Mar 09 06:45

Dutch Far-Right Party for Freedom Received Funds From US

The New York Times reported Tuesday citing released records on foreign donations that US right-wing activist David Horowitz had contributed some $150,000 to the fund affiliated with the party led by Geert Wilders in two years, making the largest individual contribution to the country's political system in 2015.

Mar 09 03:32

Definition of Madness: Spain Needs Bigger Banks, Apparently

Not having learned a thing from merged banks that then collapsed.

Mar 08 18:44

GERMAN ECONOMY IMPLODING - Quantitative Easing Not working as German Factory Orders Take A Dive

If the Bundesbank were running the show, European interest rates would be on their way up and Germany’s central bank would be busy mopping up the deep pool of cheap and easy money that has been flooding Europe’s economy for years.

Mar 08 17:12

Iraq Officially Declared Safer For Women Than Sweden

Respected war correspondent Magda Gad claims that war-torn Iraq is a safer place for women than Stockholm, Sweden.

Mar 08 16:54

BREAKING: Two people SHOT near Sweden primary school

TWO people have been rushed to hospital after being found with gunshot wounds near a primary school in Sweden.

Police rushed to the scene in Kista, northwestern Stockholm, just after 10pm this evening after the two victims were discovered in a car just yards from a primary school.

Huge swathes of the roads surrounding the area have now been cordoned off and armed officers deployed to the scene.

Mar 08 16:47

EU CASH CRISIS: Bloc to lose FIFTH of budget as Brexit ends scandal of soaring UK handouts

BRUSSELS is facing a major funding crisis when its cash cow Britain leaves with Brexit set to slash the EU’s budget receipts by up to a fifth, a leading think-tank has warned.

Eurocrats are staring at a colossal spending black hole caused largely by the astonishing rate at which they have milked the UK economy for cash, according to bombshell conclusions published by the European Policy Centre (EPC).

Experts revealed how Britain’s budget contributions have ballooned at an unprecedented speed and are now a scarcely believable more than 50 times greater than they were when the country joined the bloc in 1973.

Mar 08 14:59

Registering EU Citizens In Britain Will Be Biggest ‘Bureaucratic Nightmare’ Since WWII

The Home Office faces its biggest bureaucratic task since World War II when millions of EU citizens in the UK seek documentation to guarantee their right to live in the country as it prepares to leave the union.

Mar 08 13:37

Marine Le Pen: "I Will Introduce The New Franc At A Rate Of One-To-One To The Euro"

Providing some much needed details on her plans to redenominate the French currency, should she win the French presidential election in under two months, on Wednesday Marine le Pen told RTL radio should would introduce a new franc at a rate of one-to-one to the euro and then allow it to fluctuate, despite previously saying that any new national currency would continue to be pegged to a basket of currencies. She said the new French franc would likely fall "against whatever currency Germany uses", making French car exports more competitive, but said it might rise against the currency in Italy, a country she said would also be better off without the euro.

Incidentally, many agree with Le Pen, and according to Paddy Power, Italy now has even odds of leaving the EU before 2025, far higher than even perpetually depressed Greece.

Mar 08 09:41


As the European Union continues to threaten member states with fines for "falling short" of fulfilling their duties to help international refugees (see "EU Threatens Member States With Fines Over Failure To Accept Refugees"), the daily reminders of why a wave of nationalism is sweeping over Europe in defiance of Merkel's open border policies continue to mount.

The latest example comes from Hallsberg, Sweden where police were called in to stop a brawl at the Alléskolan school that erupted between some 30 people and ultimately resulted in 11 migrants being arrested as they hurled stones at police. Per RT:

A total of 30 people took part in the brawl, which occurred on Monday, Sveriges Radio reported, citing police. They were all wearing hoods and threw stones at the officers, who were called to the scene of the Alléskolan school after reports of a disturbance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Police Spokesperson Dangardt, this was NOT "...a riot-like situation,”, THIS WAS A FULL ON RIOT!!

Mar 08 09:02

Was the EU's Greek bailout ILLEGAL? Bid to uncover secrets that could BLOW APART eurozone

LEADING European figures have today launched a landmark bid to uncover the murky backroom dealings behind the EU’s controversial bailout of Greece in a move which could deliver another killer blow to the struggling euro.

Brussels politicians spearheaded by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis have ordered eurocrats to release a bombshell secret dossier which shows whether or not their treatment of Athens was legal.

The European Central Bank (ECB) infamously ordered the closure of Greece’s banks at the height of the eurozone crisis in 2015 and would only allow them to reopen once PM Alexis Tsipras agreed to a crushing austerity regime.

But the bank’s president, Mario Draghi, immediately had concerns about the legality of such bullying tactics and commissioned a top lawyer to produce a dynamite report laying out the rules.

Mar 08 08:57

GREECE IN CHAOS: Riot police in violent clash with protesters on edge over austerity

GREEK farmers clashed with police in central Athens today when a protest against tax and pension reforms mandated by the country's multi-billion-euro bailout turned violent.

Mar 08 08:16

The US plan for Macedonia: Keep Serbia down and Russia out

The role of the United States in the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is often overlooked by people who are critical of Washington’s intervention in the internal affairs of independent, sovereign countries.

For it was in the former Yugoslavia that the precedent was set for future American intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo provided the launch pad for the West’s concept of humanitarian intervention, which, in reality, is a pretext for safeguarding and enhancing US global hegemony.

Mar 08 08:01

GREECE IN CHAOS: Riot police in violent clash with protesters on edge over austerity

GREEK farmers clashed with police in central Athens today when a protest against tax and pension reforms mandated by the country's multi-billion-euro bailout turned violent.

Mar 08 07:47

Sweden: Muslim migrant teens rape 14-year-old girl at school, they stay at school, she is transferred

Refugees welcome!

There has already been a great deal of this, and there will be much, much more. Why? Because the Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

Shame on the Swedish authorities for allowing this to happen, sacrificing young Tindra on the altar of multiculturalist fantasy. They should be removed from office and tried for treason.

Mar 08 07:32

German economy CRISIS: Car demand PLUNGES as factory orders hit lowest level since 2009

FALLING demand for German cars has pushed the country's manufacturing sector to record its worst month since 2009, raising fears for economic powerhouse of the eurozone.

Mar 08 07:31

Poland ‘demands EU Council meet with Tusk challenger in bid to BLOCK his re-appointment'

POLAND’s eurosceptic government has reportedly demanded the European Council meet their challenger in a bid to unseat President Donald Tusk.

Mar 08 07:28

Serbia Starts Snap Combat Readiness Inspection of Armed Forces

Serbia has started a snap combat readiness inspection of its Armed Forces in accordance with the decision of Defense Minister Zoran Drodevic and President Tomislav Nikolic, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

"This is the extraordinary and unannounced field inspection of the operational capabilities of rapid response force units, which will last through March 9 in many locations in Serbia," the statement said.

Mar 08 07:27

'We say sh*t!' Verhofstadt blasts nationalism as 'disease of Europe' in HUGE rant at EU

BREXIT negotiator Guy Verhofstadt today launched an extraordinary and impassioned attack on the “disease of Europe" as he warned the bloc will not survive unless it pushes through major federalisation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Anyone not wanting to be our slave is obviously mentally ill!" -- Eee Ewe

Mar 08 07:13

George Soros, the man who pays the invasion of Europe

Friends of smugglers: the tycoon will invest 500 million in the NGO to create a fleet of ships to rescue migrants

Just a few days ago, the EU Commission announced the need to expel a million illegal migrants.

Only yesterday in Sicily are landed 1,500 recovered thanks to the diligent efforts of the rescue ships operated by humanitarian organizations (Moas, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Medecins sans Frontieres, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye , Life boat) which include among its funders the Open Society and other groups linked to millionaire "philanthropist" George Soros. Brussels, at this point, would do well to explain that to stop the trafficking of men must fight not only the criminal organizations, but also the self-interested charity, and politically motivated, Soros and his feel-good galaxy.

Mar 07 16:37

Cheap debt avoids countries going bankrupt

It’s not a secret the cheap debt policy from the European Central Bank has really helped out several European countries to keep the government finances under control. Well, more or less, as several members of the Eurozone are still running huge budget deficits.

Mar 07 16:10

SWEDEN: Muslim “NO-GO Zones” are so dangerous, ambulance drivers won’t go into them without armed police escorts

To the leftist media apologists for Islam, who continue to deny that there is any such thing in Europe as “NO-GO Zones” (at least 55 in Sweden, 750 in France, and dozens in every other EU country) where non-Muslims dare not go, here is further evidence.

Mar 07 14:42

A Lesson for Liberals

In 2016, Europe took in more than 1 million refugees and migrants, of which many claimed asylum (this is an increase of almost four times 2015).

Mar 07 14:40


This is a massive scandal the likes of which we've never seen asserts Levin. Let's examine this.

There is a much bigger scandal here, he said.

Was the President of the United States on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party using our Intelligence services with the FISA court, to gather information on their opponents ?


Mar 07 14:37

A New Era in Politics

Western publics see ballot box to upset and reshape policy agendas.

The West appears to have entered into a new era – the era of the political upsets, growing anger, and increased disillusionment with ruling elites. It is not a question of leftwing – rightwing politics. It is all about a failing status quo.

Mar 07 14:19

The Deep State Has Just Been Setup, Get Ready For The Awakening

Trump reissues the temporary travel ban, this time removing Iraq. More and more evidence is being produced that Obama did in fact bug the office of Trump.

Mar 07 14:06

The fall of François Fillon, the rise of Emmanuel Macron, and the ever-present fear of geopolitical intervention in national elections

François Fillon will be the Dead Duck candidate of the French Right, Marine Le Pen will be the Sitting Duck candidate of the French Far Right, and Emmanuel Macron will be the Donald Duck EUNATO/Soros winner. Situation normal.

Mar 07 11:25

'It is INSANITY' Plans for EU nuclear weapons arsenal CONDEMNED by senior Tory MP

PLANS for an EU nuclear weapons arsenal under the control of Brussels were branded "insanity" by a senior Tory MP today.

Under the idea being discussed by European politicians, the missiles would be located around the continent and overseen by a command centre appointed by Eurocrats.

Mar 07 07:58

Muslim TB & TB Of The Brain Spreading Across London

London Is Now The Tuberculosis Capitol Of Western Europe

Mar 07 07:57

Mediterranean migrant rescues reach 3yr high as Italy prepares for summer influx

Winter sea rescues of migrants and asylum seekers in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Libya have reached three-year highs, with new arrivals so far standing at least 60 percent higher than this time last year.

Mar 07 07:56

Claim: European Union Considers Plan to Take Over French, British Nuclear Weapons For EU Defence

Discussions are ongoing at high levels within the European Union (EU) to assume command of the nuclear weapons possessed by member states for the purpose of common European defence, according to claims published by The New York Times (NYT).

Mar 07 07:09

‘FAKE NEWS’ MEDIA in Europe falsely claim there are “Ten attacks per day on Muslim refugees allegedly by ‘neo-Nazis'”

At the same time, they are colluding in a cover-up of the rampant rapes, robberies, assaults, and arsons by Muslim migrants posing as refugees against other migrants, and especially against the native populations of each EU country in which they are squatting.

Mar 06 22:20

EU army moves step closer: Ministers APPROVE Brussels defence headquarters

THE EU army came one step closer today after ministers approved plans for a military command centre based in Brussels.

EU states agreed to open a command centre to run military training missions abroad, a step France and Italy hope is a precursor to an EU defence headquarters in the face of a growing Russian threat.

Mar 06 16:46

Mass brawl breaks out in Sweden - police find AK47 assault rifle

Around 15 people clashed in Fittja, to the south of Stockholm, in a huge fight broken up by police.

Officers found an AK47 assault rifle on a footbridge near the brawl.

Local media say police shut down the metro station to passengers and stopped trains running through the station as they searched the area.

It is thought two men and a gang of 15 youngsters were at the centre of the fighting.

One witness told Aftonbladet the mob chased away two men before the duo came back armed with a gun.

As officers rushed to the scene following reports of a gang fight, witnesses said the two men dumped the rifle and fled the scene.

Mar 06 16:45

Euro PLUNGES as Marine Le Pen given big boost ahead of French elections

The far-right candidate has promised to put a Frexit vote to the public should she win the election.

If France votes out of the euro, markets fear it could spell the end of the project.

Mar 06 16:39

Anti-Soros Uprising Spreads Across Europe, Media Blackout

Liberal media, in thrall to the globalist masterplan, is suppressing news that George Soros's Open Society Foundation is being banned across Europe.

Mar 06 16:13

Draghi & ECB Want to Regulate British Banks doing biz in the Eurozone

The ECB is living itself in La La Land.

Mar 06 14:58

‘It Is More Dangerous For A Woman In Sweden Than It Is In Mosul’ Award Winning Swedish Woman Journalist Tears Into What Has Happened To Sweden Today

Thanks to Sweden allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into their country, Sweden is literally no longer Sweden. Once one of the safest places on Earth, it is now the ‘rape capitol’ of Europe and is rapidly turning into a third world nation.

Magda Gad is an award-winning Swedish woman reporter who has extensively covered the war in Iraq, recently said that things in Sweden have become so dangerous that it is safer for a woman in Mosul than it is in many parts of Sweden:

Mar 06 14:39

“Think About and Prepare For” End Of Euro – TV3 Agenda Interview

David McWilliams interviewed Lara Marlowe and Cormac Lucey about the elections in France (April 23 and May 7) for TV3’s Agenda and the short interview about the French elections, Le Pen and the risks posed to the euro is a must watch.

Mar 06 13:49

China unseats eurozone as world’s largest banking system

New analysis by the Financial Times shows China's banking system has overtaken the eurozone to become the world’s biggest by assets. The status reflects the country’s increasing global influence and its reliance on growth driven by debt.

Mar 06 13:46

8,000 NATO troops launch exercise near Russian-Norwegian border (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A total of 8,000 NATO soldiers have been deployed to the Finnmark region of northern Norway, 160-300 km from the Russian border, for a series of joint military exercises.

Mar 06 12:08

Millions Of Spanish Fear Government Poisoning As River Turns Green

Millions of Spanish residents in Andorra and Catalonia fear they may have been poisoned by the government after the Valira river turned luminous green overnight.

Mar 06 09:14

FAKE NEWS: Sweden’s Integration Minister Admits Lying to BBC About Rape Stats

Sweden’s ruling liberal party Integration Minister has been forced into an embarrassing U-turn after she falsely told BBC the number of reported rapes in the country was falling.
Ylva Johansson was giving an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going down, and going down.”

“The level of rapes is not actually high in Sweden”, she also said, after attacking former UKIP leader Nigel Farage – who recently said Malmo was the “rape capital of Europe” – claiming he “doesn’t really know what he is talking about.”

However, it appears Ms. Johansson isn’t so well informed herself. The latest figures show a 13 per cent increase in reported sex crimes in Sweden in 2016, and there has been a general increase over the past ten years.

Mar 06 09:13

Government Report: Islamists Building ‘Parallel Society’ in Sweden Aided By PC Culture of Silence

Aided by a politically correct culture of “tolerance”, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is secretly building a “parallel” society in Sweden by infiltrating organisations and political parties, a government report has concluded.

Surprisingly, the document takes aim at “political elites” for fostering a doctrine of multiculturalism and silence, which can help and facilitate the nefarious ends of anti-democratic organisation like the Brotherhood.

Mar 06 08:17

European Banks Risk Facing a 'Collapse Worse Than the 2008 Financial Crisis'

In a recent report, experts of the Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute think-tank revealed that in 2008-2015, European Union member states spent €747 billion ($792 billion) on different bailout packages for banks.

Mar 06 08:14

'Change Possible': NATO Takes a Step Towards Defrosting Relations With Moscow

The first high-level military contact between senior Russian and NATO defense officials since the bilateral relationship went into a deepfreeze in April 2014 indicates that the North Atlantic Alliance appears to have heard what Moscow has been calling for, political analyst Dmitry Danilov told Radio Sputnik.

Mar 06 08:11

His ‘Ultimate duty’ is to ensure France won’t choose Le Pen – Francois Hollande

In an interview with several European newspapers, outgoing French President Francois Hollande said that his “ultimate duty” before leaving office is to prevent Le Pen from winning the upcoming presidential election in France.

Mar 06 07:39

Brexit Begins to Falter

The war for Brexit has lost its first major battle, and it wasn’t against the Brussels Eurocrats, it’s against the unelected House of Lords. The Brexit Bill that will allow the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50 (the mechanism by which the UK can legally extricate itself from the EU), has lost a vote on Amendment 9B. This amendment is on the rights of EU citizens presently living in the UK and their right to remain after Brexit. It was one of the UK’s key bargaining chips and now it looks like it will never have a chance to be used.

Mar 05 18:28

'The silence is political' Katie Hopkins investigates migrant communities in Sweden

In her report to the LBC audience, she claimed there were "55 no-go zones in Sweden - places where emergency services need police support to enter".

She added: "This is one of them. A week earlier this place was torched and looted as the world looked on."

One woman who approached Hopkins in a cafe said: "Politicians know there is a problem. But the problem is political."

She told Hopkins that the problem was politicians wanting Sweden to seem perfect to the outside world, forcing many to deny what was happening.

Mar 05 08:45

Ukraine Is Just the Beginning: The Neoliberals Will Destroy Europe

If nothing is done, Ukraine will surely pave the road for the creation of an even bigger crisis in Europe with the blessings of Washington, who have already made their plans for the region clear

Mar 05 08:42

EU Not Welcome: Serbian Parliament shouts down Mogherini [VIDEO]

The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, was met with a "less than warm welcome" in the Serbian parliament on March 3rd amidst her tour of the Balkans. Chants of "Serbia! Russia! We don't need the EU" left Mogherini sitting uneasily in her seat.

Political analyst John Bosnitch explained this event to RT as "a door slammed shut in her [Mogherini's] face." Calling the protest in the Serbian parliament a "fair bit of resistance", Bosnitch emphasized, is "an understatement of the first calibre."

Mar 05 08:42

President Ivanov says No! Towards victory for the Macedonian Resistance

Once again Macedonia has given a lesson to the world and saved its independence. It was a lesson in courage, leadership, constitutional law, and national sovereignty. This time the lesson was given by President Gjorge Ivanov, a great intellectual and a great statesman.

Mar 04 11:10

Watch: UK Police Chief Says “Don’t Jail Pedophiles” as Child Abuse Rises 80%

A Chief of Police in the UK has stated that the police force should not be trying to put all pedophiles in prison.

Mar 04 09:52

‘Euro is dead man walking’: Marine Le Pen lashes out at EU, says Frexit is question of time

Mar 04 09:48

Trump To Give Merkel ‘Reality Check’ On Immigration In Upcoming Meeting

President Donald Trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel later this month for a full and frank discussion about Germany’s failed immigration policies.

Mar 04 09:47

KATIE HOPKINS: The Swedish town where migrant gangs have killed multiculturalism stone dead and laugh at laws they despise and defy

There's been a complaint about my first report from Sweden.
A reader is very angry because I suggested the child raped by a 45-year-old migrant (posing as an unaccompanied minor) was 14.

In fact, he was 12.

This is the state of liberalism today. So determined to prove I am wrong, my observations erroneous, the stories I have on tape inaccurate, that it has lost all sight of the raped migrant child crumpled in the corner.

Similarly, the 'we know better brigade' are so puffed up with smug self-importance as they point out Trump got his dates confused over the troubles in Sweden, they can’t see past their own chest to the riots in Rinkeby.

Mar 04 09:07


Mr Grozev denies that he is Soros’ agent. It is strange to deny the obvious. He was even pictured with George Soros on the cover of official AUB’s magazine dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the university. In this significant photo, we can also see US President George Bush Sr.’s special Envoy, Eileen Chu, and the first post-Soviet president of Bulgaria, Zhelyu Zhelev. The latter, incidentally, was not only the initiator of Bulgaria’s accession to NATO and the EU, but also was an ardent Russophobe who wrote the book "Fascism" in 1982, in which the Soviet Union was compared to Nazi Germany.

Mar 04 08:37

Soon Only ‘Refugees’ Will Be Allowed Visa-Free Travel in Europe

Europe's decision to open its doors to hundreds of thousands of "refugees" was a bold, if not zany, decision.

But apparently there isn't enough room for Americans anymore.

Mar 03 23:11

NATO Commander Declares Russia Meddling in US Election Could Be ‘Act of War’

NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe has declared that alleged Russian meddling in the US election could be considered an “act of war” and prompt a military response.

General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, a citizen of the UK, has alleged that an “international disinformation campaign” through websites such as Sputnik News and Russia Today could also be included in NATO’s definition of an “attack.”

According to the NATO treaty, “an armed attack against one or more [members] shall be considered an attack against them all,” and allies may use any action necessary for defense. In recent years, this has been expanded to include cyber attacks and hacking.

Mar 03 14:00

What is going on in Germany/Sweden - German Perspective

My Reaction to Tim Pool - Refugees in Europe - German Perspective

Excellent report regarding the many things Germans are not allowed to say, read, and see regarding immigrants and other restricted issues.

Mar 03 13:59


BOMBSHELL NEXIT POLL: More than half of Dutch voters now want to LEAVE the European Union

Mar 03 12:11

‘We don’t need EU!’ Mogherini met with anti-EU chants in Serbian parliament

The EU foreign affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, had to speak over a chorus of Serbian opposition MPs, who chanted anti-EU slogans, throughout her whole speech at the country’s National Assembly on Friday.

Mogherini faced a rather cool reception from the parliamentarians in Belgrade. During her speech, MPs from opposition parties chanted: “Serbia! Russia! We don’t need the EU!”

Mar 03 11:30

US deploys Black Hawk choppers in Latvia to protect ‘sovereignty & bright future’ (VIDEO)

“US Air Force transport aircraft with UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and military units Phoenix 10th Air Brigade of the US Army arrived at Riga airport,” the Latvian Defense Ministry reported. The ministry said earlier that the new arrivals will replace the existing unit of Black Hawk helicopters deployed at the Lielvarde Air Base in central Latvia.

“We are thrilled to welcome so many excellent American soldiers, who will serve as members of the continuing US aviation presence deployed to NATO’s eastern flank in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve,” Ambassador Pettit said at Riga International Airport.

“This year, thousands of US soldiers will rotate through Latvia…,” Pettit added. “You can be assured that they… are committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with our Latvian allies to protect the independence, sovereignty, and security of Latvia.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Thousands" of US troops?!? Really?!?

Let's look at a map of Latvia:

map of Latvia

The border extends about 133 miles between Latvia and Russia.

This deployment is rather like having Russia massing thousands of its troops on the Mexican border, yet telling Americans to stay calm, and that nothing is amiss.

but again, as with the case with the Swedish Defense spokesperson, upon whose statement I commented in an earlier post, the timing makes it painfully obvious that the "deep state" in the US and NATO want a war with Russia

Mar 03 11:26

Mass grave of babies and children found at Tuam care home in Ireland

A mass grave containing the remains of babies and children has been discovered at a former Catholic care home in Ireland where it has been alleged up to 800 died, government-appointed investigators said on Friday.

Excavations at the site of the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway, have uncovered an underground structure divided into 20 chambers containing “significant quantities of human remains”, the judge-led mother and baby homes commission said.

The commission said DNA analysis of selected remains revealed ages of the deceased ranged from 35 weeks to three years old. It found that the dead had been mostly buried in the 1950s, when the facility was one of more than a dozen in Ireland offering shelter to orphans, unmarried mothers and their children.

Mar 03 11:16

Sweden reinstates military draft over concerns about Russian aggression

Sweden is reinstating the military draft — for men and women — because of dwindling volunteers and growing concerns over a more assertive Russia in the Baltic and Ukraine.

"The security environment in Europe and in Sweden's vicinity has deteriorated and the all-volunteer recruitment hasn't provided the Armed Forces with enough trained personnel," the Swedish defense ministry said Thursday. "The re-activating of the conscription is needed for military readiness."

A defense ministry spokesperson says 4,000 men and women will be called up in July for service beginning in January 2018. They will be drawn from some 13,000 people born in 1999.

Marinette Nyh Radebo told the BBC the "security change in our neighborhood" prompted the move by Sweden, which is not a NATO member.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A word of caution for Defense Ministry Spokesperson Radebo; your false narrative about Russia having "annexed" Crimea is a pure, deliberate lie, stated to complement the agenda of alleged "Russian Aggression", and you know it!! And so does the BBC, and everyone else on this planet with a brain.

In 2014, the US/Soros/EU/IMF "coup" in Kiev threw the duly elected Ukrainian President, Yanukovich, under the proverbial bus, and the western-centric Poroshenko was "anointed" in an alleged election which was more crooked than a dog's hind leg

You appear to be suffering from SMD (selective memory disorder), and particularly, regarding Victoria Nuland's very public boast in 2013,about how much money the US government had spent on destabilizing Ukraine:

Regime Change in Kiev - Victoria Nuland Admits: US Has Invested $5 Billion In The Development of Ukrainian, "Democratic Institutions"

Sorry, my dear Ms. Radebo; one cannot unsee this, or not realize the point to which the US government was complicit in this regime change!!

Not only that, but President Obama admitted that the US was behind regime change and the destabilisation of Ukraine's government!!

Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits that US “Brokered a Deal” in Support of “Regime Change”

So if there is any "aggression" to be charged, it should, rightly, be charged to the actions of the USA under President Obama's watch.

Post-putsch, Crimean officials understood that there was no legitimate government in Kiev, so - in a free and fair referendum - asked their people if they wanted to stay with Ukraine, or petition the Russian government to become a part of the Russian Federation. Overwhelmingly, the people of Crimea voted to petition the Russian Federation to join it.

There is a value, enshrined in the UN charter, and that is the right for people to exercise peaceful self-determination; but Ukraine, NATO, and the US got furious when that happened in Crimea, so...blamed the Russians for something they never, ever did.

And BTW, did you NOT get the memo that the "big lie" went out with the whoopie cushion and the dribble glass?!? Just checking.

But these statements have made one thing painfully obvious; the march against Russia, heading to a war against it, is gathering steam; the deep state in Europe, NATO, and in the US are on track for making that happen, no matter what the citizens of Europe and the US want!!

Mar 03 08:48

EU Leader Has Meltdown While Debating Future of the Union: “S**T! What Do You Want Us to Do?”

There should be no doubt about the current status of the European Union. It’s crumbling before our very eyes. Between the sprawling unaccountable bureaucracy in Brussels, the unpayable debts, the unfettered immigration, and the unprecedented emergence of conservative, nationalistic groups, it’s obvious that the EU is not long for this world. No nation can survive those pressures; much less a loosely held, 24 year old political union consisting of a wide variety of languages and cultures.

And this fact is beginning to show. Not just because nations like the UK have already voted to leave the EU, and talk of independence referendums is spreading like wildfire across the continent. This fact is beginning to show on the faces and lips of the EU’s leaders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Business owners know that while matrix management can work for small entrepreneurial shops, companies above a certain size must adopt a top-down management style, or drown in the mass of internal communications. The same applies to government. Small government, such as that our nation was founded on, can operate as a matrix. But as nations grow and government grows with it, they reach the point where the mass of internal communications back and forth becomes a detriment. But because politics is inherently a matrix, they cannot change management styles, which is why all modern large empires are drowning in the mass of their own paperwork/computer data/ communications. It is for this reason that a real global government is actually an impossibility, unless it is a top-down dictatorship with no democratic aspects at all.

Mar 03 08:25

8 Iraqi men jailed for gang-rape of German tourist in Austria

Eight Iraqi asylum seekers have been sentenced by an Austrian court to between nine and 13 years in jail for the brutal gang-rape of a 28-year-old German woman during New Year’s celebrations over a year ago.

Mar 03 07:59

British taxpayers to fund EU PRIVATE ARMY to protect Brussels chiefs in £1.7bn splurge

BRITISH taxpayers will be forced to pay towards a “private army” to protect MEPs in Brussels as the European Union (EU) plans a record £1.7billion spending spree.

Despite voting to leave the Brussels bloc last June, the UK is still expected to contribute £230million to the bill - more than twice the annual running costs of the House of Lords.

And the money includes more than £3.87m (€4.5m) towards a pro-EU publicity campaign ahead of the 2019 European elections, which Britain will not be part of.

Mar 03 07:14

‘We’ll never become a state’ Juncker says EU superstate dream is OVER amid voter backlash

The EU Commission chief insisted any dreams some politicians may have of a United States of Europe are dead and buried amid voter apathy about the project and growing divisions amongst its member states on migration, Brexit and trade.

He admitted that he was once a federalist himself, but said he now appreciated that ordinary Europeans will not accept the imposition of a superstate by the back door and that Brussels must allow national governments a greater say on Europe-wide policy.

Mar 03 07:11

NATO demands Russia drop recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Gen. Peter Paul urged Russia to "withdraw recognition" of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"We call on Russia to withdraw its recognition of independence of these two regions and to express the respect of Georgian borders," - said General Paul, after meeting with Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria.

Mar 03 07:10

SOFA agreement with Baltic states quietly signed by Obama before departure clearing way for permanent US military presence

The US soldiers will receive special legal treatment in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. New rules involve tax incentives, lower prices, immunity from criminal prosecution and potential conflicts with local population.

Mar 03 07:09

Kremlin worries for safety of Russian singer during Eurovision contest in Kiev

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday that Russia had grounds to worry about the safety of Russia’s representative to the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, adding that no decisions not to attend had been made.

Mar 02 18:16

Chicago journalists sent to report on a Swedish 'no-go zone' after Trump's allegations that the country is dangerous are 'given a police escort and told to leave for their own safety' as they attract masked thugs while filming in broad daylight

An American journalist documented the moment he claims he was given a police escort to leave a predominantly migrant suburb of Stockholm after he and his camerawoman were followed by masked men.

Tim Pool and his colleague Emily Molli were in the 'no-go zone' of Rinkeby, Sweden, when police told them to leave after they began to be followed by people who apparently objected to them filming on Wednesday.

Police, however, have disputed Pool's claims that police escorted them out of the area, saying they were unable to find specific reports filed about the incident in their system.

Pool has been traveling around Sweden on a trip funded by Paul Joseph Watson, a writer for right-wing website Infowars who promised to pay for a trip to the country for any journalist who claimed it was safe following claims that Sweden's perceived migrant problems were overblown.

Mar 02 17:41

Kill Switch: Is EU Parliament Stopping Free Speech Or Protecting It?

The EU parliament has granted its president the right to cut the live broadcast of any hate speech or acts in the chamber.

Mar 02 13:37

President Trump Reviews US Membership Of ‘Corrupt U.N.’

President Trump has confirmed that he is officially reviewing the United States’ participation in the “corrupt” U.N. Human Rights Council.

Mar 02 12:41

Is The Intelligence Community At War With Trump?

Phil Giraldi, a career intelligence officer, takes a look at the bizarre standoff between President Trump and the US intelligence community.

Mar 02 12:38

Is There More to the Flynn Story?

A strange resignation in a UK intelligence service suggests U.S. partners may have been involved.

The Hannigan resignation is not occurring in a vacuum, and some in the large and highly networked retired intelligence community have come to believe that it is connected to the investigation and downfall of Trump’s first national-security advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has detailed exactly how the Flynn case does not appear to fit into any acceptable category that would have mandated an investigation and interrogation by the FBI. Surveillance of a Russian official would be authorized under FBI guidelines, but to extend that type of monitoring or investigation to a U.S. citizen would require specific authority from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to issue a warrant based on probable cause.

Mar 02 10:42

EU Lawmakers Vote To Strip Le Pen Of Immunity For Tweeting Pictures Of ISIS Violence

An EU parliamentary committee has voted to lift the immunity of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, officials have said.

Mar 02 10:08

REVEALED: UK among three nations paying 60 PER CENT of ALL EU defence spending

BRITAIN, France and Germany accounted for more than 60 per cent of the 28 European Union (EU) countries' £176.7billion defence spending last year, new figures reveal.

Mar 02 09:47

Viktor Orban – ‘Ethnic homogeneity’ is Vital to the Economy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced that his nation will build a second barrier between Hungary and Serbia to keep out migrants.

Mar 02 09:40

Saudi Linked Group Gave DUP $1/2M During Brexit

One wonders who funded the ‘Leave’ campaign in the UK ‘Brexit’ referendum.

Mar 02 08:33

Muslim Rape Epidemic: Sweden Shocked Again after Woman Raped to Death by Somali Immigrant

A 34 year old immigrant from Somalia was arrested for savagely attacking a woman next to the parking garage of a Sheraton hotel in Sweden.

The woman died while being raped. Police say the perpetrator continued to rape the woman’s corpse well after she had died. The Somalian was apprehended by police while still in the act of raping the murdered woman.

Mar 02 08:22

Divine intervention! EU leaders will turn to the POPE over plans to revive struggling bloc

EUROPEAN leaders are set to hold an historic meeting with the Pope later this month when they head to Rome to unveil their make-or-break plans to revive the struggling EU.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Render unto Brussels that which is Brussels ... or go straight to hell! By the way, your son is really cute! I'll bet he would love a personal tour of the Papal Palace!" -- His Popeness

Mar 02 08:10

Thousands of teens to be called up for military service

Sweden's government has formally announced that it is bringing back conscription.

The former centre-right government scrapped compulsory military service in 2010, but the current Social Democrat-Green coalition wants to reintroduce the concept, or at least a light version of it, from January 1st 2018.

Some of the reasons are a perceived deterioration of the security situation in the Baltics and that the Armed Forces have struggled to attract enough new military recruits to plug a significant staff shortage.

Mar 02 08:05

Sick and Depraved: NATO 'Saddened' by Explosions in Serbia

Hey Serbia: NATO is super sad about the "explosions" in your country which killed "at least one person". Can you please join NATO now? That would be very helpful. Thanks. Also, please forget about this:

Mar 02 08:02

PM draws battle lines over Brexit Bill vowing that Article 50 WILL be triggered on schedule despite claim by Remoaners that 30 Tory MPs could rebel over rights for EU citizens

Theresa May has vowed to face down unelected peers over the Brexit Bill and stick to her timetable for triggering Article 50.

Downing Street has insisted the PM's plans are 'unchanged' despite the stinging defeat in the House of Lords.

Peers overwhelmingly passed an amendment to the crucial legislation demanding an immediate guarantee of rights for EU nationals already in the UK.

The bigger-than-expected defeat by 358 votes to 256 came at the hands of an alliance of Labour, Liberal Democrats, crossbenchers and a handful of rebel Tories - and despite a last-ditch plea from Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Mar 02 08:01

'You're making things WORSE!' Ukip MEP savages Juncker's plan for EU's future

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten railed against Jean-Claude Juncker and his plan to guide the European Union further towards his federalist dream after Britain quits the bloc.

Mar 02 08:01

'EU Parliament wants to STOP free speech' Ukip MEP’s extraordinary Brussels attack

Ray Finch, the eurosceptic party’s leader in European Parliament, said the new rules to combat hate speech were introduced to suppress the voice of elected officials.

The concerns were raised after European Parliament approved an extraordinary “kill switch” intended to combat racist speeches being made in Brussels.

MEPs granted the parliament’s president authority to pull the plug on live broadcasts of parliamentary debate in case of of racist speech or acts and to purge offending video or audio material from the online system.

Discussing the measures, Mr Finch told RT: “What they want to do is stop free speech.

Mar 02 08:00

BRING BACK THE LIRA! Italy should reclaim currency, former PM Silvio Berlusconi says

ITALY must reclaim monetary sovereignty by bringing back the lira to exist alongside the euro, according to the country's ex prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Mar 02 08:00

Fishermen's fury as Brussels DEMANDS access to 60% of BRITISH WATERS after Brexit

SCOTLAND'S fisherman have said they will not bow to pressure from the European Union (EU) to allow them to be held to ransom over Brexit.

Mar 02 07:59

Democrat told to 'MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS' after claiming Britons IGNORED Brexit impact

A FORMER US Senator has been lambasted on social media after praising the EU and suggesting Britons did not fully consider the implications of Brexit.

Mar 02 07:59

Germany proposes ‘energizing’ deportations from EU during mass refugee influx – leaked doc

Berlin has reportedly suggested that the EU relax some human rights provisions on refugees to deport more asylum seekers at times of a “mass influx.”

A working paper proposed by German officials is meant to accelerate deportation of new arrivals in case of a renewed influx of refugees to the European Union, according to Reuters which has seen the document.

Mar 02 07:52

EU Ombudsman Opens Inquiry Into Barroso 'Revolving Doors' Scandal

The EU Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has opened an inquiry into the way the European Commission handled the issue over its former president Jose Manuel Barroso's appointment to Goldman Sachs bank so soon after leaving office.

Mar 02 07:52

'Wilders Won't Win:' Dutch Professor Predicts Outcome of Tight Election Contest

Geert Wilders' Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant Party for Freedom has slipped in the polls because the Dutch electorate is currently more concerned with domestic issues than the EU and migration, Professor Rinus Van Schendelen told Sputnik Deutschland.

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"Hillary will win in a landslide." -- Rhine Us

Mar 01 13:25


The Spanish government has created a new post in an attempt to boost pregnancy rates and halt the country’s declining population. The role of the so-called “sex czar” is to be taken up by Edelmira Barreria Diz, a demographics expert and senator in the Galician parliament. According to official statistics, Spain recorded a lower number of births than deaths last year, the first time this has happened since 1941.

Mar 01 11:17

Norway: Oslo Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”…Islam Has Taken Over

The article below is about the apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence in Grønland, a district of the city of Oslo.

Grønland is only two subway stops from the Parliament, and one from the Central Station, fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik.

It looks like Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one. People sell drugs openly just next to the Grønland subway station.

It’s not Norway or Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected. The police have largely given up. Early in 2010 Aftenposten stated that there are sharia patrols in this area, and gay couples are assaulted and chased away. “Immigrant Fatima Tetouani says that ‘Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco.’”

Readers should remember that Aftenposten, which is the largest newspaper in the Oslo region, is normally pro-Islamic and very Multicultural.

Mar 01 11:17

Police interview: All outdoor rapes in Oslo are committed by immigrants (muslims) [subtitled]

Mar 01 09:25

‘Brexit won’t stop us’ Juncker blasted as he vows EU will press ahead with federalisation

In a keynote speech to the European Parliament in Brussels the top eurocrat insisted a return to a simple trading alliance, favoured by many voters, is not a viable option.

Mar 01 08:31

Where females fear to tread: KATIE HOPKINS reports from Sweden, the Scandi-lib paradise where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence and self-censorship on immigration buries the truth

I didn't come to Sweden for the riots. Or because of Trump. In fact, I was supposed to be here in December — before airline strikes stood in my way.

I came because I was asked. Repeatedly.

Swedish women reaching out by email, by letter, to quietly show me what has become of their country.

Dads writing that they were worried for their daughters, tweeting that Sweden is not the place people imagine it to be, that young girls are scared to go out at night.

A news feed filled with reports of the rape and assault of Sweden’s young women, some inexplicably streamed live on Facebook by the gang as they attacked.

Mar 01 08:14

Johnson Hits Back At Former Premiers Over Brexit Remarks

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says he is becoming “impatient” with those projecting doom and gloom for Brexit, lashing back at two former prime ministers who rebuked the government’s approach towards leaving the European Union.

Mar 01 07:35

Germans think Brexit voters are ‘STUPID’: Martin Schulz's party chief sparks FURY

Thomas Oppermann, the parliamentary chairman of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) which is vying to steal power from Angela Merkel in this year’s election, said the Brexit vote caught all German experts by surprise.

And Germans were outraged when 17 million Britons voted to cut ties with the Brussels elite.

Admitting he was “disappointed and shocked” by the result, Mr Oppermann said: “Even our best experts for British-German relations have not expected and were hugely surprised about the referendum result.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We thought we had that BREXIT election rigged!" -- Eee... ewe

Mar 01 07:34

POLEXIT? Poland may 'NO LONGER' be EU member state, leading Europhile warns

Jean Asselborn questioned whether the eastern European nation would remain within the crumbling Brussels bloc under Jaroslaw Kaczynski – the chairman of the ruling Law and Justice party in Poland.

Kaczynski wants to avoid deeper integration with Brussels and is expected to help fight for the rights of Poles in Britain once Article 50 is triggered.

Mar 01 07:34

TWENTY MILLION African migrants heading for Europe: European parliament president warns that a huge number will arrive in the 'next few years' unless action is taken 

As many as twenty million African migrants could come to Europe in the near future, according to the new president of the European parliament.

Antonio Tajani said Europe needs to do more to help asylum seekers in order to quell migration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Stopping all the wars that MADE them refugees might be a good place to start!

Mar 01 07:10

Jihadi 'Veterans' Return to Sweden, Establish Islamist Extremist Networks

In recent years, Sweden produced about 300 jihadists, who travelled to the Middle East to fight for their cause. Of them, at least 150 of these wannabe religious warriors have returned to Sweden from their overseas "jobs." They've successfully established a network of extreme Islamist supporters who work in various ways to recruit new blood and fund terrorism, SÄPO found in its recent report.

Mar 01 07:09

'It's trying to do TOO MUCH' Ex-minister hits out at 'colossus' EU and its 'silly' rules

The ex-Tory minister highlighted the working time directive enforced in the UK and said the Brexit vote was down to the European Union having the “last word” on domestic issues.

Speaking about John Major’s speech, Sir Malcolm told LBC’s Nick Ferrari he agreed with the ex-Prime Minister calling the EU “colossus”.

He said: “The European Union is a colossus, that’s part of the problem, it’s been trying to do too much.

Mar 01 07:09

'A LOATHSOME REPTILIAN!' Galloway launches extraordinary attack on Remainer Mandelson

The controversial former MP launched the tirade accusing the former European Commissioner of being Tony Blair’s “monkey” after he launched his own intervention on Brexit.

Lord Mandelson joined the former Labour Prime Minister in defending the European Union and Remain campaigns during separate speeches.

Mr Blair, having announced plans for a new anti-Brexit institute, sparked claims the pair could form a political party to rival Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Mar 01 04:17

Strange That The Same Point In Time For The Economic Crisis Keeps Coming Up

Netherlands is making a move to leave the EU. Theresa May is worried that a Scottish Referendum vote will happen at the same time as the Article 50 vote.

Feb 28 17:31

Billionaire George Soros tries to block EU member plans to take power BACK from Brussels

BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros is attempting to use his influence to block changes which would reduce the European Union’s (EU) power.

Feb 28 16:44

Germany Bans ALL Meat From Government Events To ‘Fight Climate Change’

The government in Germany has banned all meat products from official functions, claiming that eating meat is harmful to the environment.

Feb 28 07:57


So when a major economy of the West decides to start arresting banksters, I sit up and take notice

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Feb 28 07:54

Here's why Germany is so 'tough' on Greece over its debts

The Greek debt crisis is back on the agenda again. With Athens needing yet more money to pay off its huge loans, Germany is once again being accused of prolonging the Hellenic tragedy.

On Monday evening Germany’s hawkish finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble announced that Greece’s lenders had reached a “common position” on the country’s debts and that they could go back to Athens to discuss the latest tranche of debt relief.

The Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been threatened to walk away from the bailout, saying Greece's debts are so huge that it is unable to stay on top of the repayments. It has demanded the eurozone reduce the debt burden to make the repayments more sustainable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 28 07:45

Poland Seeks To Undermine EU President Tusk’s Reelection

Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has reportedly made inquiries as to whether EU leaders would support replacing current European Council President Donald Tusk with Polish diplomat and longstanding politician Jacek Saryusz-Wolski.

Poland's Law and Justice Pledge No Support for 'Icon of Evil' Tusk Reelection
Beata Szydlo, prime minister and member of Poland's ruling Law and Justice Party, is, according to reports, seeking to undermine the candidacy of Donald Tusk as EU president for another two-and-half year term, just 10 days before the election date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Let the people choose their own leaders? Are you mad?!?" -- Eee-ewe

Feb 28 07:39

Greece to Surrender Gold, Utilities and Real Estate in Exchange For Pieces of Paper Printed in Brussels

It's official: The Germans will not allow debt relief for Greece. Instead, Berlin wants to send in the repo man.

The untold story of the Greek "bailouts" is that it wasn't a "bailout" — it was an auction of Greek assets. Real, tangible things with real, tangible value were seized in exchange for pieces of paper that guarantee Athens will be chained to Berlin and Brussels for the foreseeable future.

It's your basic extortion racket.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And that is, of course, the ultimate goal of private central banks; to confiscate the real hard assets of a nation and its people in exchange for paper with colored ink on it.

Feb 28 06:54

‘Cough up, Angela!’ EU budget chief says GERMANY will have to cover Brexit black hole

BRUSSELS’ budget chief has today insisted that it will be up to German taxpayers to shoulder the burden of paying for the EU after Britain leaves the bloc in 2019.

Gunther Oettinger said eurocrats need even more money to tackle growing crises like migration and the fight against terror at a time when the EU is losing its third largest net contributor.

He warned that the massive loss of cash set to be unleashed by Brexit cannot be offset by cuts to the ballooning Brussels budget and will have to be made up by the bloc’s richer countries instead.

Feb 27 16:54

Lords vote AGAINST Britain keeping single market access in latest Brexit victory

THE HOUSE of Lords have rejected a amendment to the Brexit bill which would have pushed for the UK to remain in the single market after leaving the EU.

Peers voted overwhelmingly against the proposal this evening, with one frontbencher slapping it down as “unrealistic”.

By a margin of 299 to 136, with a majority of 163, peers chose not to slow down the bills passage through the House after it successfully passed through the Commons earlier this month.

Feb 27 16:44

EU Migrants Could Lose Right To Stay In Britain Within Weeks

May is apparently poised to announce that EU citizens who travel to Britain after she triggers Article 50 will no longer have the automatic right to stay in the UK permanently, the Telegraph reports.