Jan 03 08:42

'EU has taken wrong path' Joining EEA would be FATAL for Switzerland warns economist

JOINING the European Economic Area (EEA) would have been a “fatal” blow to Switzerland and the country has benefited hugely from staying out, a top economist has declared.

Jan 03 08:41

Donald Trump MUST take STRONGER role in international diplomacy – and help shake EU up

DONALD TRUMP needs to take stronger diplomatic action to help resolve the Iranian crisis – even if it means telling the European Union to "get off their balance beam", former US Ambassador Jonh Bolton said.

Jan 02 11:59

‘Accept the Will of the People on Migration, Culture, or Hit the Road’: Orbán Tells Europe’s Leaders

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Europeans are “asserting their will” by supporting leaders who reject mass migration and support Christian foundations, and gave a warning to politicians who deny the “natural order of democracy”.

The conservative Fidesz party leader told Kossuth Radio’s listeners that 2.3 million Hungarians took part in the national consultation against the George Soros-backed pro-mass migration plan, and Mr. Orbán now intends to spend the next few months convincing his opponents that Europe is right to protect her borders and her culture.

Asked by the 180 Minutes host what made him think that after two years, since the migrant crisis, progressive leaders would listen now, Mr. Orbán said: “Because in the meantime elections are being held in Europe.”

Jan 02 11:48

Why “Refugees” Are One of the Most Dangerous and Criminal Groups of People in the World

Since 2015 — the year of the Chancellor’s opening the border, facilitated by numerous illegalities — I have made a series of evaluations of police criminal statistics. In the process, it has repeatedly become obvious to me that the “refugees” who have poured unhindered, uncontrolled and in great numbers into the land are represented in crimes of violence and sexual violence to a far greater extent than Germans.

Jan 02 11:48

Swedish police find ‘no direct links’ after Malmo's 4th gang rape in 2 months

The latest attack comes as Malmo grapples with a spate of similar incidents in which three women were raped by several assailants in different districts of the city, notorious for its thriving gang culture and crime. Earlier in December, a 17-year-old teenage girl was gang raped in a children’s playground in Hasselgatan. The other two cases occurred in November and saw women being sexually assaulted by a number of men as well. And while police said they recovered traces of DNA from some of the crime scenes, no charges have been brought in either so far. The spike in violence against women even forced police to warn against venturing alone after dark. Faced with backlash, they later retracted the warning calling it “unfortunate.”

Jan 02 11:43

Israel agrees to EU deal excluding settlements

Israel’s government has approved an agreement with the EU that includes a provision excluding funding for settlements, seemingly consenting to the EU’s boycott of settlements.

The agreement centers on Israel’s part in the EU’s ENI Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CBC Med) program, which provides funds for projects for non-EU countries in the Mediterranean area, such as Israel, Egypt and Jordan, Haaretz reports. The projects are largely focused on promoting development, education, technology and environmental sustainability.

Jan 02 11:38

Poland and Hungary warned they WILL face consequences over 'violating EU migrant quotas'

One EU source told Reuters: "We are confident that the ECJ will confirm validation, then they [Poland and Hungary] must abide by the decision.

"If they don't, then they will face consequences, both financial and political.

“No more opt-outs, there is no more ‘one foot in and one foot out.' We are going to be very tough on this.”

Jan 02 10:50

Switzerland demands EU referendum as frustration at relationship with Brussels boils over

SWITZERLAND has dealt the European Union a major blow as the outgoing president called for a referendum over the country’s relationship with the bloc.

Jan 02 10:50

REVEALED: These are the six dramatic elections which could rock Europe in 2018

This year will see the return of scandal-hit Italian Silvio Berlusconi, while Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Hungary’s Viktor Orban are set to dominate the polls in their bid for re-election.

Meanwhile, the EU is set to be rattled by elections in the Czech Republic amid growing fears the nation could join two other rebellious Central European countries - Hungary and Poland - on a collision course with the bloc.

Jan 02 10:43

Austrian far-right condemns international call for boycott of its cabinet members

Austria's far-right on Friday said an open letter calling for the boycott of its new cabinet members was a "transparent manouevre" and a "last-ditch attempt of the united left".

Jan 02 10:22

Greece financial crisis: 'The EU has made mistakes' amid fears of TRIPLE-DIP recession

As Greece prepares to stand on its feet again after eight years of turmoil a leading academic says that although the worst is over, the chance of a triple-dip recession remains real.

Dr Ioannis Oikonomou, associate professor in finance at Henley Business School who has taught many subjects to JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, warned the EU has made mistakes in tackling the Greek debt crisis and the fallout has changed the landscape of the EU with the bloc’s citizens hitting out over repeated bailouts.

But Dr Oikonomou said there are indications that things are picking up, as he puts it, “a bit.”

Jan 02 10:19

German State Media: EU May Have to Expel 'Renegade States' Like Poland

Deutsche Welle political contributor Bernd Riegert says Warsaw is putting the EU at risk of collapse, and that other members may be forced to kick the country out of the bloc.

Jan 02 10:19

Polish Prime Minister Confirms Commitment to Tighten Migration Policy

Poland will continue its approach of not accepting migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, the country's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, stressing that Warsaw has taken large number of migrants from Ukraine

Jan 02 10:18

Theresa May's popularity PLUMMETING as public lose confidence and anger rises over Brexit

THERESA May is losing the confidence of the British public over her handling of Brexit, according to social media analysis.

Jan 02 09:05

President Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: the End of Hegemony?

Washington’s support for Israel’s perpetual and overt violation of international law and its bombing of humanitarian missions makes Israel a very costly ally.

The US suffered an overwhelming and humiliating defeat, one that kept Ambassador Haley dexterous fingers busy ‘taking notes’: 128 nations demanded that the Trump regime withdraw its declaration that Jerusalem was Israel’s undivided capital for Jews. Only 9 micro-nations (some mere postage stamps and a few death-squad banana-stans) voted with the Trump-Haley decision, 35 mendicant-states put their heads down and abstained while 21 timorous ambassadors chose to hide their shamelessness in the toilet stalls rather than show up for this important vote.

Jan 02 08:52

Liberals Getting Back in Touch With Their Authoritarian Roots - Justin Raimondo

The left and the art of political witch-hunting.

“One of the unfortunate ironies of the manufactured ‘Russiagate’ controversy,” my colleague Sheldon Richman writes in his most recent column, is the perception of the FBI as a friend of liberty and justice.” He’s dead right about that, but just whom is he addressing?

Dec 31 08:25

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declares Europe top priority for new government

Chancellor Angela Merkel will tell Germans that European co-operation is "the decisive question of the coming years" in a New Year's Eve broadcast on Sunday, as her conservatives eye tricky coalition talks.
Merkel will say that "27 states in Europe must be persuaded more strongly than ever to hold together as a community," according to a scb ript of the annual televised address released by her office.

Dec 31 06:59

Re-reading the Greats: Jean Paul Sartre, Pepe Escobar, et. al.

For our bi-polar world....

I’ve been reading Pepe Escobar’s articles for over 30 years–since the time I would read re-prints of his “Asia Times” articles in The Japan Times–my daily reading when I lived in Japan. These days, I mostly catch his work at a number of excellent global websites.

Dec 30 11:02

There You Go Again: Yet Another 'Russian Invasion' Reported, Debunked in Norway

A Norwegian defense portal has caused a hullaballoo with its claims that Russia staged a mock invasion of the key Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, despite the Nordic country's own defense and intelligence bosses vehemently denying such assertions.

Dec 30 11:00

'Brexit frees UK from German occupation!' EFTA campaigner SLAMS Germany's control over EU

BREXIT will deliver the final blow to the "failing" European Union concept and spur other EU member states to seek alternatives to the German-led institution, campaigner Hugo van Randwyck said.

Dec 30 11:00

New Dutch EU poll: 56% Nexit (EFTA+FTA), 44% EU

A new EU poll for the Netherlands shows 56% would prefer an option to leave the EU, and 44% to remain in the EU. This compares to an IPSOS poll last year showing 64% preferred to remain in the EU. A big change - helped by offering people 3 choices, EU, EFTA and FTA, with results:

Dec 29 07:45

United States of Europe dream CRUMBLES - Martin Schulz's scheme PANNED in shock poll

Earlier this month Martin Schulz said he wanted a “United States of Europe” by 2025 but dire approval ratings for the superstate may scupper the former European Parliament president’s vision.

A poll by YouGov has put pressure on Mr Schulz to prove a United States of Europe is desired by the bloc - let alone beneficial.

The survey of 8,138 people earlier this month showed disapproval for the project in six European Union member states. Only France of the seven countries surveyed were in favour.

Dec 29 07:40

London Challenged Prague Over the Dissolution of NATO

British government papers from the early 1990s reveal the leadership’s alarm at the “strong neutralist views” of the post-Communist leaders of Czechoslovakia, who advocated the dissolution of NATO. The papers have just been released by the National Archives in London.

Dec 29 07:01

Theresa May warned House of Lords will force through HUGE changes to Brexit Bill

MINISTERS have been warned the House of Lords could force through huge changes to the Brexit Bill over “Henry VIII power” fears as Theresa May braces herself for a showdown.

Dec 29 07:00

Macron to insist Britain must pay for Calais border controls even after Brexit

France is set to make demands on Theresa May over the British border in Calais after Brexit. Hundreds of migrants and refugees remain stranded on the French side of the English Channel.

As Britain prepares to leave the EU, French President Emmanuel Macron will insist the UK must contribute millions for the improvement of border controls in northern France. Denying the request could see the collapse of the Le Touquet treaty, which allows the two states to manage border posts in each other’s territory.

Macron wants new customs posts, which the UK will be expected to fund.

Dec 28 15:13

A short but important story

Italy will be sending 470 soldiers to Niger to help the West African nation stem the flow of Europe-bound refugees, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni says.

Agadez, the main city in central Niger, has become a revolving door for economic refugees seeking to reach Europe via Libya, winning notoriety as Africa’s people-smuggling capital.

“We are going to Niger following a request by the government at the start of December to … reinforce the security measures in the territory and at the borders and to support the police force,” he said.

He said Niger was “the main transit country” in Africa for Europe-bound refugees, adding that it was also “perhaps the most willing to cooperate in this matter as it is a transit country,” and does not receive remittances from refugees settled abroad.>>>

Dec 28 10:46

Swedish Church Accused of Peddling 'Immigration Propaganda' During X-Mas Worship

A Swedish church has included praise of immigration in its controversial Christmas sermon, which triggered strong criticism from fellow Swedes.

Policeman, criminologist and journalist Fredrik Kärrholm visited the beautiful Yttergran Church in Uppsala Parish on Christmas Eve and was not impressed with the sermon, which, according to his description, mostly consisted of "political propaganda" for increased immigration.

By Kärrholm's account, the priest preached against measures to restrict immigration to the Nordic country and condemned Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson's recent claim that Sweden has received too many migrants, advising refugees to seek asylum elsewhere in the EU.

Kärrholm argued this was "extremely sad" and urged the church to become "depoliticized."

Dec 28 10:29

Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class

A sense of betrayal seems to lie just behind today’s political discourse—a feeling of being left behind, a suspicion that those at the top, in media, corporations, politics, academia, and finance, have motives and goals at odds with those of the broader population. Put simply, Americans of all backgrounds fear and loathe a hostile elite. Political memes like “the Deep State,” “the 1%,” “Drain the Swamp,” “the Davos Set,” and “Masters of the Universe” each capture this feeling of alienation, suspicion, and helplessness.

Dec 28 08:40

Erdogan Tries to Patch Up Relations With EU After Year of Finger-Pointing

Turkey and the European Union have had an ongoing spat since 2016 after Brussels expressed strong criticism of Ankara over mass arrests in the country, connected with the failed coup attempt. Despite Turkey's courting of the bloc with a view to entering it, negotiations have been halted.

Dec 28 08:39

NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard

U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s famous “not one inch eastward” assurance about NATO expansion in his meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990, was part of a cascade of assurances about Soviet security given by Western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout the process of German unification in 1990 and on into 1991, according to declassified U.S., Soviet, German, British and French documents posted today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University (

Dec 27 08:39

Christmas Gifts – Good News from Around the World

The world is full of good news, suitable for Yuletide.

Merry Christmas to you, dear readers! It is a beautiful and serene time of hope, when the darkest time of the year is already behind us. Though the light is still not perceptible, but we know and feel that the change is coming.

The recent vote in the United Nations has been such a glimpse of light, a harbinger of Sun.

Dec 27 08:00

Israeli embassy in Greece vandalized with red paint

Extreme left activists storm the Israeli embassy in Athens and throw dozens of red paint bombs at the front of the building in protest of Israel's 'ethnic cleansing' of Palestinians.

Dec 27 05:48


The eastern Mediterranean is expected to witness the first conflict of 2018, as developments at the end of 2017 are signaling worsening relationships between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot-Greece-Israel-Egypt bloc. Territorial disputes over natural gas and newly discovered hydrocarbon reserves in the eastern Mediterranean basin are the reason.

Up until a few years ago, the hope was that these hydrocarbon reserves would offer a real opportunity for a peaceful settlement of the Cyprus conflict. But these optimistic hopes vanished with both Turks and Greek Cypriots unilaterally speeding up exploration and drilling operations.

In 2004, the European Union had declared the Greek Cypriots the sole entity representing the island of Cyprus and accepted it as an EU member. Feeling that its hand has been strengthened following the EU decision, the Greek Cypriots claimed the right of natural resources exploration in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) around Cyprus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

any massive conflicts over oil in the region will cause oil prices to soar.

Dec 26 09:46

The European Union does not intend to regulate Bitcoin

According to CCN, a high ranking European Union official has dismissed suggestions of the EU looking at regulating bitcoin markets and exchanges.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Pierre Moscovici – European Union Commissioner for economic, financial affairs, taxation and customs, played down talk of supposed EU-wide bitcoin regulations while revealing the EU’s view of the cryptocurrency.

“At this stage, we do not consider [bitcoin] as an alternative currency,” Moscovici said, comparing the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency to EU’s fiat currency, the Euro.

Dec 26 09:43

EU Christmas message BACKFIRES as Eurosceptics heap scorn on the bloc’s legacy

In a festively themed post alongside a picture of the EU flag flanked by blue and gold baubles and tinsel, the European Commission wrote on Twitter: “Merry Christmas and warm holiday wishes!”

However users quickly turned on the 27 nation superstate’s well-wishing – chastising them for their failures on the continent.

Many hit out at the bloc for not reigning in Spain when they imprisoned figures behind the illegal independence referendum in Catalonia.

Dec 26 09:40

Epiphany: Lithuania thinks it might be better to cooperate with Russia

President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, summing up the results of 2017 and describing the future of the republic, stated that it is necessary to cooperate with Russia, not to fight it.

"Relations with our neighbor will remain difficult in the coming years. If the current leadership continues in the country, the situation will not chang "she said.

She noted that Lithuania should not abandon its own values, but it should be understood that the geopolitical situation is changing, so, if necessary, you can revise the position on some issues.

Dec 26 09:22

Spanish King Urges New Catalan Parliament to Respect Different Political Views

The new parliament of Catalonia, where the pro-independence parties won an absolute majority in the December 21 election, should respect different political positions and act responsibly, King Felipe VI of Spain stated in his Christmas address to the nation.

"A few days ago, the Catalan people voted to elect their representatives to the parliament, who now have to solve problems related to all Catalans, respecting diversity and responsibly thinking for the good of all," Felipe said in his address.

Dec 26 09:21

Thousands of Swedes Chip In to Protest Heinous Gang Rape Acquittal

Within only a few hours of the disputed acquittal of five men charged with gang rape in the Fittja case, petitions and crowd-funding efforts in support of the victim were started in Sweden, resulting in over 100,000 signatures and a generous donation to protest what is perceived as an unjust trial.

Following the acquittal of five immigrants in the Fittja gang rape case despite strong evidence, which many Swedes perceived as a travesty of justice, independent journalist Joakim Lamotte, known for his contributions to the Göteborgs-Posten daily, launched a campaign to support the victim, which resonated well with his compatriots.

Dec 26 09:16

Switzerland: 94.9 per cent of asylum seekers in the city of Basel are on benefits

Officially, 25,544 refugees and 55,504 asylum seekers are on benefits or receive “social assistance”. They make up 35 per cent of all welfare recipients in the country, according to the report.

On average 85.8 per cent of refugees and 88.4 per cent of asylum seekers received benefits last year. The study says that the high percentage can be explained by insufficient language skills, invalid qualifications, or weak health.

The highest proportions of the groups on benefits were registered in Switzerland’s urban areas. In the country’s third largest town Basel, 94.9 per cent of asylum seekers received social benefits.

Dec 26 09:09

Turf out all those disloyal Tory MPs, says FREDERICK FORSYTH

The fact that numerous others in Europe are even weaker in government is irrelevant.

They are not trying to leave the union and thus take on the Brussels machine.

We are.

Dec 26 09:07

Scandinavian Streets Awash With Arms Smuggled From Balkans

Scandinavia has seen a dramatic influx of firearms in recent years. The lion's share of the smuggled arms stems from the war-ravaged Balkans and has been used in a number of attention-grabbing cases.

After the conflicts in the Balkans receded, a large number of weapons flooded Europe's black market. Today, Scandinavia's streets are awash with "foreign" and previously unseen gun brands, such as the Serbian Zastava and Czech-Serbian Scorpion machine guns, amid an unparalleled upswing in shooting incidents.

Dec 26 07:13

Izvestia: Moldovan leader upbeat on Russia, EAEU ties, positive on Transnistria

The political settlement to the Transnistrian conflict may break new ground after the parliamentary elections in Moldova. In an interview with Izvestia, the President of Moldova Igor Dodon noted that he does not rule out uniting with Transnistria within a federation, and assured that he would not allow the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the left bank of the Dniester River. Dodon still considers Moldova’s course towards European integration "unacceptable, because it is impossible to make the ideology of any particular party, even a ruling one, into a constitutional norm." ... Dodon added that the Russian peacekeepers mission "has been and still remains successful." "In my opinion, the mission should continue. Political statements by representatives of the Moldovan government in the United Nations and other venues are just a public relations attempt to enlist pro-Western support," he said. "Ties between countries are characterized by contacts on at least four levels.

Dec 25 10:11

‘This will not help Europe!’ Kurz blames rupturing EU on 'failed' migrant quotas

Sebastian Kurz, who heads a right-wing coalition government with the far-right Freedom Party is strongly against the view that migrants who come to a European Union country should be distributed across the member states under a quota system.

Mr Kurz told the German daily Bild am Sonntag: "Forcing states to take refugees doesn't take Europe any further. The discussion makes no sense.

"If we continue this way we will divide the European Union and the Member States will decide on their own how many people they will welcome.”

Dec 25 10:07

'Fake news' blunder from US envoy to the Netherlands - BBC News

The new US ambassador to the Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra, has denied he had ever said there were "no-go zones" in the Netherlands, calling it "fake news".

He was being quizzed about comments he had made about Islamic extremism in the country.

But Dutch journalist Wouter Zwart showed him a clip of the comments from 2015.

Dec 25 10:05

Young Catalan liberal rises in challenge to Rajoy's grip on Spanish power

Forget the traditional Socialist opposition and perhaps even the Catalan separatists: the main threat to Spain's conservative prime minister may now come from a Barcelona politician dedicated to national unity - Ines Arrimadas.

The 36-year-old leader of the liberal Ciudadanos party in Catalonia has jumped to the frontline of Spanish politics by coming out on top in elections to the region's assembly. Supporters even compare her performance with Emmanuel Macron's meteoric rise to the presidency across the border in France.

Laying down the gauntlet to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the separatists alike, Arrimadas boosted her party's share of the vote to more than 25 percent in Thursday's snap election, up from just 7.6 percent two years ago.

Dec 25 10:01

Swiss president urges referendum to clarify relations with the EU

A “fundamental referendum” would help Switzerland clarify its relationship with the European Union, Doris Leuthard, Swiss President, said on Sunday. ”The bilateral path is important. […] We have to know in which direction to go,” Leuthard told Sonntags Blick newspaper. The statement came after EU granted Swiss stock exchanges only limited access to the bloc earlier this week. Switzerland decried the move as discrimination and promised to retaliate.

Dec 24 08:13

Labour MPs and celebrities shamed for spreading fake news over cost of blue passports

CONSERVATIVE MPs have hit out at false claims from Labour politicians and left wing celebrities that it will cost the taxpayer £490million to turn the nation’s passports blue.

Dec 24 08:09

'EU should follow OUR example!' Top Tory rips into Brussels over its treatment of Poland

BRUSSELS risks fuelling the rise of further eurocscepticism in Eastern Europe with its botched handling of the political situation in Poland, a top Tory MEP said today.

Dec 23 10:50

'Austria will set agenda for Europe' Coalition looks to 'take back control' from Brussels

The new Austrian government will set the political agenda for the European Union, as its coalition leaders look to change how Europe is run.

Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz struck a controversial coalition deal with the far-right Freedom Party to form a new Government.

In return, the Freedom Party were given top cabinet posts and control over the Interior, Defense and Foreign Ministries.

Dec 23 10:50

Sweden’s Finance Minister: We received too many immigrants

It is in an interview with Dagens Nyheter that Magdalena Andersson paints a least dark image of immigration and the so-called integration in Sweden.

It’s not working. But it has not been done for a long time, according to Magdalena Andersson.

According to the Minister of Finance, Sweden should not have greater asylum reception than it is able to integrate. It will not be good for immigrants who come to Sweden and “it will not be good for society either,” she explains to DN.

Dec 23 10:36

RIP Rudolph: Norwegian Court Orders Mass Reindeer Execution

For the sake of preserving Norway's fragile landscape, judges on the country's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a local reindeer herder must cull 125 members of his herd.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 23 10:33

JUNCKER'S NIGHTMARE: French opposition leader calls for REFERENDUM on future shape of EU

Laurent Wauquiez, the new boss of the French conservative party, said new plans for an EU in which members could opt for simple economic cooperation should be drawn up and put to the vote.

He said in future the bloc should be based on three tiers, ranging from those countries that want to be part of a federal state through to others that want a simple free trade pact.

The proposals would present an horror situation for Europe’s elite, who are currently trying to railroad through plans for increased integration between all remaining 27 states.

Dec 23 10:22

BEX ALERT - Only a miracle can save Europe; Russia preparing to seize neighbours - BILD

The Russophobic German edition "Bild" has reported a new insidious move of Moscow.

In fact, Moscow's insidious move is nothing new. But, as practice teaches us, if Moscow does not commit insidious moves for a long time and the brain of the frivolous public begins to heal, it must be immediately bombarded by some new Russian threat.

In this case, Bild, citing "two unnamed sources in Western intelligence agencies," reports that the invasion of a number of countries is already in the works.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 23 10:07

Putin: New US national security strategy is offensive & aggressive, Russia must take note

Washington's new national security strategy is "aggressive," Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that Moscow will take the US stance into consideration.

Both the US and NATO have been "accelerating build-up of infrastructure in Europe," the Russian leader said Friday. Referring to the "defense strategy recently put out" by Washington, Putin said it was "definitely offensive... speaking in diplomatic language."

Dec 23 10:01

Blue passports could send UK citizens to back of queue, EU officials say

European officials have warned that Britain’s new blue passports could spell travel delays and extra paperwork rather than the enhanced freedom promised by the government.

Theresa May sought to end a difficult political year on a high note on Friday by confirming the return of navy travel documents after Brexit. She said that abandoning the EU-style burgundy design introduced in 1988 was an expression of “independence and sovereignty” that reflected “citizenship of a proud, great nation”.

But as the announcement divided domestic opinion along increasingly entrenched cultural battle lines, sources in Brussels pointed out that holders of any colour of British passport could see diminished travel rights after Brexit unless there were further negotiating concessions.

Dec 23 04:40

Make ‘Em Pay’? Trump Spends $5 Billion on Europe’s Defense

The “European Defense Initiative” was launched after the US-backed coup in Ukraine to counter Russian “aggression” in the region. Its budget has quintupled to nearly $5 billion next year. Hundreds of millions will be spent to rebuild military bases in eastern Europe. What happened to making the Europeans pay for their own defense? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Dec 22 14:49

Trump’s Dutch ambassador in row over ‘no-go zones’ in Amsterdam

Are they real or imaginary? Past statement comes back to haunt Ambassador.


Dec 22 07:41

Number of NATO Troops Near Russian Borders Tripled Since 2012 - Defense Minister

Speaking at the final meeting of the Defense Ministry's board, Sergei Shoigu said that the US missile defense system in Europe has been brought to the level of "initial operational readiness." The number of the bloc's servicemen deployed near Russian borders has grown from 10 to 40 thousand in three years, he added.

Dec 22 07:34

Germany's Merkel Is Headed for a Collision With EU's Slavs

As she fights for her political life, soon-to-be-ex-Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel will go down swinging against her stiffest political opponents in the European Union, the Poles. Merkel and French President Emmanual Macron publicly agreed to back Article 7 proceedings against Poland for refusing to comply with EU immigration quotas and changes to its judicial system.

Immigration quotas, I might add, that are becoming harder to defend as the war in Syria is mostly over and the flow of refugees from there has slowed to a trickle. But, those brought in and stranded in camps in Italy and Greece apparently need to go somewhere else.

Dec 22 07:29

Labour Remainer plot EXPOSED: Anti-Brexit MPs plot to change bill to STOP UK leaving EU

DESPERATE Labour MPs have hatched a plot to change the Brexit Bill in a bid to revoke Article 50 and stop Britain leaving the EU.

Dec 22 03:02

The U.N. General Assembly Rebukes the Trump Administration

Almost all of the world’s most powerful states supported the resolution and voted against the U.S.

When that many allied and friendly governments tell the administration that they are in the wrong, it would be wise to rethink the decision that earned the U.S. this rebuke.

Dec 22 01:55

That UN Vote: “How are the mighty fallen”

“How are the mighty fallen!” is a statement that ranges far beyond Gath and Ashkelon. And it is repeated throughout the centuries as empires stumble and fall.

For those keeping score on the Trump Administration versus the United Nations, the final vote on the Status of Jerusalem resolution is recorded above.

The official count was 128 to 9 against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, and his pledge to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Thirty-three members of the UN General Assembly abstained.

Dec 22 01:53

Nigel Farage has called on the EU to investigate George Soros for political meddling

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation has far more influence on elections across the Europe and the US. And if investigators are looking for evidence of foreign influence, they should start there.

Dec 21 15:44

Catalan secessionist parties poised to secure absolute majority in regional vote – exit polls

Pro-independence parties are expected to again secure an absolute majority in the Catalan parliament, exit polls published by the La Vanguardia newspaper indicates after snap regional elections.

The trio of pro-independence parties: the Together for Catalonia (JxCat), headed by deposed regional president Carles Puigdemont, the Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and the Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) are likely to secure between 67 and 71 parliamentary seats collectively, with 68 required for an absolute majority in the 135-seat assembly.

Dec 21 15:43

Malmo Police’s message after Muslim gangs rape: “Women – do not be afraid”

After Saturday night brutal gang rape of a young girl in Malmö, the police are now out with a message to the city’s population: “Women should not be afraid”.

Dec 21 12:04

Shocking Graphic Report: Swedish Girl Gang-Raped And Tortured, MSM Remains SILENT

A disturbing tweet about this event, which is hardly even back page news, is almost all there is for media coverage. A 17-year-old girl in Sweden has reportedly been gang-raped and brutally tortured in the city of Malmo.

The Swedish online newspaper, Sydsvenskan, reported that this horrific act of brutality occurred at a park. “We urge the public to contact us with the smallest request, or tips,” said Kim Hild, a police officer at the management center.

The vicious attack took place at around 3:00 am local time. Exactly what the woman has been exposed to is currently unclear. But she had injuries requiring ambulance care and she was taken to the hospital.