Jan 09 10:04

TRUMP DE-ESCALATES! President Trump Announces More Sanctions Against Iranian Regime Following Missile Attacks on US Bases in Iraq –VIDEO

As reported earlier by Kristinn Taylor the Iranian regime fired off several missiles at US bases in Iraq on Tuesday following the funeral of Qassem Soleimani.
Two US bases in Iraq were targets of the missile attacks.

Jan 09 09:58

Man returned to jail over medical pot

An Albuquerque man says he was hauled back to jail from a community custody program when a search of his home turned up medical marijuana and a pipe – a punishment he and his attorney say violates state law.

According to a petition filed Tuesday in state District Court, Joe Montaño suffers from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder and is a qualified medical cannabis patient. The 48-year-old had been sentenced to 90 days for aggravated drunken driving, and he was serving his time outside the county jail through the Community Custody Program.

Jan 09 09:24

Satellite Images Show Several Iran Missiles Hit Al Assad Base in Iraq

Satellite images of Iraq’s Al Assad airbase published Wednesday show about five sites were hit by Iranian missiles launched Tuesday night. While there are indications these were precision strikes, the blast impacts appear to be quite minimal. The U.S. said there were no U.S. or coalition casualties in the attack on Al Assad and a base near Erbil.

Jan 09 09:24

CONFIRMED: US Was Informed of Imminent Attack Before Missile Strikes on US Bases in Iraq

As reported earlier — The US was informed of the imminent attack before missile strikes on US bases in Iraq.

Jan 09 09:24

Developing: Local Iranian Claims to Take Photo of Missile Part Near Ukrainian Passenger Plane Crash Site in Tehran

The first footage was released this morning at the crash site of the Ukrainian plane that that went down outside of Tehran moments after takeoff on Wednesday morning.
An Ukrainian Airlines plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed Wednesday morning just minutes ago after takeoff from Tehran, Iran!

Jan 09 09:23

“Absolutely, Positively False” – Senator Lankford DESTROYS Turncoat Sen. Mike Lee on Bogus Meltdown following Today’s Iran Briefing (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Senator Mike Lee lashed out at the Trump administration following an Iran briefing to US senators.

Jan 09 09:23

Trump Goes There: ‘The Missiles Fired Last Night at Us Were Paid For by the Funds Given to Iran by the Obama Administration’ (VIDEO)

President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday morning following the Iranian missile attacks that hit US facilities in Iraq.

Jan 09 09:23

WWIII? Stocks Hit New Highs on Day After Iran Fires Missiles at US Bases in Iraq

Stocks rose today in early trading following the Iranian regime’s attacks on US bases in Iraq.
Then after President Trump’s measured response to the missile strikes stocks soared!
The pro-war Democrats were SO HOPING President Trump would have escalated the rhetoric with the evil Iranian regime.
But that did not happen.

Jan 09 09:02

Milley: Iranian missiles were meant to kill US troops in Iraq

This putz lies through his teeth. He dishonors America and the Uniform with his lies. The Iranians gave 2 hours warning through the Iraqis and 1 hour through the Swiss. This individual and his "Boss" Trump don't give a thought to the deaths of Americans. We are just cannon fodder to them and their Israeli masters.

THE PENTAGON — The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is disputing speculation that the Iranians tried to avoid killing any U.S. troops during their recent missile attacks on two bases in Iraq.

Jan 09 08:56

US sacrifices strategic interests in Middle East in standoff with Iran, says analyst

The expert believes that strategically the United States will promptly ruin its own positions in the Middle East and undermine the European countries’ trust towards NATO

Jan 09 08:52

Iran’s next responses will be proportionate to what US will do: Defense min.

Hours after Iran’s missile attack on American bases in Iraq, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami says Tehran’s next responses to the US assassination of a top Iranian general will be proportionate to what Washington will do.

“Our next measure will naturally be proportionate to the ones the Americans will take. Our measures will definitely continue,” the minister told reporters on Wednesday on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting, adding that the early morning strike has given the US a lesson that will be etched in its mind.

Jan 09 08:48

Iran Gave Advance Notice of Missile Attacks on US

US officials have confirmed that they were given advance notice Tuesday night before Iranian missile strikes against bases hosting US troops, part of what is seen as a concerted effort to avoid casualties.

Iranian FM Javad Zarif said the advance notice was provided to the Iraqi government, citing respect for Iraqi sovereignty. Iraq told the US, giving time to get people out of the way of the attack.

In addition, there are reports that the Iranians were directly communicating with the US through multiple sources, including the Swiss Embassy in Iran, to assure them that the attacks were the extent of their retaliation and that they are done.

Jan 09 08:45

Top IRGC General: Strikes on US Forces in Iraq Just Beginning of Full-Scale Op Across Region

Head of the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh has stated that the 8 January missile attack on American bases in neighbouring Iraq was only the start of a series of attacks that will take place across the entire region, Tasnim News Agency reported. The general further shared that the country had hundreds of missiles ready for launch, when it carried out strikes and added that Tehran conducted cyberattacks on the same day against American plane and drone navigation systems.

Jan 09 08:38

General Qasem Soleimani saved Christian lives in Syria

I am a Presbyterian. Trump supposedly is a Presbyterian. Trump is in the hip pocket of Israel and doesn't give a flying fuck about Christians!

“All that Qassem Soleimani did was stand up for Christians against ISIS and Al Qaeda”

A mass was held in the Presbyterian church of Aleppo, Syria to honor the martyrdom of General Soleimani who had an essential role in the liberation battle of East Aleppo against US-backed Jihadists. Reverend Ibrahim Naseir is speaking.

Jan 09 08:35

Iran's Missile Launch Against Two U.S. Bases in Iraq Calls Trump's Bluff - Updated

The Swiss embassy in Tehran, which represents the U.S., was warned at least one hour before the attack happened. Around 0:00 UTC the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) which prohibited civil U.S. flights over Iraq, Iran, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

This attack was the "open" and "proportional" response for the U.S. assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani which Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had promised. It will certainly not be the only response but represents the opening shot of a long and much more silent campaign to kick the U.S. out of the Middle East.

U.S. President Donald Trump, who had threatened to destroy 52 targets in Iran including cultural sites if Iran would take any revenge, seems to have understood that this attack was intentionally limited to avoid a larger war:

Jan 09 08:32

Iran Lets Trump Avoid a War

The Iranian leadership is highly intelligent . We on the other hand are stuck with a moron who does the bidding of Israel.

Tehran could not let the assassination of one of its most senior and popular officials go unpunished.

Still, it seems that the attack on Wednesday was intended as a warning rather than real retribution. Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq said that Tehran had warned him that the missiles were coming; reports say he passed that information on to American and Iraqi troops, as the Iranian military probably expected. The Iranians, with their sophisticated intelligence operations in Iraq, were also likely well aware of the layout of the bases that they hit, and knew American troops would be able to take cover from the rockets. All of this suggests that the Iranians wanted to minimize casualties, even as they projected strength.

Jan 09 08:27

Clausewitz, Trump and Soleimani

General Soleimani devised genius military tactics to counter both American and Israeli plans; although Israel doesn’t share a border with Iran, Iran assuredly shares a border with Israel. Deploying the Iranian Revolutionary Guards alongside local pro Iran militias into areas of conflict allowed Soleimani to encircle the Jewish state within a wall of fierce resistance. Iran’s regional allies are superbly trained, ideologically and religiously motivated and they have the benefit of the rich Iranian ballistic arsenal and technology that can deliver lethal punishment to Israel in a conflict.

Similar tactics were put into action by General Soleimani against American military forces in the region. Iran may not share a border with the USA but pro Iranian Iraqi militias have managed to surround and harass American forces in Iraq. Iran also dominates the most strategic passes in the Persian Gulf through its Shia militias in Yemen.

Jan 09 08:23

Tired of media’s Pentagon spin? Lee Camp outlines 6 things you aren’t being told about the US assassination of Soleimani (VIDEO)

The host of Redacted Tonight has listed six things about the highly controversial killing that the media has either ignored completely or under-reported, including the not-so-convenient fact that Soleimani had come to Baghdad to hold de-escalation talks with Saudi Arabia – before being killed by a US drone.

Jan 09 08:21

Missile strikes on bases housing US troops aimed at damaging America’s ‘military machine’ – Iranian commander

Iran’s assault on bases housing US troops in Iraq was intended to smash American military infrastructure rather than kill soldiers, an Iranian commander told state television. He promised further strikes in the region.

Jan 09 08:04

Serial Anti-Semitic Arsonist and Obama Campaign Worker Is Released from NYC Jail without Bail

James Polite allegedly set fire to seven Jewish sites and vandalized a synagogue.
New York authorities arrested James Polite for vandalism of a New York synagogue in November 2018.

Jan 09 08:03

86-Year-Old Ruth Bader Ginsburg Claims She is Cancer-Free

Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86, claimed she is cancer-free in an interview with CNN which described her as “energetic” and “animated.”
“I’m cancer free. That’s good,” she told CNN.

Jan 09 08:03

Minnesota County Votes to Reject Refugee Resettlement Under Trump Executive Order

Beltrami County in Minnesota has voted to reject refugee resettlement in their community following an executive order from President Donald Trump that allows state and local governments to determine whether or not they consent to accepting them.

Jan 09 08:03

“Evil Sunrise” – Creepy Red Devil Horns Rise Over Iran

Creepy red devil horns over the Persian Gulf were photographed during a solar eclipse.
Amateur photographer Elias Chasiotis captured the incredible photos of the giant red horns rising on December 26 whilst he was in Qatar.

Jan 09 08:02

EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Steele from Russia Collusion Hoax Caught Lying Before Either the Senate or the DOJ IG

Christopher Steele has some explaining to do. He either lied before the Senate Judiciary Committee or to the DOJ IG or both. Either way, he’s a liar.

Jan 09 08:02

Illegal Aliens Have To Be Rescued After Getting Stuck On Top Of Trump’s Border Wall

“Good fences make good neighbors,” wrote the poet Robert Frost.
And he was right.
President Trump has been pushing for barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. And the newly installed fences are doing their jobs.
On Sunday, Border Patrol agents were forced to rescue three foreigners who got stuck on top of one of President Trump’s border wall in San Diego.

Jan 09 07:50

REPORT: Dr. Drew Pinsky May Run For Congress Against Adam Schiff

Pinsky has been sounding the alarm about the possibility of an epidemic in California due to homelessness and rats for months. Adam Schiff on the other hand, has done nothing but waste the people’s time chasing Russia and impeachment.

Jan 09 07:49

Jussie Smollett Will NOT Return to Final Season of ‘Empire’ after Vicious Hate Crime Hoax

In late January “washed up” Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett faked a hate crime in an allegeded beating by two white Trump supporters in freezing temperatures in Chicago at 2 AM in the morning.

Jan 09 07:49

Turncoat Republican Mike Lee, Who Favors Foreign Workers Over US Workers — LOSES IT and Lashes Out at Trump Admin After Iranian Briefing

Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) bill to lift per-country caps on permanent residency, long sought by Indian and Chinese immigrants, failed to bypass a roll-call vote in September.

Jan 09 07:49

BREAKING: Warning Sirens in Baghdad — Three Katyusha Rockets Hit Green Zone

There were reports of warning sirens near the Green Zone in Baghdad today.

Jan 09 07:48

UPDATE: Iran Refuses to Turn Over Black Box from Downed Ukrainian Plane — Airline Officials Say There Was Nothing Wrong with Plane Before Takeoff

The first footage was released of Iranian officials at the crash site of the Ukrainian plane that killed at least 170 people.
An Ukrainian Airlines plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed tonight just minutes ago after takeoff from Tehran, Iran!

Jan 09 07:48

REPORTS: Iraq’ Prime Minister’s Office Says Iran Warned Them Prior to Missile Attack on US Bases and US Informed

According to numerous reports from Iraq the Iranian regime warned Iraqi officials of the missile strike on US bases.
And the US was then reportedly notified before the missile attacks.

Jan 09 06:44

Feinstein Fed Up with Pelosi Delay Tactics – Demands She Send Articles of Impeachment to Senate as Speaker Clings to Articles, Refuses to Let Go

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is demanding Nancy Pelosi deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate, but the Speaker is digging in her heels and won’t let go.

Jan 09 06:43

House to Vote on Resolution That Will Limit President Trump’s Military Actions Against Iran

The House is set to vote for a resolution that will limit President Donald Trump’s ability to take military action against Iran.

Jan 09 06:43

Paul Krugman Tweets Phishy Story About Hackers Using His IP For Child Porn

Wackjob “economist” Paul Krugman, who once proclaimed that markets would “never recover” after Trump’s election victory, is seemingly taking a preemptive approach to possible child porn charges by claiming he’s been hacked. Check out what he tweeted this afternoon:

Jan 09 06:42

BREAKING: Warning Sirens in Baghdad — Three Katyusha Rockets Hit Green Zone

There were reports of warning sirens near the Green Zone in Baghdad today.

Jan 09 06:42

Defense Secretary Esper: Soleimani’s Attack on Americans Was Just Days Away (VIDEO)

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said during a press conference that the alleged attack Iranian terrorist general Qassem Soleimani was planning against Americans was going to take place just days after he was killed by a U.S. drone strike.

Jan 09 06:41

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Says Proportionate Measures have “Concluded” After Missile Attacks on US Bases — Now Hopes US Won’t Bomb Them Back into Stone Age

Iranians were heard shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” as the missiles were fired off.
As reported earlier by Kristinn Taylor Iran fired off several missiles at US bases in Iraq on Tuesday following the funeral of Qassem Soleimani.

Jan 08 20:29

277 People A Day Leave New York

Jan 08 20:11

Satellite Images Show Aftermath of Iran Missile Attack

Before and after pics.

Damage at Al Asad air base in Iraq is seen in satellite pictures taken, Wednesday, January 8.

Jan 08 17:33

Russian politician warns Iran and US could spark NUCLEAR WAR if reciprocal attacks on each other continue

Vladimir Dzhabarov, a senior lawmaker in Russia's parliament, urged against escalation in the wake of Iranian ballistic missile strikes on Iraqi bases housing US troops in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The strike was in retaliation for the US killing Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad on Friday night.

'Reciprocal strikes by the U.S. and Iran may lead to an all-out war in the region,' Dzhabarov said.

'If Washington sees that it can't achieve its goals, there's a danger of a nuclear war.'

The Russian lawmaker said the U.N. Security Council should get involved to prevent further escalation in the Middle East.

Jan 08 17:02

Iran didn’t want to kill US troops with its strike, it wanted to make point to Trump about its missile tech & resolve. It did that

Iran’s anticipated retaliation for the US assassination of Qassem Suleimani sent a clear signal to Donald Trump that while the current round of violence may be over, Iran stands ready to respond to any future US provocation.

Tehran warned Iraq to spare US soldiers.
First and foremost, Iran communicated its intent to strike US targets in Iraq directly to the Iraqi Prime Minister a full two hours prior to the missiles being launched; Iraq then shared this information with US military commanders, who were able to ensure all US troops were in hardened shelters at the time of the attack.

The missile attack on the US incorporated new, advanced missiles—the Qaim 1 and Fahad-110—possessing advanced guidance and control capable of pinpoint precision.

Jan 08 16:37

Satellite Photos Reveal Extent Of Damage From Iranian Strike On Air Base In Iraq

Updated at 2:45 p.m. ET

Satellite photos taken Wednesday show that an Iranian missile strike has caused extensive damage at the Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq, which hosts U.S. and coalition troops.

The photos, taken by the commercial company Planet and shared with NPR via the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, show hangars and buildings hit hard by a barrage of Iranian missiles that were fired early Wednesday morning local time.

Jan 08 16:30

Norway Airport Parking Garage Fire Destroys Hundreds Of Cars And Grounds Flights

Norway's airport suffered a major fire yesterday at a parking garage on the premises. The fire resulted in air traffic being grounded and an evacuation of the facilities.

Scattered unconfirmed social media reports have pinned the blame on an electric vehicle catching fire, though many details have been unconfirmed.

The official statement from authorities is that the cause of the fire is "unknown" despite being notified first that an electric vehicle was on fire, according to Bloomberg.

Jan 08 16:28

Americans Receive Fake Texts Saying They've Been Drafted For War

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) reported Tuesday that fake texts are informing Americans that they've been selected for a military draft and to report to the nearest recruiting station for "immediate departure" to the Middle East.

USAREC confirmed the texts that were widespread and have been sent to many across the country but assures everyone the mass draft texts are fake.

Jan 08 16:25

Tehran Plane Crash Appears To Be "A Shootdown Event," Experts Say

According to a report cited by the Independent, analysts should start from the assumption that the plane, which had 176 people on board, none of whom survived, crashed as the result of a "shootdown." While others insisted that it's still too early to jump to conclusions, the OPS group, an aviation risk monitoring group, said photos from the crash site clearly show projectile holes in the plane's fuselage and wing.

"We would recommend the starting assumption to be that this was a shootdown event, similar to MH17 – until there is clear evidence to the contrary," highlighting photos of the crash site which they said "show obvious projectile holes in the fuselage and a wing section."

Jan 08 16:22

Iran-Backed Militia Fires Three Rockets At US Embassy In Baghdad

It was supposed to be a day of de-escalation, so when Reuters, Sky News Arabia, Fox News and other sources reported that "several" Katuysha rockets were fired by the IRGC-backed Kataib Hezbollah and hit the Green Zone in Baghdad and explosions have been heard...

Jan 08 13:33

President Trump Delivers Remarks

Check out the expressions on General Milley's face and some of the other officers. Pence looks happy. The military people don't. Milley looks like he is chewing nails. CIA drone did the deed. The US Military took the hit. Trump a day or 2 earlier in 2 letters to the Iranians delivered by the Swiss envoy, asked the Iranians for a proportional response ie. kill a US high ranking officer and not to hit a base with a bunch of missiles.
I think we have a really pissed off military at the moment. They are probably mad at damn near everybody because they have been made the Patsies for this mess.

Jan 08 12:47

Iran “schools” Trump, now seeking peace after weeks of childish threats

Introduction: Trump tells us no one was killed. If someone was, the US would lie about it but after hearing the deafening explosions at al Asad, thundering from 5 miles away, it must have been magic.

One report from Israel claims they received 224 wounded, flown to that country for treatment. That story is not confirmed.

Iran claims 80 Americans were killed. That is possible, even likely considering the size of the attack but also not confirmed. Trump could be telling the truth, there is no reason to not believe him other than than this would be the first time we have caught him not lying.

Jan 08 12:40

Vital: The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani

Federico Pieraccini for Strategic Culture
Days after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, new and important information is coming to light from a speech given by the Iraqi prime minister. The story behind Soleimani’s assassination seems to go much deeper than what has thus far been reported, involving Saudi Arabia and China as well the US dollar’s role as the global reserve currency.

Above all, the Saudi Royal family wanted to let people know immediately that they had not been informed of the US operation:

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia was not consulted regarding the US strike. In light of the rapid developments, the Kingdom stresses the importance of exercising restraint to guard against all acts that may lead to escalation, with severe consequences.

Jan 08 12:21

Breaking: Dead US Contractor Who Led to Destruction of US Base was Blackwater Contractor Who Participated in Torture of Detainees

The murder of Soleimani and the destruction of the al-Asad Air Base along with the U.S. half of the Erbil International Airport can be attributed to an “American” “contractor’s” death.

The individual, Nawres Hamid, Iraqi born, was killed in an attack, suspected by Kurdish forces, on the K 1 base in Iraq.

The contractor had worked in Iraq as part of rendition, detention and torture squads responsible for thousands of deaths.

Jan 08 12:13

Swallowing War Propaganda

Cutting through bad arguments, distractions, and euphemisms to see murder for what it is.

The Trump administration has assassinated Iran’s top military leader, Qassim Suleimani, and with the possibility of a serious escalation in violent conflict, it’s a good time to think about how propaganda works and train ourselves to avoid accidentally swallowing it.

Jan 08 10:11

Illegal Alien From Somalia and Well-Known Muslim Religious Leader in Texas Charged with Sex Crimes Against 4 Children

59-year-old Mohamed Omar Ali, a Somali national (living in the US illegally) and well-known Islamic religious leader in Texas, has been charged with sex crimes against four children.

Jan 08 10:10

‘One of our best planes’: Ukrainian Boeing 737 that crashed in Iran was ‘in excellent condition’ & manned by experienced crew

Nothing was wrong with the Ukraine International Airlines jet that came down in Iran with 176 on board, the company has said. It was one of the best planes in UIA’s fleet and had undergone maintenance just days before the crash.

Delivered to UIA in 2016, the Boeing 737-800 was “in excellent condition” before its last flight from Tehran to Kiev, Evgeny Dykhne, the company’s president, told reporters in Kiev, also describing the aircraft as “one of the best.”

UIA flight director Ihor Sosnovsky ruled out a pilot error, saying the ill-fated flight was manned by a reinforced crew comprising Captain Volodymyr Yaponenko, Pilot Instructor Oleksiy Naumkin and First Officer Serhiy Khomenko.

Jan 08 10:08

PEPE ESCOBAR: Trump to De-Escalate: Intel Source

Looks like Pepe's source was far.

“It is most unlikely Trump will escalate at this point, and this could provide him with the opportunity to leave the Middle East except for the Gulf States. Trump wants to get out,” a U.S. intelligence source says.

Jan 08 10:04

The Economic Risks of Trump’s Reckless Assassination

If Tehran ever decided to shut down the Strait of Hormuz it would trigger a global depression, writes Pepe Escobar.

Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani had flown into Baghdad on a normal carrier flight, carrying a diplomatic passport. He had been sent by Tehran to deliver, in person, a reply to a message from Riyadh on de-escalation across the Middle East. Those negotiations had been requested by the Trump administration.

So, Baghdad was officially mediating between Tehran and Riyadh, at the behest of Trump. And Soleimani was a messenger.

Now, the fact is that the United States government – on foreign soil, as a guest nation – has assassinated a diplomatic envoy who was on an official mission that had been requested by the United States government itself.

Jan 08 10:04

BREAKING — Dubai News: IRANIAN MISSILE Took Down Ukrainian Plane that Exploded After Takeoff from Tehran Airport

The first footage was released of Iranian officials at the crash site of the Ukrainian plane that killed at least 170 people.
An Ukrainian Airlines plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed tonight just minutes ago after takeoff from Tehran, Iran!

Jan 08 10:03

Elizabeth Warren Won’t Criticize Soleimani, Deflects By Bashing Trump Instead (VIDEO)

Democrats are so consumed by their hatred of Trump, that they can’t bring themselves to admit that Soleimani was an evil man who deserved to be eliminated.
During a recent appearance on CNN, Elizabeth Warren referred to the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers as a high ranking Iranian government official.

Jan 08 09:51

Muslim Teen Accused of Starting Aussie Grass Fire Laughs As He Leaves Court on Tuesday

Muslim teen Fadi Zraika was seen laughing as he left court on Tuesday in Sydney.

Fadi and his brother Abraham are accused a starting a fire at a Guildford park in December.

Jan 08 09:51

ENEMY WITHIN: Ilhan Omar to Trump: Divest from Hotels – You May Face “Worldwide” Attacks on Properties

On Friday morning the United States killed General Qassim Soleimani, a top commander of Iran’s al-Quds Force, in an airstrike at Baghdad’s International Airport. The strike also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces. Seven people were reportedly killed in the airstrike.

Jan 08 09:51

Iran Says U.S. Must Pay $130 Billion in Damages After World Court Rules Against Trump Administration

Iran's top judiciary has ordered the United States to pay up $130 billion in damages about a year after the United Nation's top court ruled that President Donald Trump's administration should ease sanctions against Tehran to ensure the continued flow of humanitarian goods.

Jan 08 09:51

Attorney Sidney Powell Responds to DOJ’s Sudden Change of Standing and Their Smears on General Flynn

The Justice Department reversed its prior recommendation and asked that General Michael Flynn be incarcerated for up to 6 months.
The DOJ previously asked for no jail time.

Jan 08 09:50

This 2015 Tweet From General Flynn About Soleimani is One Reason Why the Deep State Targeted Flynn For Ruin

General Flynn was targeted by the Deep State for ruin because he dared question the criminal and corrupt terrorist-appeasing Obama Administration.

Jan 08 09:50

Breaking: Reports Iran Fired Ballistic Missiles at US Troops at Al Assad Base in Iraq — 30 Missiles? — At Least Two US Bases Targeted

A journalist from Iran’s Tasmin News Agnecy posted a photo of a missile launch with the translated caption, “Urgent /// Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim begins to avenge the firing of Iranian ballistic missiles at the Iraqi base in Iraq, which is home to US forces.”

Jan 08 09:48

Special: Trump The Assassin

Qasem Soleimani was assassinated on January 2nd, 2020 in Baghdad by a drone strike ordered by Israel-first Trump. The Iranian Commander of the ‘Quds Force’ was murdered alongside the leader of the Iraqi ‘Popular Mobilization Forces’, Jamal Jaafar Ibrahimi, aka Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in addition to at least 6 other persons.

It was a coward act by a coward President who’s no better than a gangbanger on a drive-by shooting targeting unarmed individuals, who in this case were on a diplomatic mission.

Jan 08 09:48

Obama 'Red Lines' Compared to Trump 'Red Lines' in One Cartoon

Here in one cartoon is what ‘red lines’ drawn by former President Obama looked like compared to what a ‘red line’ drawn by President Trump looks like:

Jan 08 09:24

BREAKING: President Trump Has Been Briefed on Missile Attacks on US Bases in Iraq and is ‘Consulting with His National Security Team’

President Trump has been briefed on the missile attacks on US facilities in Iraq, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham confirmed Tuesday evening.

Jan 08 09:24

FLASHBACK: Iranian Lawmaker: Obama Granted Citizenship to 2500 Iranians During Nuclear Talks — Including Family Members of Regime Officials

On Friday morning the United States killed General Qassim Soleimani, a top commander of Iran’s al-Quds Force, in an airstrike at Baghdad’s International Airport. The strike also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces. Seven people were reportedly killed in the airstrike.

Jan 08 09:24

President Trump Issues Statement on Iran Attack

President Trump issued a statement on Twitter Tuesday night about the Iran missile attack on U.S. bases in Iraq. Trump said the initial assessment is still taking place but that “All is well!”

Jan 08 09:24

DISGUSTING! Hateful Nancy Pelosi Attacks President Trump as Iranian Missiles Rain Down on US Troops!

Iranians were heard shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” as the missiles were fired off.
As reported earlier by Kristinn Taylor Iran fired off several missiles at US bases in Iraq on Tuesday following the funeral of Qassem Soleimani.

Jan 08 09:23

Democrat's Twisted Political Playbook For Dealing With Whatever President Trump Does, in One Cartoon

Here in one brutally yet accurately illustrated cartoon is Democrat’s entire playbook for dealing with whatever President Trump does, now or in the future:

Jan 08 09:22

Report: Powder Keg Brewing in Virginia…Police and Vets Just Joined Citizen Militia to Battle Liberal Gun Laws

Patriotic citizens have formed grassroots militia groups and now vets and police officers are joining, vowing to fight against these tyrannical liberals.

Jan 08 09:06

U.S. officials reportedly knew about Iran's missile strike ahead of time

There's reportedly a big reason casualties were avoided in Iran's Tuesday night strike.

Shortly after midnight Wednesday morning, Iran told Iraq a response to the U.S. assassination of Qassem Soleimani "had begun or would start shortly," Iraq's prime minister's office said Wednesday morning. And as an Arab diplomatic source has since told CNN, Iraq then relayed that information to the U.S. and told it "which bases would be hit."

Jan 08 09:03

Pompeo and Pence reportedly pushed Trump to kill Soleimani. Pentagon leaders were 'stunned' Trump agreed.

When the Pentagon offered President Trump a series of potential responses to missile strikes on a U.S. base in Kirkuk, Iraq, by an Iranian-backed militia, they "tacked on the choice" of killing Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Quds Force commander and the second most powerful figure in Iran, "mainly to make other options seem reasonable,"

Jan 08 08:49

CNN Settles Lawsuit With Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann – Settlement Amount Concealed From Public — Nick Sandmann Tweets!

CNN on Tuesday agreed to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, but the amount of the settlement was concealed from the public.

Jan 08 08:49

After CNN Settles with Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann — Lawyers Focus on NBC, WaPo, and Additional Defendants TO BE NAMED!

CNN on Tuesday agreed to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, but the amount of the settlement was concealed from the public.

Jan 08 08:49

Iranian Regime Posts Fake Photo of Bombing at Al-Assad Airbase — Photo Is from Gaza in 2019!

Iranians were heard shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” as the missiles were fired off.
As reported earlier by Kristinn Taylor Iran fired off several missiles at US bases in Iraq on Tuesday following the funeral of Qassem Soleimani.