Aug 16 02:14

Ex-president advises Poland to avoid disputes with Germany over WWII reparations issue

A research, carried out by the Warsaw mayor’s order in 2004, established that the damage sustained only by the Polish capital in the World War II could be estimated at $45.3 billion... The incumbent Polish leadership has chosen the wrong time to raise the issue of World War II reparations from Germany, Poland’s ex-president Lech Walesa told TASS on Tuesday. "Of course, our country suffered terrible damage. Some questions have been solved, but I’m unaware of all the details," the Nobel Peace Prize winner said. "Germany is our biggest partner. They support us in many issues. Do we need this confrontation now? Instead of solving all issues calmly and wisely, instead of reaching a consensus, they [the incumbent government] are looking for enemies in order to keep their party in power," said Walesa, who served as the president of Poland in 1990-1995.

Aug 15 14:15

UK May Seek Temporary Trade Deal After Brexit

The UK government is seeking an interim trade relationship with the European Union in order to secure the “freest and most frictionless possible trade” with the EU after Britain exits the bloc.

Aug 15 11:56

Insanity: Denmark Gives Homes And Jobs To Former ISIS Thugs For “Hug A Terrorist” Campaign

There’s a very simple principle that helps form the bedrock of any prosperous and civilized society. When people do bad things, they should be punished for it. The moment that rule is turned upside down, and the wicked and weak are rewarded for their behavior, society will crumble. There’s no way around it. Every society that rewards bad behavior is on the fast track to destruction.

You might think that would be obvious, but there are plenty of nations throughout history that have fallen under the weight of corruption, in one form or another. Our species has made this mistake countless times. We never learn, and we always pay for it.

Aug 15 11:08

Rogue state, what rogue state? Burgeoning EU-Iran relations signal US adrift

The phalanx of European leaders, ministers, and dignitaries, attending the inauguration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last weekend was a stunning snub to Washington. It was also a clear signal the US is losing its thrall over Europe.

Think about it. According to US President Donald Trump and the American Congress, Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. And yet here we saw European leaders respectfully attending the swearing-in of the country’s re-elected president. A rather big contradiction, don’t you think?

Aug 15 07:24

Unveiling the Polish Controversy

Recently, the newly elect U.S. President, Donald Trump, made his first official visit to Poland - the least powerful new member of the US and NATO - insulting the rest of the EU and prominent NATO members. Poland was ecstatic to host Donald Trump for a few days. Polish citizens have long been known as the vassals of the EU, providing cheap labor to Germany and France. Now with a new status they are ready to give their former toilet cleaning jobs to the Ukrainian enthusiasts, since the latter finally got their much-anticipated free visa to travel, mostly to find jobs. Did I mention that about a million Ukrainians work in Russia? Of course, that's not a publicized fact. How can the 'sworn' enemies be welcomed to work in Russia? Trump's visit to Poland was a punch in the nose for an aging Angela Merkel, who is still balloting for the fourth term to remain as Chancellor of Germany. Certainly, Trump's snubbing of her, would not go unnoticed. Germany was one of the strongholds of the EU.

Aug 15 07:19

European integration brings more Ukrainian slaves to Europe

A group of slave merchants, who were trafficking Ukrainian citizens to the UK, was uncovered in Lithuania. According to the State Border Guard Service of Lithuania, law-enforcers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Great Britain, Poland and Latvia participated in the special operation. They detained three men, in whose house they found eight people, who were intended to be "sold" to Europe. The victims had neither money nor documents with them. The criminals promised to bring them to the UK, but the victims were left unaware that they would have to work like slaves in the foreign country without having any rights for anything. The criminals were arrested for three months. If convicted, they may face prison terms from 4 to 12 years. Many Ukrainians escape from their country mostly to Poland and Lithuania. For many Ukrainians, moving to the UK is a "cherished dream." European "friends" of Ukraine have taken advantage of the situation and willingly hire cheap labor force from Ukraine.

Aug 14 16:32

Turkey’s Drive To Restore Ottoman Era Influence

After nearly a century of being relegated to a smaller regional power acting alongside the Israeli-Saudi nexus, Turkey’s new leadership stands prepared to significantly increase its political power and prestige. Taking advantage of various conflicts around their borders, Turkey has embarked on a bit to expand their influence not just in the Middle East, but also on the borders of an increasingly volatile European Union. These actions, along with consolidation domestically and an increased focus on militarization mean that Turkey’s profile stands a good chance of rising over the next decade.

Aug 14 12:04

Moldova To Become Foothold For US Military

The former Soviet republic of Moldova may actually become yet another foothold for the US military in Europe. The US Naval Facilities Engineering Command Europe Africa Southwest Asia (NAVFAC EURAFSWA) plans to construct eight training facilities for military operations in urban terrain at the Bulboaca training base in Moldova. The fact that the US Navy Department is involved makes believe the facility will host American Marines.

A total of $1.6 million has already been invested in the renovation of the Bulboaca base located near Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria or the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. The largely Russian-speaking region broke away from Moldova following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is no wonder that Russia sees US troops on its borders as a clear and present danger!

Aug 14 08:56

Muslim takeover of Europe is ‘biggest story of our time’ and nobody knows it

Historian Arnold Toynbee once famously said that “civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.”

Using this as a springboard, commentator Mark Steyn shows in a new video how Western Europe is already in the death throes of “demographic suicide” because couples are no longer having enough children. He then shows how a thriving Muslim population in Western Europe is well on its way to filling all the empty space.

Steyn explained how given the divergent birth rate between Muslims and post-Christian secularists, it will take only two generations for the current Muslim population (sitting at about 10-percent) to have as many grandchildren as post-Christian secularists (who currently make up the other 90 percent). This is due, he said, to Muslims having on average 3.5 children per couple compared to post-Christian secularists who have only 1.3 children per couple.

Aug 13 19:08

‘True’ £660m weekly cost of Britain’s EU membership

THE true cost to Britain of being in the EU has been £660million a week since 2010, a think tank says.

This includes more than £80billion lost to the Treasury after the European Court of Justice forced tax rebates to multinationals and £50billion in Eurozone bailout obligations.

In membership fees alone, after the rebate has been returned Britain has paid out £70.6billion in fees.

But the Bruges Groups says our real financial commitment is £275.08billion.

Over seven years that is £34.3billion a year, or £661,260,000 a week.

Aug 12 09:23

Murakhovsky: New US base notwithstanding, the Black Sea can no longer be turned into a NATO Lake

In late July, the construction of the Operations Center for a US military base on the Ukrainian coast. The base will be located in Ochakov in the Mykolayiv region. This is one of three construction projects carried out by the 1st mobile construction battalion of the US Navy in the Ukrainian Navy Ochakovo Base, where the 5th surface ship brigade of the Ukrainian Navy now officially is based. Earlier it was reported that the US is also going to supply Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine for about $ 50 million.

Pravda asked Victor Murakhovsky to comment on the situation. He is editor-in-chief of the journal Arsenal of the Fatherland, a member of the expert council of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, and a reserve colonel.

Aug 12 08:59

Spain sees number of migrant arrivals TREBLE despite ‘overcrowded’ accommodation

More than 11,000 migrants have arrived in Spain in the first half of 2017, 8,300 of whom have come by boat.

The charity Médecins Sans Frontières have warned that Spain’s reception centres are overcrowded and unable to deal with the large number of “desperate new arrivals”.

However, in the whole of last year 13,246 migrants arrived in Spain.

Many of those arriving are from west African countries, such as Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and Ivory Coast.

Aug 12 08:27

European Union Criticizes US Nuclear War Threats Against North Korea

The military stand-off that is emerging between Washington and the North Korean regime in Pyongyang threatens the entire world, including Europe, with nuclear war. European Union (EU) officials and European media are warning of the risk of war and ever more openly criticizing the Trump administration’s threats to incinerate North Korea with nuclear bombs.

Aug 12 01:00

Europe is Facing a Major Butter Crisis

Aug 11 15:56

Catalan independence referendum sparks growing concerns in Europe

The Catalan independence referendum, planned for October 1 is setting the stage for a bitter clash between Madrid and Barcelona.

Aug 11 10:00

Amazon paid just £15m in tax on European revenues of £19.5bn

Amazon paid just €16.5m (£15m) in tax on European revenues of €21.6bn (£19.5bn) reported through Luxembourg in 2016.

The figures, published in Amazon’s latest annual accounts for its European online retail business, are likely to reignite the debate about US tech companies using complex crossborder arrangements to minimise the tax they pay across the continent.

Separately, Amazon UK Services – the company’s warehouse and logistics operation that employs almost two-thirds of its 24,000 UK staff – more than halved its declared UK corporation tax bill from £15.8m to £7.4m year-on-year in 2016.

The cut came despite turnover at the UK business, which handles the packing and delivery of parcels and functions such as customer service, rising from £946m to £1.46bn.

Aug 11 07:56

'Putin's laughing at EU!' Ex army chief DESTROYS Brussels' dream for 'pointless' euro army

BRUSSELS’ dreams of creating its own army were today brutally dismissed by a former military chief who said Vladimir Putin will be laughing at the prospect of facing a euro force.

Aug 10 18:20

Spain could top Greece for 2017 migrant sea arrivals, as video emerges of beach being 'stormed'

Spain could surpass Greece this year as a gateway for migrants entering Europe by sea, international monitors warned on Thursday, as the number of arrivals swells to treble that of 2016.

Amid a crackdown on migration through Libya, more than 8,000 people have turned to the so-called Western Mediterranean Route from Morocco into Spain this year, compared to 2,500 during the same period in 2016.

Aug 10 12:17

NATO's Militarization of Scandinavia: Time to Ring the Alarm Bells

Much has been said about NATO reinforcements in the Baltic States and Poland perceived in Moscow as provocative actions undermining security in Europe, while very little has been said about gradual but steady militarization of Scandinavia. The theme does not hit headlines and it is not in focus of public discourse but one step is taken after another to turn the region into a springboard for staging offensive actions against Russia. Ørland in southern Norway is being expanded to become Norway’s main air force base hosting US-made F-35 Lightnings – the stealth aircraft to become the backbone of Norwegian air power. Norway has purchased 56 of such aircraft. F-35 is an offensive, not defensive, weapon. The nuclear capable platforms can strike deep into Russia’s territory. Providing training to Norwegian pilots operating the planes carrying nuclear weapons, such as B61-12 glider warheads, constitutes a violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1968.

Aug 10 07:57

Merkel’s monster: Is Macron plotting for France to overtake Germany as EU powerhouse?

EMMANUEL Macron could be plotting for France to take over Germany's position as the powerhouse of the European Union.

Aug 09 13:35

Lithuania unable to evaluate damage caused by 'Soviet occupation'

Earlier, Pravda.Ru reported that Lithuania owes Russia 72 billion dollars for the money invested in the country during the Soviet era. The number was announced by Russian Ambassador to Vilnius, Alexander Udaltsov... In Lithuania, the center for the study of genocide and resistance has not been able to find a specialist who could evaluate the damage that the country suffered as a result of the "Soviet occupation." The salary for such a specialist is too low, reports Lietuvos žinios. Seventeen years ago, Lithuania claimed for $20 billion in compensation for damages. The Baltic country also passed a law about the compensation, but the case failed to develop further. In 2012, a special commission was established to prepare a plan of action, but the work had not been conducted. "We can not pay the salary that the Latvians working in this sphere receive. There is no person who would be doing it," the head of the commission, Theresa-Birute Burauskaite said.

Aug 09 11:38

'We're in urban warfare' Italy soldiers clash with migrants as locals 'fear for families'

THIS is the moment a group of migrants appears to confront Italian soldiers to try to stop them from detaining a man as tensions between residents and migrants reach breaking point.

Aug 09 09:39

Sanctions - Western elites grasp at the last straws of hegemony

The Transatlantic/North-Atlintic elites weren’t happy about Putin making those statements. You could tell it by the reactions the Western officials gave him. As such, NATO’s then- Secretary General Japan de Hoop Scheffer called Putin’s speech “disappointing”. US senator John McCain (who was a presidential candidate) said that “Moscow must understand that it cannot enjoy a genuine partnership with the West so long as its actions at home and abroad conflict so fundamentally with age core values of Euro-Atlantic democracies” (yeah, you’re not democratic if you think differently and if you don’t do what the US dictates you to do).

Aug 09 06:33

Migration crisis: New alarm as 115,000 more boat migrants reach Europe

EUROPE is in the grip of a new migrant onslaught with more than 115,000 reaching the mainland by sea this year, figures show.

Some 95,215 new arrivals made it to Italy after crossing the Mediterranean from north Africa, with the remainder pouring in through Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

Aug 09 06:29

Election fear? Merkel to send back refugees to Greece in final bid to IMPRESS voters

GREEK IMMIGRATION Minister Ioannis Mouzalas blasted Germany for resuming migrants' return to Greece in an attempt to impress voters results ahead of this autumn's parliamentary election.

Aug 09 06:23

EU chief spent £70k on Baku trip but Brussels says releasing expenses cost TOO MUCH

A TOP EU chief spent an eye-watering €75,000 (£70,000) on a trip to Baku in Azerbaijan, shock documents have revealed.

Foreign affairs boss Federica Mogherini took a chartered flight to the South Caucasus region - as it emerged Brussels commissioners spent half a million of pounds on travel in just two months at the expense of taxpayers.

Eurocrats had desperately tried to withhold the information, claiming making travel expenses public would create an “excessive administrative burden”.

Aug 09 06:18

‘Outrageous’ Farage rips into EU boss Juncker over extravagant £22,500 private jet to Rome

BRUSSELS boss Jean-Claude Juncker was today slammed for outrageous waste of taxpayers’ money after it emerged he splurged an astonishing £22,500 on a single trip in a private jet to Rome.

Aug 08 17:45

MIGRANT CRISIS: 1,000 storm Spanish border fence in second day of chaos

HUNDREDS of refugees threw rocks and sticks in an attempt to cross the border fence in the enclave of Ceuta, on the second day of chaos at the Spanish border fence.

Three Spanish civil guards and dozens of police officers were left injured as they tried to stop the arrival of an estimated 1,000 sub-Saharans migrants.

The violent clashes came as migrants attempted to storm the borders of Spain's two enclaves in northern Africa, Ceuta and Melilla.

Aug 08 17:32

Trump on collision course with Germany over US bid to dominate energy market

Klaus Schaefer, CEO of German energy company Uniper, said "strategic economic interests" were behind Mr Trump's sanctions.

He predicted the United States will soon push its liquefied natural gas (LNG) into Europe in a bid to dominate the energy market.

Mr Schaefer said: "The core reason [for the sanctions] are strategic economic interests, meaning the targeted dominance of the US in energy markets.

"Uniper's readiness to finance the Nord Stream 2 project with other European partners arises from the conviction that this additional gas link makes economic sense and that our contribution to its financing will be profitable."

Aug 08 15:32

Man suspected of supplying bogus IDs to Islamic State terrorists arrested in Dublin

A man suspected of producing bogus IDs for Islamic terrorists has been arrested by armed gardaí in Dublin.

The suspect, an Algerian man in his 40s, is being questioned under the Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences)(Amendment) Act 2015 over alleged possession of fraudulent documents - believed to include passports.

Gardaí from the Special Detective Unit (SDU) in conjunction with the London Metropolitan Police searched a number of properties in the Dublin area today.

The man was arrested in connection with this investigation and is currently detained in a north Dublin Garda Station under the provisions of Section 4 – Criminal Justice Act 1984.

Aug 08 15:15

Bill Still: Turkey Can Occupy Europe in 3 Days

Turkey has used the migrant invasion as a political bargaining chip to force the EU government in Brussels to speed up their entry into EU membership.

The Turkish paper backs up their claim based on the military readiness work of political scientist George Friedman, founder of Stratfor. Turkey has a very large, well-equipped standing army. As the Turkish paper put it: “Friedman said the Turks could defeat Germany in one afternoon and France in one hour.”

“Germany has abandoned by its citizens. If we start in the morning, we can have our evening prayer in Bellevue Castle.” – the official residence of the president of Germany.


Two years ago, a survey was conducted asking how likely citizens were to fight for their country. It found that only 18% of Germans would fight for Germany, only 29% of the French would, and only 27% of the British would defend their nation.

Aug 08 13:52

Putin visits Abkhazia without seeking Georgia's consent, NATO not happy

Georgia on the night of August 8, 2008, fired from the South rocket launcher "Grad"at South Ossetia, when Georgian troops attacked the republic and destroyed part of its capital Tskhinvali. Russia, defending the inhabitants of South Ossetia, many of whom took Russian citizenship, sent troops into the republic and after five days of fighting pushed out the Georgian military.

After the "five-day war" in August 2008, Russia recognized the sovereignty of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, formerly part of Georgia. Russian leaders have repeatedly stated that this decision is not subject to revision. In response, Tbilisi severed diplomatic relations with Moscow.

Aug 08 11:55

US Sanctions — a Looney Tunes Bad Remake

By F. William Engdahl
5 Aug 2017

The ever-so-wise members of the Congress of the United States have just passed one of the most bizarre pieces of legislation in US history. Unilaterally, it makes illegal and severely punishable investments by European companies in international energy projects where Russia is involved. But it does far more. Unlike earlier US sanctions acts, the EU countries were not even consulted on the new act. It may well be that the bill, HR-3364: Countering Americas Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (sic) and its Senate counterpart will mark the irreversible decline of the United States as a global power and forge new ties between Russia, China, Iran and, yes, the major states of the EU including Germany .

What the Act says
That's All Folks!

Aug 08 10:13

Why Germans NEED Brexit Britain: USA could bring Germany to its knees over Russia

GERMANY fears its economy could take a battering if Donald Trump presses ahead with plans to slap new sanctions on Russia - potentially further pressing the need for Berlin to force through a good Brexit deal.

Aug 08 10:09

Area in Brussels sealed off after police shoot at driver claiming to have explosives

Police in the Molenbeek district of Brussels have shot at a vehicle they were chasing and said the driver claimed there were explosives in the car, according to Belgium's federal prosecutor.

The incident took place outside Molenbeek West Station. A police perimeter has been established and traffic is being diverted.

Aug 08 10:08

EU Disavows Results of Venezuelan Constituent Assembly Election

The European Union does not recognize the results of the election to the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly as it has deteriorated the situation in the crisis-torn country and escalated the internal conflicts, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said in a statement Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear EU. It's really none of your business. And it was that exact same attitude by the US regarding the Crimean Independence Referendum which has brought the EU closer to all-out war with Russia.

Aug 08 08:24

‘Time for UN to act’ Italy orders action on migrant crisis after losing patience with EU

Italy has demanded the United Nations (UN) takes the lead on the ongoing migrant crisis, after finally losing patience with the European Union (EU).

The country’s foreign minister said it was time for the UN to “tackle” the situation in Libya, with thousands of people every month making their way across the Mediterranean Sea.

Angelino Alfano said it was time for the UN to face “reality” and to help stop the people trafficking and drowning.

Aug 08 08:19

‘They BURNED our homeland' Poland demands €350BILLION from Germany for WW2 war crimes

Relations between Berlin and Warsaw are at boiling point as the EU threatens to mobilise Article 7 against Poland - the so-called nuclear option.

The nation would lose its voting rights if the extraordinary measure is used.

Now, a new row is erupting as Polish MPs call for Germany to pay Poland PLN 1.5 trillion (EUR 350 billion, USD 420 billion) in reparations for invading the country during WWII.

Aug 08 08:17

Italy: Migrant Mob Attacks Military Police, Foils Arrest

Video out of Italy shows armed military police get swarmed by a gang of angry migrants while attempting to arresting a suspect in Naples.

"Men in our army are surrounded and attacked by dozens of immigrants who wanted to prevent the arrest of one of them," right-wing politician Matteo Salvini commented on social media. "We are now in urban warfare."

Aug 08 08:02

Leave Us Out of It: EU Commission Refuses to Get Involved in US-Russia Spat

The European Union considers the diplomatic dispute between Moscow and Washington a "bilateral" one and is giving the fracas a wide berth, an EU Commission spokesperson has said. While not a direct condemnation of US actions, the bloc is clearly keeping its distance, and may not be dancing to the US' tune as enthusiastically as it once did.

Aug 08 04:04

Austria fears losing huge projects due to new US sanctions against Russia

New US anti-Russian sanctions might lead to Austrian companies losing multibillion-dollar projects in Russia, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber told TASS. Commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy in Moscow Rudolf Lukavsky prepared a special analysis of a possible impact of the new US sanctions against Russia on Austrian business, and also gave a detailed account of the impact of the existing EU restrictions. "US sanctions against Russia will have a strong and negative impact on Austrian goods and exports to Russia when the law finally comes into force. The question remains - what is the extent of that impact? It is possible that Russia will take retaliatory measures". He sees the greatest threat in potential expansion of US sanctions on such important sectors for Russia as railways, shipping, metallurgy and mining. "First of all, state-owned company Russian Railways and the state shipping company Sovcomflot.

Aug 07 17:07

Spain Will Not Use Brexit To Retake Gibraltar – Spanish Foreign Minister

Spain will not exploit Brexit talks to win back sovereignty over Gibraltar, its foreign minister said on Sunday.

Speaking to Spanish conservative news outlet ABC, Alfonso Dastis said Madrid would not attempt to “jeopardize” a deal between the UK and EU to alter Gibraltar’s current status.

Aug 07 15:46

EU Likely To Vet British Travelers After Brexit

British citizens might be required to buy permits and undergo tough grilling before being allowed into the European Union (EU) countries after Brexit, according to a new report, citing the newly proposed European travel instructions.

Aug 07 10:20

US Firms 'Will Shamelessly Occupy New Niche' in Russian Market Amid EU Sanctions

US companies are likely to take advantage of the EU's decision to introduce anti-Russian sanctions over the Siemens scandal, political expert Alexei Mukhin argued. According to him, Siemens could easily be replaced by American companies, "which will shamelessly occupy the new niche" in the Russian market.

Aug 07 09:31

Scrimping EU to pull £4.3bn from Turkey while snatching cash from UK to fill Brexit hole

THE cash-strapped European Union (EU) is set to withdraw its promise to hand £4.3billion in pre-accession aid to Turkey in a bid to bridge the financial gap left by Brexit.

Günther Oettinger revealed it is very “unlikely” the money, designed to bring Europe and Turkey closer together, will be paid to Ankara as tensions deteriorate between both countries.

Aug 07 09:21

Turkey Can Occupy Europe in 3 Days

Aug 07 05:33

Poland has no plans to deploy US missiles on its territory — top diplomat

Poland is not considering the deployment of US medium-and short-range missiles on its territory for the moment, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said in an interview with Kommersant business daily. Earlier, the Polish newspaper Gazeta Pravna reported that the talks between Warsaw and Washington on Poland's acquisition of the eight Patriot anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems had come to a standstill. The representatives of the US defense department said they cannot agree to transfer the technologies, the Polish party is striving for. According to the Polish newspaper, Warsaw in the event of signing an agreement on the purchase of Patriot hopes to obtain certain technologies related to management and maintenance of complexes, communications, armaments. The Polish government would like to receive technology for the production of cheap ground-to-air missiles. In total, the program of the Polish party contains 12 points.

Aug 06 16:41

UK ready to pay Brexit fee of up to €40bn if guaranteed free trade – report

London is willing to pay the European Union up to €40 billion (£36 billion) for the split, but only if a deal is reached on free trade and other preferences for the UK, the Telegraph has reported citing three unnamed government sources.

Aug 06 14:42

Worrying: MEPs Publish EU Army Dossier

In a development that many across the continent will find concerning, European MPs have published a dossier that sets out plans for an integrated EU army. Ironically, the militaristic plans were drawn up by the liberal ALDE (European Alliance of Liberals & Democrats) grouping, led by Brexit negotiator-in-chief – and chronic Anglophobe – Guy Verhofstadt.

Aug 06 13:21

Chaos Hits Barcelona’s Tourist Industry

Aug 06 08:37

'Moral Blow' to Germany: Poland's Prospects to Get Reparations for Nazi Actions

Warsaw is demanding compensation for damage incurred by the Nazis during World War II. However, political expert Vadim Volobuev believes that Poland's attempts won't lead to any significant consequences.

Aug 06 08:32

UK Ready to Pay EU Up to $47 Bln Under Brexit Divorce Bill - Reports

The United Kingdom is ready to pay the European Union up to 36 billion pounds ($47 billion) in accordance with London's financial obligations which are a result of its EU membership, local media reported Saturday citing government sources.

Aug 06 02:10

US-Congress checkmate the Merkel-Europe

"Congress's anger crisis fights at bursts out against European allies", especially Germany and France, which companies that are building North Stream 2 are being severely penalized. Even more than "American First" by The Donald, US parliamentarians - notoriously obedient to American economic lobbies which paying them - want Germany to buy liquefied gas from schists Made in USA, scaled at an incomparably more expensive cost. Otherwise sanctions. And they will be serious and severe, as demonstrated by the billions of dollars in fines that Deutsche Bank will have to pay to US, and another ten European banks (Swiss, German, Dutch) who have been pursued for doing business - in their respective countries perfectly legal - with countries branded by Washington as "terrorists" and hit with sanctions - as Iran - or charged with "corruption".

Aug 06 02:01

South Ossetia to close border with Georgia to commemorate August 8 victims

Overnight to August 8, 2008, Georgia attacked the breakaway region of South Ossetia. Moscow stood up to defend civilians and Russian peacekeepers who had been deployed in the region since 1992. As a result of the five-day war more than one thousand people were killed, 72 Russian military personnel among them. On August 26, 2008, Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia. South Ossetia will shut down its border with Georgia until August 9 due to days of mourning, the republic’s State Security Committee told TASS. "The republican State Security Committee informs that due to commemorations timed to coincide with the ninth anniversary of the Georgian aggression, operation of the checkpoints on the border of South Ossetia and Georgia is planned to be provisionally suspended," the official said.

Aug 04 21:46

Milk-Bar Clausewitzes, Bean Curd Napoleons: In the Reign of Kaiser Don

Political Science from Fred On Everything!

Why do those inadequate little men in Washington and New York dream of new wars? Because the empire is near a tipping point.

Washington must either either start a war in Korea, or gets faced down by the North, its carriers ignored, its bombers “sending signals” and making “shows of force” without result. For the empire this is a loss of face and credibility, and an example to others that America can be challenged.

Aug 04 17:40

Germany in three days and France in one hour’ Shock threat to EU from Erdogan backers

WARMONGERING rhetoric is being spewed by Turkey towards Europe after a newspaper close to the Turkish regime declared the country could overrun Germany in three days.

Newspaper Yeni Söz, closely aligned to the government, made the outlandish claim on the front page of its daily newspaper.

Carrying the provocative headline "Turkey can occupy Europe within 3 days”, the move is the latest in a political spat between Ankara and Berlin.

Turkey has been vying to join the EU for more than a decade, with official negotiants to become a member dragging into their 12th year.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attempted to use the migrant crisis as a bargaining chip, striking a deal with Brussels over the crisis in exchange for political sweeteners, which included kick-starting their membership bid.

The paper said: "Friedman said the Turks could defeat Germany in one afternoon and France in one hour, if they have the courage to fight.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This very dangerous rhetoric, coupled with the post-coup, dictatorial crack down behaviour by the Turkish government against its own people, is not helping to improve the relationship between Europe and Turkey one bit.

Aug 04 13:30

EU Imposes More Sanctions Against Russia, Blacklists Deputy Minister

The European Commission has decided to broaden sanctions against Moscow on Friday. As RT notes, more Russian individuals and firms accused of delivering Siemens gas turbines to the Crimea have been blacklisted.

The updated blacklist includes Russian Deputy Energy Minister Andrey Cherezov, the head of the department of operational control and management in Russia's electric power industry Evgeniy Grabchak and state firm Technopromexport CEO Sergey Topor-Gilka.

As we detailed earlier, this was expected.

The European Union is expected Friday to expand sanctions against Russian individuals and companies that were allegedly involved in the transportation of at least four Siemens turbines to Russian-controlled Crimea in violation of an international ban, according to Reuters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would be willing to bet that Russia's retaliation will be both swift; and severely economically painful.

Aug 04 12:55

Russia: Pence Balkans comments expose Washington's Cold War ideology

Accusations made by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence that Russia is working to divide the Balkans from the West are destabilizing southern Europe and expose Washington's Cold War mentality, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Pence made the comments on Wednesday in Montenegro on the final leg of a tour designed to reassure Eastern Europe of Washington's commitment to its security despite doubts sowed by U.S. President Donald Trump's lukewarm support for NATO.

"It is regrettable to note that Washington is sliding ever deeper into the primitive ideology of the Cold War era, which is completely detached from reality," the ministry said.

It had called on the United States to stop defaming Russia and its foreign policy, which it said was based on respect for allies and a readiness to work with international partners, the ministry said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Russian Foreign Ministry has to know to where all this Russia-demonisation is leading: there are those in the bowels of power in DC, who are just mad-dog crazy enough to envision a shooting war with Russia (China, Iran, or North Korea, take your pick) as a way to defuse the coming US economic crash, and to prevent the world from evolving into a more multi-polar economic environment which, ultimately - with the Unhinged, Surveilled State of America in decline - is nearly inevitable.

Unfortunately, those in the bowels of power in this country who desire this outcome, have managed to deliberately stay pig-ignorant of the real state of affairs, when it comes to our military.

I support and respect our military.

But the inevitable hard truth is this; at this moment in its existence, the US military does not have the weaponry; the troop strength; the money; or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome against Russia and/or China (or Russia and Iran; Or China and North Korea.)

As most of you know who read this blog on a regular basis, I abhor war as a method of resolving geopolitical differences; that being said, if war is happening, all of our troops deserve the best of the best of the best, with money well and intelligently spent by the Pentagon, to insure that they get that.

The current military-industrial complex is very content in screwing over the Defense Department, as exemplified by Lockheed Martin's poster child for lousy engineering, non-existent planning, and cost containment, the F-35, which is still plagued with a zillion problems which should have been prevented in the first place.

This culture of non-functional weapons, and massive cost overruns has got to change, and fast.

Aug 04 09:59

US plans ‘global’ drills to counter Russia & other 'complex threats' – top US military official

The US military is shifting towards a “more global” exercise program in preparation to deter what they term a “more assertive Russia” as well as countering other complex threats, a senior officer commanding the US forces in Europe has said.
Russia-NATO relations
“What we’re eventually going toward is a globally integrated exercise program so that we (are)... all working off the same sheet of music in one combined global exercise,” Air Force Brigadier General John Healy, who directs the drills of US forces in Europe told Reuters.

Healy said troops need to be prepared for increasingly complex threats across all domains of war – land, sea, air, space and cyber sphere. The general went on to say the training must include rehearsing possible conflicts and take into account the global nature of the military threats facing the US.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia has nothing to justify this demonisation against it; the world is watching how the Unhinged, Surveilled States of America continues invading country after country - Afghanistan; Iraq; Syria; and Somalia- in order to accomplish regime change, and is very concerned about what the next country in the USSA's cross-hairs might be.

Right now, were I a betting woman, I would bet that the next two countries on the USSA's "high interest targets" list for a regime change do-over, are Iran and North Korea, although not necessarily in that order.

Aug 04 09:50

Backlash After Sweden’s Army Says Purpose of Military Is to Defend Gay Rights

After a backlash for declaring the military exists to defend gay rights, Sweden’s army has promised to “never give up” promoting its support for LGBT issues.

Aug 04 09:33

“Fuck it, wipe out Gaza,” says spokesman for new EU campaign

The European Union has hired an Israeli who advocates genocidal violence against Palestinians as the face of a new promotional campaign.

Avishai Ivri appears in a video the EU embassy in Tel Aviv posted on its Facebook page last month.

“The European Union. You think it’s anti-Israel, right?” Ivri begins. “Let me surprise you.”

Ivri then rattles off trade and tourism statistics meant to convince Israeli viewers of just how much the European Union benefits Israel. He also boasts that the EU is a customer for Israel’s weapons industry, particularly drones.

The EU “are the best neighbors we have,” Ivri concludes.

Aug 04 09:31

Macron plots free movement CRACKDOWN: French president on course for huge EU row

FRANCE and Sweden are preparing for a mighty scrap with Eastern European nations as they prepare the ground for a crackdown on low paid migration under free movement rules.

Aug 04 09:30

Damage Limitation: Calls for 'Managed End' to Euro as Italy Teeters on the Brink

The increasing debate in Italy about the merits of "Italexit" is a reflection of the unresolvable difficulties that face the eurozone, financial expert Marc Friedrich told Sputnik Deutschland.

Aug 04 09:05

OPAL Case Resolved: Western Europe 'Not Afraid to Cooperate With Russia'

On Friday, the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf struck down on provisional measures that had restricted Gazprom's access to the German OPAL pipeline, which were enacted following a complaint by Poland's state-run oil and gas company PGNiG.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Europe is slipping away from US control.

Aug 04 09:04

Italy impounds German NGO rescue boat suspected of aiding illegal immigration

Italian authorities on Wednesday impounded a German NGO's migrant rescue boat on suspicion of facilitating illegal immigration, police said.
The Iuventa, operated by the Jugend Rettet organisation, was "preventatively" impounded on the Italian island of Lampedusa on the orders of a prosecutor based in Trapani, Sicily, the state police force said in a statement.

"Enquiries begun in October 2016, and conducted with the use of sophisticated techniques and investigative technology, have produced circumstantial evidence of the motorboat Iuventa being used for activities facilitating illegal immigration," the statement said.

More details were to be provided at an afternoon press conference.

The impounding of the Iuventa came as Italy began enforcing a controversial code of conduct for charity boats rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean.

Aug 04 07:01

'Poland doesn't need EU, Poland isn't needed by EU' Tusk HUGE bombshell as bloc rips apart

DONALD TUSK has said Poland "doesn't need the European Union" and the bloc doesn't need his home country in a bombshell statement set to rip the Brussels club apart.

Aug 03 09:22

‘We are ready': If US sanctions hurt European interests, EU can react ‘within days’ – Juncker

Europe will come up with an “adequate” response and “within days” if the newly-signed US anti-Russian sanctions law hurts the interests of European companies working with Russia, European Commission Head Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.

European interests should be always taken into account when it comes to enabling new US sanctions, Juncker said in an interview to the German ARD-Europastudio Brussel.

“We must defend our economic interests even against the US. And that is what we are going to do," Juncker said.

“We are ready,” he added, pointing out that EU reserves the right to take retaliatory measures in case its interests are violated. He also drew attention to the fact that the newly-signed US law can have “unpredictable” consequences for the EU in the field of energy security.

Aug 03 08:55

India’s road games will always flounder compared with China’s One Belt–One Road

By seeing its ambitious trading links as an alternative rather than an implicit part of One Belt--One Road, India will only ever attain second best via-a-vis the far larger Chinese initiative.

Aug 03 08:40

Europe's Banking Dysfunction Worsens

“While the US and the UK have been mired in political chaos this year, the EU has enjoyed improved economic conditions and some political windfalls. The question now is whether this good news will inspire long-needed EU and eurozone reforms, or merely fuel complacency – and thus set the stage for another crisis down the road.”

Aug 03 08:34

Berlin calls for retaliation against 'illegal' US sanctions on Russia

New penalties against Moscow proposed by US lawmakers violate international law and officials in Brussels should consider countermeasures, the German economy minister said on Monday.

Aug 03 08:33

Poland to seek WWII reparations from Germany

Poland will consider a claim demanding reparations from Germany for the destruction it brought during the Nazi occupation in World War II, a Warsaw official said, adding that some 6 million people were slaughtered as a result.

The parliament's bureau of research is preparing an analysis if it can legally make the claim by August 11, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, a ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party member said on Wednesday, as cited by the local media.

Aug 03 08:33

Brussels FEARS Britain is faking ‘Brexit chaos’ and will DIVIDE fragile EU next month

BRUSSELS diplomats have claimed that the UK has been trying to appear ill-prepared for Brexit talks in a bid lure the EU into a false sense of security, it has been reported.

Aug 03 08:18

Austria Keen to Initiate Technological Cooperation with Iran

The member of Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Mariana Haselberger, has voiced Vienna’s interest in cooperating with Iran in the field of technology, saying her company intends to gain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the Iranian culture and economy to effectively implement its projects in the Islamic Republic.

Aug 03 08:01

'Russia Won't Leave Crimea': Norwegian Party Wants to Repeal Sanctions

In Norway, the debate about the appropriateness of the anti-Russian sanctions has flared up again after calls to remove them because they're detrimental to Norwegian interests. This debate resulted in a clash between two former allies: the Progress Party and the Conservatives.

Aug 03 07:58

Killing Europe: US launches Sanctions War 2.0 against Old World

Besides the important political dimension of this law which calls on Russian authorities in the form of an ultimatum to curtail their political, military, and media activity beyond Russia's borders, the main aspect of this legislative initiative is its targeting of the Russian energy and banking sectors. The bill limits the maximum volume of investments allowed in oil and gas projects to the point that any company investing more than $5 million a year in Russian energy projects will automatically be subject to sanctions.

In other words, this aspect of the sanctions is also directed against European energy companies, in particular those party to the Nord Stream 2 project. The new sanctions also prohibit companies doing business in the US from participating in energy projects in which the Russian side owns less than 1/3 of shares.

Aug 03 03:02

"Neutral" Sweden to Host 20,000 NATO Troops

For three weeks in September 2017, Sweden will be turned into a military training ground. A third of the country, especially the capital Stockholm, the second largest city Gothenburg and the island of Gotland will be designated training areas. In total there will be about 20,000 participating soldiers, from the United States, Finland, France, Estonia, Norway and Denmark, in addition to soldiers from the host country. Historically, Sweden managed to stay out of war for over 180 years, from 1814 against Napoleon, until the the era after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This neutrality policy was, and still is, hugely popular in population and even with many politicians. The same goes for the policy of no nuclear weapons on Swedish soil...

Aug 02 14:24

‘We are ready': If US sanctions hurt European interests, EU can react ‘within days’ – Juncker

Europe will come up with an “adequate” response and “within days” if the newly-signed US anti-Russian sanctions law hurts the interests of European companies working with Russia, European Commission Head Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.
European interests should be always taken into account when it comes to enabling new US sanctions, Juncker said in an interview to the German ARD-Europastudio Brussel.

“We must defend our economic interests even against the US. And that is what we are going to do," Juncker said.

Aug 02 09:31

Thousands of Citizens Rise up Against Mandatory Vaccines in Italy

The people of Italy have been taking to the streets in their thousands to stand up against Italy's new mandatory vaccine laws.Thousands of angry citizens have been demonstrating against the vaccinations that have recently been made compulsory, yet the mainstream media in the West refuses to cover the protests.As forced vaccines laws are slowly brought in across the globe, the US corporate media is censoring the coverage over fears the resistance will spread.

Aug 02 08:05

Collateral Damage

Do they know what they are doing? When the U.S. Congress adopts draconian sanctions aimed mainly at disempowering President Trump and ruling out any move to improve relations with Russia, do they realize that the measures amount to a declaration of economic war against their dear European “friends”?

Whether they know or not, they obviously don’t care. U.S. politicians view the rest of the world as America’s hinterland, to be exploited, abused and ignored with impunity.

The Bill H.R. 3364 “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” was adopted on July 25 by all but three members of the House of Representatives. An earlier version was adopted by all but two Senators. Final passage at veto-overturning proportions is a certainty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF Congress was, collectively "too stupid" to understand that such a draconian suite of sanctions wasn't ultimately going to have severe unintended consequences, and bite the US economy in some very tender places, they are too stupid to be re-elected, period, end of discussion.

We are talking about the potential for trade wars coming up, with those trade wars becoming preludes to "hot wars".

Aug 02 07:44

'We don't WANT to go' EU snubbed by its OWN staff as they want to STAY in UK after Brexit

BRUSSELS was facing a humiliating mutiny from its own staff today as three quarters of workers at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said they want to stay in Britain rather than move to its new EU base.

Aug 02 07:43

German MEP savages EU for 'breaking their own rules' to save crumbling eurozone

Hans-Olaf Henkel, vice-president of the European Parliament’s third-largest group the European Conservatives and Reformists, launched the furious tirade at Brussels leaders after they allowed Italian banks to be bailed out to save their single currency.

The German accused the European Commission, headed up by its president Jean-Claude Juncker, of breaking its own rules to keep the euro afloat while it faces difficulties due to faltering economies across its southern states.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with, Mr Henkel also scorned Mr Juncker and co for not offering the same level of flexibility to keep Britain inside the European Union and avoided Brexit.

Aug 02 07:36

Square in Warsaw prepared according to Ukrainian recipe The plan to overthrow the IPRs on 16 counts of political consultants of the Euromaidan

The publication writes that in Poland we are already implementing specific scenarios for change of power and has a rigorous plan to destabilize the country of 16 points, which is the head of the Council of the Foundation "Open dialogue" Bartosz Kramek posted on his page in Facebook.
Foundation "Open dialogue" was founded in 2009 in Poland a Ukrainian girl Lyudmila Kozlovska, who is currently its President, and civil wife Bartos Kramek.

According to Polish media, the organization has dubious funding sources, from her statements show that she has about 900 donors, mostly anonymous.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Basically, regime change is coming to Poland.

Aug 02 06:27

NATO Jets Accidentally Invade Neutral Finland While Intercepting Russian Planes

Finland reports NATO jets were violating Finnish airspace for about a minute. This puts NATO's accusations that Russia's interceptions of western planes in the Baltic are often "unprofessional" in an interesting perspective. We can't remember an incident where Russian interceptors chasing NATO planes got lost an ended up in a neutral country, so who is the amateur here? Also; the two F-18 fighter jets belong to the Spanish Air Force. We're not surprised. Screw ups is exactly what you can expect when you uproot your air force and send it to "defend" skies 3,000 kilometers from home.

Aug 02 05:45

Pence’s visit to Montenegro seeks to stir up anti-Russian hysteria

US Vice President Michael Pence’ tour of Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro aims to add fuel to an anti-Russia propaganda campaign and sends a signal to the regional countries that the policy of sanctions will continue, Montenegrin politician Marko Milacic, one of the leaders of the country’s political opposition told TASS on Tuesday. Milacic, a journalist by profession leads the Resistance to Hopelessness political movement, which the incumbent Montenegrin authorities view as pro-Russian, pro-Serbian and anti-NATO. Pence arrived in Montenegro on a two-day visit on Tuesday... "It’s quite obviously that Pence’s tour of Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro seeks to boost the anti-Russian sentiments in these territories and to pin the NATO flag to the map of the country in the case of Montenegro," Milacic said. "The timing of Pence’s visit is not at all accidental. It fell on a period when the U.S. is working hard to toughen the sanctions against Russia.

Aug 02 05:35

Moscow notes SS collaborators gathering in Estonia contradicts EU’s anti-racism decision

The July 29 conference of Estonia’s Waffen SS division is a "shameful practice" that contradicts EU Council decisions aimed against racism and xenophobia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. The ministry is convinced that Tallinn "embarked upon the deliberate promotion of Nazism," which is inadmissible for a modern European nation and a country that holds the rotating EU Council presidency. Conferences of former members of the 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS are held in Estonia on an annual basis. This year, the event took place on July 29 in the northeastern Estonian village of Sinimae.

Aug 01 16:23

The great EU coup! Poland and Hungary form new eastern bloc 'in bid to OVERTHROW Brussels'

POLAND and Hungary are forming a new Eastern powerhouse in a bid to outmanoeuvre Brussels.

The leaders of the two countries have been holding regular secret meetings in a bit to improve relations and work together.

One political expert said the two countries were putting the European Union (EU) on the spot by working towards their own power hub - with Brussels unable to “do much about it”.

Hungarian-Polish political scientist Dominik Hejj said: “The relations are very strong, and almost every week a Polish minister visits Hungary and vice versa.”

Aug 01 11:26

ECB Lies And Omissions And Actions

Aug 01 09:06

‘DISGUSTING’ Fury as French embassy uses Passchendaele to say EU 'brought peace' to Europe

FRENCH diplomats have been accused of rewriting history and politicising a generation’s sacrifice after penning a pro-EU tweet to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele.

Aug 01 09:05

Greece’s secret GREXIT plan: Tsipras's plot to pull Greece OUT of the eurozone EXPOSED

The allegations follow a report in a national newspaper which suggest Mr Tsipras met with Venezuela officials in Moscow in 2013 to discuss possible assistance from the country’s socialist government in the event of leaving the eurozone.

Unnamed former press secretary to the Venezuelan government said he was involved in the talks between the two parties.

The source told: "Alexis Tsipras told us that his party had a plan from the outset to take Greece out of the euro.

Aug 01 08:45

‘DISGUSTING’ Fury as French embassy uses Passchendaele to say EU 'brought peace' to Europe

FRENCH diplomats have been accused of rewriting history and politicising a generation’s sacrifice after penning a pro-EU tweet to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele.


On its official Twitter account, the embassy posted to its 13,000 followers: “Today we commemorate #Passchendaele100. An opportunity to cherish peace, unity and solidarity brought by the EU.”

But the message immediately sparked fury amongst social media users, who accused French diplomats of politicising a 100-year-old tragedy and of wilfully trying to rewrite history in favour of the EU project.

Aug 01 08:38

'Liberal Arrogance': Budapest Bites Back at Austria's Call for More EU Sanctions

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has reacted fiercely to criticism of Budapest from Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, who told the media that he supported sanctions against Hungary and Poland for a perceived failure to abide by "European values."

The row began last week, when Kern told the German newspaper Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung that EU funding for Hungary and Poland should be cut if they refused to comply with EU rules on asylum seekers and EU criticism of constitutional changes carried out at the national level.

Aug 01 08:31

White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People

“Miscegenation cannot be commanded, but it can be promoted. Depriving Whites of the possibility to be among themselves in terms of residence, study, work and recreation is one thing. Suggesting miscegenation in films, TV series and commercials is another thing. There is nowadays hardly any form of media that is not full of this race mixing propaganda, mostly in subliminal form, and it is the Jews who control the media.”
— Franklin Ryckaert

Aug 01 02:15

Austria to protect its interests if US applies anti-Russian sanctions to EU

Austria is ready to safeguard national interests in case the United States applies anti-Russian sanctions to European companies and intends to coordinate its action with the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs told TASS on Monday. "We - in accordance with the position of the European Commission - are ready to act in case of necessity in order to protect national and European interests," official spokesperson of the Austrian foreign ministry Thomas Schn·ll said responding to a request for a comment on potential restrictive measures of the US against Russia. Austria’s OMV and Voestalpine engaged in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project keep an eye on the probable new sanctions of the US against Russia and stick to their agreements with Moscow, companies told TASS earlier.

Jul 31 15:34

London 1950 vs 2017

Jul 31 14:00

US to beef up military presence in Lithuania as Russia and Belarus team up for drills

A rotating contingent of Lithuania’s NATO allies involving 100 personnel and four fighter jets is stationed at the Lithuanian Zokniai air base

Jul 31 11:25

US tanks head for Tbilisi as NATO flexes muscles in ‘largest ever’ joint drills with Georgia

The war games with the Caucasian state kicked off at the Vaziani and Camp Norio training areas near Tbilisi on Sunday.

The drills, considered "the largest ever" between Georgia and NATO, will run for two weeks, with some 2,800 military personnel from NATO states and their partners – the US, UK, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia – taking part. The latter three states are not members of the alliance but “voluntarily contribute” to NATO forces, according to a US Army Europe statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More of NATO'S attempts to "play picador" to Russia, I see.

Jul 31 08:58

Nations Substitution': Witnessing the 'Biological Extinction' of Europeans

Some European countries, namely Italy, Germany, France and the UK, are facing the so-called "substitution of nations," where the national ethnical majority is disappearing physically and biologically, and is being substituted by migrants, according to a recent report. Sputnik Italy discussed the issue with Daniele Scalea, the author of the report.

The recent report of the Italian-based Machiavelli Center of Political and Strategic Studies (Centro studi politici e strategici Machiavelli), "How immigration is changing Italian demographics" has revealed that a number of European countries are facing the "biological and physical extinction" of their national ethnicities.

Ethnic majorities in such countries as Italy, Germany, France and the UK, are gradually turning into ethnic minorities, while being "substituted" by incoming migrants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is this how people are forced to forget their history, as though it had utterly no meaning whatsoever?!?

Is this how national identity is erased?!?

George Soros must be dancing on the grave of Europe, that his money had such an effect in getting this accomplished.

Jul 31 08:00

UK-EU freedom of movement will end in 2019: UK ministers

UK government ministers have said that the free movement of people between Britain and the European Union will end in March 2019.

UK Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis told the BBC that the government is “very clear” that “free movement of labor ends when we leave the European Union in the spring of 2019.”

It was a "simple matter of fact" that EU free movement rules would not apply after 2019, Lewis said.

Jul 31 07:59

Georgia begins US-led military exercise a day before VP's visit

The Georgian army began two weeks of military exercises with the United States and other partner countries on Sunday, a day before US Vice President Mike Pence visits the ex-Soviet nation.