Nov 27 07:34

Council of Europe may give in to Russian 'blackmail' to stop 'step back for Europe'

RUSSIAN “blackmail” and its threat to stop paying into the Council of Europe’s budget could see sanctions lifted over fears it may leave and "step back for Europe", according to a European official.

Nov 26 17:59

1,000 job openings, some paying $100k or more - and no takers.

You probably know the products Ingersoll Rand manufactures, such as Trane air conditioners and Club Car golf carts, even if you didn’t know the parent company’s name. The Irish conglomerate with its North American headquarters in Davidson has grown to about 2,000 local employees since planting its roots in the quaint Lake Norman town in the mid 1970s.

The problem? The company has about 1,000 open jobs that it’s having trouble filling.

The main cause of that is the so-called skills gap, CEO Michael Lamach said in a recent interview at the company’s headquarters. The term refers to a shortage of workers with the necessary technical skills to handle machinery, perform service on the equipment and use advanced technology, among other functions.

Nov 26 10:41

BRICS consider setting up gold trading system

Nov 26 09:46

Bitcoin: The Big Picture

Nov 26 08:46

Shale Hedges Threaten Oil Rally

Nov 26 08:13

There Is Just One Thing Preventing Elon Musk's Vision From Coming True: The Laws Of Physics

While the event was ostensibly scheduled to introduce Tesla’s new semi-truck – a model that won’t make it’s market debut for another two years, assuming Tesla sticks to its product-rollout deadline – Musk had a surprise in store: A new model of the Tesla Roadster that, he bragged, would be the fastest production car ever sold.

Musk made similarly lofty claims about the battery life and performance of both vehicles. The Tesla semi-trucks, he said, would be able to travel for 500 miles on a single charge. The roadster could clock a staggering 620 – more than double the closest challenger.

There was just one problem, as Tesla fans would later find out, courtesy of Bloomberg: None of it was true.

Nov 26 07:33

EU Concern Rising About Italian Debt

Nov 26 07:13

Huge spike in US military non-combat plane crash fatalities in 2017 – report

The number of US servicemen killed in plane crashes has “skyrocketed” in 2017 compared to last year. The gruesome revelation comes just days after three US sailors were killed in a plane crash in the Philippine Sea.

According to Fox News, 22 US military planes have crashed so far this year while flying non-combat operations – up 38 percent from last November.

Thirty-seven US service members have died in these accidents. The current death toll is 130 percent higher than the number of servicemen killed in non-combat crashes from the year before.

The most recent incident occurred Wednesday>>>

Nov 25 18:47

Financial Crisis – Imminent and Inevitable?

By Chris Kanthan

It’s never fun to warn people about an imminent crisis, especially at peak euphoria. Trump and his voters constantly boast about the economy and the stock market and, of course, Obama and his fans did the same during his tenure. This reflects a fundamental misunderstanding about the driving factors behind the deceptively good numbers since the last financial crisis. Let’s deconstruct the fake news about the fake economy.

Let’s start with the stock market. Does this chart of S&P 500 index like a bubble? That’s 250% growth in 8 years!...

Nov 25 17:55

The Source Of The Next Crisis:

Nov 25 17:39


Nov 25 17:23

Fed Admits is Does Not Understand The Markets

Nov 25 16:51

Jim Grant podcast – The tick-tock of time

Nov 25 14:58

$40 WTI Is Now More Realistic Than $60

Nov 25 10:58


Nov 25 10:08

The American Dream Is Dead

Nov 25 09:01

Labour call for working-class people to retire earlier than middle-class workers

WORKING-CLASS people with physically demanding jobs should be able to retire earlier than middle-class professionals, a Labour frontbencher has suggested.

Nov 25 08:59

GERMAN CRISIS: Berlin facing ‘dangerous’ economic future as political chaos engulfs Merkel

The risk of a massive economic decline has prompted calls for change in direction by the European Central Bank (ECB).

Professor Clemens Fuest, head of the IFO Institute, has said: “It is very clear that monetary policy is too expansionary for Germany by any rule you care to use, but it is also too expansionary even for the rest of eurozone.

“We are seeing a strong acceleration everywhere. We think the ECB should be cutting asset purchases to zero by April.”

Nov 25 07:32

BTC Update: Sell

Nov 24 19:32

Foreign aid: This is how much Britain forked out last year - including £463m to Pakistan

BRITAIN gifted Pakistan £463million in foreign aid last year, equal to £1.2 million a day, new figures show.

The country is now the biggest recipient of UK handouts despite having its own space and nuclear weapons programmes.

Official documents also reveal Syria received £352 million, Ethiopia got £334 million, Nigeria was given £230 million and Afghanistan £235 million in 2016.

The spending scandals are revealed just days after Chancellor Philip Hammond made no moves to adjust Britain’s Official Development Assistance [ODA] commitment in his Budget.

It means the UK will continue to spend 0.7 per cent of its income on foreign aid, despite cash-starved frontline services like the NHS begging for more money.

Nov 24 18:02

Bitcoin: An Unknowable Bubble?

Nov 24 16:26

BLACK FRIDAY NIGHTMARE: Furious customers are complaining that Macy's won't let them pay as system glitches

Customers are complaining about Macy's credit card systems failing across the country on Black Friday.

"Macys credit card system down nationwide," Kenn White tweeted at 1:29 p.m. ET on Friday. "They are not informing shoppers standing in long lines. Getting ugly out there."

Many other people reported similar problems on social media.

Nov 24 15:38

Mtg purchase apps, Durable goods orders

Nov 24 13:57

Judge Rules Seattle’s Income Tax On Wealthy Is Illegal

By Aaron Kesel

A Seattle King County Superior Court ruled that a controversial piece of legislation meant to tax wealthy households is illegal, Seattle Times reported.

In a judgment, Judge John R. Ruhl said the city ordinance adopted in July is not authorized under state law...