Jun 06 10:32

Soros and other billionaire controllers fund Muslim refugee invasion of U.S. to drive down worker wages and inspire domestic terror attacks

U.S. set to become a vast wasteland as George Soros and other controlling elites plan drive it into the ground to gain far cheaper labor

Jun 06 09:18

Buy Gold before Europe cracks

Jun 06 08:58

Ron Paul: The Keynesians Stole The Jobs

Jun 06 08:46

Burberry boss Christopher Bailey sees pay fall by 75%

His pay fell from £7.5m in the 2014/15 financial year, to £1.9m in 2015/16, according to Burberry's annual report.

Jun 06 08:32

Bilderberg 2016: We can expect desperate lobbying against Brexit from Big Business

As the EU referendum looms, a great counsel of war is gathering. Henri de Castries, the Chairman of the influential Bilderberg Group, has made his way to the highest hill above Dresden, placed a mighty conch shell to his aristocratic French lips and blown.

Responding to his call, 140 or so of the most powerful pro-European business leaders and politicians will be making their way to the five-star Hotel Taschenbergpalais to discuss the future of their beloved free trade zone.

Jun 06 07:58

8 Lessons That We Can Learn From The Epic Economic Meltdown In Venezuela

We are watching an entire nation collapse right in front of our eyes. As you read this article, there are severe shortages of just about anything you can imagine in Venezuela. That includes food, toilet paper, medicine, electricity and even Coca-Cola. All over the country, people are standing in extremely long lines for hours on end just hoping that they will be able to purchase some provisions for their hungry families. At times when there hasn’t been anything for the people that have waited in those long lines, full-blown riots have broken out. All of this is happening even though Venezuela has not been hit by a war, a major natural disaster, a terror attack, an EMP burst or any other type of significant “black swan” event. When debt spirals out of control, currency manipulation goes too far and government interference reaches ridiculous extremes, this is what can happen to an economy. The following are 8 lessons that we can learn from the epic economic meltdown in Venezuela…

Jun 06 07:44

Everyone’s Paying For America’s War on Russia, Including America

US sanctions aren’t just hurting everyone including the US, they are accomplishing nothing. The US State Department’s Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) notified readers of a diplomacy campaign by the United States aimed at “urging” Europe to maintain sanctions against Russia. While the US claims the necessity of these sanctions are self-evident and beneficial to the US and Europe, such campaigns would not be needed if that were truly the case.

Jun 05 17:40

Flashback 2014: The EU is to hit the UK with another €5 billion bill

As the budget talks carry on, the European Parliament is asking for an additional €6 billion in 2015, taking the total to €146 billion. They have also announced that there is an immediate requirement for another €4.7 billion to cover short term funding, and they estimated that the amount of unpaid bills rolled into the 2014 budget from 2013 will amount to €30 billion. Combined this will add up to an additional €40.7 billion, and the UK will have to cover €5 billion as part of its contribution.

Jun 05 17:39

Flashback 2014: David Cameron is being less than honest over the £1.7 billion we ‘owe’ the EU

While our Prime Minister rightly kicks up a stink over the latest bill from the European Union, it is telling to note that when the EU announced in July 2014 that it had run out of money and required another €4 billion from members costing the UK £600 million he never uttered a peep.

Jun 05 17:11

A Second Great Depression Is Now A Certainty.

Jun 05 16:43

How Free Money Leaves Everyone Poorer

Jun 05 16:26

Economic arguments about Brexit have succumbed to group-think

The economic debate about Brexit has so far concentrated heavily on the single market, and the prospective loss of export business caused by exclusion from it. I have written repeatedly that being outside the single market does not mean being “excluded”. Yes, British exports might face tariffs, but the EU’s tariffs on manufactured goods imported into it from non-member countries are extremely low.

More importantly, perhaps, there is a widespread misconception that the gains from trade derive only from exports. They don’t. They derive from both exports and imports. If we were to leave the EU, then we would have the ability to stop levying the EU’s external tariff on the imports that we buy from the rest of the world. This would lower prices in the shops.

Jun 05 16:15

The Case For A Super Glass-Steagall

Jun 05 16:13

The UK's EU membership fee

The UK pays more into the EU budget than it gets back.

In 2015 the UK government paid £13 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was £4.5 billion. So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at about £8.5 billion.


We can be pretty sure about how much cash we put in, but it’s far harder to be sure about how much, if anything, comes back in economic benefits. “There is no definitive study of the economic impact of the UK’s EU membership or the costs and benefits of withdrawal”, as the House of Commons Library says.

Jun 05 16:00

The Treasury’s Brexit forecast is ludicrous. We’re better off out of the EU

It seems likely that if we leave the EU we can look forward to a better pay rise at the bottom end of the income scale than if we stay in. Lord Rose, the Chairman of Remain, said as much in a rare honest forecast from that campaign. Assuming a post Brexit government does take control of our borders and impose sensible and effective controls on EU migrants wanting to come to take low paid jobs, we will remove some of the downwards pressure on wages.

We will also have £10bn a year to spend at home that we have to give way to EU in contributions we don’t get back.


There is also the stimulus effect of the first post Brexit budget, spending that money and removing VAT on fuel to boost people’s spending power.

Jun 05 15:50

NHS 'Scandal' As UK Pays Millions To EU

The UK pays more than £670m to EU countries for Britons' healthcare abroad, while claiming back less than £50m from the EU.

Jun 05 15:19

What The War On Reproductive Rights Has To Do With Poverty And Race

When Justice Harry A. Blackmun authored the decision legalizing abortion in Roe v. Wade, he wrote that “[t]he right of personal privacy includes the abortion decision, but this right is not unqualified and must be considered against important state interests in regulation.” Although this was a win for those seeking to both legalize abortion and prevent harm inflicted on people seeking illegal and unsafe abortions, it also opened the door to restrictions on abortion.

Jun 05 15:18

Watch: This Lady Completely Loses Control After Her EBT Food Stamps Card Is Declined

With some 100 million Americans now receiving government assistance in one form or another, it’s only a matter of time before glitches or all out system failure leads to civil unrest.

Jun 05 14:59

Today in History: FDR and Congress Take U.S. off the Gold Standard

By Michael Boldin

On April 5, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 “forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States.” The effect of the order was to criminalize the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation.

Two months later, on June 5, 1933, Congress passed House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192. It was passed to suspend the gold standard and do an end-run around the Constitution. Since then, no one in America has been able to “lawfully” require a debt to be paid in gold.

Under the Constitution, however, things are much different...

Jun 05 14:44

DRUMROLL: Hillary Clinton Reveals Her ONLY Idea To Create Jobs

I won't spoil the surprise, but it rhymes with shovel-ready...


Jun 05 12:30

“Rising” Rates Hit New Lows

Jun 05 12:11

The World’s Most-Extreme Economic Terrorism

Jun 05 12:01

Offbeat: Men raid vegan café, pelt patrons with meat

In Georgia – the country, not the state – men raided a vegan café and pelted patrons with meat. "Some of them," the story says, " . . . were wearing sausage necklaces," which seems to be a bold and possibly odoriferous, bacteria-prone fashion choice. Then a brawl broke out and the assailants escaped into the night. The whole episode, the café owners say, shows just how intolerant people are. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, owners of a vegan café say they've been getting death threats since they decided to start eating meat again. Talk about your food fights.

Jun 05 11:11

As subprime auto borrowers default, collection suits pile up in local courts

In August 2008, William Lesinski walked into a Car Credit City in Bridgeton and made a decision that would be far more expensive than he ever imagined.

Wanting to buy his son a car as a high school graduation gift, Lesinski put $1,750 down and drove off the lot in a 2003 Ford Mustang. The loan for the car was $11,367, and it carried 29 percent annual interest over nearly four years.

Jun 05 08:19

Merkel Panics! Tells British Voters That They Would Be Punished If They Vote Brexit

Panic is clearly setting in as Obama, followed by Merkel, are both trying to bully Britain into staying in the EU… warning that the UK would be punished if voters go for the Brexit option. This can only mean that it is clearly in the UK’s best interest to get the hell out of Brussels.

Jun 05 08:04

Soros and other billionaire controllers fund Muslim refugee invasion of U.S. to drive down worker wages and inspire domestic terror attacks

Much like the globalist contrived organization known as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), brilliantly exposed by Michael Kane in a 2004 case study, a new and similar plan has hit the forefront that is being orchestrated and funded by billionaire controllers such as George Soros and others.

Jun 05 04:42

What Makes this Jobs Report so Truly Ugly?

Jun 05 04:33

Gold – a reasonable correction?

Jun 04 16:41

College debt is becoming a risky bet

As the nation’s collective student loan debt burden continues to surpass all other types of debt besides mortgages, it’s becoming less likely that borrowing money to go to school will result in a college degree.

Jun 04 16:37

Public educators to teach tots about trannys

New public education standards that could make their way to your state would require kindergarten teachers to tell children their gender has no basis in biology.

Jun 04 15:48

$50 Oil Doesn’t Work

Low oil prices, plus low commodity prices of other kinds, seem to indicate that we are reaching the end of the line in the “pump up the economy with debt” approach. We have been using this approach since 1981. At this point, we have no idea what economy growth would look like, without the stimulus of falling interest rates.

The drop in oil prices and other commodity prices since mid-2014 seems to represent a “shrinking back” of our ability to use debt to raise prices to a level sufficient to cover the cost of extraction, plus associated overhead costs, including taxes. This drop in prices should be an alarm bell that something is seriously wrong. Without continuously rising prices, to keep up with ever-rising extraction costs, fossil fuel production will at some point come to a halt. Renewables will not work well either, because prices will not be high enough for them to be competitive.

Of course, once the economy stops growing, the huge amount of debt we have amassed becomes un-payable. The whole system we have built will begin to look more and more like a Ponzi Scheme.

Jun 04 14:57

Taxpayers wasted billions of dollars on a war on cocaine that didn’t work, economists say

American taxpayers got a dismal return on their $4.3 billion investment in the Colombian drug war between 2000 and 2o08, according to a new analysis by economists at MIT and Colombia's Universidad de los Andes. In the paper, which will be published in the June issue of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Daniel Mejia and Pascual Restrepo analyzed the cost to U.S. taxpayers of the two big U.S.-funded anti-cocaine efforts in Colombia: eradication of coca plants via the aerial spraying of herbicides, and interdiction efforts to block cocaine transit routes and seize shipments of cocaine. These efforts took place under the umbrella of Plan Colombia, a decade-long U.S.-backed initiative to fight the drug trade and organized crime in Colombia.

Jun 04 08:38

A Big Test For The Little Stocks

Jun 04 08:32


Jun 04 08:30

Deutsche Bank Experiences ATM Failures, Double Posting Errors

Some customers of Deutsche Bank are having problems withdrawing cash from ATMs, and also experiencing issues in paying by debit card. According to the Facebook and Twitter pages of the bank, here are increasing reports of account holders unable to access their funds electronically, according to Der Spiegel.

A German bank spokeswoman first declined to comment on the problem, but later conceded that there was ‘a technical glitch’ in online banking. Deposits and withdrawals were sometimes partially displayed twice or not ready, the bank said. However, the bank insisted that none of the these ‘double deductions’ have taken place.

Jun 04 07:18

The Welfare State Is Doomed

Jun 04 05:04


Jun 03 17:11

Companies Go Wild

Jun 03 16:32

Deutsche Bank Experiences ATM Failures, Double Posting Errors

Some customers of Deutsche Bank are having problems withdrawing cash from ATMs, and also experiencing issues in paying by debit card. According to the Facebook and Twitter pages of the bank, here are increasing reports of account holders unable to access their funds electronically, according to Der Spiegel.

Jun 03 13:39

No Lives Matter: Theaters of War and the US Military Industrial Complex

In today's post-modern world, media consumers are seemingly used to seeing footage on their televisions of country 'X' being bombed. No other country has embraced aerial warfare like the US has post WW2, with companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon becoming richer with every bomb dropped, and with every jet shot out of the sky... The above information, while alarming in itself, requires some context to really see the darkness surrounding the US air force. What follows are some examples of the US Military Industrial Complex doing what it does best - 'blindly' dropping munitions for financial profit.

Jun 03 12:50

Panama Papers: UK Chancellor Osborne To Testify At Europe-Wide Tax Evasion Inquiry

Chancellor George Osborne and other ministers clued up on Britain’s extensive network of tax havens will be asked to give evidence at a Europe-wide Panama Papers inquiry, according to draft documents.

The European Parliament in Brussels is poised to approve the creation of a 65-member “inquiry committee” on Thursday to target the tax avoidance industry.

Jun 03 10:12

Tax The Rich, Give To The Poor: LA County Seeks To Use Millionaires’ Money To Assist Homeless

Los Angeles County has one of the highest homeless populations, but the County Board of Supervisors has a bold plan to fight it: an income tax of half of a percent on personal incomes exceeding $1 million, which would generate an estimated $243 million.

In an effort to address the growing homeless problem plaguing Los Angeles County, the county government is seeking approval from both Governor Jerry Brown and the state legislature to levy a tax on its millionaires. Seventy-six percent of LA County residents are in favor of the tax, according to a Los Angeles County Homelessness Survey.

Jun 03 10:08

Deutsche Bank ATMs Block Cash Withdrawal Due To "Technical Glitch"

Desperate times, desperate measures?

Jun 03 10:03

US gains just 38,000 jobs, fewest in 5 years

Jun 03 09:29

Our Monetary System is a PONZI SCHEME

Jun 03 09:13


Jun 03 08:49

Saudis rooting for Clinton to win White House: Oil analyst

“It is no secret that the Saudis and other [Persian] Gulf Sunni powers are rooting for Mrs. Clinton,” Bob McNally, president of Washington-based consulting firm Rapidan Group, told CNBC from Vienna on Thursday.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) holds its semiannual meeting Thursday in Vienna, but is unlikely to announce any strategy changes.

McNally said that there is “a lot of concern and anxiety” about what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for the oil market.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has questioned the protective nature of the US relationship with Saudi Arabia.

He has suggested that the United States should consider ditching Riyadh because Washington is increasingly getting less dependent on overseas oil.

Jun 03 08:21

The damning cost of higher education

Jun 03 08:20

The Structure of Collapse: 2016-2019

Jun 03 08:02


Brazil’s currency system under the Real is heavily dollarised. Internal debt operations are conducive to a rising external debt. Wall Street is intent upon maintaining Brazil in a monetary straightjacket.

Since the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Wall Street has exerted control over key economic appointments including the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Brazil and the Central Bank. Under the governments of Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Luis Ignacio da Silva (Lula), the appointment of the governor of the Central Bank was approved by Wall Street.

Jun 03 06:21

Aloha and Welcome to Paradise. Unless You’re Homeless.

Honolulu responded to what the governor called a state of emergency, passing tough criminal laws aimed at ridding sidewalks, streets and parks of homeless people.

Jun 03 06:15

Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

Brave Vladimir Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"INVADE! INVADE NOW! NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 03 06:14

The German iron fist is smashing Europe apart: Merkel's brutal treatment of Greece means a peaceful and prosperous EU is a pipe dream

Amid the tumult over Brexit, an annual ritual is being played out which demolishes the notion that Angela Merkel’s Germany is a benign power working for the greater good of its partners in the European Union and the eurozone.

Berlin is demanding its pound of flesh from the government of Greece, which is beset by high debts, economic desolation, broken banks — and the flood of migrants that resulted from Merkel’s catastrophically mistaken open invitation to refugees from Syria.

June and July are when repayments on Greece’s loans are due, and when future repayment arrangements are negotiated.

And Germany, as Greece’s main creditor, is playing hardball — as it has every year for the past five years.
Protesters clash with riot police during a general strike in Athens in 2012 but we can expect more violent demos as Greeks rail at the German yoke

Jun 02 16:58

INFLATION INSANITY: Eggs Now $150 a Dozen in Venezuela as Prices for Basic Food Continue to Skyrocket

Can you imagine lining up around the block overnight just to be able to shop in a government-run, government-restricted grocery store where you have to be fingerprinted to enter and then your food is allotted to you so that you can only buy a limited amount of a certain item each month?

As the sharp drop in oil prices continues to destroy Venezuela’s economy, the IMF, who owns large portions of the developing world, is now predicting inflation will skyrocket to 720% in Venezuela this year.

Food prices are hitting astronomical rates. Pretty soon, it’s looking like hardly anyone will be able to afford to eat.

(read more)

Jun 02 16:55

BOOM: Blue Cross Blue Shield Requests Whopping 60% Rate Hike in 2017 Thanks to Obamacare

It’s a domino effect. Obamacare is imploding the nation’s health care system.

As more and more private health insurance companies complain of profit losses and pull out of states who refuse to hike rates to unaffordable levels, it is highly likely the situation will become unsustainable and ultimately used as an excuse for the government to take control over all healthcare, moving the US to a national system just like in the UK or Canada.

In fact, this is exactly what Senator Harry Reid said that Obamacare was a step towards when it was first rolled out: a single-payer national health care system. Now we’re watching it happen.

(read more)

Jun 02 16:54

What Hell Is Coming? Even Obama Is Warning Americans ‘To Prepare For Disaster’

Barack Obama doesn’t open his mouth unless it is to spin propaganda for an agenda. If disaster comes, will it be a false flag terror event, mega-natural disaster or total episode of civil unrest combined with martial law coming to America soon?

If Obama is the one telling you to get prepared for disaster, then it might already be too late. Obama stated:

One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster. And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit. If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.

Read more

Jun 02 15:04

U.S. Starts Huge Trade War With China

Jun 02 14:51

Barack Obama Warns Americans ‘To Be Prepared For A Disaster’

Unlike Venezuela, it looks like we may still have a little bit more time to prepare for what is ahead. Some people will relax and use this time to party, but those that are wise will work diligently and will do what they can to get ready for the exceedingly challenging times that are rapidly approaching.

Jun 02 14:20

It’s Like Magic: Obama Calls For More “Generous” Social Security Benefits

Of course, the "wealthiest Americans" don't have pockets deep enough to pay for all of the unfunded liabilities of the federal government, especially not when they're going to be taxed significantly to cover state pension deficits first.

Jun 02 13:31

UPDATE: How Did Hackers Steal $100 Million From The NY Fed?

Latest details here...


Jun 02 11:51

How Does The COMEX Fix This One?

Jun 02 10:42

Just Your “Average” Stock Pullback?

Jun 02 10:30


The crucifixion of Jonathan Gruber...


Jun 02 10:22

Faber: stocks will fall, dollar will collapse

Jun 02 10:08

BHS faces liquidation as administrators say sale impossible

11,000 jobs at retail chain at risk after sale hopes dashed

Jun 02 10:03


President Obama visited Elkhart, Indiana on Wednesday and during a town hall meeting blamed "right-wing radio" for distorting his economic record and for making "people think big government is the problem."

"I hope you don't mind me being blunt about this," the president said, "but I've been listening to this stuff for a while now and I'm concerned when I watch the direction of our politics."

When Obama visited Elkhart seven years ago, the unemployment rate was near 20%. Now, he boasts that the rate has dropped to around 4% in the city and 5% across the state.

The president seems to be on a legacy tour, promoting his tenure in the last remaining months he has at the White House. So, every opportunity must be used to blame the vast right-wing conspiracy, especially Fox News and talk radio.

We don't need talk radio to tell us big government is the problem, Mr. President. Our Founding Fathers warned of it long ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to President Obama; sir, in every possible metric, except the deal with Iran, you have been a profound disappointment to those people who supported you over the Republican candidates during the last two elections.

And am I, as are so many million Americans, experiencing "Supporters' regret?!?

Hell yes, sir.

Your Bureau of Labor Statistics conveniently "forgets" those who have not participated in the labor force for some time. As reported at, in October 2015:

A record 94,610,000 Americans were not in the American labor force last month -- an increase of 579,000 from August -- and the labor force participation rate reached its lowest point in 38 years, with 62.4 percent of the U.S. population either holding a job or actively seeking one.

Under your watch, child poverty is up scarily;and educational performance from nation's kids is declining.

Under your watch, the US government now has close to a 20 trillion dollar deficit.

The middle class is rapidly disappearing, thanks to continuing outsourcing/offshoring of jobs, again under your watch.

People who voted for you did not realize that the unintended consequence of such a vote would plunge them into serfdom, where many are now working 3-4 part time jobs to barely replace the decent money they were making from their former job which got offshored.

Americans have watched with great unease as your promises of "no boots on the ground" in both Syria (where the US military has not been invited) and Iraq (where we are barely tolerated) have been absolutely thrown out the window, and it is now confirmed that we have troops on the front lines in both countries.

Libya is an utter disaster, and there is talk of the US military having to go back in again to sort out the mess.

Our Veterans are not being cared for at all, with many of them dying before they see a Doctor at the VA, and many of them have been declared dead, in order to enable the VA to not pay them the benefits they are owed.

That gaping hell-hole, better known as Guantanamo Bay, where torture is still practiced on its prisoners, is still open. Didn't you promise to close that, sir?!?

And let's talk about the pre-positioning of NATO and US troops and personnel in Eastern Europe as a provocation of Russia, shall we?!? It appears that you, and your administration, are hell-bent to get the US and NATO into a war with Russia. Over the last couple of years, NATO has been encircling Russia, and that encirclement is nearly complete, with Montenegro soon becoming the most recent member of NATO. Anyone with any sense, looking at a map, understands why this is so critical, when the US and NATO go to war with Russia.

And of course, let's not forget China, and the provocations our military has done in the South China Seas, with those alleged "Freedom of Navigation" exercises. This appears to set the US government on a collision course, militarily, with China, to prevent the rise of the gold-backed Yuan, which is not dollar-convertible.

What I have outlined above are incontrovertible facts.

And Mr. President, like so many of my brother and sister Americans, I an neither a rightist or leftist, but a centrist, when it comes to my political philosophy.

But thinking people in this country have the right to be concerned about "big government", not because it is big, but because it is collectively hubristic, believes it can do anything it wants to do with impunity, to benefit the money junkies, and is woefully, and thoroughly, dysfunctional.

THAT, sir, is the only logical conclusion about the state of American governance today.

Jun 02 09:52

Blame The Millennials.

Jun 02 09:48

OBAMACARE: Insurance Premiums Set To Explode Nationwide

Full details here...


Jun 02 08:28

Flexible Labor Is the Future

Jun 02 08:27

'Carter’s visit suggests US preparing for war with China'

An American political analyst says US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s going over to the Southeast Asia region suggests that the United States is gearing up for war with China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 01 16:46

Coming Destruction? Alan Greenspan Warns “Venezuela Under Martial Law and America Is Next”

Though most Americans are accustomed to having shelves full of food and goods, and enough money to keep going, this sense of security is quite false.

Even Alan Greenspan is warning why Venezuela today means "America is Next"


Jun 01 15:47

The Banks Can Be Beaten

When the 2008 financial crash slammed the New York City construction industry, Maribel Touré’s husband lost his job as an architect. On top of that, Maribel suffered a serious accident.

But what really plunged the family into financial trouble was sending their daughter to college.

Jun 01 15:24

Statecraft: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

The following timeline describes just a few of the hundreds of atrocities and crimes committed by the CIA. (1) CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition.

Jun 01 15:20

Land of the Free? Not Economically…

Debt. Finally, our overspending has put us so much in debt that any number of respectable economists and scholars believe the whole nation will be broke in a decade or so. The government spends more every year than it takes in—we’ve had deficits in 45 of the last 50 years—so inevitably the total federal debt stands at $19 trillion now and keeps going up, $6 billion of it owed to foreign entities. The interest on that debt alone is $229 billion, eating up a large portion of the annual budget. I certainly wouldn’t rate a nation with that kind of government very high on the economic freedom scale. It’s something of a surprise we’re only Number 11.

Jun 01 15:13

Good News About Central Governments (They’re not sustainable)

In truth, our central government is what needs to be consigned to the scrap heap. They cannot create peace because they start wars over ego-embellishing missions more akin to that of Roman emperors. Who, by the way, drove their civilization into the ground with their central government. They cannot create prosperity because they confiscate the prosperity of the people and turn it into weapons used against innocent people elsewhere. Therefore, our central government is not sustainable. It might not be a drought that causes the United States to collapse, although that is certainly possible. It might be that we provoke a war with a nation we cannot defeat or underestimate and lose that war. It might be another economic collapse or the realization our money is backed by electrons. But one thing is certain: This central government will collapse and sooner than anyone thinks.

Jun 01 15:09


JPMadoff: The Unholy Alliance Between America's Biggest Bank and America's Biggest Crook - Available Now.
Available NOW on

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Website of today's radio guest!

Jun 01 15:07

Elitist Arrogance : Proof the Elite Hate the People

President Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, black state and local politicians, and civil rights organizations are neither naive nor stupid. They have been made aware of the unemployment effects of the labor laws they support; however, they are part of a political coalition. In order to get labor unions, environmental groups, business groups and other vested interests to support their handout agenda and make campaign contributions, they must give political support to what these groups want. They must support minimum wage increases even though it condemns generations of black youths to high unemployment rates.

Jun 01 15:06

11,700 Slaves Trapped In Modern Britain’s ‘Shadow Economy’ – Report

Slavery is rampant in modern Britain, with an estimated 11,700 people in enforced servitude, according to a new report.

While The Global Slavery Index applauded the UK for having “led the world” with its Modern Slavery Act, the organization highlights the plight of thousands of immigrants who live as forced workers in the shadow economy.

Jun 01 13:56

Basic Income: International Experience

Founded in 1986, the Basic Income European Network (BIEN) is the international NGO that promotes BIG around the world. It held its last conference “Re-democratizing the Economy” at McGill’s Faculty of Law in 2014. A North American congress is being held in Winnipeg in May 2016 and its 16th congress in July in Seoul, South Korea.

Jun 01 11:16

Invaders Given €10K Cash In Holland

Nonwhite invaders who swindle their way into the Netherlands are being given as much as €10,000 ($12,000) as free gifts in order to “settle in,” a shock survey in the Dutch-languageBrabants Dagblad has revealed.

The exact amounts paid out vary from region to region, and the cash is supposed to be used to buy furniture and other household necessities. There is no such subsidy for Dutch citizens.