him out after he grabbed his crotch and made 'nasty' explicit remarks

An art student in New York City has gone viral for calling out a man for sexually harassing another woman on the subway.

Aug 11 19:23

Joe Biden just declared Trump’s coronavirus vaccines unsafe, but media doesn’t label him “anti-vaxxer”

When it comes to the safety and effectiveness of President Donald Trump’s upcoming “Operation Warp Speed” (OWS) vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), presidential hopeful Joe Biden is not convinced that they will work.

Speaking publicly, which is usually not a good idea for him, Biden offered up the conspiracy theory that “people don’t believe that [Trump] is telling the truth” about the safety of these vaccine candidates. “Therefore, they’re not at all certain they’re going to take the vaccine,” Biden added.

We use the phrase “conspiracy theory” in this context as a tongue-in-cheek, seeing as how the left would ordinarily accuse anyone who dares to question the safety or effectiveness of any vaccine of being an “anti-vaxxer.” But in this case, Biden openly questioned the safety and effectiveness of all OWS vaccines simply because they are being developed under the guidance of the Trump administration.

Aug 11 18:18

Chicago Black Lives Matter Leader Calls Looting ‘Reparations,’ Encourages Looters to Continue (VIDEO)

A Black Lives Matter leader in Chicago has referred to looting as “reparations” and urged the looters to continue because the businesses “have insurance.”

Aug 11 18:18

BREAKING: Joe Biden Chooses Kamala Harris who Accused Him of Racism as VP Nominee

Joe Biden chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President nominee.

Aug 11 17:08

American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS: Stand for truth, or kiss your assets goodbye to ongoing Bankster looting of tens of trillions (3 of 9)

“The American democracy was not given to us on a platter. It is not ours for all time, irrespective of our efforts. Either people organize and they find political leadership to take this on, or we are going to be in big trouble, okay?… That’s absolutely the heart of the problem. I would also say and tell you, and emphasize, these people will not come out and debate with us. The heads of these companies or their representatives, they will not come out. They’re afraid. They don’t have the substance. They don’t have the arguments. We have the evidence. They have the lobbyists. And that’s all they have.” ~ MIT’s Simon Johnson (and former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund) on “too big to fail” banks led by gambling oligarchs who captured US government as in “banana republics” (his words). He concludes fraud is the heart of Wall Street.

Aug 11 16:02

'Looting is reparations': BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked city Sunday night, as organizer claims 'anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance'

Black Lives Matter Chicago said early Monday's looting of stores was a form of 'reparations' as the group held a protest Monday night in support of the more than 100 people arrested after an evening of violence.

Downtown Chicago was otherwise quiet after authorities cut off access, with drawbridges leading into the city pulled up and freeway exits blocked after riots sparked by a false rumor of a child shot by police.

At least 13 police officers were injured as the violence claimed an estimated $65 million in property damage.

Aug 11 15:46

Latrell Allen: Meet The 20-Yr-Old Gangbanger Whose 'Shootout With Police' Triggered Mass Looting In Chicago

The gangbanger whose alleged shootout with police in Englewood triggered mass looting in Chicago on Sunday night has been identified as 20-year-old Latrell Allen, who was charged on Monday for attempted murder of police.

Aug 11 15:45

Cannon Hinnant, RIP: 5-Year-Old Boy 'Executed Point Blank' by Criminal Thug While Playing Outside

Five-year-old Cannon Hinnant was allegedly executed at point-blank range with a gunshot to the head by 25-year-old felon Darius Nathaniel Sessoms while riding his bike and playing outside his house on Sunday evening in Wilson, North Carolina.

Aug 11 14:42

Record-Setting Interest in Self-Defense in US

If the raw data was not enough evidence, anti-gun activists are already trying to negatively frame the surge in sales and have sought to preemptively blame law-abiding gun owners for criminal activity. Those intent on rewriting the Constitution will not rest until they have exhausted every dollar anti-gun billionaires have left. -- Anyone want to bet that the new VP pick will skyrocket these numbers even more?

Aug 11 13:46

The Twilight Zone

“Imagine if you will, a situation in which the economy of a nation is overdue to experience an economic collapse of epic proportions, but remains endlessly at the brink. Every day, a collapse is more likely, yet the economic house of cards remains in a state of suspended animation. Some people become increasingly edgy, while others become more complacent. Only a few choose to actually prepare for what’s coming. -- An impossible situation? Yes. But we’d be well-advised to recognize that it couldn’t only occur… in the Twilight Zone.”

Aug 11 12:57

Coronavirus is the New ‘Terrorism’ — Ron Paul

Politicians and bureaucrats cannot eliminate a virus any more than they can eliminate terrorism. What they can do is use terrorism, a virus, and other real, exaggerated, or manufactured crises to expand their power at the expense of our liberty. -- Politicians will never resist the temptation to use crises as excuses to gain more power. Therefore, it is up to those of us who know the truth to spread the message of liberty and grow the liberty movement, A strong liberty movement is the only thing that can force the politicians to stop stealing our liberty while promising phantom security from terrorists and viruses.

Aug 11 12:49

Debate This!

Biden’s image makers know the less the public sees and hears Biden, the better. Biden’s surrogates, a host of handlers, and a sympathetic, seditious Press have constructed a false image of Biden. It is a fragile image easily undercut through public appearances and shattered by a one-to-one match-up with Trump. This is precisely why the Press, along with Biden’s handlers, support early voting and why they seek to delay a Presidential debate. -- The forces driving Biden’s White-House bid must rely on deception. That raises the question whether the upcoming November 2020 Presidential election will be reasonable, fair, impartial, transparent, and honest.

Aug 11 12:39

Trump's COVID-19 unemployment plan confuses US state governors

Whether United States President Donald Trump has the constitutional authority to extend federal unemployment benefits by executive order remains unclear. Equally up in the air is whether states, which are necessary partners in Trump's plan to bypass Congress, will sign on.

Trump announced an executive order Saturday that extends additional unemployment payments of $400 a week to help cushion the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Congress had approved payments of $600 a week at the outset of the outbreak, but those benefits expired August 1 and Congress has been unable to agree on an extension. Many Republicans have expressed concern that a $600 weekly benefit, on top of existing state benefits, gives people an incentive to stay unemployed.

Aug 11 12:35

‘They’ve had enough of everything’: Record numbers of Americans are giving up their US citizenship

Record numbers of Americans are renouncing their citizenship according to numbers reported by a New York accountancy firm.

Bambridge Accountants reports that 5,816 people gave up US citizenship in the first half of 2020 — a 1,210 per cent increase on the previous six months in which only 444 cases were recorded.

The first two quarters of 2020 also rank as having the first and second highest numbers on record at 2,909 and 2,907 respectively.

Aug 11 12:32

FPC Brief: Background Checks for Ammo Violate Second Amendment

In 2016, California enacted a series of regulations on ammunition sales. Ammunition sales must now be conducted by a licensed ammunition vendor, occur face-to-face at the vendor’s California location, and be approved by the California Department of Justice. DOJ approval requires a background check on the purchaser, for every ammunition purchase. Making matters worse, the background check system denies 16% of lawful purchases due to deficiencies in the system. In the first few months of its enactment, over 100,000 lawful acquisitions were refused, and countless others were deterred by the system’s complexity.

Aug 11 12:25

Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program

If you thought DHS's "If You See Something, Say Something" was a failure guess again. DHS has managed to justify creating 78 Fusion Centers whose sole purpose, it seems, is to spy on innocent Americans and track their daily movements.

Aug 11 11:36

CNN fears NOMASKERS can spread COVID-19 while protesting

Literally 2 weeks ago CNN said protests don’t spread COVID. But now they have FEARS of spreading COVID because people are DARING to protest against masks.When it's a cause CNN supports they don’t play the moral superiority game when it comes to peoples health. Yet when its a cause CNN does not support they suddenly have dreading concerns over peoples health.

Aug 11 11:24

Americans give up citizenship in record-smashing numbers as expats find ‘pandemic & political climate too much to bear’ – report

Americans are ditching their US citizenship in droves thanks to an unbearable political atmosphere and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, new research shows, indicating that both residents and expats are cutting ties in record numbers.

More than 5,800 Americans renounced their citizenship in the first half of 2020, according to a report by Bambridge Accountants New York, a firm that specializes in US expat tax compliance, a dramatic 1,210-percent spike compared to the last six months of 2019.

“There has been a huge turnaround during coronavirus of US expats renouncing [citizenship], where the figures have been in steep decline since 2017,” said Alistair Bambridge, a partner at the New York-based accounting firm, pointing to a contentious political landscape, the coronavirus pandemic, and onerous tax regulations.

Aug 11 11:06

“Don’t Bait Us!” Mayor Lightfoot Snaps at Reporter For Pointing Out That Looters Took Advantage of the Lack of Consequences in Recent Riots (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday snapped at a reporter for pointing out violent looters took advantage of the lack of consequences in the recent George Floyd riots.

Aug 11 11:05

Shocking video shows boy, 8, with special needs being HANDCUFFED at his elementary school while officers tell him 'you're going to jail' after he punched a teacher in the chest - as lawyer accuses cops of using 'scare straight' tactics

Harrowing video surfaced Monday from a 2018 incident where police officers attempted to handcuff a crying eight-year-old boy in his elementary school and told him he's going to jail.

Aug 11 11:05

Fired McDonald's CEO 'deleted dozens of nude photos of three employees sent using his company email and phone as part of a coverup' as the fast food chain tries to recoup his $40 MILLION severance package

A McDonald's lawsuit claims that the company's fired CEO Stephen Easterbrook deleted dozens of nude photos that were sent using his work email and phone as part of a coverup so he wouldn't be caught as the fast-food chain tries to recoup tens of millions of dollars in severance and benefits.

Aug 11 10:56

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Resigns Following City Council Vote to Defund Police

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best will be resigning on Wednesday morning, following the city council voting to defund the police amid massive unrest.

Aug 11 10:44

WTH? CNN’s Jeremy Diamond Says Trump Wants To Deliver Convention Speech In Gettysburg Because He Loves The Confederacy (VIDEO)

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond on Monday suggested President Trump wanted to deliver his convention speech in Gettysburg because he loves the Confederacy.

Aug 11 10:43

President Trump Asked About Russia Meddling In Election – Says He’s More Worried About Democrat Interference (Video)

Following a scare at the White House where the Secret Service had to evacuate the briefing room as President Donald Trump spoke to reporters, the Republican president went back to the press room to answer questions.

Aug 11 10:36

The New Guinea cannibals accused of killing and eating Michael Rockefeller: Photographer visits Indonesian people who gave up eating humans thirty years ago and converted to Christianity after disappearance of American heir in 1961

These are the remote Indonesia people accused of murdering and eating American heir Michael Rockefeller sixty years ago before they renounced cannibalism and turned to Christianity.

Aug 11 10:36

NASA shares image of red cyclones swirling on Jupiter's North Pole - but the internet says the planet looks like a 'pepperoni pizza'

NASA shared a detailed image of Jupiter, but viewers said it looks more like ‘a pepperoni pizza.’
The Juno spacecraft has been probing the massive planet since 2011 and recently sent back a picture of red swirling cyclones in the North Pole region.

Aug 11 10:35

'Corruption is bigger than the state': Lebanese PM's amazing admission as he and his cabinet RESIGN over explosion that killed 160 saying he has faced a brick wall trying to bring in reforms as country teeters on the brink

Lebanon's prime minister and his cabinet resigned tonight in the wake of the devastating Beirut explosion which has killed more than 160 people.

Aug 11 10:35

Moment megaphone wielding anti-mask activists storm Morrison's and demand shoppers 'resist the new world order' and take off their face-coverings that are 'so bad' for them

A mob of anti-mask protesters stunned grocery shoppers after storming a supermarket yelling 'You guys need to resist'.

Aug 11 10:28

Democrat Supported Marxist Group Plans Siege on White House Starting September 17 for 50 Days Until the 2020 Election

Leftist operatives with the support of Democrats are burning and pillaging cities across the country. Stores are looted and government buildings are attacked on a weekly basis by far left terrorists.

Aug 11 10:27

Our Elites Are Idiots: Listen to DC Appeals Court Judge Wilkins Blather On About Hypothetical with Nuns and Priests During General Flynn Hearing (VIDEO)

The General Flynn hearing today before the DC Appeals Court was an embarrassment to the nation and our legal profession.

Aug 11 09:52

Father shoots dead his 11-year-old terminally ill daughter before turning the gun on himself in murder suicide while his wife was cooking breakfast

A father shot dead his terminally ill 11-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself in a shocking murder-suicide in Florida.
The man, who was in his 40s but has not yet been named, allegedly opened fire on his daughter at their home in Davie at about 9am Monday before shooting himself.

Aug 11 09:52

New York gym owner sues Gov. Cuomo to reopen the state because he is 'destroying everything' with his stringent lockdown and asks 'are we supposed to go broke?'

A New York gym owner has sued Gov Andrew Cuomo and the state to reopen because the governor's stringent lockdown guidelines are 'destroying everything'.
During a COVID-19 update on Thursday, Cuomo called gyms 'problematic' and said they will remain closed until the state feels they can reopen safely.

Aug 11 09:49

Could your mask help SPREAD coronavirus? Scientists discover fleece neck gaiters MULTIPLY infectious droplets while N95s and cotton masks work best to protect you and reduce transmission

We've all been told to wear face masks to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but it turns out the material your mask is made of may affect your risk, a new study suggests.

Aug 11 09:49

WHO chief says there are 'green shoots of hope' in fight against coronavirus, praises Boris Johnson for 'strong and precise' North of England lockdown and hails New Zealand for crushing community spread

The head of the WHO today said there were 'green shoots of hope' in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic even as the world nears 20million cases.

Aug 11 09:48

Zero-emissions aeroplanes that use AMMONIA as jet fuel rather than kerosene could take to the skies 'within years', British scientists claim

Zero-emissions aeroplanes could take to the skies 'within years' thanks to British scientists who are developing technology that will allow them to run on ammonia.

Aug 11 09:45

Alyssa Milano shows off her shocking hair loss as a result of COVID-19 and is considered 'long hauler' after feeling symptoms in April

Alyssa Milano has shown her shocking amount of hair loss as a result of having COVID-19 after experiencing acute symptoms in April.

Aug 11 07:08

Community Currencies Set To Make A Resurgence?

The ongoing economic fallout from the Covid-19 virus continues to destroy businesses and people around the world. This economic contraction is likely to continue, perhaps for the next few years, and beyond that is anyone’s guess what will happen next.....

Aug 11 06:27

USPS is broken (2 Pics)

Aug 11 05:58

St. Louis Attorney: McCloskeys Are Trying ‘To Turn These Criminal Proceedings Into Political Theater’

St. Louis Circuit Court Attorney Kimberly Gardner accused the McCloskeys, who are defendants in a case Gardner is prosecuting, of turning the legal proceedings into “political theater” after they motioned to have her removed from the case.
The attorney for Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Joel Schwartz, filed a motion on July 29 to have Gardner barred from prosecuting their case after Gardner referenced the case in two campaign emails, one sent before charges were filed and one after. Gardner’s response to the McCloskeys was filed under seal but released to the public over the weekend by the St. Louis Circuit Court, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Aug 11 05:57

College football players declare '#WeWantToPlay' amid reports the season could be canceled

College football players are pushing a viral campaign declaring "#WeWantToPlay" as numerous reports circulated Monday warning that the entire season could be scrapped due to concerns over COVID-19.

What are the details?
ESPN reported that on Sunday night, a dozen players from all five major conferences released a video in solidarity calling for the season to go on, while also stating that "players should have the chance to opt out of the upcoming football season and that they should be guaranteed another year of eligibility whether they play this season or not."

Aug 11 05:56

Glenn Beck dismantles the mainstream media’s new narrative in interview with Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared to be surprised by Glenn Beck's comments as he dismantled an attempt by Democrats and their media allies to resurrect the Russian election interference narrative for 2020.

The talk radio personality and TheBlaze founder appeared Monday on Carlson's Fox News show to discuss the accusations from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and others that Russia is trying to intervene in the 2020 election.

Aug 11 05:51

Support for trans women using single-sex spaces including toilets and refuges drops - but most people believe they are NOT transphobic

The number of Britons who feel comfortable with transgender women using female bathrooms and refuges has fallen by up to 10 per cent, new research has revealed.

Aug 11 05:46

Donald Trump lashes out at Republican Ben Sasse for slamming his executive orders on coronavirus bailout as 'unconstitutional slop' calling Nebraska senator a 'RINO gone rogue'

Donald Trump bashed Ben Sasse on Monday as a 'rogue' Republican after the Nebraska senator called the president's flurry of executive orders 'unconstitutional slop.'

Aug 11 05:45

Ya think? (Cartoon)

Aug 11 05:44

Mauritians use home-made barriers of straw, tights and HAIR to try and stop 1,000-ton tanker oil spill destroying beach - amid fury at government that ignored wreck for TWO WEEKS and is trying to ban locals helping clean up

Mauritians were battling an oil spill with home-made barriers made from straw, pairs of tights and even human hair today as they race to contain an ecological catastrophe.

Aug 11 05:44

D. L. Hughley accuses Kanye West of being 'conveniently mentally ill'... as he questions how the troubled rapper can still run his billion-dollar Yeezy empire

Actor D. L. Hughley has weighed in on the well-being of Kanye West, saying that while he believes the rapper has clear issues, he has accused him of being 'conveniently mentally ill.'

Aug 11 05:43

Covid jobs bloodbath as number of people employed falls by 730,000 since lockdown with benefits claims hitting 2.7million - despite furlough scheme propping up millions of roles

The number of people employed fell by another 114,000 last month as coronavirus hammered the jobs market.
Some 730,000 fewer people are now on the payroll than in March before the country went into lockdown to combat the killer disease.

Aug 11 05:42

Seattle Police Chief Resigns After Democrat City Council Votes To Cut Police Budget

The dermatologist, whose real name is Dr. Sandra Lee, shared an expert tip for preventing maskne - acne caused by face masks - on her TikTok account
She explained that you can prevent blemishes caused by the protective face covering by spraying the inside with a salicylic acid-based product
The ingredient 'cleans out the oil and debris within your pores', she revealed
Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the number of people complaining about 'maskne'

Aug 11 05:34

Foundation Donations (Picture)

Aug 11 05:32

Princes William and Harry are trying to mend 'hurtful' rift and 'make their way back to each other but it will take some time' Finding Freedom author claims - after the siblings fell out over Duke of Sussex's quick romance with Meghan

Carolyn Durand, co-author of Finding Freedom, a new biography about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, opened up about the brothers' relationship
She said that William and Harry's falling out is more about 'hurt' than 'anger'
Durand said that William expressed concerns to Harry about how quick his romance with Meghan was progressing and urged him to 'take some more time'

Aug 11 05:31

'I saw the photos yesterday - it wasn't the best birthday present ever': Wife of Lisa Armstrong's new lover reveals the electrician and father-of-two left family home just months ago

The wife of Lisa Armstrong's new lover has told of her hurt at seeing photos of her husband of five years cuddling up to the £31million divorcee - just a few months after they separated.
James Green, a 37-year-electrician and father-of-two, was pictured looking blissfully happy with Lisa in a London park at the at the weekend following her multi-million pound divorce from TV icon Ant McPartlin.

Aug 11 05:30

'I saw the photos yesterday - it wasn't the best birthday present ever': Wife of Lisa Armstrong's new lover reveals the electrician and father-of-two left family home just months ago

The wife of Lisa Armstrong's new lover has told of her hurt at seeing photos of her husband of five years cuddling up to the £31million divorcee - just a few months after they separated.
James Green, a 37-year-electrician and father-of-two, was pictured looking blissfully happy with Lisa in a London park at the at the weekend following her multi-million pound divorce from TV icon Ant McPartlin.

Aug 11 05:29

Princes William and Harry are trying to mend 'hurtful' rift and 'make their way back to each other but it will take some time' Finding Freedom author claims - after the siblings fell out over Duke of Sussex's quick romance with Meghan

Carolyn Durand, co-author of Finding Freedom, a new biography about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, opened up about the brothers' relationship
She said that William and Harry's falling out is more about 'hurt' than 'anger'
Durand said that William expressed concerns to Harry about how quick his romance with Meghan was progressing and urged him to 'take some more time'

Aug 11 05:26

Seized by hordes of Hong Kong police, the millionaire who backed democracy: Arrest of media mogul 'marks the end of free press' in former British territory

A pro-democracy Hong Kong media tycoon was yesterday arrested along with eight other journalists after Chinese officials raided his newspaper offices in the city.

Aug 11 05:26

American football (Picture)

Aug 11 05:25

Sunspot the size of Mars is turning towards Earth and massive solar flares could affect radio communications, GPS and power grids

A massive sunspot observed on the sun is turning towards Earth and is expected to increase in size over the next few days.
The area, dubbed AR2770, has a 'primary dark core' the width of Mars and a number of crater-size 'spotlets' littering its surface.

Aug 11 05:19

Earth's nearest dwarf planet Ceres is a 'water world' that harbours a salty ocean beneath its cratered surface, NASA observations reveal

Ceres, the nearest dwarf planet to the Earth is a water world and could have a vast reservoir of salty water hidden under its surface, according to new research.

Aug 11 05:19

Seattle's first black female police chief RESIGNS in protest hours after city council voted to defund their police and cut 100 cops from the forceSeattle's chief of police has announced her resignation just hours after the City Council approved proposals

Seattle's chief of police has announced her resignation just hours after the City Council approved proposals on Monday that would reduce the police department by as many as 100 officers.

Aug 11 05:16

'We're coming for you': Mayor Lightfoot's warning to looters who ransacked Chicago in night of 'straight-up criminality' that saw 100 arrests and 13 cops injured

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned looters who ransacked the city that they are already being hunted by police who are reviewing HD security camera footage from the chaos which saw more than 100 arrests, attacks on 13 police officers and widespread unrest.

Aug 11 05:13

Powerful derecho storm wreaks havoc across the Midwest leaving 1.1M without power as 100mph winds blast beleaguered Chicago following looting across the city

A rare storm packing 100 mph winds has left more than 1.1million Americans without power across the Midwest as it caused widespread destruction with blown over trees, flipped vehicles, property damage and several severe weather warnings as it turned toward embattled Chicago.

Aug 11 05:13

Donald Trump considering blocking entry into the United States for U.S. citizens and legal residents returning from coronavirus hotspots

Donald Trump is considering a new proposal that would prevent U.S. citizens and legal residents from returning to the United States, if it is believed they may be infected with coronavirus.