Dec 29 06:06


WikiLeaks has published yet another set of leaked internal documents from within the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) adding even more material to the mountain of evidence that we’ve been lied to about an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria last year which resulted in airstrikes upon that nation from the US, UK and France.

This new WikiLeaks drop includes an email from the OPCW Chief of Cabinet Sebastien Braha (who is reportedly so detested by organisation inspectors that they code named him “Voldemort”) throwing a fit over the Ian Henderson Engineering Assessment which found that the Douma incident was likely a staged event. Braha is seen ordering OPCW staff to “remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever” from the organisation’s secure registry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is painfully apparent, that truth is of no use and value to those presstitutes in the west, when that truth does not "sell an agenda to legitimize more war."

At this point in the 21st century, I fully expect my government to lie to me, to attempt to make these hegemonic wars appear to be the normal course of events which, I as a loyal American, should support, but as a Christian pacifist activist, morally and spiritually, cannot, and will not.

War, in my world, is an absolute catastrophic failure of imagination, by those in the Bowels of Power in the US government, that they can find no other ways in which to achieve their geopolitical agendas.

And it is rarely children of the monied or powerful, who wind up coming home with physical or emotional traumas which cannot heal, or in a cheaply made coffin, topped by a US flag, made in China; it's the kids, relatives, and friends of the rest of us, who bear that fate.

And I will predict something here; I don't know if this will happen in 2020 or beyond that time-frame; I think that a draft is coming back in this country, because our troop strength has been very stretched with these intense deployments around the world.

And this time, the US government, will be coming for our daughters, as well as for our sons.

Dec 27 17:49

Germany TWICE rejects French plea for military aid in Mali as Paris keeps sending body bags home

Berlin has turned down Paris’s request for help in Africa’s Sahel region twice in a row, it has been reported, as the security situation in the volatile region keeps worsening.

Dec 26 07:57

France Has Ground To a Halt

Dec 24 07:26

Buchanan: Today France, Tomorrow America?

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

As that rail and subway strike continued to paralyze travel in Paris and across France into the third week, President Emmanuel Macron made a Christmas appeal to his dissatisfied countrymen:

“Strike action is justifiable and protected by the constitution, but I think there are moments in a nation’s life when it is good to observe a truce out of respect for families and family life.”

Macron’s appeal has gone largely unheeded.

“The public be damned!” seems to be the attitude of many of the workers who are tying up transit to protest Macron’s plan to reform a pension system that consumes 14% of GDP.

Macron wants to raise to 64 the age of eligibility for full retirement benefits. Not terribly high. And to set an example, he is surrendering his lifetime pension that is to begin when he becomes an ex-president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have a companion piece to this on this Christmas Eve, also from Zero Hedge, titled as follows:

Half Of France's National Train System "Grinds To A Halt" As Labor Unions Strike On Christmas Week

Dec 23 18:40

France kills 7 in first armed drone strike as anti-jihadist mission in Mali drags on

France’s ministry of defense said it has carried out its first armed drone strike, killing seven suspected militants in Mali, in what is an increasingly problematic mission for the European state.

Jihadist militants aligned with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and Al-Qaeda, among other groups, have been carrying out a series of major attacks and kidnappings in the Sahel region for years. The fighters have also used the area as a staging ground to prepare for attacks elsewhere, including Europe.

According to a statement from the French defense ministry on Monday, the drone strike was launched on Saturday; French commandos came under attack from a group of terrorists on motorbikes, and the Reaper drone was sent in to support them. Confirmation of the drone strike comes just days after the ministry confirmed its testing of armed drones at the Niamey air base in Niger.

Dec 19 07:01

Angry French Pensioners Cut Power To Central Bank, Hint At More To Come

France's trade unions on Wednesday defended a series of illegal power cuts to 150,000 homes, thousands of companies and the Bank of France in an effort to force the Macron government to quash its wide-ranging pension reform, according to Reuters.

Dec 18 16:46

French strikers cut ELECTRICITY to thousands of homes, companies and even the Bank of France in bid to force Macron to scrap hated pension reforms

Trade unions cut power to 50,000 homes in Bordeaux and 40,000 in Lyon.

Train services across France also remained disrupted as half a million protested.

President Emmanuel Macron is trying to reform pension system to make it equal.

Thousands of French homes, companies and even the Bank of France have been left without power as strikers march through the streets demanding President Emmanuel Macron drops his hated pension reforms.

Trade unions deliberately severed the electricity supply to 150,000 homes across Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes and Cherbourg yesterday, and threatened to repeat the action unless the government backs down.

Clinics, fire stations, and railway stations were also left with the lights off, said the government, as the capital Paris remained wracked by protests and without public transport.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to hope that Macron can do something, other than behaving like a spoiled child, due to that fact that the country hates his attempted pension reforms.

Dec 18 14:34

America’s illegal alien population is three times Europe’s

American conservatives are concerned that we are a step or two behind Europe in committing open-borders suicide. But if you actually look at the numbers, in many respects America is blazing the trail to destruction much more swiftly than Europe.

A recent Pew Research report estimated the entire illegal immigrant population of Europe is 3.9-4.8 million. That is for an entire continent of 747 million people. The U.S. is less than half the size, yet the estimates of the illegal alien population range from 11 million to as high as 22 million.

Dec 18 08:23

French cops fire tear gas and charge protesters as tens of thousands take to the streets to fight President Macron's pension reforms

French cops launched tear gas cannisters and charged protesters as tens of thousands of workers took to Paris streets to rally against the government's plan to raise the retirement age to 64.

Clashes broke out near the Nation square in eastern Paris during a demonstration, organised by trade unions, to demand that President Emmanuel Macron abandon his reforms.

Witnesses said police charged a group of protesters who ignored an ultimatum to disperse and were throwing Molotov cocktails.

Dec 18 08:01

Macron FURY: Ex-Army chief rages at France's strike chaos – 'Cannot go on like this'

The centrist government has expressed “solidarity” with the millions affected by the transport gridlock, but has so far refused to back down on its “historic reform”. France’s former military chief has urged President Emmanuel Macron to “restore order,” as disgruntled workers take to the streets on Tuesday on the 13th day of a transport strike against planned pension changes that has threatened to ruin Christmas for scores of French people. General Pierre de Villiers told RTL radio on Monday: “We must restore [public] order – we cannot continue like this.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 17 16:57

In blow to Macron, France pensions reform tsar resigns

France's minister for pension reform resigned on Monday over a potential conflict of interest, dealing a blow to President Emmanuel Macron as trade unions staged a 12th day of strikes and prepared for more street protests against the planned changes.

Jean-Paul Delevoye, the High Commissioner for Pensions, was one of Macron's most trusted allies and one of few with cabinet experience. He quit after failing to publicly declare more than a dozen posts he held in addition to his cabinet job.

Dec 17 06:32

French Police Morale Plunges - 10k Injuries, 25 Deaths, 52 Suicides in 2019, a Record, 'Sick With Worry'

A RECORD number of police officers have been injured or killed on duty during 2019, a year which has seen massive civil unrest on the streets of President Emmanuel Macron’s France.

The French authorities, police and state media have faced angry and often violent Yellow Vest demonstrations every week.

Dec 16 12:14

France's IHRA resolution: Israel's lobby won the vote, but it won't silence support for Palestinians

On 3 December in Paris, the French parliament adopted a resolution approving the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

But the vote was far from unanimous, and the discomfort was such that the MP proposing the resolution, Sylvain Maillard, had to confirm in his official address that it “excludes the examples of the IHRA” - a statement that should considerably reduce the scope of this vote.

The unease felt by MPs revealed the violent clash between two logics: that of Israeli propaganda and its supporters in France, advanced under the mask of fighting “modern forms of antisemitism”, and that of the anti-racist and universalist tradition deeply anchored and active in France.

Dec 14 07:50

Yellow Vests Protesters Gather for Rally in Paris - Video

On 17 November, France’s most prominent protest movement marked one year since the beginning of rallies that have since spread across the country, with demonstrations leading to clashes with police and numerous arrests.

Yellow Vests protesters have gathered this Saturday in Paris to hold another demonstration, nearly a month after the movement celebrated its one-year anniversary.

Dec 13 08:44

NATO Wants to Become the Atlantic-Pacific Alliance

No one stops the Pentagon. While the military deployment project around China mentioned by Hillary Clinton in 2011 had officially been abandoned, NATO had just had it endorsed by the London Summit. The process has been launched and is expected to start with Australia’s accession in 2026.

Dec 12 11:00

France strikes: Paris chaos as Macron pension fury erupts - shocking protest pictures

Protestors in Paris have taken to the streets in huge numbers, with police gathering. Photographs from the scene show huge numbers of protestors, some carrying smoke flares. Tempers boiled over throught=out France, with police firing tear gas at protesters in the western city of Nantes.

Protesters also set vehicles alight in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille.

Today the CGT union said there would be no break in transport strikes over the Christmas period unless the government backed down on pension reform.

Dec 10 11:13

French mayor BANS citizens from dying on weekends and holidays due to lack of doctors

The mayor of a rural French community has taken the rather extreme and outlandish decision to ban residents from “dying in their homes on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays” due to a lack of doctors in the area.

Dec 09 13:41

Yellow Vests protesters march in Paris [STREAMED LIVE]

Dec 05 16:31

France Paralyzed By Largest General Strike In Decades

The biggest industrial action of Macron's tenure is, so far, staggering in scale: 50% of French teachers are off work, nine out of ten trains were cancelled and eleven of the fourteen underground lines in Paris are closed. A total of 245 separate demonstrations have been announced across France as students, firefighters, healthcare workers and others joining in. Strikes at Air France forced a wave of flight cancellations, leaving thousands of travelers scrambling for a workaround. Air France cancelled 30% of its domestic flights and 10% of international short- and medium-haul flights on Thursday, RT reports.

Millions of workers are staying home.

In Paris, some resorted to bikes, skateboards or walking in the bitter cold as 90% of the trains in the country were closed.

Dec 05 13:19

Macron CRISIS: France strikes could last MONTHS as cheering protesters vow 'long Winter'

FRANCE's strikers have warned Emmanuel Macron he is to face a "long winter" of discontent as citizens across the country descend on the streets to protest the French President's pension reform.

Dec 05 10:56

Massive union strike shuts down transportation across France amid growing anger over Macron’s pension reform (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

A nationwide union strike against pension reform has brought transportation across France to a standstill. Photos show thousands of workers marching in what has been billed as the largest protest of its kind since 1995.

The massive worker walkouts and marches were called in the hope of forcing President Emmanuel Macron to abandon his plans to overhaul France’s pension system. In Paris, 11 of the city’s 16 metro lines were shuttered and schools in the capital and across the country closed down.

Dec 05 09:31

France adopts resolution equating 'anti-Zionism' with 'antisemitism'

France's parliament voted late on Tuesday to adopt a definition of anti-semitism that includes anti-Zionism, prompting anger from activists who believe it will restrict legitimate criticisms of Israel.

French lawmakers adopted the controversial bill, which was tabled by Paris MP Sylvain Maillard from Emmanuel Macron's La Republique en Marche centrist party, with 154 votes against 72.

The resolution adopts the definition issued by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), which states that some criticism of Israel could be anti-semitic.

Dec 05 08:56

Most French lawmakers skip vote smearing Palestine activism

France’s National Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution conflating support for Palestinian equality with hatred of Jews – an initiative supported by the country’s Israel lobby.

But most lawmakers did not take part in the vote.

Dec 05 08:32

French Unions Hold Protests Over Pensions Reform - Video

nder the new pensions regulations proposed by the Macron government, a single set of rules will be applied to all new pensioners, thus removing the current 42 pension regimes.

Most of France's trains are expected to stand idle, schools closed and the tourists have been warned not to visit the Eiffel Tower as French unions are holding mass rallies to protest the government's pension reform.

The authorities of Paris have deployed some 6,000 police in the city as the biggest rally is taking place in the French capital.

Dec 04 16:29

Western France Runs Out Of Gas As "Massive Strikes" Set To Paralyze Entire Nation

France is bracing for major transportation disruptions throughout the country starting Thursday, as trade unions launch a strike in response to changes President Emmanuel Macron wants to make to the country’s retirement system, while port blockades have resulted in widespread fuel shortages across the country. Much of the Paris Metro will be shut down, as will many national and international train lines, including certain Eurostar services. Flights will also be canceled, as air traffic controllers say they will join the protests through Saturday.

Hundreds of filling stations around western France have run out of gasoline and diesel as blockades of oil refineries enter their second week according to industry group UFIP. According to The Local, construction workers have been blockading refineries in Brittany since last week and a blockade at La Rochelle has resumed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to politely suggest to Premier Macron, that he needs to get his own economic "house in order" before he continues having "open mike hissy fits" again with President Trump; it appears that this strike will put maximum pressure on his government, and a lot of economic pain on the citizens of France.

Dec 04 09:34

France Steeling for Massive General Strike

Dec 03 10:31

‘Terminator will never march down Champs-Elysees’: French defense minister against deploying ‘killer robots’ in combat

French Defense Minister Florence Parly insisted in an op-ed that the country would not allow advance military AIs to become fully automatic and end up making life-and-death decisions without human input.

Parly came out strongly against “lethal autonomous weapon systems that some call ‘killer robots’” in an opinion piece published by Defense News.

She said France “refuses to entrust the decision of life or death to a machine that would act fully autonomously and escape any form of human control,” and will not send such machines into combat.

Dec 01 08:49

Notre Dame: What Went Up in Flames

It took a century to build Notre Dame. A confident, proud people built it—with hand tools. Wealthy Frenchmen have pledged a billion Euros for restoration, but would they pay a dime to preserve the people who built the cathedral? Only when Europeans are sure of who they are—and who they will be 200 years from now—will they be able to build, not just rebuild.

Nov 28 18:26

Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World 2019

Of course, trains can’t fly over oceans like airplanes. But that doesn’t mean trains can’t run as fast as planes. Fortunately, some trains in this modern world are as fast as planes.

Followings is the list of ten fastest trains in the world.

Nov 28 06:31


The Israeli government is aiming to increase the volume of Israel’s defence exports, reported Globes, which has revealed the main points of the plan for the first time.

The project, being overseen by the Defence Ministry’s International Defence Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) led by Brigadier General (Res.) Yair Kulas, will begin to be rolled out in early 2020.

According to Globes, the plan is based on “focused seminars for senior commanders in foreign armies”, Israeli military “assistance for promoting sales of Israeli weapons”, and “subsidising small and medium-sized defence companies seeking to sell arms around the world”.

Speaking this week, Kulas said that SIBAT favours a major expansion of agreements between countries, resulting in significant deals for the large defence companies, especially Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Color me unsurprised at this development; but one has to wonder how Israeli weaponry really stands up to that of China or Russia, at this point?!?

Nov 18 08:06

Paris police, protesters clash on 'yellow vest' anniversary

French police have deployed tear gas and water cannon in the capital, Paris, in a bid to drive back protesters marking the first anniversary of anti-government "yellow vest" demonstrations.

Demonstrators on Saturday, some clad in black and hiding their faces, vandalised an HSBC bank branch at the Place d'Italie.

Nov 17 01:08


Nov 15 12:33

Notre Dame row: French stirred as Macron’s general tells architect to ‘shut his mouth’ over staying true to original spire design

Tensions are high in the reconstruction project for France’s Notre Dame cathedral after an Army general appointed by President Emmanuel Macron has told an architect fighting for the original spire design to “shut his mouth.”

It’s not a fight you expect to see very often, but the reconstruction of the fire-gutted Notre Dame cathedral has led to a showdown between the chief architect and General Jean-Louis Georgelin, appointed by French President Emmanuel Macron to pilot the restoration project.

Chief architect Philippe Villeneuve has been faced with an ambitious five-year deadline to restore the famed cathedral’s interior, roof, and the iconic spire completely destroyed in the April blaze.

Nov 15 12:31

France: Yellow Vests plan demonstrations for the protest movement’s first birthday

To celebrate the protest movement’s very first anniversary, Yellow Vest organizers have called on the French public to gather next Saturday on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

The Facebook event, called ‘Act 53 Yellow Vests birthday on the Champs-Elysees’, so far has about 5,000 registered participants and 6,500 who’ve declared themselves interested, BFMTV reports.

Nov 15 07:07

Europe: The New Political Weapon Of 'Islamophobia'

Historically, the word Islamophobia -- coined in the 1910s by a French colonial administrator -- was rarely used until the 1990s. After Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, particularly after Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa against Salman Rushdie following the publication of The Satanic Verses, the term became used as a political weapon. The objective appears to have been to make Islam untouchable by placing any criticism of it as equivalent to racism or anti-Semitism.

The word "Islamophobia" deliberately intends to transform the critique of a religion -- a fundamental right in Western societies -- into a crime.

Pascal Bruckner, a French philosopher, suggested the role played by the concept. According to him:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not care about another person's religion, or absence of religion; what I hate, is someone telling me that I cannot do what I would like to do, because it offends their religious sensitivities. If these people do not want to assimilate, they should not leave their countries of origin; this is the essence of the struggle for the heart, mind, and soul of France right now.

Nov 14 17:07

System in crisis! Protests rage after desperate French student sets himself on fire over financial pressures

The financial worries of French university students are so bad that one Lyon student set himself on fire in protest, calling out President Emmanuel Macron, the EU, and other politicians for creating a system that breaks people.

After taking a helicopter to a constitutional anniversary last year at the burial site of General Charles de Gaulle, Macron’s reverie was interrupted by a group of pensioners who took the opportunity to express concerns about their finances.

In response, Macron said that de Gaulle was right when he said: “You may speak very freely, but the one thing you have no right to do is complain.” He advised the protesters to follow this principle.

Nov 06 13:42

France: Two Schools Set on Fire and Police Attacked as Mobs of 20 to 30 Riot

On Halloween night, mobs set fires to two schools in the French city of Béziers, causing significant damage. The perpetrators also attacked police and responding firefighters.

The night’s incidents started at around 9:30 pm on Thursday when several fires were reported in a derelict building near Vallerey Square and other fires at an abandoned garage in the Devèze district of Béziers, broadcaster BFMTV reports.

Once police arrived on the scene, a group of people attacked them with firecrackers and rocks. But with the protection of the police, firefighters were able to get the first fires under control.

An hour later, at around 10:30 pm, a fire was reported at the Maurice Et Katia Krafft middle school. When police and firefighters arrived on the scene, they were again attacked by a group of up to 30 people armed with rocks, fireworks, and other projectiles. Police say the attackers had covered their faces to avoid identification.

Oct 15 18:15

French NGOs Demand Moratorium on 5G Due to Its “Out of Control” Consequences On Society

By B.N. Frank

Telecom Industry executives have admitted they have NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. Many doctors and scientists say it isn’t. People and their pets are already becoming sick where it’s installed.

Engineers, environmentalists, meteorologists, NASA, NOAA, U.S. Navy, security experts and more are also warning that 5G isn’t worth ALL the risks associated with it. Opposition is increasing worldwide. So are lawsuits and legislation against forced installation. French NGOs are now asking for a moratorium on 5G at least until there can be a public debate on it...

Oct 13 17:24

Police TEAR GAS Yellow Vest protesters in Toulouse during 48th week of mass demonstrations (VIDEOS)

Police in the French city of Toulouse have deployed tear gas and water cannon as Yellow Vest protesters took to the streets for the 48th weekend of mass demonstrations across France.

The city in the south of France has routinely been the scene of large anti-government rallies for the political movement which is nearing its first birthday.

Oct 03 20:16

Crumbling blue line: Overworked, demoralized French police stretched to breaking point

Years of austerity and state of emergency have already taken their toll on French police, but the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests seem to have been the final straw. Now Les Flics have gone on strike amid an epidemic of officer suicides.

Picture a crowd of some 20,000 people, gathered in the streets of Paris, waving banners, lighting flares, singing La Marsellaise and blowing whistles. They boo as a group of protesters is led away by gendarmes in riot gear, presumably under arrest. Some of the demonstrators are crying.

If you thought it was another Yellow Vest protest, you’d be wrong. No, this is a “march of anger” by the French police. The marchers don’t wear yellow safety vests, and their banners and flares are blue. They are the officers, sergeants, detectives and inspectors who have had quite enough and are trying to tell the government of Emmanuel Macron “no more.”

Oct 03 05:39

"This Is A Major Risk": France Rolls Out New Facial Recognition Technology

Is this how French President Emmanuel Macron is choosing to celebrate 70 years of Communist rule?

In a plan that sounds eerily similar to China's 'social credit score' system, Macron and the French Interior Ministry are pushing ahead plans to launch a national facial-recognition program, arguing that it "will make the state more efficient."

According to Bloomberg, the ID program, known as "Alicem", is set to be rolled out in November, after the launch was moved forward from an end-of-year timeline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have mentioned that this kind of Orwellian software would soon be unleashed by Western governments against their own people; it 's just that France decided to be "ahead of the curve", by rolling it out, just after after the Chinese celebrateD the 70th year of the Communist takeover here.

And one of two things are possible here; either Macron has done this as a a gesture of defiance against those who are legitimately, logically, and peacefully, protesting elements of his regime for which they do not care; or this was absolutely timed to coincide with the Chinese Communist 70th anniversary of their having taken over the country, to say to France's people "We can do to you what the Communists have done to the people of their country who DON'T LIKE US!!."

Sep 22 03:20

Donald Trump Threatens to Dump Imprisoned Daesh Fighters at Europe’s Doorstep

US President Donald Trump has threatened to set prisoners from Europe who joined Daesh* in Syria and Iraq free at the EU’s borders if they refuse to take back the captives. According to the American commander-in-chief, after the US defeated the so-called caliphate, Washington has “thousands of prisoners of war, ISIS fighters" who are European nationals, but these countries are refusing to cooperate. He singled out France and Germany when speaking on the matter.

"We're asking the countries from which they came, from Europe, we're asking them to take back these prisoners of war. And they can try them, do what they want. So far, they've refused. And at some point, I'm going to have to say, 'I'm sorry, but you either take them back or we're going to let them go at your border'", he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Channeling a little of Turkey's President Erdoğan, aren't we, Mr. President?!?

Turkey’s Radical Plan: Send a Million Refugees Back to Syria

Sep 16 08:46

Thousands of children were exposed to alarming levels of lead after 'dangerous dust' was scattered across Paris in Notre Dame fire but officials were 'afraid' to alert people

An investigation by the New York Times found that 'dangerous dust' was scattered across the streets of Paris when flames engulfed 460 tons of lead on the roof and spire of the Gothic cathedral.

The report, which drew on confidential documents, police reports, and lead measurements by the Culture Ministry, revealed French authorities 'had indications' that lead exposure could pose a problem 48 hours after the fire - but it was a month before city officials ordered testing.

'The state was afraid to make people afraid,' Anne Souyris, the city's deputy mayor in charge of health, told the paper. 'They thought that they would protect people by not communicating about the lead issue'.

Sep 15 17:27

Tear gas, water cannons, injuries: Chaos erupts in Nantes amid Yellow Vests rally (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Yellow Vests protests against President Emmanuel Macron's economic polices hit France for the 44th weekend in a row. It got especially heated in Nantes where clashes between police and protesters left several people injured.

Some 1,800 people took to the streets of the city on Saturday, according to police figures. This week, the Yellow Vests tried a different approach to the protests, avoiding the city's center and hitting different routes instead.

At some point protesters engaged in scuffles with law enforcement. The police extensively used tear gas to disperse the crowds, footage from the scene shows.

Sep 15 05:33


PARIS (Reuters) - France and Germany have agreed to block Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, the French finance ministry said on Friday.

In a joint statement, the two governments affirmed that “no private entity can claim monetary power, which is inherent to the sovereignty of nations”.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Thursday that Facebook’s new cryptocurrency should not be allowed to operate in Europe while concerns persist about sovereignty and persistent financial risks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be interesting to see how this development evolves; can France and Germany actually block the distribution of the Libra Cryptocurrency?!?, because Facebook "is not a sovereign nation"?!?

Sep 12 12:20

Eurasian Politics On The Cusp Of Change

Authored by M.K. Bhadrakumar via,

The meeting of the foreign and defense ministers of Russia and France in the 2+2 format in Moscow on September 9 signified not only a warming up of relations between the two countries but a reset in Russia’s ties with the West.

The last time a Franco-Russian event in the 2+2 format took place was in October 2012 in Paris. A year later, the conflict erupted in Ukraine and the European Union imposed sanctions against Russia. The trajectory since then appears to be reversing its course.

The first signs appeared during the G7 summit in Biarritz on 24-26 August where the schism between the West and Russia significantly narrowed. The US President Donald Trump announced that he intended to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to next year’s G7 at Miami.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any possible thaw in European and US relations with Russia, is a very positive thing right now; Macron should be applauded for taking these steps.

Sep 12 12:20

Eurasian Politics On The Cusp Of Change

Authored by M.K. Bhadrakumar via,

The meeting of the foreign and defense ministers of Russia and France in the 2+2 format in Moscow on September 9 signified not only a warming up of relations between the two countries but a reset in Russia’s ties with the West.

The last time a Franco-Russian event in the 2+2 format took place was in October 2012 in Paris. A year later, the conflict erupted in Ukraine and the European Union imposed sanctions against Russia. The trajectory since then appears to be reversing its course.

The first signs appeared during the G7 summit in Biarritz on 24-26 August where the schism between the West and Russia significantly narrowed. The US President Donald Trump announced that he intended to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to next year’s G7 at Miami.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any possible thaw in European and US relations with Russia, is a very positive thing right now; Macron should be applauded for taking these steps.

Sep 10 11:48

Passage du Gois: A Disappearing Road in France

Passage du Gois is a causeway in the Bay of Bourgneuf, linking the island of Noirmoutier to the mainland in the department of Vendée, in France. But the 4,150-meter long causeway only becomes visible and accessible twice a day. Around 1 ½ hour before the lowest tide and 1 ½ hour afterwards. For the rest of the day, the road is submerged under under 1.3 to 4 meters of water.

Sep 04 18:23

France Plans to Mount Guns and Lasers On Satellites By 2030 For Self-Defense

By B.N. Frank

Even scarier – France doesn’t seem to be the only one interested in turning their satellites into directed energy weapons...

Aug 13 11:24

Hong Kong phooey! Would you like any hypocrisy with that?

Where to start? For nearly 40 weeks hundreds of thousands of French people have been on the streets in anti-government demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron’s rule.

Some have lost eyes and hands in the police response. The public has begun to view the smell of tear gas as a normal part of a weekend in Paris. France is 29 miles from the coast of England. Siri just told me that “Hong Kong is about 5,992 miles from London as the crow flies.”

So complete has been the British media blackout on the Yellow Vests that many believe, wrongly, that there is some British government order banning on any mention of “les événements en France.” The truth is that there is no need for one.

Aug 13 10:58

Jeffrey Epstein investigation expands to France, Caribbean

The investigation into accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has branched out overseas — as authorities are now examining his properties in France and the Caribbean.

French authorities said they have initiated an investigation into the billionaire, who was found dead in his New York City jail cell last weekend. U.S. officials suspect he hanged himself during a period of time he wasn’t monitored.

Epstein owned an apartment in Paris and U.S. authorities have connected him to several French nationals. He was arrested last month after returning from France.

Aug 11 11:31

Yellow Vest Protesters Rallies Gather in Paris for 39th Straight Week

Numerous demonstrators are taking to the streets in order to oppose government policies in the French capital and protest against income inequality.

Last week, protesters also took part in a March of Silence against police brutality in Nantes, which resulted in numerous clashes and arrests of demonstrators.

The Yellow Vests movement started holding rallies in France in November 2018 over the government's plan to increase fuel taxes. While the French authorities have abandoned the idea, protesters continue to hold demonstrations across the country every weekend.

Aug 04 09:59

France Is Slowly Sinking Into Chaos

Aug 03 17:38

French Court Rules Against Utility Smart Meters Because They Are Making People Sick

By B.N. Frank

Tens of millions of utility Smart Meters have been installed throughout the U.S and around the world so it’s likely that they are installed on your home and throughout your community whether you know it or not. There are many problems associated with them including adverse health effects and fires.

Merci beaucoup to the French court for ruling against these dastardly devices for health reasons and to the lawyer who continues to fight on behalf of complainants...

Aug 03 11:02

Macron minister sparks outrage after comparing Yellow Vests’ actions to a ‘terror attack’

Mr Castaner made the controversial comments as he visited the office of Romain Grau, an MP loyal to French President Emmanuel Macron, after it was set alight by balaclava-clad rioters on the sidelines of a yellow vest rally last weekend. While the attack on Mr Grau’s office has widely been branded “an act of vandalism,” Mr Castaner reclassified the incident into an “attentat” – the French word used to describe a terrorist attack. Mr Grau, a member of Mr Macron’s centrist La République en Marche (LREM) party, was in his office in the southern city of Perpignan when a mob of yellow vests stormed into the room, smashing windows and hurling a burning projectile inside. The MP managed to put out the flames and escape.

Aug 02 11:41

Anti-French Algerian football fans tear down statue of France’s historic leader Charles de Gaulle

After their national football team had been crowned as the champion of the African Cup of Nations, hundreds of rowdy, anti-French Algerian fans made their way to the city center of Paris to celebrate their team’s success.

Although the final match took place in Egypt between Senegal and Algeria, it prompted unruly celebrations by Algerians in the streets of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, and Toulouse. France was not represented in the competition.

But celebrations started to look more like riots when the anti-French Algerian migrants began tearing down a historic statue of French General Charles de Gaulle while cheering gleefully. At one point, one of the Algerians tries to drop-kick the statue before it’s finally torn down to the cheers of onlookers.

Jul 31 10:26

Economic growth is fading in France

Jul 30 09:01

US Formally Asks Germany, France, UK to Take Part in Strait of Hormuz Mission to Counter Iran

Earlier, both German and British officials said they did not support the US's "maximum pressure" strategy against Tehran, instead welcoming an operation proposed by London for a European-led security effort to "protect" commercial vessels operating in the Persian Gulf and near the Strait of Hormuz.

The United States has officially requested Germany, France and the UK to join its military mission in the Gulf to 'combat Iranian aggression,' the US Embassy in Berlin has indicated.

"We have formally asked Germany to help with securing the Strait of Hormuz and fighting Iranian aggression, along with France and the UK," a spokeswoman from the Embassy told the German Press Agency on Tuesday.

Jul 15 13:21

Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters From Champs Elysees After Bastille Day Parade - Reports

Earlier in the day, a parade was held at the Champs Elysees to mark the national day, known as July 14 in France and Bastille Day abroad.

French police have used tear gas to disperse protesters who occupied the Champs Elysees hours after French President Emmanuel Macron together with European leaders took part in a military parade.

Prior to the police reaction, the protesters started destroying the barriers installed on the streets, trying to build barricades and chanting yellow vest movement slogans.

Jul 15 11:07

At least 24 Yellow Vests lost eyes in violent protests. Now they're more determined than ever

It was a warm afternoon in March. David Breidenstein says he looked on as some of the more radical yellow vest protesters set fire to Le Fouquet's, not just a restaurant but a symbol of wealth and power in France.

As the flames spread licking at the famous red awning, Breidenstein quickly turned on his feet hoping to distance himself from the blaze, fearful of getting caught up in the violence he says he wasn't fueling.

A few seconds later he stopped, lit a cigarette, and as he looked back towards the riot police he felt the full force of a golf-ball-size rubber bullet strike his left eye.

"It felt like a lump of concrete. I fell to the ground and thought 'I've lost my eye, it's gone.'"

Jul 15 11:05

Jet-powered flyboard steals the show at Bastille Day celebrations

Jul 15 10:52

Macron announces creation of French space force

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday he had approved the creation of a space command within the French air force to improve the country's defence capabilities.

The declaration -- made on the eve of France's Bastille Day national celebrations that feature a military parade down Paris's Champs-Elysees -- mirrors an initiative in the US championed by President Donald Trump.

"To assure the development and the reinforcement of our capacities in space, a high command for space will be created in September," Macron told military brass gathered for a traditional pre-Bastille Day reception.

He called the renewed military focus on space a "true national security issue".

Jul 15 10:51

Police crack down on undocumented workers occupying Paris Pantheon

Yesterday afternoon, 700 undocumented African workers occupied Paris’s historic Panthéon building, chanting “Black vests” and demanding recognition of their right to reside in France. The protest, whose name referred to “yellow vest” protests against social inequality over the past six months, was met with a violent police crackdown.

Police forcibly evacuated the Panthéon, then kettled and charged at demonstrators behind the building, arresting at least 37.

Jul 12 20:08

'Black vest' protesters storm Panthéon in Paris

Hundreds of undocumented migrants have stormed the Panthéon in Paris and demanded the right to remain in France.

The protesters, who were mainly from West Africa, surged into the building at around midday (11:00 GMT) on Friday.

Tourists were evacuated from the mausoleum, where many of France's most famous figures are buried.

The group called themselves the "black vests" - a reference to the yellow vest protest movement that spread through much of France earlier this year.

Jul 10 12:15

France rejects defining speech online against Israel as antisemitism

Jul 10 08:18

UK & France Accept Trump's Call For More Troops In Syria As Germany Rebuffs

Amid an awkward diplomatic row between the UK and US following leaked cables sent from Britain's ambassador to the United States back to London which described President Trump as "inept," "insecure" and "incompetent," the United Kingdom joined France Tuesday in being among the only US allies to heed the administration's call to bolster forces in Syria.

Notably Germany has rebuffed the US request to deploy additional troops as part of the "anti-ISIS coalition" primarily in Syria's north and east after US special envoy James Jeffrey told Die Welt’s Sunday edition that,"We want ground forces from Germany to partially replace our soldiers." This as the Pentagon plans a draw down in line with Trump's longtime promise to the American public of a "full" and "complete" withdrawal which has been long delayed since last year over concerns that either pro-Assad and Iranian forces or Turkey could fill the vacuum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but I do not see any drawdown in Syria, until the required "regime change" comes about in Damascus; and that is going to take a great deal of time, well beyond a year, if the US can actually pull it off.

Jul 08 09:57

France, Iran agree to explore conditions to restart nuclear talks by July 15

Jul 08 08:04

Quick on pledges, slow on cash: France’s mega rich in no hurry with promised donations to Notre Dame

Only €38 million of the promised €850 million have been received so far for the reconstruction of the fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the city’s Catholic archbishop of Michel Aupetit has said.

This is less than five percent of the amount promised.

Jul 06 11:22

Yellow Vest protesters hit Paris for 34th weekend

Police used tear gas to briefly push back Yellow Vest protesters who had flooded Paris streets for the 34th week in a row on Saturday.

Since the movement began last November, tens of thousands have marched every Saturday through the streets of France, airing a number of grievances, ranging from taxes on fuel to income inequality.

Jun 27 11:12

France warns Pentagon chief not to drag NATO into military action against Iran – report

The US defense secretary is trying to “internationalize” the US stand-off with Iran by convincing NATO allies to help. France reportedly rebuked his advances, saying the alliance shouldn’t be dragged into war in the Gulf.

Jun 26 08:36

Facebook to Hand Over Users’ Info to French Govt For “Hate Speech” Prosecutions

By Chris Menahan

Facebook is going to work in concert with the government of France to rat out its own users so they can be prosecuted for “hate speech.”

The move comes just three months after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged a “privacy-focused” overhaul of the social network...